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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Thailand With Placement

Content is the food for websites that are consumed by the public daily. Content Writing is a crucial skill in all realms of life. It underpins effective communication, professional development, and personal growth. As we continue to grow with practice, the sky’s the limit in content writing. The entire world relies on written content, and the value of strong writing skills has always been in demand. Content writing is not just limited to earning purpose but to present your creative thinking before the globe. Here’s an article stating what exactly is content Writing, its type and career profile along with the top content writing Institutes offering content writing courses in Thailand.

List of best content writing courses in Thailand

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is the process of generating creative content for internet marketing to attract and engage a mass number of the public. Content writing involves careful planning and researching of the whole content regarding the topic then writing and editing to get it published on online platforms.

Even the flair content writing engages their readers to the extent that they become a permanent member. The beautiful way of generating content will be based on the level of creative thinking to create the depth of the content.

It’s not just about arranging and compiling pieces of information but presenting it most interestingly through carefully researching, assembling, writing, and editing.

The foremost goal of content writing is to resonate with the target audience through the various forms of content like an article, blog post, social media update, caption, audio and video-based content that would be successful in serving a purpose, be it providing important information, promotion, and marketing strategies of products, educating the public, or entertaining them.

With the transformation of content generation, the written content which was once limited to journals, books, poetry, and stories has evolved into video and audio-based content.

With time digitalization has taken place and content writing has witnessed an impressive revolution at a tremendous rate. In this era of internet marketing, all businesses need content marketing and for that, the prime source of the content generated for the companies/startups is in text format.

Companies believe a lot in content writing for their marketing and promotional content, and because of that content writing agencies are increasing day by day in the city to provide authentic to the point attractive content to the company’s website to enhance its position in the search list and to drive the traffic of new customer and retain them for a longer period.

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The proof is the rise of blog writing has grown at an exponential rate. Content writing holds massive significance in all kinds of companies and with the expansion of the internet, many things about content writing have been transformed.

This is because the content writing industry has become closely associated with digital marketing and content marketing. In Addition, internet marketing strategies are being carried out right from the writer’s end and after the correction as well as improvements, it gets uploaded on the websites.

Writers should have the key idea to smartly arrange and manage the marketing strategies and optimization processes. These days content is more about facilitating individuals with moral value rather than just feeding the information.

This is the reason why self-help books are high in demand and authors are earning millions as they can directly communicate with the audience with the help of the internet without the need for a distributor. With the advent of Ebooks, authors can connect and reach millions and millions of people without the involvement of the publisher.

As per the purpose, content is written with marketing tactics and tricks along with optimization techniques to achieve a direction of progress of driving traffic to a website, promote the business, and psychologically influence them to use a product or course/service. Anyone can learn these tactics from content writing institutions.

List Of Courses You Should Explore in Thailand:


What are the Types of Content Writing?

Article Writing

Articles written under content follow a defined format which makes them unique from the rest forms of content writing. It can be both formal and non-formal uses written with the Heading followed by the name of the writer then comes the core content which is the body of the article constituting 2-3 paragraphs and then a conclusion.

The process to generate an article is to first create an outline to have the overall idea of how it makes it rich, consuming with the use of interesting angles, easy to read and share, flourish with the magnetic headline and introduction to make it more trustworthy.

SEO Writing

It involves keyword research to craft top-notch content aligned with user intent. The work of an SEO writer is to Improve website ranking by incorporating relevant keywords( short and long tail)and phrases, optimize website content for search engines, and drive organic traffic to a website. SEO writing is about using the right words along with the keyword density so that search engines know what your website is about.


Copywriting is a type of content writing that deals with production strategy focused on convincing the reader to take a specific action, evoking emotions to arouse interest in the reader, to generating conversions and sales to sell an offering for advertising and other forms of marketing.

It’s usually persuasive, concise, and to the point. Copywriters use various techniques like powerful headlines, call-to-actions that fit into landing pages, social media marketing content, and even ads.

Press Releases

Press releases are official statements that are newsworthy or informational articles usually issued by a firm’s public relations department, company, or organization that are delivered to the news media to release press coverage for a particular product, service, or even for an event or, an individual.

Press releases are well-written, concise, catchy, and stick to the facts to increase the chances of them being picked up by reporters and journalists.

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Technical Writing

Technical writing is a type of content writing that handles content of a technical nature for niches like accounting, software, robotics, consumer electronics, biotechnology, and engineering, providing information about technical subjects and products.

This type of content is usually lengthy, detailed, and contains industry-specific jargon. It’s aimed at individuals who already have some knowledge about the domain and are looking forward to acquiring more in-depth information. It can be written in the form of user manuals, installation guides, FAQs, and more.

Blog Writing 

Blog writing is the oldest type of content writing. In this, a writer creates content for a blog, which is a website that contains regularly updated posts or articles written to attract consumers. A blog as a section can be uploaded on a company’s website where they add these articles for people’s information.

Blog writing is a way of passive income if one wants to earn money through affiliate marketing or online ads.

Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Thailand With Placements


If you are searching for the best online Content Writing Courses in Thailand, look nowhere but IIM SKILLS which is a well-known Content Writing Institute that has been delivering successful batches since its beginning. There are numerous reasons why you must consider IIM SKILLS to Master Content Writing such as learning how to research any given topic.


Understanding How to Create Appealing Headlines:

IIM SKILLS will teach the intricacies of how to design a website and create a platform to post blogs. They will make their students able not just to grab a job but to start their own business.

The other important skills that students learn under the valuable guidance of top-notch faculty members are web development, and assimilation of keyword research using content writing tools to create SEO-friendly content.


This Content Writing Course includes training on how to create engaging content free of grammatical errors and easily readable, proofreading, and editing. Various free tools are provided by the IIM SKILLS for grammar, sentence structure, keywords, and plagiarism to make their students proficient in writing and editing.

The Content Writing Courses in Thailand were designed and created by Content Industry Experts and delivered by experts having more than 10 years of experience.

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Students will be taught theoretical as well as practical tools worth INR 35000 to get real-time hands-on experience along with lifetime access to the latest content and recorded classes. Students will get into the habit of writing daily while improving their creativity and writing efficiently.


Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing


The Key Highlights of the IIM SKILLS

  • 4 Weeks of Live Online Content Writing Courses
  • 3 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • 30 Hours of Training Includes
  • 14 Hours of internship Sessions
  • Free Tools Worth 35k
  • Freelance Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Certification From IIM SKILLS & Preparation For HubSpot Content Marketing Certification (USA) & (TOLES)


The Core Curriculum of the IIM SKILLS

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Content Writing Module 2 – WordPress Web Development
  • Module 3 – Articles, Blogging, Web Pages
  • Module 4 – Copywriting
  • Module 5 – Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 6 – Email Writing
  • Module 7 -Social Media Writing
  • Module 8 – Creative Writing
  • Module 9 – SOP & Business Listing
  • Module 10 -Legal Writing
  • Module 11- Technical Writing
  • Module 12 -SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Module 13 – Content Marketing
  • Module 14 – Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
  • Module 15 – Freelance Content Writing
  • Module 16 – Resume Writing


What else Do You Get in IIM SKILLS?

  • 3 Months Guaranteed Internship
  • Opportunity to Launch Your Content Writing Agency
  • Lifetime Support (Consulting & Technical)
  • Portfolio Development For Job/Freelance
  • Publish Your First E-Book
  • Write First Blog For News Platforms

Course Fee

7335.23 Thai Baht + GST

Contact Information

[email protected]

 +91 9580740740

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2. FITA Academy

The FITA Academy provides an extensive path of Content Writing Courses in Thailand. Master content writing certification training assists learners to upskill their creative writing skills with tools and techniques that are required for a talented writer or author to grab employment or start their own business.

FITA will master the learners with important skills such as the conventional use of grammar while creating content.

This course will introduce step-by-step learning of different types of content with best writing practices and will introduce the students to the process of information collection through the practice of the techniques and strategies that will enhance the written communication skills of the participants.

Students will be trained to excel in search engine optimization techniques for generating engaging content which allows students to attain a practical understanding of Content Writing Courses in Thailand with the implementation of capstone projects.


Participants will receive a valuable content writing certification after course completion. Moreover, FITA provides guidance in placement training the students to secure jobs in reputed companies.

Trainers of Content Writing faculty members having more than 10+ years of experience in this field delivering content writing projects to clients across the globe will ensure that students get exposure to in-hand training and projects. Moreover, it provides valuable guidance on interview preparation and the placement process.

The Core Module of the Programme

  • Participants will obtain excellence in content writing tools for grammar, sentence structure, paraphrasing, plagiarism, and keywords.
  • The participants will be provided with ideas of tested and effective techniques like descriptive and persuasive techniques.
  • The intense practice of writing and strategies will enhance the written communication skills of the trainee.
  • Participants will be given assignments of creating websites having alluring content for maximum gathering of traffic.

What Else Can You Expect From FITA Academy?

  • Live Capstone Projects
  • Real-time Industry Experts Trainers
  • Placement Support
  • Free interview Workshop
  • Free Resume Preparation
  • Flexible scheduling

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3. ECT

ECT Content Writing Courses in Thailand are integrated professional courses aimed at embarking the learners on the journey of professional skills and innovative capabilities to develop excellence in content writing across different mediums and industries.

This extensive course is designed and delivered by top-notch content writing experts and professionals having rich experience in the field of content writing for a minimum of 10+ years.

ECT Content Writing Courses in Thailand are dedicated to giving learners an intensive practical experience in both product and service-based industries to help them find a niche for themselves, and develop a creative style and flawless writing.

The other takeaway from the ECT course content is to learn to write clear emails and have knowledge of effective sales proposals, and outstanding presentations. Sharpen your writing skills and elevate your career path with ECT Content Writing courses in Thailand.

The Key Features of The ECT Program

  • 3 Months Course
  • 32 Hours of Classroom/Live Training
  • 6 Assignments
  • 6 Live Projects
  • 10 Quizzes
  • 1 Certification
  • 100% Paid Placement Assistance
  • Work from Home Job Opportunities
  • Lifetime Support


The Core Curriculum of the Program

  • Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing
  • Module 2: Boost Your Vocabulary
  • Module 3: Grammar Errors in Writing
  • Module 4: Learn Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques
  • Module 5: Hone Your Creative Non-fiction Writing Skills
  • Module 6: Learn Fiction Writing
  • Module 7: Master Business Writing Skills
  • Module 8: Learn Technical Writing
  • Module 9: Hone Your Academic Writing Skills
  • Module 10: Learn to Write Specific Pieces of Content
  • Module 11: Master Content Marketing
  • Module 12: Monetize Your Writing Skills
  • Module 13: Publish Your Book

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4. Contented

Contented is a leading online modern communication school that provides the best content writing courses in Thailand. Contented since its inception in the late 1990s, offering short courses in web writing, social media writing, technical writing, and business writing skills for corporate training.

The institute provides flexible schedule e-learning as well as ebooks in content writing courses in Thailand to equip students with modern corporate communication abilities.

Contented provides two diploma courses, four certificate courses, and an all-course membership that should be completed within 12 months of purchase and are designed for professional development rather than university-level study.


5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the finest Content writing institutes offering Content Writing Courses in Thailand, comprising 40 Hours of Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions with the application of projects to get an in-depth understanding of learning Skills, Research Writing, Technical Writing, and Academic Writing.

Henry Harvin provides guaranteed Internships to let students obtain practical experience of the learnings. A Certified Digital Content Writer certificate with the name of the participant will be awarded after the completion of the course.

1-Year support even after successful completion of the course with numerous Tools and techniques will be provided. Assessment of assignments And video content to boost the learning process of students.


The other key feature of Henry Harvin is access to 52+ Masterclass Sessions for essential soft skill development. Henry Harvin® Content Writing Courses in Thailand is designed to impart knowledge of key research, writing, and marketing skills to aspirants to harness the ultimate potential of the professional content writing domain.

The Major takeaways from their content writing courses are learning to write 30+ content types.

Acquiring skills to translate thoughts into words, developing strong language skills to write for international clients, Learning basic skills to start a WordPress website or personal blog, and graphic skills to design newsletters, PPTs, logos, etc are also included in this course.

The highly experienced experts of the Henry Harvin team will facilitate students with the knowledge of content strategy to reach the target audience.

The Key Highlights of the Henry Harvin Program

  • Two-way Live Training Course
  • Hallmark Certification
  • 10+ Projects
  • Guaranteed Internship
  • Personalized Job Support
  • Student Engagement & Events
  • Masterclass
  • E-Learning Access
  • Gold Membership
  • Entrepreneurship Mentorship
  • Flexible Scheduling

The Core Content of Content Writing  Curriculum

  • Research Skills
  • Graphic Skills
  • Data & Reporting
  • Editing Skills
  • Legal Knowhow
  • Other Digital Skills
  • SEO Writing
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog
  • Social media
  • E-Book Writing
  • Newsletter & Magazine Writing
  • Press Releases
  • Book Reviews
  • Product Reviews & Descriptions
  • Resume Writing
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Permanent challenges in creating effective content
  • Creating and promoting brands with strategic content
  • Segmenting markets
  • Understanding the target segments
  • Road map to create strategic content
  • Ninja Writing
  • Mind Mapping
  • Foundation of Technical Writing
  • User Manuals
  • Research Paper
  • Thesis
  • Project Reports
  • Grant Writing
  • Proposal Writing
  • White Papers
  • Medical Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Foundation of Creative Writing
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Introduction to Copywriting
  • Writing well
  • Writing crisp and effective copies
  • Copywriting for Social Media
  • Email Writing


1. Will AI replace content writers? What would be the possible impact of AI on content writing?

With the advent of AI, there is a lot of chaos prevailing worldwide about whether there is a need for content writers or AI will replace them.

AI will not act as a threat but will come up as an opportunity for content writers as it can equip them with enormous tools and resources for improving their writing by providing them with vast amounts of information and data so that writers can gather and analyze data in a short period.

AI will assist in tasks like grammar and spelling checks, proofreading, and suggesting better words and alternative phrases to enhance the writing and make it more engaging, making writers stay aware of the trends and evolve their skills accordingly. AI will remain a tool that will be directed by humans to get good results, it cannot generate emotions to connect with the readers, only writers can do that.

2. What are some job options available after completing Content Writing Courses in Thailand?

There are plenty of job positions available after completing Content Writing Courses in Thailand. Some are mentioned below:

SEO Writer- An SEO writer is a person who is an expert in SEO writing. They have a clear idea about how to implement the best practices with keyword research and tools to drive traffic to websites.

Blog Writer- Blog writer writes online content for their website or company’s website, to publish the content for an online blog. Bloggers can write about any topic, be it educational, dieting, mindfulness, fashion, gardening, tech, health care, news, and finance.

Technical Writer- Technical writers are technical communicators who prepare instruction manuals, journal articles, how-to guides, and other supporting documents to communicate technical information more swiftly with the consumer.

Copywriter- Copywriters are professionals who write clear, catchy, and concise copy for advertising and marketing materials, to sell products and educate as well as engage consumers, through publishing the writing on websites, blog posts, product descriptions, and sales letters.

Ghostwriters-  They sign a contract with the credited author that requires them to keep their work confidential.

Freelance writers – They are an independent contractor who writes articles for numerous individuals or companies for a living. It is entirely up to freelance writers to choose who they work for and the amount They want to get paid for that. Freelancing is a business from home.

3. How much can one earn as a content writer after completing content writing courses in Thailand?

According to the data, the estimated average monthly salary for Content Writer jobs in Thailand ranges from THB 24,000 to THB 32,000.


In Today’s era of the Internet, content is found in almost every aspect of daily life. Where once people consumed content through written material like magazines, and books. Nowadays content is emerging even in all social media platforms, blogs, websites, e-newspapers, etc.

With so much content being consumed daily, it’s no wonder that demand for talented and skillful writers is increasing exponentially to engage and draw public attention to companies through writers’ creative ideas and flair of writing.

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