Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Noida

Investment banking is the fragment of “Investment services”. Investment banker works to raise funds for the government, companies, and particular stockholders. It plays the role of a mediator between an investor, who wants to invest their money, and an association, which requires assets to grow and raise their business. Investment banking needs your valuable time to invest for the long term and much hard work to get a reputation job in investment banking. This article is designed in such a way that it will clear your all doubts and show you some of the well-deserved investment banking courses in Noida.

List of best investment banking courses in Noida

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking belongs to finance services, which facilitate investors and organizations in complex transactions, give advice related to investment, guide in matters of fundraising, find risks, and find solutions.

To put it another way, investment banking is an area of experts with an eagle eye on the current market situation. Investment banker helps investors and businesses to raise money and also offer them financial counsel in the complex world of finance.

Businesses and govt. reach out to investment bankers to make suitable and profitable plans to get more profits. Investment banker uses their expertise and skills to make the best decisions based on the current market condition recognize threats and risks and find the best solution to get more profit.

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Vital Aspects of Investment Banking

  • An investment banker is an expert in dealing with elevated money for investors, government, and companies.
  • Investment banker underwriting debts and providing security to owner equity.
  • An investment banker is the lead player and plays an important role in the development and financial progress of a company.
  • An investment banker helps a company or individual investor to warn about future risks and difficulties and helps them to give solutions to maximize profit.
  • Investment bankers also provide mergers and acquisitions. (Merger means when two different companies come together to create a new organization and when one company takes over another company is called acquisition)

Jobs in Investment Banking

Investment banking is doubtlessly one of the respected fields in the big world of finance. It requires more than just academic qualification, but once you enter the investment course in Noida, you will encounter many opportunities. It has many sub-roles, and according to your interest level, you can choose one of them and stand different in the finance world. Here is the list of some highly paying jobs:




§  Banker


A banker is a professional who suggests to clients various financial issues gives the best solutions and advises them best investment option to save them from future risks.


§  Bank Teller


A Bank teller is a job for responsibility who takes care of various transactions like money depositing, cash checks, providing loans, and debiting. Also, helps the investor to answer their queries.


§  Client Service Associate


The client associate is a multitasker, they assist brokers as well as provide support to financial advisors and assist clients related to their account details.


§  Accounting Associate


An accounting associate must have an innovative mind with a problem-solving approach to manage accounting duties and provide expertise in financial functions. An accounting associate guides on long-haul financial decisions and prepares a plan.


§  Division Manager


Division managers make sure that all clients get high-quality service and assist them in the best way by a bank. They are answerable for day-to-day operations and work as a supervisor of all employees who work in a bank.


§  Financial Analyst


Financial analysts conduct research, analyze economic and market conditions, and provide well-informed guidance to organizations or individual investors. It’s a highly-paying job if you put your heart into this field.


§  Equity Analyst


Equity analysts are also known as, research analysts, financial analysts, or investment analysts. They are expert researchers who monitor public organizations and come up with factful information and valid suggestions for individual investors about their investments and whether they should sell, continue, or buy. Their expert skills and knowledge give appropriate and accurate guidance regarding finance to investors.


§  Private Equity Analyst


A private equity analyst is a direction provider to clients or companies related to investment. Their full-fledged research and strategies ensure clients profit from their investments.


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Expertise in Investment Banking

Selecting a career as an investment banker can be very repetitive and rewarding, but it is also very time-consuming, not everybody can able to go long and invest so much time in this field. It is very demanding in today’s tech world you would feel pressure sometimes.

Investment bankers need a handful of knowledge, and analytical skills, and also need to be mentally and emotionally strong to handle the pressure, stress, sadness, and tension of doing work on time and manage every situation with calmness. Here is a list of some skills that one must have to enter the investment course in Noida:

  • Skilled Researcher and Analysis:

Investment banking is a kind of area where without analyzing the situation and without current information a banker is not able to do anything correctly and would not be able to take place in today’s market if you want to beat the rush in a competitive market and want to stand out among all you must have a tactic of proper researching any topic.

Knowing the current trends and situation of a market or a company, what are the consequences, what can happen shortly, and whether it will profitable or not, all these questions can be answered only by keen research and analyzing the situation.

  • Ability to Give Hundred Percent in a Dynamic Workplace:

A dynamic workplace or rapidly moving environment means having to complete tasks on time in strict time but embracing challenges and staying calm and focused to achieve outstanding results. Tight deadlines and demanding circumstances may cause stress but you should remain relaxed and focused. Despite the challenging environment, one should be able to deliver quality results.

  • Time Management:

Time management is the art of utilizing time in the best and most productive way. Time management involves making a list of important activities, setting a deadline, and dividing time for each task to complete on time.

The technique of time management plays an important role in reducing work stress, increasing productivity, and making you more focused. In today’s world of technique and distractions, time management is a must-have skill all should have.

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  • Strong Social and Communication Skills:

Good communication and social skills are key to every relationship no matter what kind of relation it is. Communication skills play the most important role in a job because it facilitates understanding and collaboration and helps to build a strong bond between clients and colleagues. Effective communication skill enhances teamwork and boosts productivity.

  • Energetic and positive attitude:

The hectic field of investment banking needs more energy, attention, and a positive attitude toward the work. A lethargic nature can’t survive in the fast-paced environment of investment banking. This industry requires experts who are highly motivated and positive mindset in every difficult condition. A positive mindset helps you handle pressure and stress and leads to progress.

  • Good team player:

Team team-oriented approach shows a positive attitude and willingness to work together of a person. It brings a more positive environment to the company and helps to do work with more interest.

A good team player is open to working with others, sharing ideas, asking for new ideas, and listening to all colleagues. They tend to be more supportive in nature, reliable, and adapt to every situation and working style to fit in teamwork.

Qualification for Investment Banking:

  1. Graduation in Finance, Economics, or Mathematics
  2. Degrees in various subjects like Computer Science, or Physics are also eligible to make a career in investment banking
  3. For high-paying jobs in the area of investment banking, you should have an MBA in Finance
  4. A master’s degree in Financial Mathematics is also applicable to an investment banker
  5. Must have 55% grades in graduation

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List of Investment Banking Courses in Noida



Globally recognized institute for most demanding courses with practical learning, IIM SKILLS is located in New Delhi, the capital of India, and also serves their best services including Dubai and Singapore. IIM SKILLS offers the best faculty with 12+ years of experience at reasonable course fees.


They believe in enhancing skills related to the industry rather than focusing on only theoretical knowledge.

Course Name: Master Investment Banking Course

Training period: 3 months and 1-month internship. Up to 70 hours of online lectures to strengthen your basics, train you for the future during the internship, and conduct doubt sessions. The internship is remote, during the internship period, IIM SKILLS gives you real-life case studies, templates to prepare, and a practical assignment.

« Provide master certificate, recognized by Govt. of India

« Live + Interactive classes

« Quick response from the team to resolve your problems

« One-time payment and give lifetime excess to the program

« Guide you in building a resume

« Train you for interviews


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Syllabus for investment banking courses in Noida:

Schedule 1:  MS PowerPoint, Introduction of MS PowerPoint to making different kinds of graphs.

Schedule 2:  20 units of MS Excel

Schedule 3: Fundamentals of Financial Market and System

Schedule 4:  Derivative markets basics to advance

Schedule 5:  Technical part of Investment Banking

Schedule 6:  Marketing Collaterals

Schedule 7:  Technical part of Financial Modeling

Schedule 8:  Business valuation including Relative and DCF valuation

 Aim of providing in-depth details of the Investment Banking Courses in Noida:

  • Boost your skill level to deal effectively with M&A, LBO, etc.
  • To enhance valuation expertise
  • Build strong business and financial shrewdness


Who is eligible for the course?

  • Graduation in BBA, commerce, or a related field to investment banking
  • Known statistics and finance
  • Eager to work in this field
  • MBA students can also land I for this course

 Process of investment banking courses in Noida:

  1. Get Registered
  2. Select a batch according to your ease
  3. Maximum 70% attendance needed
  4. Exam after the training period
  5. Provide a certificate
  6. Internship
  7. Help you get the job

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2.   SLA Consultants Noida

SLA stands for Structure-Learning-assistance, Consultants Noida. It is a well-recognized institute, located in Delhi, Gurgaon, and in Noida. It offers short-term investment banking courses in Noida, with more than 80 professional trainers with 10-plus years of experience. SLA provides both offline and online classes with practical knowledge, which makes you able to face challenges in the future.

You can also choose one-on-one sessions and workshops according to your interests. After finishing the course, you will get an industry-recognized certificate and they also guarantee 100% placement. SLA welcomes both freshers and professionals in investment banking in Noida.


  • Industry recognized certificate
  • Practical session in the lab
  • Highly experienced trainer
  • 100% placement guarantee
  • Assistance for 7 days to arrange or schedule doubt classes
  • Workshops for real-time problem solving

The course provides:  Investment banking and Financial Modeling

Training module for Investment banking courses in Noida:

Unit:1 – Advance Excel:

  • Reference functions of Excel
  • Substitute function and data scrubbing
  • Logical functions
  • Multidimensional/ single analysis like manual what-if analysis, threshold values, etc.
  • Dynamic Bar charts, Pie charts, Line charts, Graphs, and Dashboard
  • Basic to advanced filters, data validation, splitting data, cross tables and charts, data importing and exporting, print display, etc.

Unit:2 – Deep knowledge of Corporate Finance and Financial Statement analysis:

  • Introduction to Financial Statement
  • Annual report
  • Horizontal and Vertical size analysis
  • Financial ratio analysis including; activity ratio, liquidity ratio, solvency, and profitability ratio
  • Basic projection technique
  • Build an understanding of corporate finance
  • Understand the plan for interest and debt, equity, cost of debt, and equity
  • The measure of ascendancy, impact on the cost of capital
  • Applies these techniques with real-time studies and company

Unit:3 – Financial/Economic Modelling:

  • Understand the combined financial model
  • Build an accommodated model
  • Case study
  • Advanced modeling concepts and techniques
  • Ordinary modeling error

Unit:4 – Advanced dashboard and visual basics for application

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Learn VBA language

Unit:5 – Overview of SAP (System, Application, and Product in data processing) and FICO (Financial and Controlling)


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3.   FINXL

FINXL is one of the best institutes for learning Investment Banking courses in Noida, it believes more in practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge.

Although the investment banking job is demanding few can do it properly, Due to the lack of skills and experience, FINXL provides proper guidance and trains students by allowing them to deal with real-life problems. It starts from basics so students need to be worried about pre-knowledge related to investment banking.

Course name:  Investment Banking

Fees: 30,000

Period: 4.5 months

Make you ready to move forward for CA, MBA, B.E., CFA, BBA, BCA,

High spots of the course:

  • Issue 3 Certificate of Equity Research, Financial Modeling, and Excel
  • 100% job placement guarantee
  • Life-long ingress
  • Concurrent case study
  • Assist you in building a resume
  • Career forum, where you can connect globally
  • One-to-one interview preparation
  • 4month internship
  • Allow the placement manager to guide

Course Curriculum:

Unit:1- Basic to advanced MS-Excel

Unit:2- Understand Data collection and Modeling

Unit:3- Fundamentals of Finance

Unit:4- Valuation and building Financial model

Unit:5- Leveraged buyout and M and A

Unit:6- Power BI

Unit:7- 10 current situation to deal with, presentation skills, building soft skills, and preparation of Interview

Further courses; online/offline:

  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Equity research
  • Financial analyst
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Excel expert
  • Economic analyst



IMARTICUS is a worldwide recognized institute for providing quality education and for imparting skills needed for a job. IMARTICUS identifies the abilities and strong points of learners and designs the course accordingly.

If you are interested in investment banking courses in Noida and looking for the best platform to invest your time and money to get a high-paying job IMARTCUS will be the best platform. It provides both offline and online classes. Recently graduated, from Management, Finance or Commerce.

Course fees: 1,40,000

Duration of the Program: 2.5 months

Other Courses in Finance: (Postgraduation Programs)

  1. Postgraduate program in Financial Analysis
  2. Postgraduate in Banking and Finance
  • Investment Banking operations professional

Authentication Courses:

  1. Management accountant USA
  2. KGMP Financial Analysis Pro-degree
  • Association of Charted Certified Accountants, UK

Administrative Program:

  1. IIM Indore postgraduate certificate program for emerging CFO
  2. IIM Lucknow advanced management program in financial services and capital markets
  • Investment Banking and Capital Markets

IMRTICUS will make you capable in the financial market field, trade life cycle, and risk management and make you job-ready with:

  • Industry-recognized certificate
  • Give you career support, and guide in resume building
  • Preparation for interview
  • Guarantee job
  • Practical knowledge to build job-specific skills
  • Give real-life problems and projects to solve

Topics will be covered during the Investment banking courses in Noida:

  1. Basics of Financial Market
  2. Foreword to Investment Banking
  3. Fixed Income and Cash Equity
  4. Foreign exchange and Money Market
  5. Derivative Markets
  6. Job Preparation


Concepts of Trade Life Cycle:

  • Data management
  • Corporate action
  • Asset management
  • Reconciliation
  • International Swaps and Derivation Association introduction
  • Basics of Stock, Borrowing, and Lending
  • Collateral management
  • TLC (Trade life cycle)

Concepts of Trade Life Cycle:

  • AML and KYC


5.   TAPMI (T.A. Pai. Management Institute)

T.A. Pai. Management Institute is well-known and ranked #38 in 2022 among 125 Business Schools in India and #22 in 2023 in Business School in India. It provides the best quality training in MBA-Banking and Financial services by virtual mode.

MBA program makes you competent with the required skills and knowledge to make a profitable and reputation career in distinct job roles, like; Wealth Management, Investment Banking, economic risk Management, Financial Analysis, Fund Investment, and Services, etc.

Course name: MBA

Duration:  2years

Expense: 6,00,000, 1,50,000/semester (EMI starting range: 25,000/month)

« Free admittance to paid content of Coursera

« Globally recognized certificate

Program of Studies:

1st semester:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial system and Financial markets
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Statistics
  • Organizational behavior
  • Storytelling with data
  • Marketing management
  • Decision-making and value creation
  • IT in banking

2nd semester:

  • Management Accounting
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Corporate Finance 2
  • Financial economics
  • Economic policy analysis
  • Insurance management
  • Operations management
  • Financial product selling


3rd semester:

  • FinTech and the role of emerging technology in finance
  • Analytics of banking and finance
  • Age banking and finance
  • Banking

4th semester:

  • Capital markets
  • Advanced corporate finance

Eligibility for entering the investment banking courses in Noida:

& Graduated from a well-recognized university

2 Minimum 60% marks in graduation

At least one year of experience in work

Process of Admission:

 Select the program and register

‚ Give details of work and education

ƒ Seat blocking amount

„ Complete the documentation and submit the form

… Pay the course fee


FAQ Related To Investment Banking Courses in Noida:

Q. Explain the purpose of investment banking.

In short, investment bankers are the linker between large companies and individual investors. Their main purpose is to advise organizations and governments to get the maximum benefit and overcome financial challenges. Investment banks find the issue and guide the investor to get maximum results. There are three main functions of investment banks: underwriting, advising on acquisitions and mergers, and if they find any risk helping investors to make plans accordingly.

Q. What are the best to prefer investment banking courses in Noida?

If you want to gain deep knowledge and master your skills, then investment banking courses in Noida provided by IIM SKILLS are best suited for you. If you are confused about what to choose, then take a course in investment banking, go through the course and if it seems desirable and profitable, then take your steps forward.

Q. Is investment banking a good career?

Yes. It is one of the highly rewarding careers.

Conclusion of Investment Banking Courses in Noida:

In conclusion, the Investment banking courses in Noida proffers reframing learning for learners. In the article, various aspects of investment banking are explored, from understanding investment banking to getting the best course for enhancing your skills and knowledge. By enrolling in an investment banking program, learners can make a path to high-paying, and repetitive jobs in the financial world.

It is crystal clear that selecting an investment banking course proves a good decision, as it enhances your skills and increases your knowledge important to dive into the competitive financial world. Grabe your chance to take your career to the highest level by enrolling in an investment banking program. Accept the challenges, acquire practical knowledge, and stand out in the crowd.