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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Ecuador With Placements

“In a world full of data readers, be the data analytical.’’ Never heard this quote, right? But, you will soon. As the world is growing and data piling up, it will require a superhero who can compile the data and provide data-driven insights. Do you want to be that superhero for Ecuador? Ecuador, a country contributing 59% of its service sector to its overall GDP, has a high demand for data analytics jobs. The best part is it is skilled-based work and anyone can learn it regardless of their educational background. This article will be the full guide to pursuing data analytics courses in Ecuador.




Various Jobs in Data Analytics in Ecuador:

Let’s start with a story, NOKIA, a brand we all are familiar with, was the most successful brand of 1990 and till 1998 it has gained massive success in the telecommunication industry. Despite being on top, why has the sales of Nokia decreased? Where does the craze fail? It failed because it refused to change with the changing world.

That’s when companies like IOS Android furnished as they understood the demands of changing times. In this technology-driven era everyone is fearing AI as it is predicted that it will replace many jobs, So why fear, as we know AI is our future so why not learn the skills that AI cannot replace, like data analytics? AI needs a data analyst, you will provide an efficient and accurate model for it.

Secondly, data analysts are needed in every sector as every sector works on some data. They are required in many public and private sectors and fields such as information technology, insurance, retail and wholesale, management and consulting, and many more need data analysts. High positions with great salaries such as senior quality analyst, actuarial analyst, and support analyst will be in your hands.

Many companies also provide work-from-home for data analyst positions. After the benefits of the job let’s come back to the reality that we have to learn this skill to avail these benefits. There is a list of the top 3 data analytics courses in Ecuador with all the information about them. Pick the best for you and level up in your life.

Must check out here the best:


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Ecuador With Placements



IIM SKILLS, ranked 1 by analytics times, times now, is the statesman for data analytics courses. It provides an online course of six months to make you market market-ready data analyst. In these six months, they will master the skill and will also offer hands-on live projects which will make you more efficient in tackling any professional queries ahead.

The data analytics course is divided into 8 modules which will help you go from a complete beginner to a pro at data analytics. They also provide you with lifetime assistance, after all, life never stops teaching so we should never stop learning.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees: 598.53 USD + Taxes

IIM SKILLS Offer Advanced Training to Meet the Demand of a Highly Advanced Market and Assist With Tools Like:

  • Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • SQL
  • R
  • Alteryx

In the Data Analytics Master Course, They Provide:

  • 160 hours of live training [Recordings available]
  • 7+ live projects
  • 10+ case study
  • 3 certificate
  • 2 months internship opportunities with Accenture, TCS, PWC and Quantium
  • The course is in alignment with Google, Microsoft, MSME
  • Mock interview preparation
  • Linkedin profile building
  • Placement support
  • Lifetime accessible learning material


Other than that they provide hands-on capstone projects which will enhance your portfolio. Assignments given by them are checked by industry experts and their valuable feedback adds more to your journey. Many skills such as commercial thinking, statistical testing, presentation skills, data visualization, public speaking, etc which are requirements of today’s market are also taught.


It is the best platform to level up your skills as a student, working professional, or homemaker as it is fully online and with the best course module design and top trainers. It holds a strong record of career empowerment with 500+ Hiring partners like TCS, Oracle, Blackstone, and many more.

Other than this they also provide a 100% refund if you did not like their content in the first class, from this we can tell about the amount of trust they have in their content. They also provide an easy EMI process, if finance is your issue.

Support at every stage will be provided. You just have to learn the skill and earn the certificate. The certification they provide will be acceptable all over the world and not just in Ecuador. This will be the best choice to learn data analytics in Ecuador.


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS



Mobile: +91 9580740740

Website: Www.iimskills.com

Mail: [email protected]

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2. Google:

We have always accepted the answer given by Google, a brand we trust more than anything in this world from education to filmy gossip. Now it also answers queries about skill development. It has initiated a program ‘’GROW WITH GOOGLE’’ which provides many online certification courses to students in the comfort of their homes. The Google Data Analytics Certificate course will be helpful to visionary students who want to learn data analytics courses in Ecuador.

This Course by Google Will Help You Learn:

  • Analyze data
  • Process data
  • Preparing data
  • Data analysis with R programming


Other Benefits:

  • Certificate, which will be acceptable by every industry
  • It allows you to learn at your own pace.
  • 240+ hours of training
  • Hands-on live projects.


Google also guides you to elevate your resume and LinkedIn profile. Google also claims that ⅘ of their students got a promotion, raise within 6 months after the course. For the people who want to learn data analytics courses in Ecuador, this is another platform which can help you elevate your career and get your hands on data analytics skills.

Explore more about the in-demand:


3. Coursera:

During covid many things got famous, and Coursera is one of them. All were home, being bored and Coursera came up with something interesting and worthy courses. Coursera is accepted by the whole world as the online education hub. For the people in Ecuador, it’s a great platform to learn data analytics. It offers you many benefits and lets you learn in the comfort of your own home.

About their Data Analytics Courses in Ecuador:

It is an 8-series course and is exclusively designed for beginners. It is a 6-month course at 10 hours a week, it gives you the freedom to learn at your own pace. The certificate they provide also helps you earn degree credit which will be beneficial for you to enter your dream college in any country.

Skills Taught in Their Data Analytics Courses in Ecuador:

  • Spreadsheet
  • Data calculation
  • Data aggregation and collection
  • R markdown
  • Data cleansing


Other than these valuable skills they also review your resume and help elevate it, they also provide career support with interview preparation. The data analytics courses in Ecuador with Coursera will be a great decision. They also provide free courses but that certificate will not be provided.

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4. Great Learning:

As the name suggests “Great Learning”, is a great platform to learn any new skill from the basics. It will work as the base of your career as a data analyst. It will give you a basic idea of the industry, work roles, and opportunities. It will be helpful if you want to pursue data analytics courses in Ecuador.

Some of Their Beginner-friendly Data Analytics Courses in Ecuador You opt for:

1. Introduction to Analytics:

This module will provide you with knowledge of the basics of data analytics and will brush up your skills. You will learn important topics such as the spectrum of Analytics and Descriptive Analytics. It is divided into 8 classes and you can learn at your own pace. Despite being free, it will test you with its own designed test and then you can claim your certificate too.


2. Python for Data Analytics:

It is also a beginner-level course. As we know many skills are required to be a data analyst, and one of them is Python. It is a 3-hour class with coverage of 3 modules. This course also provides you with study materials. In this module also you can claim your certificate after the test.

In conclusion, great learning will greatly help to start your career as a data analyst. Many benefits are provided despite being free which we should utilize.


5. edX:

A new education hub, edX has been launched in the market. For some of them, it’s new and for some of them, they have heard the name but never tried them. It’s time to change thinking and give edX the chance it deserves.

It runs various courses and degree programs, Some of its courses are free too. It helps you elevate your skills and helps you figure out whether to continue on the path you decided to take.


Some of the Courses You Must Try From Edx to Get a Grip on the Subject of Data Analytics.

1. IBM Basic Data Analytics Courses in Ecuador:

The institution that will conduct this course is IBM. The level of the course is introductory and is self-paced.


In Their Data Analytics Courses in EcuadorYou Will Learn:

  • What is data analytics?
  • Different roles as a data analyst are explained.
  • Explanation of tools and process.


What Will You Gain?

  • The grip on a new skill
  • Study material for a limited time

This is not all you wanted but it will help you understand the market and let you decide whether to move forward with the data analytics courses in Ecuador.

6. YouTube:

A platform that has brought immense change in the education market, a trendsetter, and a platform that has proved the quote,” Where there is will, there is a way” right? A platform that is helping 10th-standard students, a government job seeker, an entrepreneur, a housewife, a content creator, and anyone who wants to learn something or try something new, YouTube has your back.

So, for learning data analytics in Ecuador YouTube will be the best and free platform to try. There is a list of some YouTube channels to learn data analytics from:

  • Simplilearn
  • Alex the analyst
  • Chandoo


7. Simplilearn:

Subscriber: 3.87M

Views: 232K [Data analytics course]

Simplilearn is also an online education platform and has many certification courses in it, but for now, we will be using its YouTube channel to learn data analytics. It has divided its course into 32 videos and each video will be of 1 or 2 hours maximum.

It has started the course from a very basic level and taken up to an advanced level. It has also dealt with some interview questions to make you market-ready.


Topic Covered Under Data Analytics Courses in Ecuador:

  • Process involved in data analytics
  • Tools to be used in data analytics
  • Application of data analytics
  • Case study to make you understand how data is collected, processed, and presented.

It will be a boost to your career and that is also for free. With this knowledge, you can apply for data analyst positions or it may help you to get promoted in your current work.


8. Alex the Analyst:

Subscriber: 735K

Views: 936K [Data analytics bootcamp]

This initiative was started at the request of the people and there he decided to launch a free YouTube course called “Data Analytics Boot Camp” which was a major success also when you learn from the perspective of the analyst you will tend to learn and grasp the content fast. The data analytics bootcamp on this channel is divided into 72 videos and each video is just 10 to 15 minutes long.

After the completion of the course, he will guide you on how you can earn a certificate at an affordable price.  In this course, he has traced the map for you to become a data analyst in Ecuador in 2024. After completion of the boot camp you will master data analytics, You will get everything you wanted to  be a data analyst like:

  • SQL [Covered basic intermediate and advanced level]
  • Excel [From formulas to project in Excel]
  • Tableau
  • Microsoft Power BI

What I believe is we should never miss a chance to learn from an expert in the field.


9. Chandoo:

Subscriber: 587K

Views: 1.8M [Beginner to pro data analyst course free Excel data analysis]

Chandoo, a YouTube channel made with a vision to make you the best at your work by using Power BI, Excel and data analytics. In all the above course descriptions you have seen Excel being taught in every course whether it’s paid or free. So here you will get in-depth knowledge of Excel which will help you a lot in your career as a data analyst. Excel skills that you will master from this free YouTube playlist are:

  • Beginner to advanced level excel
  • Using tables in Excel
  • Formulas of Excel
  • Charts
  • Data validation
  • Keyboard shortcuts and tricks


Learning Excel will make the whole path of becoming a data analyst in Ecuador simple. They also provide paid courses, if you enjoyed the learning process with him you can try that.

In this developing world, modernization is necessary but sometimes it happens that we cannot change our habits very fast. Some are still in favor of offline study which is also a very good option. You get exposure to the outside world, and learning with friends can never be a flop idea. So, for the old-school idea of learning there is a great place to learn data analytics in Ecuador:


10. Spoclearn

Spoclearn has developed an exact module for the data analytics courses in Ecuador. This course is all you need to be a data analyst. It is comprehensively designed to make you understand the field of data analysis. This course can be taken up by anyone in Ecuador who begins the journey as a data analyst or switches careers too.


According to the Module of Spoclearn, You Will Learn Many Skills Such as:

  • Basics of computer
  • Fundamental of math
  • Concepts of statistic
  • Excel spreadsheet knowledge
  • Fundamentals of programming
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving skills


Many Other Benefits of their Data Analytics Courses in Ecuador, Like:

  • 10+ on hands projects for every level [beginner, intermediate, advanced]
  • Combined case studies with examples
  • 100% placement assistance
  • The top 30 students will get 100% placement
  • Interview preparation class
  • Resume writing skills with many more soft skills
  • Course material


They also conduct exams not in that theoretical manner but in the form of mock tests or weekly tests which will give them an idea of the things their students lack. It is officially accepted by Google Digital Garage, and Agile Marketing Academy so the certificate they issue will be accepted everywhere and is not just bound to Ecuador.



Mobile: +1 9082937144

Mail: [email protected]

Address: 3500 South Dupont Highway

Suite Dk 101, Dover, De 19901, United States.



1.     Which is the best place to study data analytics?

According to the ratings, IIM Skills is the best platform to learn data analytics. Other than that you can also try other institutes that I have mentioned. If you need more options to choose from you can try:

  • Upgrade
  • Udacity
  • AnalytixLabs
  • LinkedIn

2.     Is a data analytics course hard to learn?

For a person new to this industry, this course will be a little bit hard to understand but once the basics are clear it will become easy to understand. Give proper time in learning the concept and you will ace it.

3.     Is a data analytics course worth it?

Tell me, will companies work without data? No, so the answer is yes it’s worth every penny. Apart from that, data analytics comes under the list of the top 10 highest-paying jobs which makes it more worthy.

4.     What will be the job opportunities as a data analyst?

The highest paying job and most respected positions such as Support analyst, SEO analyst, A.I. data analyst, and Senior quality analyst will be yours. For freshers, it is USD 7000 and for a mid-level Data Scientist  Between USD 130,000 to USD 195,000 per annum.

5.     What skills are required as a data analyst?

Basic skills like Excel, machine learning, Data visualization, Statistics, and Data cleaning are required. For some, this all will be new words but with the professional courses, it will be familiar to you also.

6.     Do we have to know coding to be a data analyst?

Yes, a data analyst has to know coding, not as deep as a computer engineer but SQL is a must as data analysts use this to communicate with databases. Other than SQL, python and R language is also used.


Everyone is growing with this changing world and to change with time is the sign of a wise person. Being flexible makes you a success story like IOS. So, now the times demand to learn new skills which will help you adapt easily to a changing environment.

Data analytics is also the type of skill that the future will demand so why not learn it and keep your earnings flowing? In this article, you found many ways in which you can learn data analytics and level up your life.

Choose your way, be it a paid course, be it unpaid, online or offline but you have to understand, that growing the world means growing data and there you come as a savior being a data analyst. You will have no fear of AI replacing your job, no fear of unemployment, just analyze the data and give the world what it wants and your existence is a success.

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