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Top 8 Free Data Analytics Courses With Certificates

Every organization can benefit from data when used wisely, as it can help with problem-solving, trend analysis, decision-making with confidence, sales growth, and business expansion. It creates a demand for more data specialists and openings for data-driven jobs with high salaries and promising careers. Freshers out of college can complete free data analytics courses and kick-start a career in the data world.

List of best free data analytics courses

Several free data analytics courses are available online to support job seekers to upgrade them with an in-demand skill and earn a job smoothly. In this article, we will focus on the opportunities in the data analytics field and the best free data analytics courses that hone your skills to grab the opportunities.

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What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a subdomain of data science that helps organizations process and analyze their raw business data to get significant foresight to solve their problems. Data Analytics involves data collection, cleaning, statistical data analysis, interpretation, and results sharing. The above steps assure reliable outcomes for the explicit growth of a business.

Data Analytics Has Four Different Methods of Analytics, as Mentioned Below.

  1. Descriptive Analytics – It gives insights about market trends and patterns based on historical business data.
  2. Diagnostic Analytics – This method helps business owners identify the primary cause of events that hinder the growth of a business.
  3. Predictive Analytics – This method involves predicting the future of your business using statistics.
  4. Prescriptive Analytics – It analyzes past business data and comes across new suggestions for growth.

Career Growth in Data Analytics

In this digital age, data is an asset of every business, despite its dimension and volume. Organizations search for data experts who can deal with their data efficiently and propose constructive solutions to develop the business. You can begin your career as an entry-level analyst in any industry after completing one of the best free Data Analytics courses.

After a few years down, you can become an expert in that industry and take on roles like financial analyst, health analyst, and so on. As you move up the ladder, you can anticipate becoming a senior analyst or analyst manager in the data sector.

With strong expertise in data analytics, you also have the chance to transition into the data science industry. With more than three years of experience, a data scientist can advance to the senior data scientist position, earning a fair salary. With more years of dedication and knowledge, you can become the director of analytics.

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Job Description

Enrolling in any one of the free data analytics courses helps you become a certified data analyst responsible for analyzing data using statistical tools and converting primary data into knowledge, knowledge into worthwhile inputs, and inputs into radical judgments for business.

These Are the Tasks They Perform Daily.

  • The statistical analysis of interpreted data, the interpretation of data, and the provision of ongoing reports
  • To increase the efficiency and accuracy of business strategies, develop and implement databases, data collection techniques, data analytics, and other methodologies.
  • To keep databases and information systems updated and collect data from primary or secondary sources.
  • Recognizing, evaluating, and deciphering patterns or trends in massive, complex data sets.
  • To clean and filter data, find and fix coding errors, and review computer outputs, printouts, and performance indicators.
  • Prioritize information and business needs in cooperation with management.
  • Look for opportunities to improve the process.



Additional Job Roles in Data Analytics

In today’s digital world, data is the lifeblood of any business because it provides tremendous growth and profit. For a skilled data professional, there is an ocean of opportunities. Data scientists and analysts are in demand by all businesses. There are various other job positions available for data professionals besides data analysts.

  • Business intelligence analyst: Examines the company data to derive crucial insights for successful business expansion.
  • Data Engineer: Optimizing database formats and data collection procedures, the data engineers concentrate on large data sets.
  • Quantitative Analyst: Examines financial organization data to suggest investment strategies.
  • Data analytics consultant: A consultant offers data analytics services for various businesses on a contract basis.
  • Operations analysts: Concentrate on internal business procedures like production and distribution of goods.
  • Marketing Analyst: Assist marketing experts in enhancing campaign outcomes and business sales.
  • IT Systems Analyst – Analyze data and suggest strategies to handle and overcome information technology problems.

The free data analytics courses that are available online help you to hone the skills needed for the above job roles.

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Salary of a Data Analyst in Different Job Roles

DomainJob RoleAverage Salary






Data Analytics

Data Analyst3-5 LPA
Business Intelligence Analyst4-6 LPA
Data Engineer8-10 LPA
Quantitative Analyst2-4 LPA
Data Analytics Consultant10-12 LPA
Operations Analyst5-7 LPA
Marketing Analyst8-10 LPA
IT Systems Analyst7-10 LPA


The salaries are average figures that may vary depending on your knowledge, experience, and the size and reputation of the company you work for. Each position in data analytics offers a generous salary, provided you are a certified data analytics expert. Free data analytics courses provide you with enough opportunities to earn a certificate in data analytics.

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Requirement of Statistical Skills

To analyze data, data analytics requires statistical knowledge. Machine learning algorithms use statistics as their foundation to identify data patterns and transform them into actionable insights. Additionally, it aids in feature engineering and data preprocessing. Data analysts use statistics to help them visualize data and identify trends in quantitative data.

Big data analyses using mathematics are categorized into two categories by statistics.

1. Summary Statistics – Descriptive Statistics

This kind provides a summary of the data within an organization. Reviewing and summarising data is beneficial. It doesn’t offer information about choices and business expansion.

2. Inferential Statistics

This kind of statistical analyses data, spots trends, and aids in creating forecasts for making decisions. It makes insightful recommendations for achieving organizational success.

Data analysts can confirm the validity of the analysis and prevent logical mistakes using statistical skills. Depending on the job function and the type of data handled, the level of statistical expertise required may change. However, data analysts must have statistical knowledge. Enrolling in free data analytics courses if you are not at ease with and confident in statistics is in vain.

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Top 8 Free Data Analytics Courses Online


1. Skill up

Skillup is a free educative initiative of Simplilearn, the world’s number one online boot camp and one of the leading certification training providers online. They provide training and coaching that helps working professionals achieve their career goals.

Name of the Course: Introduction to Data Analytics Course

Duration: 3 Hours of self-paced video lectures

Mode: Online


  • Course Introduction
  • Data Analytics Overview
  • Dealing with different types of data
  • Data visualization for decision-making
  • Data Science, Data Analytics, and Machine learning
  • Data Science Methodologies
  • Data Analytics in different sectors
  • Analytics framework and latest trends


  • Completion certificate
  • 90 days access to the course
  • Rewards on enrollment

Beginners can jumpstart a career in the exciting field of data analytics with the free Data Analytics courses offered by Skillup. The course provides a strong foundation for working with all types of data and transforming them into knowledge, understanding, and intelligence.

You can learn data analytics from scratch by simply watching the three hours of self-paced video lessons in this informative analytics free certificate course. In this free course, you will get a clear picture of the role of data analytics in various fields, data science strategies, and analytics models.


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2. Great Learning

A leading global ed-tech provider for professional and higher education, Great Learning is a unit of the BYJU’S group and offers programs in blended, classroom, and entirely online formats in the areas of technology, data, and business.

These programs are framed in association with prestigious universities such as Stanford Executive Education, MIT Professional Education, The University of Texas at Austin, NUS, IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, and others.

Name of the Course: Introduction to Analytics

Duration: 1 Hour Self-paced Video lecture

Mode: Online


  • What is Business Analytics?
  • Examples
  • What constitutes Analytics?
  • Spectrum of Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Data Science Vs Data Analytics


  • Free lifetime access to course materials
  • Course completion certificate

The foundations of analytics, including Business Analytics, are covered in this introduction to analytics course. Data analysis for making business decisions using data is known as business analytics. Amazon Recommendation is one instance of this, which uses data to suggest products to customers.


3. Udacity

Udacity is a reputable market leader in talent transformation. Through digital upskilling, they transform people’s lives, businesses, and countries while giving you the advantage you need to take on the future and developing the digital skills necessary for success in the workplace.

They work closely with businesses and highly driven people to create a customized talent transformation journey. Industry leaders help co-create and continuously improve the exclusive course content of Udacity.

Projects foster the critical thinking necessary for relevance in the workplace, going far beyond step-by-step instructions. Expert mentors remove learning barriers with individualized support and confirm total competency mastery.

Name of the Course: Intro to Data Analysis

Duration: 6 Weeks

Mode: Online


  • Data Analysis Process
  • Numpy and pandas for 1D data
  • Numpy and pandas for 2D data
  • Investigate a Dataset


  • Instructor Videos
  • Experiential Activities
  • Interactive Quizzes

This course is a helpful starting point for students willing to kick-start a career in data analytics. It is crucial to understand the distinctions between each phase of the process and how they relate to one another before diving into each one in detail. The Python libraries NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib, which are essential tools for performing data analysis in Python, are also covered in this course.


4. EduCBA

EDUCBA, a project of IIT IIM Graduates, is a top global provider of skill-based education serving the needs of 1,000,000+ members in more than 70 countries. You can accomplish your goals with the help of EduCBA’s exceptional step-by-step online learning model, 400+ courses, and 500+ Learning Paths created by top-tier professionals from the Industry.

All of their training courses are industry-required and job-oriented. EduCBA takes pride in offering accessible, hands-on courses that are career-focused to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Name of the Course: Free Online Data Analytics Course

Duration: 5 Hours

Mode: Online


  • Introduction to Data science and Data visualizations
  • What is Data Science?
  • Advanced Python
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability
  • Gradient Descent


  • Certificate of Completion
  • Basic Python knowledge is a prerequisite
  • Topics covered from scratch

You will learn Python programming and data visualization techniques through the free data analytics courses of eduCBA. You will gain the necessary skills to produce a wide range of engaging charts and graphics, as well as complex visualizations that will make them appear more sophisticated to the audience.

You will learn how to design your projects for data science. By learning the fundamentals of data analysis using Python, you can broaden your range of abilities in scientific computation and computing.

You can improve your proficiency with complex data visualization techniques as well as writing objects, functions, and error handling in Python. You will be given the necessary tools to manipulate and work with projects that are based on industry.


5. Data Camp

DataCamp works towards providing access to high-quality education to everyone for a more secure future. They have always offered instructors and their students free, unlimited access to classrooms as part of their mission to democratize data skills for everyone, reaching more than 350,000 students worldwide.

Name: Exploratory data analysis in Python

Duration: 4 Hours

Mode: Online


  • Read, Clean, and Validate data
  • Distributions
  • Relationships
  • Multivariate Thinking


  • 16 Vidoe lectures
  • 52 Exercises
  • Course completion certificate

The tools you need to clean and validate data, see distributions and relationships between variables, and use regression models for prediction and explanation are covered in this course.

You will investigate demographic and health data from the General Social Survey and the National Survey of Family Growth. However, the techniques you pick up can be used in all fields of business, engineering, and science.


6. Alison

In 2007, Alison was established in Galway, Ireland, and has since grown organically to become a significant player in the field of free online education and skill development. With more than 25 million students in 195 nations, Alison is currently revolutionizing how people learn and advance their skills.

They are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to education and training, regardless of their gender, location, financial situation, or any other obstacles that can frequently limit potential. Therefore, they provide a variety of free data analytics courses to meet the many different needs of the student community.

Name of the Course: Introduction to Data Analysis

Duration: 3 Hours

Mode: Online


  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Course Assessment


  • CPD Accreditation
  • Course completion certificate

Four fundamental data analysis tools that every data analyst should be familiar with will be the focus of this free course. You are given an overview of the course’s main agenda and a definition of a process at the outset.

The following section will teach you to analyze your customers and go over some questions to ask yourself when dealing with a customer, and it will do so by using Brian Joiner Deming’s book “Fourth Generation Management” as a foundation.

In this section, the first set of process management principles will be presented, and you will learn how to comprehend how each of your business processes functions at the moment.


7. edX

EdX works with a vision to increase access to high-quality education worldwide, enhance classroom instruction and online learning, and conduct research to advance instruction and learning. EdX works with its partners to transform lives through education and build a secure future.

In order to create courses for everyone, everywhere in the world, EdX focuses on developing, and promoting a software platform that brings together the top universities from all over the world.

Name of the course: Data Analytics for Business

Duration: 10 Weeks

Mode: Online


  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Business analytics ideas
  • Analyze data using business analytics software
  • Generate business insights


  • Training in R-studio
  • Instructor-led course
  • Can be upgraded by paying fees

Students completing the free data analytics courses of EdX acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to lead in business organizations’ use of business analytics. The scientific method of turning data into insights for better business decisions is taught in this course.

It addresses the approaches, problems, and difficulties involved in analyzing business data. By letting students use business analytics algorithms and methodologies to solve business problems, it will help students understand the analytics processes.


8. OpenLearn

The Open University takes an unconventional and ground-breaking stance on access. They commit to making free learning content available to others and promoting it, to serve the interests of the larger community. OpenLearn is a leader in the provision of top-notch open educational resources (OER) that are widely available, cost-free, and open to all.

By organizing the delivery of free learning using sound and long-term business models, OpenLearn eliminates costs. By assisting learners in earning badges and statements of participation, they raise their self-esteem and confidence.

Name of the Course: Learn to code for data analysis

Duration: 8 Weeks

Mode: Online


  • Introduction and Guidance
  • Having a go at it part 1
  • Having a go at it part 2
  • Cleaning up our Act Part 1
  • Cleaning up our Act Part 2
  • Combine and transform data part 1
  • Combine and transform data part 2
  • Further Techniques Part 1
  • Further Techniques Part 2


  • Access all course activities
  • Statement of participation on completion

One line of code at a time, the free data analytics courses will teach you how to create your own computer programs. You will gain knowledge of how to access open data, prepare it for analysis, and create visualizations. Additionally, you’ll learn how to document and disseminate your analyses, either publicly or privately.

Python will be the programming language you use, which is popular across all academic fields. You will conduct coding exercises and write up analyses using the well-known Jupyter Notebooks platform, which enables you to instantly see the outcome of running your code and makes it easier for you to spot – and correct – any errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I study data analytics for free?

You can enroll in the free data analytics courses offered by the following online educational platforms.

  1. Skill up – Simplilearn
  2. Great Learning
  3. Udacity
  4. EduCBA
  5. DataCamp
  6. Alison
  7. EdX
  8. OpenLearn
  9. Udemy
  10. Coursera

2. How long is the duration to learn Data Analytics and become a data expert?

In 3 to 6 months, most institutions promise to offer data science and analytics courses. But in reality, learning all the modules at once in a short period—from statistics to programming—is very challenging. Short-term certification programs can be finished in three months, but only a fundamental understanding of the field is gained.

3. Is a job in data science stressful?

Numerous data analysts believe that data science is a stressful field of work because it requires constant learning, little assistance from textbooks, independent completion of challenging tasks, relationships with experts from various departments, and a keen interest in the industry. However, if you enjoy your work, there is never a stressful moment. The individual’s enthusiasm for the position is everything.


The need for data analytics grows yearly. In the field of data, there are countless career opportunities, from business analyst to data engineer to data architect and machine learning engineer. The growth is also anticipated to continue over the following ten years. Additionally, there are many platforms available offering free data analytics courses.

There are many entry points into the world of data, from online to offline institutions, short-term certification to post-graduate level courses, and project training to internships. Despite this, there is a huge disparity in the supply and demand of qualified professionals. You can gain access to the data world by having a thorough understanding of the subject and being a leader in the skills required for the profession. All the Best.

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