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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Krishna Nagar

Digital marketing is one of the most sought-after careers among the youth in India. With an increase in internet and smartphone usage in India, the demand for digital marketing professionals is growing across all industries. Hence, with the increasing demand, a number of institutions offering digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar are also on the heights. Let’s explore the best institutes with placement assistance. 

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Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving field that provides numerous opportunities for growth and advancement. Young aspirants and professionals can specialize in various digital marketing concepts such as SEO, PPC, SMM, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, and many more. According to a survey from AmbitionBox, the average annual salary for a digital marketer is around INR 4.9 lakhs per annum. Digital Marketing provides flexibility in terms of location and work hours. Let’s explore more about the best digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing adopts the usage of digital media such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc for marketing of new products or promotion of any kind of business. Traditional marketing involves old-fashioned methods of marketing of flyers, billboards, TV ads, radio ads, newspaper ads, etc. to reach out to large masses.

Digital marketing campaigns are more cost-effective. Businesses can make a minimal capital investment on budget-friendly websites to promote their products or services and reach out to a large audience.

Traditional marketing campaigns are more expensive, companies shell out on broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, and email which give them a very limited outreach.

Krishna Nagar, an urban ward situated in Delhi, is hospitable towards students and working professionals. It is a good locality that has connectivity to schools, colleges, and local markets. Anybody looking to venture into the digital marketing world can relax as there are a great deal of digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Check The List Of Very Popular Courses in Delhi:


What Minimum Education Requirements of a Digital Marketer?

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Business
  • Master’s degree(not mandatory) in Marketing, Advertising or Business


Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Krishna Nagar With Placements.

  • Aptech Learning
  • Scholar
  • Digiperform
  • Intellipaat
  • IIDE
  • Digital Monk
  • Digital Academy 360
  • Digital Scholar



IIM SKILLS is one of the fastest-growing Ed Tech Companies in India. It started in 2015 to promote its Content Writing Courses which has brought out a transformation in the content education industry.

Over the years IIM SKILLS has launched a variety of courses such as a Digital Marketing Course, a Technical Writing Master Course, an Advanced SEO Course, and many more.


IIM SKILLS partners with industry experts whose guidance and expertise help individuals acquire the skills needed to survive the competitive corporate world. It is one of the most professional institutes that offers digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Students and professionals can register for the below course.

Course Details:

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 3 Months Of Online Training Program + 2 Months Of Paid Internship

Fees: INR 29900 + Taxes

Core Concept

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing

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Additional Concepts

  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Content Writing & Advanced Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Digital Infographics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Marketing Automation.

Here Are Some of the Course Features

The Master Digital Marketing Course comes with 60 hours of live training and 120 hours of assignments and case studies. Students get an opportunity to work on different internet marketing tools and also get a real-time hands-on learning experience.

Lifetime access to training material, course recordings, and class presentations is provided to the students. IIM SKILLS certification courses are recognized by some of the top companies like Google, Meta, and Hubspot.

Freshers can expect a salary package of an average of 3-8 Lakh CTC. The highest package offered will be 10 Lakh CTC.

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2. Aptech Learning

Aptech Learning helps you acquire in-demand skills to be better prepared for job opportunities in top companies. Graduates and Professionals can enroll in this institute and get free counseling to have clarity about their choice of career.

If you are passionate about software, banking, or finance, Aptech can help you acquire the expertise needed to thrive in the competitive sectors. It is a trustworthy institute that offers digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Course Name: Smart Pro Digital Marketing

Duration: 9 Months / 3 days a week/ 2 hours a day


First Term

  • HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • Content Management System
  • UI/UX for Responsive Design
  • Working with MySQL
  • Dynamic Web Development using PHP
  • Laravel Framework for Web Applications with PHP
  • Project – PHP Web Application Development


Second Term

  • Marketing Principles
  • Search Marketing
  • Search Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • AdWords
  • Display Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Analytics
  • Project

Why this Course?

Smart Pro Digital Marketing Program trains you in the most in-demand skills needed in today’s digital space – social media optimization & analytics. Social Media Optimization helps organizations improve organic results in search engine result pages (SERPs) and also extend their reach.

Social Media Analytics helps in improving customer satisfaction, identifying patterns & trends, and also making smart business decisions. Regular Workshops are conducted to enhance student development, this will help students set clear career goals, accomplish education milestones, and embark on a path toward prosperity and growth.

Once training is complete, students can build successful careers as SEO Professionals, Digital Marketing Professionals, Data Analytics Professionals, and SMO specialists.

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3. Skolar

Skolar is an online education portal that conducts a variety of programs for student development. It is a reliable platform that offers online digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Course Name: Certified Digital Marketing Program


  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Introduction to Social Media
  • Email Marketing and newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction to Copywriting
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Starting your marketing journey
  • Starting your agency

Course Features

  • Assignments are given during the training program to test the learning power and knowledge of the student. Students are exposed to real-world problems to enhance situational awareness.
  • Top-notch training by some of the best instructors to assist and guide students throughout the course.
  • Live classes and recorded videos are sent to students to brush up on digital marketing concepts
  • Certificates are provided by the instructors and are authorized by some of the learning institutions.
  • Mock Interviews were conducted to make students job-ready.


About Course

Students go through a comprehensive digital marketing program that gives an insight into important marketing terminologies. Students are instilled with skills and knowledge that make them the most in-demand marketers in the world of digital marketing.

In this course, students not only familiarize themselves with the anomalies of digital marketing but also take a self-employment approach to expose students to the independent world of freelancing.

Students learn to create and monetize their marketing channels. Students can also learn to establish their independent marketing agency.

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4. Digiperform

Digiperform is one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Krishna Nagar.  The curriculum is structured as per suggestions of over 450 corporates across Asia. Certification granted by this institute makes your CV noticeable amongst recruiters.

This institute provides 24/7 immersive learning sessions compounded by PPTs, Videos, Assignments, Case Studies, and Quizzes along with a progress tracker.

With over 40+ Centers, 2500+ batches, 36000+ placements, and 45000+ trained students, this institute assures you of a bright and prosperous career in the world of digital marketing. It is another reliable institute that offers online digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Course Name: Digital Marketing: Online Marketing Professional Course

Course Duration: 6 Months+


  • Section 1- Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Section 2- Google Ads Specialization
  • Section 3- Lead Nurturing Section
  • Section 4- Online Money Making
  • Section 5- Interview Preparation
  • Section 6- Professional Modules

Course Features

  • Interactive master classes are conducted by some of the best industry experts to give a broad understanding of Digital Marketing Concepts
  • Real-time assignments are given to students to ensure the allocation of resources in a limited period.
  • Compulsory participation in a mandatory industrial internship allows students to assimilate into their organizational surroundings.


Course Name: Digital Marketing: Online Marketing Practitioner


  • Section1- Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Section2- Google Ads Specialization
  • Section3- Lead Nurturing Section
  • Section4- Online Money Making

About Course:

The digital marketing program conducted by the institute not only improves the skills and knowledge of the candidates but also instills leadership qualities. Students are given an in-depth understanding of Digital Marketing through live training sessions.

Course modules are consistently catered to meet industry standards. Career mentors assist candidates with their portfolio creation. Mock interviews are conducted during class hours to keep students up to date with current and latest trends in digital marketing.

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5. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is a global online professional training platform that offers industry-designed certification training programs. Professionals looking for a career can choose trainers with decades of industry experience. Instructors give hands-on projects and evaluate the candidate’s learning progress.

They also assist clients in upskilling their workforce and help them adapt to the changing technological and digital landscape. It is a principled platform that offers online digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar

Course Name: Executive Post Graduate Certification in Digital Marketing

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Concepts

  • Module 1: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Module 2: Understanding Business Problems
  • Module 3: Marketing Principles
  • Module 4: Branding Marketing and PR Communications
  • Module 5: Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Module 6: Video Marketing
  • Module 7: Paid Marketing
  • Module 8: Email Marketing
  • Module 9: Landing Pages
  • Module 10: Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 11: Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing
  • Module 12: Digital Marketing Analytics, Strategy, and ROI Measurement
  • Module 13: Generative AI for Digital Marketing

You Can Master the Below Skills

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • SERPs
  • On-page optimization
  • Yoast


About Course

The program is structured in the form of an online boot camp and features one-on-one mentorship by IIT faculty and industry experts. The advanced certification will give students a thorough knowledge of the sector and enable them to transition their careers in social marketing.

The team of IHub Divya Sampark will work diligently with the candidates and equip them with the cutting-edge abilities needed to come out on top in the organization.

The top 2 performers get a fellowship worth Rs 80000, showcase their startup ideas, and get incubation support of Rs 50 lakhs for their startup from IHub DivyaSampark.


 6. IIDE

IIDE is one of India’s top Digital Education Institutes offering Offline, Online, Live, and PG Courses in Digital Marketing. Equipped with a highly skilled faculty IIDE offers an immersive learning experience.

The subject matter is chosen and taught by industry experts, live online classes are conducted, and pre-recorded sessions are sent to the students. With years of experience, experts share their skills, knowledge, and secrets during classroom sessions. It is a trustworthy institute that offers online digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Course Name: Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing (ACDM)

Duration: 4 Months

Course 1: Foundation/ 1 Live Project

  • Brand Truth: Marketing Fundamentals
  • Customer Journey: AIDA Funnel
  • Presentation Skills
  • Introduction to Agencies & Departments

 Course 2: Search Marketing/ 2 Practice Assignments/ 1 Live Project

  • Website Basics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • E-Commerce
  • Corporate Soft Skills
  • Reporting & Excel Training

 Course 3: Social Marketing/ 2 Practice Assignments/ 1 Live Project

  • Social Media Organic
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Social Media Paid
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Resume & LinkedIn Profile Building

Course 4: Growth & Analytics/ 1 Capstone Project

  • Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Capstone Project
  • Interview Preparation
  • Mock Interviews

 Course Name: Professional Certification in Digital Marketing & Strategy (PCDMS)

Duration: 6 Months

Course 5: Planning & Strategy/ 1 Live Project/ Case Studies

  • Media Planning
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Blogging, AdSense & Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancing Economics & Overview
  • Portfolio & Personal Brand Building

Course 6: Business Skills

  • Art of Pitching
  • Client Servicing
  • Campaign Planning
  • Project Management
  • Multimedia Case Studies
  • Leadership & Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Masterclass: Economics of Digital Marketing


About Course:

The demand for digital marketers is skyrocketing. Brands desperately seek skilled digital marketers to bolster their online presence. IIDE offers industry-oriented digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar to prepare students for the competitive corporate environment.

IIDE hosts online interactive sessions between students and some of the top executives in the industry. IIDE equips students with skills, knowledge, and confidence so they can forge their paths in their respective industries.



PIIDM (Pashium International Institute of Digital Marketing) is a classroom-based and online institute that offers affordable digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

With over 11 years of experience, PIIDM has trained over 58000 students and granted over 51000 placements in some of the top companies in India. Industry experts offer startup and freelancing guidance so students can venture into the realm of entrepreneurship.

A bulk of students who completed the course have gotten respectable positions in some of the top organizations, and around 600 students have gone on to launch and successfully run their startups. It is a certified institute that offers digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 2-4 Months


  • Module 1: Digital Marketing Overview
  • Module 2: AI in Digital Marketing & Tools
  • Module 3: Blog Creation
  • Module 4: Business Website Creation
  • Module 5: E-Commerce Creation
  • Module 6: Graphic Creation
  • Module 7: Video Creation

About Course:

PIIDM Digital Marketing Course is a budget-friendly course that provides a high-quality assessment of Digital Marketing Concepts. Equipped with a team of experts, students get an opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurship mentorship program organized by some of the best industry experts.

Mock interviews are conducted to make students thorough with concepts. Students get to engage in a two-month internship, and a letter of recommendation will be offered to the student on behalf of the institute.


8. Digital Monk

Digital Monk is an online training institute run by a team of digital marketers. It offers self-paced and instructor-led online courses that help students achieve their goals. The institute provides cutting-edge digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar at an affordable cost. Students can sit at home and do online sessions without the hassle of traveling.

Freshers can get their first job in digital marketing and also work as freelancers and affiliate marketers. Working professionals looking for a career change can sharpen their skills and explore a plethora of opportunities in digital marketing.

Entrepreneurs looking to take their business online can learn the concepts of lead generation and also keep track of their customer base. It is a professional institute that offers online digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Course Name: Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Course Concepts

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Web Analytics

Course Features

  • Live online one-on-one sessions conducted by expert digital marketers.
  • Lifetime access to the latest digital marketing videos along with updates on digital marketing trends.
  • Access to specific digital marketing modules to help facilitate your business and entrepreneurial goals like Search Engine Optimization.

About Course:

The Digital Marketing course is project-oriented, students go through rigorous and intensive practical training sessions. Students get to create their own websites and devise full-fledged digital marketing strategies for any business at any scale or budget.

For those who wish to embark on a different career path, students can acquire or upgrade their digital marketing skills to get a better job. Students also get an opportunity to work as freelancers or start their own businesses.


9. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is a professional institute that offers digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar. It is run by a team of experts with over 15 years of experience in the digital marketing field.

Instructors offer high-quality training with the assurance of placement in some of the reputed organizations around the world. The institute has a global online presence across 30 countries and has trained over 50000 students around the world.

Experts also offer entrepreneurship and freelance guidance. It has also been conferred the title of “Best Digital Learning Institute of the Year” by Indian Education Awards

Course Name: Digital Marketing Leadership & AI Course

Course Duration: 9 Months Trainer Led Online/ Classroom Program



  • Module 1: Preparatory Course Material
  • Module 2: Marketing Management & Digital Marketing Foundations
  • Module 3: Marketing Professional Skills & Digital Competencies
  • Module 4: Designing & Developing Digital Product & Portfolio
  • Module 5: Organic Marketing on Digital Platforms
  • Module 6: Paid Marketing,  Adcopywriting & Analytics
  • Module 7: Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • Module 8: Digital Marketing Leadership & Growth Marketing
  • Module 9: Integrated Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • Module 10: Softskills Training & Personality Development
  • Module 11: Digital Project Management
  • Module 12: Programmatic Ads & Media Buying
  • Students also learn 4 distinct specializations
  • Module 1: Performance Marketing & Adcopywriting
  • Module 2: Search Engine Optimization & AI
  • Module 3: Branding & PR
  • Module 4: Digital Marketing Automation & AI

Course Features

  • Assignments and projects are given to students to have a better understanding of the course.
  • Live online classrooms with intense boot camps to help students acquire the necessary skills that will ease their recruitment by companies.
  • Premium tools are provided by industry experts to have access to a variety of case studies and practical knowledge of brand functioning.
  • Online Webinars are conducted so experts can impart real-time subject matter knowledge to students which will bring about progress in their future careers.
  • Students can share their ideas and opinions with fellow peers and faculty members on their LMS Platform to bolster their learning experience.

About Course:

The Digital Marketing and AI Course is designed to help students undergo a career transformation. Students not only acquire digital marketing knowledge but also get exposure to real-world case studies. After attaining mastery over new skills students get to build their portfolio by practicing 6+ capstone projects aided by experts.

Experts also conduct mentorship programs to instill the right attitude and mindset so students will have a prospective future.


10. Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar is one of India’s leading agency-styled digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar. The institute comprises a dedicated team of 20+ trainers, managers, and employees helping students to venture into the digital marketing spectrum.

Industry practitioners have several years of experience, and their unmatched skills and hacks will help students hone their analytical abilities.

Digital Scholar covers major digital marketing concepts such as SEO, Facebook Ads, Content Writing, and many more. It is a definitive institute that offers digital marketing courses in Krishna Nagar.

Course Name: Dual Certification Course in Digital Marketing and AI


Duration: 4 Months


  • Digital Leader Mindset
  • Social Media Management
  • Instagram for Business
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Landing Page
  • Automation
  • Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads
  • Content Writing
  • Website Building
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Design Mastery

Specialisation Modules

  • International Freelancing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Task-Based Internship(Optional)

Pre-recorded Modules

  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting Mastery
  • SMS Marketing

Course Features:

  • Live interactions with industry experts thereby provide a riveting learning experience.
  • Guest lectures are given by industry leaders to encourage skill development among students.
  • Learn how to create an impactful website, get organic traffic, and generate a decent income from Google and Facebook Ads.
  • Access to course material and premium tools is given to students to develop a better understanding of digital marketing.

About Course:

The meticulously crafted digital marketing course not only dives into the nuances of digital marketing but also sheds light on the developing field of AI. The course also highlights social media techniques one can use to optimize his business. Students get an opportunity to analyze and interpret business competition from an international level. Students get to work and showcase their projects to renowned industry experts.


Q. Will there be an increase in demand for digital marketing?

In the future, there will be a high demand for digital marketers. Businesses looking to invest in digital marketing due to growing significance online. This also enables them to interact with their online audience which will help them reach their targets.

Q. How challenging is digital marketing?

The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, so it becomes challenging to keep up with the latest trends and adopt the best practices. Companies allocate a budget and marketers are expected to design and launch campaigns that produce a desirable outcome.

Q. What is the role of digital marketing in retail?

Irrespective of their size, retailers feel the need to invest in digital marketing to provide the best customer experience. Companies can attract leads beyond a geographical area, reduce marketing costs, and improve customer support services. Digital marketing helps retailers understand the customer’s perceptions of brand awareness, brand reputation, brand image, and more. Retailers can tackle stiff competition with limited resources. Small retail marketers can promote their brand globally and reach customers with ease.


Digital Marketing has become a go-to strategy for both small and big businesses alike. It is a vast blanket that covers multiple areas from SEO to blog writing and distribution channels and marketing budgets. Digital marketing is soaring in popularity yet it is embattled by its biggest challenge, prominence amongst the masses.

The digital advertising market in India is expected to reach 5.3 billion USD in 2024. The search advertising market is expected to be 1.9 billion USD in 2024. In today’s digital era, businesses have a better understanding of concepts like SEO, Email Marketing, SMM, paid ads, and more. A digital marketing specialist can be roped in to coordinate with marketing professionals in creating and launching successful online marketing campaigns.

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