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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

No one is born with the ability to tell stories, but everyone has one to share. The capacity to communicate through storytelling, poetry and other forms is a skill that may be acquired, refined, and elevated to the level of an art. The majority of us actually have some creativity, albeit it is frequently muted or overlooked because of external factors or other pressing needs. The creative writing courses in the Philippines, being offered by various institutions, provide a window through which we can let our thoughts and emotions out.


List of best creative writing courses in the Philippines


Each of us has gone through a range of feelings and has encountered our own set of difficulties. Through lovely expressions and words, creative writing expresses these feelings and emotions. But creative writing is more than just using words and jargon, it is the ability to come up with characters and plots, and be able to place both against a realistic backdrop. Writing using captivating language and judicious use of numerous literary tropes are skills that only experienced creative writers possess.


What is Creative Writing?

Any writing that goes beyond the traditional norms of professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature is considered creative writing. This writing is typically characterized by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development, the use of literary tropes, or different poetic traditions.


Benefits of Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines


·    Building confidence

Writing creatively is a technique that will enable you to fully develop your unique voice and perspective without artificial constraints. You have more freedom to research and voice your opinions on subjects, points of view, philosophies, people, etc. Additionally, doing so will give you more confidence and ease when expressing your viewpoints in other writings.


·    Clarification of Thoughts

You may express your thoughts and emotions more clearly through creative writing. You’ll be able to see things clearly in the workplace and throughout the rest of your life, enabling you to solve challenges in the future.


·    Meeting with Like-Minded people

When one meets other writers, one can pick up different methods and approaches. Meeting like-minded individuals also facilitates the exchange of fresh viewpoints and thoughts on the same subject. While some dissertation writing services allow students to readily express their ideas on paper, others find it difficult or unpleasant to write these essays due to laziness or a lack of writing ability.


·    Improvement in Vocabulary

Writing promotes vocabulary and gives insight into reading and writing processes. Additionally, you will have a thorough understanding of grammar and how to use it in your compositions. Therefore, after being aware of the methods used by an essay writing service, a person will likewise be able to bend and break the laws.


·    Boosting the Imagination

By thinking beyond the box while writing, a person can engage and enhance their creativity. Becoming more adept at identifying alternatives and solutions to challenges, also aids in igniting his imagination.


Eligibility Criteria for Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines

It’s a common misconception that you don’t need a degree in creative writing to be a writer, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. For those who are passionate about writing, a creative writing degree is a blessing—not because of the worth of the degree once you’ve earned it, but rather because of the lessons you acquire while doing the course.

A creative writing degree allows you three years to concentrate on your writing, refine your style, and explore the intricacies of this craft. It entails being exposed to a world of excellent reading, which will influence both your artistic vision and your complete worldview.

A creative writing degree is therefore worthwhile if you are serious about improving the caliber of your work. The courses, whether taken at the bachelor’s or master’s level, are meant to give students the necessary skills in their chosen specialty to prepare them for the industry’s high demand and rapid growth.

Higher secondary education, or 10+2, with humanities or the arts as the primary discipline, is required to enroll in a bachelor’s program in Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines. You must possess a bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline to meet the normal requirements to enroll in master’s level courses at universities overseas. Your advantage will increase if you have a fine arts bachelor’s degree.


How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Many people find writing to be scary, especially those who don’t write often or for a living. The good news is that writing doesn’t have to be painful, and almost anyone can develop their writing skills with a little discipline and openness to learning. Here are four ways you may immediately start honing your writing abilities.


  • Writing: Just like anything else, writing requires practice if you want to improve. Regular writing will help you build a distinct style and lessen your dread of the blank page if you want to improve your writing abilities. Therefore, keep writing even if no one reads it. A man becomes flawless through practice.


  • Reading: The best writers are avid readers and reading regularly is a simple approach to start improving your writing abilities. Read more difficult material than you usually do, and pay close attention to the sentence structure, word choice, and overall flow of the writing.


  • Research: Aside from copying someone else’s work, not doing your homework will quickly damage your credibility. Therefore, be sure to conduct enough study on your subject.


  • Journaling: Keeping a journal is a good approach to increasing your sensitivity to your surroundings. Making it a daily habit to write about anything will help you improve your writing. It encourages gathering ideas and introspection, two skills that are essential for creative authors. Additionally, it will boost your self-assurance.


Job Opportunities After Doing Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines.

If you have a passion for creative writing, you’d probably want to pursue a career that would allow you to spend most of your time doing what you love, if not the entire day. There is a potential for an opportunity with every difficulty. For creative authors, there are several employment options available. Innovative writers can currently hold a variety of titles, including:


  • Book writer (Author) – By telling a tale or exploring a subject of interest, one can become an author. Depending on the type of tale you want to tell for a specific audience, it could fall under the fiction or non-fiction category.


  • Copywriters – Mainly in the field of marketing/advertising field. The job of a copywriter is to create content highlighting the feature of a particular product/ service in a compelling manner for the customer. These people are accountable for writing brochures, publicity letters, product catalogs, circulars,s, etc.


  • Article writers – Article writers can write on the subjects of Fashion, food, travel, health, trade, entertainment, sports, education, politics, etc. are just a few of the topics. You can also choose to write for different newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. Publishing a book demands a lot of marketing efforts after you are done writing the book. You have the option of collaborating with a reputable publishing house or self-publishing the book.


  • Scriptwriters – The content and tales for movies, plays, television shows, etc. are written by scriptwriters. They do extensive research and work hard to develop a narrative and a storyline for a certain theme or issue. Writing real, original, and well-crafted dialogue can be difficult for screenwriters.


Besides these options, a person can begin their own freelance creative writing portfolios or can choose to write for a newspaper or a digital media outlet. The quality of your work and the professionalism you bring to the table will play a major role in determining your level of success in this field.


Check here the other best courses in the Philippines:


Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines



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  • Course Duration

The course is a four-week program along with three months of internship.

  • Course Fee

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2. De La Salle University

On the list of Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines, next, we have De La Salle University in Manila. A Master’s in creative writing is offered by the university. Instructions will be mostly by workshops, including weekend workshops off-campus. The students will have the chance to write their own creative works while participating in these workshops alongside skilled professionals.


Key Features

  • The Master of Fine Arts in creative writing program at De La Salle University is aimed to assist students who are passionate about writing in enhancing their abilities and becoming successful writers.
  • The students are exposed to the theoretical and practical aspects of writing, including the prospects and possibilities of publication and performance.
  • Assessment of the learners’ own work under the mentorship of established writers through intensive examination.


Key Information

Duration: Full-time:  12 Months

Language: English

Delivered: On Campus



Creative writing


Fine Arts


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Tuition Fee: 2,484 Eur/year (3,930 Philippine Pesos)

Program Structure

Courses include:

  • Fiction Writing Techniques
  • Fiction Writing
  • Poetry Writing Techniques
  • Poetry Writing
  • Playwriting Techniques
  • Playwriting
  • The Art of Literary Journalism
  • Creative Non-fiction


3. University of Philippines, Diliman

Next, on the list of Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines, we have the University of Philippines, Diliman. The University’s Department of English and Comparative Literature offers Graduate and Postgraduate programs in Creative Writing in various approaches and techniques in the writing of fiction, poetry, essay, and drama. Young writers’ skills are being honed in these courses by published and multi-award-winning authors who are experts in their field.


Course Checklist

  • BA Creative Writing
  • MA Creative Writing
  • Ph.D. Creative Writing


Course Offerings(Undergraduate and Graduate)

  • Introduction to Creative Writing: The workshop approach and the notion of genre in creative writing.
  • Creative Writing and Criticism: creative writing-specific criticism theory and practice.
  • Fiction I: The craft of fiction, specifically that of the contemporary short story, including an analysis of how its techniques have evolved.
  • Fiction II: The emphasis of the student’s fiction writing is on his or her critical and creative range, which is demonstrated in their capacity to depict more complex themes and fictional forms, such as the short novel.
  • Poetry I: The craft of poetry, especially modern poetry, as well as an analysis of how its techniques have developed.
  • Poetry II: poetry writing with a focus on the student’s critical and creative abilities.
  • Playwriting I: The techniques of writing for the stage; the one-act play and various dramatic genres.
  • Playwriting II: The three-act play and other long-form dramatic genres.
  • Essay: Development of advanced writing skills in several types of formal and informal essays.
  • Criticism Workshop: Critical writing workshop covers both evaluations of the performing and visual arts.
  • Fiction Workshop I: techniques for using fiction writing approaches, such as the short story, novelette, tale, and non-traditional forms.
  • Poetry Workshop I: poetry writing techniques, such as non-conventional forms, oral poetry, and classic lyric and narrative genres.
  • Playwriting Workshop I: techniques for using playwriting principles, such as writing for film, television, and radio.
  • Playwriting Workshop II: Workshop on playwriting.
  • Playwriting Workshop III: Workshop on playwriting.
  • Essay Workshop: Essay writing workshops for formal and informal writing.
  • Writing for Children Workshop: writing class for young readers.
  • Non-fiction Narrative Workshop: Workshop on the nonfiction story.
  • Special Problems: Special concerns with translation, creative writing, the arts, etc.
  • Creative Writing Thesis: works of creativity or important literary translations.
  • Fiction Workshop I: Workshop on the writing of short stories, novels, and special problems in the theory and practice of fiction.
  • Poetry Workshop I: Workshop on the writing of lyric poetry, and narrative poetry.
  • Doctoral Dissertation.


Key Information

Duration for Graduation:   4 years

Duration for Masters:   2 years

Tuition Fees for B.A program :    P20,000-25,000 per Semester

Tuition Fees  for the M.A program:    P2,700-7,200 per Semester

For foreign students, Tuition Fee is usually higher.


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4. Ateneo de Manila University

Next, among the list of Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines is Ateneo de Manila University which offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in creative writing.

The program aims to produce writers who are skilled in the craft of their chosen genre specialty (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or drama) while remaining conscious of literature’s place and influence in one’s life and society by combining these methods with the academic study of literary and critical texts, the creative process, and the pertinent contexts that influence literary production.

Peer-to-peer instruction in workshops and apprenticeships with more seasoned writers are both institutionalized.


Areas of Interest

  • Creative Writing and Literature
  • Genres of Writing
  • Philippine Literature
  • Theories of Writing
  • The Novel and Other Book-length Works


Career Opportunities                                                                                              

Graduates of the BFA in Creative Writing are qualified to work as journalists, screenwriters, producers, and in the media and entertainment industries as well as in academia as language and literature instructors.

In addition to being practitioners of literature, these graduates are also qualified to work in the creative industries, public relations, advertising, and publishing as copywriters and content developers. Graduates are eligible to continue on to law school.


Key Information

Duration: Four years

Tuition Fees:

80,000 – 90,000 Pesos per Semester

1,60,000- 1,80, 000 Pesos per year


5. Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, Philippines

Next, on the list of Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines is the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, Philippines. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing is offered by the Faculty of Arts and Letters- Department of Literature. It is a 4-year program that nurtures and guides student writers with emphasis on four major genres:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Creative nonfiction, and
  • Drama


Students will receive instruction in specialized styles of writing, such as crafting tales for kids, teens, or even people of all ages. The planned goal of program learning for BA Creative Writing majors is the production of a creative writing thesis in the form of a book-length manuscript of a collection of plays, short tales, CNF works, or poetry.


Key Features

 The Creative writing classes consist of both lecture sessions in which literary models will be analyzed, highlighting the effectiveness of their literary techniques and rhetorical strategies, and

  • Workshop sessions, where the lecturer and the peers will critique the students’ creative writing draughts.
  • The program also features a significant literary component that will introduce students to literary topics like Philippine literary history.


Key Information

Duration: 4 years

Tuition Fee: 46,046 Pesos per Semester


Job Opportunities

  • Journalism
  • Academic and Commercial Publishing Houses
  • Television
  • Business Companies/International Agencies


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines empower writers to put their imagination in words using mesmerizing vocabulary. This practical creative writing course has been developed to motivate you about formulating your own endeavors of

  • Fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Poetry, and
  • Drama


Course Features

  • 24 Hrs training (8 Hrs writing assignments and +16 Hrs of live sessions)
  • Three months paid internship.
  • Free access to creative writing tools worth INR20K.
  • Regular boot camps spread out throughout the ensuing year.
  • Get certification of certified creative writing course from Henry Harwin, Govt Of India Recognized and award-winning institute.
  • 100% placement guarantee support for 1- year, post successful completion.
  • Get 1-year Gold Membership of Henry Harwin writing academy to the certified creative writing course.


Who can enroll?

  • Students
  • Content Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Professors/ teachers/thinkers
  • Housewives/ retired/unemployed individuals.


Key Information

  • Learning period: 24 Hrs
  • Total program fee: INR 12,500/-


FAQs on Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines


1. How much is the tuition fee for Creative Writing Courses in the Philippines?

The tuition fees for creative writing courses in the Philippines totally depend on the institute and the type of training they provide. The course curriculum and content covered and the duration are also the counting factors that affect the fees. You can visit the institute’s website to know about the exact fees.


2. What are the fundamental requirements to become a creative writer?

The prerequisite for being a creative writer is the desire to write and the drive to communicate with words. It is desirable to have critical reading and thinking skills to pursue this career. One should also have an interest in current events and a general thirst for knowledge.


3. How much does a creative writer earn in India?

The average salary for a creative writer is INR 3,60,000/- per annum.



Creative writing can be a lucrative and rewarding career path for those who want to pursue their creativity. Also, creative writing can be an extremely flexible career path. If you want to work as a freelance writer and are interested in exploring, you may choose your own hours, work from home, and select the subjects you want to write about. To enhance your creative writing skills, all you need is persistence and confidence. If you have the required expertise and viewpoint, following your creative instincts and writing can lead to a rewarding life.

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