Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in The Philippines

The world is changing fast, and technology is evolving every day. The two components of today’s fast-paced world are the technological boom and written content. If you have a knack for technical stuff and a passion for writing, then you’re here for a treat because a career in technical writing is the need of the moment. The requirement for technical writers is soaring, and apart from the skills required to succeed, the field itself is at a competitive advantage. We’ve discussed everything you need to know to get started as a technical writer in this article, along with the top technical writing courses in the Philippines.

List of best technical writing courses in Philippines

Before we jump into all the details about the best technical writing courses in the Philippines, let’s get warmed up with what technical writing exactly is, the roles and responsibilities of a technical writer, and the career scope of the field.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing essentially is any written communication of technical information. It includes all documentation of complicated technical procedures.  Executive summary statements, reports, and briefings. High-tech manufacturing, biotech, engineering, energy, finance, IT, aircraft, and the global supply chain are all technical fields that require technical writing.

Long user manuals are no longer the only format that is used in technical writing. Technical data must be simplified, condensed, and presented, succinctly, and concisely. Technical reports, correspondence, policies, briefings, and press releases are all examples of technical writing.

But What Exactly Does a Technical Writer Do?

The duties and responsibilities of a technical writer vary based on the industry and firm in which they work. They are often seen working on a computer screen, and communicating with technical staff because it is a multidisciplinary field of work. They act as an intermediary between technical staff and non-technical readers.

They build a communications plan in collaboration with these teams. So, technical writers don’t just write. They also comprehend the whole project they are working on, from high-level objectives to execution details.

What Are Some of the Types of Technical Writing Content?

  • User Guides and Manuals for End-Users
  • Scientific and Medical Papers
  • Technical Reports/Technical Documentation
  • Emails and other forms of technical marketing communications
  • Corporate Technical Reports
  • Studies of Feasibility
  • White Papers
  • Memos on Research Findings

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What is the Career Scope in the Technical Writing Profession?

In terms of how we connect with coworkers, clients, and end-users, there has been a significant revolution in the workforce in the last several years. Technology is growing at an exponential rate. The written word has become increasingly important as a result of fewer face-to-face meetings.

This is an ideal platform and time for the profession of technical writing to grow. If you want, to make use of the opportunity of this time, it’s best to consider taking technical writing courses in the Philippines.

The average salary of a technical writer is: 530,939 (PHP)/yr

The average hourly rate is: 255.26 (PHP)/hr

An Ideal Technical Writer Avatar.

The work atmosphere of a highly professional technical writer intrigues even brilliant writers. They consider the peace and tranquillity of the environment to be a true employment benefit. The introverted find being alone energizing seen with a computer.

They find researching and developing papers through the technical writing process pleasant. An expert in this sector is, unsurprisingly, creative and inquisitive. They’re curious! Leonardo da Vinci is still the most renowned technical writer of all time.

According to the legend, he developed ‘user manuals’ for various unique inventions throughout the Renaissance period!

As you have a better comprehension of what technical writing means, consider whether it fits your personality type. When starting a new professional job, it’s a good idea to conduct a self-assessment and think about your unique skills and talents.

Technical Writing Requires Certain Skills

Do you have them or are you willing to gain them? You’ll need to perfect and master a basic set of skills if you want to be a good technical writer and establish yourself as an expert. These are among the most important skills for excellence in a technical writing career:

Master Researcher

One of the first steps in the technical writing process is doing research. After you’ve been given an assignment, you’ll be in charge of gathering data and converting it into useful information.

Understanding the Perception of the Audience

The technical data you collect and analyze must be structured for reader interest, comprehension, and perception. Technical writers are frequently given the task of conveying and presenting highly technical information to non-technical audiences. As a result, one of the first steps in the most efficient and advanced writing process is to carefully analyze your audience to match the material to their demands.

Communication Skills

To be a good technical writer, you must have a good hold over your communication skills since You’ll very certainly be working with several teams and people in various positions.

Technical Abilities

You must comprehend the technical aspects and concepts of the information you’re writing about. If your background is technical and is trying to write, the writing process is slightly simpler. It might be more challenging if you have a writing background and are trying to understand technical topics.


Your documents will be simple to read and error-free if you have excellent writing abilities.

Designing a Document

You may be in charge of adding visuals to your work. The graphics should help the reader understand and digest the information. In technical reports, graphics, tables, & charts are prevalent.

Knowledge of Digital Tools

During the process of writing, technical writers must now employ a variety of tools. This frequently extends beyond simple text editors. Technical writers must be able to draw and annotate photos and screen grabs, as well as retrieve data from Excel and present it in tables and charts.

User Research and Testing

This may be required for some types of technical writing. Example: A printed guide directing engineers on how to repair a malfunctioning device on an ocean depths oil rig.

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What Are the Responsibilities of a Technical Writer?

The following are the main responsibilities of technical writers:

  1. Collaborate with many departments to gain a thorough understanding of an ongoing project.
  2. Conducts research, develops, edits, and creates new project material.
  3. Interacts with project developers & specialists independently to acquire needed data.
  4. Writes project specs, documentation, and how-to manuals based on the information acquired.
  5. Recommends improved data collection options
  6. Formats prepared guides and materials in a variety of ways to maximize their utility and usability

Preferred Qualifications for a Technical Writing Job

  • A bachelor’s degree in a technical field.
  • Certified in technical writing through a course
  • 1-2 years of demonstrated technical background
  • Capable of learning and adapting to a complicated working environment
  • Technical documentation writing abilities
  • Written and vocal English skills
  • Communication skills
  • Detail-oriented


Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines



IIM SKILLS is leading in the field of online education as one of the topmost professional course service providers. The technical writing course at IIM SKILLS is one of the topmost technical writing courses in the Philippines.

The Benefits of the Technical Writing Course

A guaranteed Internship of 30 days is provided

  • Get access to lifetime support
  • You’ll also learn to develop your portfolio for a freelance career or a job.
  • You’ll publish your first white paper.
  • You’ll also publish a scholarly article or a chapter of a book
  • You will publish your first technical blog
  • Certification to validate your skillset

The key features of the technical writing course at IIM skills are:

  • Learning through a practical-based approach
  • It is a tool-driven course
  • Lifetime access to the course is provided


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Through this course, you can straight away start developing skills, as follows:

  • Ability to create compelling and concise technically written documents after conducting an audience analysis
  • Recognition of different forms of technical communication and selection of the most relevant format to describe the technical information.
  • Ability to explain complex technical information easily and lucidly, which is understandable to a common man.
  • Polishing the technical writing skills with the end-user/audience in mind.
  • Adhering to the best industry practices and avoiding common pitfalls.
  • Creation of visually appealing reports and documents by incorporating design, charts, graphs, and elements and enhancing reader experience.

Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines Modules

Module 1: Introduction – basics of technical writing and the importance of a technical writer in an organization

Module 2: How to write technical information: It includes audience analysis, research, writing, and competitor analysis.

Module 3: Content curation – Flow charts, schematics, infographics, MS Visio, MS Project, and other open-source content.

Module 4: Technical report – using styling techniques

Module 5: White papers/Journals – the method of writing one’s technical articles, journals, papers, and scientific research articles.

Module 6: DDLC and versioning – learning to version a document and introduction to the tool git for versioning

Module 7: Conversational writing – micro-content and conversational writing


Module 8: Reviewing and publishing: stages of the reviewing and publishing and the tools used.

Module 9: API Documentation using XML – XML authoring essentials

Module 10: Datasheets, application notes, and user manuals – a case study of Infineon

Module 11: Effective writing – Basics of grammar, punctuation, and formatting.

Module 12: Medical writing – Medical blogs and medical writing

Module 13: A case study of application notes from Texas – Anchors

A plethora of tools, important for technical writing is also included in the course, for example, MS Visio, MS Project, MS Excel, Git, Scribus, and many more.

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2. Mapua University

Mapa CCESC, founded in 1986, offers Curriculum curriculum-integrated programs (CIP) as well as Continuing Professional Education (CPE), making it well renowned for lucrative technical writing courses in the Philippines that are the best of their kind.

Today, any organization’s competitive edge is enhanced by accessibility to precise, relevant, and usable information.

The technical writer, who is entrusted with communicating technical knowledge in a way that is understandable and valuable to the intended readers, is at the core of information management.

Such data is now critical in the organization’s decision-making process. The technical writing courses in Philipines at Mapua University encourage a thorough awareness of the fundamentals of technical writing.

Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines Content

  • Differences in speaking and writing
  • Myths around writing
  • Technical writing’s Importance
  • The price of sloppy writing
  • What does technical writing entail?
  • Technical writing examples
  • The subject material expert and technical writing (SME)
  • The fundamentals of technical writing

Technical publications that are commonly used

  1. Emails
  2. Proposals
  3. Reports on current events
  4. Meetings’ minutes
  5. Reports on incidents
  6. Manuals for users
  7. Others

Other subjects

  1. Grammar is emphasized, including exercises and frequent grammatical errors.
  2. Persuade your reader


3. Talkshop

TalkShop is a government-approved learning and development center and one of the top technical writing courses in the Philippines in terms of its quality. Talkshop’s Technical Writing course can help you improve your writing skills to a professional level.

The course will walk you through the many approaches that can increase your writing ability to demonstrate communication excellence, whether you need to compose essays or speeches.

What you’ll learn in the course:

  • How to spot common grammatical errors in everyday writing
  • How to tell the difference between grammatical exceptions and common misunderstandings?
  • How to use proper scientific formats in writing essays, publications, and other documents
  • How to write professional correspondence that embodies communication excellence

The Benefits of Taking the Course Are:

  • Better communication standards and writing skills
  • More credibility and status are connected with complex composition and tone
  • More certainty and productivity in producing business communications
  • Lower effort when proofreading and rewriting technical documents.

The Method of Course Delivery Is as Follows:

TalkShop employs Integrated Language Teaching as a method of instruction. This indicates that the facilitator-led talks account for 30% of the course, whereas the interactive learning experience accounts for 70%.

  • Sessions of free writing
  • Guided Writing Exercises
  • Reading Exercises
  • Brainstorming Workshops and sessions
  • Group Discussion
  • Speech Development and Delivery


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4. The Guthrie-Jensen University

It is known for the participatory method and involvement of students in the learning experience and has the most credible technical writing courses in the Philippines. The program of technical writing is intended for managers, supervisors, writers, and staff whose role is to create valuable reports of technical information for use by the organization and end-users.

The Course Features Are:

  • The program’s goal is to improve participants’ ability to convert technical material into user-friendly papers.
  • Learning to understand the significance of clarity, concreteness, coherence, and conciseness in technical documents.
  • Learning to create reports (status, progress, or suggestion reports), manuals, and proposals.
  • Learning to use the software that is adapted to the institution’s report types.

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5. The Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC)

Course Name: Technical writing and editing training

The online course is meant to improve participants’ writing and editing abilities so they can write technical documents that communicate the content. It mixes lectures with writing activities, output critique, and mentoring to ensure that the skills learned are applied.

The course is designed for anyone responsible for reviewing and editing terms of reference, conceptual notes, white papers, or other comparable publications for internal or external readers.

Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines Modules

  • Module 1: Efficient and Unambiguous Writing Principles
  • Module 2: Sample Technical Documents Contents, Style, and Format
  • Module 3: Editing Principles
  • Module 4: Developing Effective Presentation Materials

Methodologies for Teaching


  • Class discussion
  • Participant interaction
  • Output presentations


  • Personalized exercises
  • Output evaluation

Advantages of Taking the Course

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply clear and effective writing principles learned in the course to the manuscripts and white papers they work on.
  • In terms of format and material, students will be able to differentiate Terms of Reference from Conceptual Papers, White papers, and Project Proposals.
  • Recognize and apply fundamental editing concepts;
  • Execute editorial adjustments in manuscripts while keeping coherence style, and
  • Exhibit expertise in creating presentation materials.

6. The Ateneo de Manila University

The Ateneo de Manila is a public university in Manila, Philippines, and one of the most renowned technical writing courses in the Philippines.

Course Name: Technical Writing Skills: Taking Your Written Outputs to the Next Level

The Students Learn in Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines

  • Describe technical writing, along with its various forms and applications
  • Analyze good technical writing in terms of clarity, preciseness, ease of access, precision, and audience awareness
  • write more efficient and purposeful technical documents

1st Session: Technical Writing Fundamentals (A)

  • Definition and Rationale for Technical Writing
  • Technical Writing vs. Other Writing Types
  • Clarity, succinctness, access, correctness, and audience awareness are various attributes of high-impact technical writing.
  • Grammar and Usage Refresher

Session 2 – Technical Writing Fundamentals B:

Technical Writing Forms and Formats A:

  • Characteristics of High-Impact Writing
  • Grammar and Usage Refresher
  • Proposals and Recommendations in Technical Writing

Session 3 – Technical Writing Forms and Format B

  • Technical Writing: Informative Articles (Progressive/Periodic)
  • Investigative Reports: Technical Writing (Incidents, Case Studies)

Session 4 Forms and Formats of Technical Writing C

  • Instructions and manuals are examples of technical writing.
  • Policies and Procedures Technical Writing
  • Others (as suggested by participants)


7. Henry Harvin

The course develops specialist composition skills that are necessary for disseminating information obtained through a loop of specialized or test work. The components of the course determine the amount of information in the language and concepts presented.

You’ll learn how to write a variety of specialty reports, such as lab work, research papers, progress reports, planning and plausibility reports, and counseling reports, among others.

The course also covers a few linguistic, style, design, and content challenges that you may encounter while presenting the results of your research. Its extensive curriculum and exciting project-based learning make it one of the most renowned technical writing courses in the Philippines.

  • 9 Courses in One
  • 32 hours of training in a live interactive online classroom
  • Projects involving Documentation Systems,
  • Technical Writing Computer Software and more are available.
  • Internship Assistance with internships to obtain practical experience with the learning experience
  • 100% Placement Support is guaranteed for 1-Year after successful completion
  • E-Learning Access with Ample Tools and Methods, video content, exams, and more.
  • Free access to hackathons and competitions is provided
  • 1-year gold membership is given

Technical Writing Courses in the Philippines Modules

  • Module 1: Technical Writing Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Documentation Process
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Method
  • Module 4: Grammar & Editing
  • Module 5: Software Tools
  • Module 6: Technical Document Components
  • Module 7: Techniques of Technical Writing
  • Module 8: How to Develop a Technical Report Template
  • Module 9: Technical Document Format Overview
  • Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing Resources and Tools

Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development And Training

Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

  • The career benefits of taking a technical writing course from Henry Harvin are:
  • Become eligible to write a flawless thesis, scientific papers, and technical content
  • Open the doors to employment opportunities abroad that need expertise
  • Fill the shortfall of thousands of unfilled high-paying technical writing jobs due to a talent shortage
  • Get promoted in your present position using the most in-demand expertise
  • Stand out during interviews for jobs from your peers
  • Earn the prestigious ‘Certified Technical Writer’ (CTW) certification.
  • Improve your CV and LinkedIn profile with professional advancement by adding the Seal of International Credential CTW Professional next to your name on your business card.



1. Is technical writing a viable profession?

Technical writing is a fantastic way to write and be paid for it, but only if you can adapt to the demands of this rapidly evolving area. Some people shift to technical writing with ease, while others struggle.

2. How can I get started as a technical writer if I have no prior experience?

You’ll need to take courses to develop your writing abilities if you want to become a technical writer without any expertise. Courses can be offline or online, but they will be required for anybody looking to further their knowledge.

3. What does a job description for a tech writer involve?

Prepare, evaluate, update, and maintain technical papers such as software and systems engineering, testing, system operations, and user documentation included in technical writing. To report new or changing product capabilities, collect and evaluate technical & product information from a wide range of sources.


Every written communication of technical knowledge is referred to as technical writing. It contains all the paperwork about complex technological operations. Technical writers typically have to communicate highly technical information to non-technical audiences. You must have outstanding writing and communication abilities to be a successful technical writer. Technical writers should be able to draw and comment on pictures and screen grabs and also extract and display data from Excel in graphs and figures.

Technical writers have tremendous opportunities for career growth given the technological advancement and the increasing importance of the written word in the trending content industry. However, conducting a self-assessment and considering your unique abilities and qualities is a wise decision. If you conclude that technical writing is the best for you, then assessing the technical writing courses in the Philippines, and opting for one based on your needs can be one of the best decisions made.

5 Best Online SEO Certification Courses With Placements

On a Google search results page, there are just ten spots!  When we do a Google search, how frequently do we go beyond the first page? SEO is used to become the go-to person/ business for potential consumers’ inquiries. SEO helps you create an authoritative voice, in addition to increased exposure, credibility, and traffic. After that, credibility creates brand trust. No wonder SEO certification courses are booming these days because it gives one of the most profitable and rewarding careers.


List of best SEO certification courses


The internet unites businesses with their consumers and audiences. Search engine optimization  (SEO) is becoming a highly sought-after profession because it plays an important part in establishing these connections. In an essence, SEO is the process of boosting a website’s traffic through natural search results.


However, any traffic would not suffice; qualified traffic is required. After all, having millions of visitors won’t support your site if they aren’t fascinated about what it has to offer them! Given such significance of SEO, it’s no wonder that the majority of marketers are proactively studying and implementing SEO strategies.


Educational institutions, digital marketing organizations, and others commonly provide SEO certification courses, which is understandable considering the field. Certification is often given after completing a test at the end of a course.


Types of SEO Certification Courses Are Below:



Is it worthwhile to go for SEO certification courses? Any certification that demonstrates that you have completed the course in a subject is beneficial to your CV. So, receiving SEO accreditation from a reputable SEO training provider can undoubtedly benefit your SEO career.


Career Paths After Completing SEO Certification Courses


For new and seasoned SEO experts wishing to advance their careers, here are some common professions and career pathways to consider.


1.   Search Engine Marketer

SEM is a wider field that includes SEO. Because you’ll be marketing to consumers and also search engines, SEM necessitates the acquisition of new skills such as Pay Per Click marketing, branding, as well as some customer relations management.


2.   Digital Marketing Expert

Going into digital marketing is a simple way to put your SEO knowledge to good use while widening your skillset and raising your pay. This means you’ll need to be able to build and execute marketing plans, use SEO, deal with content planning, comprehend and use social media as a means of long-term plans, use data management and data analysis, and deal with paid traffic advertising.


3.   Marketing Analyst

Data analytics is a big element of SEO, and as an SEO expert, you’re probably well acquainted with it. As a marketing analyst, you’ll be responsible for tracking the effectiveness of current programs, identifying potential for new ones, and generating data-driven projections and reports.


4.   Content Marketer

For SEOs that prefer to deal with content over links and stats, content marketing is an obvious next step. Because they deal directly with the production of online content, blogs, outreach materials, video, infographics, reports, and other content, content marketers need SEO expertise.


5.   SEO Manager

Researchers, data managers, content strategists, SEO specialists, technology experts, and other professionals are frequently needed for search engine optimization. The larger a firm is, the larger its SEO staff will be, & the more an SEO manager will serve them.


6.   Entrepreneur/Freelancer

Starting your own company allows you to convey your expertise as a Search Engine Optimization expert to businesses on your terms.


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Why SEO Certification Courses Are Great for Your Career?


SEO  certification courses may save you time – A quality training will show you all you need to learn about SEO so you don’t have to waste time Googling for answers.


  • Checklist: Usually, courses come with checklists that you can use to ensure that all of the major SEO criteria are taken into account while optimizing your website.


  • Motivation and Persistence: Some courses offer real-life SEO success stories to motivate and encourage you. SEO takes time to implement, and you may likely be frustrated at points. Reading about how others have made SEO work, can help you keep focused on your objectives and persist.


  • Industry Experts: Many SEO certification courses are designed by industry specialists with years of expertise, and following their instructions can help you shorten the learning curve than stumbling about and taking advice from random people.


  • It’s a Modest Investment With a Big Payoff: SEO may make money by increasing your ranks and driving more visitors to your site. Investment in SEO instruction is not an expense, but rather an investment that yields a favorable return.


5 Best SEO Certification Courses


1.   IIM skills


IIM Skills is the world’s leading provider of professional training. In some of the most essential subjects, they offer complete courses and training programs. For students, professionals, fresh job searchers, homemakers, and work-from-home professionals, their employment-oriented programs range from 4 to 12 weeks.


They provide placement advice as well as guidance in creating the finest resumes, having taught over 25000+ learners in 1000+ classes in a variety of professional degrees.


The Skillset That IIM Skills Help Acquires Through the Advanced SEO Course:


  • Analytical Thinking & Critical Thinking: Learn the art of analyzing, recognizing, and solving issues, as well as quantifying success. Develop your critical thinking skills and make decisions based on data and reasoning.
  • Research: One of the most important skills you’ll learn is how to conduct thorough research on any issue to stay competitive.
  • Comprehension of the English Language: Learn how to write SEO-friendly content for digital marketing, blogs, and copywriting.
  • Technical: Earn an HTML and CSS degree that will enable you to work as a tech-savvy SEO professional.
  • Data: You’ll learn how to convert data into meaningful, actionable insights, not merely extract it.
  • Adaptability: You’ll learn how to stay on top of ever-changing SEO engines and trends so that your efforts are properly aligned.
  • Desire to Learn: The ever-changing nature of SEO forces you to be flexible and adaptive to learning something new every day while having fun.
  • Communication: By the completion of the Online SEO Certification Courses, you’ll have mastered the crucial networking skills.



The Course Curriculum Includes:


  • SEO Fundamentals: Learn how search engines function, including how they crawl, index, and rank pages.
  • On-page SEO: Discover how to design, organize, and optimize your website so that it appears on Google’s first page. Recognize the importance of meta descriptions.
  • Off-page & Technical SEO: Become an expert on more than 200 SEO parameters.
  • Keyword Research: Discover how to do in-depth, focused keyword analysis for your site and clients.
  • Competitor Research: Discover how to do a thorough competitor analysis.
  • SEO Material: Learn how to write SEO-friendly material that can help you get more visitors. Bloggers may learn how to come up with fresh and popular content ideas.
  • Link Building: Learn everything there is to know about backlinks, the foundation of the SEO system.
  • Catching pace with Algorithms: Understand the skill of adjusting to the SEO community’s constant adjustments.
  • SEO Audit: Learn how to conduct an Audit to discover and correct issues.
  • Client Onboarding: Learn how to pitch new clients and the finest client onboarding strategies for professionals.
  • Begin a Profession: Obtain expertise and assistance for an SEO professional, as either a job, freelancer, or startup firm.


Other Courses


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


2.   Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is Asia’s top pro training provider, specializing in teaching individuals and companies skillsets. Since 2009, more than 61,000 professionals from 16,000+ brands and 55+ countries had already participated in Digital Vidya’s more than 3,800 training batches. Digital Vidya is Google & Microsoft India’s formal training partner and has alliances with global social media giants.


Key Features of the Course

  • Live Educator Sessions
  • Lifetime Access to New Content
  • Research-based Internship
  • Hands-on Projects & Assignments On the discussion forum, the trainer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Course Curriculum

  • On-Page Best Practices
  • Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • SEO Friendly Layout & Architecture
  • Technical Website Optimization
  • Link-Building
  • Social, Local, Mobile SEO Strategies
  • SEO Site Audit
  • Algorithm Updates
  • SEO Tracking
  • The Future of SEO
  • SEO Career Paths
  • Advancement & Expansion of Search Engines


3.   PromozSEO


PromozSEO is a premier training institution in Kolkata, India, for Seo Services (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), SEO Content Creation, Blogging, Youtube, PHP Web Development, and Web Designing. They offer great training to students, graduates, professionals, company owners, and entrepreneurs in a variety of Web technology and Internet areas.


They believe in providing their students with ethical, authentic, industry-ready, & result-oriented education so that they may gain professionally, emotionally, as well as financially.


The SEO Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Validation, Semantic Errors, and HTML Structure
  • SEO Keywords Analysis Training
  • Advanced Keyword Analysis for E-Commerce Training
  • onsite SEO
  • Structured Data Training with Advanced Rich Snippet Markup
  • Advanced Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Bing Webmaster Training • Blogging for SEO Training
  • Advanced WordPress SEO Training
  • Advanced Landing Page Optimization Training
  • Competition Analysis Training
  • Advanced Off-Page SEO Training
  • Local SEO Training
  • Advanced Mobile SEO Training
  • Advanced and Technical SEO Training


Key Features of the Course:

  • Gain knowledge from seasoned Internet Marketing and SEO experts.
  • Methodologies for Google SEO Training on numerous sorts of websites that are both practical and authentic.
  • Only work and practice on live websites.
  • Genuine SEO training that adheres to Google as well as other search engine criteria.
  • SEO course content is created by industry experts to meet the needs of the SEO business.
  • Begin by studying the foundations of search engine optimization.
  • Develop advanced SEO skills.
  • All SEO course costs are affordable.
  • All necessary SEO tools, as well as SEO training PDF, PPT, and video materials are delivered at no cost.
  • Everyone has a ready-to-help mentality.
  • 100 percent job assistance after training.


4.   LIPS India


LIPSINDIA is a leading provider of Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai’s Borivali neighborhood. They provide a Lecture hall and Internet Online training program in digital marketing in Borivali, Mumbai, with weekdays and weekend training choices.


Course on Digital Marketing 14500 for online training Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Display Marketing,  Google Adwords – PPC, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Ad-server, Mobile Marketing, Analytics, and other digital marketing technologies are all covered in their course format. They provide an SEO course that is available both online and in a classroom setting, with weekdays and weekend training options.


Module 1: Understanding Website Structure—

  • Basic HTML tags, such as anchors, images, URLs, listings, and classes


Module 2: SEO on-page

  • Initial Site Analysis, Competition Analysis, Keyword Density, Keyword Research, and Meta Tags Advancement
  • Current Web Content Optimization, Picture Optimization, Use of robots.txt, HTML Validation, and Creation of XML/HTML/Text Sitemaps
  • Understanding Cannibalization, Canonicalization, International Targeting, and Multilingual Targeting
  • Black Hat-Doorway Pages, Invisible Text, Cloaking


Module 3: On-page SCHEMA

  • On Page-SCHEMA This web markup is used by all major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, to deliver more effective findings to users.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


Module 4: SEO off-page

  • Google Mapping/Listing, RSS
  • Understanding links, anchors,
  • Forum posting and free classifieds posting Yahoo Answers Link Building and regional and local search engine indexing
  • SEO Tools: Google Webmaster Tool, Backlink Checker Tool, and PR Checker Tool.


Module 5: SEO tools

  • Keyword Position Checker
  • Keyword Spy Density Checker is a keyword that you may use to find out how dense something
  • Google Analytics Stats Monitor Backlinks Checker
  • Meta Description Creation.


Benefits of Taking the Course:

  • There is little competition in the job market for job seekers because there is already a shortage of resources because every company website nowadays needs an SEO specialist to improve their website to gain free traffic.
  • This program would also fit housewives who are on maternity leave and are unable to commit to a full-time career but can work part-time from home.


5.   SEO Training Point


Individuals, corporations, and professionals get information and skill-based training to help them are becoming more employable & experts. Their trainers and coaches seek to provide participants with clear, concise instruction utilizing an agile learning methodology that includes cutting-edge technologies and tactics.


They work with digital specialists to design and build course materials that provide professionals with the fundamental digital skills they need in today’s online environment.


Benefits of Enrolling in the SEO Course:

  1. Batch Size: Training in a small batch ensures that the training is of high quality. You will have plenty of opportunities to engage with your instructor.
  2. A seasoned Coach: Their instructors are highly knowledgeable and have real-world experience. Their founder has over 20 years of expertise in the field of SEO.
  3. Short and to the Point: Their training modules are concise and basic, allowing you to comprehend them quickly and simply.
  4. The Most Recent Software: Learn how to use all of the primary SEO tools to do tasks quickly and properly.
  5. Simple and Safe: Their online payment system makes it simple to enroll in our course.
  6. Positive Feedback: The majority of their students have given them a 4.9-star rating.


Syllabus For SEO Training

  • What is a search engine?
  • How does a search engine work?
  • What is SEO?
  • How does SEO work?
  • What is a keyword?
  • Why is it important?
  • Keyword types
  • Keyword research
  • Content creation
  • Google EAT, YMYL, and Google-friendly material
  • Semantic SEO
  • Website comprehension
  • Website submission
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page SEO
  • technical SEO
  • local SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • document optimization
  • Search engine optimization tactics
  • Proposal for SEO
  • SEO assignment
  • Online Reputation Management
  • SEO tools
  • SEO assignment


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the distinction between SEO & Google ads?

The main distinction between SEO & Google AdWords, to put it simply, would be that SEO is unpaid/organic traffic. Paid traffic is specified in Google AdWords.


2. Is it possible for me to handle SEO on my own/or become an SEO expert?

You can undoubtedly learn/perform SEO on your own. Everyone can learn how to conduct SEO for their company with little research and practice. However, if you are looking to become an SEO expert, SEO is the place to go, because you will save yourself a lot of time and effort and avoid mistakes. SEO certification courses allow you to accelerate your career faster than learning on your own!


3. Is it difficult to learn SEO and become an SEO expert?

SEO isn’t nearly as difficult as people make it out to be; you can achieve 95 percent of the results with only 5% of the effort. With the correct guidance and practice and dedication, SEO is easy! It helps to enroll in SEO certification courses to aid your learning.


4. Does Google provide SEO certification?

There is no SEO certification program offered by Google. If you want to be a Google SEO expert, you can enroll in and complete SEO certification courses from a third-party provider. Although Google Digital Garage offers a digital marketing degree that includes certain SEO classes, it does not qualify you as Google SEO certified!




There are several SEO certificate courses from which to pick. Each course has its own set of standards, is tailored to a certain audience, and is priced differently. For a variety of reasons, being SEO certified is a wise move. For starters, you’ve added another useful thing to your CV, which boosts your chances of landing a job in the Internet Marketing field. It’s a terrific approach to show your company and customers that you understand what SEO is about if you have a career as an SEO. You are not an expert just because you have a certification. You should practice and learn how to put SEO theory into practice. Optimizing a website and increasing its ranks and traffic is the greatest approach to show to oneself and others that you are a legitimate SEO professional.