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Top 6 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala

Looking for the best business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala? Here is all the information you need to know about business accounting and taxation, and the institutes offering BAT courses in Kerala. Let’s first understand what is business accounting and taxation, eligibility, career opportunity, and much more.


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala


Business Accounting


Identification, recording, and communication of the economic and business events of any company or organization is called business accounting. Business accounting systematically records, analyze, interpret and present the financial information of a company and organization.


Accounting is a way in which businesses and organizations keep track of their financial operation. This record helps businesses and organization to make a better decision with their money and avoid insolvency for the company as this organized information show the financial health of the business. Accounting is also called the language of business as every business which has assets and liability uses accounting information to keep track of them.




Taxation is the process of levying financial charges on an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization and company, it is followed by governments and authorities all around the globe. The main purpose of taxation is to generate revenue which is used for maintenance and developmental activities in the country.


The practice of paying taxes to government and authority is an ancient practice followed by almost all civilizations. Taxes are fees paid by citizens and organizations involuntary. It is different from other fees and payments as it is not linked to any services which have been provided in past or which will be provided in the future.


Taxes are levied on assets and transactions which include properties, stocks, etc. there are different types of taxes levied on individuals or organizations, some of them are:


  • Income Tax: The tax imposed on the income of the individual or the organization by any entities within its jurisdiction by the government is called income tax.
  • Corporate Tax: it is a tax imposed on the profit earned by the businesses.
  • Capital Gains: a tax that is imposed on any sort of financial or capital profit made by the individuals or the businesses from the sale of the assets like property, stock, bonds, etc.
  • Property Tax: It is the tax imposed by the government on the property based on its market value.
  • Inheritance Tax: it is the tax levied on the individual who inherits the property or other assets of the deceased person.
  • Sales Tax: it is the tax imposed by the government on the sales of goods and services. Excise tax, GST or goods, and services tax, and VAT (value-added tax) are a few examples of sales tax.


As mentioned above tax is one of the ancient features of society, which have helped the government around the world in the development activities of the country.


Why Choose BAT Courses in Kerala?


BAT courses in Kerala aim to introduce the three core aspects of commerce, i.e. business, accounting, and taxation. It is quite helpful for a candidate who wants to pursue a career in accounting, finance, or taxation. Following are a few reasons why one should pursue business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala:


  • Business and accounting courses are the best short-term course as post-graduation diplomas for commerce and non-commerce student.
  • This course also introduces students to the technical system of accounting like system application products, to make students job-ready.
  • Business accounting and taxation courses mentor students to meet the increasing demand for accountants in India.
  • Business accounting and taxation course certification also add value to candidates’ CVs and make them employable in big organizations.
  • In business accounting and taxation courses candidates not only learn to account but they’ll also learn financial reporting and auditing, hence making them eligible to work in different fields of commerce.


Career After BAT Courses in Kerala


Business accounting and taxation is an integrated course that opens a plethora of job opportunities. Skilled professionals in the field of business accounting and taxation are in high demand as every business, organization, and the individual requires these professionals.


Job opportunities are open for a candidate in both the private and public sectors. A certified business accounting and taxation professional can work in the different fields of commerce such as taxation, auditing, real estate financing, budget analysis, personal finance consultant, revenue agent, etc.


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Here are the some of the lucrative entry-level job roles for business accounting and taxation certified candidates is as follows:


  • Auditing Assistant: it is an entry-level job where candidates have to perform simple auditing tasks, which means analyzing and monitoring the financial reports of the company. An auditing assistant also helps the auditor in the documentation process of the audits, they also provide recommendations about the audits and policies of the company.


  • Tax Assistant: This role belongs to the accounting department of the company. The function of a tax assistant includes monitoring tax reports, tax expenses, ta filling, etc. they also have a role to play in the simple administrative work in the organization. Important skills for the role of the tax assistant are Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, basic mathematical operations, etc.


  • Accounting Assistant: the role of an accounting assistant is to assist in the functioning of the accounting department of the organization. The job role of the accounting assistant includes evaluation of the budget, tacking the expenses, they also process important documents of the organization such as invoices, financial statements, etc.


Top Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala


Now that we know all the relevant information about the BAT; let’s look at the list of the best institute offering business accounting and taxation courses in Kerela:


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the leading learning platforms, offering various professional courses like content writing, digital marketing, technical writing, and of course business accounting and taxation. IIM Skills’ 4 months of live business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala offer 120+ hours of lectures, and hours of practical assignments for hands-on learning for the candidate.


IIM Skills BAT courses in Kerala are recognized by the government of India. They also provide the candidate with internship and job opportunities via their dedicated placement cell. IIM skill offers candidates lifetime support and access to live classes and recordings.


The candidate enrolled in this BAT course will also get mentorship from top-level CAs in the business accounting and taxation niche. Their business accounting and taxation course syllabus include theoretical and tool-based practical learning, designed as per industry standards to train the candidate for the real-world market.

Other Courses

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2. EduPristine


EduPristine is one of the largest and oldest institutes providing training in the field of accounting, finance, analytics, and marketing. It is also a member of the Adtalem global education (ATGE), a global education provider based in unites states of America; whose main purpose is to empower students around the world to achieve their goals, find success, and make a notable contribution to the global community.


EduPristine offers business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala in multiple modes. They provide live virtual classes and self-study or self-paced training. They also provide classroom training in multiple locations like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc.


Their trainers are well qualified with many years of experience in the relevant industry. Their curriculum has a balanced mixture of theoretical and practical learning. In EduPristine BAT courses in Kerala. a candidate will get exclusive HD training videos, exam-oriented content, and guidance, mock test, live doubt-solving sessions, and much more.


As mentioned above, business accounting and taxation is a post-graduation program combination of both experiential learning and practical learning, formulated to help students in getting job-ready in the accounting profession. They also have a dedicated career services team that supports the students to acquire soft skills and make them job-ready.


EduPristine’s business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala include nine modules, 14 assignments or projects, and training about four software. Once completing the course, the candidate will get four certificates and 100% job assistance from the institute.


3. Institute of an International Accountant (IIA)


Institute of an international accountant IIA is a well-known institute that offers 100% job-oriented courses in a well-organized way which allows candidates to become job-ready by acquiring real-time experience and skills as per general company standards. They offer business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala by the name of the corporate accounting and taxation program.


This program is designed by their expert faculty that will help the candidate become a job-ready accounting professional. For enrollment in IIA’s corporate accounting and taxation, candidates require any graduate degree or equivalent qualification. And on completion of this course, the candidate will be awarded three certificates: a certificate in corporate accounting and taxation, a certificate in tally ERP 9, and a real-time experience certificate.


They also provide 100% placement assistance with guaranteed interviews in Bangalore and Chennai-based organizations. After completing this course, candidates can work in different job roles such as payroll accountant, reconciliation accountant, accounts associates, accountant executive, and general accountant.


Content of IIA’s corporate accountant and taxation curriculum includes basic of day to day transactions like accounting roots and rules, the flow of transactions, cash transactions, accounting cycle; occasional transactions like payment and receivables, advances and deposit; cash and cash equivalent, banking and facilities, equity, reconciliation of accounts and much more.


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National Institute of Financial Markets NIFM is one of the leading institutes in India with 15 centers all over the country. It offers many courses, and its BAT course is one of them. NIFM’s BAT courses in Kerala are popular because of their systematic curriculum whose learning methodology is based on live projects along with theoretical knowledge.


NIFM course focuses on the practical knowledge and skill of the candidate hence making them ready to secure a job globally. They also provide 100% job assistance in various financial organizations and businesses. NIFM offers Business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala as a short-term certification course and a one-year diploma course.


Both of them are designed as per the industry requirement and hence are job-oriented. The minimum required to enroll in this course is 10+2 or graduation, also having basic knowledge of computers and various MS products would be helpful for candidates. The candidate will get training from industry experts in business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala.


Apart from 100% placement assistance, NIFM also assists the candidate in launching their career as a freelancer or in starting a business as an accounting and income tax professional. NIFM BAT course is suitable for the working professionals as well because it gives flexibility to the candidate in choosing the day and schedule of the classes.


NIFM business accounting and taxation curriculum includes basics of accounting, accounting process, preparation of final accounts; GST basics and its accounts and audits, registration and invoicing, penalties under GST; TDS/TCS, Tally EPR 9 with GST, income tax, auditing and much more.


5. Udemy


Udemy is one of the leading learning platforms that offer a variety of courses. Udemy has millions of students with thousands of courses to choose from. Udemy usually has courses around enhancing job-related skills. They also offer business and accounting courses in Kerala, taught by an expert trainer who simplifies the complex topic of the subjects.


It is important to note, that a candidate might have to buy more than one course, as one course may or may not cover all aspects of business accounting and taxation. Courses on Udemy is quite affordable, and they also give the candidate a variety of option to the student to choose from.

IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite

Udemy also has several other courses around the same subject like financial accounting, accounting for beginners, advanced accounting, introduction to financial modeling, and much more. Udemy’s business accounting and taxation syllabus usually includes accounting, inventory and taxation management, tally prime, GST, income tax, and TDS/TCS.


Udemy courses are designed for all kinds of candidates as they provide training in recorded video format hence suitable for working professionals or any individual who wants to learn new skills.


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6. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutes offering many courses, and business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala are one of them. Henry Harvin’s certified business accounting and taxation course include all important parts of accounting like GST, income tax, TDS, and crucial topic related to the operation of businesses in India.


They have an integrated curriculum that equips the student with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting and taxation, which will make them job-ready. During business accounting and taxation courses in Kerala, candidates will have to work on the live project as per industry standards. The candidate will also get an internship opportunity.


Henry Harvin’s BAT Courses in Kerala provide training via 172 hours of live interactive sessions. Apart from these live classes, a candidate will get e-learning access which has video content, tools, assessment, and more. After the completion of the course, the candidate will get a certificate from the institute.


Candidates will also get the one-year gold membership of Henry Harvin’s accounts academy. Henry Harvin also provides job assistance to their students.




1. What is the starting salary of the candidate after completing BAT courses in Kerala?

A candidate can expect a minimum of 3 to 4 lakhs per annum as a fresher, and with a few years of experience salary up to 6 to 8 lakhs.


2. What is the eligibility to enroll in a business accounting and taxation course?

Graduate candidates preferably those of commerce background are eligible to enroll in BAT courses.


3. How can one apply for BAT courses in Kerala?

A candidate can visit the official website of their preferred institute or pay a visit to their local office branch of the institute and fill out the application form.




The demand for skilled accountants and taxation professionals is ever-growing in the Indian market, making it one of the lucrative fields for commerce graduates. All small and big organizations need accounting and tax professionals to manage their finance. As mentioned above in the article, an accountant keeps track of business expenses and earnings; and taxation is the set of laws and regulations a business and individuals have to follow in monetary terms. Hence getting a diploma or certificate in business accounting and taxation would be a wise decision for a candidate who is interested in this field.


A diploma in business accounting and taxation will help the candidate get in-depth knowledge of accounting and all state and central tax regulations for businesses, organizations, and individuals. The skill and knowledge of accounting and taxation will make the candidate employable and a better professional in the accounting and taxation field. Every small big organization and high-income individual needs an accounting and taxation professional to manage their finance, hence getting a business accounting and taxation certificate would be profitable for a candidate who wants to build a career in the accounting and taxation domain.

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