6 Best Data Analytics Courses in New Zealand

With data analytics establishments, organizations can make their work more efficient. Data analytics work on available information and bring out the meaning of the datasets. The hidden information is turned into valuable and meaningful information. This discipline works on creating user-centric data. This article will discuss the various options available for data analytics courses in New Zealand. Keep on reading.


List of best data analytics courses in New Zealand


Data Analytics is the discipline that makes any available features carrying information clear and feasible. Thus, in return making the information easily available to the client. The raw information cannot be used by the user as it is. It must be converted into a user-friendly form. The discipline that works on this function is called Data Analytics.


What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics can be divided into two parts as there are two words. The first word “Data” has been taken from the Latin language ‘Datum’ which means a piece of information so we can say that these are findings given. Information is derived from data and made into a user-friendly form.

The information which is available in technical form is changed into a more user-centric and easy form. So that the clients using it can easily access and understand it. Analytics, on the other hand, is taken from the Ancient Greek language. Its meaning is the science of analysis which originates from the word ‘analutika’

Other meanings could also be considered. For example; the discovery, and interpretation of meaningful patterns of information. If we consider both words together, we can say that it is providing findings by giving meaning to the available data. The computers work for various activities with these recorded data and provide meaningful information.

These findings are the base of many conclusions. The technical signals cannot be understood by everyone but professionals help to figure out the information. The information helps the business houses and parties grow.


Data Analytics Types:

  • Predictive Data Analytics: Predictive data analytics deals with making forecasts for future endeavors by taking into view available information in combination with stats and machine instruction. This information helps to figure out the possibility and risks which could be faced in the future.
  • Prescriptive Data Analytics: This type defines the course of action to go around with. All facts are considered and then further actions are decided. This tool is very helpful. It is data initiated.
  • Diagnostic Data Analytics: Diagnostic analytics is mainly used to chalk out why something happens. There is various approach to do this.
  • Descriptive data analytics: Descriptive data analytics work on the present and past data to identify tendencies and relations. It is a simple form of data analysis because it works on tendencies and relations but does not dive too much down.


Role of Data Analytics

Data Analytics work together with technology, stats, and business. With all these fields, the establishments grow, organizations develop, and later become successful. All this increases the performance level and work is done more efficiently.


Scope of Data Analytics

With the help of Data Analytics, various governmental and non-governmental organizations get hands-on data and later benefit from it once the interpretation is done. They can take such decisions which help the business to grow and develop. It is very good for business.


Possibilities in the field of Data Analytics:

It is a very sought-after career these days. Nice salaries are offered, and many advantages are available for data analyst professionals. There are many possibilities for the freshers too. Presently there are fewer professionals and a high need for such people.


Importance of Data Analytics:

The importance of data analytics is to figure out and list down the data so that organizations can chalk out and evaluate the outcomes, figure out, and draw conclusions so they can get insights and get answers on the data and draw information to make decisions. This data has information about clients.

Data analytics is important because it helps businesses grow and optimize their performances. Introducing it into the business and organizations means companies can help reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business and by storing large amounts of data.

The various profiles available in this field are Data scientist, Statistician, Business intelligence analyst, Data analyst, Information security analyst, etc.


The Demand for Data Analytics Courses in New Zealand:

There are various online and offline institutes offering Data Analytics courses in New Zealand and other cities too. From the below-mentioned course options, one can choose any course as per their requirement. This is one of the most in-demand job profiles these days.

The need for data analyst professionals has created a demand for more job professionals. Various organizations talk about the less availability of people with this course background. People are opting for more courses. After completing this course, they gain the required skill and on the other hand industry needs are also met.


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In This Article, We Are Going to Discuss Various Options Available for Data Analytics Courses in New Zealand


Rank# 1. Data Analysis Courses in New Zealand

1. Simplilearn

One of the options available for data analytics courses in New Zealand is Simplilearn, an IBM-affiliated data analysis course. Here the instructions are provided by experts. Learners can enroll in their courses and learn about data analytics. The various methods and use of tools, use of statistics, and base operation are taught.

  • Along with python and R, various data analytics techniques and tools will also be covered.
  • The course duration is 1 year.
  • Certification is provided at the end of the course.
  • This is a lifetime opportunity.
  • They are one of the world’s biggest technology firms.


Different Tools Covered in This Course Are as follows:

  • Microsoft Excel,
  • NumPy SciPy,
  • Power I, Python
  • Tableau
  • MySQL Programming


Course Features:

  • Programs are designed in a way to groom the skills of the learners. The aspirants become ready for their professional spaces.
  • The curriculum is accordingly designed with the practical work addition.
  • Industry-related projects are given.
  • Instruction from industry experts is provided.
  • Students are provided with24*7 assistance.
  • Any course confusion is solved.


Topics Covered:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Excel and Business Analytics 
  • Basics Programming 
  • Data Analytics with Python
  • Training of Tableau
  • Capstone Data Analyst
  • Power BI
  • Programming Refresher
  • R Programming for Data Science
  • Data Science with R Programming
  • SQL Training
  • Industry Master Class – Data Analytics


The various data analytics tools Covered are – NumPy, SciPy, Excel, Pandas, Power BI, Python R Programming, tableau, and MySQL.

The fee for the course is: $1390


Contact: +61 2 8310 5552

You can opt for this lifetime opportunity for data analytics Courses in New Zealand.


Rank# 2. Data Analysis Courses in New Zealand

2. The University of Waikato

The university offers a course in data analytics thus helping the learners to groom their skills and help make more precise outcomes. The course incorporates Computer Science and Statistics. With these acquired skills, the learners can bring the information out of the data largely available.

This helps professionals able to make decisions based on information in a world where so much information is present around. Data Analytics is the study that makes the learner able to learn and groom skills and ways to make the data user-friendly and easily available for the user.

Once the learner is done with the course can easily use their skills in various industries. It adds to the company’s performance. The computing facilities are one of the best at the University of Waikato. The senior computing laboratory has a network of PCs running Linux and Windows. 

All students have 24-hour access to labs equipped with the latest versions of specialist statistical software packages, including Minitab, R, Mathematica, MATLAB, C++, etc. The various disciplines offered under data analytics are Bachelor of climate change, Bachelor of Science, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, etc.

Learners will have many career opportunities like- Medical Statistician, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Biometrics, Government Statistician, Industrial Statistician, Insurance and Finance, etc. Scholarships and Prizes (selected) are also offered to Data Analytics students. The course duration is one year.

The Course Fee is NZD 33,090. This university is providing various courses. The university has seven divisions. They are providing a range of courses in various disciplines. Thus, making the learners skilled for their future aspirations. All in all, they are offering more than 135 topics including biotechnology, applied linguistics, data analytics, anthropology, etc.

They also offer student exchange programs. They associate with various businesses houses and organizations. After the course is finished, the learner can help the company take decisions and help avoid any future problems. This university is the greatest computing institute. The resources are available to students 24*7.


Contact Details:

Phone: 0800924528or+6478384625
Email[email protected]


Other Courses in New Zealand:


Rank# 3. Data Analysis Courses in New Zealand

3. Manakau Institute of Technology

Another option for data analytics courses in New Zealand is the Manukau Institute of Technology. In Auckland, New Zealand, this is the largest technical college. This university offers various courses in disciplines like technical, vocational, and professional.

The data analytics course is also available part-time. This course can be completed for a maximum of 5 years if you opt part-time course. Qualification for the course is Master of Applied Technologies (Level 9). The domestic fee for the course is $7,100 (approx.) per year.

The fee for international students is NZD$25,800 (approx.) The course helps the learner to become equipped with the ongoing trend so that they can help the company take decisions and in turn, it helps in the growth of the company. It helps them to evaluate their past actions and become conscious of upcoming decisions.


Highlights of the Programme:

  • Professionals are needed to keep up with the continuously growing IT industry. Designed in synchronization with experts from the industry, the course provides insight into the use of various tools which will help the learner solve future problems.
  • Industry experts help you to groom your knowledge.
  • This is a better way to earn after learning.
  • The working class has an option for a part-time course. Both study and job can go hand in hand. 
  • Fresh learners can go for a full-time course.
  • Learners can opt for a special line e.g., Data Analytics, Cyber security.


Key Features of the course:

  • With communication and administration, the course in Data Analytics provides students with a base in technology, analytical and conceptual principles.
  • The various topics covered are Data Analytics and Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Management of ICT, Business Statistics for Decision Modelling, Advanced Data Analytics, etc.
  • Once equipped with the knowledge, the professionals become skilled enough to help companies, businesses, and organizations grow. They can use their full potential to help companies grow.
  • The learner is more able to resolve various issues in the front and back end. They can work on technologies and operations more properly. 
  • Learners will be able to complete an authentic project at the end of this course that will allow them to put their skills to use in the industry.


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Rank# 4. Data Analysis Courses in New Zealand

4. KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut is one of the other good options available for online data analytics courses in New Zealand. They provide training through Bootcamp. Training and skillsets are provided to learners. With thorough instruction and career support, Data Analytics Bootcamp is designed to take learners from totally new learners having groomed skills and profession that helps them to earn well.

In this course, the learners will learn the necessary theoretical skills and use of various tools like SQL, etc to master their learning to be used further. These skills are useful in recognizing, interpreting, and gathering the information required for a smooth business running.

The experts instruct and help the learners find their skillset. Learners become equipped with various data analytics topics and sub-topics. The Data Analyst Bootcamp help learner builds their portfolio with the assignments provided to them.

Once the employer is aware of the writer’s plus points, they hire them for various projects. After the course is finished, job assistance is also provided. Certification is also provided at the end of the course by KnowledgeHut. The course fee is USD 2799.


Course Features:

  • In this course, 115 Live Sessions are provided which are led by an instructor.
  • The learning is Self-Paced and Online Learning for 171 Hours is one of the key features.
  • Learners are given hands-on 20 Capstone Projects to show their skills.
  • Training includes Over 100 Hands-On Exercises to groom the skill set.
  • 20+ Auto-graded Assignments are also provided.
  • Learners are provided with a Program to Launch their Data Analysis Career.


Course Components:

  • Data Analysis with Excel
  • Version Control using Git and GitHub
  • Maths and Stats Foundations
  • Data Analysis using SQL
  • Python for Data Analytics
  • Advanced-Data Analysis with Python
  • Data Visualization using Tableau


Which Skills Will be Learnt:

  • Using Inferential Statistics
  • Identifying interesting trends
  • Building dashboards using Tableau
  • Transforming datasets using Pandas
  • Building visualizations with Seaborn
  • Using SQL queries for data extraction


Contact No: +64-36694791


Rank# 5. Data Analysis Courses in New Zealand

5. ExceLR

They have designed a data analytics course that could be beneficial for both freshers and professionals from the IT field. In a collaboration with IBM ExceLR has designed a training course that is of very high quality. This course can provide a whole plethora of opportunities to the aspirants.

The learner can design a beautiful career with so many opportunities. The learner will get certified with the accomplishment of the Data Analytics courses in New Zealand. The various topics covered in this course are- Tableau, Basics of R & Python, Excel, Advanced Excel, Power BI, and SQL.

With the theory lessons, some practical tasks are also given and projects are also done to make learners put the learning to use. The course fee is $750.


Data Analytics Courses in New Zealand Features-

  • Instruction is provided by the industry experts
  • More than 60 case studies are given to make learner equipped with the practical work
  • Hands-on projects are done
  • Placement support is provided to the learners
  • Various business organizations and companies more than 350 are in the network of the institute 
  • A jumbo pass is provided for unrestricted online and live sessions for one year
  • If you opt for Steinbeis Certification it will cost an extra fee


Course Components:

  • Basics Of R
  • Business Statistics
  • Advance Excel
  • Basics Of Python
  • MySQL
  • Power BI 
  • Tableau 


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Rank# 6. Data Analysis Courses in New Zealand

6. Learnbay:

This is one of the options available for data analytics courses in New Zealand. It has successfully transitioned almost 10 thousand careers. New learners and people in the same profession can opt for this course. The expected salary package starts from 14-22 LPA. Career support is provided to all students.

  • Assured placements from top recruiters will also be expected from them.
  • A completion certificate is provided. This certificate is provided by IBM.
  • Programming and mathematics are taught.


Course sessions are covered practically with real-time industrial projects and case studies. The course highlights are – Live sessions of 180+ hours provided sessions, Industrial Projects which are real line also given, Lifetime accessibility to LMS, and Live project experience is also provided.

There are various offers to help students financially and help them maintain their budget. It makes the course economically and easily available for the masses. EMI options are also available. The fee is 65,000 +GST. Students get hold of the latest tools, real-world experience, and, 5+ projects.

Interactive, weekend and weekday classes are available, doubt clearance sessions are provided, and Project-based learning is provided. 24*7 learner support is provided. The various tools covered in this course are Python, jupyter, Excel, and SQL.


FAQs About Data Analytics Courses in New Zealand:


Q1. What eligibility is required for the data analyst courses in New Zealand?

The aspirant should be acquainted with maths and computing. They Should be able to analyze and evaluate available data. Should be able to solve problems. Should be able to put the findings to use. Focus and continuous activity are needed for successful course completion.


Q2. Which is the best option available for data analytics courses in New Zealand?

There are various online and offline options available and the learner can opt accordingly. Thus, they can groom their skillset for better professional opportunities. The course needs more practice. The more you practice, the better you can use the knowledge acquired. This course is a bit difficult. But once you can practice it more you would not find it very difficult. But yes, there are many options.


Q3. What are the areas where a data analyst can work? 

A Data Analyst can help a business decide on future endeavors and help correct past decisions and learn from them. Various issues like sales and technical aspects are taken care of with the help of these professionals.


Q4. What are the tools learned in data analytics courses in New Zealand?

 The various tools learned are – Power BI, Excel, Tableau, Apache Spark, Hadoop, etc. Some tools are available for free. While others have to be bought. The use of various software and languages is also taught to make the learner more equipped.


Q5. What does a data analyst do?

Analyzing data using statistical techniques and providing reports. They synthesize the data. Acquiring data from primary and secondary sources and maintaining data systems, Identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets.



As mentioned in this Article, various options are available for Data Analytics courses in New Zealand. One can choose any course according to their need. This is a much-in-demand career option these days. The need for professional data analysts has created a demand for more aspirants. Various companies look for these professionals but the availability of people with this course background is less. People are opting for this career. After finishing this course, learners get equipped with the skill set, and on the other hand industry requirements are also met. 

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