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Top 8 Technical Writing Courses in France With Placement

France is the fourth most prominent educational destination in the globe, consisting of around 300,000 pupils of different nationalities, mainly because of moderate tuition fees along with the opportunity to stay in France. Students from different nationalities add a cultural multifariousness to the French campuses. In this article, while emphasizing the field of technical writing, we are also going to explore and highlight the technical writing courses in France provided by top-notch technical writing training institutes.

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Some Insights About the Term Technical Writing

There is a plenitude of job opportunities in the field of technical writing. Employment in the technical writing field is increasing at a very high rate. Multiple technical writing projects are growing at a very fast rate. The main task or role of a technical writer is to disambiguate complex texts or jargon.

It is writing clearly and simply for a common man or we can say a layman by disintegrating and defining difficult terminologies or paragraphs in a clear, simple, and comprehensible format for anyone to understand without any difficulty while keeping the basic idea or intent of the article unchanged.

Technical writing also helps in disseminating information more simply from one department to another, when either of them does not have any proper idea about each one’s technicalities.

For example, if a particular team is proficient in software but has limited knowledge about the terminologies of the web designing sector and vice versa, then at this point, the technical writers can help disseminate information in a simpler manner between the two sectors

In the present-day scenario, technical writing is like an umbrella encompassing several industries, like hardware, software, and other sectors like web designing, press releases, user- manuals, newsletters, reviews, presentations, memos, web pages, and so on.

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Job Prospects in Technical Writing

There are a huge number of technical writing courses in France and we are going to explore that in this article but before going to that part let’s focus on the Job opportunities in the field of technical writing.

There are innumerable documents in various industries and other sectors that need to be rewritten in a much simpler manner to make them comprehensible for the targeted audience.

All the sectors, like IT, Manufacturing sector, Education, Medicine, the fashion industry, and so on require Technical Writers to pass on information to more and more audiences. Hence there are so many technical writing institutes that are growing at a higher rate.

The most important criteria for the companies are that they mostly hire people who are at least graduates and are familiar with the work topic that they are going to be hired for.

Proficiency Required to Be a Technical Writer

  • Skills of writing: As a technical writer, an individual should possess commendable writing skills with proper knowledge of grammar. As the main task of a technical writer is to write in a simpler and more comprehensive form, you should have a proper idea regarding the meaning of the complex words, along with the idea of proper sentence construction
  • Research: Apart from the above-mentioned factor, as a technical writer, one should always focus on research. Without proper research, no one can produce informative content. For example, if you are given the task of writing a user manual then you as a technical writer should research the product, the company, and your targeted audience.
  • Great clarity of the subject: Being a technical writer, your main task is to have a greater degree of clarity regarding the topic on which you are writing. A technical writer should give a lot of importance to the details of the topic. While simplifying the entire content, one should not neglect and change the very essence of the topic. If you as a writer do not have a clear understanding of the content then, you can’t write about it. Hence technical writers must research a lot about the topic on which they are writing to get a clear understanding.
  • Awareness of various writing software: There is a multitude of applications, tools, or software that simplify the process of writing. The various technical writing training institutes will help to introduce all these applications to the candidates which would be of great help for all kinds of technical writing projects.
  • Be Systematic: Technical writing involves a lot of organization and systematization regarding the content that you are going to produce. It should not be haphazard. You have to make an order of the points that are going to be written first and give importance to the pyramid writing method.

This will help in making your content more read-worthy and will help you generate more productive content. While writing, you should always think about the response that you are going to get from the customers or audience. Hence write in a manner that can be comprehended by your targeted audience.

  • The Quality of perseverance and the skill of working together in a team: As a technical writer, teamwork is of utmost importance, though only writing does not involve a part of the teamwork but collecting all the resources and information of the product that you are going to write about demands teamwork as you will have to communicate with members of the different team to know the details of that particular product. Hence you should be open to suggestions and changes. Patience and perseverance are integral parts of a technical writer.
  • The ability to proofread: It is of utmost importance that a technical writer should proofread his or her content beforehand. Though proofreading should be done by an editor in the absence of an editor the technical writer should do the proofreading.
  • Critical thinking: Technical writers should think critically while writing their articles. They should not only collect information but should make sound judgments while analyzing the information. Technical writers should invest a lot of time in thinking critically to produce the best results

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Technical Writing Training Institutes in France

Now, after emphasizing the basics of technical writing, let us have a look at the various technical writing training institutes or we can say the various technical writing courses in France that offer exemplary education, faculties, and placement services.



IIM SKILLS is the leading online education provider. They provide various kinds of market-rich courses like content writing, technical writing, digital marketing, and so on. It is considered to be one of the best online course providers in France.

This course is quite beneficial because IIM SKILL provides exemplary faculty, the course is not only pocket-friendly but also provides students with class recordings to help students learn anytime and from anywhere.

It is one of the most demanding institutes delivering technical writing courses in France. This course is suitable for content writers, software, Development and hardware engineers, Marketing executives, and so on.

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  • It provides 5 weeks of online training lectures
  • Lectures for a period of 20 hrs.
  • Practical assignments for a period of 60+ hrs.
  • There is a placement cell
  • Internship Facility for a tenure of 1 month
  • Throughout life, assistance would be provided in terms of any kind of consultation or technical kinds of stuff
  • Development of Portfolio
  • Get your first white paper published
  • Assistance in publishing your first technical blog with the TOI blog

Technical Writing Course Curriculum:

  • A prolog to Technical writing
  • Technical report writing
  • Learning to write Journals and white paper
  • Focus on technical audiences
  • Promoting research in a scientific way
  • Enhance the conversational tone in writing
  • Documentation on Application Programming Interface
  • Writing for healthcare services and journals


Skills gain

from this course: The core skills that this course will provide are to enhance one’s ability to create, explain, polish, and recognize his or her technical writing skills.

Basic Eligibility: This course is for anyone with a basic graduate degree, preliminary knowledge about the Internet, along with good communication skills.

Fees: Approx. Rs. 174.28 Euro

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2. Coursera

Coursera is a very popular provider of online technical writing courses in France. The technical writing courses in France offered by Coursera teach students how to communicate information gained via technical or experimental work using technical writing. It provides 20 hrs. or 5 weeks of a technical writing course.

It is a fully online course, providing various videos so that you as an aspiring candidate can learn at your schedule or pace. A Certificate is also provided after the completion of the course. A Free enrollment option is available.

Highlights: You’ll learn how to produce a variety of technical reports, including laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility studies, progress reports, and consultancy reports, among others.


  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: General idea about technical writing. The videos provided will emphasize research done in the workplace conducted by technical writers. It will also teach students to be good technical communicators
  • Week 3: In this week, the videos will emphasize how to disseminate a lot of information quickly. Emphasis is given to various graphical tools to create visuals. This module lays down the guidelines for technical report writing
  • Week 4: This module will mainly focus on technical documentation
  • Week 5: culmination assignment. There will be a test and a quiz for 30 minutes each


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3. Domestika

Domestika is a prominent online education provider in Europe providing various technical writing courses in France. It is a top-notch online technical writing training institute in France. It also provides various other courses in 6 different dialects, like, French, Spanish, Italian, English, German, and Portuguese.

These courses emphasize building expertise in writing. Social Networking is a crucial aspect of the course. Apart from this, it also emphasizes the technicalities of marketing, content types, and strategies to create good content, along with Viral and Video marketing skills.

As this Institution provides courses in French, it is quite advantageous and beneficial for the people who would like to take the course in their mother tongue or the people who are searching for courses in their native language. Hence, Domestika is popularly chosen in France considering it as a prominent training provider of online technical writing courses in France.


  • It provides for lifetime access.
  • This is a certified course, which is provided after the successful completion of the course
  • There is absolute flexibility in learning.
  • The course will help one to be a strategist for the social media
  • It also helps one to write their Book
  • The course supports or guides freelance writers or bloggers

Course Curriculum:

  • Introductory lecture
  • Brand recognition
  • Social media marketing
  • Various forms of content
  • Storytelling
  • Posts on social media
  • Product marketing using video


4. Universal Class

Universal Class is another prominent institute for delivering online technical writing courses in France. This institution is an online medium to disseminate education. This institution provides around 500+ courses in different fields, such as accounting, medicine, business, career training, computer language, general education, writing, history, homeschooling, and science.

The technical writing courses in France provided by this institution focus on some of the important highlights, which are as follows:


  • A Self-paced online course that takes 6 months to finish and is available 24×7
  • Begin whenever you want
  • Both PC and Mac are supported
  • Android & iOS compatible
  • CEUs that are pleasant to work with

Course Curriculum:

  • Determine the definition of technical writing
  • Determine which projects necessitate the use of technical writers
  • It will help the candidates to write a summary of the technical writing process
  • This course will help in improving your technical writing skills as it will teach how to write for the end-user, not the product owner, in mind
  • To accomplish a project, the course will help you to demonstrate your time management abilities
  • It will examine the quality of your technical writing and will suggest to you the best places to look for technical writing projects


Fee Structure: approx. 80 US$


5. University of Kent Paris School of Arts and Culture

This program is for 1 year, delivered by the University of Kent Paris School of Arts and Culture, a popular provider of technical writing courses in France. Students would get the opportunity to learn creative writing both inside and outside of the classroom in this course.

Candidates can select from either of the two semesters, that is September and January to begin the course with. A part-time study facility is also available to their citizens, EU/EEA passport holders, and those with French education visas.

This course will increase the employment scope of the candidates in the fields of academics, journalism, media, teaching, and so on.


  • Obtain a Master’s degree from one of France’s most prestigious colleges that offers content writing courses.
  • Study modules on creative writing.
  • Coursework and research help you write papers.
  • Increase your knowledge of history and literature
  • Learn to think critically.
  • Topics should be timely and relevant.
  • Workshops should be attended


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6. Margaret Atwood

The founder of this course is Margaret Atwood popularly known as the prophet of Dystopia is a renowned journalist. In this course, candidates can excel their writing abilities to a greater extent. This course is one of the most spectacular technical writing courses in France.

You’ll learn how to develop intriguing content, create interaction, give your content structure, read case studies, perform research, and more once you enroll.

After completing this course, you will be able to tap into your inner creativity and write content that is rigorously developed. You’ll learn about the difficulties that many authors confront when writing, as well as solutions for overcoming them.



  • Improve your writing skills by learning more about literature and avoiding typical writing mistakes
  • A unique opportunity to study straight from a well-known author
  • Learn how to conduct in-depth research


  • Introduction
  • Write like a professional writer in Fiction, Working with Time
  • Going through case studies
  • Dialogue Creation
  • Work with fiction
  • Revision: Seeing Your Work from a Different Perspective
  • Case Study in Speculative Fiction
  • Historical accuracy and research


7. Skillshare

It is another prominent online technical writing training institute in France. SkillShare provides several online courses. You can schedule your lesson whenever you want because SkillShare provides this content writing course online. This course’s finest feature is that it is completely free.

This course covers all of the fundamentals of content writing, making it useful for both beginners and experts looking to improve their skills. This course will help you take your content writing to the next level by covering a wide range of topics such as blog posts, social media material, text advertisements, articles, and emails.

The list doesn’t stop there; SkillShare also offers content marketing strategy and writing ideas and tools in the form of video courses. It is a good course for individuals seeking a good content writing course in France.


  • SkillShare is a well-known online educational platform that students all around the world choose.
  • Multiple courses on SkillShare address all of the essentials of content writing.
  • For the first month, you’ll get a free trial, and even after that, the monthly fees are relatively low.
  • It comprises subject-specific courses that will help you obtain a thorough understanding of the subject.


  • What exactly is writing?
  • Storytelling’s Influence
  • Tools for modifying content
  • Contents of many sorts
  • Headlines
  • Reviews of the content
  • SEO
  • Writing for the Internet
  • Content Marketing & Content Management
  • Metrics for Lead Generation and a Checklist


8. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a prominent provider of online technical writing courses in France. It is a prominent technical writing training institute in France. The online technical writing course provided by Henry Harvin is very informative and is an excellent course.

In this course, you’ll learn how to write a variety of specialty reports, such as lab reports, research reports, plan and plausibility reports, progress reports, and counseling reports, among others. The course also covers a few linguistic, design, style, and content challenges that you as a technical writer may encounter while presenting the results of your research.


  • Live Interactive classes
  • It is a certified technical writing course recognized by the Indian Government
  • Placement is guaranteed for 1 year after the completion of the course
  • The facility of E-Learning with the help of videos, assessments, and so on
  • Frequent Bootcamps extended over 12 months
  • The faculties are very experienced and are experts in this field with more than 15 years of experience and have given over 350 lectures and are currently employed by Henry Harvin Writing Academy as domain specialists

Course Curriculum:

This course will help the candidates to know about;

  • The definition of Technical Writing and the purpose of a technical writer
  • The process of both visual and verbal ways to collect information and produce it in an impactful manner.
  • Learning the process of planning and development of documentation, architectural information, development of content, editorial and technical reviews, publishing content, and so on.
  • Learning the very constituent of technical writing
  • Learning the techniques of technical writing and knowing about active, and passive voice, punctuation, bracketing
  • Creation of templates for technical document
  • Learning about the advanced tools for technical writing


Fee Structure: Various learning packages are available starting from approx. 18 USD to 197 USD

Contact: WhatsApp Customer Support: +91 8287514699

After delving into the various prominent technical writing courses in France provided by some of the renowned technical writing training institutes in France, let us have a look at the FAQs:


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the minimum qualification required to pursue technical writing courses in France?

Usually, companies prefer hiring people with at least a bachelor’s degree. English, Journalism, and Science majors are the preferred choice of most of the people who aspire to be technical writers. After the completion of their undergraduate degree, they can pursue the technical writing course for their career

  • Definition of Technical Writing course?

This Course emphasizes building and enhancing technical writing abilities which are of utmost importance for communicating technical information. Candidates are usually taught to write various technical reports, like, Lab reports, research reports, progress reports, consulting reports, design reports, and so on.

  • Is Technical Writing a demanding job?

Technical writing is one of the most demanding jobs. It is confirmed by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, that, the job opportunities, by the year 2026, in the field of technical writing will increase by 11 percent. With the advancement of computer technology, the importance of technical writers is also growing exponentially, as they play the most important role of disseminating technical information simply to the audience.

  • Is Technical Writing a Viable Profession?

Jobs in the field of technical writing are no doubt a satisfactory job in terms of money. Many people outside of the profession may be vaguely aware of the term, but their knowledge of it is likely to be limited or incorrect.

  • What are the most common places where technical writing is used?

Following is a list of industries that place a high priority on technical writing:

  • The software industry.
  • Manufacturers of automobiles.
  • The medical field.
  • The health-care industry.
  • The field of education.
  • The military-industrial complex.
  • The aerospace industry.
  • Consumer electronics.


Technical writing is a rewarding profession in a country like France. Hence there are so many online providers of technical writing courses in France. All can’t attain the skill of technical writing. This skill and knowledge to be a good technical writer are delivered by a good institute that offers technical writing courses for aspiring candidates.

The digital growth in France is increasing at a greater pace, hence it is a golden opportunity for people to learn more about technical and digital writing. This article mainly focused on the technical writing courses in France aiming at those people who want to take technical writing as their career option.

Most of the topics are covered here based on the field of technical writing, which will help people make a sound decision to choose this as their career option. This article is the result of a lot of research and analysis. It is very important to remember that, to achieve or accomplish a certain goal we need to have a certain amount of dedication and passion for achieving that goal.

Similarly, to be a technical writer is not an easy task, hence to be a successful technical writer you should have a higher degree of passion and dedication. Being a technical writer, You need to have the ability to notice the variations of technical writing and act accordingly to produce the best results.

Technical writers and aspiring technical writers should always keep updated about the variations and upcoming developments in the field of technical writing. Hope this article will benefit the reader, as we have provided for the important and popular technical writing training institutes in France, which will help in choosing the correct institution before enrolling themselves.

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