Top 5 Creative Writing Courses for Beginners

Every form of art requires a certain unique skill set. Writing is among the most fundamental forms of art we possess. Creativity is a deep-rooted ability by which we analyze, acquire, and modify things by our understanding. In writing, what you perceive and imagine, if you can pen them down and incept it into the reader’s mind with your mesmerizing play of words, then you are a true artist named a creative writer. If you can write creatively, it depicts that you have the ability to think creatively, and as with any other skill, it will result in enhanced creativity. A great way to start your journey is to find the best creative courses for beginners.


List of best creative writing courses for beginners


What is Creative Writing?


A tendency of an individual to convey his thoughts and ideas in a lucid and engaging manner, that makes them appealing to the reader is what we call creative writing. It has been prevalent in our society for ages, unlike content writing, digital marketing, and many other domains, which flourished rapidly in the modern era when compared.


An Unbounded flow of thoughts and emotions that pave its path from your mind to the paper. Creative writing is mainly comprised of genres like fiction and non-fiction, and a wide range of subgenres as well including novels, novellas, poetry, screenplay, journals, biography, memoir, autobiography, and a lot more.


The skills required to write creatively are in high demand nowadays and people make a living out of it.  The constant surplus demand for various creative work in the market makes it such a promising career to live up to. Creative writing courses for beginners are in great demand too.


Beyond the limitations and hard and fast set of rules in academic, formal spheres of writing, it is a craft of writing out your imagination that clings to the reader’s curiosity and compels him to hang around. A creative writer in his novel could present real-life scenarios, happenings, and facts in such an amusing way to give a pleasant experience to the reader and leave a mark on his heart.


Why Is It Important?


1. Relive Moments

We all know at some instances in our life, we experience certain moments of ecstasy. If we could write those moments artistically with the same feelings and emotions attached; writing every small aspect of that very moment, then we can relive those moments. Let’s say branches of a tree jiggle while raining like it’s dancing.


2. Unleash Your Creative Ability

When we start writing and gain knowledge, it widens our perspective of ideas and imagination and leads us to the path of creative potential. With time we gather a certain set of vocabulary, artistic phrases, metaphors, and a lot more writing tools. All of these acquire writing stuff that ultimately helps us to write better, more innovative, and more artistic.


3. To Engage With People

Does it ever happen to you, when you just can’t take your eyes off and glue to the seat, lost in the piece of writing that you are reading? It happens a lot. That’s the power of creative writing, it can have an impact on people’s minds and certainly their attention too.


4. Lifelong Skill

After spending sufficient time with this skill, we gradually get better at it which soothes the path in front of us. The skills we acquire over time come fruitful in near future. If you choose creative writing courses for beginners, it will bestow your career with a kick start.


Types of Creative Writing


Creative writing can be classified into fiction and non-fiction genre. These can be further classified into sub-genre. Here is an extensive list of all writing categories. Creative writing courses for beginners cover all these elements in their curriculum.





It is a genre of literature through which a writer attempts to evoke emotions and imagination in the reader’s mind by following certain poetic techniques like theme, sound, metaphors, simile, Oxymoron, personification, and many more. The language is rhythmic and appealing to the reader. Poems are of different types like a sonnet, free verse, Jingles, Limerick, Haiku, and a few more.



A novel is a long Story where characters and turn of events are based on real-life experiences or the imagination of the novelist. A novel is primarily an imaginative story with an essence of reality. There is a wide spectrum of novels comprising science fiction, magical realism, Epistolary, Romance, History, and many more. The length of the novel is usually 40000 – 100000 words and can go beyond that. Other forms of lesser word writing can be classified as novella having 10000 – 40000 words and novelette – 7500 – 15000 words.


Short Story:

A short story is a lesser word writing that usually falls under 3000 – 7000 words. people can read it in one go. It is concise in plot twists and characters. The central idea of a short story is quite obvious to the reader. Short stories have been in the mainstream since the ancient era when Panchatantra-like stories originated. Some of the types of short stories are fables, anecdotes, fairy tales, mythological stories, etc.



A screenplay is a roadmap or we can say a blueprint of a movie. It is an arrangement and synchronization of the scenes of a movie in a fascinating and appealing sequence. It gives the movie makers, dialogue writers, and the rest of the crew, a direction to proceed accordingly.





Biography is the story of someone’s life through words which is written by someone else. It tells the events that took place from birth to death of an individual. Biography can be of a person who is alive, or a person who is not alive. The major aspect of someone’s biography is to tell what that person has been through; Whether it’s his romantic life, failures, victory, accomplishments, or certain incidents and happenings that inspired him to be in the position where he is now. Biographies demand thorough research on someone’s life. It’s like a one-on-one conversation with that person to know everything possible about him.


Literary Journalism:

Literary denotes writing style. Literary journalism is a kind of creative nonfiction. It is supported by facts, information, and proof after thorough research. The columns in newspapers and magazines are a part of it. It represents true events creatively. It sometimes overlaps with personal essays, travel writing, etc.



A memoir is somewhat different from a biography. In the memoir, a person writes about a significant and noteworthy moment of his life. It’s always written in the first person where the writer narrates the incident in his own words and the sensations attached to it. There is no influence of other person’s views on it, it is solely an individual’s pivotal moment.



Scriptwriting is complimenting screenplay with dialogues,  characters, stage direction, the intensity of the role, visual presentation for movies, theatre, Tv shows, etc. It defines the overall outline of a movie.


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Essential Elements of Creative Writing


There are certain techniques and frameworks we can apply directly to our writing, that are being taught in creative writing courses for beginners to provide a decent and creative structure to it. Keeping these pointers in mind simplifies the process of writing. A few of them are mentioned below:


Creating a Theme:

It is a central idea constituting the overall structure of any poetry, drama, novel, or short story. Everything that is mentioned revolves somehow around this underlining idea. It works as a pillar in framing the actual work of art. It’s the way the author tries to convey his point of view and message to us.


Establishing the characters:

Characters are undoubtedly the most crucial part of a story. Characters that are interesting and memorable that people can relate to, contribute to a great story. It’s important to make more realistic characters, writing their value, desire, decisions that changed the course of their life, people whom they admire, and how they conquer after a defeat.


Laying Down The Plot:

The plot is the layout, it’s a sketch of how things will proceed. We have the theme, characters, and settings, but the way we arrange and correlate them in the best possible manner is a recipe for a good story. When the mystery of a piece of writing should be revealed? At what instant a character must be introduced? When should the twist be inserted? etc, are the compilation plot development.


Fabricating Poetic Devices:

Poetic devices are a set of intangible tools that a writer uses to beautify or enhance the attractiveness and readiness of his writing, usually a poem. Poetic devices are many, yet naming few of them are rhyming, personification (my favorite), Simile, hyperbole, and metaphor.


Career Prospect and Scope of Creative Writing



Being an author is a fascinating job. When you get paid for the art you love, it’s satisfying. Over time, your reputation or value increases multifold making it such a lucrative career. Your imaginative boundaries will stretch, and your perspectives will enhance. Your credibility and probability will improve drastically when you reach a benchmark in this domain. Your work includes fiction like novels, novellas, and short stories. It also includes non-fiction, etc.


Script Writer:

A scriptwriter is slightly different from a story writer, the scriptwriter has to write a story, detail of characters, manage the screenplay, mentioning of the premise. After doing this stuff, he has to write dialogues, and lengths of the film accordingly. A script writer gets around 3-4% of the amount for this work. If the film is worth 2 crores, you get 6-8 lakhs.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite




Blogging as a career is in high demand. People are coming up with their success blogging stories. Its credibility is unquestionable. This career is like a business that is fruitful as well as risky to some extent. If you put in some years in it following its fundamental principles, it will take you in a decent position. Blogging is a research-based work that will improve your analytical capability



A copywriter’s job is to write persuasively that compels the target audience to take some action, whether it’s purchasing, login into a website, social media posts, landing pages, and a lot more. Copywriters are masters who are well trained to write irresistibly. A copywriter’s work is called a “copy”. A copywriter follows the AIDA formula that stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. Any business requires a copy to generate sales of its products and services.



proofreading refers to reading and correcting any written work. Your job is to find and Omit grammatical errors, sentence improvement, incorrect sentences, fluffy words, etc. An expert proofreader earns handsome money.


Social Media Manager:

A job of a social media manager is to create engaging posts, schedule them, and organize them in such a way as to generate leads and attract potential customers. Studying posts analytics, growth perspectives, researching and analysis for better strategy, replying to queries, comments, customer handling, etc. It’s a very fruitful career option as social media is blooming in leaps and bounds these days.


Dig into the post to find the most-opted Creative Writing Courses in India


Best Institutes for Creative Writing Courses for Beginners


Here is the list of institutes that offer creative writing courses for beginners to get the knack for it.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a leading online educational institute. It comes up with multiple professional courses represented in categories on its website, whether it’s writing, marketing, and finance. The supportive and compassionate faculty make their mark when it comes to delivering top education. The creative writing course offered, named ‘Content Writing Course” is of optimum quality and has an updated relevant curriculum. It will serve a significant role to shape and flourish your career. It is one of the best creative writing courses for beginners.


Course Highlights

  • 4 weeks of Live online classroom training.
  • 3 months assured internship.
  • 16 hours of comprehensive classes and 14 hours of lectures related to the internship.
  • Tools worth 35000 will be freely provided for those who enrolled in the course.
  • IIM Skills master certification and getting prepared for HubSpot content marketer certificate.


Course Offerings

  • You can launch a content writing agency.
  • You will get lifetime support whether it’s technical or non-technical.
  • Resume and portfolio development for freelancing and jobs.
  • You will publish your first E-book on Google books and Kindle.
  • You will publish your first press release on the online news portal.



Course Curriculum

There are 8 modules in this course which are listed below.

  1. Creative Writing Introduction.
  2. Web development through WordPress.
  3. Article writing and blogging.
  4. Fiction writing.
  5. Non-fiction writing.
  6. screenplay and script writing.
  7. Novel and short story writing.
  8. Types of writing in poetry.


2. Coursera


Coursera is one of the biggest online learning platforms for skills enhancement. It’s a medium that plays a role to provide courses, certifications, and specializations directly from top universities to learners. The learner base of Coursera is humongous. Their creative writing course includes novels, short stories, blogs, screenplays, and ad scripts. Coursera has a huge number of creative writing courses for beginners.


Course Highlights of Creative Writing Courses for Beginners

  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • Don’t worry, if don’t have a laptop. It is smartphone friendly.
  • They assist you in your career placement support.
  • Internshala training certificate.
  • 4 tasks of assignment writing to grasp the concepts.
  • Doubts clearing sessions.
  • Friendly for beginners.
  • 1 hour per day for 6 weeks(flexible timings).
  • Downloadable media, you can excess anytime anywhere.


Here are the best Creative Writing Courses in Gurgaon


3. Udemy


Udemy is the most familiar name that comes to our minds when we hear the words online learning. It is a learning and teaching platform or you can say a marketplace where course counts cross 2 lakh+. All categories of courses are available here. Major categories are design, development, marketing, IT, Personal development, business, photography, and music. It is one of the best platforms to learn creative writing. There are a lot of options to choose from among creative writing courses for beginners.


Course Highlights of Creative Writing Courses for Beginners

  • 43 video lessons in total.
  • All video sessions follow the same criteria.
  • An assignment will be given after each day’s lesson.
  • A practical application project.
  • 37 online quizzes covering the major concepts, Quizzes will be there, to brush up on what you have learned.
  • Practical guiding course to make you enthusiastic about getting your creative writing journey started.
  • Literary devices and writing techniques will be discussed.
  • Become a successful and confident writer.
  • All genres of creative writing.
  • Assignment to brush up on your acquired knowledge.
  • Opportunities to publish your work.


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4. Skillshare


Skillshare is a primary choice of newcomer creators. Premium membership of it is like a one-time investment, that allows you to enroll in various courses at once. You can set a target for yourself to finish as many skill courses as you can in your chosen period. Some of its course categories are productivity, Marketing, Film making, Videography, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, and a lot more. Their creative writing courses for beginners are the best in the market.


Course Highlights

  • This course is divided into 27 lecture modules.
  • 20 assignments with guidance.
  • Flexible timings.
  • Nurturing and encouraging your imagination.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


5. Internshala


Internshala is a globally esteemed institute that provides several courses and certificates. It is ranked among the top education platforms. They believe in the best quality of learning and provide learners with wholesome exposure to the industry. Their creative writing course has fiction, drama, Non-fiction, and poetry. They have top-notch educators in their respective fields. Their specialty is their creative writing courses for beginners. Apart from this, Internshala is one of the most scrolled job sites that has transformed the lives of many aspires in varied domains.  You can also give shape to your career by becoming a part of their courses.


Course Highlights

  • Completely practical training.
  • Project support.
  • Internship assistance.
  • Certification of completion.
  • guaranteed placement.
  • User-friendly E-learning access.
  • Platform to unleash your creativity.
  • Assured job support along with proper guidance and exposure to the industry.


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Q1. How can a beginner start creative writing?

A beginner can attend demo classes or orientation classes at different institutions to know more about this topic. If you already know then it’s your personal choice to choose an institute’s curriculum or self-exploring online. Both options can lead to the right track. I prefer you to attend the orientation session of IIM Skills, It’s free and makes you aware of various aspects related to it. They elaborate on creative writing courses for beginners in their orientation classes.


Q2. What are the 5 types of creative writing?

Creative writing can be broadly classified into fiction and nonfiction, which could be further divided into sub-categories that include novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, screenplays, drama, journals, biography, Autobiography, script, memoir, etc.


Q3. How can I learn creative writing for free?

Several platforms provide free-of-cost creative writing courses to develop your imagination and creativity. Some of them are Reedsy, Open Edu, Udemy, Creative writing now, Coursera, Writer’s HQ, and Upskillist. You will find topic-specific videos on YouTube and Google in just a few clicks. You can Google the term creative writing courses for beginners and get an idea of what you should learn by researching the curriculums of various institutes.


Q4. Why is creative writing so hard?

Creative writing may seem hard at first but if you follow the right track and fundamentals then the process of learning will be easy. Try to cover basic concepts first, apply them in your writing, get feedback from genuine sources, and then you are all set to pave the path to success for you.


Q5. How do I start Creative writing as an adult?

It’s good you think of pursuing this art of writing. Creative writing can be learned irrespective of age. Firstly, you should acquaint yourself with the know-how of it, its significance, types, Career prospects, future, and scope. Then you should begin with a free demo of institutes. I prefer IIM Skills, it is an orientation session that is best for you to start your journey.

Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Chandigarh

Data analytics is a highly in-demand skill in today’s competitive business environment. It is the process of analyzing data in order to extract insights from it and find valuable information about your business. If you want to learn more about data analytics and how it can help your company, look no further than this article. If you are looking to get into the field of data analytics, you need to invest in yourself and take the right course. Take a few minutes to read through the article and look at data analytics courses in Chandigarh that are available.

List of best data analytics courses in Chandigarh

Let Us Understand What Data Analytics Is

Data Analytics is a process of extracting and analyzing data to make better decisions. To extract data, one must first collect the data. Data can be managed in various ways, including through social media, sensors, and more.

Firstly data should be cleaned and organized after collecting it. Next, algorithms are applied to the data to extract meaningful information. The extracted information can then be used to make decisions on how to improve a business or a society.

Data analytics provides a systematic way of collecting and analyzing data to answer questions about a business, or what’s happening in a business. Data analytics is used in many different areas, including digital marketing, supply chain management, operations, and financial analysis.

It is also used to improve customer service and increase sales. You will get a detailed explanation about this in data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

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Industries Where Data Analysts Are in Demand

  • Retail

Data analytics has become a huge part of the retail industry. Retailers use data analytics to predict future trends and customer buying habits, which helps them prepare for the future. With the data they collect, they can make better decisions and improve their business. Data analytics is a relatively new concept in the retail industry and there are many different ways that it can be used.

It is a process of using technology to understand and analyze data. It is a tool that helps retailers make more informed decisions that can lead to better business. This information can be used to develop targeted marketing campaigns and increase sales. One of the most important benefits of data analytics is that it helps retailers identify customer pain points and improve their customer experience.

  • Transportation

The transportation industry is no stranger to being disrupted by technology. Technology has revolutionized the way we get around and it has also forced companies to look at ways to use data analytics to stay competitive. Today, the transportation industry is beginning to use data analytics to improve efficiency and decrease costs.

Companies such as Uber and Lyft are using data analytics to improve the experience for riders and drivers. These companies are using data analytics to help figure out which drivers are more likely to cancel a ride or be more profitable. In the transportation industry, data analytics is also used to predict traffic patterns, monitor the effectiveness of ad campaigns, and improve customer satisfaction levels.

  • Banking

The banking industry is a competitive and cut-throat industry. There is a lot of data being generated, and it is difficult for banks to maintain their competitive edge. Data analytics in the banking industry helps to increase revenue and lower costs, while also providing a competitive advantage. Data analytics is a key part of the banking industry, allowing banks to make more informed decisions.

Data analytics is used for a variety of reasons in banking including portfolio management, customer service, credit risk management, and fraud detection. The data collected from data analytics includes transaction data, social media data, and customer data. In the future, more data will be collected and analyzed by banks to help them make better decisions.

  • Media & Entertainment

The entertainment industry is constantly changing, so it’s essential to keep up with the new trends. Data analytics is becoming a growing trend in the entertainment industry because it helps companies understand their customers better, which in turn helps them create better products and services.

Data analytics is also used to measure the success rates of certain marketing campaigns, as well as ways to improve them. It is also used to identify trends to stay ahead of the competition.

The entertainment industry has been using data analytics for years to predict what movies will be successful and what will not. Data analytics helps companies like Netflix and Hotstar make their content more personalized and tailored to the individual. You will acquire this skill through data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

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What Are the Different Job Roles of a Data Analyst in a Company?

  • Medical and Health Care Analyst

Healthcare data analysts work in healthcare to help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals make the best decisions for their patients. They use statistical analysis and technology to help understand large amounts of data and find patterns.

Healthcare data analysts are responsible for creating reports that can be used by healthcare providers to better understand how their patients are responding to treatments. To do this, they use a variety of methods to collect and analyze data.

For example, they may use sensors that track vital signs to help make decisions about patient care. They also may use software that analyzes the collected data to help identify trends. Healthcare data analysts are also responsible for creating reports that can be used to share their findings with others.

  • Business Analyst

A business analyst is someone who analyzes a company’s financial information, such as sales, profits, and market share. This person can also help a company decide what products to produce. Business analysts can be either employed by an organization or work independently.

They develop and implement financial and operational plans, assist management in decision-making, and provide data analysis to support strategic decisions. They also help companies stay ahead of competitors by making sure that they are always on top of their game. You can become a business analyst after completing any one of the data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

  • Market Research Analyst

A market research analyst is someone who analyzes the market to determine what products or services will sell, what customers will buy, and how much they will be willing to pay. The career is a very diverse one, as there are many different fields in the market research industry.

Market research analysts conduct surveys, focus groups, and interviews to figure out what consumers want in new products. They often are the first to know about trends in the market, so they are usually well-informed on what the public is thinking and doing. To learn about this it’s preferred to enroll in data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

A business intelligence analyst is a professional who analyzes, measures, and plans for the success of a company by assessing the market, competitors, and business goals. Business intelligence analysts are typically employed by companies that are in a competitive environment and need to make strategic decisions.

They help their companies stay ahead of the competition by identifying opportunities, risks, and trends. Business intelligence analysts are typically employed by companies that are in a competitive environment and need to make strategic decisions. They help their companies stay ahead of the competition by identifying opportunities, risks, and trends.

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  • Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence analysts are vital to a country’s safety and security. They are typically employed in law enforcement, military, or homeland security organizations. They help with information gathering, analysis, and reporting on events that might have a significant impact on the country.

Intelligence analysts are usually responsible for predicting the actions of others, including terrorists and criminal organizations. The intelligence analyst’s job is to assess the information that is gathered and produce reports that can be used by the government to make decisions. It is being covered in data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

  • Operations Research Analyst

As an operation research analyst, your job is to use mathematical methods and computer software to help companies and organizations make better decisions. You will typically work in a large office with many other employees, but you will also do a lot of traveling for work. This can be a great opportunity for someone who enjoys solving problems in different places and meeting new people.

Skills Needed To Be An Excellent Data Analyst

  • Data Cleansing and Preparing

A good data analyst must have an understanding of cleansing and preparing data for analysis. This means that the analyst should be able to clean, filter, and prepare data for examination. This includes using pre-processing steps such as filtering and transforming data, removing missing values, and identifying outliers. The analyst will also need to know how to prepare data for visualizations such as charts and graphs.

  • Data Analyses and Exploration

As a data analyst, you must be able to analyze data in the field and find patterns. You must also be able to present your findings and make recommendations. Data analysts do not only help with business analytics but also with social analytics. For example, they might help a company decide how to market a product or which demographic they should target.

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  • Expertise in Statistics

Data analytics is the science of extracting knowledge and insights from data. Statistics is a vital skill in data analytics, as it provides the tools to evaluate and understand data. Statistics is a science that deals with data in general, but it is also a discipline that deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data.

  • Reports and Dashboards

A report is a document that provides information about the past, present, and future of a business or organization. The information is usually obtained from a variety of sources such as sales records, budgets, and other documents. Dashboards are interactive visualizations of data to provide users with a quick overview of how their business is doing. They are used to show trends and changes in the company’s performance over time.

  • Communication and Writing

Analysts are required to be able to communicate their findings in a way that is understandable for business leaders and their teams. To do this, analysts must be able to write clearly and concisely, as well as use data effectively. Analysts must also know how to present their findings in a way that is easy for people to understand. You will also learn this in Data Analysis Courses in Chandigarh.

  • Expertise in the Field

With the growing volume of data, the need for skilled professionals in data analytics is increasing. The skills required to process and analyze data are diverse, and companies are looking for individuals with expertise in fields like statistics, programming, and data management. Data analytics is a field that requires creativity and the ability to learn new technologies quickly. To become an expert you should enroll in one of the data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

  • Solution-oriented

Data analysts are not just focused on making data sets look pretty. They are focused on providing solutions for the problems that their clients face. To do this, data analysts need to be able to find the needle in a haystack. They also need to be able to use their creativity to find and extract information from any given data set. Data analysts also need to be able to work within a team and collaborate with others to provide solutions.

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Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Chandigarh



When looking for the most practical and advanced data analytics courses in Chandigarh, the one that always comes at the top is the IIM SKILLS. IIM SKILLS is the top brand in the education industry which has been delivering quality education for years.

All the courses they provide are highly recognized by the students, and of course, one of them is the Data Analytics Course. They provide a live course which is a whole of 6 months of training with 2 months of internship, an excellent mixture of important theory and basic to advanced projects with tools.


The expert trainers here put all their knowledge into training the students with important assignments so the students can practice them with ease. And of course, the 2 months of internship gives it a push and makes the learner skilled and confident enough for their dream job.

Each student is well taken care of by them, they have an excellent support panel. Another benefit they have for students is that students get lifetime access to the learning management system, which contains all the recordings of live sessions, and the upcoming sessions are also updated there so the students will not miss any new tools and trends taught. 


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Course Fees: Rs 49,900 + GST

Data Analytics Courses in Chandigarh Syllabus

Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel (9 Hours)
Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
R For Data Science (20 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)

Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

We also recommend:


2. Techedo

Techedo is a leading learning platform, offering online courses across multiple domains. It has courses on more than 100 topics and provides students with real-time feedback, interactive content, and a personalized learning experience. Techedo has recently opened a course in Chandigarh, India.

The course is titled Data Analyst. It will provide participants with a unique opportunity to learn the skills of data analysis and management interactively. They have a reputation course among data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

Course Offerings:

  • Internship and job assistance
  • Developing quick decision-making ability
  • Analyzing the company’s performance
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Increase profits simultaneously reducing cost
  • Establishing good business relations

Duration: 45-90 days


3. 360digitmg

360DigiTMG is a data analytics company that works with online marketers to help them understand their customers. The company offers a variety of courses for beginners and experts, intending to teach students how to use data analytics to generate income.

The 360DigiTMG data analytics course is a course that teaches students how to use data analytics to measure and improve their business. This course includes the following topics: data analytics, marketing, social media, big data, and more. Students will have a chance to learn from experts who have been in the industry for decades.

Course Offerings:

  • Live classroom training on weekends and weekdays as well.
  • 365 days you can access classes.
  • Monthly EMI with zero interest.
  • Career support.
  • Develop live reports from data for business decisions.

Duration: 3 Months

Fees: 29500/. INR

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4. Uncodemy

Uncodemy is a platform for data analysis courses in Chandigarh that provides the tools for marketers to understand what’s happening in their marketing efforts. Uncodemy’s analytics platform is a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs, including real-time insights, campaign management, and analytics.

It also allows users to analyze the data from their websites and social media channels. With Uncodemy, you can easily set up campaigns, measure your ROI, and optimize your marketing efforts. Their course stands out in data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

Course Offerings:

  • 100% placement support.
  • 24*7 web office
  • Course Completion certificate.
  • Internship offerings.
  • Weekend classes


5. Acte

ACTE is the leading provider of data analytics courses in Chandigarh, and its courses are sought after by organizations worldwide. The company offers a variety of courses in topics such as predictive modeling, data visualization, data science, machine learning, data engineering, and more.

If you’re interested in these topics and want to learn more about the world of data analytics, then their course can be beneficial as it is one of the best data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

Course Offerings:

  • Guaranteed Placement.
  • Gaining exposure to the Industry practically.
  • Interview and Resume preparation.
  • Data Analytics Certificate.
  • Classroom Training.
  • 40 Hours of Comprehensive Learning.

Duration: 1 Month

Fees: 14000/. INR


6. Coursera

Coursera is an online education platform that offers courses from top universities and organizations, such as Stanford and Harvard. Coursera offers data analytics courses in Chandigarh that teach students how to interpret data, create charts and graphs, and apply predictive analytics to their business.

This course will teach you how to use data analytics in your work and life. It is a data-driven course that will teach you how to use tools to gain insights from your data and create visualizations. Coursera makes its mark when it comes to quality data analytics courses in Chandigarh.

Course Offerings:

  • Learn firsthand the procedures and methods that a junior or associate data analyst employs daily.
  • Learn important analytical techniques (data cleaning, analysis, and visualization) (spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, Tableau)
  • Learn how to prepare and organize data for analysis, and how to use spreadsheets, SQL, and R programming to finish analysis and computations.
  • Learn how to display data insights in dashboards, presentations, and popular visualization platforms.

Duration: 1 month/ 2 Month/ 3 Month


1 Month: 1108 INR

3 Months: 2216 INR

6 Months: 3324 INR


Future, Scope, and Career Opportunities of a Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

Data science is a new field of study that combines engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, and economics to create a new way of understanding the world. There are many different careers in this field and one of them is data scientist. A data scientist is someone who uses data to solve real-world problems.

They can use data to develop algorithms, predictive models, and visualizations. They often use software to process data sets. Data scientists might find themselves working in a consulting firm, in a government agency, or as an employee of a company that has been acquired by another company.

  • Operations Analyst

Operations analysts work with a company’s overall operations and are typically the first point of contact for clients who have questions or need assistance with a company’s processes. They are the backbones of many organizations. They also keep track of important information like budgets, inventory, and sales. They often work long hours, but they are compensated with a steady income and opportunities for promotion.

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

The field of business intelligence is a broad term that encompasses any system or process that helps organizations make strategic decisions. Business Intelligence Analysts are in charge of analyzing and interpreting large sets of data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities.

These analysts cannot only understand the data, but also analyze it, extract the relevant information, and apply it to a problem at hand. They use a variety of tools to collect data, including web analytics, desktop analytics, and social media analytics. Business Intelligence Analysts must also be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders, such as marketing teams, executives, and developers.

  • Data Engineer

Data engineering is a relatively new field that’s growing in popularity with companies. As a data engineer, you are in charge of overseeing a company’s data and ensuring that it is stored and accessible. You need to make sure that the data is being collected and stored in the right way and that it is being collected in the correct format.

You need to be able to identify what information is most important to the company and what information can be eliminated. You also need to have an understanding of how the company should be using the information they collect and how they should be storing it.


  • Data Analytics Consultant

As a Data Analytics Consultant, you will have the opportunity to work with organizations and individuals who are looking for more information about their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. You will be responsible for developing new ways to collect and analyze data to gain a better understanding of the world around you. A Data Analytics Consultant will also be responsible for analyzing data and making recommendations on how to improve an organization’s performance.

  • Marketing Analyst

Marketing analysts work in a variety of fields and industries. They help companies develop and implement marketing strategies to reach their target audiences. Marketing analysts use a wide range of data to understand consumer behavior and make strategic decisions. They also analyze consumer trends, market research, and company data to help identify growth opportunities. They might be responsible for developing new products or services, managing an advertising campaign, or planning a marketing strategy.

  • Project Manager

A project manager is a person who manages a project, or a team of people, who are working on a particular task. A project manager’s job is to ensure that all the tasks associated with the project are completed successfully and on time. A project manager should be able to work with all different types of people, especially those who have different levels of experience and knowledge. To do this, a project manager must be able to work well with people and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

  • IT Systems Analyst

IT systems analysts are in high demand because they can be found in almost any company, big or small. They are a necessity for any company that has an IT department and their job is to maintain and monitor the computer systems. These systems include databases, email, websites, and other IT-related systems. They also assist when a computer goes down or when there is a problem with the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Which data analytics courses in Chandigarh are best?

All data analytics courses in Chandigarh are designed to assist the learner in his career path. Every individual learns at his own pace. Some are comfortable with fast-paced learning, yet some crave to dwell on the depth of the topic. You can take a demo session of all institutes and decide by yourself which one to opt for. After All, it’s your dedication and perseverance that will lead you to the path of success.

Q2) What qualification is required for data analytics?

Data analytics requires a combination of business and computer skills. To get into this field, you must have a degree in business or computer science. It is a profession that requires knowledge and skills, such as statistics, mathematics, computer programming, business, and economics. You should go through demo sessions of data analytics courses in Chandigarh to know the basics of it.

Q3) Can I take data analysis courses in Chandigarh in 3 months?

Several courses are 3 months long which equips you with a decent understanding. You will get a grasp on this skill, but as we know learning is a lifelong journey. Mastery over something takes a lot of effort and consistency. So you must be prepared to give in time dedicatedly and you will succeed.

Q4) Is it hard to be a data analyst?

Being a data analyst is not easy but it can be very rewarding. For many people, working as a data analyst is a dream job. They can work with information, use their analytical skills, and get paid well. However, becoming a data analyst can be challenging. Most entry-level analysts have to go through an internship to get their foot in the door.

Q5) What is the scope of data analytics?

Data analytics is a growing field, which has a lot of career opportunities. People need data analysts for big companies to help make sense of data and figure out patterns. There is also a demand for people who can help with data-driven marketing, which is the process of analyzing information about customers to find out what they want and make a product that they will buy. Data Analysis Courses in Chandigarh will assist you with the necessary details.


We hope you enjoyed our article on data analytics courses in Chandigarh. Data Analytics is a way to build a business through digital marketing. To use data to your advantage, it’s important to invest in a data analytics course. These data analysis courses in Chandigarh come in various forms, like interactive courses, e-learning courses, or coaching. Data analytics courses can be taken in person or online, so it’s up to you to find which of the above data analytics courses in Chandigarh is best for you.