Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata With Placements

Do you have any idea that data science and examination positions are much of the hardest ones for an organization to fill? Because of the detonation of interest for data analyst experts, there are a lot of open information investigator occupations, and the insufficient possibility to fill them. Data analysis is a thrilling field to get into and the vocation possibilities are astounding. For that reason, there is a huge scope for data analytics courses in Kolkata which have been assisting learners to become proficient in this field.

List of best data analytics courses in Kolkata

Presently, just to clear up a typical misinterpretation without skipping a beat, you don’t need to bother yourself with being a math/software engineering/coding marvel to learn information investigation or land a task. In any case, how can you say whether data analysis is something that could intrigue you?

What’s more, how might you begin learning information examination and start a profession if you have no foundation in it? Don’t worry, this article is a guide towards data analytics or data analysis, what it is, the difference between them, and what are the best data analytics courses in Kolkata.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a discipline centered around extricating experiences from information. It involves the cycles, apparatuses, and strategies of information examination and the executives, including the assortment, association, and capacity of information. The central point of data analysis is to apply measurable investigation and innovations on information to track down patterns and tackle issues.

Data analytics has become progressively significant in the endeavor as a method for dissecting and molding business processes and further developing navigation and business results. Information examination draws from a scope of disciplines — including PC programming, science, and measurements — to perform an examination of information with an end goal to depict, foresee, and further develop execution.

To guarantee a hearty examination, information investigation groups influence the scope of information in the executives’ procedures, including information mining, information purging, information change, and information displaying, and that’s just the beginning.

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What is Data Analysis?

To put it plainly, data analysis includes figuring out enormous measures of unstructured data and getting key bits of knowledge from it. These bits of knowledge are tremendously important for decision-production at organizations, everything being equal.

A Speedy Note Here: Data analytics and data science are not similar. Although they have a place with a similar family, data science is ordinarily further developed (much really programming, making new calculations, building prescient models, and so forth.).

Difference Between Data Analytics and Data Analysis?

We should begin with an overall correlation of investigation versus examination according to any English word reference. As per Merriam-Webster, an investigation is the division of an entire into little parts, and examination is the study of consistent investigation. While investigation looks in reverse over the long haul and deals with the statistical data points of what has occurred, the examination makes progress toward demonstrating the future or foreseeing an outcome.

As such, the investigation rebuilds existing accessible data or information. Furthermore, the investigation utilizes this examined data to foresee what might occur. Information examination is the most common way of concentrating on a given informational collection (in close detail), partitioning it into little parts, and considering the subcomponents separately and their relationship with each other.

Information investigation, then again, is a more exhaustive term alluding to a discipline that contains the total administration of information, including assortment, cleaning, sorting out, putting away, overseeing, and examination of information with the assistance of specific devices and procedures. As such, information examination is an interaction or strategy, while information investigation is a general discipline (science).

It is obvious by the actual definition, that information investigation is a more extensive term and involves information examination as a vital subcomponent. It is the science or the mental cycle that an expert proposes to perceive issues and look at the information in the most significant ways.

Both analytics and analysis are profoundly critical and assist organizations with assessing clients precisely, moving toward the right crowd, and coming to the best outcomes utilizing their advertising spending plan. Both of these assistance organizations investigate and examine the client information to grasp obscure examples, snatch open doors gain experiences, and change that into useful navigation.

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What Are the Different Types of Data Analytics or Data Analysis?

Examination stalls extensively into four kinds: illustrative investigation, which endeavors to depict what has unfolded at a specific moment; symptomatic investigation, which surveys why something has occurred; prescient investigation, which finds out the probability of something occurring from now on; and prescriptive examination, which gives prescribed moves to make to accomplish an ideal result.

All the more explicitly:

Graphic Investigation: Utilizes verifiable and current information from various sources to depict the current state, or a predetermined authentic state, by distinguishing patterns and examples. In a business examination, this is the domain of business knowledge.

Indicative Investigation: Utilizes information (frequently created utilizing engaging examination) to find the variables or purposes behind past execution.

Prescient Investigation: Applies methods like measurable demonstrating, anticipating, and AI to the result of expressive and indicative examination to make forecasts about future results. A prescient examination is in many cases considered a kind of “cutting-edge examination,” and habitually relies upon AI or potentially profound learning.

Prescriptive Investigation: It is a sort of cutting-edge examination that includes the utilization of testing and different procedures to suggest explicit arrangements that will convey wanted results. In business, prescient examination utilizes AI, business rules, and calculations.

Data Analysis Methods

Information examiners utilize various strategies and methods to investigate information.

Relapse Investigation:

Relapse examination is a bunch of factual cycles used to gauge the connections between factors to decide how changes to at least one factor could influence another. For instance, how should web-based entertainment spending influence deals?

Monte Carlo Reproduction:

As per sources, Monte Carlo recreations are utilized to display the likelihood of various results in a cycle that can only with significant effort be anticipated because of the mediation of irregular factors. It is habitually utilized for risk examination.

Factor Investigation:

Element examination is a solid strategy for taking a huge informational index and decreasing it to a more modest, more reasonable one. This has the fresh advantage of constantly revealing secret exemplifications. Factor examination is frequently used in a business setting to investigate things like a client unwaveringly.

Companion Examination:

Partner investigation is utilized to separate a dataset into bunches that share standard qualities, or companions, for examination. This is frequently used to comprehend client sections.

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Bunch Examination:

Statistics Solutions characterizes bunch investigation as “a class of strategies that are utilized to order items or cases into relative gatherings called groups.” It very well may be utilized to uncover structures in information — protection firms could utilize group investigation to explore why certain areas are related to specific protection claims, for example.

Time Series Examination:

Statistics solutions characterize time series investigation as “a factual procedure that involves arrangements with time series information, or pattern investigation. Time series information implies that information is in a progression of specific periods or stretches.” Time series examination can be utilized to recognize patterns and cycles over the long haul, e.g., week-after-week marketing projections. It is as often as possible utilized for financial and deal determining.

Opinion Examination:

Feeling investigation utilizes devices, for example, regular language handling, text examination, computational etymology, etc, to comprehend the sentiments communicated in the information. While the past six techniques try to dissect quantitative information (information that can be estimated), feeling investigation looks to decipher and arrange subjective information by sorting it into subjects. It is frequently used to comprehend how clients feel about a brand, item, or administration.

Why You Should Learn Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

All in all, for what reason is it an excellent thought to learn data analytics courses in Kolkata and seek a lifelong in this field? It appears to be just fitting that we take a gander at the information to find out!

There is expected work development for information experts: The expected work development for statistical surveying investigators (one more term for information examiners) between 2020-2030 is 25%, in light of information from the Department of Work Measurements. That is a lot of new positions being made.

Information examination is popular: As indicated by Computerized Learning Foundation, makers of Prologue to Information Investigation and Insights Utilizing SQL, “There is an interest for individuals who can utilize information to perform detailing and investigation, in this way assisting organizations and associations with settling on significant and basic choices.”

Information jobs have higher than normal pay rates: Information experts are paid well regardless of whether they forge ahead to information science or design! What amount do information investigators make? As indicated by Payscale, passage-level information experts will get a yearly compensation between $40,000 – $73,000 (normal of $57,000). Senior information examiners can knock that up as high as $83,000.

There is an upper hand: As per Ian Littlejohn, educator of Complete Prologue to Business Information Examination, “The capacity to pose inquiries of your information is a strong upper hand, bringing about new revenue sources, better independent direction and further developed efficiency.”

All-inclusive need (a wide range of organizations require information help): As per Symon He and Travis Chow, educators of Information Investigation Basics Utilizing Succeed, “Each business creates information. However, [its value] relies upon your capacity to process, control, and at last, make an interpretation of that information into helpful experiences.”

At last, information examination is important for the two associations and people. You can make it a profession in itself or use it as a venturing stone to different information jobs.

Popular Careers to Pursue After Learning Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

  • Information Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Item Chief
  • Computerized Advertiser
  • Quantitative Examiner

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How Do Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata Assist in Pursuing Better Business Choices?

Organizations can utilize information investigation to improve their showcasing technique and redid correspondences. Information is critical in both corporate and public areas. Associations can rapidly use data with the continually developing assortment and information scientific apparatuses accessible to improve work processes, forestall defilement, and considerably more.

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Besides, by utilizing information investigation, organizations can upgrade their sites and deal with clients with a more redone purchasing experience. Google, for example, utilizes information examination to smooth out its activities and work on the efficiency of its labor force. By dissecting and contrasting information and with the assistance of indicative examination, you can expect open doors and difficulties before they emerge

How Are Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata Profitable?

While discussing the advantages of data analysis or data analytics courses in Kolkata, information examination gives better visual portrayals and illustrations that can be made to help individuals from non-tech foundations, comprehend the bits of knowledge in the dataset, all the more rapidly and without any problem.

Information examination results are by and large savvy devices for figuring out the genuine reality behind the information, as well as simple to deliver better visual and graphical portrayals in the show to make even an ignorant comprehend the data taken cover behind the dataset, all the more rapidly.

Be that as it may, it very well may be overwhelming for laypeople to learn the examination and techniques utilized by the Indicative Investigation master to create expectations and inductions. Post-handling, for example, making new experiences from the dataset to accomplish a superior and wanted outcome, might be challenging for somebody who needs comparative abilities to grasp.

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Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata


Rank #1. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata


IIM SKILLS is an institution well known for its highly rewarded professional courses which are led by professionals who are industry experts. Why IIM SKILLS comes at the top when considering the best data analytics courses in Kolkata is they are the number one player in the industry who has provided quality employees to a number of well-known companies. This depicts what they serve in their training programs.

Once you are their student, there are a number of benefits you get, not only the quality training which will make you a pro in your domain but many others. First of all, a well-curated internship is a wholesome program that allows you to work on a variety of projects. What you learn in the 6 months of live training, the internship pushes you to implement them actually.


The trainers are always in to help the students, during or even after post-course completion. They allow you to reach them to clarify all your doubts as their end goal is to make you skilled and confident. Each module is covered in-depth during the training program, so anyone from any background will get a clear understanding. The course is a perfect match for beginners and professionals. Everyone will benefit from it.

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Data Analytics Course Core Modules:

Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel (9 Hours)
Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
R For Data Science (20 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)

The basic and advanced tools covered in the program will be performed by you, and if in between you are stuck, you can leverage the 24/7 support provided by them. Another one of the benefits of joining IIM SKILLS is they have a dedicated placement cell, they help you to get placed. Many big brands are partnered with IIM SKILLS, they trust them, their courses, and their students. Hence, they prefer to hire their students only. So, if you work hard and follow all the guidelines given by them during the courses, you will definitely end up getting your dream job.


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


Rank #2. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

2. Madrid Software

Madrid Programming is a top examination preparation establishment in India with first-class experts. They have been in the profession since 2011 and ex-Perceptive representatives are the ones behind laying out this first-class foundation. They are creating different courses and zeroing in on examination courses in India.

They have feasible assets accessible to themselves and are assisting understudies with procuring the best abilities to stand apart from the opposition. Consistently, 1000+ understudies have become part of Madrid Programming and procured their abilities. In the wake of realizing their very best abilities, they are prepared to be a piece of the opposition and procure a decent post too.

Details of Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata

The course is planned by keeping present prerequisites into thought. Various innovations are incorporated, including

  • Python Ideas
  • Investigation Pandas Idea
  • The investigation by Numpy Ideas
  • Matplotlib Ideas
  • Information Perception
  • Information Cleaning Procedures
  • Jupyter
  • Text Investigation
  • My SQL
  • Procedures for Information Control
  • Prescient Investigation
  • Contextual analyses

In the wake of getting done with the tasks, they are in a state to give their students’ hands a shot at the live ventures. When you are a part of Madrid Programming, you also have a few extra advantages, such as dealing with numerous contextual investigations and creating different genuine undertakings. The declaration you get after the course fruition will go about as an asset to get a decent situation as a skilled data analyst in any presumed organization over the nation.


Rank #3. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

3. Great Learning

Great Learning is among the top examination preparation establishments in India, and understudies will procure a double declaration from the College of Texas and Incredible Lakes. They have made an evaluation zeroing in on every one of the expected abilities of an information examiner.

The program contained top academicians in the space of man-made reasoning alongside some accomplished industry experts to assist understudies with finding out about the ideas exhaustively.

Details of Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata

The course is planned by keeping present situations like man-made reasoning and AI in thought, alongside certain information apparatuses. The term of the course is 11 months, and understudies will learn it just through a web-based mode.

If an understudy is dealing with any issue, they can raise the question and get it settled. Likewise, in the wake of finishing the tasks, understudies can give their hands a shot at a few live undertakings to find out about ideas exhaustively. This course will help you to start a career as a data analyst.


Rank #4. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

 4. Upgrad

Upgrad is likewise among the best foundations for examination preparation in India. It was established by Ronnie Screwvala. They are coordinating the online-just program in a joint effort with IIT Bangalore. The personnel at IIT Bangalore examines the ideas connected with information science, man-made consciousness, and AI and assists understudies with finding out about new undertakings and contextual analyses without any problem.

Details of Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata

The system is zeroing in more on current interest. The term of the course is 11 months, and the method of preparation considered is on the web. After following through with the tasks, understudies will be a part of various undertakings to find out about things.


Rank #5. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

5. Simplilearn

Simplilearn appeared in 2010, and they are working on results-based training on the web and instructional courses by coordinating advanced advances. The significant fields in which they are centered – incorporate distributed computing, AI, man-made reasoning, digital protection, etc. Various understudies have gotten accreditation here and are presently performing great.

Details of Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata

The course ready by them has the ideas and apparatuses connected with Python, including AI and that’s just the beginning. They are assisting understudies by giving their hands a shot at ventures and clearing the entirety of their ideas too. The program they use comes from Purdue College and IBM, and it has every one of the expected abilities. The capstone venture will last under 90 days.

In their learning meetings, they are concocting live virtual classes and a few self-guided recordings. 24 x 7 showing help and components and online courses are likewise accessible for understudies.


Rank #6. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

6. Analytixlabs

Analytixlabs came into thought in 2011 and is working under the Edutech Organization. The resources contain individuals from IIM, ISB, FMS, McKinsey, and IIT graduated classes with modern ideas and assist understudies with finding out about each and everything exhaustively.

Details of Data Analysis Courses in Kolkata

The course here is planned by remembering understudies and assisting them with finding out about every single idea exhaustively. Subsequent to planning for the course, they are prepared for different examination work rules. The course is additionally separated into modules, every one of which incorporates tasks and some genuine undertakings.

The length of the venture is over 90 days, and the course is refreshed at a recurrence of a half year. Understudies will be a part of contextual investigations and a few tests to figure out their capacities subsequent to following through with the tasks. It provides them with a thought of which perspective they need to get ready something else for. The computerized learning of the executives’ framework is additionally introduced by them for understudies.


Rank #7. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

7. Jigsaw Academy

Since its commencement in 2011, Jigsaw Foundation has been positioned as one of India’s most amazing examination preparation establishments. It was established by Gaurav Bohra and Sarita Digumarti.

The thought behind opening the organization is to allow understudies to comprehend that information science is a fundamental ability and that it is useful in planning for a lifelong information examination.

Best of all, they are thinking of first-rate resources and the best assets. They put together LMS and online courses for understudies with the goal that they can find out about things exhaustively.

Details of Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

The course centers around giving an undeniable level of openness to understudies and bottom meetings on information science ideas. They are zeroing in on an appraisal program where half of the grade will be from interior evaluation and half from the term-end assessment.

This assists them with assessing the exhibition of the understudy. The response sheets given by understudies are assessed by the Manipal Foundation of Advanced Education, Manipal.


Rank #8. Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

8. Edureka

Edureka appeared in 2011 and they are concocting a web-based technique to prepare understudies. The course has been separated by keeping worldwide interest in thought. 24 x 7-lifetime support is additionally accessible for understudies so they can get some information about the inquiries emerging.

Details of Data Analytics Courses in Kolkata

The course planned by them has every one of the rudiments incorporated, which are expected to be an effective information investigator. They are preparing understudies in various programming dialects, including Python and R, for Apache Flash, trailed by Profound Learning. The capstone undertaking will last under 90 days. Likewise, they update the course at regular intervals.



Below are the FAQs about the data analytics courses in Kolkata


Q1. Is Data Analytics a decent profession?

Ans1. Talented information experts are the absolute most sought-after experts on the planet. Since interest is an area of strength for so, the inventory of individuals who can genuinely finish this work well is so restricted, that information investigators have enormous compensations and superb advantages, even at the section level.

Q2. Who can become a Data Analyst expert?

Ans2. To turn into an information examiner, the vast majority seek a four-year certification in measurements, math, software engineering, or data innovation (however it’s not needed). Be that as it may, a rising number of individuals are entering information investigation after finishing boot camps and confirmations.

Q3. Where is Data Analytics utilized?

Ans3. Information Researchers and Experts use information examination innovation and procedures in their exploration, and organizations likewise use it to illuminate their choices. Information investigation can assist companies with better grasping their clients, assessing their promotion crusades, customizing content, formulating content procedures, and fostering items.

Q4. Which degree is best for a Data Analyst examiner?

Ans4. For instance, a four-year college education in software engineering, measurements, or data frameworks can give you the central specialized abilities you want as an information examiner. As information assortment, the board, and examination turn out to be more perplexing and innovation progresses, numerous businesses are looking for applicants with graduate degrees.

Q5. Does a Data Analyst Expert have a future?

Ans5. The information examination industry is projected to make north of 11 million positions by 2026 and increment interest in man-made intelligence and AI by 33.49% in 2022 alone.

Summing Up:

Data Analytics is a course of examining, refining, changing, and preparing past information to acquire helpful data, recommend ends, and simply decide. Information investigation utilizes information, AI devices, measurable examination, and PC-based examples to acquire a better understanding and configuration of better techniques. It is the course of re-displaying past information into activities through examination and bits of knowledge to help in authoritative navigation and critical thinking.

Trust, this guide assisted you with understanding what is the contrast between information examination and information investigation. Also given the best institutions to choose the right one for you. It means quite a bit to track down the ideal locations to learn and become capable of this large number of abilities and dialects. So, must enroll in the data analysis courses in Kolkata to boost your career.

Good luck folks!