Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Kota With Placements

Taking decisions plays a vital role in today’s business. With one wrong move, the company can collapse, and the right decision will never stop the company from seeing new heights. To make such a decision, we need good business analysts. To learn this, we need business analytics courses. In this article, we will be featuring the top 5 business analytics courses in Kota.


List of best business analytics courses in Kota


What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is a person who 

  • steps into the problem, 
  • Understands the problem 
  • Research the problem 
  • Collect and analyze the data and 
  • Give valuable solutions to the problem 


Let’s learn from an example. Raj is a restaurant owner. His restaurant specializes in Chinese food. He can see that footfall has dropped by 50 percent in his outlet. If he continues like this, he will have to shut down his restaurant for another six months. So, he approaches Simran, a business analyst, to help him out of the situation. 

Simran takes up the responsibility to save the drowning restaurant. First, she sits with Raj and asks him about the recent footfall fall. Then, she meets the staff and the chef and observes them to understand why the diners don’t prefer to come and dine. She also reached out to some loyal diners who had stopped coming to their restaurant lately. 

She gathered many data points. Some she thought were helpful, while others she thought were just bits of information that couldn’t be used. Simran managed to identify many problems with the gathered data. The main problem lies with the recent change in the chef. The diners were fond of the previous chef, who was cordial and met the customer in person. 

On the special occasion, the head chef went out of his way to cook some dishes off the menu. The head chef’s relationship with the diners made their return for all occasions. Recently, the head chef quit his restaurant and opened an outlet. So, all the diners started going to the new outlet.

According to the survey, the new chef needs to solicit feedback from the other chefs, which hinders their growth. The taste palette also changed. The food doesn’t taste how it used to, so the footfall is on a downward spiral. With all the research Simran had done, she created a report that could be useful to Raj in saving his company from shutting down.

She also advised him and gave him a solution so he could work on a plan of action. Everyone needs someone like Simran in their business. They are called business analysts. There are many institutes teaching business analytics courses as the demand for business analytics courses is increasing day by day.  

The business analyst job market is growing at a rate of 13.5 percent. It is currently worth $ 198.08 billion and is expected to increase to $684.12 billion by the end of 2030.  Are you interested in becoming a business analyst? then stick around to know more about the field. Later, I will take you through business analytics courses as well


Typical Job of a Business Analyst

A business analyst provides data management solutions to businesses. They gather data using various methods to analyze and interpret it into helpful information. These facts and figures assist management in making sound business decisions. The data analyst job starts as soon as the company identifies the problem. For example, it could be a drop in sales, the launch of a new product, the identification of a new market, etc. 


A Typical Job of a Business Analyst Would Be:


Combining Data

Once you identify the problem, the work to gather data starts. Data combining is a process to collect and organize data for further analysis, simplify it, and make it relatable to current problems. 


Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD):

It’s a data mining process to extract the necessary data to understand the patterns better and make the data useful to solve the current problem. The new age of technology enables us to gather important and complex data. However, these data are only helpful if they are decoded and used to solve the ongoing problems that the company faces daily. The advent of technologies like machine learning enables us to organize and filter data to make effective decisions that can benefit the overall function of the company or the organization. 


Association and Sequence Identification

Predict the series of actions of consumers based on the data available. It will help in predicting the behavior of the consumer and their perception of the company or the organization 


Text Data Mining

Text mining structures the large data pool and creates patterns to understand and decode the data. It helps answer specific questions. For example, when you type a specific question on Google, it comes up with an answer because of text data mining. 



It is a study of past data from a particular period to analyze, understand, and interpret the near future of a similar period. For example, if the company booked a loss for a specific period, one can negate the future losses of a similar period by forecasting. 



Business optimization enables the business to identify new ways to solve the problem. It keeps the business model up to date and supports the company in keeping up with its competitors. Optimization lowers overall costs while increasing problem-solving efficiency. 


Data Visualisation

After collecting, interpreting, and analyzing the data, the business analyst creates visual charts, graphs, and maps to communicate the data more effectively. This data visualization helps various departments understand the existing problem and enables them to chart a plan of action to find a viable solution. 


Types of Business Analytics

There are three kinds of business analytics. Namely Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics 


Descriptive Analytics 

Primarily descriptive analytics asks the question: What happened? Descriptive analytics based on past data. It analyzes previous research and data and interprets it to find the optimal solution for future endeavors. Descriptive analytics primarily uses two essential methods, i.e., Data aggregation and mining. These methods provide them with past raw data.

Descriptive analytics combines the data, processes it, and organizes it to make it relatable to the problem persisting in the organization. The main goal is not to solve the problem but to extract data from the past for further processing. Business analysts use graphical representation to convey their past findings. To explain records, one can see lines, bars, and pie charts.

These data are processed and well organized to solve the problem. These charts are simple to understand and easy to decode to implement for future development. Descriptive analytics is frequently used in business operations. They make reports and present data like annual, inventory, and sales reports. This data keeps the company on track, whether it is climbing or descending.

They also track social media traffic and engagement. Visited these data were collected when the user visits the websites, clicks on any advertisement, or leaves comments on the popular social media platform. This information is tracked and used to understand consumer or user behavior to tap the future trend. 

Although Descriptive Analytics collects a lot of raw data and organizes them to make it viable for a wider audience, it doesn’t give you the overall picture or problem. Instead, it gives you a wider understanding, but to know any topic or issue more deeply, one needs to invest more time and analyze that particular problem to understand further. 


Predictive Analytics 

Predictive analysts dive deeper into the problem to understand its roots. It is much more advanced than descriptive analytics. Predictive analytics uses records, analyzing them like descriptive analytics, but they delve deeper into data mining using various AI methods.

It enables them to explore past data, and machine learning fills the missing data to predict future outcomes.  The outcome of the predictions enables the organization to identify future opportunities and threats. Using these kinds of forecasts wisely can benefit the organization in many ways.

For example, if the software company analyzes the data and finds out that their premium services are used free of charge through malware practices. A study can help the organization identify a pattern and a loophole in its software. This way, the problem can be fixed, and their services can be protected for their premium clients. 

Predictive analytics places equal emphasis on deep learning and problem-solving.  Deep learning copies or imitates human behavior and automates the functions to achieve the desired result. Many tasks in this type of deep learning organization are automated to reduce human error. Examples could be MRI scans, medical reports, and credit scores, to name a few. 


Prescriptive Analytics 

Prescriptive analytics focuses more on decision-making than data collection. Descriptive analytics focuses more on records, while predictive analytics focuses on future predictions. The third form of analytics, called prescriptive, focuses more on arriving at a decision.

It is very action-oriented and asks: What should we do next? Prescriptive analytics is based on mathematical data and computer science to help solve problems. It uses all the information from the descriptive and predictive methods to make an effective decision for the organization. 

The benefit of prescriptive analytics is that it keeps you future-ready. It creates various scenarios and helps you gain insight to make a better decision when the situation arises. As a result, it saves a significant amount of time, energy, and manpower, as well as potential future losses.

For example, you can identify sales using prescriptive analytics. If a customer visits an e-commerce website, the amount of time spent on it, the products purchased, whether they browse all the brands, or whether they check other websites before clicking the buy button all influence whether the customer makes a purchase. Did the newsletter lead them to the page to buy the product? All these analyses and decisions are studied by prescriptive analytics. 


Also, check the other best courses in Kota


Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Kota


1. Vikram Genuine Technology Private Limited – Kota

VGT offers one of the best business analytics courses in Kota. It is a well-managed company that uses the most recent technology to provide training and solutions in Python, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and ASP. Net, Java-Java EE, Android, PHP+MYSQL, Laravel, CodeIgniter, AngularJS, and NodeJS.

This company specializes in engineering, quality assurance, and application development. They have two locations, the second of which is in Jaipur. They lead IT education and software development courses with 22 years of experience in the industry. 

One of the top Microsoft.NET and Java software training facilities in Kota city, VGT has won various accolades. Several students will benefit from these business analytics courses in Kota. Over 10,000 applicants have been taught by VGT and placed in numerous prestigious businesses worldwide.


The Institute Offers the Following Professional and Business Analytics Courses in Kota 

  • Data analytics with Python
  • C++
  • DSA\sCore Java


Contact Information

Phone Numbers: 9414321060 and 9829589309

Contact email: [email protected]


2. Samyak IT Solutions

Samyak IT Solution is another institute that offers business analytics courses in Kota. It is an IT solution provider with offices in India and the USA. It began operating in 2013 and now has more than 25 outlets. Its only focus is on offering comprehensive IT solutions to a business that serves numerous clients using a variety of technologies and meets mutually beneficial objectives established by both the clients and the business itself. 

The company’s headquarters are in the developing IT hub of Jaipur, India. The company established its education division to address the demand for industry-ready professionals in the IT sector. Through this division, it offers professional, career-focused training in a variety of IT technologies, including programming, data analytics, finance & accounting, designing, CAD, robotics, and more. Samyak is currently available in 25+ locations and is fast growing to meet the demand globally.


The Following It and Business Analytics Courses in Kota Are Offered by the Institution:

  • Python Scripting
  • combining python and ml
  • IoT (internet of things)
  • R language certification for big data


All of these courses fall under the category of data science and analytics and mastering any of them can help you become a proficient data scientist.


The benefit of Learning Business Analytics Courses in Kota from Samyak IT Solution:

  • Expertly qualified instructors will teach you.
  • international diplomas.
  • opportunities for internships.
  • appraisal of placement.


You can visit their branch for further information; the location’s specifics are as follows.


Phone number: 977277108

Send emails to [email protected].

Address: Kota’s Talwandi Circle


3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online boot camp that also offers business analytics courses in Kota. It works with organizations and people to fit their unique needs, offering coaching and training to assist working professionals in achieving their career goals. Their data analytics certification program is in partnership with IBM, an American multinational corporation founded in 1911 and currently active in 171 nations.

It is sometimes referred to as the biggest technology and consulting organization in the world. Those looking for data analytics courses in Kota have a lot of learning choices thanks to this agreement between Simplilearn and IBM.


Benefits of Learning Business Analytics Courses in Kota from Simplilearn:

  • There are both self-paced learning videos and online instructor-led classes available.
  • Conceptualization with practical demonstrations and projects
  • Become knowledgeable about data visualization methods with the help of Power BI and Tableau
  • Develop your dashboard and data organization skills.


Business Analytics Course Materials:

  • Course on the basics of data analytics.
  • Excel business analytics.
  • Python data analytics and the fundamentals of programming.
  • Tableau instruction.
  • data analyst’s thesis.


You will receive certifications from IBM and Simplilearn after completing the course. Your proficiency in data analytics will be attested to by these certificates. The following advantages are also available to you when taking the Simplilearn data analytics certificate program.


  • IBM masterclass for experts.
  • Discussions with the leadership of IBM.
  • access only to IBM-organized hackathons.


Duration: 11 months 

Amount: Rs. 54,000/-  

Phone number: 1800-212-7688


Recommended Reads:


4. Intellipaat

Learn data mining, power BI, data wrangling, and other skills with the aid of this Intellipaat course, which was developed in partnership with IIT Madras. You will learn domain knowledge, how to use algorithms to solve challenging business challenges, optimization strategies, data transformation, storytelling, etc. in this data analytics training course.


Benefits of Learning Business Analytics Courses from Intellipaat 

  • 50 or more live events in 7 months.
  • Self-paced videos that last 218 hours.
  • 200 hours of projects and assignments.
  • 3 Company-guaranteed interviews.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • opportunity to study with IIT Madras professionals.
  • practical workplace knowledge.


Course in Data Analysis: Key Features:

  • Python and Excel.
  • Data manipulation using SQL Presto
  • Overview of data sciences and statistics
  • Business narrative and insights for overcoming problems
  • optimization strategy
  • Using the R application, KNIME Statistics & Machine Learning
  • Statistical modeling
  • The execution plan for data science


You will be given the Intellipaat and CCE, IIT Madras, and Data Analytics Certifications. In addition, you will be able to pass the following certifications: SQL Certification, Power BI Certification


Amount: $1492

Call us at 1-800-216-8930.


5. Manipal Global Skills Academy

Manipal Global Skills Academy also offers business analytics courses. The leading career-focused training and placement company in India, Manipal Global Skills Academy, was founded in 2021 with the mission of inspiring the next generation of technologists and impacting lives.

The skills gap between academia and industry is filled by MGSA’s programs for job placement and training in subjects including Data Analytics, Salesforce, Full Stack Development, JAVA, and related competencies. As a member of Manipal Global, MGSA has collaborated with over 50 banks, insurance providers, and digital organizations to build an inventive industry-academic relationship.


Benefits of Learning Business Analytics Courses in Kota From Manipal Global Skills Academy:

  • Live case studies 120 hours of instructor instruction
  • thorough understanding of the OOPs, Python, and AI concepts
  • Big data and Hadoop Job Assistance



  • Degrees: BA (Economics), BE/BTECH, BCOM/BBA, BCA/MCA, BSC – IT/Math
  • 2016 graduates and beyond
  • Python expertise would be advantageous.


Duration: 8 months 

Amount: Rs. 50,000 + taxes


FAQs About Business Analytics Courses in Kota


Q1. Can I learn Business Analytics on my own?

Yes, you can learn business analytics on your own. Many professionals opt to upskill themselves while working. In addition, many platforms offer online courses to learn business analytics.


Q2. How much time does it take to learn Business Analytics?

It takes around 4 years to become a business analyst. However, many online courses offer short courses to learn within a year. 


Q3. What is the eligibility to learn Business Analytics?

Graduates from any discipline are eligible to apply for Business Analytics. However, the colleges prefer commerce and science backgrounds. Therefore, most institutes set the aggregate for eligibility at 50%. 


Q4. What is the starting salary for Business Analytics?

Business analytics is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. As a beginner, business analytics will range from 7 LPA to 15 LPA. 



Every business needs business analytics. So, the demand for business analytics is increasing day by day. Time and space are becoming more limited in the information age. We want everything faster and with a single click of a button. To meet such demand, consumer behavior prediction becomes vital. Such studies are possible with the latest technologies like machine learning and AI. To study human behavior, data needs to be collected. In the digital age, such data collection is possible. However, the amount of data collected is massive. This data needs to be scanned, processed, and organized to be studied further and provide a solution.

These data can provide insight into the consumer’s past behavior, but to tap into future opportunities, one needs help from robotic technology and machine learning. Consumer, such advanced technology enables us to predict patterns and automate a lot of processes to reduce human error.  There is a demand for business analytics courses in Kota. Business Analytics is a growing field. More and more institutes and colleges are launching business analytics courses in Kota to meet the demands. Many students also opt to learn online if the time doesn’t permit it.

Many professionals also upskill themselves to tap into the opportunities within organizations. For some of us, it must be overwhelming to join business analytics courses. They should read online and watch YouTube videos to learn more about business analytics courses. There are many YouTube videos and social media influencers upload tutorials. One can easily access those videos to gain basic knowledge on the subject. Once you are confident to pursue business analytics, you can join full-time business analytics courses in Kota to gain a complete understanding and look forward to a career in the field. 

6 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Roodepoort

Are you searching for digital marketing courses in Roodepoort? Consider your search is over. In this article, we will be featuring the best 6 Digital Marketing Courses to look for. Nowadays, if you’re not a digital-holic, you are not a marketer at all. All businesses are moving digital to be found by their clients, customers, or audiences.


List of best digital marketing courses in Roodepoort


Roodepoort is one of the fastest-growing cities in South Africa. There are immense opportunities in digital marketing. There is a growing need for digital marketing courses in Roodepoort to meet the demand. In this fast-paced world, technology is growing pacier than anything. To compete, one needs to cope with the change.

The booming digital world is pushing all companies not to miss out on digital. Therefore, it is essential to know how the digital market works for anyone who aspires to be a digital marketer. In this article, we will cover the top 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Roodepoort. 


What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is an integral part of any business. Businesses produce products or give services. The company needs to market the product or services to make people aware of it. So, marketing attracts people towards the product or service to sell at the desired price. Digital marketing is also called online marketing.

It is a process in which the marketer promotes their product or services through electronic medium to find their potential customer, clients, or audience.  In this digital age, digital marketing is vital to any business’s success. Digital marketing uses new-age digital ways like social media posts, paid social media ads, paid videos, and email marketing to promote products or services.

Nowadays, everything is available at our fingertips. You can order the desired product or services at your doorstep with one click. The recent research by Flipkart & Bain Co says that online shoppers will grow to 180 to 190 million in 2027. Its predicted annual growth rate ranges from 20% to 25%. These numbers are high enough for any digital marketer to tap into to find their customers, clients, or audience.

These growing numbers only say that the future of digital marketing is bright. All established companies or startups who want to grow must establish themselves in the digital medium to build their brand and increase their visibility to make their presence felt. 

A digital marketer should plan and strategize the growing needs of their customer, client, or audience through social media platforms, email marketing, and search engine optimization. It will help the company, or the digital marketer grow their brand value and recall, and in turn, one will find the potential customer for the company. 


Who Should Learn Digital Marketing?

If you’re someone who loves social media, then you should learn digital marketing. Also, digital marketing is relevant to everyone. For example, ask yourself, 

  • Do you have an Instagram account?
  • Do you have a Facebook account?
  • Do you have a Twitter account? 
  • Do you have a LinkedIn account? 


Most of us have all the above social media accounts and must be spending much of our day too. We write posts and add stories to keep our followers updated. We create engaging content and post content on a particular day to increase followers. Knowing or Unknowing, we do all this activity that a digital marketer does to promote their brand. So, digital marketing is relevant to everyone who accesses social media.

Nevertheless, students who aspire to be a marketer and plan to make a career in marketing definitely should learn about digital marketing. Digital marketing is growing day by day. Therefore, any marketing student needs to know the working of digital marketing. Anyone who wants to become a digital influencer or start a digital business should learn about digital marketing. 

Knowing digital marketing will help you increase your website traffic, promote your brand, schedule your social media calendar, and engage with the right audience who can be potential customers. Also, entrepreneurs should learn digital marketing. All business owners are moving to digital platforms because the internet is a place to be found. 

For example, if your business is in Mumbai, the potential customer could be from Mumbai or neighboring cities. When your company has a website or social media page, you can have customers worldwide. Your digital presence will be available to the potential client at any time of the day. So, the digital company plays a vital role in all kinds of businesses, and entrepreneurs must know about digital marketing to find new clients to grow their businesses. 


Career Options in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is today’s fastest-growing career option. The Covid-19 lockdown gave a significant boost to digital marketing careers. During the lockdown, most of the businesses moved digitally to earn money. It gave digital marketers and freshers a massive opportunity to get their break in digital marketing. 

On the internet, everything starts with a search engine. Gone are the days when we had any queries; we went to the library and went through books for references. Nowadays, if any question comes to mind, we type it into the search engine to get the desired answer. Keywords are the terms used to describe these online searches.

Digital marketers collect this data to find out the needs of each website visitor and engage with their potential clients. If someone asks a question, the digital marketer will get the content writer to answer your query. For example, if someone looks for a brand, the specific brand will appear on your search engine. Like this, there are many functions digital marketer work to get their clients. These functions give various opportunities for aspiring digital marketers to start their careers. 


Search Engine Optimizer

There is a huge demand for SEO specialists. They are responsible for ranking the website. The SEO specialist strategies and uses techniques to increase the visibility of the website. It can generate more leads and potential customers for the business. 


Content Writer 

Copywriters drive sales, whereas content writers inform and educate the audience. Content writers write product descriptions, web content, blogs, articles, and infographics. The job of a content writer is lucrative. You will earn a good living as a content writer as you grow.


Graphic Designer

Brand recollection is significant in digital marketing. In this growing digital age, so many options are available to everyone digitally. We scroll our phones or move to a new website in a fraction of a second. In such a scenario, holding our attention is challenging for any digital marketer.

Here Graphic designers come in very handy. They prepare logos and design web pages with such a color and shape that they hold our attention. The design market is anticipated to be worth $250 billion. If you’re someone good with visualization and creativity, you should consider graphic design as one of your career options.


Content Marketer 

Content marketers plan, schedule, and execute content on different platforms. Their main goal is to convert the potential audience into customers or sell their product. They develop products based on market research, set prices, find suitable platforms or places to sell their products, and promote them on various media. As a result, the content marketer creates demand for their product and finds leads for the business.  


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is a digital advertising tool for digital marketing. Companies pay to show their advertisement on webpage or social media pages. Pay-per-click specialists plan, design, and execute digital ads for clients. These jobs are entry-level jobs, but they are high-demand jobs worldwide. 


Video Marketer 

Video marketing became very popular because of social media and digital influencers. Many of us prefer to watch a video over reading content to consume information. As a result, the demand for video marketers has risen in many digital streams. More than 80 % reported that their sales had gone up because of video marketing. Video marketers create promos and reach out to digital influencers for product reviews. 


Social Media Marketer

Social media marketers focus on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to promote their products. They specialize in social news, microblogging, social media scheduling, collaboration and sharing. 


Email Marketing 

You must have noticed email notifications from various popular websites on your email. That is called email marketing. Email marketer sends information to your email id with multiple offers and discounts to lure you into buying the products. Remember, email marketing is one of the best tools to get customers to buy. More than 30 % of sales come from email marketing. 


How to Learn Digital Marketing Courses in Roodepoort?

There are many ways to learn digital marketing. However, for beginners, I recommend reading and watching videos online to learn a little before stepping into digital marketing. The purpose of reading and watching videos is to familiarize yourself with digital marketing and introspect whether you want to pursue this career.

Yes, digital marketing is booming, but it is equally important to find your interest in digital marketing.  Once you find your interest in digital marketing, you can enroll in a course in digital marketing. Many institutions are offering digital marketing courses. In addition, there are online courses also available in digital marketing. In this article, I will be focusing on digital marketing courses in Roodepoort. 


Best 6 Digital Marketing Courses in Roodepoort

Following are the Digital Marketing Courses in Roodepoort.  



If you’re looking for Digital Marketing Courses in Roodepoort, then IIM SKILLS is the best option for you. They provide one of the best digital marketing courses online with international placement. It is an online instructor-led course recognized by the government of India. The course focuses more on practical learning and comes with lifetime access to all the classes. 


The Course Will Cover the Following Modules in Digital Marketing: 

  • WordPress website development 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email Marketing 
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Website Analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Content Writing and Blogging
  • Media Buying 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Video Marketing 
  • Marketing Automation 



Details of the Course:

Course Name: Master Digital Marketing Course 

Duration: 3 Months + 2 Months Internship

Placement: Yes


2. Digital School of Marketing 

Digital School of Marketing offers various digital marketing courses online. They provide introductory, intermediate, and advanced-level courses. Depending on the level of knowledge, you can opt for the respective periods. For example, if you read and watch online videos to get a gist of digital marketing, you can join the intermediate course the Digital School of Marketing offers. 


Following Are the Topics Covered in the Digital School of Marketing 

  • WordPress
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Paid (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing Management 
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Copywriting
  • Content Marketing 
  • Marketing Management 


Details of the Course 

Course Name: Intermediate Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 3 to 4 months 


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


3. University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg also offers digital marketing courses in Roodepoort. They provide a short-term digital marketing course. Learning from one of the best universities in South Africa definitely will add a lot of value, and there will be added advantages for job opportunities. It is a six-week program designed to cover all the elements of digital marketing. In addition, the course will conduct an online test to give a grade to the student.


Course Name: Digital Marketing in Practice 

Duration: 6 weeks 

Amount: R17853


Also, check here the best:


4. Blue Magnet

Blue Magnet offers digital marketing coaching services in Johannesburg. Their course teaches various basics to advance the level of digital marketing. It’s a five-day program designed for professionals or someone who wants to upskill themselves for a better opportunity in their organization. 


Course Name: Certified Digital Marketing Professional 

Duration: 5 days 


5. RCM School of Excellence

RCM School of Excellence offers a six-month comprehensive digital marketing course. The short courses are made in a way that allows one to choose any specific topic or stream to learn in-depth to specialize in it. So it will be an added advantage for someone looking for a career booster or learning a particular topic in detail. 


Course Name: Comprehensive Digital Marketing 

Duration: 6 months 

Amount: R36,450


6. Unicollege

If you are looking for something on social media, Unicollege offers digital marketing courses in Roodepoort focusing on Social Media Marketing. Many companies are looking for candidates who specialize in handling social media. The course is designed to cover all the elements of social media, from social media target audience to creating campaigns to analyzing campaign performances. 


  • Introduction to social media strategy
  • Social media lingo
  • Choosing your target audience carefully
  • Collecting data, maintaining privacy, and implementing the POPI Act
  • Developing compelling content and creative visuals
  • The importance of iterating campaigns
  • Optimizing social advertising for long-term success
  • Integration and management
  • Analyzing insights and measuring performance
  • Ethics in social media management
  • Email marketing


Course Name: Social Media Marketing 

Duration: 10 weeks  


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Why Learn Digital Marketing Courses in Roodepoort?

Choosing a career is a challenging process. One needs to weigh various pros and cons before making the final decision. It is overwhelming to choose a particular career path. The best way to choose is by knowing what you love and whether you are ready to put in the effort to get the desired result.

If digital marketing excites you or you love to spend your time and effort to get the desired outcome, then consider learning digital marketing. I will tell you why. Although traditional marketing still holds its place, digital marketing created and found its niche and clients of its own.

The standard marketing tools like television, radio, and newspaper were limited and expensive for the companies to promote their product and services. The recent digital marketing popularity widens with the availability of smartphones and the internet to a broader audience. When the audience widens, consumption also increases, and to keep the audience engaged; the marketers start finding new ways to create content. 

This rise of algorithms and analytics played a vital role in helping digital marketers find their audience. When the market widens, the cost of the digital market is reduced. There are more than 8L jobs available for digital marketing specialists. Companies are constantly looking for digital marketing personnel. Due to this, digital marketing courses in Roodepoort are flourishing.

As all the companies are turning to digital to find their customer, the demand for digital marketers will go up. Digital marketing is one of India’s top 10 providers of job opportunities. Starting the career at the right time in any stream is always essential. It is the right time to make a career in digital marketing due to the digital age. 


FAQs About Digital Marketing Courses in Roodepoort


Q1. How much salary a digital marketer gets?

Digital marketing is a growing and competitive field, and it is also a well-paid job. On average, beginners get around 3.5 to 5 LPA. The salary packages grow as you start gaining more experience in digital marketing. 


Q2. What do digital marketers do?

Digital marketer uses electronic devices to find potential clients and company audiences. To find the potential customer, the digital marketer uses various mediums like social media platforms, email marketing, SEO, and keyword planner to advertise the right product.  


Q3. Is digital marketing a hard job?

Digital marketing is not a complex field at the beginner level. It can be challenging as you start growing in your career. Growth in any area always comes when you make a special effort. There is no exception in digital marketing. It’s crucial to continue picking up new talents to advance your career in the digital field.


Q4. What skills do I need for digital marketing?

The phrase “Jake of all, master of none” goes very well with digital marketing. Digital marketer needs to know everything about digital marketing, from keyword search, SEO, content writing, social media marketing, and designing. They will have someone on their team do it for them, but it is essential to know everything. 



Digital marketing is an integral part of any company. One must recognize the importance of digital marketing, whether the company has been established for the last 100 years or just laid the foundation. Any brand to succeed, it needs to market itself digitally. So, the importance of a digital marketer plays a vital role in a company’s success and failure. Keeping an audience’s or potential customer’s attention online might be challenging because so many options are available. So, the digital marketer needs to think of new ways to engage the audience and appeal to the potential client.

Digital marketing is a fast pace and keeps evolving. One needs to be updated to beat the competition to stay ahead of everyone. Learning from a reputed institution always adds value to kick-start your digital marketing career. At first digital marketing can look overwhelming, but it is one of the most exciting career choices. I recommend learning the basics of digital marketing on your own to find your interest in digital marketing first.

Once you finalize your career in digital marketing, you can choose one of the courses from the above to sharpen your skills.  I believe this article on digital marketing courses in Roodepoort is informative to you. Share your thoughts on digital marketing courses in Roodepoort by commenting below. Please feel free to ask questions; I will be more than happy to answer your queries.