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Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Faridabad

Are you looking for new career opportunities? Want to learn a new creative skill in this highly competitive world to excel in your career but do not have much idea? If yes then, technical writing courses in Faridabad might be a good choice for you. It enables huge opportunities for writers. If you are good at writing, have decent English translation knowledge, and have a little bit of technical knowledge about a particular field like science and technology, then you should look at this opportunity.

List of best technical writing courses in Faridabad

Faridabad is part of Delhi’s national capital region and is under Haryana state. Faridabad is 3rd fastest growing city in India and 8th fastest-growing city in the world. As more and more technological innovation is happening in the world, the demand for technical writers is increasing day by day.

As per the study, the employment of technical writers is projected to grow by 12% from 2020 to 2030, making it one of the fastest-growing occupations.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is making complex technical languages simple and more understandable for laymen by simplifying complex words and using illustrations. Technical writers provide user manuals, instruction guides, and medical reports, many more. For example, when you buy a phone air conditioner, or any technical goods/tools, you get a user manual along with it. So, that’s one of the works of the technical writer.

It is much more than just writing in good grammar, you’ll have to know the technical aspects as well as the consumer. For the record, this techno writing includes the user manual, executive summary statements, reports, press releases, and emails.

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Who Should Apply for Technical Writing Courses in Faridabad?

An audience that would be more from these technical writing courses in Faridabad is:

  1. Content writers
  2. Marketing Executives
  3. Technical documentation engineer
  4. Design and developer engineer
  5. Hardware engineer
  6. Software engineer
  7. Existing technical writers

Technical writing courses in Faridabad might be a good investment for you.

Education Plan:

The establishment’s Technical Writing courses in India are ample and cover a wide range of topics. It includes an introduction to the IT industry, ongoing writing and meeting tips, why technical writers are needed, outsourcing, jobs, and responsibilities of a specialized author, and more.

Scrum training, professional path, business correspondence like email behavior and meeting reports, standards, introduction to DITA and API documentation, DDLC and SDLC, Software, and apparatuses like Madcap Flare, Adobe RoboHelp, and Adobe FrameMaker, specialized writing in Flexible climate.

It also includes editing and modifying procedures, fundamentals in specialized correspondence, content improvement measures, a language structure center for technical journalists SnagIt, Jing, and other screen capture applications, as well as sections of technical archives such as client manuals, investigation guides, and establishment guides, among others, MS Word should be developed.

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Now, Let’s Have a Look at the Some of the Best Technical Writing Courses in Faridabad



You might have heard about this institute from many candidates or different websites. As this is one of the most reputed institutes in India, that offers many valuable courses at an affordable fee.

The institute was founded in 2015 and within a short period, it has gained a huge number of student support as well as recognition from many companies.


It has a presence in over 23 countries and has trained over 15,000+ students. The specialty of the institutes is that it provides a thorough knowledge of the subject and makes it crispy clear and understandable for students.

It is also helpful for those students who do not even have the basic knowledge. The faculty focuses on every student personally to evaluate if they are lacking somewhere and need improvements with continuous valuable feedback.

Course Name: Technical Writing Course

Course Fee: INR 14,900+ 18% GST

Course Duration: 5 weeks.

Course Details/Curriculum:

The course is designed for anyone passionate to learn, is ready to face challenges, and is determined to make it a career.

  • Introduction
  • How to write
  • Create your content
  • How to write technical reports
  • White papers or journals
  • DDLC and versioning
  • Conversational writing
  • Reviewing and publishing
  • API documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, user guides, application notes
  • Effective writing
  • Medical writing
  • Case study

What will you get?

  • 20 hours of live online lectures
  • 60+ hours of practical writing
  • Learn how to use software tools
  • Internship opportunity
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • Publishing your first white paper
  • Building your portfolio

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Tools, skills, and other offers one will learn/get after completing the course

  • Tools covered: MS Visio, MS Project, Git, and Scribus, to name a few.
  • LMS support
  • Doubt-resolution
  • International certificate
  • Global placement assistance


  • A candidate should be a graduate student in any discipline
  • Good language and communication skills
  • Basic internet knowledge


Find here the industry’s most relevant:


2. Udemy

How could we forget about Udemy? Udemy is an online education platform. It has many courses, one can choose to enhance the existing skills whether it is arts, commerce, economics, business, and many more.

You can find all the courses even if you are a beginner or expert. You just need passion to learn and want to enhance your skills. The courses offered by Udemy are affordable if you are on a tight budget and do not know which one will be best for you.

You can just search, scroll, and choose which one will be suitable for you. Do not forget to look at the offer, one can use the offer period and can get up to a 100% discount on many courses by Udemy. After completing technical writing courses in Faridabad, you’ll be able to get a certification.

Overview of the Course:

  • Techniques for Technical Writing
  • pitfalls to avoid
  • Making a Document Template
  • Plan for Documentation
  • Documents with table format
  • Technical document components
  • Graphs and flowcharts are used.
  • upcoming trends
  • Quizzes and exercises to ensure consistent progress.

The course is suitable for:

  • Writers of fiction
  • Screenwriters
  • Developers
  • Journalists
  • Artists from the government
  • Librarians and teachers
  • Anyone looking for a career change

There are many courses on Udemy, so, let’s look at the highest-rated and most popular ones

  • Learn API Technical Writing: JSON and XML for Writers
  • Coding for Writers: Basic Programming
  • Technical Writing: Master Your Writing Career
  • Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion
  • Learn API Technical Writing 2: REST for Writers


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3. ECT

ECT is an online education startup, that is recognized by the government, and its accreditation can undoubtedly help your career. Because it is an online course, students can attend classes from any location. The faculty here are some of the best minds in the industry, with articles published in international journals.

The course module:

  • Module1: Introduction to technical writing
  • Module2: Grammar and styling
  • Module3: Information Architecture
  • Module4: Master a Markdown Language
  • Module5: Learn XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • Module6: Learn JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Module7: Learn DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture)
  • Module8: Document Authoring Tool – Oxygen XML Editor
  • Module9: Technical Authoring Tool – MadCap Flare
  • Module10: API Documentation
  • Modul11: Agile Documentation Strategy
  • Module12: Careers in Technical Writing
  • Module13: Contributing to Open Source Projects
  • Module14: Other Useful & Beginner Friendly Tools

What you’ll get after selecting a technical writing course:

  1. 32 hours of classroom/live learning plus 50 hours
  2. 6 assignments
  3. 6 live projects
  4. 12 quizzes
  5. 1 certification

You can also choose the technical writing course + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript] Course for more advancement.

Course Module:

  • Module 1 – 14: Option 1 all modules – Technical Writing Course
  • Module 15: Introduction to Web Development Fundamentals
  • Module 16: Setting Up Dev Environment
  • Module 17: Elements & Structure-Learning HTML 5
  • Module 18: Learn HTML – Tables
  • Module 19: HTML Forms
  • Module 20: Semantic HTML
  • Module 21: Learn CSS
  • Module 22: Introduction to JavaScript
  • Module 23: Learn JavaScript Conditionals
  • Module 24: Learn JavaScript Functions
  • Module 25: Learn JavaScript Scope
  • Module 26: Learn JavaScript Arrays
  • Module 27: Learn JavaScript Loops
  • Module 28: Learn JavaScript Objects
  • Module 29: Learn JavaScript Iterators
  • Module 30: Learn JavaScript Class
  • Module 31: Learn JavaScript Modules
  • Module 32: Errors & Debugging in JavaScript
  • Module 33: Concept of DOM
  • Module 34: DOM Events with JavaScript
  • Module 35: Building Interactive Website with JavaScript
  • Module 36: Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests

Check out other courses offered by ECT

  • Content writing course
  • Digital marketing course
  • Personality development course

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4. Coursera

Coursera is a massive open online professional courses provider based in the United States that was founded in 2012. Coursera collaborates with universities and other organizations to provide online courses, certifications, and degrees in a wide range of subjects. It was estimated that approximately 150 universities would offer more than 4,000 courses through Coursera by 2021.

Course Overview:

  • Technical Document Excellence Criteria
  • Acquiring the Three Types of Knowledge Understanding Audience and Purpose Collaborative Writing
  • Writing for a Variety of Audiences
  • Using visual aids
  • Definitions of technical terms
  • Writing technical reports
  • Academic and workplace studies
  • Documentation for technical purposes
  • Investigations in the laboratory
  • The primary tool for exploring information is the Web of science.
  • Exemplifications of information searches

These Technical Writing courses in Faridabad can be opted for by anyone who has an interest in writing from any educational background. The learner should be passionate and interested in upscaling the skill. This can be a good choice for those who want to take an online class with flexible hours.


5. Information Development Foundation

InfoDev, which was founded in 2009, is one of the pioneering foundations that offers Technical Writing courses in Faridabad via online mode. The establishment provides both online and offline Technical Writing courses. Its course is divided into 15 categories, each of which covers a few topics.

The extra educational plans are discussed at the final meeting, which is a long-distance race meeting. There is also one more task to complete before being approved. When the meeting and project are completed by up-and-comers, a culmination endorsement is granted.


The Technical Writing courses in Faridabad are open to any graduates from any field who have essential PC knowledge, as well as working experts in the field of specialized writing who want to upskill themselves. Another exciting aspect of InfoDev is that it allows you to take a free preliminary with free classes rolled in.

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6. Henry Harvin

This institute is well known among the students because it has trained many students who got good placements in many multinational companies. Henry Harvin provides many courses in an online mode such as content writing courses, digital marketing courses, and many more.

About the Course:

The Technical Writing courses in Faridabad develop specialized technical writing skills required to communicate information obtained through a cycle of specialized or test work.

You will learn how to write lab reports, research reports, plan and feasibility reports, progress reports, counseling reports, and other specialized reports. The course also moves toward a few languages, design, style, and content issues that you can encounter while announcing the outcomes of your research.

You’ll get the following;

  • Training: 36 hours of training in the form of two-way live online interactive classroom sessions
  • Projects: The ability to work on projects in the Documentation Process, Technical Writing Software Tools, and other areas.
  • Internship: Internship Assistance in gaining practical experience with the learnings
  • Certification: Get Certified Technical Writing Course Certification from Henry Harvin, a Govt. of India-recognized and award-winning institute.
  • Placement: There is a 100% guarantee of placement support for one year following successful completion
  • Access to E-Learning with a plethora of tools and techniques, video content, assessments, and more
  • Bootcamps: Over the next 12 months, there will be regular boot camps.
  • Hackathons: Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions for Free
  • Get a one-year gold membership to Henry Harvin® Writing Academy for the Certified Technical Writing course.

Trainers at this institute:

  • Most well-known industry experts with 15+ years of experience
  • Our training partners carefully selected them, and they have been recognized for their work by numerous organizations over the years.
  • I’ve been invited to give 150+ keynote speeches for the Technical Writing Course.
  • Have given over 350 lectures and am currently working as a domain expert.

Learning Benefits:

  • Keep an eye out for ethical issues in science communication.
  • Capability to write detailed research proposals
  • Investigate and categorize different types of Literature Reviews.
  • Technical Details Can Be Effectively Communicated to a Non-Technical Audience
  • Capability to write both a thesis and journal research papers
  • Improve the efficiency of your writing process to produce a higher-quality paper in less time.
  • Learn how professional writers use English expressions to write clearly and concisely.
  • Understand what to write in each section of a research paper.

Tools Covered:

Authoring Tools

  • MS word
  • Notepad++
  • Google Docs

Screen Capture tools

  • Snipping tool
  • TechSmith Snagit
  • FireShot
  • Greenshot
  • Lightshot

Image Editing Tools

  • Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Snagit

Spell Check Tools

  • Grammarly
  • org

Technical Writing Software Tools

  • Microsoft Word
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Snag IT
  • Ms. Visio
  • PowerPoint
  • Photoshop
  • Overview of the DITA Tool
  • Overview of API Documentation
  • Overview of XML

Course Modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Documentation Process
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Process
  • Module 4: Grammar and Editing
  • Module 5: Technical Writing Tools
  • Module 6: Components of a Technical Document
  • Module 7: Technical Writing Techniques
  • Module 8: How to Create a Technical Document Template
  • Module 9: An Overview of Technical Document Formats
  • Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing Tools
  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Technical Writing Courses in Faridabad

1.    How can I become a technical writer?

If you want to be a technical writer, you’ll have to complete the following things and should have these skills;

  • Bachelor in any stream
  • Should be good at the English language
  • Should have good communication skills
  • Should have basic knowledge of technology
  • Must be passionate about writing and learn new things

2.    What are the types of technical writing?

  • Medical and Scientific Papers.
  • User Manuals and Assistance Guides.
  • Books and Guides by Technical Writers.
  • Assembly Manuals.
  • Technical Documents, Reviews, and Reports.

3.    Can I become a technical writer with no experience?

To become a technical writer with no experience, you must first learn writing skills through courses and certifications. Courses can be in-person or online, but they are required for anyone looking to expand their experience.

4.    Which one is the best institute for technical writing courses in Faridabad?

We have already mentioned the top 6 technical writing courses in Faridabad in the article, you opt for any of them.


Technical writing courses in Faridabad might be a good choice for you if you are looking for some new career opportunities, want to excel in your career, or want to improve your skills. According to some reports, it is one of the most rapidly growing careers. As new technology and innovation are coming, more and more technical writers are needed, so this might be a good opportunity for someone who’s looking for some excitement and has a passion for writing as well as good writing skills. You can choose any of the above institutes to peruse it. Now, it’s your choice, it’s up to you.

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