7 Best Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah

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7 Best Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah

Do you wish to pursue your career as a business analyst but you still doubt if this is the right choice for your career? The simple answer is yes- Business Analysts (BA) is in high demand and is one of the highest-paying jobs. Here we come with the top 7 business analytics courses in Sharjah with a placement that can shape your career and you will have the opportunities to work in various sectors and industries to perform your skills and knowledge.


List of best business analytics courses in Sharjah


The Key Roles of Business Analyst

Businesses today are moving ahead in a rapidly changing environment. New technology explanations provide organizations with more effective solutions than ever before. Business analytics is one of the key aspects that has contributed significantly to the success of companies.

The field of analytics has acquired from simply displaying certainty and figures to more synergetic business intelligence that helps predict results and guide future decisions. Before we discuss the best business analytics courses in Sharjah, let’s discuss the required skills for a business analyst first.

If you are looking for business analytics courses in Sharjah, we help you to understand the key roles of a business analyst as well. As a business analyst, your contribution will be more effective if you jump into the project right away.


●       A business analyst must be a productive and assured member of a project even though they work quickly.

●       The most crucial and efficient way to successfully execute a project is to gather data on the company’s needs before a scope is established.

●       The project’s business needs are realized by defining the scope. It is possible for different team members to participate in the project and its implementation by establishing the project’s scope.

●       The business processes will become clearer when the need for business analysis is developed. By doing so, the specific project needs can be successfully defined.

●       On a normal project, hiring a business analyst is a crucial technical implementation solution. In addition, the software deployment, customization, and team-building process are included.

●       The business analyst must evaluate the value produced by the solution team before the project begins. By then, decisions regarding the business project’s outcomes, issues, and relationships among team members will have been made, and the technology will have been put into use.


Top Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah

Education is still one of the most important foundations on which careers are essentially built. Interested candidates can implement the Business Analysis program to figure out the basics, opportunities, importance, and perk before committing to a career in this trending field. Here we bring you suitable business analytics courses in Sharjah for your bright career aspects.


1) Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) at Cambridge Education, Sharjah

In the fields of Product Development, Information Security, Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software Development Resources, Automation, Supply Chain, HR, Banking Focused Courses, Energy Specific Courses, Leadership/Soft Skills, and numerous other subjects, Cambridge Education ranks as one of the most favored and reputable academic institutions.

Cambridge Education, a member of a group that was founded in 1987, is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and serves clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa through training facilities that are dispersed throughout the country’s major cities.

The current Bangalore location of Cambridge Education confirms its presence in India. The PMI-PBA by Cambridge Education is among the top professional-certified business analytics courses in Sharjah that raise a person’s employability since it shows that they have the advanced skills and expertise needed by a professional company.

The specialists establish themselves as a crucial member of the project team. The course serves as a business analytics primer. The primary objective of this program is to provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills they need to comprehend the rising importance of business analytics in organizations.

The identification, assessment, and adoption of value-generating business analytics possibilities will also be a major focus of this course. To achieve this, students will study research studies on organizations that effectively applied these tactics and acquire fundamental analytical tools.


Advantages for the Participant:

Organizations have relied heavily on systematic business analysis when managing projects to put the necessary adjustments into place. The PMI-PBA accreditation demonstrates the expertise of business analysis experts. An employee who has received PMI-PBA training gains the ability to collaborate well with clients. One also can pinpoint the precise issue and develop an appropriate, workable solution. Besides, the participant will acquire-


●       Ability to drive to the appropriate level of requirement clarity.

●       Capturing a detailed set of specifications and estimating business analysis operations.

●       Being able to take ownership of each requirement and be aware of its condition.

●       membership in a reputable professional organization.

●       Competency is acknowledged by management and professional peers.

●       Enhanced job possibilities because of being acknowledged as a skilled business analysis practitioner.

●       Possibility of better pay due to official recognition as a seasoned BA expert.

●       Get Global Certification in the Business Analyst Domain

●       Certification can boost performance generally and increase market prospects.


2) Master of Science in Business Analytics from the University of Sharjah

A Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Business Analytics is a 2 years postgraduate degree that is offered by the College of Business Administration in alliance with the College of Computing and Informatics. It is based on college credits and is intended to prepare students for careers in academic science and in the real world dealing with large amounts of data.

The M.Sc. program is one of the leading business analytics courses in Sharjah which equips the learners with the expertise in various data management techniques and methodologies needed to make wise decisions. Students will use statistics strategies to address problems in various business sectors.

The implementation of this program is aligned with the University of Sharjah’s (UoS) vision and objectives, which are to advance human understanding via research, teach through the instructional experience, and improve productivity through the involvement of the community


 Programming Goals

This course’s goal is to give students all the tools they need to begin utilizing Python and R for data analysis.  Students who complete the program successfully will be able to:

●       Apply the theories and techniques of business analytics to actual situations.

●       Work well in a team and be able to communicate clearly with a range of audiences.

●       Combine analytical expertise and conceptual grounding in business analytics.

●      Evaluate outcomes and approaches, then decide on the best course of action for managerial circumstances.


Participants in this course will have the technical expertise and theoretical grounding necessary to build a business data model on a relational database administration system using Microsoft Access (the latest version). The program helps learners how to use the most recent versions of Access (latest version) & SQL to obtain and edit specific data as well as how to construct tables, run queries, and create reports and forms in accordance with storage demands and constraints. They will also learn how to create and test database applications.


3) Global Master Certificate In Business Analytics by the University of Dubai

In collaboration with Michigan State University in the United States, the University of Dubai is providing an online Global master’s Certificate in Business Analytics program. There are three modules in the program, each lasting eight weeks. You will gain knowledge and comprehension of business, application, and data management as each module builds on the information you already know.

After the completion of 6 months long program, you will become a certified and accomplished business analyst as well as a data specialist with the aid of outstanding business analytics courses in Sharjah.


Learning Objectives

●        Increasing your knowledge of analyzing data and connecting your competence to the market.

●        Recognizing the tools used for programming, modeling, and analytical jobs.

●       Mastering fundamental data principles such as data protection, identifying statistical problems, analytics landscape, ethical considerations, etc.

●       Investigating the most recent trends and expectations in the market.

●        Using analytics to advance a company’s value chain, marketing/sales, and human resources procedures.


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4) Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Information Systems and Business Analytics (BSBA) From the American University of Sharjah (AUS)

AUS, founded on meritocracy fundamentals and with a stellar reputation for academic excellence, has come to represent the very best in teaching and research, accredited internationally and recognized by employers worldwide for producing graduates who have the understanding, skills, and start driving to lead in the twenty-first century.

AUS values students who embrace its vibrant campus life and embody ideals of openness, acceptance, and honor in addition to academic achievement. This combination of academic excellence and community spirit ensures that AUS is brimming with global instructors and pupils primed and ready to become tomorrow’s leaders.

This 3 years BSBA program is well-renowned among the top-rated business analytics courses in Sharjah. Their faculty members are highly skilled and competent, ensuring that students receive the best theoretical and practical experience in the field.

The university has a popular partnership program with the CFA Institute, which means that your finance major will prepare you well for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level I exam. Obtaining this prestigious designation after graduation significantly improves one’s career opportunities in the finance industry.

There are numerous lucrative careers available to you as a finance graduate. Jobs in banking, investment, insurance, real estate, the global corporate sector, and government are among them.


After graduation, students will have:

●       developed the analytical skills and theoretical framework required for banking sector analysis and understanding.

●       acquired the fundamental tools needed to comprehend investment, capital marketing, financial management, and financial institutions.

●       graduated with the knowledge required to take the first level of the CFA exam.

●       Finance is an exciting field that investigates the sources and uses of funds, how to invest one’s money, and how to generate additional revenue. So, if you’re looking for a quick, financially rewarding, and vibrant career, our exciting program is exactly what you’re looking for.


5) BCS Certificate in Business Analysis by The Knowledge Academy

Students have several options after completing the BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice exam. This qualification is reputable and impressive; thus, a certificate holder is likely to widen their career limits and obtain a job/more sophisticated job in the field of Business Analysis.

However, since this certification is categorized as a module that counts toward the prestigious BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, another option is to continue training and work toward the diploma. This online program can match your findings for business analytics courses in Sharjah.

Analytics is a fascinating, challenging, and rapidly expanding field. Data is abundant in cutting-edge institutions. They do, however, face a shortage of skilled professionals who can analyze this data and use it to make sound choices.

As per experts, as businesses seek analysts to assist them in making strategic, data-driven decisions, opportunities in both the public and private industries are anticipated to increase.

The objective of this course is to offer you a comprehensive education that will encourage you to handle different data generation sources and create business updates, dashboards, stories, maps, and so on in order to generate insightful corporate information and successfully communicate company strategies. Find out how to create prediction models using descriptive, accurate, and predictive analytics to resolve company issues.


Learning Outcomes from Business Analysis Practice

Delegates who complete this training course will be able to:

●       Make use of strategic analysis methods.

●       Understand the techniques required to investigate an organization’s business systems.

●       Make use of the public company analysis technique.

●       Determine business suggestions for improvement

●       Determine the costs, benefits, impacts, and risks.


6) Master of Business Analytics by the University of Wollongong Dubai (UOWD)

The University of Wollongong is a globally recognized institution. With 27 years of background, the institution has four campuses, with the last one initiated in 2020. The university has a total admission of 1,828 undergraduates, 1,418 graduate students, and 24 doctoral students.

Wollongong’s student body has representatives from about 108 countries. International students at the university can travel between campuses to gain global experience, and degrees can also be delivered from the United Arab Emirates or Australia. The Master of Business Analytics is a globally recognized and one of the best business analytics courses in Sharjah.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students to develop solid data analytics skills for the difficulties they’ll encounter as business leaders in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. The program is taught through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises in our ‘Business Analytics Lab,’ which employs cutting-edge data science and analytics technology.


Outcomes of the Program


Renowned and Approved Degree: Upon finishing the program, all learners will be awarded a Master’s degree that is accredited by the University of Wollongong Australia, a university ranked in the top 1% of both the world by the QS World University Rankings. The Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) and the Understanding and Human Evolution Authority have both affiliated with this degree in the UAE (KHDA).


Professional Recognition: All students will receive an Advanced Professional Certification from SAS as part of the SAS Joint Certification Program, a collaboration of top universities using the industry-leading vendor of analytics software, SAS, upon completion of the Master of Business Analytics program.


Professional life Skills: Upon finishing the training program, students will have practical, hands-on, and employment skillset.


This program is the fulfillment of the Master of Business Analytics program will provide an array of global job prospects such as:

●       Business Intelligence Analyst,

●       Data Engineer,

●       Business Consultant,

●       Market Research Analyst and a variety of other positions are available.


7) MBA in Business Analytics at Exceed College

This one-year online MBA in Business Analytics program is a detailed program designed for management professionals seeking international managerial or senior administration positions in global organizations. The learners will receive a postgraduate diploma in Business Analytics from Cambridge International Qualifications, United Kingdom.

They will also earn MBA in Business Analytics from Universidad Católica de Murcia, UCAM, upon finishing the program. Business analytics extensively employs statistical analysis, and its applications span all functional areas. The Executive MBA in Business Analytics prepares leaders to create significance in management situations by using an organized and analytical approach to problem-solving.

Furthermore, the Executive MBA in Business Analytics assists professionals in overcoming decision-making challenges associated with the analysis of raw data as well as processed information.

Students pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics will take core modules on International Human Resources, Strategic Change Management, Strategic Management and Leadership, and Operations Management, as well as highly specialized modules on Introduction to Analytics for Business and Application of Analytics in Business in the initial part, and a thesis work in the second phase which makes it an extensive business analytics courses in Sharjah.


5 advantages of business analytics:

●       Customize customer satisfaction.

●       Inform business decisions.

●       Streamline your operations.

●       Reduce risk and deal with setbacks.

●       Increase security.


The following are the course objectives:


●       Illustrate comprehension of the basic principles and ideas of business analytics, as well as how they are applied in organizations.

●       Illustrate an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of analytics in various corporate sectors like marketing, purchasing, and human resources.

●       Learn how to generate and apply acceptable mathematical and graphical descriptive statistics for different types of information.

●       Use of various numerical and quantitative strategies for business problems, as well as tools for data visualization.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is business analytics a challenging task?

Technically, business analytics is not particularly difficult.


Q2. Is business analytics a high-paying job?

A master’s degree in business analytics gives you the practical knowledge to lead businesses in making data-driven decisions, while also raising your salary expectations.


Q3. Why business analytics rather than an MBA?

Simply put, Business Analytics is much more focused on being able to derive data analysis and acting on it, whereas MBA is more focused on business planning, growth, as well as management improvement.


Q4. What is the future of Business Analytics?

After pursuing your desired program from one of the business analytics courses in Sharjah, Graduates who want to advance in their careers should be able to innovate and adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape. Candidates can plan for leadership roles that require technical knowledge, critical thinking, and decision-making skills to predict the best course of action for an organization by focusing on analytics. Winning an advanced degree can provide a competitive advantage for those interested in shaping the future of business analytics.


Conclusion On Business Analytics Courses in Sharjah

In today’s fast-paced environment of data overload, business analytics careers are critical. Business analytics professionals all over the world are using systematic techniques to collect significant data for businesses across an array of industries. These professionals play an important role in driving organizational success because they are involved in all aspects of business judgment.

Business analysts who are skilled in data analysis have a significant impact on the direction of a company. You will learn how to use these tools and complete projects that correspond to the real-world activities you will have to perform as a business analyst if you register in either of the business analytics courses in Sharjah described in this article. This allows you to put your skills to the test and build a portfolio of work to show recruiters.

Students studying business analytics learn skills that are applicable and valuable in a variety of industries. Employers in the commercial, government, nonprofit, service, and manufacturing sectors are all looking for people who are data literate. Consequently, business analytics professionals may explore options in a variety of fields.

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