4 Best Technical Writing Courses in Egypt

Does writing come naturally to you? Do you want to see what kind of job chances your writing skills can open up for you? Do you want to improve your writing talents and get your foot in the door of the writing industry? Read the entire article to discover everything to know about technical writing. The post also includes information about technical writing courses in Egypt.


List of best technical writing courses in Egypt


What is Technical Writing?


Technical writing is a type of writing in which the text is focused on a single subject, process, or product and incorporates technical knowledge about that subject, process, or product. Technical writing’s primary objective is to inform and clarify topics for the intended audience. Therefore, complex technical knowledge should be broken down into easily understandable and digestible chunks in the writing style.


It should also be free of technical jargon. For example, providing technical specifications for a product, a detailed evaluation or comparison of items based on the technical details, or a step-by-step tutorial or guide outlining how to utilize a product are all instances of technical writing.


As simple as it may appear, technical writing is not for the faint of heart. It requires advanced technical knowledge of the product or service and excellent writing abilities. If this seems intriguing, continue reading to learn more about technical writing courses in Egypt.


Facts About Technical Writing 


Before learning about some technical courses in Egypt, here ere are some interesting facts that every writer must know.


1. Writing is Inviolable 

In technical writing, don’t forget about the “writing” component. You must use correct writing standards to communicate information to the appropriate audience. It’s not about using flowery words or fancy tools; it’s about getting the message across.


2. Technical Writing Tools Are Merely Facilitators

Yes, the industry talks about Word, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, AuthorIT, and other structured and unstructured authoring tools. There are numerous options available, and each business has its preferences. However, those are merely tools for disseminating knowledge. Tools are less vital than information.


3. Strategy for Content Writing

Before you begin writing, you must first develop a content strategy — for whom is it intended? What should your writing style be? What is the format of the output? These are most of the fundamental questions that every technical writer should be able to answer.


4. Expertise Is in More Demand Than Experience

It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve survived; what matters is what you’ve accomplished throughout those years. As a “tech writer,” you don’t necessarily bring value if you’ve solely worked on maintenance papers or cosmetic content modifications for years.


The Distinction Between Technical and Content Writing


Despite being primarily focused on digital marketing, there are considerable differences between content writing and technical writing.


 Content Writing 

  • The content writing consists of many topics that vary from niche to niche of every writer – religion, travel, books, pop culture, spirituality.
  • This demands the writer to be the jack of all trades as the spectrum of scope is very broad.
  • The writing style is not restricted to any structural theme; it should be intriguing, exciting, and thought-provoking.
  •  Because some forms of writing, such as blogging, are primarily about conveying the author’s thoughts and personal experiences, the writer does not need to understand the subject deeply.


Technical Writing:

  • Technical writing mainly focuses on imparting more knowledge on a given product to the target audience.
  • It requires the writer to be well equipped with the knowledge of any given product.
  • The writing style must be accessible, raw, and to the point without exaggeration.
  • The writer must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the domain and product. Should provide the required scientific data to support the writing.


Here are the best Technical Writing Tips


Requirements of a Technical Writer 


Technical writers should be able to communicate well and write well. They should also be computer literate, as they may be required to use various software tools to generate and modify diagrams, illustrations, and papers. A technical writer should also be able to proofread and edit texts to ensure that they are free of style and grammatical problems.


Technical writers frequently use tables, diagrams, charts, pictures, illustrations, and drawings to communicate information precisely and effectively. Applicants must approach a bachelor’s degree for most technical writing jobs. Those interested in pursuing this job should attend courses in technical disciplines such as physics, engineering, medicine, and writing and communication-focused systems.


Technical writers are frequently required to present writing examples when applying for positions to demonstrate their ability in this type of writing and their understanding of specific subjects. Maintaining a portfolio of samples is beneficial, particularly for individuals who desire to work as freelance technical writers.


Technical writers can work for software or hardware companies, engineering firms, construction firms, chemical processing firms, defense firms, and other related businesses on a freelance or contract basis, or they can find full-time positions with software or hardware companies, engineering firms, construction firms, chemical processing firms, defense firms, and other related businesses.


Scope of Technical Writing 


For further understanding more about technical writing courses in Egypt, it is also essential to understand the scope of technical writing. Here are a few categories and the relevant breadth of technical writing to give you an idea of the exclusive range of possibilities. The applicable industry can be chosen based on the niche and interest in a given field.


Information Technology /Consultation 

Information technology is one of the most famous fields where technical writers are in great demand due to rapid technological breakthroughs. Technical writing in the IT or consulting arena includes white papers, user manuals, and SOPs (standard operating procedures).


In addition, a technical report aims to communicate concepts from a technical sector (such as programming or software development) as quickly as possible, sometimes to other specialists and sometimes to non-experts. If any professional writer possesses a flair for technical writing, they can easily be placed in various IT sectors.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Field of Medicine:  

Regulatory and research-based documents, articles for medical journals, clinical study reports, clinical trial protocols, posters and presentations for medical conferences, and other opportunities exist for technical writers who specialize in medical writing.


Cyber Security 

There are many opportunities in the Cyberworld that require significant expertise from different writers.

– an all-encompassing cyber-security plan

– policies concerning security

– cyber security training manuals

– Auditing procedure manuals



A few instances of technical writing requirements in the aerospace sector are listed below:

  • Developing regulatory and quality-assured installation and maintenance paperwork from engineering drawings
  • Manuals for component maintenance
  • Manuals regarding aircraft maintenance


Types of Technical Writing


  • Product descriptions
  • Product Review
  • Case Studies
  • Handbooks and User Guides
  • Reports
  • Standard Operating Procedures


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Career Options in Technical Writing


Because technical writing requires ongoing study, it is a rewarding and exciting career. It also aids in acquiring industry-specific domain knowledge and opens up a slew of other possibilities. As a result, many businesses invest a significant amount of money to ensure that their target audience access premium and high-quality content.


We live in a technologically advanced era. As a result, improving your writing skills will always provide you with a competitive advantage and enhanced professional opportunities.



Freelance writing is, in essence, professional writing done by independent contractors. Working as a freelancer entails working on various projects or without being a permanent employee for brief periods. It’s an excellent foundation to start if you want to make extra money.


Full-Time Writing

There are numerous full-time technical writing positions available in a variety of businesses. Full-Time writing is a solo career and provides a lot of exposure to professionals willing to grow in technical writing.


Top 4 Technical Writing Courses in Egypt 


Let us now get into the top Technical Writing Courses in Egypt. Before making a quick start in the writing fi, acquiring the required skills from a trustworthy and prominent institute is essential. The details furnished below will help you compare and choose the best among the technical writing courses in Egypt.


1. IIM Skills 


IIM Skills is a well-known ed-tech institute in India that offers online professional courses to assist you in advancing your career. In addition, it is a prominent organization that provides technical writing courses in Egypt and other parts of the world. They provide a well-organized and well-defined course program suitable for all pupils (students, working professionals, homemakers, etc.). Moreover, because the sessions are online, you can even attend them from the comfort of your own home.


Name of the Course: Technical Writing Master Course

Duration: 5 weeks (60+ hours of practical assignments, 20 hours of lectures)


Technical Writing Course Curriculum 

  • Introduction
  • Ways to write
  • Curating your content
  • Reports on technical writing
  • Journals and white papers
  • Versioning and DDLC
  • Interactive Writing
  • Publishing and reviewing
  • API documentation 
  • Datasheets, manual for users, and application notes
  • Influential Writing
  • Medical Writing



Apart from that, you’ll gain experience with Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Git, Scribus, Canva, and PowerPoint, among other products. You will also receive the following advantages in addition to the above:

  • A guaranteed internship for one month
  •  Professional guidance of lifetime (Consultation/technical)
  • Building a portfolio for full-time and freelance writing
  • White Paper publication
  • Publication of an academic article
  • Opportunity to publish a technical blog in times of India


There Are Numerous Benefits to Signing Up for This Technical Writing Course at IIM Skills

  • Industry experts can help you stay current with industry trends and needs by providing training
  • An international certification at the end of the course will add credibility to your resume
  • Access to the LMS (Learning Management System) interface is free for life.
  • A dedicated placement cell to assist in global placement


Other Courses 


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


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2. The American University in Cairo


AUC is a major English-language, private research university in Cairo that is also an American-accredited institution of higher learning in Egypt. It is a century-old university that offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional learning programs in the American model. This is an excellent option for students or professionals looking for onsite technical writing courses in Egypt.


Name of the Course: Advanced Scientific and Technical Writing


The course aims to improve the scientific and technical communication abilities needed to write scientific reports, papers for publication in scientific journals, and theses, among other things.


3. Coursera 


Coursera is another well-known platform in Egypt that offers technical writing courses. They work with colleges and educational institutions to provide online programs relevant to market and business demands. In addition, they provide a wide range of certificates and degrees in various fields.


Typically, the content comes in the form of on-demand videos. As a result, there is zero time limit for completion. Users can do the task at their own pace. Coursera’s Technical Writing courses in Egypt assist writers in improving their technical writing abilities so that they can communicate information gathered via experimentation and research in a clear, concise, and digestible manner.


Furthermore, the course aids in developing abilities in writing various reports, such as lab reports, research reports, consultation reports, etc.


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4. Udemy 


Udemy is a well-known online marketplace for learning and teaching. It allows students worldwide to access various topics’ vast range of knowledge. Udemy is one of Egypt’s top options for online technical writing courses because of its global reach. Users can usually access the content anywhere and anytime because it is in recorded video format.


As a result, cons have the freedom to work at their own pace because there are no completion deadlines. In addition, the course information is frequently divided into multiple tiny, logical movies. As a result, the pupils will not be overworked.


Thanks to multi-device support, users can also see course content on a TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. In addition, you will get access to the content (videos and other resources) and a course completion certificate forever.


Name of the Course:  Professional Writing Course


Things You Receive Along With the Course 

  • 107 Lectures
  • Over 6 Hours of Video
  • Supplementary documents in PDF format
  • 6 PDF eBooks
  • 36 Quizzes
  • 22 Exercise Sheets
  • 22 Solution Sheets
  • A final assignment that gets reviewed personally by the instructor
  • Weekly updates on writing tips, ideas, etc. for free




1. What constitutes a technical writing course?

Any technical writing courses in Egypt are almost the same in their foundation. The course covers all you need to know about planning, writing, and editing documents and best practices. It will detail the formats to be used for various types of artifacts. The course will teach you to write and format multiple technical publications, including user guides, white papers, release notes, and API documentation.


2. How does a professional becomes a technical writer?

You can begin by taking a professional course and earning certification. In addition, the steps below will assist you in becoming a competent technical writer:

  • Building your portfolio
  • Proactively up-skilling yourself
  • Acquiring in-depth domain knowledge in an industry of your choice
  • Building a professional network
  • Gathering clientele


3. What one can expect while pursuing technical writing courses in Egypt? 

A high-level description of what you can learn from a technical writing course is as follows:

  • The fundamentals of technical writing
  • Various types of technical writing
  • Writing Technical Documents: Best Practices
  • Every kind of technical document requires a different format.
  • Techniques for writing to fulfill the needs of the target audience


4. Is Technical Writing a good career option?

Regarding work satisfaction and monetary compensation, technical writing (or technical communication) is a very fulfilling occupation. Many people outside the profession may be somewhat aware of the phrase, but their understanding of the profession may be limited or erroneous.


5. What qualities are required to become a technical content writer?

The most suitable qualifications are usually a bachelor’s degree in English or a technology-related qualification such as an engineer, or a mix of both. A knack for writing, as well as a solid certification from a reputable institution, will, of course, assist you in establishing a profession as a technical writer.




As a result, technical writing jobs abound in a variety of industries. Furthermore, following the pandemic, there is a growing demand for online presence and digital communication to increase awareness of products, services, and brands in the digital domain. I hope that this post has provided you with the necessary information on the top 8 technical writing courses in Egypt and that it has aided you in making your next decision. Please leave a remark with your thoughts and suggestions.

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