10 Best Business Analytics Courses in Dublin

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10 Best Business Analytics Courses in Dublin

While surfing for business analytics courses in Dublin on the Internet, the question that surely comes to one’s mind is that “what is the meaning of the term business analytics?”. This article will solve all your queries regarding this. In this contemporary world of extensive digitalization, business analytics is the main strategical point of any business organization. Thus, the need for business analysts is tremendously increasing in the job market. 


List of best business analytics courses in Dublin


A business analyst plays a significant role in any business organization. A business analyst solves problems in a business enterprise with data–driven decision-making. Those professionals who opt for this job are the most highly paid ones in the current business scenario.

A person who is interested in this job will find this article to be useful as he/she will find many certification courses here. A certification course is very helpful as the recruiters choose applicants with a certificate.


What is the Job of a Business Analyst?

The main area any business analyst has to focus on is the business enterprise’s weak points. That is the exact area where the business organization shows inefficiency and has to improve. A positive aspect that any business analyst should have is great team spirit, skills to incorporate him/her into a team, great communication skills to work as a team, and acceptance to welcome wholeheartedly, the ideas of other team members.

A business analyst acts as a bridge between the other team members and the intricacies of technological data. First of all, a business analyst should understand the main objectives and motives of the organization he/she is working for.

He/she should try to comprehend the client’s requirements as well and should help the other team members with his/her problem-solving techniques. A perfect business analyst will try to convert the data into an understandable visual format.


Topics Covered Generally in Any Business Analytics Course

While going through the courses in business analytics, make sure that the below–mentioned topics are included in the modules covered in the course you choose.


  • Analyzing and solving business problems

One should analyze a problem in the business organization before finding the solution to it.


  • Business Analytics

This study includes a briefing about what business analytics is and the core of what the student is studying.


  • Statistics Foundation

Statistical knowledge and techniques and application of probability are briefly introduced in the business context.


  • Data Structure and Algorithm

The data structure is the location where the data is stored and the algorithm is the steps to solve a particular problem.


  • Data Visualisation

The graphical interpretation and visualization of data are taught through data visualization tools like charts, graphs, and maps.


  • Decision-making skills

Identifying a business problem forms the core of this course. Seeing information about those problems of the same kind, and monitoring and evaluating them through practical sessions are also important.


  • Marketing Analytics

This is about managerial decisions and marketing strategy. Key business and technical skills are also very important aspects of this course.


Are you a person dreaming of becoming a business analyst who is living in Dublin or do you wish to move to Dublin? Are you good at teamwork? Can you decrypt data and understand its meaning of it properly? Do you have good analytical skills?

Are you good at working in Microsoft Excel? Do you have good negotiation skills? Are you good at communication or do you have good communication skills? Then you surely have the skills. The next part of this article might help you to find a good course that suits your other requirements.


Top Business Analytics Courses in Dublin

One will be a master after taking up business analytics courses in Dublin. The universities with business analytics courses in Dublin focus on teaching the students with practical sessions and tools. The students will be in touch with the corporate world. The student’s technical and analytical abilities will be improved to a great extent.

All of the students will be made fit to work in prominent Irish firms. Most of the universities in Ireland or the capital city, Dublin, have BSc or MSc courses in business analytics. So, the students can either opt for degree courses or short-term courses which are also available online. The list of some of the courses is mentioned below.


1. Technical University Dublin

Course Name: Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics


Course Details: This is a bachelor’s degree business analytics course. Therefore, the course duration is four years. There are a limited number of students in a class in order to increase individual attention. Any student whose mother tongue is not English should provide evidence of his/her English proficiency.

Applicants to this course should present with a minimum IELTS (Academic Version) English proficiency of 6 overall or equivalent. This institute focuses on making the student solve business managerial problems.

By studying this course, one will equip him or her with minimum data skills to extract, analyze, organize, and present data and mentor the way of one’s team to the best business decisions.


Syllabus Covered in Business Analytics Courses in Dublin

A wide area is covered during the entire time period of this course. In this, the following areas of study are also covered along with many other modules.


Year One

  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Statistics
  • Technology Fundamentals


Year Two

  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Data Concepts
  • Project Management
  • Simulation for Business Analytics


Year Three

  • Dynamic Programming Languages
  • Business Decision Making
  • Business Intelligence
  • Work Placement


Year 4

  • Final Year Project
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Software Development for Data Acquisition
  • Strategic Management


You also get

  • The chance to study abroad for the course duration of a semester in a partner university in year 3.
  • The option to study master’s in any prestigious institution including Technical University Dublin after graduation.


Course Fee: 13,500€


2. Wharton Online

This online institute claims that it makes world-class business education accessible to the whole world. This is an institute with high standards. It equips the learners to advance their careers. This institution has a network of business leaders around the globe to its credit. The Wharton School, affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania, was founded in 1881.


Course Name:  Business Analytics Specialization

Course Details: This course ensures that the students learn about data analytics, and business decisions and develop business decision-making skills, and enable them with an analytical mindset. Those with no prior knowledge of business and data analytics are also welcomed wholeheartedly in this institution. There are 5 courses, each with a duration of 4 weeks included in this course. Altogether, this course will take six months to finish.


Syllabus Covered in Business Analytics Courses in Dublin

Along with the modules covered, one will be an expert in the following areas too.

  • Customer Analytics
  • Business Analytics
  • Decision Making
  • Predicative Analytics
  • Marketing Performance


You also get

  • Certificate upon completion
  • Videos with subtitles in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Mongolian languages.

Course Fee: $79/course


3. Learnbay

This is an institute that has collaboration with IBM. The mission itself of this institute is to safeguard its students’ careers. This institute makes sure that all of its students have successful careers. In this institute, students without prior technological knowledge are admitted. It also ensures a “personalized learning experience”.


Course Name: Business Analytics Certification Course for Professionals

Course Details: This is an online training based on real-time projects. Live data from companies like J.P.Morgan, HDFC, etc., are made available to the students. There are more courses available in business analytics. One can choose the course accordingly. The course duration is 200+ hours.


Main Portions Covered in Business Analytics Courses in Dublin

  • Python for Data Science
  • Statistics
  • Data Science Course Tools
  • Essential Tools


You also get

  • A certificate recognized by IBM
  • Extra doubt-clearing sessions


Course Fee: Rs 750,000 + 18% GST


4. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College is part of an independent charity founded in the Republic of Ireland. The alumni of this foundation ensure that this university is a leading internationally recognized one. This university has many short-term, bachelor’s as well as master’s degree courses in several disciplines including business analytics. One such short-term course is detailed below.


Course Name: Leading with Business Analytics and Big Data-Micro-Credential

Course Details: This business analytics course is set up in such a way that business innovators or data engineers who strive to illuminate their careers by taking up management roles get a brilliant start through extensive knowledge of business and data analytics concepts.

The training is done through practical examples. The students are given knowledge about the technology behind Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. There is a requirement of a minimum IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL IBT 90 for non-native English speakers. The classes for Micro-Credential will be delivered online. The course duration is 8 half days. The course can be rated as one of the top business analytics courses in Dublin.


Syllabus Covered in Business Analytics Courses in Dublin

This covers a wide range of topics such as the development and management of data, predictive analytics, data sources, automation of business processes, etc.

  • Data Analytics Strategy
  • Business Analytics
  • Big Data Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence


You also get

  • Admission without a degree if you have a proven managerial track record
  • Better communication skills in terms of business innovation


5. National College of Ireland

This institute, the National College of Ireland is under the NCI Foundation. There are many plus points for this institution. The greatest of those is the highly relevant courses it offers. The small class sizes and experienced faculties are the strengths of this modern city-center campus.

The details of the course that this institute offers are given below. As Dublin is the National capital of Ireland, this college is included in this section of business analytics courses in Dublin.


Course Name: Certificate in Business Analysis

Course Details: The duration of this short-term course is six months. This certificate course has been developed in connection with the Business Analysts Association of Ireland. Both online and offline classes are available. This course is meant for those in the field looking for a certification course, freelance business consultants, and freshers who aspire to own a career in this field.

Hence, applicants with degrees in other disciplines should have a primary level 7 degree or proven work experience in this area to join this business analytics course.


Syllabus Covered

This course has three modules that cover vast areas.

  • Communication Dynamics
  • Business Management
  • Business System Analysis


Course Fee: 3,300€


Also Check:


6. Simpiliearn

In its own words, this institute is the world’s #1 online boot camp. It is the best training and certification provider. This online institute shapes its student to shine brightly in their career. This institution was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco.

The training and boot camps are led by top universities and corporations. This institute is a proven career success guru. There are many courses that this institute offers. Here, the details of one of the courses are detailed below. For more details, check out the website.


Course Name: Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP)

Course Details: This is a Tableau Certification Course that helps its students to master Tableau Desktop, a worldwide recognized and utilized visualization and business tool. A brief of the modules covered in this course is given below. The course duration is 56 hours.


Syllabus Covered

  • Introduction to Data Visualisation and Tableau
  • Metadata
  • Structuring Data in Tableau
  • Visual Analytics
  • Arithmetic Logical LOD Calculations


You also get

  • Lifetime access to self-paced learning
  • Four real-time Industry Projects
  • 24*7 learning support

Course Fee: Rs 27,000/-


7. Dublin Coding School

The Courses that are offered by this institute are designed for the students to get placed in the Irish tech jobs scenario. This institute Caters to those students who are looking for new job opportunities in the field of IT. A dedicated Career Centre works hard for the students to get placed. The course that this institute offers is detailed below.


Course Name: Data Analytics Course

Course Details: This course is modeled for those students who are planning to change their careers to Data Analyst or Business Intelligence Analyst. The is a 75-hour course. The course duration is 8 weeks which covers 25 sessions. The classes are scheduled for 3 times per week.


Syllabus Covered

  • Database Structure
  • Types of Data
  • Tableau/Power BI
  • Python and Introduction to Statistical Analysis
  • Preparation and Presentation of the Final Projects


You also get

1:1 Tuition

  • Flexible payment options where you get a discount of 10% While paying the entire fee all at once, 15% to all the school’s graduates, and 10% if you recommend this institution to a friend.
  • Expert training


Course Fee: 1450€


8. IntelliPaat

This is an online institute with world-class trainers. This is more like an online professional training coach. The student can opt for a 1:1 trainer also. Its programs or courses take place in collaboration with top universities and MNCs.


Course Name: Business Analyst Course in Ireland/Dublin

Course Details: The student is trained to take up a job in the business industry in Ireland where business analyst job vacancies are 400+ in number. You will undergo 130 hours of instructor-led training and you will get 120 hours of self-paced videos. You will have projects and exercises. There is a no-cost EMI option.


Syllabus Covered

The syllabus covers a vast area.

  • MS Excel and Data Visualisation
  • SQL for Business Analytics
  • MS Excel for Business Analytics
  • Methodologies for Project Management
  • Machine Learning for Business
  • Data Analysis with Python


You also get

  • Practice Essential Tools
  • Real-world Experience
  • Peer-group Learning
  • A good learning experience in business analytics in Ireland/Dublin through online studies.

Course Fee: Rs 75012/-


9. Galway Business School

This is one of the best university colleges in Ireland. This institution responds quickly to the needs and changes of its students. It was set up in the year 1999 with a motive to cater to its students with the best business and related full and part-time programs for both native and international students. This institute supports students in their lifelong learning journey. This institute is highly updated regarding the business world.


Course Name: Business Data Analysis

Course Details: This course focuses on applying data analysis in a business environment. Channels such as marketing, digital marketing, sales, human resources, customer relationship management, finance, and research and management are closely analyzed. The duration of this course is one semester. The mode of study is full-time, part-time, evening, or online. As mentioned before, this institute comes under the category of business analytics courses in Dublin.


Syllabus Covered

  • Appropriate Software Tools and Instruments Required for Business Analysis
  • Quantitative and Statistical Methodologies
  • The Study of Data Analysis with Charts and Graphs
  • Study of How Data is Created, Stored, Accessed
  • The Working of a Business Organisation with Data


You also get

  • Knowledge about the practical application
  • Bachelor of Business level 7 degree
  • A certificate that is equally good when compared to that of the business analytics courses in Dublin.


10. Maynooth University

This university is ranked #1 in Ireland in Times Higher England (THE). This is an internationally recognized university and is located 25 km outside of Dublin.


Course Name: MSc in Business Analytics

Course Details: This is a post-graduation course for students with a bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline. The course duration is twelve months. Even though the university is on the outskirts of Dublin, it is one of the best business analytics courses in Dublin.


Syllabus Covered

This is intensive coaching. It focuses on real-time experiences. Totally, there are 8 modules which are listed below.

  • Principles of Business Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Analytics Live
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Contemporary Issues in IT
  • People, Organisations and Society
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Evidence-Based Management


You also get

  • Distinctive capability to understand business analytics
  • Coaching in one’s own career planning
  • The preparatory autumn school prepares students from different knowledge levels to have an introductory knowledge of business, data, math, and statistics.


Eligibility Criteria

All the institutions mentioned above which are located in Dublin or Ireland demand the applicants apply with a bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline. Along with that, the students who are non-native speakers of the English language are required to present themselves with a minimum IELTS (Academic Version) English proficiency of 6 overall or equivalent. The online certification courses require a minimum qualification of Plus Two. Still, it is better to opt for this course with a basic knowledge of a bachelor’s degree as a step closer to reaching heights in one’s career.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does business analytics have high demand in Ireland?

This particular course has great demand in Ireland. Region-wise, Ireland is in the second position in the need for business analysts. The course and jobs related to this field are in high demand in Ireland which makes it the best course to opt for if you are an immigrant or resident of Ireland.


  • What is the salary of a fresher who completed business analytics courses in Dublin?

The salary at a beginner level starts from 42,500€ per year and that of a senior employee ranges from 65,000€ per year.


  • What are the three types of business analytics?

The first one is descriptive analytics which is about what has already happened in business, predictive analytics which as the name itself suggests what could happen in business, and prescriptive analytics which is about the future of business.


  • Is business analytics easy to learn?

Nothing is too easy or too difficult. Likewise, there is a wide area of topics one has to master to become an expert business analyst. Therefore, learning the best business analytics course is the best idea.


  • Can a person with less technical knowledge study business analytics?

As the key skills related to this area are remotely connected to programming, a person with less technical knowledge can surely learn this course, but meanwhile trying to be a little technologically aware person will increase one’s demand in the field.


Let’s Conclude

While reading this whole article it can be clearly understood that the course mentioned is of great value in Ireland’s capital, Dublin. Anyone who chooses to master this course will never stay unemployed in Ireland as the job opportunities in this field in the whole nation of Ireland are comparatively very high and stand at a global level. So, without a second thought, one can enroll for this course depending on the particular mode of study which is comfortable for you and pave the stones for your bright career.

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