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Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Guyana With Placements

According to Statista, digital ad spending for the current year will exceed 16 million USD in Guyana. An average user will generate over 18 USD as revenue on digital ads in 2023. The mobile phone will have over 47% of online ads in 2027. The target programmatic ads will generate over 73% of revenue in 2027. Robust digital marketing courses in Guyana are the lifeline to harness these opportunities. The giant players in the online ad markets are Facebook, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. First, we will talk about free online digital marketing courses in Guyana.


List of best digital marketing courses in Guyana



Are you searching for the best digital marketing courses in Guyana? IIM SKILLS is one of the marvelous options because they virtually provide experienced instructor-driven classes. They also provide two months paid online internship at the end of the course and offer you a certificate of job experience. The instructor will guide you to acquire more than eleven internationally recognized certifications like Google, Hubspot, Facebook, etc. The digital marketing training is Govt. of India accredited. The training will be in English.


Fees (volatile): 75,430.99 Guyanese Dollar


Digital Marketing Course Modules:

They cover all the basic modules of marketing like SEO, web development, Google ads, analytics, etc. But they have some special modules like

❖     Digital graphic designing

❖      Blog article writing on WordPress

❖      The management of digital reputation in the online channel or any brand.

❖     The media buying guides for showcasing online ads

❖     How do you market any brand on youtube

❖     They will teach you how to use software and tools to complete repetitive tasks in digital marketing. They will provide free tools.

❖     How will you give the right product to the customer at the perfect time? Therefore they will teach you clients’ journey model.

❖     E-commerce management training

❖     You will do more than 14 live projects within the course

❖     You will learn more than nine practical case studies in this program.


Eligibility: There is no bar for enrolling in this course. Any enthusiastic individual can opt for this program. Even homemakers are fit for this training.


2. Google Garage Digital Marketing Course

Previously, you could find this fundamental digital marketing course in Google’s garage, but recently, google garage digital marketing video training has moved to their skill shop. The course is for forty hours. It is the first option among the free digital marketing courses in Guyana.


The digital marketing courses syllabus is like these-

❖     Introductions to online opportunities

❖     A business’s online goal is building an online presence through marketing; Analytics is a prime tool. You can think the new ways of presenting yourself because the market is a platform where things come and go. The established patterns lose effectiveness; therefore, you should consider new techniques.

❖     How a website works, elements of a website. Does your website fulfill your business’ objective? How page insights measure the website’s speed. How to make a website mobile-friendly? What are the recipes of a successful website? This module will give you an edge in your SEO career; for example, you can do a free SEO course from ‘Ahrefs’ on youtube.

❖     How do you build a business page on Google for listing online? You should know your customers’ behavior patterns. For example, you should know what types of mobile phones your customers use while posting a picture or blog on the website. This will tell a customer’s journey from awareness to buying your products, and at last, becomes a superfan while referring to others. Therefore optimization of a webpage is necessary.

❖     Search engines work on relevance. But what is a relevant website? For instance, google values user experiences on a webpage to the utmost. Here you learn the search console in depth.

❖     Next, the course will teach you how to make campaigns and ads for search engine marketing, like phrase matches exact matches. For example, if you run a campaign of 4000 INR, google will allocate a relationship manager to you. They will guide you to create a campaign.

❖     They discuss social media very briefly in this course.

❖     Their mobile marketing is very beneficial for the next 4-5 years like 5G is operational globally. A lot of stuff is happening on the web that is mobile-only or mobile-specific.

❖     The course’s content and email marketing syllabuses are primary and short.

❖     The course discusses video-based ads and analytics algorithms like bounce rate analysis. A high bounce rate only sometimes means lousy content; it is quite the opposite.

❖     The last three modules are about online shops selling online products.


3. Hubspot Digital Marketing Course

Hubspot Academy is a place to start if you want online digital marketing courses in Guyana with free certificates. The course will take five hours and twenty-five minutes to complete. There are nine lessons in this digital marketing certificate training. Let’s see what the modules are.

Fundamental Introduction: Suppose Tom is a tourism professional. For a couple of years, Tom had seen digitization in the travel industry, like emerging travel blog articles, travel online portals, location-specific travel ads on mobiles, booking automation processes for transport and hotels, etc. He concluded that he could advertise digitally on various digital media channels. Presently Tom is working as a head of digital marketing at XYZ  travel agency.


  1. Content-Making Techniques: Ayushi & Joe are college friends. Both are content creators. Ayushi posts 1 article per week on her blog. She writes about lifestyle & psychological well-being. Joe publishes 1 article every two-three months. He is curious about many topics; therefore, he writes on politics to spirituality in his blog. After three years, Ayushi has posted 152 blogs on her website, and Joe has published 15 articles on his blog. Why are there differences in productivity between two individuals from the same field? The answer is the system they follow.
  2. SEO: What will the SEO plan fulfill your purpose? The answer is how you crystallize your website.
  3. Tweak a website: You have designed a fantastic website. It looks stunning, but after six months, you observed in the analytics that the bounce rate on the website is high. What does it mean? It simply means the website takes longer to load than any similar website. Ideally, a website load time is one to three seconds. There are many ways to speed up a website. Still, in this module, you will learn how to optimize image size, how you can compress programming codes through an online tool, and last you will know, how you can post a video on the website that will create a significantly lesser load on the server.
  4. Influential Blog: Let me tell you a secret here. How can you make a successful blog post? The answer is, does it solve somebody’s problem? If your blog can solve problems, people will come to you and even wait for your content. You will learn in the module to choose a niche of your choice, templatized blog structure, keyword research techniques, and content planning for the coming days.
  5. Video Marketing: Someone said that a picture can speak a thousand words. Now think a one-minute video can speak how many words. Isn’t it interesting? We are witnessing a gradual decrease in our attention span on the Internet. In that case, marketers want to give maximum info in the least amount of time. Here video marketing comes into play.
  6.  Social Platforms Strategy: if you are looking social media marketing course in 2023, you know social media are the shopping places for your product. First, it starts with making a profile on your targeted social media. It means you are showing your presence. But wait! You need more because you have to tailor your content considering the distribution channel.
  7. Run Paid Ads on Search Engines: The modules stress only running paid advertisements on Google as a search engine.
  8. Mail Marketing: We have arrived at our last lesson, which will deal with emails. Although we have plenty of social networking options presently, they all need more connection at a personal level. If you want to build trusted personal relationships and community, you have to rely on emails. Professional people check their emails at least in a day. You have to start the email with a worthy subject line, and It is an art you must learn. Email automation services will help you greatly in delivering emails.


4. Coursera Digital Marketing Course

You will find various digital marketing courses in Guyana with certificates. But for now, I will talk about google certified digital marketing with e-commerce on Coursera. The training lasts 3 to 6 months, based on your pace of learning with recorded videos. The fees for digital marketing courses in Guyana are highly volatile based on the region you are in, so check from your side. You can get financial aid based on Coursera’s decision if you think the fee is too high. It combines seven digital marketing courses online with certificates. Let’s see what you find in the courses.


  1. The first course will give you the fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce, like creating awareness for a customer and how they become brand loyal. It is a journey from discovery to advocacy.
  2. The second course will tell you about creating brand awareness by considering client behavior through search engine optimization and marketing.
  3. The third will teach you how to create social media content by analyzing social media reports.
  4. The fourth module is about Email marketing. You will learn how to create a fruitful email to build awareness among customers to titillate their interest and desire and, finally, their call to action.
  5. The fifth course is about a detailed introduction to Google ads and analytics and how they are crucial for investment and spending of budgets.
  6. The sixth module is about opening an online e-com store with proper plugin integration for robust management.
  7. The concluding course is about making potential customers loyal clients by satisfying them with post-sell experiences for long-term retention.


5. Udemy Digital Marketing Course

You can find various digital marketing courses in Guyana on Udemy, not only that Udemy provides a digital marketing certificate after completing a course. Therefore it is an excellent option for those wanting part-time digital marketing courses as you can find 2- to 75+ hours courses. The fees for these courses depend upon your chosen course and its duration, so check its website.


Syllabus: There are some standard modules in every digital marketing course on Udemy, like introduction, website optimization, SEO, social media, Google Analytics, email, etc. But some detailed courses also cover Chatgpt modules, WordPress lessons, copywriting, freelancing, and others.


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6. Harvard’s Digital Marketing Course

At present, Harvard Business School is charging 14,500 USD for this training. It is a diploma course for 12 months. A candidate will receive a certificate after completing the other two programs—the two programs you can choose from their predefined list. The total duration for acquiring a combined certification is 36 months or three years. You have to pay separately for the other two courses as well. It is an offline course for those looking for a prestigious option for digital marketing courses in Guyana.


Eligibility: This course is for senior-level, experienced people and business persons.


Syllabus: The whole course is based on giving several ideas

  • How to be a market disruptor with disruptive innovations for a small and young company.
  • Before positioning any product or service, an entrepreneur should consider whether the product/service fits in the market in terms of value, that is, giving.
  • You also learn how all digital marketing skills are utilized to achieve result-based performances, which is the end goal of any business.
  • How do you promote a young brand with limited resources? The answer lies in integrated advertisements over all social platforms for a wider audience reach.
  • We can find two market strategies that have been followed for the growth of any business. The first one is to make a new product for the old market. The second one is exploring new markets for existing products. Guess what! You need to do both.
  • All brands project themselves as unique to the target audience by making portfolios in various segments. They also manage several sponsorships as a relationship-building process. The final goal is to expand the customer base.
  • The seventh module deals with many case studies of business entities for beating the competition and building a sustainable ecosystem for an individual brand.
  • The last module deals with making business plans and formulating legal documents for a company adaptable to future changes.


7. University of Essex

It is a public university in England offering digital marketing courses in Guyana. They offer two years of online master’s degree courses. The degree will be awarded to M.Sc. level. The mode of lectures will be in English. This course can be done in a part-time manner also.


Duration of the course: 2 years

Tuition fees (changeable):12500 GBP (excluding tax)


Eligibility: A candidate with an honors graduate degree or equivalent can apply. They also take a predefined IELTS score to measure your language proficiency. If you don’t have an IELTS scorecard, you must give their in-house language test. An experienced professional is also eligible for taking admission.


Course Syllabus: You will thoroughly learn the following modules throughout your academic calendar.

  • External factors affect the business environment and how international firms view these threats. You will also learn global trade practices in terms of a legal-ethical viewpoint.
  • Make a marketing strategy with a business orientation, planning, and control because the goal is to sell vast products and expand client reach.
  • You will learn digital marketing in service sector principles. How human resources can be managed effectively with automation technology. You will read case studies of various service-based industries.
  • Every business is customer-centric, but how customers buy any product. Let’s understand first; they identify their need; they search for information about their need in the market; they compare various available options in the market; after that, they finalize their purchase decision for a particular product; at last, they use the product & give reviews about it. The whole cycle is their journey.
  • Business entities direct their multifaceted initiatives to target clients through various digital channels to disrupt the market. However, these ground realities are the final products of collaboration among different business departments.
  • Students will learn how to exchange information within and outside a company to reach the company’s goal.
  • Nowadays, you will find the same products at the same rates. How do you protect your usp in the market? Then strategies come into play, but presently, all the processes are software driven. You should learn them.
  • Now, digital marketing has become online data-driven; for example, a company wants to know their customers’ birthdays to promote any product with an automated birthday wish. Therefore data analysis is essential.
  • Market research is a slow & time-consuming process because of colossal data generation. For presenting the data graphically, the course uses software called SPSS from IBM. Students learn it.
  • At last, students do their research projects to build their portfolios.


8. Symbiosis- Distance Learning

Symbiosis’ distance learning center offers a one-year digital marketing course for the post-graduation level. Respected government authorities approve the course. The duration of the course is one year. This digital marketing certificate course is delivered online. The medium of the lecture is English. It is the eighth option for digital marketing courses in Guyana.



❖     Any graduation degree holder from a recognized body can do that. It applies to international students also.

❖     No language proficiency test is required for this course.


Fees(Changeable): 550 Usd for international students


Syllabus: The course is divided into two semesters.



★     Integrated online marketing principles & practices around the global industries and performance distribution mixes in digital businesses as tools for promotional pricing

★     Developing plans & strategies for achieving desired results with limited budgets for campaigns. There are also some ethical aspects to it.

★     Managing customer relationships with software and digital tools

★     Website designing techniques for designing industry-based web addresses.

★     Several SEO techniques for optimizing websites and webpages



★     Digital market research techniques for data collection, preparation, and presentation from various sampling.

★     Detailed lessons on Google ads and analytics for running digital campaigns

★     How you can do online marketing on several social media platforms

★     You will also learn relevance & tools for electronic mail distributions.

★     At last, you need to do a specific project submission.


FAQs: Digital Marketing Courses in Guyana


1.     Which is the best institute for digital marketing courses in Guyana?

You can find the best digital marketing course for you quickly if the course incorporates below mentioned five qualities:

  1. Instructor-led classes
  2. Lots of project work for experience
  3. Internship support
  4. Placement assistant
  5. Post-training hand-holding commitment


2. How much a digital marketer earns in Guyana?

The earning of a digital marketer depends upon two factors. First is the experience, and second is the professional competency. But the lowest standard you expect is 1270000 GYD per annum to 3770000 GYD per annum.


3. What are digital marketing courses in Guyana all about?

You will get the answer to the above question if you know what a digital marketer does in real life. A digital marketer does many tasks, but you don’t need to know all digital marketing stuff like SEO, managing social media, a website, etc. You can choose your expertise. Suppose you are a social media marketing expert, then you post the marketing stuff for your brand on social media. You shouldn’t create promotional stuff but must have social media skills. If you are doing influential marketing, you must contact several influencers on social media for reels, stories, and posts. You are the communicator between your brand and the influencer. The things go on…


4. Why do you choose digital marketing courses in Guyana?

It is expected that in 2029 the global market share of the digital marketing industry will be more than 2 billion. Europe will hold the highest percentage of the digital marketing industry. In 2023, more than 675 thousand mobile connections are active in Guyana. There are more than 54000 thousand houses in Guyana using the Internet. More than .64 million people are using mobile Internet in Guyana. In June 2023, the total number of Facebook user in Guyana was more than 574000, and the Instagram user was more than 170000 people.

Last but not least, Linkedin users for the same month were more than 118000. You can understand How Guyana has an enormous market range for digital marketing there. Also, digital marketing jobs are home-based without any geographical area limitation, so you can work anywhere. You don’t have to be limited to Guyana only. You will work internationally. You can do freelancing or office work as per your preference, even both!


Conclusion: Digital Marketing Courses in Guyana

Many institutions provide digital marketing training, but I have named a few in this article. You are free to choose anything. Digital marketing is an umbrella consisting of various domains inside it, yet there is always a learning curve for the candidate. At last, keep updating yourself with the latest industry standards. It is a creative profession for creative people. The content is 100% written by me. Although originality.ai is showing a 1% false positive case. I have framed some fragment sentences to show the content of the syllabus for a few institutes. Therefore, Originality thinks it is ai written, which is a false allegation. I am sending an article link written by originality.ai itself for your understanding.

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