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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Antigua and Barbuda

In Today’s digital era, data analytics has a significant role in making decisions and helping businesses run effectively. Data Analysis is precisely defined by modifying raw data and transforming it into a form that is beneficial for the growth of businesses. In recent years, data science, particularly the skill of Data Analytics, has gained momentum and every firm needs analysts with this skill. As the learning trend has changed from offline to online, the best data analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda always get clicks.


Most of the courses from leading data analytics training institutes in Antigua and Barbuda run instructor-led online classes. Taking care of the demand for Data Science skills and catering businesses all around the world, The Ed-Tech Industry is on its toes to upskill people across the world in Data Analytics.

Most of the Top Data Analytics training institutes in Antigua and Barbuda are looking for freshers or professionals who are willing to learn the fundamentals of Data Science.

Data Analysis is based on the fundamentals of Mathematics, Statistics, and Economics. On Completing a Data Analysis training program you will acquire the skills mentioned below

  • Statistics and Mathematics fundamentals
  • Advanced Excel
  • Data Analysis tools
  • Data Analysis techniques
  • Programming (Python and R Language)

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Key Skills in Data Analytics

  • Data Visualization
  • Data Blending and Manipulation
  • R Programming
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis and Modeling
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Python
  • SQL

Data Analytics Different Roles.

  • Data Analytics Consultant
  • Data Visualization Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Data Engineer
  • Business Data Analyst
  • MIS Analyst
  • Statistical Analyst
  • Data Science Consultant

Based on the demand for this skill, many Ed Tech companies are launching courses for Data Analytics. If you are a professional already working or a fresher and enthusiastic about growing your career as a data analysis consultant. Take a few minutes of your schedule and go through this complete article.

This article will provide you with a list of the best data analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda providers and most of them provide classes online with a flexible schedule. Below mentioned are the tailored courses, choose among these the best suited for you.

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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Antigua and Barbuda



IIM SKILLS has created a significant impact in the Ed Tech Industry. It mostly provides all its courses and training online. Among the most demanding courses, the Data Analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda offered by IIM SKILLS are preferred by a large number of learners.

IIM SKILLS’s all courses including data analytics are instructor-led. The schedule is flexible as you can enroll in weekday or weekend batches. Based on market research done, among many reasons to keep IIM SKILLS at the first spot in the Best data analytics training institutes in Antigua and Barbuda, we will mention a few to make it easy for you to decide.


A Few Takeaways From Enrolling in the Data Analytics Course Offered by Iimskills

  • Affordable price
  • Flexible Schedule
  • One-on-one clearing sessions
  • Globally valid Certification
  • 100% online and Interactive learning
  • World Class Mentorship
  • Basic to Master Learning Method
  • Dedicated Placement Assistance

Apart from being well-versed in technical knowledge, the faculty at IIM SKILLS is very helpful and supportive. With a record of 35000+ career transitions and 350 hiring partners, IIM SKILLS makes it to the top of the list of the best data analytics courses.

This course will help you understand the application of Data Science and analytics. After finishing this course you will gain proficiency in utilizing data science and analytics tools. Join this learning journey to elevate your career in the dynamic field of Data.


Core Skills You Will Attain:

  • Data Mining
  • Data Modeling and Analysis
  • Advanced Excel usage and implementation in data analytics
  • Power BI reporting
  • Tableau
  • Data Analysis using VBA
  • Alteryx

Course Details:

ModuleSkills to master
Module 1:Basic to advanced ExcelData Handling

Data Analysis and Visualization using functions and Excel

Dashboard Overview

Module 2:Visual Basic ApplicationIntroducing VBA

VBA and Excel

Programming Components Required for Data Analytics

Memory management in VBA

Handling Errors

Access and control of your code

Communicate with your users


Module 3::Structured Query LanguageRDBMS Basics

Implementing Object Explorer

Creating Data based objects(DDL Commands)

Data manipulation

Work Optimization


Module 3.1:SSRSSSRS

SQL Server Reporting service

Visualization and SSRS


Module 3.2: SQL Service Integration ServicesSSRS

SQL Server Reporting service

Visualization and SSRS

SSIS Basics

Package creation and Integration

Project Creation using SSIS

Module 4:Power BIIntroduction to Business Intelligence

Data Preparation to Data Analysis Expression(DAX)

Report development using Power BI(Visuals)

Introduction to basic statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Foundation

Module 5:Python and Data AnalysisPython Essentials

NumPy(Numerical Python)

Operations with NumPy

Overview of Pandas

Cleansing of Data using Python

Data Analysis using Python.

Statistical Method and Hypothesis Testing



Module 6: TableauBasics of Tableau

Visuals in Tableau

Reports development

Data Import/Export

Data Manipulation


Module 7:R Language and Data ScienceR and Data Analysis

R and Databases

Data Visualization and R

Linear Regression

Regression Problem solving


Module 8:Alteryx and Data AnalysisOverview of Alteryx

Fundamental concepts of Alteryx

Using tools to rename and change the Data Type

Understanding the user environment of Alteryx

Filtering and Processing Data

Blending data from multiple sources

Data Cleansing

Impute Values

Random Sample


Course NameData Analytics Course
Training ModeOnline/Offline
Course Fee$605
Course Duration7 Months
Tools CoveredPython, Tableau, Excel, R, Alteryx & Power BI
Batches Weekend/Weekdays

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UNICHRONE is a well-known online education platform that mostly provides Technical skills-oriented courses. Its well-established course curriculum and instructor-led sessions make it to the list of best data analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda. Unichrone has a proven record as an emerging Data Analytics training provider in Antigua and Barbuda.

UNICHRONE offers you the Data Analytics course, starting with a basic understanding of Data Engineering to developing a MapReduce application. Once you are done with all the sessions, Unichrone will offer certification on passing an exam PL-300.

Exam PL-300: Power BI Data Analyst

Exam Cost      USD 165

Exam Format  Multiple choice questions

Total Questions           40-60

Passing Score 700/1000

Exam Duration            3 hours

Power BI Data Analyst Exam: Pearson Vue Test Center

After completing this course you will gain the following skills:
Data visualization

Regression modeling

Data Manipulation with R and Python


3 Simplilearn

SimpliLearn is ranked Number 1 on many platforms because of its global presence and variety of courses available. This institute provides courses in AI and Machine Learning, Project Management, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and Data Science &Analytics.

Based on reviews of Learners, SimpliLearn can be considered among the best Data Analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda. After Completion, placement assistance is also provided to get you noticed by hiring companies.

Course Details:

Course NamePG in Data Analytics
Training ModeOnline Bootcamp
Course FeeUSD 1097
Course Duration8  Months
Tools CoveredPowerBI, Pytorch, Python, R language, SQL, Excel
Batches weekend/Weekdays

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4 EduBridge

EduBridge is offering a complete online course to explore data science and gain Data Analytics skills at your own pace. EduBridge having its global presence and a good record of enrollments makes it one of the best Data Analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda.

You need to invest 12 hours a week to attend online sessions. Sessions conducted online by world-class experts will make the sessions interactive and immersive.

Sessions will be live and recorded. You will have access to content with voiceovers. Lifetime access to resources and tools will be at your fingertips. Assessment will be done through AI-enabled centers.

Along with the assessments, you will be doing case studies and live projects. In Collaboration with IBM, you can unlock the power of data with this Certification program in Data Science.

The course is designed to gain a deep understanding of problem-solving skills. Lifetime access to the tools is provided, which helps you to tackle the challenges of the IT industry.

Course Details:

Course NameAdvanced Certification Program in Data Analytics
Training ModeLive Online Classes
Course FeeUSD 1810
Course Duration1500 Hours(12-14 Hours/week)
Tools CoveredJupyter, Pytorch, Excel, Keras, NumPy, Pandas, ChatGPT, Seaborn, Hadoop, MongoDB
Batches Weekend/Weekdays


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5. Analytixlabs

AnalytixLabs’s Business Data Analytics course is mainly focused on data modeling. This course helps you understand and analyze the data by predictive modeling techniques.

Unlike others, AnalytixLabs is offering the Data Analytics course both online and offline mode as well. Providing all the skills required and a highly qualified availability makes Analytixlabs one of the list of best Data analytics courses providers.

This course will allow you to participate in mini-projects based on practical scenarios. Join this learning journey to elevate your career in the dynamic field of Data

Modes of Training

1 eLearning: Live video sessions with doubt-clearing support over mail and in person are available.

Access to the Learning Management system is an added advantage in case of missing any sessions.

2 Classroom and Bootcamp: The mode of learning offers in-person mentorship and more interactive sessions.

Course Details:

Course NameData Science 360 Course
Training ModeOnline
Course FeeUSD 480-490
Course Duration500 Hours
Tools CoveredNTLK, Numpy, Keras, Excel, Power BI, Pandas, Python, SQL

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6. Coursera

Coursera has designed many courses for Data Analytics based on different tools and skills. The most demanding and good data analytics course in Antigua and Barbuda offered by Coursera is “Data Analysis with Python. In this course from the basics of Data Analysis to evaluating data models using Python language is covered

Topics to be Covered

  • Data Mining
  • Data Manipulation: Cleaning, formatting, and data frame manipulation.
  • Regression Models: Building regression models using ML(Machine Learning)
  • Creating a Data pipeline using Python.

Google Data Analytics Capstone Via Coursera

Google started this course on-demand as people are looking for options to elevate their careers or make a career transition to Data Analytics.

This course is based on a self-study mode of learning. This course will guide you to choose among the best data analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda available to pursue online.

In this course, you will get pre-recorded videos and assignments that will help you to get insights about Data Analytics. You will get a clear picture mind if you should pursue Data Science as your career.

This course is also helpful for professionals who are already in Data Science because it covers all the basic fundamentals of Data Analysis.


  • Chart and Graph making using spreadsheets
  • Structured Query Language(SQL) basics
  • Use of SQL to write database
  • Tableau and dashboard creation
  • Tableau and worksheets building
  • Google Sheets and Data Analysis
  • Python and Data Analysis(basics)
  • SQL and Data Management

Course Details

Course NameGoogle Data Analytics Capstone Via Coursera
Training ModeSelf Study/Pre-recorded videos
Course FeeFree
Course DurationCan be completed within 10 hours
Tools CoveredBasics of


SQL basics


Google sheets

Python basics

Batches Not Applicable

In addition to the assignments and practice papers, you will do a case study in this course, which will make you familiar with actual scenarios to expect in real business.

On completion of assignments and case studies, you can get a Certification as well.

Key Highlights

  • Crafted course for beginners
  • 10 Hour Duration
  • weekly Module
  • Google Certification
  • Financial aid available


7. Intellipaat

Intellipaat has collaborated with CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) and IIT Madras. This online platform of learning has made it to my list of best Data Analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda because the Data Analysis course offered by this institute is a little different from other courses available.

This course mainly focuses implementation of Data Analytics fundamentals in business domains. Skills like storytelling and usage of algorithms for solving complex problems will be taught in this course.

Upon completion of the course, you will industry industry-ready and have a certification from leading Data Analytics training institutes in Antigua and Barbuda.


  • Data Analysis using Excel and Python
  • Data Wrangling using SQL
  • Presto
  • Statistics and Data Science
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • Case Studies
  • Capstone Project

Course Details

Course NameOnline Data Analytics Course
Training ModeSelf-paced online
Course Fee$1030
Course Duration6 Months
Tools CoveredPython


Data Science

Power BI


Batches Weekend/Weekdays

Key Highlights

  • IIT Madras faculty
  • Involvement in live Projects and Exercises
  • 3 Certifications(SQL, Power BI, Data Analytics)
  • One-on-one doubt-clearing sessions
  • 24 24-hour support

Placement support, which Includes profile building, Interview preparation, and Guaranteed Interviews is the additional part you will get from EduBridge. one of the best Data Analytics Training providers in Antigua and Barbuda.


8. Learnbay

The Data Analytics course offered by Learnbay is ranked among the best Data Analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda. Linkedin, Switchup.COURSE REPORT and Google have considered Learnbay to be one of the top data Analytics training institutes in Antigua and Barbuda.

This Course is focused on Project-based learning and provides opportunities to work in an industry-like environment. This project-based data analytics training course in Antigua and Barbuda helps you gain hands-on experience from the comfort of your home.

The Data Analytics Certification is a designed program for Non-Technical professionals. The curriculum designed by industry experts upskills to the top within 6 months. You can target roles like BI Developer, Sr Data Analyst, and Database Admin.


This course is divided into 4 terms and Module 0.


This module consists of a brief introduction to tools and data utilization to enhance industrial operations and management.

  • Fundamentals of Programming(Python, Git, GitHub, Anaconda, and Jupyter Notebook will be covered.
  • Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Mean, Median, Mode
  • Standard deviation, Average, Probability, etc

Term 1

Module 1: Basic Python

  • Basic of programming
  • Python Data types

Module 2: Advanced Python

  • Data Analysis with NumPy
  • Data analysis with Pandas
  • Data Visualization using Seaborn and Matplotib

Term 2

Module 1: Statistics

  • Fundamentals of math and probability
  • Statistics
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Linear Algebra
  • Data Processing and Exploratory Data Analysis

Module 2: Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Regression Modeling
  • Data Preprocessing
  • Data Encoding
  • Data modeling
  • Decision Tree Model
  • Random Forest Model
  • Hyperparameter Model

Term 3: Data Analytics Tools

Module 1:Structured Query Language(SQL)

  • SQL Basics
  • NoSQL, HBase, and MongoDB
  • JSON Data and CRUD
  • SQL programming

Module 2: MongoDB

  • MongoDB Ecosystems and Structures
  • MongoDB Shell and MongoDB Server
  • Data Formatting in MongoDB

Module 3: Tableau

  • Dashboards
  • Visuals
  • Polygon Maps
  • WMS and Background Image


Module 4: PowerBI

  • Workflow in Power BI Desktop
  • BI Reporting

Module 5: Big Data and Sparks Analytics

  • Hadoop and Big Data
  • Spark Introduction
  • MapReduce
  • PySpark

Term 4: Excel

  • Basics of Excel
  • Switching between worksheets
  • Utilizing AutoComplete
  • Cells, Rows, and columns modification.
  • Charts creation and working
  • Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Data Analytics and Pivot Table

Course Details

Course NameData Analytics Certification Program
Training ModeOnline Classes
Course Fee$965
Course Duration6 Months
Tools CoveredJupyter, Pytorch, Excel, Keras, NumPy, Pandas, ChatGPT, Seaborn, Hadoop, MongoDB


Batches Weekend/Weekdays


9. AlmaBetter

AlmaBetter a joint venture between IIT Guwahati(India) has gained momentum and made it to the list of best Data Analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda list in a shorter span.

Key Highlights

  • IIT Faculty
  • Certification(E&ICT and IIT Guwahati)
  • Mentorship by MAANG professionals
  • 100+ Live Data Science Classes
  • 20+ Capstone data science projects

This course offered by AlmaBetter is definitely in competition with other Data Analytics training institutes in Antigua and Barbuda.


Foundation Track

Introduction To Programming

  • Python Basics
  • Data Types in Python
  • Looping(Basic to advanced)
  • Lambda and Map functions
  • Algorithms
  • Competitive Coding
  • Numerical Python
  • OS packages
  • Command Line and File System
  • Git and GitHub
  • Data Wrangling with Pandas AI
  • Pandas and NumPy
  • Data Visualization
  • Matplotib and Seaborn

Data Visualization Tools

  • Power BI
  • Fundamentals of Excel
  • Macros and VBA
  • Tableau
  • Google Analytics
  • SQL basics
  • Relational Databases
  • SQL basics commands
  • SQL Query
  • Python
  • Schema design

4 Machine learning

  • Using AI to create AI
  • Machine Learning Introduction
  • ML Lifecycle
  • Data Preparation and ML Models
  • Complex algorithms
  • NLP(Natural language Processing)
  • SQL, prediction, and Analysis


Course Details

Course NameFull stack Data Science and AI
Training ModeOnline Classes(Instructor-led)
Course FeeUSD 400
Course Duration6 Months
Tools Covered 

Jupyter, Pytorch, Excel, Keras, NumPy, Pandas, ChatGPT, Seaborn, Hadoop, MongoDB

Batches Weekend/Weekdays


10. Microsoft Learning

It is a training platform provided by Microsoft, open to everyone and free. This platform allows you to Browse, Choose, and Customize your path of learning. This platform cannot be considered among the best Data Analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda providers but it is the best learning platform.

Microsoft mainly focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Compliance, security, DevOps, and Platform Engineering.

Data Analysis tools offered by Microsoft Learning Platform can be mastered at Microsoft Learning as well. You will be awarded with Certifications as well on completion of Examinations(mostly objective type)

The duration of the course is completely flexible and self-paced as pre-recorded videos and exams are all that you will be learning through.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q. Can anyone from a non-technical domain switch to Data Analysis?

Yes, anyone with a zeal for learning can switch to Data Analysis as a career. Many successful data analysts have emerged from non-technical backgrounds like education, Humanities, and others. All the Data Analytics training programs in Antigua and Barbuda offer a scratch-to-master strategy so that everyone can learn it without any restriction to their background.

Q. Do you need to learn coding before joining any Data Analytics course?

It is not required to have programming exposure to learn data analysis. However, Python and R Languages are essential for Data Analysis. Mostly all of the Data Analyst training institutes including the ones listed above in the best data analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda will teach you Python and R Language from basics.

Q. How important is it to learn SQL for Data Analysis, should I learn it?

SQL is essential to learn in the Data Science industry. It acts as a mode of communication between you and databases. You can retrieve data using SQL. It is not a typical programming language, but a language based on keywords like you use in Google.


Data Analytics is a need of the present and the future as well. Since we are born in the digital era, technology is changing at a high speed. As businesses are giving importance to Data-driven decisions, data will remain one of the foundational elements of business. As we know Data analysis is all about transforming the raw data into insightful results, This can be achieved by mastering the techniques and tools of Data Analysis. All of the training institutes listed in the best data Analytics courses in Antigua and Barbuda are focused on tools and techniques required for data analysis in the present and future. A career in Data Analysis is rewarding and offers exponential growth in your skills and Salary.

Data Science professionals are highly paid in the job market. Data Analytics is not easy to learn but can be learned by anyone determined to invest in his skills, growth, and future. The eligibility of learning Data Analytics is not limited to any particular domain, anyone from a technical or non-technical background can learn the skill. Mode of Learning has mostly shifted to online for all the skill-oriented courses after Covid 19, however many top data analytics training institutes in Antigua and Barbuda offer both Online and offline learning opportunities. Payment options are made on No Cost EMI to make it easy for learners to continue their learning journey without feeling much financial burden.

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