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Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in Chennai With Placements

Technical writing is a thriving and in-demand career not just in India but globally. People from different sectors look for a career in technical writing, considering the professionalism and handsome pay in the domain. For the benefit of the readers, we have compiled a list of the top technical writing courses in Chennai. For those who want to know more about online and self-paced options, please take time to read the blog on the Top 9 Technical Writing Courses in Chennai with Certification. 

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New to the Term Technical Writing?

If you are new to the term “technical writing,” you might think it is a highly complex skill that needs some professional degree. The good news is that it is not. Yes, it is a niche and specialized skill but not something that requires a specialized two-year course to learn.

On the contrary, it is a short-term job-oriented skill that you can learn and immediately monetize. Technical writing entails breaking down complex processes into simpler ones and expressing them in clear, concise words. Not all people can understand technical jargon, and it is the work of technical writers to simplify all such information into an easily readable and understandable form.

It is the human tendency to make simple things appear complex. But the technical writers have to break free from that tendency, put themselves in the place of an ordinary person with no tech knowledge, and write clear and easy-to-understand documentation.

Yes, technical writing does entail documentation of user manuals, how-to guides, and instruction manuals. But it is way more than just that. Today, it encompasses a wide variety of topics, including scientific research papers, journals, medical writing, and technical email communication, to name a few.

All you need is a flair for writing, decent English speaking and writing skills, basic grammar, and a love for simplifying complex things. Understanding technical jargon is a huge advantage though not mandatory.

The rest of the skills that a technical writer needs, can learn over time. The first step is joining an institute to learn technical writing.

Technical Writing Courses in Chennai:

The internet is inundated with information on any and every topic, including technical writing. Several free resources and communities will convince you that you can learn technical writing by yourself. The fact is, it is not as easy to travel this journey without a guide.

Every career has a structured learning path followed by a career path. When you take up a course from a reputed institute, you not only get guidance but a step-by-step approach, an internship opportunity, and placement assistance.

Now, you decide. Is it worth investing your time and money into a professional course? Or is it better to browse through the innumerable articles online and get yourself more confused than ever?

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Advantages of Learning From Technical Writing Courses in Chennai:

For those of you who believe taking up a certification course from a good institute is the route to take, here are some advantages:

Mentors: Most institutes will recruit top-notch technical writers with years of expertise in the field who have a better understanding of the concepts.  Hence it is better to learn from those who have been there and done that than from random resources.

Step-by-Step Syllabus: Learning on your own, you may not know the order in which to proceed, the essential course modules, the tips, and techniques, etc. A professional course will give you a specially designed curriculum that goes from simple to advanced, covering all that there is to know to become an experienced technical writer. Under the able guidance of the mentors, you will also learn about different tools and software that top-notch technical writers use to do their work with ease.

Remuneration and Certification: Once you train from a known institute, you are more likely to get a better-paid job than your counterparts who have self-learned. The certification also plays an essential role in making you more employable.

Placement Assistance/Guarantee: Finally, most technical writing institutes will have their set of clients who require technical writers constantly, and hence placement is easier when you learn from an institute. Moreover, most institutes offer placement assistance today.

Top Technical Writing Courses in Chennai

Now that you know about the importance of enrolling in an institute for the Chennaites, let us look at the top technical writing courses in Chennai.



IIM SKILLS is one of the more popular ed-tech platforms that provide value-based, job-oriented, short-term courses online. With headquarters in New Delhi, this institute trains individuals across countries. 15,000+ individuals from 35+ countries have benefited from the training at IIM SKILLS in just about five years.

The happy graduates from an institute are its ambassadors by default. Many such individuals will vouch for IIM SKILLS as one of the best technical writing institutes in Chennai.


The institute is different from the rest out there in that it is entirely student-centric, with courses that are completely practical and industry-relevant.

Be it the Content Writing Course, the Digital Marketing Course, the GST Certification Course, or the Technical Writing Master Course, IIM SKILLS is an institute that will walk you through the nuances of the subject in a detailed manner.

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Salient Features:

  • Batch/Mode: Online
  • Course Curriculum: A course that is ideal for content writers, marketing executives, technical documentation engineers, configuration and control engineers, design and development engineers, hardware or software engineers, or existing junior technical writers, this course has an extensive syllabus covering even complex and advanced concepts. It includes10+ modules such as:
    • Basic understanding of technical writing
    • All about the audience, topic research, and writing
    • Creating content
    • Technical reports
    • Journals and white papers
    • DDLC
    • Conversational writing
    • Reviewing and then publishing
    • API documentation with XML
    • User manuals, datasheets, application notes
    • Effective writing
    • Medical writing
    • Case studies.
  • This comprehensive course covers many significantly essential technical writing tools such as MS Visio, MS Project, Scribus, Git, and more.
  • With interactive virtual sessions, flexibility in batch timings, an all-comprehensive course, and experienced mentors who provide high-quality training, the Technical Writing Master Course is highly affordable and completely value for money.
  • Besides, all students have lifetime access to the courseware, which gets an update with every new batch to maintain relevancy as per the technical writing job industry. So, effectively it is a lifetime free up-skilling platform.
  • Internship and Placement: Students also greatly benefit from a one-month internship wherein they actually practice all they have learned. The institute also offers placement assistance and interview preparation.
  • Certification: Upon course completion, all candidates get the Master’s certification from IIM SKILLS.


Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

Duration of the course: 5 weeks of intensive training

Course Fee: INR 14,900 + GST

Contact Information:

IIM SKILLS H B Twin Tower,

Max Hospital Building,

Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura New Delhi-110034

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

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2. Greens Technologys

The premier training and placement institute, Greens Technology, is also one of the best technical writing in Chennai. In the information and technology field for more than a decade, Greens Technology helps students learn through real-time exposure.

The institute has classroom, corporate, and video training in various competitive technologies, including but not limited to software and development, data science, machine learning, digital marketing, technical writing, and so on.

Greens Technology provides end-to-end recruitment solutions in the corporate world. The hands-on learning and practical exposure that they provide to the candidates provide them with excellent employment opportunities.

The technical writing course has two free demo sessions, an ideal way to assess the quality of the training and help you with decision-making. The batch size is small, with only five to seven members each or even personalized one-to-one sessions. With 100% practical training, Greens Technology also provides job recommendations to deserving candidates.

Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Technical Writing Certification Program
  • Duration of the course: The course is for a total of 12 weeks spread over five weeks of classroom training and seven weeks of internship and live projects.
  • Batch/Mode: Classes are on every Sunday and second and fourth Saturday with timing flexibility.
  • Course Curriculum: The syllabus includes ten modules:
    • Basics of English grammar
    • Boost your vocabulary
    • Writing tools, tips, and techniques
    • Creative writing
    • Business writing
    • Technical writing
    • Academic writing
    • Specific writing
    • Earning money as a writer
    • Building your career in the content marketing field
  • Internship and Placement: There are seven weeks of internship in this course, wherein candidates work on live projects. They get regular feedback to improve themselves.
  • Certification: Upon completion of the course, candidates get advanced technical writing certification.

Contact Information:

11 First Street Padmanabha Nagar,

Adyar, Chennai

Tel: +91- 89399 15577 / +91 6385 149 793

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3. JPA Solutions

JPA Solutions, the leading software training institute, is also one of the technical writing courses in Chennai. The institute also provides job-oriented courses in software development, cloud computing, data science, data analytics, blockchain, ethical hacking, etc.

Even the instructors are all professionals with years of experience. With branches across the city of Chennai, JPA Solutions has international branches in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and New Zealand.

The institute offers classroom and online courses, and it also caters to corporate training and college/university final-year academic projects. The technical writing course is designed by technical writers themselves at JPA and is one of the best in Chennai.

Salient Features:

  • Course Name: JPA Solutions Technical Writing Course
  • Course Curriculum: The syllabus structure is such that all candidates, whether newbies or with some experience, will find it easy to understand under the mentorship of the professional faculty. The modules will teach you to:
    • Write clearly, concisely, and effectively in English
    • Master presentation skills
    • Learn design and visualization skills
    • Time management
    • Reasoning and critical thinking
    • Break down complex data into simpler, understandable information.
  • Candidates learn about different tools such as Adobe FrameMaker, MS Visio, XML, HTML, Snagit, etc.
  • There are assignments at the end of each module, and students get study materials. By the end of the course, the candidates become experts in presentation skills.
  • Upon course, completion is an evaluation exam passing which the candidates get a certificate.
  • The institute also conducts mock interviews to help prepare the students to ace their actual interviews.

Contact Information:

# 4, 7th Street, Tansi Nagar, Taramani Link Road,

Velachery Chennai-600 042.

Phone: +91 8754463915


4. Poke Yoke Technologies Pvt Ltd:

A management consulting company and a leader in software technical writing, Poke Yoke Technical Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best technical writing courses in Chennai. Catering to individuals and corporations, the institute provides certification courses in:

  • Diploma in technical writing
  • Certification course in MS package
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Mini Tab
  • Industrial engineering concepts.

Poke Yoke Technologies also conducts separate sessions on the latest technical writing tools and provides services in technical writing. In the students’ interest, the institute offers training until placement, and its technical writing course covers all aspects, including the latest technical writing tools.

Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Diploma in Technical Writing
  • Fee: INR 28,700
  • Course Curriculum: The courseware includes:
    • Basic theory
    • Basic grammar
    • Writing preparation
    • Training in Tec Smith Snagit
    • Adobe RoboHelp
    • Adobe FrameMaker
    • MS Visio
    • DDLC
    • SDLC
    • Agile Methodology
  • Placement: The institute ensures placement training, interview preparation, and mock interviews. The institute also encourages and helps its students prepare their job profiles and upload them onto their job portal.

Contact Information:

No; 225, Nehru Nagar, 3rd Link Road,

Perungudi Industrial Estate,

OMR, Chennai-600096

Phone: +91 89399 11395, 044-24540584


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5. IT Documentum

IT Documentum, the documentation service provider, is another one of the leading technical writing courses in Chennai. A professional writing company, it provides documentation services to the IT industry. Apart from delivering end-to-end documentation solutions, the company also provides web content writing services.

Completely into technical communications and consulting, IT Documentum has a team of technical writers themselves as founders. With their decades of experience, they are pro at delivering all kinds of technical documentation on time, on budget and high in quality.

Learning from people involved in the industry provides the students with an edge over industry competition.

Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Online technical writing training
  • Duration of the course: It is a 100-hour extensive and in-depth course that is industry-oriented and mentored by experts. The training spans over four weeks.
  • Batch/Mode: Online training
  • Course Curriculum: A practical and hands-on course, students will learn to:
    • Draft, edit, and publish accurate technical documents
    • Use templates, graphics, and advanced tools
    • Learn all about and adhere to the MSTP guidelines
    • Complete three assignments, which will be resume creation, creating a user manual, and creating an online help system.
  • Placement: Not only do students get the privilege of learning from eminent technical writers, but they also undergo training for interviews and get placement assistance.
  • Through this four-week intensive course, candidates can master the latest technical writing tools and apply them to the project. Editors individually review the project and guide the students on tweaking it to achieve the industry standards.

Contact Information:

38, Kirubananda Variyar Nagar,


Chennai, India.

PIN: 600122

Mobile: 91 9444240044


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6. The Tech Scribes:

Since its inception in 2011, The Tech Scribes has provided services in the niche of professional technical documentation to clients worldwide. Technical writing being their core competency, it is undoubtedly one of the leading technical writing courses in Chennai as well.

Pioneers in crafting simple and concise technical documentation, the company provides its services to small, medium, and large IT companies. Learning and training from people who offer services are always more beneficial since they know the tips and tricks of the trade.

The Tech Scribes also conduct workshops, seminars, and awareness camps on technical writing in colleges and universities. It also provides corporate training to IT companies.

Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Technical Writing Training Program
  • Duration of the course: 120 hours of training spanning six weeks.
  • Batch/Mode: Classroom sessions from 9.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Course Curriculum: The 120-hour courseware covers:
    • Concepts and theories of technical writing
    • Importance of technical communication in modern times
    • Scope and prospects of technical writing
    • DDLC
    • SDLC
    • Content management system
    • Style guides
    • Documentation tools
  • Students also cover advanced technical concepts such as proposal writing, technical blogs, and digital media content.
  • Placement: With hands-on training experience, candidates learn how to create, design, develop, and publish/deliver projects. The company also provides 100% placement assistance.
  • Certification: It is a certification program, and hence students, upon course completion, receive a certificate from The Tech Scribes, helping them find suitable jobs in the corporate industry.

Contact Information:

South Thirumalai Nagar, 3rd Street,

Villivakkam, Chennai-600 049

Phone#: +91-44-42851268


7. University of Madras:

Chennaites will surely be glad to know that the esteemed University of Madras also offers technical writing courses in Chennai. Under the English department, the University of Madras offers postgraduate, M. Phil, PhD, diploma, and certificate courses.

The mother of all universities in South India, the Madras University has been educating individuals since 1857. With six campuses dotting the city of Chennai, it offers more than 230 courses under 87 academic postgraduate departments.

With a five-star conferred by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, learning from the University of Madras has its own unique benefits.

Salient Features:

  • Course Name: Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Writing.
  • Duration of the course: This is a one-year, full-time course.
  • Course Fee: INR 4900/-
  • Aspiring candidates should be graduates with a good command of the English language.
  • Registration is online/offline and based on marks obtained at the graduation level.

Contact Information:

Navalar Nagar, Chepauk,

Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600005

Phone: 044 2539 9422


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8. Knowledge Buffer:

Another renowned name for job-oriented courses, including technical writing courses in Chennai, is the Knowledge Buffer. The founder, with 20+ years of experience, has been providing training for over 16 years and is an excellent place to start your career as a professional technical writer.

The institute offers a certificate course, diploma, and postgraduate diploma course in technical writing.

With training services available in Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai, we have covered the course in-depth in our previous article.

Contact Information:

16/4C, 240/4C, St. Mary’s Road,

Mandaveli, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600028

Phone#: +91 44 79683098


9. Write Academy

A computer training and development company, Write Academy provides affordable and high-quality web services, including technical communications and documentation. Also, it offers a range of courses that include technical communications, web technologies, oral presentations, email communications, etc.

Regarding the technical writing courses in Chennai, aspiring candidates can contact the center directly for more details.

Contact Information:

#15, 27, 7th Avenue

(Opposite GRT Mahalakshmi Vidyalaya)

Ashok Nagar

Chennai 6000083

Tel: 91-44-24715202 / 9940240074


FAQs: Technical Writing Courses in Chennai

1. Is technical writing a good career?

Technical writing is one of the most rewarding careers to opt for. There are a number of jobs for technical writers with pay.

2. Which are the best technical writing courses in Chennai?

There are many technical writing courses in Chennai to opt for. But when considering the best one, IIM SKILLS comes at the top.

3. Who is eligible to become a technical writer?

Any individual with good writing skills and tech knowledge is eligible to become a technical writer.

Wrapping it up: Technical Writing Courses in Chennai

Technical writing is an amalgamation of science and art, science involving technological terms, and art that involves writing. If you have a flair for writing and are ever eager to learn about new and advancing technologies and interpret them with ease, technical writing is the career for you.

Career-wise, it is one career that sees a substantial upward trend and will continue to do so. The more we embrace technology and advancements in all fields, the more new products and processes keep popping up, making our lives simpler. To explain the functioning of each of these products/processes, you need skilled technical writers. Hence, there is an ever-increasing demand for trained professionals in this field.

Depending on the company you work for, it is a gratifying career. Many software engineers switch to technical writing after a period in their careers. There are also instances of completely non-engineering individuals making it big in this field. Many individuals also indulge in technical writing as a side gig and go freelance.

The options are plenty, and the remuneration is excellent to ignore. Add to it the flexibility of taking it up remotely; technical writing is one of the few future-proof careers. Whether you have just finished graduation, are looking at a side hustle, or focusing on a career switch, technical writing is a great option to consider.

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