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Top 3 Technical Writing Courses in Indore With Placements

Don’t know where to find the top technical writing courses in Indore? Don’t worry, it’s right here! While many people are aware of content writing and creative writing, technical writing still remains a little hazy among many people. If you want to know about technical writing courses in Indore, the scope of such writing, and other details, you are at the right place! While it is obvious to have doubts about a certain profession. It’s better to clear your doubts before entering a job, right?

Technical writing courses in Indore


Located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Indore is a city full of rich history. Modernity and tradition go side by side in this city. On one side you have the palaces, temples, mosques, and mahals on the other hand you have rapid industrialization that is taking place in the city.

The city has some of the most important industries and factories such as cotton handlooms. The city has been winning the title of the cleanest city in India for the last few years. Both the government and the people work hand in hand to keep the city and the environment clean.

Both the Indian Institute of Management and the Indian Institute of Technology are located in this city. Some of the best colleges and educational institutions are located in this city.

You can hence understand that with some of the best educational centers in the city and the mass-scale industrialization that has taken place in the city, the demand for technical writers has risen. Whenever there is a demand, there ought to be a supply.

With the rise in demand for technical writers, there has been a significant rise in the institutes providing technical writing courses in Indore.

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Meaning of Technical Writing Courses in Indore

Since the term technical writing has the word technical in it, you can understand that it has to do with machines and technology. Whenever you purchase any electronic good, there is a user manual that comes along with it. The user manual is not written by the mechanic or manufacturer.

It is written by technical writers. A technical writer is someone who understands the complex mechanism of a machine and then transforms that complex information into a more comprehensible and easy format. The easier the format, the better it is for the customer.

Whenever a technical writer writes something, it is mostly for a naive audience. So, the target audience of a technical writer is always assumed to be someone who has no idea about the given product.

The major task of the technical writer is to produce extremely easy and readable write-ups so that the customer can easily read and understand the mechanism of a machine.

For example, if a customer purchases a microwave oven, then you as a technical writer have to explain the critical and complex functions of the machine in a simple way so that the customer can easily understand it.

Technical writers are not always from a similar field. In such a case it might be difficult for the writer to first understand the technical details himself and then produce an easily comprehensible manual. The technical writing courses in Indore will give you a complete understanding of this field and how such complex details are written.

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Sectors You Can Enter After Doing Technical Writing Courses in Indore

  • Automobile
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Computer
  • Chemistry
  • Finance
  • Aeronautics
  • Robotics
  • Biotechnology
  • Electronic Goods
  • Forestry


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Best Technical Writing Courses in Indore


Rank #1. Technical Writing Courses in Indore


Since 2015, the institute has been providing highly effective and helpful courses and training to young students. One of the biggest problems of the conventional educational system is the lack of practical exposure.

Though most students gain adequate theoretical knowledge and understanding, the practical skill and application-based knowledge remain distant. One of the major goals of this institute is to train and produce efficient and competent freshers who have a perfect balance of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Thus when you appear for an interview, the confidence in you shines. The latest demands of industries are kept in mind along with the needs and capacity of students. The trainers guide you so that you gain a complete understanding of the field.

Course Offered: Master Technical Writing Course

Duration: 5 weeks

Mode of Education: Live Online Training

Fees: INR 14,900+ 18% GST

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Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction
  • Audience Analysis
  • Topic Research
  • Writing the document
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Flowcharts and Mindmaps
  • Block Diagrams and Schematics
  • Infographics
  • MS Visio and MS Project
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers or Journals
  • DDLC and Versioning
  • Conversational Writing
  • Reviewing and Publishing
  • API Documentation using XML
  • Data Sheets, User Manuals, and Application Notes
  • Effective Writing- Grammar, punctuation, and formatting guidelines
  • Medical Blogs and Journals
  • Charts Used in Medical Writing
  • Case Study


Perks of doing this course:

  • One of the main aims of this institute is to provide practical exposure to students. This practical experience is enabled through various practical tools like MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus, etc. These tools will expose you to the world of applications and skills by forcing you to use your analytical skills.
  • Since it is an online training, the course is divided in a way in which maximum attention is given to application-based assignments. In the five weeks of training, 26 hours are dedicated to live online training while the remaining 60+ hours are dedicated to assignments. These assignments will test the knowledge you have been able to accumulate. 
  • One 1-month of a guaranteed internship is provided to you. This internship period will be the most active period of this course where there will be constant learning, understanding, analysis, and writing that will help you to get a holistic overview of the professional world.
  • Various kinds of writing will be taught to you like medical writing where you will learn about healthcare websites, organizations, journals, and the writing style that is preferred here. Also, scientifically well-researched article writing will be taught to you by the experts. This type of writing is often in collaboration with professionals from medicine, engineering, etc

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9580 740 740


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Rank #2. Technical Writing Courses in Indore

2. Udemy

One of the leading online institutes providing excellent training courses, Udemy has gained high confidence among students. The courses provided by the institute are considered very reliable and student-friendly training sessions.

The industry-oriented approach by trainers helps you to get a better understanding of the field and also have higher skill development.

Course Offered: Technical Writing

Duration: 5.5 hours

Mode of Education: Online Mode

Fees: INR 14,900

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Topic Awareness
  • Knowing your Target Audience
  • Planning and Writing a Book
  • Marketing
  • Advance writing Techniques

Perks of doing this course:

  • The course is provided at reasonable rates so that maximum students can gain knowledge and the skills necessary to get a good job.
  • All students are provided with certificates once they finish the entire course along with the assignments and projects are given to them.
  • Through this course, you will understand the goals of a technical writer and how the technical writing industry functions, whom to collaborate with, what to write, research-based articles, etc.
  • The habit of regular writing along with the confidence with which you should approach a new topic is taught to you.


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Rank #3. Technical Writing Courses in Indore

3. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an online training institute providing professional courses to students. The courses are designed to help you in your professional field. The trainers who teach you have been in the particular field for many years and have a practical idea about the requirements of that field. Considered one of the best online institutes, Henry Harvin’s courses are designed in a very systematic way. 

Course Offered: Technical Writing Course

Duration: 36 hours

Mode of Education: Live Online Training

Fees: INR 17,500

Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Documentation Process
  • Technical Writing Process
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Components of a Technical Document
  • Technical Writing Techniques
  • Technical Document Template
  • Formats of Technical Documents
  • Advanced Technical Writing Tools
  • Soft skills development
  • Resume Writing

Perks of doing this course:

  • The certificate provided by Henry Harvin is recognized worldwide. Once you complete the course and submit all the assignments given to you, you will receive the course completion certificate. This certificate will make you a certified technical writer. By posting this certificate on websites you can then apply for freelancing opportunities, jobs, and internships.
  • One of the biggest advantages of doing this course is the wide range of tools that are used to teach you. Every student will be provided with authoring tools, screen capture tools, Image editing tools, spell-check tools, and technical writing software tools. Among this broad category of tools several sub-categories of tools are there like MS Visio, Snag IT, Adobe Photoshop, Greenshot, Snipping Tool, Notepad++, etc.
  • The course will enable you to communicate technical data to a non-technical audience in a much more effective manner. Along with the different scientific research approaches undertaken during this course, you will also be exposed to various types of literature reviews.
  • Projects based on real-life professional situations are provided to you and you are expected to deal with and come up with industry-oriented ideas and write-ups. Along with projects and case studies, you will be given boot camps for the next 12 months. These sessions will help you to develop your skills.


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91-9891953953


Frequently Asked Questions: Technical Writing Courses in Indore

Q1. Is technical writing a promising career?

Yes. With the huge rise in technology and thereby machines and instruments, the demand for technical writers has gone up. Today we have newer types of machines that are introduced almost every day. From egg boilers to microwaves to fridges to geysers, etc. Just think about the different kinds of geysers that have been introduced in the market in the last 10 years. From different designs, colors, shapes, etc today we have anti-rust, temperature detectors, varied wiring, etc. 

Thus, with each new development that occurs due to technology, the demand for technical writers will rise. Some of the most important sectors contributing to the economy of our country depend upon technical writers. The better the technical writer is able to communicate with the target audience, the greater would be the sale. In today’s society, technical writing is a fascinating and very promising career path. 

Many people like writing but not in a philosophical or fictional way. Technical writing is especially meant for people who love writing but have a more technical and skill-based approach to writing.

Q2. What is the scope of doing technical writing courses in Indore?

A technical writing course is a skill-oriented course that will help you understand the industry you are willing to join. Before knowing about the skills and techniques, you must be aware of the industry and the ways in which it functions. After giving you a thorough insight into the industry, the course will train you with the skills that are needed here.

Along with the tools and techniques that are used in technical writing, you will be trained and guided about how you are supposed to use those tools and integrate them into your writing. Most often people with good writing skills and a good hold over the language fail to convey their message clearly to the target audience. The reason is the lack of the skills and techniques that must be used.

As a technical writer, you must always have this preconceived notion that your target audience is people from non-technical backgrounds with minimum or no knowledge about the product. Simple words and easy phrases have to be used to make the writing comprehensible. 

Q3. Can I do the technical writing courses in Indore in an online mode?

Yes. Almost all the institutes providing technical writing courses in Indore deliver it online mode. As most of us go for professional courses while simultaneously doing some other work, the institutes are well aware of the dilemmas we might have. Hence you can definitely do this course on an online mode.

Q4. What are the sectors that require technical writers?

Any sector that deals with mechanical and technical goods will demand technical writers. Automobile sectors, engineering departments, medicine, pharmaceutical industry, electronic sector, computer hardware and software department, aeronautical department, etc. 

The main reason behind this demand is due to the fact that as manufacturers and sellers, you can never describe the products in a layman’s dialect. For this, you will need good communication and writing skills. A good technical writer also forms part of the marketing team. The better the article, the more audience will be attracted to the product. Hence any field that deals with technical goods and services will require and demand technical writers.

Q5. Are the internship opportunities helpful for freshers?

Yes. As freshers, you will not have had any professional experience. The educational space is very different from the professional space. As students, you will have scope to develop your skills but in a workplace, you will be required to show your skills. In such a situation, landing as a complete fresher might be stressful.

An internship will make you aware of the industry and how it functions. With proper assignments followed by regular feedback, you will gain a better understanding of the places that require improvement from your side. You will have to give your 100% during this internship to gain maximum benefit.


One of the most exciting events of our lives is obviously the day we get the opportunity to work in our dream job. But in the competitive and fast world which we are living in, getting a good job has become stressful. With the cut-throat competition that exists around us, we often don’t understand what our next step should be. With hundreds of other candidates applying for the same job, how will you be able to prove your exceptional skills?

In such situations, professional skill-based courses come to your rescue. With the trained professional who constantly teaches and trains you, your knowledge base sees a significant improvement. With the constant dealings with trainers who have expertise in their field along with the practical assignments and live training, you will have a better chance of grabbing the opportunity.

But before anything else, it is important that you keep a calm mind. Many a time you might see someone else get a better job than you. In today’s society, we are always made to be in this constant competitive mode. You can prove to be an exception! So instead of focusing on what others are doing, you can simply focus on improving upon your skills and being open to changes.

If you are someone who always loved writing but felt that you had no scope in this field due to the lack of artistic and philosophical ideas in you, you are wrong! Technical writing demands you to have a flair for writing with good English skills. But in this kind of writing your work is quite different from that of a creative writer. Your work has to be client-centric with writing that has to be technical yet simple.

So, while others can stress over various things, this is your opportunity to enroll in this course and start your bright career in the field of writing! 

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