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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Nauru With Placements

Data Analytics transform raw data into applicable data. Due to the advancement of technology, data is considered a precious resource. Data Analytics creates business processes, helps decision-making, and promotes business development. Nowadays, professionals with data analytics skills are in great demand. If you aim to work as a data analyst, there is a list of data analytics courses in Nauru.




Let’s start exploring data analytics courses in Nauru.


Where is Nauru located?

Nauru is a tiny island located near the  South Pacific Ocean In Oceania. The main source of income is phosphate mining. Nauru is an industrial city that requires many data analytics professionals.


What Is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a process in which data is collected and organized to obtain helpful information from the received data. Analytics helps us retrieve in-depth data to make conclusions from the data. It improves the business to make wise decisions.



Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Nauru With Placements



IIM Skills an esteemed institution offers top-notch online data analytics courses in Nauru to students who desire to excel in their career growth and earn a high income. The faculties in IIM SKILLS are well-trained and experienced in their respective areas. The course curriculum is well-designed and timely updated as per the trending technology.

The younger generation of Nauru is interested in information technology. The students are interested in enrolling in data analytics courses in Nauru.

IIM SKILLS provides online Data analytics courses in Nauru. Do you wish to build a promising career and earn a high-income career? Then enrol yourselves in online Data analytics courses in Nauru.

Contact Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 904.47 Australian Dollars + Taxes

Course Curriculum:




Module 1: Basic and Advanced Excel

●      Introduction to data handling

●      Data Manipulation and Using Functions

●      Data Analysis and Reporting

●      Data Visualization in Excel

●      Overview of Dashboards






Module 2: Visual Basic Applications

●      Introducing VBA

●      How VBA works with Excel

●      Key Components of Programming Language

●      Programming constructs in VBA

●      Functions and Procedures in VBA

●      Objects and Memory Management

●      Error Handling

●      Controlling Error Accessibility of Code

●      Communicating with Users


Module 3: SQL●      Basic RDBMS Concept

●      Utilizing the Object Explorer

●      Data-Based Objects Creation

●      (DDL Commands)

●      Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

●      Access Data from Multiple Tables Using


●      Optimizing your Work



Module 3.1 SQL Server Reporting Services●      Basics of SSRS

●      Creating Parameters

●      Understanding Visualization

●      Creating Visualization using SSRS

Module 3.2 SQL Server Integration Services●      Understanding of SSIS

●      Understanding Packages

●      Creating Packages to Integrate

●      Creating a Project using SSIS

Module 4: Power BI●      Introduction

●      Data Preparation and Modelling

●      Data Analysis and Expressions(DAX)

●      Reports Developments (Visuals in Power BI)









Module 5: Data Analytics using Python

●      Introduction to Basic Statistics

●      Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

●      Introduction to Data Analysis and Science

●      Python Essentials (Core)

●      Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)

●      Overview of Pandas

●      Cleansing Data with Python

●      Data Analysis using Python

●      Data Visualization with Python

●      Statistical Methods and Hypothetical Testing



Module 6: Tableau

●      Getting Started

●      Data Handling and Summaries

●      Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)




Module 7: R for Data Science

●      Data Importing/Exporting

●      Data Manipulation

●      Data Analysis

●      Using R with databases

●      Data Visualization  with R

●      Introduction to Statistics

●      Linear Regression: Solving Regression     Problems.








Module 8: Alteryx

●      Overview of the Alteryx Course and      Fundamental Concepts

●       Use the Select Tool to Rename Fileds,   change the data type

●       Understanding the User Environment       and Alteryx Settings

●         Filtering Data/Data Processing

●         Blending/Joining Data from Science

●         Data Cleansing

●         Input Values

●         Random Samples


List of Tools for Data Analytics Course from IIM SKILLS

  • R
  • Tableau
  • Python
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Alteryx
  • Power BI

Eligibility to Enroll in Data Analytics Course

Working Professionals and degree holders who want to enjoy a bright career and high-earning potential, Students can enroll in Data Analytics courses. Non-IT students wishing to shift careers can enrol in Data Analytics Courses.

Best Reasons to Enroll in IIM SKILLS For Data Analytics Courses

  1. Trained faculties
  2. Renowned Institute
  3. Guidance is provided on all 365 days.
  4. 100% support and guidance in career-building
  5. Job placements
  6. Lifetime access to their learning materials
  7. Live recordings of the session can be revised using LMS.
  8. WhatsApp group for each batch

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


Contact no: +919580740740

E-Mail ID [email protected]

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2. The Knowledge Academy 

The Knowledge Academy is a remarkable training academy offering online data analytics courses in Nauru. The Students can experience live, interactive learning from the comfort of home. It provides a comprehensive learning journey to the student without compromising the quality of education.

Why to Choose The Knowledge Academy:

Their price is affordable in the industry. Depending on the student’s learning styles their modules are delivered flexibly. They have high-quality resources that include extensive learning experiences.

Course Syllabus

Module 1 Overview of Data Analysis

  1. Introduction to Data Analysis
  2. Data Analytics Lifecycle
  3. Types of Data Analysis
  4. Data Analysis Characteristics
  5. Applications of Data Analysis

Module 2 Business Intelligence and Analytics

  1. Business Intelligence
  2. BI Lifecycle
  3. BI Intelligence and analytics

Module 3 R Programming language

  1. R programming language
  2. Data Types
  3. Simple Operations
  4. Executing Commands
  5. Vectors
  6. List
  7. Matrix

Module 4 Importing Data

  1. What is importing Data
  2. Process of importing Data in R

Module 5 Machine learning

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  2. Machine Learning Process
  3. Important Machine Learning Tools for R
  4. Regression Analysis
  5. Linear Regression
  6. Logistic Regression
  7. Decision Tree.

Telephone No: 01344203999

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3. Simplilearn 

Simplilearn offers a Data Analyst Program in alliance with IBM, which will reshape you into a data analytics expert. The course is equipped with analytics, tools, and techniques, working in SQL, proficiency in R and Python, creating data visualization, applying statistics, and predictive analysis in a business environment.

Key Features of Simplilearn:

  1. Assist the students to be placed in top companies
  2. Recognized Data Analyst Master’s Certificate
  3. Live sessions from the experts
  4. Certificates from IBM
  5. Lifetime access to the contents
  6. AMA sessions with IBM leadership

Contact:+1-844-532-7688 for more details


4. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a centre of excellence in providing data analytics courses. They assure job placement, real-world projects, and dedicated career services like resume development, career counselling, etc.

The course is designed to develop the skills to build a foundation in programming. They have special coding skills sessions for those with no programming knowledge.

Topics Covered To Develop Programming Knowledge:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Variables and Arithmetic Expressions
  • Functions
  • Data types
  • Conditions and Conditional Statements
  • Lists
  • OOPS

Core Track Program

  • Principles of Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Python Programming
  • Excel
  • Basics of Excel
  • SQL
  • Advanced SQL
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Data Visualisation with Tableau and Power BI


6 Months of Live Online Training

Classroom Training

300 Learning Hours

Fees 1,98,000 [Inclusive of all taxes] #  3 Instalments available.or EMI options available.


5. Great Learning

Great Learning offers a comprehensive curriculum in Data Science and Business Analytics. They offer industry-valued skills with modules on Generative AI and prompt Engineering. They promise dedicated career support.

Course Duration 12 months Online

Dual Certificate from Texas McCombs and Great Learning.

Course Curriculum Covered:

  • Python
  • Tableau
  • SQL
  • ChatGPT
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Modelling

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6. Charles Darwin University -Australia 

Charles Darwin University a top-notch institute offers Post Graduate coursework in Master of Data Science. It has  2-year programs with full-time and 4-year part-time courses for the students.

The students enrolled in the Master of Data Science will enhance the technical and analytical skills required to manage and interpret useful insights from large data sets. The course comprises project-based assessments to help concentrate on in-depth knowledge of programming.

Course Duration:

2 years/full-time

4 years/part-time


CDU Sydney, Casuarina Campus, Online

Contact Details:

Telephone no: 1800 061 963


7. The University of Queensland 

The University of Queensland offers a data science program in Australia, incorporating high-level analytical and technical skills with industry-based knowledge and significant professional attributes. It provides interdisciplinary education with direct industry contact and practical experience in data science.

The topics covered are advanced computing, statistics, mathematics, and the elective group from business, finance, health, or science. The students will learn how to make informed decisions in data-intensive environments.

The learners will be trained in data tools and technologies and develop significant knowledge about the ethical use of data, legal considerations, communication, and more. At the end of the program, students will complete projects based on their industry.

Course Details For Their Data Analytics Courses in Nauru:

Duration of the Course:

1.5 years full time

2 year full-time

Contact +61 733469872


8. The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne in Australia is one of the renowned research universities. The university is the pioneer for excellence in arts, science, and many professional disciplines including Data analytics Students enrolled will be trained in applied data analytics to meet the key insights and measure the implications of data analytics, use data to make business decisions, and interact with the clients regarding the analytical findings.

Course Duration: 1-year Part-time

Mode of study: Online

Fees: A$ 18,736.00

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9. OdinSchool 

Odinschool provides interactive lessons with projects, project-based learning, and mock interviews for their students. It is a certified member of NASSCOM, HYSEA, and SHRM. They offer 115+ LIve sessions, more than 500 Self-paced Learning resources, and hands-on practice.

Also, they have a dedicated job application portal.

The Topics covered under data analytics courses in Nauru are SQL Basics, Python, Power BI, Machine learning, Statistics, R, and PySpark.

Call to: +91 9355011033

Email id: [email protected]


10. SkillUp 

SkillUp is a dedicated online trainer in Data Analytics Courses. The students enrolled can enhance their knowledge from foundational to advanced level. The students are well trained by the eminent faculties.

The Course Curriculum Covered Under Data Analytics Courses in Nauru 

Statistics, Predictive Modelling, Python Programming, Machine learning, Data Analysis, Data visualization, Database Fundamentals, SQL, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Splunk of Data Analysis, and storytelling with Data.


What Is A Data Analysis Tool?

Data analysis is a software tool used to collect and evaluate the data. The analyst examines the data on its customers and figures out the competition to improve the techniques to make conclusions.

Popular Data Analytics tools are:


MonkeyLearn is a learning platform that provides no-code machine learning analysis tools to study the data using foundational learning or create tailor-made analysis models in a point-and-click interface.


RapidMiner is a platform for data science tools that helps organizations assemble machine learning models from the data. Its goal is to handle the confronting duties with an enormous quantity of data that requires a scientific background.


Knime is a free open-source platform for data science workflows. The platform has a friendly interface like drag and drop to import data from various sources to construct advanced machine learning solutions and create data. It is easy for non-programmers to work in Knime.


Talend provides a collection of cloud apps for data integration. Businesses can collect all the data in a single platform so that the concerned group can access the information when required.

The Talend platform has a sequence of built-in machine-learning components that users can evaluate data without coding. It has a classification, clustering, recommendation, and regression algorithms


Excel is used for filtering, organizing, and visualizing the data. It is a perfect tool to perform simple data analysis. There are a wide range of formulas,

Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet is used to filter, organize, and visualize quantitative data, making it the perfect tool for performing simple data analysis. You can use a wide range of formulas, and filters, and create pivot tables, charts, and graphs, to synthesize the data you’ve gathered.

But there’s a limit to the amount of data that Excel can handle, so you may need more powerful tools if you’d like to analyze data at scale.

You can explore common functions and formulas for data analysis in Excel.


AirTable is a well-designed tool, a combination of spreadsheet and database. It furnishes data analysis and data visualization functions like other spreadsheets.

It has a powerful database on the backend. With the help of the “View”  menu, anyone can easily connect with the database to operate, pursue, and find data. Developers can link with Airtable with other apps across an API.

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool. Power BI is crucial in the data analysis process. Power BI has made the business to perceive trends, patterns, and insights through considerable data.


Tableau is a powerful tool for analytics and data visualization. It helps to connect data and create reports with dashboards that update in real-time. Tableau is user-friendly, with a substantial amount of data. It runs on-site or in the cloud.


ClicData is an end-to-end business intelligence platform. It has data connectivity, data transformation, automation, and visualization processes. It is 100% cloud-based and works on all operating systems and devices.

clicData is suitable for mid-sized and enterprise companies.


Free and open-source programming languages are a great choice for building data analysis tools. R is used for data analysis, statistical computing, and data visualization. Researchers and academics used this tool initially. Currently, business people also use this tool for their study. Learning R is easy. It does not require a coding background.


Python is the most desired language today. It’s best for machine learning language. It is very flexible, and authorized to generate solutions. It is undemanding to learn and write.


Qlik offers tools with a broad technical background. Even users who are technically educated can utilize this tool as it is based on a cloud platform. It processes the data rapidly. It offers results and insights easy to understand.

SAS Business Intelligence.

It focuses on visualizations. It is easily understood and shared across the companies to implement change that streamlines the process and provides customer satisfaction.

SAS BI helps to answer the specific questions. For example, “Where do my customers come from”? Or Where do the most accidents happen?


LOOKER incorporating the existing tools introduces new highly focussed data that show previous data to teams. They can make more informed decisions. Customizable programs and applications certify that models are designed exclusively for individual clients. Healthcare and retail industries use the predesigned embedded analytics model.

SQL Programming Language

Standard Query Language (SQL) is the standard language to communicate with databases and is particularly useful to handle structured data. It is used to search, add, update, and delete the data. It provides powerful results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in Data Analytics Courses in Nauru?

Professionals willing to join the Data Analytics Courses in Nauru should have basic mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Q. Do data Analyst jobs provide a bright career?

The demand for Data Analysts is increasing vigorously across many industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Q. What are the areas I need to qualify as a Data Analyst?

A degree in Mathematics, Statistics, computer science, and Engineering also you should excel in strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, SQL, Excel, Tableau, and SAS is sufficient.



After completing the course in Data Analytics, students’ opportunities include working as Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Marketing analytics managers, Financial Analysts, Quantitative Analysts, Risk Analysts, and so on.

Careers in data analytics are facing tremendous growth. The U.S., Bureau of Labor Statistics reviewed Data science and analytics to be in the top 20 fastest-growing positions. They even appraise an increase in demand of over 30% over the next 10 years.









































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