Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara With Placements

Nowadays there is a huge demand for data analytics professionals/data analysts because every business wants to optimize its performance which is possible with an expert data analyst only. Data analytics helps businesses to catch and hold of ways through which they can reduce their costs, and make better decisions knowing about their customer satisfaction and trends. If you are looking for data analytics courses in Vadodara, then your search for them ends here. 

List of best data analytics courses in Vadodara

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics involves investigating raw data to make decisions about that data. Large numbers of the strategies and cycles of data analytics have been mechanized into mechanical processes and calculations that work over raw data for human utilization.

Steps in Data Analysis:

Data analysis involves various phases, including:

  1. Identifying the data needs or how the data is grouped is the first stage. Data might be divided on gender, income, age, or other factors. Data values could be categorical or numerical.
  2. The process of gathering data is the second phase in data analytics. Multiple tools can be used to accomplish this.
  3. Data must first be arranged so that it may be studied after gathering it. A spreadsheet or other software that can handle statistical data may be used.
  4. After that, the data is cleaned up for analysis. This indicates that it has been deep cleaned and double-checked to make absolutely sure there is no duplication, errors, or lack of documentation. Before the data is sent to a data analyst for evaluation, this stage aids in the correction of any anomalies.

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Types of Data Analytics:

  1. Descriptive Analytics

The most basic analytics talks about the business and how the business has performed the following year, for example, if their sales have gone up or their views have increased.

  1. Diagnostic Analytics

This analytics basically focuses on the “why”, and the whys of the descriptive data analytics, for example, the reason why the sales went up. Was it because of the weather, etc?

  1. Predictive Analytics

This analytics allows the business to forecast its future trends. For example, what happened to the sales last time because of this weather?

  1. Prescriptive Analytics

This implies an approach to take. If the average of these five weather models predicts a hot summer and it is above 58%, then the business should hire a second tank and add an evening shift to the brewery to improve production.

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Functions And Duties of a Data Analyst:

  1. Testing, evaluating, and managing an organization’s data.
  2. Breakdown of the analysis and forecast utilizing multiple techniques.
  3. Sampling procedures.
  4. Utilizing recommender systems and software
  5. Installing and utilizing analytics software
  6. Techniques for logistic and linear regression.
  7. Clustering implementation for analysis.

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Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara

The best data analytics courses in Vadodara along with their fee structure, mode of study, curriculum, and everything that you need to know before joining it are explained below:



IIM SKILLS is the world popular ed-tech company that offers a wide range of courses. They have courses that are best designed for beginners to professionals who want to upgrade their professional skills.

Data analytics is their most recommended course among all the courses offered by them. Vadodara is a city of opportunities and with the best data analytics courses in Vadodara, you can plan a successful career as a data analyst.


IIM SKILLS ranks on the list of top ed-tech companies for their quality training & best curriculum which is designed by their mentors who have years of experience & are domain experts. All the courses with IIM SKILLS are certified & recognized.

IIM SKILLS was started by Vaibhav Kakkar in the year 2015 with his first course in content writing and in a very short period they expanded with many courses in various fields like banking, finance, data science, etc.

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Course Name:

Data Analytics Course

Fees: INR 49900 + GST

Duration: 6 Months of Live Training + 2 Months Of Optional internship ( Unpaid)

Data Analytics Tools Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI


Why Must IIM SKILLS be Your Choice For Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara:

First of all, as already mentioned previously, they lead the list of top ed-tech companies. This means that they offer the best data analytics courses in Vadodara. The course is fully tool-oriented with practical learning. This course is for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Once you enroll for the course, you get lifetime access to their learning material & also 24*7 guidance for your career building. You can also choose their internship which is unpaid and optional to gain professional experience.

The course fee is minimal and offers a guaranteed refund in case you are not satisfied with their first-course session. Also, you get interest-free EMI options for flexibility in payments.

In case you want to register for the course with your friends, you get an additional 10% discount. You learn at your own pace since the course is completely online. You are also provided with recordings of live sessions of every class for your reference and revision.

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Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate 

By Google, Coursera

Fees: $39.99/month

Mode of Study: Online

Duration: 6 months

About the Course:

Among the various data analytics courses in Vadodara, this highly rewarded Google course is intended to “get you job-ready in less than six months” and covers a wide range of topics. According to Google, recipients of certificates will have access to an Employer Consortium made up of 150 U.S. businesses that are dedicated to hiring recent graduates for entry-level analytics employment.

This Google series is the most thorough of all the classes possible. Given the large number of students enrolled, there is an active community for questions and responses, and the course video content is well-organized, professional, and entertaining.

The most popular analytics tools are introduced to you during the course, including Google Sheets, SQL, R, and Tableau. These subjects cover the whole data analytics pipeline and equip you with the knowledge necessary to create original projects.

Key Highlights of this Data Analysis Course:

  1. Taught by prestigious institutions and businesses
  2. Affordable programs
  3. Apply your knowledge to practical projects.
  4. Study at your own pace.
  5. Course readings and videos
  6. Graded tests and projects
  7. Beginner level
  8. After completion, a shareable certificate

Course Curriculum:

  1. Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere
  2. Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions
  3. Prepare Data for Exploration
  4. Process Data from Dirty to Clean
  5. Analyse Data to Answer Questions
  6. Share Data Through the Art of Visualization
  7. Data Analysis with R Programming
  8. Google Data Analytics Capstone


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3. Udacity

Fees: ₹77676

Mode of Study: Online

Duration: 4 months/10 weeks

About the Course:

Udacity offers Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara which will give you all the knowledge, abilities, and resources required to launch a data analytics profession. The curriculum offers regular 1-on-1 mentor calls, a vibrant student community, and unique career support services in addition to addressing theory and practice. It is one of the leading academies for Data Analysis courses in Vadodara.

Suitable for:

Students who have a basic knowledge of Python and SQL languages.

Key Highlights of this Data Analysis Course:

  1. Actual projects from professionals in the field.
  2. Technical mentor support
  3. Career services
  4. Learn at your comfort
  5. A safe global student community

Course Curriculum:

  1. Overview of Data Analysis 

Discover the wrangling, examining, analyzing, and conveying data process. Utilize NumPy and Pandas libraries to manipulate data in Python.

  1. Utilizing Statistics

Learn how to use inferential statistics and probability in practical applications, such as supervised learning model construction and A/B test analysis.

  1. Data Wrangling

Learn how to collect, evaluate, and sanitize data using the data wrangling technique. Learn Python to programmatically manipulate data and get it ready for analysis.

  1. Data Visualization with Python 

Acquire skills in applying visualization concepts to data analysis. Visually explore data at various levels to uncover insights and produce a compelling narrative.


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4. Simplilearn

Fees: ₹ 45,763 (+18%GST)

Mode of Study: Online

Duration: 12 months

About the Course:

You become a data analytics specialist after taking this IBM-sponsored course. Learn how to use SQL databases, R, and Python, develop data visualizations, and use statistics and predictive analytics in a corporate setting with the aid of the Data Analyst course.

Additionally, masterclasses from IBM professionals are included in this online course on data analysis. They offer Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara and other cities in India and everywhere in the World.

Key Highlights of This Data Analysis Course:

  1. Recognized Certification
  2. Proper SQL Training
  3. Industry Master Classes
  4. Top-notch Data Analytics course curriculum with integrated labs

Course Curriculum:

  1. Introduction to Data Analytics Course

You may understand how to apply data and analytics principles in your organization by taking one of Simplilearn’s data analytics courses. Through this course, you will learn techniques for analytics, visualization of data, and data science, which will enable you to improve business judgments and ROI.

  1. Business Analytics with Excel

Take this data analytics course, which also includes training in business analytics and Power BI, to advance your career in data analytics with strong new Microsoft Excel abilities. These two widely utilized resources, along with an official diploma, will set you up for a prosperous career.


  1. Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python

Learn how to use NumPy’s multi-dimensional arrays for Data Analytics, Pandas’ DataFrame manipulation, the SciPy library of mathematical functions, and Scikit-machine Learn’s learning capabilities. You will learn the fundamentals of Python in these data analytics courses before studying a wide range of data kinds. You’ll discover how to prepare data for analysis, run straightforward statistical calculations, make insightful data visualizations, forecast future trends from data, and more.

  1. Data Analyst Capstone

You will get the chance to put the abilities you learned in the Data Analyst course into practice with Simplilearn’s Capstone project for data analysts. With focused mentoring sessions, you’ll learn how to address a genuine issue relevant to your industry. The project, which marks the culmination of the learning path, will enable you to demonstrate your competence to potential employers.


Phone Number: 1800-212-7688

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5. Excelr

Fees: ₹39,999

Mode of Study: Online Virtual Classes

Duration: 160 hours

About the Course:

In order to give students and technical professionals high-quality training and skill development opportunities, ExcelR and tech conglomerate IBM have partnered. The Data Analysis courses in Vadodara by Exelr have been designed to meet the needs of the market as well as individuals who want to develop a profession in a digital field where coding does not constitute the mainstream.

Get Certified by completing our top-notch IBM-powered Data Analyst Certification Course.

Key highlights of this Data Analysis Course:

  1. 60+ case studies/assignments from top trainers from different MNCs to ensure practical experience
  2. Authentic data projects
  3. Committed placement support
  4. 350+ corporate companies in a network
  5. Jumbo pass: Attend any number of live classes or online sessions for a full year.
  6. The cost of Steinbeis Certification is Additional.


Course Curriculum:

  1. Business Statistics
  2. Advanced Excel
  3. MySQL
  4. Tableau
  5. Basics Of R
  6. Basics Of Python
  7. Power BI

Along with Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara, Excelr offers other courses that you can combine with your data analysis course to get a combo discount.

  1. Data Analyst + Data Science

₹ 84999

  1. Data Analyst + AWS

₹ 65999

  1. Data Science + Data Analyst + AWS

₹ 115999

  1. Data Analyst + Core Python

₹ 45999


Phone number – 18002122121

Exelr’s Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara also offer an employee upskilling course for the same.


6. 360DigiTMG

Fees: 29,500

Mode of Study:

About the Course: 

Data Analytics courses in Vadodara offered by 360DigiTMG will help you gain a thorough understanding of data processing tools like Excel, SQL/NoSQL, and data visualization tools like Tableau and PowerBI through the training program.

While Tableau and PowerBI are used to analyze the data and offer visual storytelling to end-users, SQL/NoSQL is utilized to work with the data stored in Database Management software.

An in-depth discussion is given on ideas such as exploratory data analysis, data preparation, and data cleaning. With the use of real-world examples, important ideas like Data Mining of Structured (RDBMS) and Unstructured (Big Data) data are illustrated. Excel’s advanced features help with data proficiency concepts and will shorten workdays.

Key Highlights of this Data Analysis Course:

  1. Weekend and weekday live online classes
  2. Access to online lessons for a whole year
  3. Get monthly EMI. Zero Percent Interest
  4. lifetime access validity for LMS
  5. 20 or more live industrial hours master seminars taught by eminent scholars and professors from FT’s top 20 colleges
  6. services to support careers


Course Curriculum:

  • Tableau
  1. Concepts and Introduction to Data Visualization
  2. Tableau Architecture and Introduction
  3. Data exploration with Tableau
  4. Using Tableau to Work with Data, Including Blending and Data Extraction
  5. Various Tableau Charts (Basic to Advanced)
  6. Tableau Drill Down and Roll-Up Features: Hierarchies
  7. Sorting – Nested Sort, Quick Sort, Sort from Headers, Legends, Axis, and Tool Bar
  8. Filtering: Tableau Context Filters, Dimension Filters, Measure Filters, and Date Filters
  9. Groups, Sets, and Combinational Sets
  10. Distribution, Reference Lines, and Bands
  11. Parameter Actions and Dynamic Parameters
  12. Exponential Smoothing Technique in Forecasting
  13. Unsupervised learning in data mining – clustering
  14. Quick Table Calculations, LOD Expressions, and Calculated Fields in Tableau
  15. Tableau’s mapping capabilities
  16. Integration of Tableau and R
  17. Interactive Dashboards, Dashboard Actions, and Stories in Tableau



  1. What exactly is Power BI?
  2. Data transformation with Power BI Desktop
  3. Power BI Desktop’s Data Cardinality and Data Modeling
  4. DAX Introduction
  5. Data Visualization
  6. Early Visualization Visualizations
  7. Power BI Dashboards, item
  8. Security and Organization Packs – Collaborating with Others


  1. Excel statistical analysis
  2. Commercial Moments
  3. Excel Graphical Techniques
  4. Statistical Inference
  5. Excel Hypothesis Testing
  6. Entering and Editing Formulas and Text
  7. Learning the Fundamental Excel Functions
  8. Adding Formatting to an Excel Worksheet’s Data
  9. Making Excel Basic Charts
  10. Excel Functions
  11. Using a list in Excel
  12. List operations
  13. Data Validation
  14. Functions with Conditions
  15. Lookup Operations
  16. Text-based features
  17. Knowing the Why and How of Excel Macros
  18. VBA Operators and Variables
  19. Automating Excel Formulas
  20. Utilizing VBA Forms


  1. Describe a database
  2. Database Types
  3. RDBMS versus DBMS
  4. The architecture of DBMS
  5. Five-schema architecture
  6. Install PostgreSQL six.
  7. Install MySQL
  8. Data Models
  9. DBMS Language
  10. DBMS ACID Properties
  11. Describe SQL
  12. SQL Data Types
  13. SQL Operators
  14. SQL Keys
  15. SQL Joins
  16. Subqueries with select, insert, update, and delete statements
  17. SQL Views
  18. SQL Set Operations and Types
  19. SQL Triggers
  20. NoSQL Concepts Introduced
  21. SQL vs. NoSQL
  22. Numerous NoSQL data models

360DigiTMG’s Data Analysis courses in Vadodara also offer an employee upskilling course for the same.


Phone Number: +91 9989994319


7. Weltec

Fees: NA

Mode of Study: Offline Live Classrooms

Duration: NA

About the Course: 

In order to assist students in learning pertinent ideas most effectively, Weltec delivers professional Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara that combine a hands-on approach with industry-aligned projects and case studies. You will learn inferential and descriptive statistics, regression analysis, data extraction, hypothesis testing, data blending, and forecasting as part of their data analyst training program in Vadodara.

Enrolling in data analytics training will enable you to develop data analyst skills in dashboard design and data organization, as well as in data visualization methods utilizing programs like Power BI and Tableau.

Key Highlights of this Data Analysis Course:

  1. Working professionals as mentors
  2. Interview Preparation
  3. Flexible batch timings
  4. Practical training approach
  5. 100% Placement support
  6. International Certificates
  7. Unlimited project support
  8. No-cost EMI fee structure
  9. Free of cost after course support

Course Curriculum: To know about the syllabus of Weltec’s professional Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara, you can call them or email them at the provided contact details.


Address: 3rd Floor, Commerce Center,

Besides Hotel Limra,

Opp. BBC Tower, Sayajigunj,

Vadodara – 390005

Phone Number: +91 9714514957

Email: [email protected]


8. Apponix Academy

Fees: NA

Mode of Study: Offline Live Classrooms

Duration: NA

About the Course: 

Apponix’s Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara are created in accordance with the European Commission’s EDISON framework and IABAC’s international standard curriculum. Apponix is renowned for professionalism and high-quality service, establishing a benchmark with cutting-edge ideas and persistently pursuing excellence across all segments of the market.

They establish the foundation for a professional future with a comprehensive strategy centered on satisfying the long-term requirements of both employers and employees. While they make sure that the applicants are a perfect match for the open positions, they also see to it that the industry obtains a steady supply of talented workers.

IABAC certificates are accepted on a global scale on an international platform.

Who is Eligible for This Certification?

  1. Graduates or students who desire to begin a career in the field of data science.
  2. Professionals with a variety of backgrounds who desire to pursue a career in data science


Key Highlights of this Data Analysis Course:

  1. Excellent Qualified Trainers
  2. 100% Student Satisfaction Rate
  3. 7000+ Happy Students
  4. Excellent Lab Faculty and AC Classrooms
  5. Dedicated HR Team & 1000+ Placements

Course Curriculum:

  1. Machine Learning with Python
  2. Python Programming Language Introduction
  3. Python utilities
  4. Additional functions of Python
  5. Statistic
  6. Linear Regression
  7. Case Study for Practice with Linear Regression
  8. Logistic Regression
  9. Case Study for Practice with Logistic Regression
  10. Time Series Forecasting
  11. Cluster Analysis
  12. Decision Tree and Random Forest
  13. R Programming
  14. R Programming Language Overview
  15. R’s data handling
  16. Additional R data handling
  17. Additional R features
  18. Data Analytics with MS-excel
  19. 1. Excel Introduction
  20. MS Excel’s various functionalities
  21. Excel analytics
  22. Excel Advanced Analytics


Phone Number: +91 8095154888

Email: [email protected]

Does a Certificate Course Hold Importance?

If you earn a certificate from the above-listed Data Analysis courses in Vadodara, it will help you add it to your resume, and it will serve as a great way to demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of Data Analysis.

Along with that, it’s not only about the certificate that you will earn with the course, it is also about the skills you will acquire in the field of data science and how it will further help you pursue your job with more ease and understanding.

Along with that, these Data Analytics courses are open to anyone who is starting a career as a Data Analyst. Obtaining certification will further show that you take the field seriously and will aid in the development of a solid understanding of data analytics ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Do offline Data Analytics Courses offer more value than online?

Answer 1: If you are looking for Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara, you can pursue any of the offline or online available courses. It completely depends on your comfort level. Some people prefer pursuing a course in the comfort of their homes whereas some people find it difficult to concentrate at home and feel better studying in an institute.

Question 2: Does any institute offer free Data Analytics Courses?

Answer 2: Yes, you can find data analytics courses for free.

Question 3: Who is qualified to take data analysis courses in Vadodara?

Answer 3: Candidates for the position of data analyst must possess a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, preferably in information technology, computer science, math, or statistics, with a minimum grade point average of 50%. In general, anyone with a bachelor’s degree in a related field can take data analysis courses in Vadodara.

Question 4: Is data analysis a hard course to pursue?

Answer 4: Data analysis is a process that combines both “hard” and “soft” skills rather than being just one in isolation. Programming languages like Python, database applications like Excel, and data visualization software like Tableau are just a few of the technical capabilities a data analyst has to be proficient in. It is quite a complicated subject, but you can master this by enrolling in data analytics courses in Vadodara.

Question 5: Does a data analyst work in IT?

Answer 5: The usage of computing technology is a common component of IT occupations. For commercial insight, data analysts employ databases and programming languages in computing technology. However, data analysts don’t deal with hardware IT support; they solely work with software.


Data analytics is a growing field and one of the in-demand professions that will surely take you through great career opportunities. With these best data analytics training programs listed in the article, you can develop or sharpen your skills and abilities to perform well and make great decisions for business growth. All the courses mentioned above cover a wide range of subjects, tools, and techniques, that are used in the process of analytics and data science.

Along with these, the projects and assignments are also given to the students to make them proficient in their domains and be prepared for any coming opportunities. While working on live projects, you hone your skills with the mental powers for instant decision-making. In conclusion, taking up these courses will open a number of doorways for your dreams to come true.