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6 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Navi Mumbai

In the current era, digital technologies have successfully created a virtual world. Due to the online culture, people have transformed to the extent that everyone attempts to create an online identity. In this digital age, even selling and promoting products and services, establishing relationships with customers also happens online. As a result, the core of marketing remains the same. But you will not be considered a marketer if you do not make your hands dirty in learning digital marketing. So let’s glance through the digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai. 


Best digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai


You are looking for digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai because of your interest and being a part of the most sought career. Digital Marketing is currently a hot buzzword because anyone trying to create an online presence requires digital marketing. Digital Marketing begins and ends at customer value. 


By creating a robust digital presence, any business wants to make the awareness and engagement that can attract customers. So that the leads (people) can become loyal subscribers, buy products, and avail services frequently. Finally, the reviews and recommendations by the customers benefit the businesses in a significant way. Therefore let us look at the top digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai to pursue the most sought career in the digital age.


1. IIM Skills


The master course at IIM Skills is comprehensive learning that will make you an asset to any company. So if you are searching for digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai that can render you an affordable yet enriching learning experience? Then IIM Skills can be the best decision. More so, IIM Skills is the aces the charts of the best digital marketing courses in Mumbai


Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Course Fees: Rs.34, 900+18% GST

Course Duration: 5-months



The course curriculum is as follows-


  • The need for internet marketing
  • Learning the fundamentals of digital marketing
  • An insight into WordPress
  • The technical understanding needed for WordPress site management
  •  Customizing WordPress
  •  Adding the plugins on WordPress
  •  Understanding the themes that can enhance the WordPress website
  •  Learning what is a WordPress website
  •  The fundamentals of SEO
  •  What is Organic Marketing?
  • The history of SEO
  • The evolution of SEO
  • The various types of SEO such as (advanced white hat SEO and Black hat SEO techniques)
  • On-page Optimization of SEO
  • Learning about keyword research
  • Importance of maintaining the keyword density
  • Is keyword stuffing worth it?
  • Commercial pages for SEO
  • What is the cornerstone SEO content?
  • The structures for SEO content
  • The know-how of off-page Optimisation
  • The process of link building
  • The social bookmarking roles
  • How and why to avoid harmful practices related to SEO?
  • Getting acquainted with guest blogging
  •  The various types of links such as naked links, custom links, and keyword links
  •  Knowing about the local search SEO pages
  •  What are Google my business and Bing places?
  •  How does Google my business in bing works?
  •  An agency model for Google my business
  •  How do SEO influencers Google my business?
  •  An Introduction to search engine marketing 
  •  The various types of Google ads such as (search advertising, display advertising, shopping advertising, remarketing, and video advertising)
  • Learning about building and strategies
  • Competition analysis
  • How to run add campaigns?
  • The Know-how of Email Marketing
  • Understanding deliverability
  • What is CTA’s?
  • Learning about campaign performance
  • Understanding drip email marketing
  • How is lead nurturing done using email marketing?
  • The fundamentals of inbound marketing
  •  The importance of inbound marketing 
  •  How is inbound marketing used to build an organic reach?
  •  Importance of social media marketing
  •  What is social media marketing?
  • How to set up business profiles on social media?
  • The process of budgeting for social media
  • The online reputation management (ORM) using social media
  • Learning about an Integrated digital marketing strategy 
  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Importance of Google Analytics
  • Learning online reputation management to establish the solid online presence
  • How does content writing contribute to digital marketing?
  • The process of media buying and planning
  • Everything about affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing through blogging
  • Learning effective strategies for video marketing 
  • Learning about marketing automation
  • Understanding the use of digital infographics in resume building
  • Preparation for certifications like Facebook. Hubspot, Google Digital Marketing Course, and more.


 The tools covered in the program are;


  • Mailchimp
  • WordPress
  • Woo Commerce
  • Google ads
  • Amazon
  • Ahrefs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SEMrush 
  • Cloudflare
  • Kwfinder
  • Answer the Public
  • Small SEO tools
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Mailerlite
  • Sendgrid
  • Modal Popup
  • Canva
  • TweetDeck
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Pixlr of Instagram 
  • Facebook Pixel


The benefits of taking this course are as follows-


  • A guaranteed internship for two months with a fixed stipend of Rs 6000.
  • The ability to establish a digital marketing agency
  • Writing a blog for Times of India
  • Receiving a letter of recommendation and a certificate from IIM Skills
  • Placement and interview assistance
  • Personalized mentorship throughout the course and post completion of the course
  • Starting your podcast with apple Google and Spotify
  • Launching a YouTube channel and starting affiliate marketing.


Digital marketing course by IIM skills is efficient learning that will help you adjust to the changing landscape of digital marketing. If you wish to talk to an expert and inquire more about the course, then,



Tel: +91 9911839503

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


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A few other professional courses offered by IIM Skills are as follows-





The Indian Institute of Digital Education is the go-to institute for studying digital marketing for many learners. IIDE can give you the confidence to step into the digital world as an informed and experienced digital marketer. Therefore, if you are looking for digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai, you can blindly trust IIDE.


Course Name: Online Marketing Course with Certifications

Course Fees: Rs. 84,999

Course Duration: 3-months


The design of the course is as follows-


  • The scenario of digital marketing in India 
  • What is a digital mix?
  • How can we define the target audience?
  •  Understanding E-Commerce marketing
  •  The various portals for e-commerce
  •  How can we use Shopify to make a website
  •  How to do keyword research for a product
  •  Learning about Search Engine Optimization
  •  What is Search Engine Optimization, and how does it work?
  •  The importance of Keyword analysis in Search Engine Optimization
  •  What are the components for on-page and off-page Optimization?
  •  How to use a search console for effective SEO?
  •  The impact of doing an SEO audit?
  •  Working on the modernization of a blog
  •  Who can be considered to be a blogger?
  •  How to earn through blogging?
  •  Why does the brand invest in blogs?
  •  Who is an affiliate marketer?
  •  Using Google ads for search engine marketing
  •  How to frame ad copy and ad extension?
  • The know-how of content marketing
  •  How to create a buyer’s persona?
  • How to create a content calendar?
  • Researching on the various content formats
  • What do we understand by the advanced content strategy?
  • How to follow the consumer’s journey across multiple platforms?
  • How to decode a successful campaign?
  • Use of the AIDA model in marketing?
  • The Fundamentals of design
  • The principles of design
  • How to design a digital platform?
  • Using Canva to build designs 
  • Creating social media posts and stories
  • An introduction to social media
  • What is the difference between page and account? 
  • How to set up a social media page?
  • What are the healthy practices for handling a social media page?
  • The do and don’ts of posting for Organic traffic
  • Choosing the right hashtags for the content
  • How to set up an Advertising account?
  • Learning about the objectives of the right campaign
  • How to set the campaign budget and bids?
  • The idea behind influencer marketing
  • Selecting an influencer for your brand?
  • What is web analytics?
  • How does Google Analytics work?
  • Using Google Analytics data to make business decisions?
  • What is social analytics?
  • What are the creative strategies used for Digital Marketing?
  • Planning a mega campaign
  • What is media planning?
  • Learning about the conversion rate Optimization
  • The concept of media planning
  • How to estimate ROI through various platforms
  • How to save your own media plan?
  • Working on the presentation of pitching skills
  • Assistance for Resume making
  • Insight to the final project in Mega campaigns
  • And orientation for career guidance and digital agency
  • Mastering the concept of email marketing
  • The various types of emails
  • The process of collecting leaves
  • Planning a drip email marketing campaign
  • What is App Store Optimization?
  • Learning about mobile marketing
  • The techniques for mobile marketing
  • The various tools and methods to optimize at stores
  • How to plan your website
  • What is Site architecture, and how to build it?
  • How to create your website using WordPress?
  • The psychology behind the advertisement
  • How to understand consumer psychology?
  • Incorporating best design practices to align with the consumer psychology
  • The basics of copywriting
  • The rules followed for copywriting
  • Tools to enhance copies


The tools covered in the course are as follows-


  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon
  • Amazon Associates 
  • Ubersuggest
  • Moz
  • Canva
  • App Annie
  • WordPress
  • Google Adsense
  • Facebook Page Insights
  • Shopify
  • YouTube Mockup Tool
  • Woo Commerce
  • Chatterbox
  • SimilarWeb
  • Awario


Indeed this is the most detailed course that can suit learners of all levels. If you still want to make sure this is a suitable search for digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai, talk to IIDE to learn more about the system.


Contact- (counseling and admissions)

Tel: +91 9619958615

Email: [email protected]


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3. Internshala


Digital marketing is the way to reach people. And for that, you need to be in demand and creative enough. Now you must be thinking about how reach, growth, and creativity will get served on a single plate. The answer to your doubt is the digital marketing training offered by Internshala. The training will teach you how to be relevant?


Further, share the hacks that you need to grow your business. Also, inject creativity in you to unleash your uniqueness. Are you relentlessly searching for digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai? Then take a pause and scroll down through the program structure.


Course Name: Learn Digital Marketing 

Course Fees: Rs. 1349

Course Duration: 8-weeks


The training syllabus is as follows-


  • Learning about building a web presence
  •  What is a web presence
  •  The basics of web analytics and Google Analytics
  •  An introduction to Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  •  The importance of Keyword research in Search Engine Optimization
  •  The competence of on-page and off-page SEO
  •  Comprehending local SEO
  •  What are online directories?
  •  mobile SEO
  •  App Store Optimization(ASO)
  • Tools for Search Engine Optimization
  • The fundamentals of digital advertising
  • Use of Google Ads
  • The various types of digital advertising such as (search, display, video, mobile, shopping advertising)
  • What are remarketing ads?
  •  An insight into A/B testing 
  •  Introduction to the Google ads search certification
  •  Resources to understand the Google ads search certification
  •  Everything about social media marketing
  • An insight into the world of social media
  • Learning about the organic and the feed forms of Facebook marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • The Other important social media platform for social media marketing
  • What is online reputation management (ORM)?
  • The know-how of email marketing?
  • How to create an effective email campaign?
  • The techniques for enhancing email deliverability
  •  What is inbound marketing?
  •  How does content contribute to inbound marketing?
  •  The various Strategies for inbound marketing
  •  Which are the new trends in digital marketing?
  •  What is influencer marketing, and how is it impacting the digital world?
  •  What is marketing automation? Are the various tools for that?
  •  Complementing the relationship between voice search in digital marketing
  •  How will artificial intelligence get used in digital marketing?
  •  The idea behind micro-moments marketing
  •  Learning about programmatic advertising
  •  A final project related to digital marketing


 The projects that the learners will be working on in the course are as follows-


  • Writing blogs 
  •  Indulging in performing SEO audits
  •  Setting up a Google ad campaign
  •  Working on a social media marketing plan
  •  Working on the email marketing
  •  Making a competitive analysis report


Suppose you’re keen to learn digital marketing but are unsure which can be an apt training. In that case, you can explore Internshala to pursue the course convincingly.


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4. Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning 


Are you looking for a robust course structure with a contemporary way of delivering information to the learners? Or are you looking for an institute that has an extremely high acceptance in the industry of digital marketing? The Symbiosis Centre of Distance Learning will meet both of your requirements. 


You are searching for digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai. All perplexed to decide then pursue the digital marketing course by SCDL to see what it means to be a part of the rigorous learning for digital marketing.


Course Name: PG Certificate in Management (Digital Marketing)

Course Fees: Rs.20, 000

Course Duration: 1-year


The course structure is as follows-


  • Managing the e-customer relationship
  • Management of the e-supply chain
  • How to optimize the internet and web?
  • Learning about integrated e-marketing
  • Digging deep into Search Engine Optimization
  •  Learning and conducting online marketing research
  •  Comprehending social media marketing
  •  Learning about email marketing
  •  The know-how of mobile SEO
  •  Final project on digital marketing


 If you wish to connect with the Symbiosis center of distance learning, then-



Tel: +91 20 6621 1000

Email: newadmissions@scdl


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Are you looking for Digital Marketing courses in Navi Mumbai to simply upgrade your knowledge in digital marketing? Then UpGrad is your solution. The plan has been created to help you adjust to the trends in digital marketing and finally restart your career with a solid perspective.


Course Name: Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication 

Course Fees: Rs.3252/month 

Course Duration: 32-50 weeks


The course curriculum is as follows- 


  • The fundamentals of marketing
  • The journey from traditional to digital marketing
  • The digital marketing metrics and channels
  • Focusing on customer centricity
  • How to create a web presence?
  • Everything about social media marketing
  • Learning about Search Engine Optimization
  • Search engine marketing
  • What is display advertising
  • Learning about content marketing
  • Comprehending web Analytics 
  • How to plan a solid digital marketing strategy?
  • E-commerce Bootcamp
  • The vital points of branding
  • Strategies for brand engagement
  • How to do the branding for international markets?
  • Focusing on marketing Communications
  • Identification and selection of marketing data
  • Learning about marketing data integration
  • Learning about predictive analytics and how does it impact decision-making?
  • Advanced content marketing strategies
  • Comprehending community management
  • Focus on public Relations for marketing
  • Learning how to develop creative communication


If you wish to pursue a digital marketing course at upGrad, then,



Tel: 1800-210-2020

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


6. Henry Harvin 


Suppose you want to upskill yourself to access higher packages. Boost your confidence as a digital marketer. Remain relevant with your knowledge in this ever-expanding domain. Improve your visibility, and grow your brand following by practicing tried and tested marketing tactics. Then Henry Harvin can take you in the right direction that only and only leads to becoming an ace digital marketer. If you’re constantly searching for digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai, then Henry Harvin can be your buddy. 


Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Course Fees: Rs. 15,000

Course Duration: Self-paced


 The program structure is as follows-


  • The fundamentals of digital marketing
  •  Understanding the process of marketing
  •  The idea behind visibility, engagement, traffic, retention, and conversion
  •  A comparison between Digital media and traditional media
  •  Advantages of digital marketing
  •  The newest trends in digital marketing
  •  The various platforms for Digital Marketing
  •  The different strategies of digital marketing used for websites
  •  Designing an effective web page
  •  How to prepare a site structure?
  • Preparing a wireframe for the landing pages(short and long landing pages)
  • Fundamentals of search engine marketing
  •  Why do we use search engine marketing
  •  Learning about the search engine marketing auction
  •  An introduction to Google ads terminologies
  •  The various campaigning types
  •  Mobile ad campaigns
  •  Learning about the different Optimization strategies
  •  The fundamental of Search Engine Optimization
  •  The basics of indexing and crawling
  •  A comparison between organic search and paid search results
  •  Comprehending the anatomy of search result
  •  The components of on-page SEO
  •  What is off-page SEO?
  •  The process of keyboard research
  •  The basics of HTML
  •  The know-how of Technical SEO
  •  Learning about mobile SEO
  •  The importance of error pages
  •  What is social SEO?
  • The SEO audits and their types
  • Building a career in SEO
  •  An introduction to Facebook marketing
  •  How is Facebook used for generating leads?
  •  How to target the right audience through Facebook marketing?
  •  LinkedIn marketing
  •  The ad formats for YouTube marketing
  •  Top keywords to rank better through videos
  •  Assistance for Interview preparation
  •  Learning the business communication and presentation skills
  •  Understanding the resume building techniques


If you wish to pursue this course, connect with Henry Harvin at-


Tel: +91 9891953953

E-mail: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions-


1. Is Digital Marketing a promising career?


If we trace back into the past, we will observe that marketing is constantly growing. With every change, be it social or technological, marketing has efficiently acclimatized to the changes; hence today, we have digital marketing. This field has enormous opportunities; therefore, digital marketing is undoubtedly a promising career.

2. What is an average salary of a digital marketer?


An average salary can be between 3, 00,000 to 12,00,000 per annum.


3. What is eligibility for enrolling in a digital marketing course?


It is always nice to have specific skills related to the domain. But since you be pursuing the course to learn the relevant skills, having –

  • A plain idea of Search engine optimization and Search Engine Optimization
  • Being persuasive 
  • A rough idea about digital marketing 

It can help you comprehend the concepts better.




Like there is no set bar for what you can accomplish in digital marketing, there are no set rules for a digital marketer. But to get a glimpse of the digital marketing world and see how you may have to work, you need to be a part of a curriculum. Therefore, now that you have gone through the various digital marketing courses in Navi Mumbai, you can proceed to the next step, which is being a persuasive learner. 

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