Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Noida With Placements

Noida is a hub of education and a place for career growth. One can explore various choices for further studies. If you are enthused about learning information technology and computer science, then data analytics would be a great choice. Being a data analyst, you can combine information technology, statistics, and business, and help organizations increase their efficiency and bring the best performance by discovering patterns in data. You can analyze data by learning data Analytics courses in Noida and can be a part of big business firms as an analyst.


List of best data analytics courses in Noida


What is Data Analytics?


Companies today carefully examine specific information from any campaign to get guidance on what is performing well and what isn’t. For this careful analysis of important data, companies need to be better equipped for future goals and campaigns. This evaluation of raw data is data analytics and using these raw facts and figures to develop beneficial information to acquire profitable conclusions by transforming, cleaning, and modeling facts and figures is data analysis.


Today data analysts play a crucial role in industries, drawing and maintaining their highly important data. Institutes now train students for this role in the industry. Data Analysis has both qualities of an artist and scientist. The knowledge and expertise of an experienced data analytics professional are needed to effectively analyze this important data. By registering for data analysis courses in Noida, you can develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this rapidly expanding field.


How Can Data Analysis Courses in Noida be Beneficial?


Data analysis is a rapidly expanding field. It is giving opportunities to more data analysts by recognizing the need for data analytics in their daily operations and implementing data analysis in the industry. If you are seeking motivation, the following reasons will help you to get into this field.


  1. High Demand for Data Analysts- Big sectors such as finance, consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, the government sector, and education have a high demand for data analysts. A Data analyst can look deep into details, communicate well, and can organize, these skills make them stand separate in the industry.


  1. Meeting Skill Gap and Job Opportunities- The demand for analytical professionals is constantly increasing, but there is an enormous deficit on the supply side. This occurs on a global scale and is not limited to just any region of the world. Although Big Data Analytics is a job in demand, there are still a large number of job vacancies around the world due to a lack of required skills. Those wishing to acquire the skills necessary for this fast-growing profession can learn everything they need through an online certification course.


  1. Salary Attributes – The high demand for data analytics skills drives the salaries of qualified professionals. This trending course is hiring Data analysts and promising good opportunities and wages. More and more students like to prefer this course for handsome income.


  1. Data Analysts are Becoming Top Priority For Big Firms- As big organizations are hiring analysts to manage their data, it is becoming crucial to analyze and make decisions. These courses are coming in demand for students to pursue a career. It is not important to learn only the skills to be in this industry, to be a pioneer you have to stand out, and this certification is highly needed. Data analytics courses in Noida are preferred as they provide the latest and updated syllabus along with practical experiences.


  1. Opportunity To Work In All Sectors- Sectors like Finance, Health Care, Logistics, and Retail have big requirements for Data Analysts to manage their data and find prospects. Data Analysts analyze the data and help in the campaign, that’s why they are an invaluable asset to the company. For example, in a logistics company the procurement and transfer of materials, huge data is maintained. An analyst manages this data and helps the company to understand the amount of material required and released, its pricing, and requirements.


  1. Gaining Knowledge- Data analytics courses in Noida at their best provides you to gain knowledge from industrialists who have been in the industry for years. They provide you with the best marketing tools that are widely used. You get the opportunity to work with an actual Google Analytical Account which is a tool that you work as a Data Analyst in the firm.


  1. Learning With Structural Approach- Data analysis courses in Noida provide you with a data analyst certification and makes you learn the process in a structured, organized, and logical manner. A structural approach is highly needed, this course cannot be learned through online reading and videos. That gives you only pieces of information and you don’t develop proper knowledge.


  1. The Course Doesn’t Require Any Prerequisites- The happy point about this is that it does not require any prerequisites. Anyone can learn this course as long as you are ready to invest your time and learn this course. Anyone can complete this certification course. You can be a college fresher or a working professional. These courses are world famous and in high demand.


When you are searching for data analysis courses in Noida, the options can be overwhelming. There are abundant institutes, you have to choose the best one. If you can find an online program, the offer will be unbeatable. You can learn the course from anywhere in the world, according to your time comfort.


Search for a reputable online program, read reviews, and ask for recommendations, for both course and institute. Learn about the faculty and institute’s background. Look for the syllabus and material they provide, and how familiar they are with the course. Browse the catalog and go through all the different programs they are providing.


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Institutes That Provide Data Analytics Courses in Noida Are-


1. UpGrad-


The institute was founded in 2015 when the industry was rapidly evolving and required professionals who can continuously upgrade themselves, learn new things and adjust themselves to the different working spaces. UpGrad came up with great knowledge to enhance the ability to work and upgrade the skills. It is an awarded platform with the education program 2021.


It is one of the top startups of 2020 with more than 600 employees. Data Analytics Certificate Program is a major certification under its umbrella programs. It excels you with SQL, python, and visualization skills to become an analyst. It is a good option for data analytics courses in Noida.


Highlights of The Program-

  1. It provides you with a Caltech Certificate
  2. It is designed for working professionals
  3. Tableau and AWS Certification preparation is included
  4. Live training of the course
  5. AI-powered profile builder
  6. Interview preparations
  7. Assured job opportunities
  8. 200+ hours of learning all modules
  9. No cost EMI options are provided for a fee
  10. Caltech expert-led- Masterclass
  11. 1 to 1 Mentorship
  12. 24*7 guidance and support from mentors.


It gives 70+ hours of live sessions with in-depth knowledge of the subject and encourages you to build your project.


Skills to Learn- Excel, SQL, PowerPoint, Tableau, AWS, Python, NLP, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.


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2. Simplilearn-


It is a pioneer institute that believes in addressing the needs of professionals and providing them training and coaching to meet their industry goals. It has trained more than 3 lakhs professionals. It has 2000+ qualified trainers, 400+ courses, and 40+ Global Accreditations.


Data analysis courses in Noida are in trend and one of the institutes that provides this course among courses like Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Management, Digital Marketing, and Data Science is Simplilearn. They provide 1500+ live classes each month with 85 percent placement rates. Their exclusive data analysis course is collaborated with IBM to advance your career as a Data analyst.


The endorsement of the course is by IIBA (International Institute Of Business Analysis). It also provides Capstone from 3 domains and 14+ projects that help you with Harvard Business Case Studies of Pearson and EVCard exposure.


Syllabus Covered-

  • Course 1- Certified Data Analyst Course
  • Course 2- Tableau Training
  • Course 3- Data Analysis and Visualisation by Python
  • Course 4- Mathematical Optimisation for Business problems by IBM
  • Course 6- Business Analyst Capstone
  • Course 7- Havard Business Publishing Case Studies for Business Analysis


The fees for the course are 54000. No cost EMI starts at 4500 per month




When searching for data analytics courses in Noida, EXCELR can be a good choice that comes across. EXCELR is a leading giant in training and consulting founded in the year 2014. In a short time, it has made a good name for itself. They provide online and offline training with all tools and technicalities.


They have their headquarters in the USA and are also present in the UK, Middle East, Africa, and India. They have trained 140000+ students and professionals in multi-domains, including Data Science, Project Management, ServiceNow, and Digital Marketing to name a few. They provide training in Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, AR/ VR, Cyber Security, RPA, IR 4.0, and AWS.


Why EXCELR Is A Good Option?

  • It has been designed from basic to advanced topics that freshers and professionals both can understand.
  • Participants are given recordings of live classes so that they can hear them later if they have missed their class.
  • 50+ assignments and 100+ hours of learning to understand all topics and practice them. SME team helps you to learn from your mistakes.
  • Experts help you to work on live projects
  • Students are provided a blended training model where they can learn live sessions and e-learning programs as well.
  • Post-training support is provided to all participants until they are sure to get a job.


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4. Croma Campus-


It is a leading institute for data analytics training with other major programs. It came into existence in 2010, and since it has achieved many milestones. It provides various industry programs with world-class faculty, industry, and infrastructure. It was initiated as an IT Industry in 2010 when started.


In 2013 it established itself as an education provider. From 2014 to 2017, it helped aspirants to achieve their goals. From 2018 to 2020 it came to online teaching with classroom lectures. From 2021, till now and further, its mission is to educate IT, professionals.


  • It has 100+ employees
  • 350+ trainers
  • 100 trained students
  • 200+ Professionals trained in Data Analytics course
  • 3+ Batches every month
  • 100+ corporate served
  • 20+ countries they are training in.


Course Details-

  • 32 hours of sessions
  • 2 Live Projects
  • live and online training


The objective of The Course-

This by Croma Campus helps aspirants with different complicated procedures. It emphasizes various points of training-

  • Helps in developing an in-depth knowledge of key technologies related to Data Analytics.
  • Helping in resolving practical problems of data analytics
  • Gaining experience with industry tools and technicalities
  • Using Data mining tools to handle new procedures
  • Using the latest technologies for analyzing Big Data.




NET Experts Educational Services supports APTECH institute for professional courses. It is serving the educational industry for the past 13 years. With the methodology of “Learning By Doing”, they work on 3 key aspects-


  • Technical Knowledge
  • Presentation of knowledge
  • Interview Opportunities


They Provide

  • Industry Guest Lectures that help participants with a complete overview of the Domain and give opportunities.
  • Provide a Workshop of 2 to 3 days to develop an interest in technology
  • 4 to 6 weeks internship gives participants skills to handhold on domain
  • After Internship students participate in Live Projects for expertise
  • Core Domain Placement helps in showing their skills.


Contents of The Course-

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data Mining –Various Techniques and relevant cases
  • Hadoop and its ecosystem for Big Data
  • Text Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Networking Analysis
  • Case studies
  • Data Visualization by using Tableau


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(The International Institute Of Information Technology Bangalore), established in 1998, is a Non-Profit organization jointly supported by The Government of Karnataka and The IT Industry. Ministry Of Government resources Development in National Institutional Framework ranked IITB 76th in Engineering Category. Start your journey with the IIITB online program developed by NASSCOM and the government of India.


Course Benefits-

  • It includes Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data, and Natural Language Processing
  • 14+ Programming Languages & Tools
  • Opportunities to connect with alumni from all over the world.
  • It is designed for working Professionals
  • Regular tests are conducted by domain experts to access and evaluate industry readiness.
  • 360-degree career assistance from mock interviews with hiring managers, resume building, and LinkedIn profile review via AI-powered inputs are provided to students.
  • 400+ hours of Training
  • 60+ Industry Projects
  • 57 Learning Sessions
  • 20+ Expert Coaching Sessions
  • Separate Career Mentorship
  • 14+Programming Tools and Languages



  • Data Tool Kit
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence/Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering


FAQs About Data Analysis Courses in Noida


1. What should we look for before joining data analytics courses in Noida?

It is very important to understand a few factors before joining the course-

About The Course– This course is designed for both students and professionals. It gives you a good career. You should have an interest in computers and information technology as it revolves around algorithms. It gives you a good opportunity to be in the industry and manage data and derive future expectations.

Course Fees- The fees vary depending upon the institute and modules of the course. You should select this course according to what you are expecting from it. The fees of the institute do not define the quality of the institute. You can learn data analytics courses in Noida with a reasonable fee structure. The fee structure varies with the type, of course, you wish to pursue, certification course, or diploma course.

Prerequisites Are Needed For The Course

Students with a computer science background with a diploma or engineering degree especially apply for these data analytics courses in Noida to flourish in their careers in Data Analytics. Understanding of the course depends upon the basic knowledge of your subject.

Reviews For the Data Analytics Courses in Noida

If you visit the campus or visit the website of the institute, they provide you with thoughts that match the course. But to know the actual reviews you should consult with the alumni through Linkedin

Demo Classes– Before enrolling in any data analytics courses in Noida, just go through the list of institutes, verify the institute, go through the course details and attend some demo classes at least once.


2. What exactly does a data analyst do?

A Data Analyst inspects data to find meaningful insights into an organization’s customers and potential uses to derive information in problem-solving. Data analysis is a method of analyzing sets of data and conclusions based on information provided with the use of the software. Data analysis requires examining and performing statistical analysis on a large amount of data. The job of a data analyst is to figure out how to provide data and answer the questions and resolve them. in computer science and in information science, certification courses, and diploma courses help students to choose data analytics as a career.


3. What are the types of data analyst jobs?

A data analyst collects raw data, cleans them, draws conclusions from them, and reveals patterns and perspectives in the market. They identify similarities, trends, and patterns in the data and determine the potential product development opportunities. Thus a data analyst produces documents on their observation and communicates to stakeholders. Data analytics courses in Noida bring out the best within you and you can learn the finest techniques as a data analyst. They prepare you for the following types of jobs as a Data Analyst.

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Statistician
  • Business data analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Administrator


4. What are the factors on which a data analyst job depends?

Data analytics courses in Noida give you all knowledge to be known for this job. They inform you of how the work culture is and what your responsibilities are. Some main features of a data analyst are-

  • Traveling– Those who are data analyst has to travel to other cities or countries to their sister companies or subsidiaries to share and guide knowledge regarding data control, and oversight.
  • Shifts Duty– Being a data analyst is not easy as they are handling crucial statistics of the company. They are required all the time to be alert and available. Sometimes extra work and deadlines are to be met.
  • Nature of Job– Online presence of a company requires an in-house data analyst with a traditional work approach. Data analyst here works on and off-shift, or part-time.
  • Workplace– A data analyst works independently or works with a team. According to the need, they can set up an office. They have to travel to other sister companies for consulting. So it is not a full-time sitting job.
  • Geographical Presence– The job of an analyst is with big firms to handle big data. These firms are located in high-tech cities. If India it can be IT hubs like Bangalore, Hyderabad, or New Delhi. Right now there are no possibilities for jobs in rural areas. Though data analysts work from home these days on-site locations require you to be in the urban sector.
  • Time Pressure- The work is tiring and always in pressure job. A data analyst has to face time pressure as they have critical job. They have to adjust working hours and should be ready to work under pressure.




When you go for data analytics courses in Noida, the syllabus is well defined and informs you to understand what  Data Analytics is and how to develop your future under this course.  You can gain knowledge that Data Analyst mines the data sets and transform the crisis in the market, help in marketing, do cybersecurity, and national intelligence, and helps the entertainment industry. A Data analyst uses his knowledge in a sophisticated manner and goes beyond classical indexing and keyword counting to develop systematic interpretations. So you should aim for the best institute among data analytics courses in Noida and bud your career. This post makes your work easy and brings to you the most appealing and highly praised courses. You should opt for any of the above-listed institutes to give a boost to your career and make your dream come true.

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