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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the most populous city of Gujrat with a high literacy rate in India. Many recognized universities and institutions offer a wide variety of courses here. Hence, students from all over India come to upgrade their education and skills. Do you also want to learn Investment Banking Courses in Ahmadabad? If yes, then you get the right path. Throughout this blog, you will get all the relevant information about investment banking courses, fees, duration, and the best institution to enroll in Ahmedabad. Proceed towards getting insightful details.

List of best investment banking courses in Ahmedabad

What is Investment Banking?

In simple terms, Investment Banking helps organizations raise funds or capital for their financial transactions, take debt from investors, sell securities and equities, arrange equations, and merge with brands.

The responsibility of an investment banker is to get all the work done efficiently for clients. Sound interesting? If you want to be an investment banker, then you must enroll in one of the investment banking courses in Ahmedabad mentioned below.

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What is the Role of An Investment Banker?

You must have known the work of investment bankers by now. How they oblige their customers with financial services by debiting, sales of security, sharing equity, etc. However, investment bankers have to perform various tasks for the customer and company. Let’s learn a few of them.

Handle Relations

The investment banker has to deal with clients and invest capital in companies and agencies. They oversee the company to know how much payment has been received or released on time and keep records of the financial statements. They are also liable to contact delinquent customers by phone or through letters.


An investment banker has to create a report of financial transaction statements regularly submitted by the investment department. They are also accountable for supervising the collections staff and minimizing the loss.

Sale Expansion

An investment banker has to perform various tasks considering sales work such as sales expansion in the new market, improving lender relationships, better financial functions, and optimizing sales and profits. It also contains good financial knowledge and protection against harmful loss and non-payment.

Tax Provisioning

Investment bankers also help companies’ tax issues with convincing solutions. They assist clients and create a tax plan for the company to get maximum profit return and minimum accountability.

Manage Files

An investment banker has to manage files of their client’s financial data. It helps to track the financial details or activity of the customers. Customer records show how often customers borrow and repay money consistently and on time.

Investment Planning

Raising capital for the client is a difficult task. The investment manager has to measure the assets of a corporation, then develop a report accordingly limit the amounts, and finalize it.

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Types of Investment Banking

After completing the investment banking courses in Ahmedabad, you can start your career as an investment banker for various prospects. We have mentioned a few types of investment banker roles below.

Financial Planner

A qualified candidate in finance and investment helps organizations achieve their long-term financial goals. Firstly, a financial planner fixes a meeting with the client and knows the information about the organization’s aim and service. Then he analyses the plan according to the client’s objectives, budget, and risk tolerance.

As a result, he can identify the different stages at which an investment will be necessary. He also considers other factors such as tax, insurance coverage, retirement savings, etc. for making a financial plan.

Credit Manager

The credit manager supervises the company’s credit system and limits the credit policy to increase sales and reduce bad loans. Credit Manager evaluate their existing customers first and potential customer creditworthiness, then verify customer credit scores through their measurement system.  In conclusion, they decided to approve or reject the loans.

Certified Management Accountant

A professional accountant with expertise in financial decision-making is known certified management accountant. They work for different sizes of organizations, businesses, and governments. They create plans accordingly and analyze their financial data.


An accountant plays a vital role in the financial sector of a company. He handles all the financial operations in a company and maintains a record of all expenses. He has to analyze the financial data regularly.

Financial Advisor

An individual or a company consults with a financial advisor and discusses their objective with funds. In this case, the financial advisor understands their aim and assists them with a plan to achieve the goal. An execution plan to invest, save money, pay loans, and spend money effectively.

Account Manager

An account manager deals with a client directly and maintains a good and beneficial relationship, along with a record of a client’s documents and identification. If you want to be an account manager, unlock your potential through investment banking courses in Ahmedabad and start your career.


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The Scope of Investment Banking in The Future

Investment banking is one of the high-paid career options in demand. Every business and organization needs an investment banker for its company. Hence, it’s an evergreen career option with high scope in the future. But, to have expertise in the field, you must have an educational background in finance, commerce, and relevant streams.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Becoming An Investment Banker?

If you want to be an investment banker, then you must complete the following eligibility criteria. Let’s see them.

Step 1: Schooling (10+2)

Complete your schooling 10+2 from a recognized board in India. A student must have completed the education in commerce, accounts, mathematics, and economics with 60% marks.

Step 2: Entrance Exam

Some renowned universities in India take an entrance exam to get admission for graduation courses in college. You must be from the commerce stream and fulfill the other eligibility criteria.

Step 3: Graduation

After completing the 10+2 from the commerce stream, you can apply for an investment banking graduate program such as BBA, BA, or B.com in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Economics, Banking and Insurance, Investment Management, etc.

Step 4: Post-Graduation

After completing the graduation in finance or investment management, you can start your career at entry level or upgrade your master’s degree with experience, or you can pursue your master’s degree after completing the graduation and then start your career.

Certification and Diploma Course

To enroll in an investment banking certification course, you should be from commerce, finance, or a relevant stream with 50% (10+2 passed). A certification course usually lasts a short period with a cost-effective course price. On the other hand, 10+2 or graduate students with 50% can also get into the diploma course that is longer than the certification course with a high cost.

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Investment Banking Vs Commercial Banking

Investment bankers raise or grant funds by selling or buying securities or equity of a company. On the other hand, a commercial bank grants the loan and funds by using customer deposits in a bank and makes profits by taking interest on loans. Thus, to become an investment banker, students should follow the process and study to complete eligibility criteria, then pick their stream accordingly.

What is the Average Salary of An Investment Baker?

According to AmbitionBox, the salary of an investment banker ranges between 6 lakhs to 12 lakhs annually. The average salary of an investment banker in Ahmedabad is 9.2 lakhs per annum. It also depends on various factors such as the profile you are working on and your professional level. Enroll for investment banking courses in Ahmedabad and start your career now.

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Best 6 Investment Banking Institutions in Ahmedabad

We have conducted in-depth research on the topic and brought up the best five institutions that offer investment banking courses in Ahmedabad. Have a look at them and get insightful details of the program.



Get a certified Investment Banking course from a widely renowned institute, IIM SKILLS. This institute offers various courses including a content Writing course, finance modeling course, Tally course, digital marketing courses, and many more.

IIM SKILLS recently launched an online Investment Banking Course designed in-depth and contemporary curriculum by industry experts. Let’s know the more insightful details of this course.


Course Name: Certified Investment Banking Master Course

Course Mode: Online

Duration: This course lasts for 3 months, including one month guaranteed internship. You will attend more than 70 hours of lectures and 100+ hours of practical assignments.

Best For: Are you a graduated/post-graduated, professionally working, or want to change your career? If you fall in the below categories, we recommend you get into the course.

  • MBA-degree holders
  • Engineers
  • Graduates and Postgraduates
  • CFA
  • Finance Professionals


Curriculum: This program possesses in-depth concepts of investment banking courses, and you will learn the following modules in the sessions.

Module 1: MS PowerPoint

Module 2: MS Excel

Module 3: Financial System and Market Fundamentals

Module 4: Derivatives Market

Module 5: Investment Banking Technicals

Module 6: Different Marketing Collaterals

Module 7: Financial Modelling Technicals

Module 8: Business Valuation

Features of Course: IIM SKILLS offers some exclusive features in the courses that make the curriculum of this course different from other institutes.

  • This online course is accessible from anywhere and anytime.
  • Choose your batch and schedule time with your comfort.
  • Super-interactive sessions
  • Expert Faculty—Learn from an industry expert
  • Learning Resources—Access to LMS contains all the study material, recorded sessions and many more to help you.
  • Comprehensive courseware—Learn encyclopedic and contemporary designed courses.
  • Recognized Master Certification
  • Internship & Placement Support


Why Choose IIM SKILLS:

You get the following benefits by enrolling in the Investment Banking course by IIM SKILLS.

  • Live Industry Expert Trainer
  • Master Certification
  • Get 24×7 Support
  • Lifetime Support of Recorded Materials and Resources
  • Get Assignments and Practical Projects
  • Resume and Interview Preparation
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Demo Class


Phone: +91 9580740740

Email: [email protected]

A few other courses you must be interested in:



Imarticus Learning is an educational platform aiming to develop a high-quality program for the world community. Imarticus Academy designed its program with contemporary and practical exposure with the best learning experience.

This institute has a global presence with various domain courses. It also offers certified investment banking courses in Ahmedabad. Through the program, you will get the best learning adventure with practical assignments, industry expert trainers, and live projects to do.

Course Name: A Certified Professional Investment Banking Operations Ahmedabad

Program Type: The course is available on weekdays & weekends in the classroom and in live training modes.

Duration: This course contains 150 hours with full-time and part-time modes. This program can last from two to three months.

Investment Banking Course Fee: Imarticus Learning offers this course at INR 1,40,000 (including all taxes). EMI option is also available.

Best For: After completing this course from Imarticus Learning, you can start your career in one of the following prospects. Look at the posts and pick one you are interested in.

  • Financial Analyst
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Money Market Analyst
  • Global Finance Researcher
  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Expert in Anti-Money Laundering
  • Consultant for Capital Market Operations
  • Corporate Banking Treasurer
  • Regulatory Reporting Analyst
  • Financial Market Advisor
  • Leader of Investment Banking Operations
  • Executive Director in Clearing Service

Syllabus: This investment banking training program unifies the following modules in this course.

Module 1: Financial Markets Introduction

In this module, you will learn investment banking functions, money markets with foreign exchange schemes, cash equities and fixed income, derivatives market, and job readiness.


Module 2: Trade Life Cycle

Through this module, you will focus on reference data management, reconciliation, asset management, corporate actions, ISDA functions, Stock, borrowing & lending with collateral management in the trade life cycle.

Module 3: Risk Management

In the end, you will be prepared for risk management in a regulatory environment, anti-money laundering, KYC, and job readiness.

Benefits: Enroll in investment banking training from Imarticus Learning and get the following benefits.

  • Job Guarantee
  • Extensive Career Support
  • Industry-Recognized Certification
  • Job-Specific Skills
  • Live Training Modules
  • Experiential Learning

Why choose Imarticus Learning?

  • More than 40,000 students have placed.
  • Get a 60% hike in salary.
  • The average range of the package is 5 LPA.
  • More than 500 hiring companies help you to get a job in a more pleasing zone.

Imarticus Learning offers its courses all over the world. For more information, you can contact them through the contact details mentioned below.

Contact: +91 9953431020



AMA is a well-known educational center that offers investment banking courses in Ahmedabad and is one of the founder members of AIMA (All India Management Association), aiming to provide professional learning courses to students all over India. If you live in Ahmedabad, so AMA is the best learning option near you.

Course Name: Basic Investment Banking

Course Fee: A cost-effective program is available at INR 3,540 with all taxes included.

Course Mode: Offline

Concepts of Learning: This course aligns with 15 sessions, with different conceptions in every session. We have mentioned them below.

  • Introduction to the Financial and Security Market
  • Capital Market Evolution
  • Intermediaries and Constituents in Capital Market
  • Financial Functions
  • Public Offers and Requirements
  • Underwriting and Devolvement
  • The Function of NSE, BSE, SEBI, etc.
  • Equity Privatisation and Venture Capital
  • Buyback and Delisting of Securities
  • Various Tasks of Investment Banker
  • Asset Management and Mutual Funds
  • ADR & GDR
  • SME Exchange


Best For: The following can enroll for this course:

  • Professionally working in the finance department as a junior or middle-level role candidate.
  • SME/ Mid-Corporate Entrepreneurs
  • Any post-graduated from finance or relevant stream.
  • Candidate aspirants to learn investment banking

Benefits: You will learn through one-to-one instruction, group discussion for better understanding, and exposure to case studies and lectures designed with video film presentations to understand the concepts easily.


Phone: 7203030990, 9537407187

Email ID: [email protected]

Address: Institute—Ahmedabad Management Association, ATIRA Campus, Vastrapur.



Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management is one of the renowned institutes that offer placement cell opportunities in its course to help students start their careers in their field of industry. TSCFM is a partner with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) provides students with an in-depth understanding of the field through experts, along with recognized certifications leading them to get a job with the eminent industry.

Aligned with various programs, TSCFM also offers investment banking courses in India. Start your career by selecting TSCFM to enroll in an investment banking certification course now.

Course Name: Diploma in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

Duration: 175 hours of Intense learning

Course Highlights:

  • Learn from industry experts and bank managers.
  • In-depth understanding of the industry.
  • Learn with innovative ideas.
  • Get help in personality and leadership development.
  • Individual attention to make you better understand.
  • Globally accredited certification.
  • Get the three mobile apps for interview preparation and CBE and BFSI.
  • One month job training.
  • Get 100% placement support.

Curriculum: You will be learning the following concepts in the course.

  • Retail Banking
  • Derivatives
  • Securities
  • Banking Products
  • Understanding Credit & Risk
  • Business Communication
  • Commercial Banking
  • Relationship Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Fintech & Digitization
  • Consultative Selling
  • Group Discussion
  • Banking Process
  • Interview Preparation

Additional Perks in Skills:

  • Get Business Communication Skills
  • Business Marketing Skills
  • Financial Management Skills
  • Financial Management Skills
  • Global Management Skills

Location: TSCFM – Navrangpura Centre in Ahmedabad. Visit the place by the Aarohi Complex, Vijay Char Rasta, Gujrat.


Phone No: +91 9930088330

Email ID: [email protected]


5. The WallStreet School

Found in 2009, The Wall Street School is an education platform with a global presence that aims to provide basic to trending concepts to students practically, so they can get a successful job possessing a good understanding of the industry. This school is expanding its presence to the world chop-chop with established branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Jaipur.

Do you want to work professionally in the finance industry? Pick up investment banking courses in Ahmedabad by The Wall Street School, and It will help you to upgrade your skills and place you in a more promising site.

Course Name: Investment Banking Course

Class Mode: This course is available in classroom training, live online classes, and online self-placed video modes. A student can choose any of them according to his comfort. The price of the course varies depending on the program picked by you.

Duration: This investment training course lasts six months, containing 60+ hours of video with assessment tests.

Course Fee: The investment baker course fees cost INR 23,500 GST.

Best For: The following candidates can take up this course.

  • CA and Engineers can enroll in this course to switch their careers in the finance industry.
  • MBA finance students.
  • Graduate in B.com and BBA, looking to start a career in finance.

Course Curriculum: This program aligns with ten modules covering the insightful concepts of the industry.

Module 1: Advanced Excel

Module 2: PowerPoint

Module 3: Learning Finance Concepts

Module 4: Business Modelling and Feasibility Study

Module 5: Comparable Company Analysis

Module 6: Precedent Transaction Analysis

Module 7: Cashflow Valuation

Module 8: Merger Model

Module 9: Leveraged Buyout

Module 10: Mock Interviews and Resume Edits

Essential Features:

  • Online Self-study and Access to Recorded Videos
  • Placement Assistance
  • Support Panel
  • Experiential Learning

Get a close look and decide to select the best institute to learn investment banking courses in Ahmedabad.


Phone No: +91 9953729651

Email ID: [email protected]


6. ProSchool

IMS ProSchool is an industry-leading educational platform aiming to upgrade student skills to get them the job of their dream careers. This academy offers courses with an in-depth curriculum with professional certification. You can enroll in investment banking courses in Ahmedabad from this academy.

Course Name: Investment Banking Course in PG Certificate

Duration: This is a year program.

Course Fee: This course fee is INR 1,20,000, including INR 70,000 for course training, INR 20,000 for placements service, and the rest of the amount (INR 30,000) for AIMA’s PG Exam.

Course Syllabus: This course takes one year to complete and is split into three sections.


  • It contains a six-month duration
  • You will be learning Excel and Financial Markets to an advanced level.
  • Learn all the fundamentals of Investment Banking Operations.
  • Four exams will be conducted by the end of this term.


  • This term takes four months to complete.
  • You will cover Risk & OTC products and settlements.
  • You will be getting placement opportunities.
  • Attempt two PGCM exams.

Placement Cell

  • You will be learning soft and hard skills in the last two months.
  • Get feedback from the HR team and review resumes.
  • Job application over calls.
  • Unlimited job applications.

Why Choose ProSchool?

This school offers some additional benefits, making it different from other institutes.

  • Assure Placements
  • Get trained by industry experts
  • Real-time case studies
  • Upgrade to CFA
  • Get a chance to AICTE an approved PG course.

These are some top institutions that offer investment banking courses in Ahmedabad. If you want more details about the institutes and insight into the program, visit their official website.



What is the cost to enroll for Investment Banking courses in Ahmedabad, and how long does it take to complete this course?

The course price of investment banking courses in Ahmedabad ranges between INR 5,000 to 1,50,000. This course may last from two months to two years. It leans on the program you are seeking. If you are enrolling in an investment banking course, it will be completed in less than six months and charge less price, while a diploma course in investment banking costs high with long duration.

Which one is the best academy for investment banking courses in Ahmedabad?

Many institutes and academies offer the same course. In this article, we have mentioned the top 5 academies for investment banking courses in Ahmedabad. Please check them.

I want to enroll in an investment banking certification course. Will I need to pay extra for the certificate?

No, institutions also offer a course completion certificate already included in the program and do not charge extra for the certificate.


Eventually, this article has come to an end. We have mentioned all the relevant information about the investment banking courses in detail; institutions, fees, duration, and the course’s curriculum with insightful segments. In conclusion, we hope you like our blog and stay connected for more articles.

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