Top 7 Content Writing Courses In Gurgaon With Placement

Whenever there is a discussion about technological breakthroughs & digital evolution, it never ends without acknowledging the planned city, Gurgaon. Indubitably, it is a hub for finance & technology, a luxurious lifestyle, trailblazing infrastructure, exquisite restaurants, hotels, clubs, and nightlife. Precisely, Gurgaon has perfectly lived up to the tag of ‘The True Millennium City of India’ in all these years. If you are searching for the best content writing courses in Gurgaon, this article is a perfect guide for you. 

The image highlights the top 7 content writing courses in Gurgaon

The city has kept buzzing with powerful and influential businesses & their success stories. It is an epicenter for start-ups as well! And with that, it has led to the origination of many new professional job roles. Indeed, Content Writers are one of them.

The job sphere for content writing has drastically emerged in the past few decades. In 2021, Content writing has become one of the sought-after choices of skill & profession among individuals. And, this city is one of the perfect places that brings the best career possibilities to the aspirants in the Content Writing field.

If in case you are also a Gurgaon-based resident and aspire to be a Content Writer. But, you are facing a dilemma about how to begin your full-fledged career as a Content Writer.

Then my dear readers, breathe a sigh of relief. This article will answer all your queries associated with Content Writing- What, Who, Why, and Where to pursue content writing courses in Gurgaon.

But before that, let us slightly peek into What this Profession is all about.

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What Exactly Does Content Writing Is?

Content writing involves several work responsibilities beginning from research analysis to presenting online content to the viewers’ desk. Throughout this, a writer has to consider into account a set of multiple tasks. It involves planning, writing, editing, proofreading, plagiarism detection, publishing, etc.

Nevertheless, this professional domain is not only confined to writing itself. It involves both- creating engaging content and capturing your target audience simultaneously, in a way that marks a lasting impression on their minds. For that, one needs to work around a few other aspects as well!

Indeed, it is not a job that culminates with the sole duty of content creation. A proficient content writing team also works on driving online traffic towards the web content on various digital platforms as much as possible. Ultimately, creating SEO-friendly digital content has become a new zone within the writing job.

Today, content writing job prevails in multiple domains and niches. It focuses on preparing different types of content formats like

  1. Articles
  2. Blog Posts
  3. Press Releases
  4. Copy Writing
  5. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  6. E-books
  7. Mailers
  8. Brochure
  9. Product Description
  10. Business Listing
  11. Commercial Page
  12. Social Media Posts
  13. Video Scripts
  14. Digital Infographics

These innovative content formats help a business to capture leads in the market. It also keeps its clients well-informed consistently.

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Is it worth choosing Content Writing as a Profession?

There are plenty of opportunities waiting for aspiring writers in the Business and Marketing field. Today, every organization wants to outsmart one another while showcasing its unique goods & services. However, they need to create their product’s value in the customers’ eyes for survival in the long run.

Henceforth, these corporate setups approach Certified Content Writers in this venture. A Content Writer assists them in writing web content for their digital marketing purposes.

The content writing team prepares textual content for websites, apps, pages, commercials, and media using suitable images, shapes & styles. It helps to drive web traffic & sales and fosters their brand name among potential customers.

Therefore, Professional Content Writers with relevant work experience can consistently climb up the corporate ladder in this field. You can even earn a whopping amount every month if you know how to promote your creative skills in this competitive market. This job role brings both fame and money if you utilize your talent & knowledge in the right direction.

Who Can Opt For These Content Writing Courses in Gurgaon?

Content Writing is a job that does not have many links to your educational qualifications. Individuals from any professional background can opt for Content Writing as a profession. If you have a passion for writing & know the art of delivering engaging web content, then content writing is the perfect career choice!

Students, Graduates, Aspiring Writers, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals, Mass Communication Specialists, Digital Marketers, and Homemakers can freely pursue content writing courses in Gurgaon from any of the institutes of their choice.

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Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Gurgaon

So, your wait probably ends here. Here are the Top 7 Institutes that offer content writing courses in Gurgaon-



With its head branch in Delhi, IIM SKILLS offers one of the best content writing courses to aspirants all over the country and abroad. It has trained 14,300+ professionals from 30+ countries so far.

The institute has incorporated a team of top-notch trainers who believe in shaping amateurs into more confident writers and then as Certified Professionals.


Every online batch of IIM SKILLS enrolls only a limited number of students in the program to encourage personal interaction. As a result, it gives space and freedom to each student to share his/her experiences & ideas throughout the sessions.

Also, the mentors humbly pay one-on-one attention to the students and clarify their doubts within no time. Consequently, IIM SKILLS offers succinct online training with a guaranteed three-month internship program.


Their Content Writing Master Course is a perfect blend of content writing & content marketing.

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Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing


As Content Writing is a broad & rapidly growing discipline, IIM Skills has designed this training program after duly complying with regular updates. The key highlights of the CWMC are as follows-

  • Grasp specialized knowledge within 16 hours of live online classes in Four weeks. Students can avail of any of the two different batches- Weekdays (Tues & Thur) or Weekend (Sunday).
  • Practice your writing & marketing skills over 60 hours of Practical Assignments along with 10+ hours of Internship sessions.
  • Learn directly from the Industrial experts having more than ten years of experience in this field.
  • Get free access to content writing tools including WordPress theme, Landing Page Creator, Keyword Research Tool, and SEO Management Tool worth 35K.


  • You can direct your acquired theoretical knowledge into practical applications while working on weekly assignments. It will help you gain an additional advantage over conceptual clarity & your doubts.
  • Free Lifetime Access to the study material, session recordings, and tasks. So, you can conveniently check out any course module or recorded training lectures using LMS (Learning Management System) at any time, from anywhere.
  • Qualify for the in-house tests and get a Content Writing Program Certificate from the Institute & Master Certifications with global accreditation from Hubspot Academy, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • The best part about this master’s course is that it allows you to work on live projects & get hands-on experience throughout an optional three-month internship program. In this, you will have to write a minimum of eight approved articles. Afterward, interns will receive an Internship certificate. However, you need to clear an internship eligibility test beforehand.
  • Get 100% placement assistance in securing a place in good job interviews or setting up your work as a freelancer content writer.
  • This master course is competitively priced at Rs.16,900 + 18% GST.


Aspirants can straightforwardly pursue the content writing courses in Gurgaon from IIM SKILLS.

Contact Information:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

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2. Digital Edge Institute

The next center that offers content writing courses in Gurgaon is Digital Edge Institute. It has trained more than 10,000 students across the nation. Their training approach provides an depth understanding of content strategies related to the education, technical, legal, health, fashion, and travel Industry.

Content Marketing Training Course by Digital Edge promises to offer one of the best training experiences for your personal & professional development in the field of content marketing. The curriculum of this training course majorly emphasizes several content marketing aspects such as

  1. Introduction of Google AdWords
  2. Understanding of Advertising Goals
  3. Keyword Research
  4. Various Advertising Modules
  5. Keyword Planning for Paid Marketing
  6. On-page Optimization for Paid Marketing
  7. Landing Page Creation
  8. Campaign Designing & Optimization
  9. Bidding Strategy
  10. Ad-Making Strategies and Ad Extension
  11. Conversion Tracking & Optimization


Highlights of the Training Program-

  • 20+ Hours of Content Marketing Training with a course duration of two months.
  • Master new skills from Google & Bing Certified Trainers with more than eight years of experience.
  • Provides PPC Training on live projects and best admin support to all the students.
  • Provides Industrial training, workshop facilities, and 100% placement in reputed companies.
  • Get Master Certifications in AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Google AdWords Certification, Bing AdWords Certification & Training Institute Certificate.



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3. Web Training India

Web Training India is an IT firm that renders Web design and Web Development services to its clients across different geographical boundaries.

Apart from this, they also deliver professional IT training courses to the individual customers & corporate personnel. One of their demanding training programs is the SEO Content Writing Course.

The organization has worked with renowned content writers and has gained 15 years of valuable experience in handling & creating magnificent web content as per the client’s requirements.

Thereby, it claims to be one of the good teams for providing content writing training to budding writers & aspirants. Individuals can readily opt for their Content writing courses in Gurgaon.

This institute conducts online training classes to provide detailed knowledge about writing articles, copywriting, web content, etc. They believe in specific qualifications and skills for being a content writer.

In case an aspirant possesses excellent writing skills and wants to deliver freelance writing services. Then all they need to do is grab some good content writing & marketing training. It will enable them to revamp their creativity in the right direction and enjoy the passive income out of it.

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4. Skills Upgrader

Another institute that offers comprehensive content writing courses in Gurgaon is Skills Upgrader. Aspirants can smoothly track down this training program via online interactive sessions.

Keeping in view the increasing demand for content writers in the future, Skills Upgrader believes in shaping your writing talent as per the upcoming content marketing needs.

Their course module covers different topics from the field such as-

  1. Introduction to Content Writing
  2. Web hosting & Website Creation
  3. Understanding the Writing Process
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Keyword Research
  6. Writing SEO-optimized Content
  7. Content Marketing Using Social Media
  8. Content Creation & Call To Action
  9. Content Marketing Strategy
  10. Lead Generation using Content Marketing
  11. Content marketing using E-mail Marketing
  12. Freelance Content Writing


The main features of their Content Writing Course are-

  • There will be 16 hours of live online classroom training for the enrolled students in two different batches (Saturdays and Sundays). Moreover, students will get practical learning with 70+ Hours of Practical Assignments in parallel.
  • Students will get free access to Content Writing & Digital Marketing tools worth 40K.
  • It provides lifetime support to the students through free access to any training material. They can revise any existing course module even after the course completion.
  • Get Content Writing Certification from Skills Upgrader and prepare yourself for Content Marketing Certification from the Hubspot Academy after successful course completion.
  • The participants also get a free blogging internship for a tenure of three months. However, they need to clear an eligibility test for the same. During the internship training, participants will have to provide ten approved blog posts. After the successful publishing of blogs, they will receive an internship certificate as well!
  • The fees charged for this content writing training program are Rs.6,999 + 18% GST.


5. Nestsoft Technologies

Nestsoft Technologies is a Kerala-based leading Technical Services Provider, established in year 1997. Since then, it has been delivering innovative & reliable IT solutions to hundreds of reputed companies within and outside India.

Despite this, they also impart intranet/internet technologies training to students from different cities through online mode. The organization has recorded a brief history of training 35,000 plus Students and Professionals. Meanwhile, it also offers Content Writing Courses in Gurgaon.


The Curriculum of their Content Writing Training Course comprises several modules like

  • Module 1: Essentials of Writing

This module throws light on questions like Why, Where & How to begin your career as a writer.

  • Module 2: Before You Write

The second one focuses on the introduction part. It guides the students about planning, reading, referencing, and checking plagiarism in their writing.

  • Module 3: Write Right

The third module concentrates on Writing effective paragraphs, Communication with Subject matter Experts, Grammar & Vocabulary for Writers, and Eliminating Common Grammatical errors in your piece of writing.

  • Module 4: After You Write

The fourth stage emphasizes Proofreading, Editing, Communication with the Graphic Artist, and Re-writing.

  • Module 5: Publishing- Project Work

The next module carries out Publishing Project work and Writing for the Web.

  • Module 6: Career Development for Writers

The last module of the program pays attention to the Professional Development Skills among the students.

Nestsoft has specifically designed this Content Writing Training Course for all those who desire to offer their products & services through various digital platforms.

It may include IT professionals, Marketing managers, Web designers employed for Content creation, Professionals working with advertising departments & agencies, Literature students, and Other Graduates who want to pursue their career in the content writing field.

Salient features of the Training Program-

  • Students can customize the Syllabus & Course Duration as per their requirements.
  • Learn under the guidance of Expert Trainers with about 18+ years of Industrial experience in Gurgaon.
  • Get Live Project Training and Work under flexible timings.
  • Provides 100% free Placement Assistance to the students.
  • Get Course Completion Certificates after successful training.

6. Digital Academy 360

Another renowned institute in the list that offers Content Writing courses in Gurgaon is Digital Academy 360. Established in Bengaluru, Digital Academy 360 has trained more than 20,000 students with their Creative Content Writing Certification Program across the nation through online classroom training.

This training program incorporates 21 Course Modules of Content Writing, including:

  1. Introduction to Content Writing
  2. Understanding the Writing Cycle
  3. SEO & Its Concepts
  4. WordPress and Website Development
  5. Creative Writing
  6. Article Writing
  7. Research Writing
  8. Scientific Writing
  9. Blogging
  10. Copywriting
  11. Social Media Content Writing
  12. E-mail Writing
  13. Web Content Writing
  14. White Paper Writing
  15. Press Release
  16. Testimonials & Case Studies
  17. Technical Writing
  18. E-Book & Self-Publishing
  19. Content Marketing & Strategies
  20. Getting Hired
  21. Specialization Modules


Digital Academy 360 follows a comprehensive approach to providing students with relevant industrial skills. Key highlights are as follows-

  • This Content Writing Program is a two-month Training Course available in both online and offline mode.
  • It covers different levels of learning, including Basic and Advanced. The certified program begins with a basic understanding of content writing, language & grammar, and proceeds to various forms of writing & the writing process.
  • The course training batches are available on weekdays (Mon-Fri) at two different timings (either 7:30 AM-9:00 AM or 10:00 AM-1:00 PM).
  • Aspirants will get proper assistance in the learning process from Industry Experts from multiple domains.
  • They will also get hands-on experience through weekly assignments and Industry-based training.
  • The Institute will also provide you with career support through Resume Building, Portfolio Building, MS Office Training, Soft Skill Training, Personality Development, Mock Interviews, Career Counselling, Job Notifications till Placement, etc.
  • Students will receive a Professional Certification Program certificate from the Academy.


7. Henry Harvin Education-

The next best option for pursuing Content Writing courses in Gurgaon is Henry Harvin Education. It has trained more than 9,000 participants in this particular field.

Henry Harvin has introduced a well-equipped Certified Digital Content Writing Course for all the aspirants to learn various 30+ Content types and work with top international clients.

Their Content Writing Course focuses on Eight Writing modules, including:

  • Module 1: Language Skills
  • Module 2: Internet Skills
  • Module 3: Business & Marketing Writing
  • Module 4: Content Strategy
  • Module 5: Technical & Research Writing
  • Module 6: Academic Writing
  • Module 7: Creative Writing
  • Module8: Earn Online & Get International Projects
  • Special Module: Soft Skills Development


Features of their Training Program-

  • The Content Writing Course is available in three modes- Classroom, Live Online, and Self-Paced.
  • It will be 32 hours of instructor-led Content writing training under expert guidance.
  • Get unlimited access to E-learning materials, including session recordings, case studies, projects, and many more.
  • In Live Online and Classroom Training, students can learn under a flexible schedule and attend monthly Bootcamp sessions over the next year.
  • Apart from this, enrolled students will get Lifetime Support & Access and 1-Year Gold membership. They can also attend unlimited live sessions in the membership.
  • Students can even pursue guaranteed internships with Henry Harvin or its partner firms.
  • Students will also get personalized job notifications every week to secure well-paying jobs.
  • The price for the Self-Paced Course is Rs.13,500. On the other hand, Live Online and Classroom Training Courses are available at Rs.15000 only.
  • Students shall receive a CDCW Certificate after the completion of the content writing course.


Their training program believes in developing technical writing skills with marketing abilities. Students & Professionals can also undoubtedly join their content writing courses in Gurgaon.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which Is the Best Content Writing Institute?

Considering all the important criteria like faculty members, job support, training methodology, curriculum, post-placement support, student reviews, and testimonials, we rank IIM SKILLS in Position 1 for Content Writing Courses.

2. Will there be 100% Placement Assistance Once I complete the content writing courses in Gurgaon?

Several institutes offer placement guarantees, interview assistance, soft skills development, and resume preparation. We recommend you check with the institutes regarding the same. 

3. What Is The Average Fee for Content Writing Courses? 

The Average Fee for Content Writing courses is anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 for a duration of 1 month to 3 months (4 weeks-12 weeks).  

4. What is the best way to start a content writing career in Gurgaon? 

The best way to start your content writing career would be to sign up for an intensive content writing training course. Thereafter, create your own website. This will enable you to create content around your niche. Disseminate it on different online channels. Relevant and good-quality write-ups will get visibility. In turn, you will get content writing projects in your niche.  

Final Thoughts

Being a content writer is not easy. However, it is not impossible either. All it demands is Passion & Talent. If you possess both, then nothing can stop you. All you need to do is polish up your writing skills and enhance your sense of creativity.

For this, it is essential to go through efficient content writing & marketing training. It will guide you on how to create enthralling content formats & reach your target audience in a precise manner. Also, it will give you better exposure while working on live projects.

Keeping that in mind, you can choose any of the institutes from the above list. Each one of them offers ideal content writing courses in Gurgaon. Pursue the writing course that suits you best & achieve writing proficiency. And then witness how well you would play with the mighty sword of words!