Top 10 Investment Banking Courses In The UAE

Investment banking is one of the segments in the financial industry wherein it provides various investment and financial services which include raising money for both private and public companies through selling stocks/bonds of companies, and the government to accumulate capital for funding of projects. Investment banking activities involve issue of bonds or raise of capital through Initial Public Offerings (IPO). Investment banking plays a pivotal role in the growth of the economy. Below in the article, we shall find the list of best investment banking courses in the UAE.


Being an investment banker, you act as a liaison (middleman) between the companies’ wanting funds and investors who have the funds to invest and will also provide support throughout the sales processes.

Compared to other banking activities, investment banking transactions happen in huge volume in which client uses the money either for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or for issuing Initial Public Offering (IPOs). Through Investment banking, the economy grows and can hire more workforce for jobs, which leads to more cash inflow happening, and purchasing power increases that accelerate the wealth of the nation.

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Scope of Investment Banking in The United Arab Emirates

UAE is witnessing tremendous growth in all sectors, especially the finance sector. Many investors are showing interest to invest in UAE because of –

UAE’s Strong Financial Policies

The transparent and investor-friendly financial policies embark on more business investing opportunities and all other sectors mutually benefit from it. In recent times the UAE allocated a golden visa scheme to attract local as well as foreign investors. Such wise financial policies boost the economy. Moreover, the free trade policy, low tax rate, and zero income tax attract many investors in different sectors of the economy in the UAE.

Geographic Location

The UAE is considered a global financial hub mainly because of its prime location and productive and diversified human resources. There is an increase in the cross-border partnership which attracts investors to invest in business in the UAE. UAE has a top-notch infrastructure that helps in trade and investment.

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Presence of Multinational Companies

Many big players have set up their companies in the UAE which generates more investment opportunities, and job opportunities eventually high net-worth investments can be attracted, and opportunities are created in the investment banking sector.

According to the Fitch Ratings, the UAE banks performed well and gave strong performances till September 2023 and are expected to remain stable. The Russia- Ukraine war led to the growth in the expatriate population money transfers and new business investments in the UAE.

Investment Banking from Job Perspective in the UAE

Investment banking is a challenging sector in the United Arab Emirates. There is a high demand for banking talent in the UAE at present. This is a kind of job where you must work under pressure to meet deadlines and at the same time ensure a lucrative salary.

There has been a significant increase in demand for investment bankers. As an investment banker, you will have to handle high-profile clients both nationals and foreigners, and will be involved in various stages of deals from execution to closure and negotiation to mergers to acquisition. You are eligible to work in a job profile as an Investment Banking Associate, Investment Banking Consultant, Banking Relationship Manager, and more in your professional life.

If you are a person who possesses strong analytical and strategic skills, then a career as an investor banker is safe in your hands. If you are passionate about starting a career in Investment banking but a certification is what you lack, you can find the universities/ institutes that provide you with Investment Banking courses In the UAE from this article.

Certain big companies in the UAE also provides internship opportunity for students in the investment banking sector. Students who are looking for a finance career can consider this as a great foundation for their future professional life.

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Need to do Investment Banking Courses in the UAE

As an investment banker one needs to have planning, budgeting, and forecasting skills. If you are unsure whether you have those skills or if you want to learn these skills or if you want to go over those skills then in the UAE, you have various institutions that offer Investment banking courses in the UAE.

Financial models are widely used in investment banking. If you are good in quantitative techniques and looking for an opportunity in Investment banking, then pursuing Investment Banking courses in the UAE is an apt way to start your career.

After completing an Investment Banking Course, you will have an awareness of the challenges you have to face as an investment banker which will help in your future journey in Investment banking career.

List Of Few More Investment Banking Courses You Must Check:


TOP 10 Investment Banking Courses in The UAE



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading online educators that provide certification courses in Finance, Marketing Analytics, and many other sectors. IIM SKILLS provides one of the top Investment Banking Courses in the UAE, which is a 3-month certified course.

The course provides you with an Internship after the course completion which gives you hands-on practical experience and you will be able to deal with real-life investment banker challenges and learn to successfully overcome it.


Course Name- Certified Investment Banking Master Course

Duration-3 months

Mode of Study- Online

Admission- Open

Entry Requirements-

  • BBA, Business, or a related background as a bachelor’s degree
  • A strong aptitude for working in the investment banking sector
  • Basic understanding of statistics and finance

Internship – Yes (1 month, in-house)

Placement Assistance- Yes

Certificate- Yes


Course Contents-

Module 1 Microsoft PowerPoint
Module 2Microsoft Excel
Module 3Fundamentals of Financial System and Market
Module 4Derivatives Market
Module 5Technicals Of Investment Banking
Module 6 Different marketing Collaterals
Module 7 Technicals of Financial Modeling
Module 8Business Valuation

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Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]


2. Global Business Studies

GBS has the Global Investment Banking Analyst Programme which is aimed at beginners for a successful start in investment banking. They have a well-structured study plan that ensures skill development in communication, teamwork, and analysis. This is a four-week program that gives you an overall insight into how the investment banking industry works with a special focus on financial modeling, valuation, and statement analysis.

Admission –

The intake is in October, January, March, and June. Classes are on weekdays/weekends/evenings.

Duration of the course – 4 weeks

Certificate- Yes

Mode of study- Offline

English Language Requirement – No

Entry Requirements – A bachelor’s degree in Finance

Internship – No

Placement Assistance- No

Course Structure-

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3Week 4
Overview of Global Investment BankingIntroduction to Valuation, Trading Comparative Valuation, Financial Modeling of Trading CompaniesFinancial Modeling and Discounted Cash FlowFinancial Modeling, M&A,

Calculation of Transaction Premium,

Leveraged Management Buyout (LBO)


Financial Statement AnalysisPractical application of Valuation on four public  stock exchange listed companies and one private companyInvestment Banking and Financial Modeling on LSE, NASDAQ, and NYSE  listed companies.

Accounting Procedures in Microsoft Excel

Presentation of the board on the investment Banking Transaction
Financial Statement Analysis of (LSE, NYSE and NASDAQ) listed companiesDiscussionsPractical Application on two NSYE-listed companies two LSE-listed companies and one private companyDiscussions
Global Investment Banking Process and Style Module
Application on one London Stock Exchange (LSE) listed company and one private (non-public) company

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3. United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)

The UAEU is a public university in Al-Ain, that secures a world ranking of 290 (based on QS rankings for the year 2024) and is consistently in the top position regarding job placements after successful course completion.

UAEU’s bachelor’s program in Finance and Banking offers a detailed curriculum on investment banking courses in the UAE. Upon the successful completion of the studies, you will be able to get a clear awareness of investment analysis, risk analysis, and various strategies to apply as an investment banker.

Course Duration- 4 years

Admission- Deadline is on November 30, 2023

Mode of Study- Offline

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of high school certificate or equivalent, no more than one year before applying.
  • English Proficiency Test – Yes
       5.5     525       70         194
  • Internship – Yes
  • Placement Assistance- Yes

Course Curriculum:

Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
Principles of MicroeconomicsBusiness FinanceFinancial Institutions and Risk ManagementStrategic Management
Emirates StudiesFoundation of MIS& TechnologiesElectiveElective
Calculus for Business and EconomicsSupply Chain Management & OperationsElectiveElective
Academic English for BusinessElectiveBusiness LawElective
Islamic CultureFourth Industrial RevolutionElectiveSustainability
Principles of Financial AccountingMoney and BankingInternational FinanceInternship
Principles of MacroeconomicsBusiness Writing In EnglishFinancial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation
Fundamentals of ManagementCorporate FinanceDerivatives Securities
Statistics for BusinessPrinciples of MarketingFundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Principles of Professional EthicsElectiveElective

The United Arab Emirates University also has a graduate Investment Banking course, that aims to help students to build networks as future investments. Throughout the Investment banking course, you will be introduced to various business management tools that will help in the quick decision-making process as an investment banker.

This master’s program in business administration makes use of technology-driven quantitative and qualitative research methodologies which will enable you to overcome shortcomings in your investment banking career.

Course Duration- 1.5 years

Admission- The application deadline is on November 15, 2023

Mode of Study- Offline


Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree (Any Major)
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.0
  • A minimum of 3 years of work experience
  • English Proficiency Test
        6     550     79     213

Course Contents

Semester 1

Economics for Management

Accounting and Finance for Decision Making

IT for Strategy and Management

Marketing Management and Metrics in the Digital Era

Semester 2

Sustainability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Strategic Management in Action

Applied Corporate Finance


Semester 3


Semester 4

Capstone Projects



4. University of Sharjah

University of Sharjah (UOS) is one of the leading private Universities in the United Arab Emirates which is ranked 465 (QS World University Ranking 2024). UOS has a diversified course in investment banking where you will be able to secure an internationally accredited degree and kick-start a career as an investment banker.

The University of Sharjah offers both undergraduate and postgraduate Investment Banking courses in the UAE, in which you will earn knowledge about investment banking.

Investment Banking course is offered by UOS as a Bachelor of Science in Finance – an undergraduate program of 4 years. Their syllabus is so structured that there is no looking back after the successful course study, you will get to learn about financial analysis, planning, and budgeting which is a part of investment banking through the course.

Duration- 4 years

Mode of Study- Offline, regular

Intake- Fall and Spring.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of secondary education or an equivalent level with the required average no earlier than three years before joining the University.
  • The applicant should have graduated from a school licensed and recognized by the Ministry of Education in the UAE and must submit a certified copy of the secondary school certificates or its equivalent, with a grade script certified by the school and the Ministry of Education or the Education Zone in the UAE.

Internship – Yes

Placement Assistance- Yes

Core Courses –

Corporate Finance
Investment Analysis
Banking Operations Management
Risk Management
International Finance Management
Financial Markets and Institutions
Seminar in Finance and Banking

The University of Sharjah offers an Investment Banking course for a master’s in business administration which has a study mode of full term as well as a part term which takes 2 years and 4 years respectively for the completion of the course.

The main aim of this course is to get theoretical and practical insights into the world of finance which includes investment banking. This course helps you to build the core skills and strengths needed for an investment banker. Their study plan is well structured so that once you finish the course you will develop the interpersonal and professional skills for the Investment banking career.

Duration- 2 -4 years

Mode of study- Offline, Regular and Part-time

Intake- Admissions are open.


Entry Requirements

  • The student must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a recognized university with a CGPA of 3.00 out of 4.00. Students with a CGPA between 2.5 and 2.99 may be admitted conditionally.
  • The degree must be in a major that qualifies the student to study the master’s program.
  • English Language Proficiency Test.
 1400       550             6

Internship – Yes

Placement Assistance- Yes

Core Course Details-

Accounting For Managerial Decisions
Managing Operations
Applied Corporate Finance
Leadership and Organization Behaviour
Managing Strategy
Marketing Management
Research Methods in Statistics


5. Golden Masters for Training and Consultancy

This Investment Banking Course is structured and designed to provide practical knowledge of Investment Banking processes and procedures. Golden Masters is very well known for providing top-notch training and workshops in various fields of study.

The Investment Banking course by Golden Masters is the study of technical, theoretical, and managerial practices in Investment Banking.

Course Name- Investment Banking

Duration – 5 Days

Certificate – Yes

Internship – No

Placement Assistance- Yes

Course Contents-

Day 1Overview of Capital Markets and Investment Banking

Balance Sheet Analysis

Product Overview

Introduction to Bonds


Day 2Introduction to IPO and Equity Markets

Valuation Triangulation

Cash Flow Approaches based Valuation



Day 3Valuation Techniques Using Multiples

M&A Processes

Valuing the Acquisition and Deal Structuring

Day 4LBO

Economics of LBO and its structure

Day 5Acquisition of Finance Structures

Private Equity Fund Managers

Mezzanine and Non-Senior Debt Financing


6. Udemy

Udemy is one of the leading online education service providers that provides investment banking courses in the UAE. Udemy helps you to complete the course at your own pace. You can choose the course according to your knowledge and experience level and even the language of study can also be opted for in Udemy.

Classes are provided by industry experts and your courses can be selected based on reviews and ratings. The top-rated Investment Banking Courses in the UAE by Udemy is the complete investment banking course which is specifically designed for beginners. They cover the latest trends in investment banking.

Course Name- Complete Investment Banking Course

Duration- 13.5 hours (self-paced)

Certification- Yes

Internship – No

Placement Assistance – No

Course Contents-

Section 1Investment Banking and its Services
Section 2Capital Markets
Trading and Brokerage
Asset Management
Section 3Strategies in Investment Banking
Section 4Equity Capital Markets
IPO, Technical Details of IPO Pricing
IPO share Allocation
Case Study on IPO
Section 5Debt Capital Markets
Bonds and their types
Project Finance
Section 6M&A- Private Deals, Auctions
M&A of Listed Companies
Section 7Restructuring
Prioritization of Restructuring Efforts
Section 8Trading and Brokerage
Types of securities Traded
Section 9Asset Management
Private Equity Funds
Section 10Company Valuation- Detailed Study
DCF, Enterprise Vale, and Equity Value Calculation
Section 11Financial Modeling
Forecasting P&L and Balance Sheet
Section 12LBO
Case Study


 7. eDX 

eDX is a prominent player in online education services. They offer online investment banking courses In the UAE for the advancement of a career in Investment banking. The eDX’s sought-after course in Investment Banking in the UAE is the course offered by the New York Institute of Finance.

This course lays a strong foundation on Investment Banking and aids you to start a career in Finance. The course is instructed by professionals from Wall Street, and they guide you with the knowledge and enhance your skills needed as an Investor Banker.

Course Name- Professional Certificate in Introduction to Investment Banking

Duration- 5 months, self-paced

Certificate- Yes

Internship – No

Placement Assistance- No

Course Contents-

Career Skills Needed as an Investment Banker
Fundamentals of Financial Mathematics and Capital Budgeting
Overview of M&A- Concepts and Theories
M&A structuring and deal


8. London Business School ( Dubai Campus)

London Business School is one of the elite business schools in the world. The LBS offers investment banking courses in the UAE  for working professionals. The program aims to provide better leverage to the career by using their fullest potential with the highly detailed and innovative study plan.

The investment banking courses in the UAE with London Business School give you insight on strategic management and ways to execute it, decision and risk analysis, and wide electives with ample case studies and practical exposure which gives you the strong backing to brighten your career as an Investment Banker.

You will be exposed to financial models with the help of financial technological services which benefits investment banking.

Course Name- Executive MBA

Duration- 20 months

Mode of Study- Regular

Intake-  January 2024.

Entry Requirements

  • Submission of CV of Reviewing
  • You should be able to demonstrate experience in the management of projects, budgets, processes, or people over a sustained period.

Course Contents-

Corporate Finance
Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
Data Analytics for Managers
Decision and Risk Analysis
Developing Effective managers and organizations
Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Executive Leadership
Financial Accounting
Introduction to Management Accounting
Managerial Economics
Operations Management
Strategic Management
Understanding General Management
Understanding the International Macroeconomy


9. NYIF Investment Banking Certification (IBC)

The New York Institute of Finance offers professional certification in Investment Banking courses in the UAE. The entire program can be taken online, and you will be ensured to get hands-on experience throughout the course.

The major areas of investment banking like analysis, acquisition, and risk management are covered to make you an expert as an investment banker. The added advantage of this course is that you can customize the specialization you intend to study.  On the successful completion of the course, you will receive a prestigious professional certificate from the New York Institute of Finance.

Course Name- Investment Banking Certification Program

Duration-70 hours

Mode of Study- Online

Intake- Admissions are open

Entry Requirements

  • Students from any background can enroll in this course.
  • Students are recommended to possess basic knowledge and understanding of finance

Course Details-

Course 1Finance for Non-financial Managers
Course 2Financial Statement Analysis
Course 3M&A – Free Cash Flow Modelling
Course 4Quantitative Methods and Techniques
Course 5Essential Career Skills for Investment Banking and Finance


10. INSEAD Middle East Campus

INSEAD is a pioneer in the business education and research field. The campus is in Abu Dhabi which offers master programs and online programs for people who wish to have a career in the Investment Banking industry.

INSEAD provides the best Investment banking courses in the UAE and is targeted at professionals who wish to take their career on to a higher level. Through this program, you will be able to explore new areas of management and go deeper into the areas of your interest.

Strategic thinking and applying human psychology led you to a successful decision-making process in Investment banking activity. Through this investment banking course, you will get exposed to analytical thinking and judgments to be taken in different scenarios as an investment banker.

INSEAD also has many open online programs suitable like strategic negotiations, INSEAD Fintech program, Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers, Business strategy and financial performance. If you are a working professional who is longing to be an investment banker these are the Investment Banking courses in the UAE, which you can opt for without disrupting your current job.

Course Name- Global Executive MBA

Duration- 14 to 17 months

Mode of Study- Offline

Intake- Application for the year 2024 intake will be opened on 13 February 2024

Certification- Yes

Internship – Yes

Placement Assistance- Yes


Entry Requirements

  • Demonstration of your leadership skills during your professional life.
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in a managerial role.
  • Should be in charge of projects/teams.
  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent from a recognized college or university.
  • Need to take the Executive Assessment (EA), GMAT, or the INSEAD Assessment.


Corporate Finance
Financial Accounting
International Political Analysis
Leading People and Organizations
Managerial Accounting
Prices and Markets
Process and Operations Management
Uncertainty, Data, and Judgement Business and Society




Q. How to get a Job in Investment Banking in the UAE?

To get into an Investment Banking job, first, you need to understand the process involved in investment banking and try to learn how things work there from experienced professionals. Then if you wanted to be in the Investment banking industry, go for a certification or college degree and gain skills through it. Once you are done, then you can apply for the job.

Q. Is the job as an Investment Banker stressful?

During the initial level of your work, you may find it challenging to adapt to the long working hours and some difficulty in maintaining a work-life balance. You must foresee this before applying for a job. But, in a country like the United Arab Emirates which has a culture of promoting work-life balance, you will be able to come out of the stress quite fast.

Q. Will Artificial Intelligence be a threat to Investment Banking Jobs?

Artificial Intelligence and Automation might not affect much on the career of an investment banker because the investors’ money must be carefully allocated or accumulated. This can be done only by people with an industry background. AI can propose suggestions, but action has to be taken by professionals only. That is why Investment bankers are in demand and paid more.


Hope this above blog on Investment Banking Courses in the UAE helps you find the best learning platform that will enhance your professional skills in Investment banking and help you build a successful career in the finance industry.