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Top 6 Renowned Institutes for Tally Certifications

Whatever the size of the business, the operations of the organization are dependent on the accounts department, and the maintenance of accounts is of paramount importance. Tally professionals’ involvement is integral to the accounts department’s day-to-day work. As the tagline of Tally software suggests it has the power to simplify the complications in accounting-related work like tax filing (GST, TDS), inventory management, expense tracking, etc. Choosing from the Top 6 Tally Certifications gives an edge over others in the job market and is an added advantage for students who are pursuing B. Com, M. Com, or BBA.


List of best institutes for tally certifications


Tally is the short form for Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yards. The software was founded by Bharat Goenka and Shyam Sunder Goenka in 1986 with its headquarters in Bangalore. 80 percent of businesses use Tally software for their accounting needs.

Over 7 million customers have installed Tally software in their systems across countries. The primary objective is to conduct accounting activities comprehensively and efficiently. The Tally license has lifetime validity but requires renewal of the subscription.

The latest features and upgrades to the software are available at an affordable subscription fee. The first version was a basic DOS version that helped in the generation of invoices, and the preparation of financial statements. The second version was introduced in 1990 for Windows with better features making the interface user-friendly.

2005 saw the advent of an advanced version of Tally.ERP9 software that includes accounting, inventory management, payroll, taxation features, and GST. ERP in Tally.ERP9 stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and came in two editions – Silver (Single User) and Gold (Multi User). TallyPrime Release 2.1 is the latest version and is best for GST.

If you are interested to kickstart a career as an accountant, data entry operator, or account assistant, to name a few, you should think about adding one of the Top 6 Tally Certifications to your repertoire. Aspirants who have completed 10+2 or equivalent preferably in the commerce field can do the course. Finance, Accounts, or Business management students are best fit to do courses in Tally.

It is not a degree course. It is a certificate course with a duration of 6 months to a diploma course of 2 years depending on a beginner level or intermediate level. The course teaches making voucher entries, reconciling bank statements, making accrual adjustments, managing inventory, stock valuations, invoicing, purchase orders, discounting, etc.

Managing the business becomes easier with Tally as it tracks all business transactions and provides information on accounts receivable/ accounts payable, cash flow, etc efficiently. It saves time and reduces costs effectively.

Therefore, private as well as government companies from different sectors recruit Tally-certified candidates. The courses can be taken online as well as offline.


Benefits Of Top 6 Tally Certifications

  • Reduction of errors, time, and costs – Since the software is automated, there is a very minimal risk of manual errors. It also reduces the time spent and costs incurred.
  • Ease of operations in the business – Tally.ERP9 assists small-scale organizations assess their finances. The cumbersome task of GST filing is made easy when the information is available in GST-compliant formats. Tally software makes the job easy.
  • Greater Job Prospects – Tally software can be accessed remotely as well. Hence after the completion of the course, one can even find job opportunities to work from home, part-time, or full-time.
  • Suitability of Learning – For the benefit of students as well as working people, the course is available in both online and offline mode.
  • Accounting knowledge – This course improves accounting knowledge with ease of learning.


Features Of Tally

  • Accounts for up to 99,999 companies can be maintained.
  • Automate employee records by using the payroll feature
  • Transactions maintained in multiple locations automatically get updated for changes made.
  • Consolidated financial statements get generated as per company requirements.
  • Different languages can be selected at the same time, one to enter the data and the other to generate the Invoices or Purchase Orders. This is an important feature for businesses in multiple states.
  • Available in 9 Indian languages.


Some of the Certification Programs Are Listed Below to Help You Make an Informed Choice –


Rank #1. Tally Certifications


Master Tally Course

IIM SKILLS is one of the highly accredited institutes providing Tally Courses. The course is of 18 hours of self-learning online, 20 hours of lectures, 60 hours of practical assignments, Software Tools, and Internship opportunities. They have a dedicated placement cell and provide Govt of India Recognized Certification.


Fee: 2900/- + GST


Course Curriculum –

With the curriculum carved by the experts in the industry, the Master Tally course tutors you on fundamental and advanced concepts of Tally and is counted as the best program to learn Tally in India. The entire course is covered in 3 modules:


Module 1 – Business Accounting

Basics of Accounts – meaning, definition, objectives, scope of accounting, basic terms, accounting principles, branches of accounting, use & limits of Accounting, Concepts & Conventions, accounting information, Meaning of accounting equation, compensation of accounting, effects of transactions), Accounting Standard (GAAP), Types of Accounts.


Module 2 – Advance Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime

Basics of Tally, Creation / Setting up of Company in Tally, Creating Accounting Masters in Tally, setting up Accounts Heads, Group & Ledger Creation, Voucher Entry, Debit & Credit Note, Creating Inventory Masters in Tally


Module 3 – Advanced Accounting in Tally

Recording of Transactions, Inventory Management, Bill Wise Details, Cost Centre and Cost Categories, Invoice Entry using voucher categories, Payment vouchers, Stock Journal, Adjusting Forex Gain / Loss, Bank Reconciliation, Interest Calculation, Creating a Group Budget, Order Processing in Tally, Sale / Purchase order processing, Display columnar orders & Stock Details, Reorder Levels, Tracking Numbers, Bill of Material, Price Levels & Price Lists, Stock Valuation, Depreciation Entries, Preparation of Trading and Profit & Loss, Preparation Account Balance Sheet, Balance Sheet Review/ analysis Ratio analysis, Columnar Report Review/Analysis Shortcut Keys.


Rank #2. Tally Certifications

2. Udemy

Udemy offers various certification courses in Tally. One of the best comprehensive courses is listed below. Course duration: 145 lectures/16 hours. 6 articles with Full-time access even on mobile and TV. At the end of the course, the candidate will be awarded a certificate of completion.


Certificate Course in TallyERP9, Tally Prime, and GST 2023

Latest Tally Erp9 and Tally Prime (Includes Tally with GST Returns), E-way Bill, Payroll, Manufacturing, Management Information System, TDS.


Course Outline –

Managing Accounting of any Company with GST Independently. Manage Payroll with PF, ESI, EPF, Statutory Payment, compute TDS & extract TDS Reports, Accounting of Manufacturing Firm, Banking, Create MIS Reports, GST Computation & Reports in Tally.Erp9 with GST, accounting of Goods Transport Agency(GTA) in Tally.Erp9 with GST, RCM – Reverse Charge Mechanism in Tally.Erp9 with GST Training, accounting of Composition Dealer under GST in Tally.Erp9 with GST Course, Avail Input GST Credit, Import & Export Entries under GST, application of GST at Multiple Levels.


Rank #3. Tally Certifications

3. Coursera

Tally Bookkeeper Professional Certificate

Course Duration: 4 months. 100 hours of training, 50+ practice-based activities, and evaluations. Enables you to work with TallyPrime with ease.


Demand for bookkeepers is very high in many industries with the focus being on various areas of accounting, finance, and taxation. This course is designed by Tally, India’s most popular and leading business management software solution company, and gives an introduction to the concepts of corporate finance, accounting, taxation, and statutory compliances, imparting the training to handle accounting transactions.

After the completion of the course, you will earn a Professional Certificate from Tally and will make you job ready. This course includes training on closing Financial Books of Accounts for the year and beginning the next Financial Year.

Working on Accounts Payable and Receivable Management. The fundamentals of Banking Solutions, Budgets, Control Management, GST working, and TDS calculations. Creating MIS Reports. Processing of Purchase and Sales orders, Stock keeping maintenance.


This Professional Certificate Program Covers 3 Courses.

Course 1: Fundamentals of Accounting and Reporting

This course is planned with concepts of computerized accounting using TallyPrime, accounting fundamentals, bookkeeping, everyday business transactions, creating accounting charts, and preparing and analyses of MIS. Record and maintain accounting transactions, Describe and manage banking payments, Generate and analyze financial statements, implement security control to protect data, and Backup and restore company data.


Course 2: Principles of Management of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

The course is reliant on the knowledge and skills covered in the first course in this professional certificate, Accounting and Reporting fundamentals, accounts payable and accounts receivable management, managing purchase and sales orders, costs of purchase tracking, cost and profit management, budget creation and maintenance using TallyPrime, generating reports. To succeed in this course, completion of the first course in this program is a must.


Course 3: Statutory Compliance and Taxation basics

The course is dependent on the knowledge and skills covered in the first two courses in this professional certificate. Application of the concepts in scenarios using the TallyPrime software. Application of the concept of GST, Configure TDS. To succeed in this course, completion of the first two courses in this program, Fundamentals of Accounting and Reporting (course 1) and Principles of Accounts Payable and Receivable Management (course 2) is a must.


Check here the best:


Rank #4. Tally Certifications

4. Tally Education

Years of domain expertise ensure courses and certifications are one of the best. This is one of the popular of the Top 6 Tally Certifications and Tally Courses that enhance your skills to increase chances of better job opportunities, higher pay packages, and new career opportunities. A strong network of partners provides easy access and better assistance.


  • Hybrid-Learning Module enables learning the course through text and interactive video content.
  • Digital Content includes videos, tutorial videos, quizzes, and infographics confirming a pleasant learning experience.
  • Assessment comprises questions such as MCQs, MMCQs, and Image-Based Questions.
  • The course is designed by the National Skill Development Corporation and the aspirant receives Digital Certificate from Tally.
  • Courses cover concepts from the basic to the intermediate level. This course is available in both online and offline models.



TallyEssential – Course Duration: 106 hours

TallyEssential course is designed for a beginner in Accounting and Finance domain. Topics from basic to intermediate Financial Accounting conceptual levels are covered. Concepts are simplified through illustrations, self-learning videos, and factual scenarios to help establish a strong career. The hands-on applications are done on the new TallyPrime software to maintain uniformity with the new releases.


TallyProfessional – Course Duration 100 hours

TallyProfessional course is designed for working professionals and people having experience in the Accounting and Finance domain. Advanced accounting and inventory to taxation including payroll and income tax are covered in this course. Explanations are by means of illustrations, self-learning videos, and actual industry-based scenarios to create a foundation for your Accounting, Inventory, Taxation, and Financial career.

The course helps understand the performance of advanced Accounting, Inventory, Taxation (GST, TDS), and Payroll. The practical application is done on new TallyPrime software to maintain consistency with the new releases.


International Courses

TallyACE International – Course Duration: 40 hours

It is designed for beginners or learners, from Middle East Countries to master Tally. It helps learners understand the basic concepts of Computerized Accounting with Tally by providing stepwise instructions. The course comes with factual business scenarios, charts, observations, and solved examples to practice on TallyPrime.


TallyEssential – Course Duration: 45 hours

International courses and certifications benefit aspirants from Middle East countries to learn intra and inter-country taxation transactions in a simple way. The course provides stepwise instructions on topics such as Recording Business Transactions, Accounts Payable and Receivable Management, Cost/Profit Centre Management, Purchase and Sales Order Management, Generation of Financial Reports, and GCC VAT using Tally.


GCC VAT Using Tally – Course Duration: 35 hours

The course is designed to help learners understand the advanced concepts of Computerized Accounting and taxation in Middle East Countries providing stepwise instructions on the Fundamentals of GCC VAT, Different VAT Supplies, VAT Activation, recording transactions of Gulf VAT, Intra GCC Transactions accounting, Purchase & Sales Returns, Advance Receipt, Import and Export from and to outside GCC Countries, etc are to be understood.


Tally Essential Oman – Course Duration: 90 hours

The course is created for the professional growth of beginners in the Accounting and Finance field. This certification helps learners to understand fundamental to advanced financial accounting concepts, using TallyPrime. The various modules include stepwise explanations for topics like GCC VAT using Tally, recording business transactions, managing accounts payable and receivable, managing cost/profit centers, managing purchase and sales orders, and creating financial reports.

The course has three distinct learning levels 1, 2, and 3. Learners can choose either of them or a comprehensive course. After course completion, learners will be competent in subjects including taxation, compliance, accounts payable and receivable, and recording and reporting.



TDS Using Tally is a complete guide on Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) – Course Duration: 8 hours

This specialization course covers stepwise instructions starting from Fundamentals to Practical of TDS including Basic Concepts, Various TDS Processes, TDS on Expenses at Lower, Zero, and Higher Rates, TDS on Works Contract attracting GST, TDS on Income from Foreign Currency, Generating TDS Challans, TDS Reports – Form and e-filing Forms. It is structured in a format that gives the flexibility to learn at your own pace while guidance from the expert.


Rank #5. Tally Certifications


Accounting with Tally.ERP9

Course Duration: 36 hours

Course Type: Classroom


This accounting program with Tally.ERP9 enables the recording of transactions and managing the account information for an organization. Undergraduates & Graduates looking to enter the accounting domain can understand the basics of Tally if they have basic IT awareness (Windows OS and PC Essentials) and can understand and converse in English. Also, preferably should have commerce in Class XI and XII.


Modules Covered:

Creating and Managing Professional Documents Using Word

Presenting and Managing Data Using Excel

Accounting with Tally.ERP9


Introduction to GST:

Course Duration: 20 hours

Course Type: Classroom


The basic concept-based course “Introduction to GST” will enable students with a Commerce background to understand GST, its implementation, and its impact on the taxation system. This course is launched in partnership with Tally, covering concept-based learning. Students should be BCom or Graduate / undertaken Commerce until Class XII Level and should have an understanding of the taxation system.

Only 1 module Introduction to GST is covered.


GST using Tally.ERP9

Course Duration: 44 hours

Course Type: Classroom


Goods and Service Tax (GST) is an indirect tax introduced in India on 1st July 2017, made applicable throughout India replacing multiple taxes imposed by the Central and State Governments.

The introduction of GST needs manpower to understand the concepts of GST and also implement it as per statutory obligations. To make students understand and work with GST, NIIT introduced a program that includes the modules of GST and increases job prospects. This program is for students who are from the Commerce stream and have knowledge of working with Tally.ERP9.


Only 1 extensive module is covered which is GST Using Tally.ERP9

Working with Tally.ERP9 – Level 1

Course Duration: 108 hours

Course Type: Classroom


Tally, has evolved from a basic accounting package into an advanced but user-friendly version. The new comprehensive package meets the needs of small to large businesses. Working with Tally.ERP9 – Level 1 program familiarizes students with bookkeeping on computers using Tally.ERP9. Students should be commerce graduates with the ability to interact in English and be comfortable with Windows.


Modules covered:

  1. Business Process Fundamentals
    2. Accounting on Computers with Tally.ERP9 – Volume 1: Basic Accounting and Inventory
    3. Accounting on Computers with Tally.ERP9 – Volume 2: Advanced Accounting, Inventory, and VAT


Rank #6. Tally Certifications

6. Tally Academy

This course from Tally Academy gives a competitive advantage with globally recognized Tally training certifications. It offers multi-tier certification paths that deliver value to individuals to establish professional achievements. Certification will expand opportunities with employers by ensuring that accounting professionals meet Industrial standards. Tally Academy has 6 certificate programs to choose from:


Tally Academy Certified Program –

Exam: Accounting in TallyPrime

Fee: 900/-


Tally Academy Certified GST Master –

Exam: GST in TallyPrime

Fee: 900/-


Tally Academy Certified TDS Master –

Exam: Tax Deducted at Source in TallyPrime



Tally Academy Certified Payroll Executive –

Exam: Payroll in TallyPrime

Fee: 900/-


Tally Academy Certified Professional –

4 Exams: Certified Accountant, GST Master, TDS Master, Payroll Master

Fee: 3600/-


Tally Academy Certified Taxation Master –

2 Exams: GST Master, TDS Master

Fees: 1800/-


Career Opportunities After Completion from one of the Top 6 Tally Certifications:

The job description for each of the below titles will vary as per the requirements of the employer. You can join any organization in the retail, banking and finance, manufacturing, and IT sector depending on your experience level as –

Admin Executive, Accounts Executive, Audit Executive, Financial Analyst, Accounts Manager, Tax Accountant, Tally Operator, Sales Analyst, Senior Accountant, Billing Executive, Inventory Manager, and Bookkeeper. Tally professionals also work as freelancers. There are job opportunities in the international job market too.




What is the average salary for Tally certifications in India?

Salary in India is in the range of 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs.


Can Tally sustain itself in the future?

Yes, it is necessary for regular accounting tasks.


Is Tally used in all companies?

Most companies use Tally, and large-scale companies might use SAP.


What is recommended, Tally or excel?

Excel is standard, and newer technologies such as Tally. ERP 9 is for managing large data and can help you save time and effort. Tally also automates tedious tasks and prevents errors that happen while working manually.


Are work-from-home jobs available for Tally professionals?

Yes, people can even work from home since it is software that can be easily installed on a PC.



This article essentially gives an overview of the Top 6 Tally Certifications under Tally accounting software that are in great demand. These courses are of great benefit to students of commerce background both freshers and experienced alike to get a job in the accounting sector. After completing the course, the knowledge and hands-on experience will be significant for your career.

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