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Top 5 Short Term Data Analytics Courses With Placements

Someone who wants to pursue a career in the field of Data Science can opt for Short-Term Data Analytics Courses to enhance their learning with minimum disruption to professional responsibilities. In today’s world, data analytics is used to make highly impactful business decisions. It has been reported that there will be more than 10 million jobs in the data analytics industry in the next 2 years. 


Aspiring data analysts can choose the right data analytics course duration at their convenience. They can take a course to enhance their skills and gain in-depth knowledge about different data analysis tools and techniques. Developing these skills can take up a few weeks to a few years. Thus, aspirants need to decide the duration of the data analytics course.

Short-Term Data Analytics Courses provide certificates and diplomas and are designed for working professionals and those who want a transition into analytics. Normally a short-term data analytics course may last anywhere between a few weeks to a few months.

Demand for Short-Term Data Analytics Course

In the next 2-3 years, it is estimated that more than 10 million job openings will be there for data analysts and scientists in India. About 32% of the world market is expected to be held by India alone by 2026 thus making it a lucrative career option for those who are interested in data management.

The Most Trending Data Science Skills Which Can Help Candidates Prepare for a New Career in the Emerging Field of Data Analysis Are as Follows:

  • SQL- SQL or Structure Query Language is the standard language to communicate with databases. Knowledge of SQL allows the candidate to organize, update, and query data stored in relational databases and modify data structures. It is also used by data analysts to access data from a company’s database which makes it the most important skill to learn to get a job. It is one of the easiest languages to learn.
  • Machine learning- Machine learning is one of the most important developments in data science. This branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a skill that focuses on building algorithms designed to find patterns in data sets that enhance their accuracy over time. It allows more accurate predictions. Data analysts are expected to have machine learning skills.
  • Statistical programming- Statistical programming languages like R or Python are open source and can accomplish similar data science tasks however Python is more popular and an easier language to learn for beginners.
  • Data management- It refers to collecting, organizing, and storing data in an effective, secure, and cost-effective way. Data architects and engineers, database administrators, and information security analysts manage data in some capacity by using the skill of data management.

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Future of Short-Term Data Analytics Courses

Data Analytics in business is a flourishing field with enormous growth potential. Since all businesses rely on data-driven insights, data analysts have become increasingly crucial in meeting their needs. Professionals are shifting from their jobs to becoming data analysts because of the promising and highly demanding future in this field. Hence, professionals are opting for data analytics courses which help them learn a new skill without disturbing their ongoing professional responsibilities.

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Types of Career Options in Short-term Data Analytics Courses

After the completion of short-term data analytics courses, a candidate can pursue various job roles. These roles vary depending on required skill sets and industries which provide diverse opportunities in the area of data analytics. Following are a few of them:

  • Operations analyst– The main responsibility of an operations analyst is to optimize internal processes by analyzing data to enhance effectiveness and productivity. They develop new operations and new processes and also train employees to use new systems. They use statistical methods to analyze information and develop solutions to business problems.
  • Machine learning engineer– The main job of a machine learning engineer is to develop and deploy machine learning models to solve business challenges. They also maintain and improve the existence of AI systems. They review machine learning algorithms as a problem-solving tool. They process, visualize, and supervise data acquisition processes.
  • Database administrator– The role of a database administrator is to manage and organize databases. They install and maintain the performance of the database server and manage its applications. They also manage database access. Implementation of data policies, and procedures, and planning and development of an organization’s enterprise data model are also their responsibility. A database administrator installs the database software and also handles the maintenance.
  • Quantitative analyst– A quantitative analyst implements complex models used by firms to make financial and business decisions. They apply mathematical and statistical methods to solve financial and risk management problems. He has proficiency in areas such as mathematics, statistics, and complex programming. They help companies, private equity firms, and insurance companies to identify profitable investment opportunities and manage risks.

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Right Short-Term Data Analytics Courses for you:

Candidates must consider a few things while choosing a short-term data analytics course.

  • Duration– Short-term data analytics courses are ideal for working professionals and fresh graduates who want to learn data science while continuing with their jobs.
  • Eligibility– Candidates must check their eligibility criteria before enrolling in such a course. Sometimes, short-term data analytics courses may require the candidates to have work experience as data analysts.
  • Curriculum– Candidates must carefully choose a course where all topics are covered. Some of the topics covered in short-term data analytics courses include- artificial intelligence (AI), data structures and algorithms, machine learning, introduction to programming, and exploratory data analytics.

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Benefits of Taking a Short-Term Data Analytics Course:

Develop Additional Skills 

There will be a big data analytics boom for skilled data analysts. Hence, there would be more opportunities for talented and skilled analysts in the coming years. Such short-term data analytics courses will help the aspiring candidates to develop communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills that help them to develop strong leadership qualities.

Develop Problem-solving Skills

Taking up a short-term data analytics course will help aspiring candidates develop excellent problem-solving skills. Analytics is about solving problems using data. Professionals with the ability to think analytically and approach problems correctly are in high demand at present. Analysts study various data points and use them to solve various problems.

Understanding the Right Tools for the Job

Aspiring candidates who take up a short-term data analytics course will always be able to stay ahead of the competition by knowing how to use tools for the job effectively. Thus a short-term data analytics course helps aspiring candidates to expand their knowledge and business acumen.


Top 5 Places Where You Can Learn Short-term Data Analytics Courses:

Those who are interested in pursuing professional advancement and taking the next step in their professional journey can take short-term data analytics courses offered by the top educational institutions and industry leaders of the country. For a new career path, candidates can enroll in any of the following short-term data analytics courses for their new career path and acquire a lucrative job.



IIM SKILLS is the world’s fastest growing ed-tech company which has a presence in 23 cities in Asia, including Dubai and Singapore. It caters to the finance, marketing, data, and multiple educational domains.

It provides world-class education at affordable prices through its live online and self-paced learning programs. IIM SKILLS breaks down complex concepts into bite-sized actionable tips making it easy for the students to understand every concept with clarity.


Course Name-

Data Analytics Course

Course Overview-

The data analytics master course at IIM SKILLS is designed to help the candidate develop the required skills as they advance with the modules of the data analytics master course. After taking this course, the candidates become eligible and entitled with the industry-relevant skills and gain an edge over the other competitors in the market to seize promising job prospects in this field.


6 months live data analyst course + 2 months non-paid internship


INR 49,900 + 18% GST (interest-free EMI for INR 8,411 per month is also available)

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  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Fundamental knowledge of computers and technology


Course Content-

  • Basic to advanced Excel
  • Introduction to Excel environment
  • Formatting and conditional formatting
  • Data sorting, filtering, and data validation
  • Understanding of name ranges

Core Module-

  • Data analytics using advanced Excel
  • Data analytics using VBA
  • Data analytics using SQL
  • Data analytics using power B1
  • Data analytics using Python 1
  • Data analytics using Python 2
  • Data analytics using Tableau
  • R for data science
  • Data analytics using Alteryx

Key Highlights-

  • Earning the industry’s most trusted master certification in data analysis
  • 100% tools driven training
  • Lifetime access
  • 24*7 support
  • Practical learning
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Exceptional faculty


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details-

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2. Nxt Wave Intensive 2.0

Next Wave is on a mission to breach the gap between industry and academia by training industry-relevant skills in people. For this they have introduced Industry-Ready Certification (IRC) for those looking for a tech job, candidates can enroll in an intensive program.

Course Name-

Data analyst course


This data analyst course will help the candidate master analytics tools and techniques. After completion of this data analytics certificate program, the candidates will gain in-demand knowledge and skills to become job-ready in no time.


5 months


INR 90,000


Any degree: Btech, BCom, no prior coding knowledge required.

Course Content-

  • Fundamentals
  • Static website design
  • Responsive website design
  • Bootstrap
  • Programming foundations with Python
  • Introduction to databases

Module 2: Data Analyst Specialization

  • Introduction to data analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Data cleaning and transformation
  • Data modelling and DAX
  • Publishing your dashboards
  • Data analysis using Python libraries
  • Data analytics using Tableau
  • Building captivating dashboards from different data sets across e-commerce, Fintech, health tech, etc.

Key Highlights-

  • Learn from top-notch trainers
  • Get your doubts clarified (9 am-9 pm every day)
  • Build real-time projects
  • Assignments, quizzes, and more
  • 24*7 online state-of-the-art labs to practice
  • Get best-in-class placement support

Other Courses Offered by Nxt Wave Intensive 2.0-

  • Full stack developer
  • QA Engineering
  • Software Developer

Contact Details-

  • WhatsApp: +91 9390111761


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3. Coursera

Coursera is the global online learning platform that offers its candidates anywhere in the world to access online courses and degrees from the world’s best universities and companies. It partners with more than 275 leading universities. They offer a range of learning opportunities from hands-on projects to job-ready certificates and degree programs.

Course Name-

Google Data Analytics certificate

Course Overview-

This online program hosted on Coursera, fully provides all the skills that a candidate needs to find an entry-level job in the field of data analytics. The candidates learn job-ready skills that are in demand as how to analyze and process data to gain key business insights.


3-6 months


USD 14 per month


No experience or degree required

Course Content-

  • Foundations
  • Prepare data for exploration
  • Process data from dirty to clean
  • Data analytics capstone project
  • How to analyze data
  • Data storytelling and visualization
  • Using R programming to supercharge your analysis

Key Highlights-

  • 100% remote online learning
  • Hands-on practice-based training
  • Learn job-ready skills in 3-6 months
  • Complete the Google Data Analytics certificate at your pace
  • Get your foot in the door with top employees throughout the Google Employer Consortium

Other Courses Offered by Coursera-

  • Advanced learning algorithms
  • Machine learning
  • Special analysis and satellite imagery in a GIS
  • Google project management
  • IBM data science

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4. ExcelR

 ExcelR provides a global platform to aspiring candidates and working professionals the educational needs with a touch of excellence. They deliver the best learning experience possible to provide a higher level of service and support that they can’t get elsewhere.

Course Name

Data analyst training course

Course Overview-

ExcelR’s data analyst training course with Excel, tableau, SQL, Power BI, and more relevant tools and skills is the perfect career choice and comes with intensive interview preparation from day 1, to provide the candidates to secure their dream job with the network of 2000+ hiring partners.

The data analyst training course has been crafted to suit both the market needs and those who are interested in building a career in a tech domain that is not dominated by coding. ExcelR and Tech Conglomerate IBM have collaborated to provide high-quality upskilling opportunities.


6 months


INR 44,999


  • Students with commerce, science, and engineering backgrounds
  • Finance and accounting professionals
  • Management professionals
  • Candidates with good analytical and logical skills

Course Content-

Topics to be covered:

  • Excel: Basics to advance
  • My SQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Business Statistics
  • Fundamentals of R
  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Large language models (LLM) and ChatGPT

Skills covered:

  • Database concepts
  • Data analysis concepts
  • Functions, charts, and slicers
  • Data visualization

Key Highlights-

  • Top-notch faculty
  • Exhaustive course curriculum
  • Real-life projects and boot camps
  • Job readiness
  • Lifetime e-learning access

Other Courses Offered by ExcelR-

  • Python- Course training
  • Internet of things
  • Digital marketing certification training
  • Machine learning certification training
  • Blockchain certification training
  • Certified scrum master

Contact Details-

  • Phone: 09632156744


 5. DataSpace Academy

DataSpace Academy is a training, education, and development unit of Satts Cyber Technology Pvt Ltd which provides 100+ courses in developing concrete and impressive manpower in security and information systems as per international trends.

Course Name-

Certification in Data Analytics

Course Overview-

This course covers the key analytics tools and techniques that the candidates will need to know to analyze huge pools of data. The course focuses on major topics like how to work with SQL databases and Python, create data visualizations, and apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business setup. Candidates will gain expertise in various data visualization techniques using Power BI as well as how to organize data and design dashboards.


8 months


On contact


  • Graduates from any background having fundamental knowledge of mathematics and statistics
  • Professionals from both technical and non-technical backgrounds with experience in the field of data

Course Content-

Topics covered:

  • Data analysis in Excel
  • Python essentials
  • SQL
  • Essential statistics for data analysis
  • Basic machine learning algorithms
  • Data analysis using Power BI
  • Introduction to cloud and big data
  • Capstone projects

Skills covered:

  • Data visualization
  • Data querying
  • Data governance
  • Data exploration

Key Highlights-

  • Learn from industry experts
  • Practice on real-time projects
  • Placement support after successful completion of courses and certification
  • Lab-based classes
  • Job-ready course curriculum
  • 24*7 support

Other Courses Offered by DataSpace Academy-

  • Certification in Machine Learning
  • Certification in Data Analytics
  • Certification in Ethical Hacking
  • Diploma in Cyber Security

Contact Details-

  • Phone: +91 9775454173


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1) Does a candidate require prior analytics knowledge before taking up a short-term data analytics course?

Not all courses require prior analytics knowledge before taking a short-term data analytics course. However, candidates must have a basic knowledge of programming languages like Python and R. A strong understanding of mathematics and statistics is required for data analysis. They should also know how to write and run algorithms and statistical models.

Q2) What is the duration of a short-term data analytics course?

To develop the required skills needed to become a data analyst, it could take a few weeks or a few years. The short-term data analytics course duration may last anywhere between a few weeks to a few months.

Q3) What qualification is required to study data analytics?

It is possible to become a data analyst without any degree in this field. However, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, statistics, or economics will be helpful. Hence right skills and experience are required to become a promising data analyst.

Q4) What skills do analysts require?

The following skills are required to become a data analyst.

  • Data visualization
  • Data cleaning
  • Python
  • R
  • SQL and no SQL
  • Machine learning
  • Linear algebra and calculus
  • Critical thinking
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Communication

Q5) How do data analytics courses help aspiring candidates?

Data analytics skills enhance the problem-solving skills of a candidate. It is about data that is used to solve problems. Challenging the brain to think analytically is a useful skill in both professional and personal life. To build one’s expertise in data science one should take up a data analytics course.


The above-mentioned courses offered by different online platforms will give you the knowledge and skills that can be applied to any industry or job that requires working with data anywhere in the world. Candidates can most definitely apply for any job in the industry that requires data skills after taking any of the above-mentioned courses. However, getting a job also depends on many other factors. Therefore, candidates should visit the course details page of these institutes which outlines all the contents that will be covered in the short-term data analytics courses before choosing the right course.

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