Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Delhi With Placement

If you are determined to be an investment banker then you need professional training with the best-certified institutions and educators. Delhi, India’s capital territory is never going to let you down. Read this article to know more about this field so that you can decide to pursue this as your career. In this article, we will try to cover all details about the investment banking such as what is investment banking, whether is it a challenging course, what are the significance of investment banking courses in Delhi, what factors that help you to choose this course and what skills and qualities do you need to become an investment banker.

List of best investment banking courses in Delhi

What is Investment Banking?

A division of financial companies called “investment banking” comes up with new debt and security instruments, supervises IPO procedures, guides mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and aids in the facilitation of high-value investments by investors and banks.

Businesses and investors are brought together by investment banks, who assume the associated risks and serve as a mediator for both parties. Due to the long-established reputation they have built, it helps the firm in raising finance by attracting investment.

The types of investment banks such as middle market, boutique market, or bulge bracket, differ in the service they provide to clients.

There are two sides to investment banks: to buy and to sell.

  • Buy-side – is the area of the financial market that purchases and invests substantial amounts of securities to manage money or funds.
  • The sell side – is the other area of the financial market, which deals with the development, marketing, and public sale of traded securities.

Investment banks also help an organization or an institution decide where and how they are going to invest their funds.

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4 Types of Investment Banking:

1. Bulge Bracket Investment Banks – Only the largest institutional investors, corporations, and governments receive services from the bulge bracket banks. Companies such as Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Chase, etc, come under it. They generally get into deals of more than $1 billion. The offices of the Bulge Bracket Investment Banks are in big cities around the world but you will not find them in small cities.

2. Elite Boutique Investment Banks – These are high-paying investments. They give higher salaries as compared to bulge bracket investment banks which have the highest brand value. You can find these banks even in small cities, unlike bulge-bracket investment banks. Their deal size is between $ 500 million to $1 billion. Companies like Evercore Group LLC, Lazard Ltd, Moelis & Company, and PJT Partners Inc. are Elite Boutique Investment Banks.

3. Regional Boutique Investment Banks – As the name suggests, they work mainly in a particular location. They do not work for clients or companies who fall outside their specified area. Their deal size is not more than $ 10 million. Centerview Partners, William Blair L Company, Piper Sandler, Qatalyst Partners, and Jefferies Group fall under this category.

4. Middle-Market Investment Banks – These banks are also known as i-banks. These investment institutions work exclusively for mid-market customers and acquisitions transactions. They provide services to private mid-market organizations. Their deal size is between $ 5 million to $ 500 million. Bank of America, Baird, Peakstone Group, Lincoln International, Stifel, etc, work as middle-market investment banks.

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Is It a Challenging and Rewarding Career?

The answer is Yes. A career in investment banking has a lot of opportunities for professional advancement and financial success. Working with organizations, companies, and people to assist them in raising funds through the issuance of securities is a part of this profession.

It is a very attractive career option because the demand for professionals or qualified experts in this field is constantly growing. This work is challenging mainly because it necessitates extensive analytical and strategic thinking and also needs the capacity to work under time constraints and strict directives.

In contrast, investment bankers can also receive large incentives based on the subjects of the projects that they work on. The fascinating, dynamic, and exciting nature of the work is another reason that makes investment banking so appealing.

For individuals seeking a demanding and satisfying career in the financial sector, investment banking is a great choice. Anyone can become successful in this interesting field with the right skills and education.

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Significance of Investment Banking Courses in Delhi

One of the most demanding career opportunities in the finance sector is investment banking. In this highly competitive field, you need some skills to grow like a good understanding of financial markets, powerful analytical talents, and strong communication. You can get the information and abilities required to succeed in this field through these courses in Delhi.

Gaining exposure to the most recent business trends and practices is one of the main benefits of enrolling in this investment banking course. You should always be aware of the most recent developments which is essential to succeed in the world of investment banking because it is a sector that is continuously changing.

Finally, you can gain access to a large network of business people by taking this course. These courses are often taught by investment bankers who have years of teaching experience in this field. You can develop crucial relationships that will benefit you in your career by taking advice from these experts and networking with other students.

In conclusion, whether you are a student of finance, a business owner or an investor who wants to work in this fiercely competitive industry must take investment banking courses in Delhi. You may put yourself in the best possible position for an effective career in investment banking by being familiar with the most recent business trends, acquiring real-world experience, and making vital connections.

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Factors That Help You to Choose Investment Banking Courses in Delhi

If you want to enroll in this course, then you should be sure of certain things that help you decide which one is better. Here are some important factors to take into account while choosing investment banking courses in Delhi.

  • Curriculum: Find a course that covers all the important aspects of investment banking, such as financial modeling, valuation, M&A, and other topics. A comprehensive understanding of the industry and its many functions should also be included in the training program.
  • Faculty: A significant impact on the course quality depends upon the quality of the faculty. Look for instructors who have experience in investment banking or a comparable industry to teach your courses.
  • Teaching Method: Teachers should use an interesting and productive teaching strategy. If you want to gain practical experience, look for courses that include case studies, group projects, and realistic simulations.
  • Reputation: In a competitive job market, a course with a good reputation within the industry can help you stand out. Consider taking courses that have a track record of placing students in prestigious investment banking organizations.
  • Support: Last but not least, look for courses that provide support beyond the classroom such as networking opportunities, career counseling, and mentorship programs.

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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses in Delhi

A strong educational foundation and specialized skills are necessary for success in the highly competitive industry of investment banking. As India’s financial hub, Delhi provides a wide range of investment banking courses to assist aspiring candidates in developing the abilities and knowledge to succeed in this sector. These top 5 investment banking courses in Delhi offer comprehensive training that can give you a competitive edge in the job market.



This is an era of speed and competition which goes along with technology. Stay upgraded or stay behind. Today success in your career depends on your professional skills which should be as per the market trends. Hence we all need to stay technologically upgraded.

IIM SKILLS is an online learning platform that offers skill development courses that help you enhance your professional skills which is a must to lead on a successful career path. IIM SKILLS offers a wide range of certified courses which have global recognition.


Among all their recommended courses investment banking course is one of the most ranking courses in the world. If you are Delhi-based and looking for the best investment banking courses in Delhi, then IIM SKILLS should be your top-notch choice.

They are globally recognized for offering the best online learning platforms for those who are seeking professional skill-enhancing courses.


In today’s times where time is everything, online platforms are the best that give flexible learning options, where one need not compromise or take a break from their current professional commitments or personal responsibilities for example a homemaker can benefit tremendously while managing her house responsibilities and can also focus on her career goals.

Investment banking courses in Delhi by IIM SKILLS is a 3-month course which is followed by a 1-month guaranteed internship and 100% job placements. This course is certified and has global recognition too.

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Their Investment Banking Course syllabus covers all the important topics and tools that are timely updated for better career growth. Also, the course fees are within budget with interest-free EMI payment options. Additional 10% discount for group registrations. IIM SKILLS also gives learning material with lifetime access and is free.

Apart From Top-ranking Courses in Investment Banking, Iim Skills is Also Recommended for a List of Other Courses Below:

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2. Imarticus Learning:

This leading institute offers a complete investment banking education covering important topics like financial modeling, valuation, and M&A. The course offers practical experience in situations found in everyday life and is taught by experienced teachers.

Topics Covered

Introduction to Investment Banking

  • Introduction to Financial Systems
  • Types of Financial Markets

Cash Equities and Fixed Income

  • Equity and Preference Shares
  • Depository Receipts
  • Yield to Maturity
  • Stock Exchange & Financial Centres
  • Bonds-Characteristics, Securitization & Types
  • Interest, Bond Price, and Yield

Foreign Exchange and Money Markets

  • Forex & Features of Forex
  • Difference Between Capital & Money Markets
  • Forex Future & Options
  • Instruments of Money Markets
  • Quotes and Trades
  • Money Market Basis
  • Market Participants

Derivative Markets

  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Credit Default Swap and Credit Events
  • Hedging and Speculation
  • Payoffs and Pricing
  • Forwards, Futures, and Options
  • Swaps and their Types
  • Job Readiness
  • Communication Skills
  • Resume-Building
  • Interview Preparation


Trade Life Cycle

Other Important Topics

  • Reference Data Management
  • Introduction & Role
  • Static Data & Dynamic Data
  • Securities Identification

Corporate Actions

  • Roles & Purpose of Corporate Action
  • Types of Corporate Action
  • Corporation Action Life

Asset Management

  • What is Asset Management
  • Mutual Funds & Hedge Funds
  • Roles & Activities


  • Definition & Types
  • Role in the Trade Life Cycle
  • Process, Risk & Integrity Framework

Introduction to ISDA

  • Role of ISBA
  • Architecture & Hierarchy
  • ISDA Master Agreement

Stock, Borrow & Lending

  • Basics of Stock, Borrow & Lending
  • Advantages & Disadvantages

Collateral Management

  • Fundamentals of Collateral
  • Participants, Process & Risk Management
  • Advantages & Disadvantages

Risk Management

  • Introduction to Risk
  • Market Risk & Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk

Course Name– Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

Duration– 150 hours

Fees– 1,40,000

Weekday & Weekend

Classroom & Online Training

Contact– Delhi (9953894060)

Email id[email protected]


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3. NSE Academy:

The securities markets, equities research, and mergers and acquisitions are some of the topics covered in the investment banking certification course covered by NSE Academy. The course can help candidates gain important practical knowledge in the industry and is also approved by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Course Modules

Term 1

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Essentials of Business Analytics
  • Marketing Management
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Information Technology for Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Communication

Term 2

  • Corporate Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • Business in Global Markets
  • Costing for Decision-Making
  • Marketing Research Methods
  • Social Relevant Project at NGO/Organization
  • Economics (micro+ macro)
  • Management Information System

Term 3

  • Investment Banking
  • Equity Research
  • Investment Advisory
  • Capital Market Organizations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Mutual Funds and Fixed Income Securities

Term 4

  • Computer Applications in Investment Banking
  • Credit Research
  • Financial Valuation and Modelling
  • Technical Analysis
  • Taxation and Money Laundering

Course Name– Post Graduate Certificate in Management in Investment Banking

Course Duration– 15 months

Fees– 5,90,000 payable in 5 installments

Contact– 9535007893

Email Id[email protected]


4. EduBridge:

The goal of this course is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills for handling the different tasks and duties that come with working in the Investment Banking industry, such as managing assets like stocks, debt, and other derivatives instruments, as well as changing security parameters.

The course is designed for both beginners and working professionals which makes a great learning environment.

Modules Covered

  • Investment Banking and Financial System
  • Cash Equities
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Money Markets
  • Derivatives- Forwards, Futures, Options, and Swaps
  • Corporate Actions & their Types
  • Excel and PowerPoint (IB)
  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Due Diligence
  • Reference Data Management
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Management- Mutual Funds, Fund Accounting

Curriculum for Employability Skills

  • Introduction to Employability Skills
  • Personality and professionalism
  • Presentation Skills and Impression Management
  • Team Work
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Ms- Office
  • Understanding the interview process

Course Name– Advanced Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations

Duration– 326 hours (online mode)

Fees– 69,000

Contact– 1800 120 1193

Email Id[email protected]


5. BSE Institute Limited:

A certificate program in global financial markets is offered by BSE Institute Limited and covers subjects like stock research, financial modeling, and investment banking. Candidates who want to build a strong foundation in finance and investment banking should take this course.

The students will learn how to create logically structured modules, activities, and real-world case studies as well as how to acquire the abilities necessary to succeed as an investment banker or financial analyst.


Financial Markets

  • Financial System
  • Equity
  • Investment Banking
  • Securitization
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Debt
  • Commodity Markets
  • Money Markets
  • Derivatives

Investment Banking

  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Reference Data Management
  • Corporate Actions
  • Reconciliations
  • Global Security Operations & Settlements
  • Asset Management
  • Collateral Management

Risk Management

  • Recovery & Resolution Plan
  • CCAR
  • Introduction to Regulators

Course Name– Certificate Program in Investment Banking Operations (online)

Duration– 7 months

Level– advanced

Contact– +1800229030

Email Id[email protected]


6. EduPristine:

This institute offers classroom training by experienced professionals and workshops (workshops on investment banking, stock research report writing, project finance, and online live training). They also cover mind maps, question banks, comprehensive study notes, and case studies.

The course is taught by professionals and offers practical experience about the situations found in everyday life.


Modules Covered

Module 1: Financial Modelling

  • Basics of MS Excel
  • Company and Project Valuation
  • Advance Excel Functions
  • MARCOS 1
  • MARCOS 2
  • Valuations and Modelling
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Accenture Case Study
  • Charting

Module 2: Chartered Financial Analyst

  • Ethical Professional Standards
  • Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Alternative Investments
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Fixed Income and Derivatives
  • Portfolio Management

Module 3

  • Data Visualization Process: Tableau
  • Calculation on Tableau
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Comparing Measures Against Goals

Module 4

  • Workshop on Equity Research and Report Writing
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Workshop on Project Finance
  • Workshop on Investment Banking

Course Name– certificate in investment banking

Duration– 100-200 hours

Contact – toll-free- 1800 200 5835

Email Id[email protected]

For a successful career in this industry, picking the best investment banking courses in Delhi is essential. These top investment banking courses in Delhi provide thorough instruction that will equip you with the abilities and information required to succeed in the field.


Details About the Curriculum and Faculty

Before selecting a course, you should carefully evaluate the course content and faculty information of each course that best suits your career goals. The quality of the course materials and the faculty’s expertise can have a big impact on your learning experience and the benefits you get from the course.

You should take into account aspects like the depth of the topics covered in investment banking, the usage of real-world case studies, and the caliber of the course materials. It is also very important that you should look for only those courses that offer experiential learning through simulations, projects, and internships.

The faculty details are also important, in addition to the course content. Look for courses where instructors are seasoned investment bankers or financial experts. Make sure they have a strong background in investment banking or other relevant industries.

Asking former participants in the program you are considering about their experiences is a smart move. When it comes to the caliber of the course material and the faculty’s competence, alumni frequently have insightful information to share.

In conclusion, spending the time to properly assess the course material and faculty details of investment banking courses in Delhi can help you make an informed decision and put you on the road to a prosperous career in investment banking.

Testimonials From Former Students

Reading reviews from former students might help you make better-informed decisions when thinking about taking an investment banking course. Testimonials can shed light on the caliber and efficacy of the course as well as the practicality of working with the provider.

Look for reviews that highlight the course’s elements that matter to you the most. For instance, search for testimonials that mention the hands-on experience the students gained if you’re seeking a course that is very practical and will prepare you for the reality of working in investment banking.

You may learn more about the degree of assistance and direction you can expect from your course provider by reading testimonials. You can also see if former students have expressed gratitude or not. Positive comments might comfort you that you also receive the same support throughout your career.

Take testimonies with a grain of salt and keep in mind how they fit into the course’s overall text. Do not believe in one or two negative comments but if you see several poor reviews then you should take time to think before enrolling for a course.


Comparing Courses on Various Parameters

It can be difficult to pick up the right investment banking courses in Delhi. With so many options available, picking the course that will provide the best time and financial value may be difficult. To make things easier, we have compared the 5 best investment banking courses based on various parameters.

  1. Course content: when selecting an investment banking course, the course content should be your top priority. Look for a course that includes all the important topics, such as financial modeling, valuation mergers and acquisitions, and equity research.
  2. Faculty: a course’s success or failure often depends on the faculty. Look for courses where the instructors are experienced investment bankers. They should be able to provide relevant advice and examples from actual situations.
  3. Course Duration: The duration of the course is also an important factor to consider. Look for short-term courses that offer a thorough understanding of investment banking.
  4. Course Fees: investment banking courses can be costly. Choose a course that fits your budget. Compare the fees of various courses and pick the one that offers the best value.
  5. Placement Assistance: A high-paying job is the ultimate objective of any education in investment banking.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Investment Banking Courses in Delhi

In conclusion, choosing the right course can be a difficult task. Always pick a course that helps you develop the necessary abilities and knowledge required for a prosperous career in investment banking. When making your choice, always keep in mind to take into account elements like course content, faculty experience, linkages to the industry, and success stories of previous students.

Reading online reviews, speaking with previous and current students, and attempting demo sessions are all effective ways to learn more. Continuous learning and hard work are required for a highly competitive sector.

You can give yourself a competitive edge and set yourself up for a high-flying career in this exciting business by selecting the appropriate education. So, spend some time making sensible decisions and start investing in your future prosperity today!

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Investment Banking Courses in Delhi

1. Which course is best for Investment Banking?

In the world of finance, investment banking is a particularly well-liked concentration. Many graduates and seasoned professionals want to work in investment banking. Despite, the fact that there is no specific course for investment banking, an MBA in finance is the most popular route.

2. What is an Investment Banking course?

In this course, you will learn everything there to know about investment banking, from its definition and goals to the many types of investment banks, and the trading cycle. Raising funds for business, government and other organizations is the responsibility of the banking division known as investment banking.

3. What is the certificate in Investment Banking Courses?

Investment Banking courses teach students about stock valuation, financial capital, and financial markets. There are certification programs and full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degrees available in investment banking.

4. Which institute is the best for Investment Banking courses in India?

In India, numerous institutions provide investment banking courses. You should check everything that is discussed in this article before applying for the course.

Conclusion: Investment Banking Courses in Delhi

We hope you enjoyed our article about the investment banking courses in Delhi that are required for your high-flying career. Above mentioned courses are among the best in Delhi which will provide you with a strong foundation for a successful career. These courses are worthwhile to take into account whether you are a student or a working person wishing to improve your abilities. We wish you nothing but success in Investment Banking. All the best!