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Top 4 Technical Writing Courses in Greece With Placement

Innovations are happening every day in the world with new technologies being developed by curious minds. These innovations are done for the fulfillment of the needs, upgrading existing technologies, or transforming the world for sustainable living. These innovative thoughts of complicated technicalities have to be reached to the general public to understand and make use of this cutting-edge innovation for their betterment. This article lists the top-ranked technical writing courses in Greece. Must check!

List of best technical writing courses in Greece

This is where the technical writers come into the picture, with their innate knowledge to convert the complex technological ideas and put them into simple words so that these technologies reach to masses and are read by common people all around the world.

Situated in southern Europe, Greece is a beautiful country famous for its ancient civilization, Philosophers, UNESCO sites, Democracy, Theatre, Medicine, Islands, Myths, and for its rich cultural history.

So let’s explore institutes that offer technical writing courses in Greece, which is the country’s ultimate holiday destination surrounded by beautiful beaches.

Content writing is a flourishing career that has the potential to grow the business with small efforts. If you want to opt for this, enroll in these best Content Writing Courses in Greece.

What is Technical Writing?

In general terms, technical writing is all about writing on a particular subject that is explained in an easy-to-understand and straightforward manner, to convey technical information. Technical writing is the communication process of delivering information clearly and concisely to the reader about a particular thing.

It’s the art of documenting data by writing, researching, editing, cross-checking, and proofreading. Technical writer communicates all the complicated nuances regarding a product in a specific format using a simple and easy-to-digest language.

Technical writing encompasses all fields that include communication about technical or any specific topic that makes use of technology in the form of web pages, help pages, user manuals, standard operating procedures, new technology, etc that will provide complicated information in simple terms about a particular thing.

Importance Of Technical Writing:

In these changing times and technology new ideas, gadgets, patents, and technologies are developed which need to be written down and edited to reach the audience. Thus companies or start-ups need to attract customers by explaining their newly developed process by writing about it.

Here the technical writer comes into the picture with their skillful writing and their ability to explain the complex subject in layman’s terms to reach the maximum customer.

Eligibility To Be A Technical Writer:

Anybody with or without any inbound talent can become a good writer. One needs to have a strong intent about learning how to write for any specific subject at your disposal. One should have a strong ability to understand, ideate, and simply write con. Anyone with a flair for writing, a good command of the language, a good listener, and a strong determination to explain complex matters easily will make a good technical writer.

There are some important points one needs to understand before diving into writing such as;

  • Who your target audience is?
  • What information will this document convey?
  • What goal will it help to accomplish?
  • What are the different elements of this document you think will be useful?
  • How do counteract the complex problems?
  • What style of writing do you need to apply for a given document?\

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What Makes Technical Writing So Important? Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Characteristics of Technical Writing.

Technical writing in any form is an essential part of communication, to impart knowledge about a product or a technology. This is filled with inherited properties or characteristics that would define it and will work based on some set of rules. Let’s explore some of the basic characteristics of technical writing.

  • Audience Centric: 

Technical writing addresses specific kinds of audiences. Though it is targeted to a specific type there will always be other audiences like a secondary audience to whom the writing should also be targeted so that they to get a clear and concise understanding of the content.

  • Problem-Solving and Persuasive:

Technical communication should make things easy for the reader to grasp all that is been written about a topic. It should demystify all the doubts and solve all the queries a reader may have. To persuade the user further by providing in-depth knowledge of all the questions that may arise in the user’s mind.

  • Professionalism:

Technical writing needs to be professional as it represents a formal way of communication of an organization or a company. This communication reflects the brand, its values, goals, and in general the public image of the organization.

  • Research and Technology-Driven:

Any type of writing needs to be first researched, and Technical writing is no exception to it. One needs to conceptualize the format and the content to provide a detailed description of the service. This research should be in collaboration with the technology experts who can explain all the intricacies of the project which can then be penned in an understandable format to all the readers.

  • Plagiarism Free:

The content written should be unique, transparent, and free of duplicity. It should follow all the ethics, legal obligations, and copyright laws.

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Best Technical Writing Courses in Greece



IIM SKILLS is a well-established Ed-tech institute catering to varied professional online courses delivered mainly by industry experts providing a world-class learning experience.

Their professional courses cover the basics as well as the advanced level concepts in a hybrid model of theory and practice which provides the necessary knowledge and insights about the subject.

They have trained more than 25000+ students from 30+ countries in the last 5 years and are rewarded with internationally acceptable certifications.

They help you with all the required knowledge and assist you in making the right decision depending on whether you want to work in a company or start your freelancing business; everything is taken care of with them.


With outstanding achievements in India, it has expanded to different parts of the world providing quality service in other countries. Their technical writing courses in Greece are a much-advanced level course offered by industry experts.

Technical Writing Course Syllabus:

The structure of the technical writing master course is designed keeping in mind the global manpower requirement which requires industry-in-demand skills. The course is designed and validated by industry experts to offer updated course content to the enthusiast.

The duration of the Technical writing courses in Greece is 5 weeks, where the detailed curriculum is taught in 20 hours of live interactive lectures along with practical assignments. They have designed a total of 12 modules through which the entire technical writing training is provided.

Each of the modules primarily focuses on particular skills or technical writing practices. Their Technical Writing Courses in Greece offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to give extensive experience in the technical writing domain. The course includes;

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: How to Write
  • Module 3: Content Creation
  • Module 4: Technical Reports
  • Module 5: White Papers or Journals
  • Module 6: DDLC & Versioning
  • Module 7: Conversational Writing
  • Module 8: Reviewing and Publishing
  • Module 9: API Documentation
  • Module 10: Datasheets and User Manuals
  • Module 11: Module Effective Writing
  • Module 12: Medical Writing
  • Case Studies

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What they offer:

  • Live online Technical Writing course for 5 Weeks
  • 20 Hours of Lectures & 60+ Hours of Practical Assignments
  • Software Tools
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee: 100% money return after the first session if you didn’t like the course.
  • Group Discount: 10% group discount on 3 or more registration
  • Master certification having a global accreditation
  • 24×7 Support

Salient Features:

  • Live Interactive Sessions

All the sessions are conducted live on Zoom with industry-related mentors who exchange their expertise, industry-related experience, and ideas with a diverse group of students online and solve the queries right away.

  • Flexible Scheduling

The Technical writing courses in Greece cater to the needs of everyone along with working professionals by keeping flexible timing so that one can learn anytime from anywhere through their online program.

  • Exceptional Faculty

They have certified professionals with industry-related experience and provide much-needed guidance by mentoring through all the necessary elements of technical writing.

  • Learning Resources

They have a repository that stores all the session recordings and the courseware on their Learning management system which can be accessed by anyone 24/7.

  • Master Certification

They provide an internationally accredited IIM Skills Master Certification in technical writing courses in Greece which is an indication of your achievements.

  • Internship

Upon completion of the course, they provide an internship program to empower you with real-world work scenarios and the professional world.


  • Courseware

Their curriculum is designed based on real-world techniques and covers everything including topic research, content creation, building technical documents, and formatting, they cover everything.

  • Tools

They provide all the necessary software tools to master technical writing.

  • Free backup classes

All the class sessions are recorded so even if you miss out on the live class, you have got the backup where you can just log in and learn again.

  • Free Interview preparation

They counsel you on writing a good resume to groom you for interviews for making a career in technical writing.

  • Free Job Referrals

They provide excellent job referrals for their technical writing courses in Greece to suitable candidates.

Contact Details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9580 740 740


2. Coursera

Coursera is a massive open online course (MOOC) provider based in the US founded by Computer science professors, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller of Stanford University in 2012.

It works in collaboration with international universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in many subjects. This technical writing course by Coursera develops your technical writing skills to communicate information regarding technical or experimental work. The course explains all the technicalities and concepts involved in the language.

Their course also solves different issues such as structuring, styling, language, and content-related issues that one encounters while writing the results of research. This course is provided by the Moscow Institute of Physics Technology and is taught by Elena Bazanova. Their syllabus is divided into 4 modules covering all the necessities of technical writing.


  • Module I: From Start to Finish

This module will provide knowledge about technical writing and how to deal with complex topics, workplace research, and writing precise content. You will be able to extract relevant information from the complex technical areas.

  • Module II: Organizing the Information

Here you will learn to use visuals and graphical tools to communicate a large amount of information clearly and concisely. This module will also help you in the planning of technical report writing by providing important guidelines.

  • Module III: Researching Your Subject

This module will provide you with a deep understanding of the feasibility, recommendations, and instruction as well as laboratory and academic research. It focuses on deriving the most accurate and comprehensive information that will be understood by all kinds of audiences.

  • Module IV: Capstone Project

What They Offer:

  • 5 weeks of course training
  • Free Online Course
  • The paid certificate is available
  • Course offered in different languages such as Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, English, and Spanish

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3. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning community-based in the US founded by Matt Cooper in 2010 for people who want to learn from educational videos. They offer thousands of classes for creative and curious people around the world on skillful topics such as illustrations, photography, design, videography, freelancing, etc.

At Skillshare, they empower their members to get inspired, learn new skills, and make discoveries. Skillshare works on the principle of sharing the experience with the mentors and getting paid in return. Their Technical writing courses in Greece is divided into two parts, Part I: Getting Started, and Part II: The Writing Process, taught by Dr. Katharina Grimm.

The Curriculum For Part I Includes 9 Lessons The Duration Of 1 hour 9m,

  • Introduction
  • What is Technical Writing?
  • Some Common Misconceptions
  • What Is Good Technical Writing?
  • Creating Good Technical Writing
  • The Writing Process
  • What Makes a Good Technical Writer?
  • Things That Make Your Life Easier
  • Final Thoughts

Part II Includes 9 Lessons Of The Duration Of 1h 30m

  • Introduction
  • What Makes Writing Technical?
  • The Magic of Structured Writing
  • The Writing Process: Step 1
  • The Writing Process: Step 2
  • The Writing Process: Step 3
  • The Writing Process: Step 4
  • Best Practice Examples
  • Final Thoughts

These introductory and brainstorming sessions will teach you all that is required to understand the technical writing courses in Greece.

  • Some of the critical things you will get to learn include:
  • What Technical Writing is!
  • How to properly plan your writing
  • How to collect and organize your contents
  • How to create a structured Technical Writing document
  • How to keep a check on the quality of your Technical Writing document
  • What are the essential skills and knowledge you require to become a great Technical Writer
  • How to approach the blank page in Technical Writing
  • How to write and edit your document precisely
  • Who can join?


The technical Writing Courses in Greece are basically for everyone like engineers, professionals, and product managers who may or may not have basic knowledge about Technical Writing and would like to improve their writing.

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4. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a renowned global Ed-tech institute based in the US & India since 2013, having customers spread over 97+ countries. They rank among the top 500 Edtech companies in the world and the top 100 in India.

Their trainers are industry experts having 15+ years of industry experience and are recognized by different organizations for the work they have mastered. According to the survey by the Higher Education Digest, Henry Harvin holds the laurel of being the best out of the 5 fastest-growing Edtech startups in India.

They have established themselves as an online university with 200+ programs for upskilling and reskilling. They provide Public programs, College programs, Corporate programs, Skill development programs, Consulting Services, and Assessments.

Their Technical writing courses in Greece stress imparting knowledge so that a student will gain mastery of how to compose specific kinds of reports such as research reports, lab reports, progress reports, counseling reports, and so on.

The technical writing course entails the ethics of scientific communication, how to prepare research proposals and literature reviews, and how to communicate technical details effectively to the general audience.

Their Course Structure Includes 10 Modules As;

  • Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Module 2: Documentation Process
  • Module 3: Technical Writing Process
  • Module 4: Grammar and Editing
  • Module 5: Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Module 6: Components of a Technical Document
  • Module 7: Technical Writing Techniques
  • Module 8: How to Create a Template For Technical Document
  • Module 9: Overview of Formats of Technical Documents
  • Module 10: Advanced Technical Writing Tools

Besides this, they offer complimentary modules in addition to the above-mentioned modules to build your personality and make you ready for Job roles;

  • Complimentary Module 1: Soft Skills Development
  • Complimentary Module 2: Resume Writing

What They Offer:

  • 36 Hours of Two-way Live Online Training
  • Projects: one can undergo project training in Documentation Processes, Technical Writing Software Tools, and more
  • Internship Assistance for practical experience
  • Certification
  • 100% Placement Guarantee Support
  • E-Learning Access for Tools, video content, assessments
  • Regular Bootcamps over the next 12 Months
  • Free Access to Hackathons and Competitions
  • On completion of the certified Technical Writing Course, one is entitled to a 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy.

Salient Features:

  • One becomes Eligible for writing a perfect-quality Thesis, Research Papers, and Technical Content.
  • Scope for Job opportunities abroad
  • They fill the talent shortage by tapping the high-paying jobs in their technical writing courses in Greece with their quality teachings.
  • Increases your chances of getting promoted in your current payroll with their course teachings.
  • Upon completion of the technical writing course, you get a hallmark of global credential of technical writing professional to fortify your portfolio
  • You will improve your resume & LinkedIn Profile along with professional development


Phone: 9891953953

Email: [email protected]



1.    Can I become a technical writer in one month?

Yes, you can. You will first need to enroll in a certification or a Diploma course in technical writing from a recognized institute that will build you as a promising technical writer. Besides this one needs to have an inbound love for writing, communicating, and command over the language.

2.    Why is the Technical Writing Courses in Greece important?

India is a developing country, so new and innovative technologies come up every day. These complex and out-of-the-box technologies need to be written in simple words to reach out to the general public. This is where a good and sound technical writer will be acknowledged.

3.    I am a content writer, and doing a technical writing course will help me in my career.

The technical writing course will hone your skill in writing technological content which will help you in understanding the technical concepts and help you in your career by gaining an advantageous skill.


Any technology be it new or upgraded needs to be communicated to a larger audience to let people know about its developmental process. This can be only done by writing in simple and clear words by a technical writer. Thus the technical writing course from a recognized institute will help you gain the desired knowledge and will make you successful in this rewarding career. Hope this will help you find a way to register for the technical writing course by choosing the best institute.

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