IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Review

Digital proliferation has ensured that content writing today is one of the most lucrative careers that an individual can choose to pursue. It is one of the most stable means of earning among the different digital marketing modules. A Content Writer who is just starting as a fresher can earn anywhere up to 20k per month, which increases with experience and your acumen like any other profession. In this article today, we are going to draw a comparison between two leading content writing institutes – IIM Skills and Henry Harvin to help you decide which course can be more beneficial to you.

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Before we move to the comparative study, let’s delve a little into what content writing entails and how an immensely rewarding career in content writing can be.

Content is the mainstay for any brand, product, service, and organization. It is the element that binds companies and their customers globally. Content is interactive intrinsically, which means that it is the engaging factor for a business and its potential customers.

Now, the content has been around for a very long time but with the mushrooming of digital channels and expansion of the internet the utility of content has increased manifold.

It is the dissemination of information relevant to your consumers. It involves creating articles, blog posts, and informative videos about your product that helps them to make an educated decision regarding your product or service.

In simple words, content writing is the backbone of any successful organization that cares about its existing and potential customers. It is creating and distributing information that apprises customers about the unique qualities of your brand.

Content can be mainly classified into the following types

  • Blogging
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Long-form Content
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Listicles
  • Interviews
  • Social Media Articles And Posts.

Today, audio-video and a combination of both are created to have the maximum impact on leads to be able to turn them into conversions. However, you need to be able to create content optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to be able to reach the maximum number of people.

It requires you to carry out proper research to incorporate keywords into your article and keep it as succinct and relevant as possible.

Why should you take content writing? 

The content writing course opens up a plethora of opportunities for you to explore. It gives you a whole new perspective on career avenues and helps you to get the job of your choice.

As reiterated time and again, content is crucial, and sometimes the most vital aspect of any marketing endeavor. It is also a skill set that is here to stay.

Can you think of a product or service that does not require the content of any form to disseminate useful information about the same? You are right. You cannot.

Moreover, since the nature of content writing as a job is flexible, you can take up a role as freelancers, bloggers, and can work from the comfortable space and ambiance of your home. You are not bound to an office chair and desk and can work with complete freedom.

Content writing allows you to write on a variety of topics and keep your interest and intrigue going. It helps you to express yourself through written content, visual content, or a combination of both. It helps to channel your inner creativity. Hence, You can build a very prosperous career in content writing

Since content writing is one of the most popular professions today people want to take up content writing courses to propel their careers towards greater prospects. These content writing courses provide job oriented courses that enable even novices to get a foot in the door with a proper understanding of the content writing process.

Types of Content Writers

The different content writing institutes provide you with tips Strategies and techniques to become proficient content writers for different businesses in organizations. Let’s get a peek into the types of content writers available on the web.

There are SEO Writers who are concerned with writing content that ranks high on search engines. They write useful content with the help of Keyword research, and incorporation of those keywords into the content copy

Then you have the Lead generation Writers. This particular set of content writers is concerned with getting the attention of prospective consumers to create more sales. They create content in a way that inspires people to make purchasing decisions.

Technical writers write for the specific field of the genre like Information Technology, software, user manuals, specifications for appliances. They write technical content and also help simplify the jargon used in different technical copies for the common man to comprehend.

For example, technical and technological writers can help someone understand the mechanics of an appliance through their simplified content writing.

Then you have Social media writers who create social media content to reach the target consumers through the variety of channels available. They also write content suitable for Omni-channel marketing.

There are several different content writers for business, legal, corporate social responsibility, academic writers, White papers, E-books. All of these require proficiency and comprehension of the character of the content. Content Writing Institutes can help you achieve competency in writing them.

Let’s come to the two leading institutes that provide high-quality content writing courses. You can consider both and decide which is the best institute suited to you. 

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Review

1. The Institutes

IIM Skills Fact #1

Since its Inception in 2014, IIM Skills has been committed to delivering the best online courses for people from various walks of life. They are an eminent global online education provider boasting of having trained more than 4300 professionals from 30+ countries. They have also conducted more than 1000 Training programs.

They provide the most comprehensive and updated Content Writing Course, Technical Writing Course, Digital Marketing Course, and CAT coaching for aspirants who want to carve a niche for themselves in their respective professional fields.

The faculty is comprised of industry experts who have had more than 10 years of experience working in the digital marketing sector, creating winning content for eminent brands and corporate giants. They are considered an authority in content creation and Marketing.

The Master Certification provided by IIM SKILLS is globally accredited and provides great value to the students who dream to have a great career in Content Writing. The reviews for the Course is extremely positive. It has managed to stay the most popular institute for content writing for the past few years.

Henry Harvin Fact #1

Henry Harvin Education, which started in 2013 has been a pioneer institute in content writing courses in South Asia. However, with time, they have branched out to other several courses like data visualization, business intelligence, machine learning, finance or marketing management, and Analytics.

Henry Harvin is known for its excellent trainers with more than a decade of experience. These seasoned experts are thought leaders in their respective fields.

Therefore, it can be deduced that both these institutes have a stellar record of creating efficient and highly competent content writers through their content writing courses.

Certification of Henry Harvin has affiliations from the content writing association of India, Government of India as well as American Association of EFL among others.

Both the institutes provide excellent globally recognized Certifications to get the desired job.


2. Course Curriculum

IIM Skills Review For Curriculum #Fact 2

IIM Skills the leading content writing course provider has the most thorough curriculum with over 12 modules with several subparts that help you to have any incisive understanding of content writing.

The course is called the Content Writing Master Course. (CWMC)

The modules include

  • Web Development
  • User Interface
  • Introduction To Content Writing
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Starting To Write
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Duplicate Content Detector
  • Content Dissemination in Email
  • Google Local Page Set Up
  • Content Marketing and Social Media
  • Exploring The Several Social Media Tools
  • Freelance Content Writing

Apart from the Master Certification in content writing, IIM Skills also provides training for Hubspot Content Marketing Certification. After the training program, you can appear for the Hubspot Certificate for Content Marketing. Upon successfully clearing the exam, you will get the certification from the Hubspot Academy.

You learn about the various types of content like writing blogs, writing product descriptions, capturing leads for subscribers, creating social media pages, monetizing your writing skills as a freelancer, using infographics, building your brand among other pertinent components.

The course encompasses all the essentials of content writing and marketing that can help you land a job as soon as you complete your course and examination.

The types of content you will learn are articles, blogs, ebooks, commercial pages, and copy, business listing, academic institution, product, press release, product description, social media post, etc.

The pedagogy is 100% practical oriented. It emphasizes job-driven projects that will help you to strengthen your content writing abilities from the very first session.

Henry Harvin Review For Curriculum #Fact 2

Henry Harvin provides content writing course that goes by the name of Content Writing And Creative Writing Course (CDCW)

Henry Harvin has a total of six modules with several subparts to give you in-depth knowledge of content writing.

The six modules are

  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Creative Business
  • Technical, Medical, Social Media, Essay, EBook, Blog Copy, And White Paper Writing
  • Academic And Research Writing
  • Designing Cover Pages
  • Setting Up Themes
  • WordPress Project Reports
  • Question Banks
  • Communication And Content Strategy
  •  Earning From Content Writing.

They have developed courses based on crucial language skills for professional content writing. Henry Harvin is also known for creating a content strategy to reach target consumers.

Though both the institutes have very crucial elements covered IIM Skills comes with an additional Hubspot Certification Preparation that can help you get the coveted certificate from Hubspot. Here, IIM SKILLS has a slight advantage over Henry Harvin.


3. Content description

IIM SKILLS Reviews For Course Content Fact #3

The content writing course comprises 16 hours of lectures, with 60+ hours of practical assignments. The main advantage of the classes is the accessibility of the sessions whenever you want through their e-portal

They provide access to content marketing tools worth Rs 35000 free. You get to learn about a variety of tools like

  • Several WordPress Plugins
  • Integration Of Web Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Buffer
  • Tweetdeck
  • Ubersuggest
  • Compress Now
  • Small Seo Tools
  • Google Keyword Planner
  •  Keyword Finder
  • Rankwatch Gmetrix
  • Answer The Public
  • Plagiarism Detector
  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway App And Others.

The course covers the most relevant topics related to content marketing like understanding the pattern and behaviour behind your web traffic, creating landing pages, content delivery network setup, exploring topics to write about, selecting a niche, developing your brand, monetizing your writing skills, understanding of social media listening tools, content engagement techniques, setting up contact form, Google local pages, avoiding plagiarism, setting up accelerated mobile pages to name a few.

Henry Harvin Reviews for Course Content Fact #3

Henry Harvin’s course is 32 hours of live online training and 24 hours of live online brushup sessions. They also have an offline mode of education but the curriculum is the same.

Henry Harvin teaches writing on 30 content types that include academic, personal, social, Search Engine Optimization, white paper, and others. The content formats, styles, tones, keyword research, social media leveraging, types of content, buyer persona, case studies, etc.

We can see that IIM SKILLS has a clear charted course structure that prioritizes understanding the nitty-gritty of the entire content marketing system. It covers more aspects of the content system than Henry Harvin. It is more exhaustive.


4. Course Delivery

IIM SKILLS Reviews for Course Delivery Fact #4

IIM SKILLS has 4 weeks of live online classroom training with interactive sessions. That is 4 weeks of intensive training on all the core concepts of Content Writing

Henry Harvin Review For Course Delivery Fact #4

In the same way, Henry Harvin has online as well as classroom training for their 32-hour training on Content Writing.

For Content Writing education, classroom programs are not a prerequisite to learning it efficiently. All the digital marketing activities of an organization are carried out in the online space. Therefore, a reputed online Institute can impart better education. with more focused content than a classroom-based on-campus program.

Therefore having a classroom program is immaterial for a student of a content writing course. IIM SKills and Henry Harvin both have exceptional online virtual classrooms.

5. E-portal Accessibility

IIM SKILLS Reviews For LMS #Fact 5

One of the main features of IIM Skills is they have lifetime access to the learning management system (LMS). This means, that students can access the course curriculum, lectures, presentations, reading materials, and everything discussed in the classes for free forever.

Henry Harvin Review For LMS Fact #5

The Henry Harvin brush-up sessions are accessible to students for 1 year after which you have to pay to access the sessions. Their e-learning management also includes recorded videos, games, and case studies.

This is a major area where IIM SKills scores better than Henry Harvin. Since you have lifetime access to content, students can rely on IIM Skills LMS for doubt resolution and confusion whenever they want.

6. Course Fee and Duration

IIM SKILLS Review For Fee #Fact6

IIM Skills has one of the most comprehensive in-depth curricula for content writing with a Course Fee of 12900 + 18% GST. This is the one-time fee that you pay for lifetime access to their content. Including GST Course fee is INR 15222.

It is to be noted that IIM SKILLS content is updated according to the latest trends and best practices of the content marketing system. It is a huge step towards the welfare of the students. You do not have to pay anything extra to access that updated learning management system.

The duration of the course is 4 weeks, 16 hours of live training, and 60+ hours of assignments. The breakup of the hands-on assignments is as follows

  • Web Development 5 Hours
  • Social Media Marketing 10 Hours
  • Search Engine Optimisation 15 Hours
  • Content Writing 30 Hours.

Henry Harvin Review For Fee #Fact6

The course fee is Rs 9500 as has been stated on their website. The course duration is 32 hours of live virtual online/ classroom training with 24 hours of online backup sessions and 50 hours of e-Learning access.

For any updated content after a year of free brush-up sessions and e-Learning, access is not cleared at the website.

7. Internship, Placement and Post Course Assistance

IIM SKILLS Reviews On Placement & Internships Fact #7

The students at IIM SKILLS can take up their non paid virtual internship program for 3 months. You have to qualify for the internship test and then will have to provide 8 approved articles to get the internship certificate from the institute.

Being a global leader in content writing, IIM skills has a network of several organizations that approach the institute to hire competent content writers. Anyone who has passed the certification exam will be provided interview assistance once they qualify for the job interview.

As post-placement assistance IIM skills also provide you with adequate information on freelancing and how to go about a freelancing career. Extensive training is given on how to grab good freelance writing projects. They also help to create client proposals.

Henry Harvin Reviews On Placement & Internships Fact #7

Henry Harvin also provides guaranteed internships with their Institute or partner firms. There are job opportunities and freelance projects. Henry Harvin claims to provide placement and employment support for their students.

8. Practical Exercise

IIM SKILLS Reviews of Practical Exercise Fact #8

institutes providing content writing courses for the digital and the web have to put a lot of emphasis on practical exercises and live projects so that a student gets a thorough understanding of the entire content writing and marketing process for a business with the product or service-based.

IIM Skills being a committed Content Writing Institute understands just how important practical training is. Therefore they have 60 + hours of practical training on several elements of content writing.

Some of the areas covered in the practical training and live projects are

  • Website Creation
  • Mastering Various Plugins
  • WordPress Theme
  • Web Hosting
  • Building Effective Social Media Pages
  • Auto-scheduling For Social Sharing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Earning Backlinks
  • Analyzing Low Medium And High Competition Keywords
  • Building Pro Skills In Your Niche
  • Do’s And Don’ts Of Content Marketing
  • Competition Analysis
  • Picking Up Right Short And Long-tail Keywords Among Others.

While working on practical exercises to gain knowledge of several digital tools at your disposal that helps your content writing more efficient, smoother, and better.

The website of IIM skills is completely transparent concerning the curriculum and you can get every detail about the tools covered, and practical exercises on their content course page

Henry Harvin Reviews of Practical Exercise Fact #8

Henry Harvin teachers’ 30 + content types and helps to gain research skills to write on any topic that is given to you. There are live projects and training too.

A rough idea has been given on their website page relating to the tools covered in the practical training of the Content Writing Course. You can request a detailed syllabus as has been mentioned on their website.

9.. Some other key aspects

IIM Skills Reviews Fact #9

Big corporate giants like Facebook, American express, Flipkart, Amazon, Barclays, MPS Interactive are some of the business organizations that have faith in IIM Skills. They look for potential employees from this Institute. This goes on to show Goodwill that IIM SKILLS has a reputed online provider of high-quality education.

They genuinely have a 24/7 online support system for queries and grievances. Their helpdesk is available anytime. They are also very prompt in addressing the queries and helping the students out no matter how challenging it might be. The industry experts attend to the query themselves and do not rely on automation tools where students are concerned.

Henry Harvin Reviews Fact #9

Henry Harvin also has companies like Airtel, BSNL, HCL, and other eminent organizations that hire from the institute.

Therefore both these content writing institutes offer great job opportunities for their participants.

Henry Harvin also has live support, chat online option that aims to provide answers promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Better For Content Writing Course?

  • Both the institutes are better however IIM SKILLS offers Global Certifications and it has more brand value in the market.

What is the Fee for Henry Harvin Course?

  • According to the Henry Harvin Website Classroom courses are INR 15000 and Online Courses are INR 8000.

What is the Fee for IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course?

  • IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course is priced at INR 11900 + Taxes.

Which institute do you recommend to Learn Content Writing?

  • If you do not want to compromise on quality we strongly recommend IIM SKILLS, for cheaper cost Henry Harvin.


Both these institutes are leaders in providing high-grade curriculum on content. Both have industry-validated certificates that help students immensely in the job sector.

The courses provide adequate knowledge to people from basic to advanced levels of content writing. They are also ideal for people from diverse fields like digital marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, retired individuals who want to start a career now, freelancers, students, job aspirants people who want to come back to work after taking a break.

However, there are 3 aspects where IIM SKILLS has an edge over Henry Harvin. IIM skills being focused solely on providing digital education ensures that students get the utmost help and assistance to build their careers in the content writing domain. They prioritize their students over every other consideration.

Henry Harvin has several other courses that they have to concentrate on. Therefore, the focus is divided among several courses. Also, to access the latest course content, a student has to pay fees after a year of accessing the LMS for free.

list of top 7 content writing institutes in India

The benefit of lifetime access to updated latest content and trends, priority to students’ needs, practical training give IIM Skills some major points over Henry Harvin because they provide the most relevant and latest information regarding the courses for free. Once you are a student with IIM Skills your association with the institute remains perpetually.  If asked, we recommend IIM SKILLS strongly to learn Content Writing.

Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Nagpur With Placements

 Content is key. The world is quickly realizing the importance of content in today’s marketing. Content is what speaks to people, what reaches the masses. Content is the customer’s first impression. That’s why businesses need content that makes the best impression on the customer. And for great content, they need great content writers. And to become a content writer, you’re going to need somewhere to start. So, if you have a flair for writing, and you’re looking for content writing courses in Nagpur, read on!



Content Writing Courses in Nagpur


Anybody with a phone and an internet connection knows that the world of marketing is booming right now. With the advent of a new era of technological developments, the world is in a high tide of business it has never seen before. New companies and businesses are popping up from all corners of the world. Globalization is constantly on the rise. So, if you’re a creative thinker and you’re positive that you want to ride this high tide, you might realize one of the best options for you out there is to become a content writer.


Before we discuss the various content writing courses in Nagpur, there’s something else you’d want to know first.


What exactly is content writing and why is content so important?


-> Content is how a business connects with people.

True, there are statistics and numbers they can show to people to prove how talented and reputed they are in their field, but if a business wants their customers to really get comfortable and familiar with them, they need great content.


-> Times have changed.

Content is in high demand. On average, an adult spends around 7 hours a week on content online. Any business knows that competition is tough. That’s why they need excellent content writers to push past the competition.


-> Great content can accelerate business growth by several leagues.

Digital marketing is indeed the most important aspect of marketing today. That’s why the perfect content tailored to fit the company’s message and the customer’s needs can repeatedly snowball the business to new horizons of success.


-> Content can save time and energy in the digital world.

Content writing involves several additional technical aspects like SEO, design, email marketing, call to action, script-writing, etc., and a content writer is someone specifically skilled in these aspects.


What exactly does a content writer do?


A content writer is someone who makes digital content for companies whether they are blogs, articles, social media posts, SOPs, video scripts, booklets, and so on.


There is a much more technical aspect to content writing than general writing as content writers have to know the technical aspects involved too. While searching for content writing courses in Nagpur, you will have to keep all these aspects in mind.


Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Nagpur:


For content writing courses in Nagpur, your best options are online. So, let’s look at the top courses.


1) IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a popular name in the content writing industry that equips you with the knowledge of a variety of content writing topics including article writing, blogging, e-books, SOPs, emailers, business listing, about pages, press releases, SEO, etc. It offers 16 hours of live interactive online classes along with weekly assignments and tasks to prepare you well for the industry.




IIM Skills has churned out several content writers over the years and is a dominant name in the best content writing courses in India. If you’re looking for a course to give you the right information and tools to get started in the content writing industry, then IIM Skills is the choice for you.


Founded by: Vaibhav Kakkar

Course Membership: Lifetime

You can check out their website IIM Skills or simply sign up for a demo class at Content Writing Master Course

Fee: 14900 + GST INR


It also offers a placement guarantee as well as student support for your queries. The course also helps you digest the lessons learned in the lectures with their 3-month internship program with lectures of 10+ hours. The course offers a Master Certification from IIM Skills and helps you develop your portfolio for the freelance market. IIM also offers class recordings so you can catch up on missed classes or concepts you need to revise once more.


Trusted Brand partners of IIM Skills


The image states the trusted brand partners of IIM Skills


Reviews and Testimonials


The image reflects the IIM Skills content writing course reviews by students


Also, read this detailed IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review to acquire better insights about the course. You can also check out the top professional courses to pursue here.


2) The Strategy of Content Marketing (available in Coursera)


Offered by the University of California, this content marketing course is a joint venture between Copyblogger, one of the most popular resources for content writers and content marketers, and UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education.


This course teaches you how to develop and sustain a content marketing strategy, write excellent persuasive copy, build a framework for your writing, test the efficiency of your content, and build brand authority over the market through your content marketing. The course not only teaches you how to become an effective content marketer but also how you can build your very own personal brand and build it through your new content marketing skills.


This course gives you skills in management, content marketing, copywriting, and general writing skills. It takes around 19 hours to finish the course and is for students at the intermediate level. You also get a certificate from the course in the end. It is one of the best free online content writing courses 


Cost: Free!


3) Content & Copywriting 101 (available in Udemy)


Created by Felicity Kay, this course prepares you to enter both the content writing and copywriting industries. It helps you understand the basics of effective content writing and copywriting, equipping you with just the correct skills to enter the freelance writing industry and begin your career. It helps you understand how you can make more profit quickly and effortlessly.


If you’re pressed for time, and you’re just looking some courses online that can quickly brief you about the tips, tricks, and techniques to write awesome content in the field of content writing and copywriting, this course is perfect for you as the entire course is made up of just 5–8-minute videos you can watch during your leisure intervals. The total length of all the videos in this course is just 30 minutes, so if you’re looking for little courses packed with great info, this one is a great choice.


Cost: Free!


IIM SKILLS Nagpur Content Writing Course invite


4) The Complete SEO Content Writing Course for Web Promotion (available in Udemy)


Created by Vivek Verma, this course teaches you great content writing techniques to write for blogs, articles, and web pages and rank your content. As the title of the course suggests, the course is specifically designed to teach you how to write SEO-oriented content that can help your page rank at the top of the results pages.


The course informs you about a number of tools you can use to help write your content efficiently. It teaches you to add value to your content copy by choosing just the right keywords and SEO techniques that make it easily visible to readers on the internet. It also helps you steer clear of bad SEO tactics and SEO blunders that all content writers must avoid.


-Usually available at 490 INR.


You can also have a look at the Top 5 Paid Content Writing Courses Online


5) Content Marketing Certification Course (available in HubSpot)


This is a valuable certification course offered by the HubSpot team and it is designed to give beginners a much more detailed look into the content marketing industry. This course is a must if you want to become an efficient content marketer. This course is specifically designed for marketing professionals, inbound professionals, and content producers.


The key aspects you will learn from this course include creating a content creation framework that helps you publish effective content on a steady basis, make content that is not just designed to please search engines, but also to impress your consumers, and finally, becoming a more effective, efficient content marketer.


Free of cost


6) Skills Upgrader


The Content Writing course by Skills Upgrader is a live online classroom training of 4 weeks. It too includes 16 hours of classes with 70+ hours of practical assignments as well as an internship of 3 months where you prime the skills you learned during your classes. It also offers lifetime support to its students as well as its very own Content Writing Certification. Skills Upgrader also helps develop your portfolio and guides you as you hit the job market with its dedicated placement support.


The course helps you transform concepts into words that appeal to readers, equips you with the ability to write for international clients by teaching you the differences between American and British English, teaches you to target audience personas as well as to handle social media marketing, and so on.


Membership: Lifetime

Fee: 8258.82


7) ECT (Education & Career Times)


According to the ECT website, the Content Writing Course offered by ECT is the only government-recognized Content Writing Course in India as of now. A certificate from this site will boost your career and help you find the right job opportunities. They too have an internship program and a dedicated placement cell. If you’re looking for content writing courses in Nagpur or those that can be accessed from Nagpur, this is also a great option.


Having a government-recognized content writing course in your resume or portfolio might be just what you need to push yourself forward and earn you the right content writing gigs for your talents. ECT is a great option for you if you want an informative course to teach you the details of content writing.


The course itself is of 3 months with 32 hours of live classroom lectures, 50 hours of E-Learning, 7 assignments, 5 live projects, 10 quizzes, 100% placement assistance as well as lifetime support.


Fee: 15,000 INR


8) Omega Training Institute


Omega Training Institute offers digital marketing and content writing courses that can be helpful for aspiring content writers. They offer 100% Job Placements and opportunities to work on live projects to understand the practical side. They were established in 2014 and also offer social media designing, graphic designing, and web design and development as other courses.


Omega Training Institute is a well-reputed and dominant institute providing digital marketing courses and can be a great choice if you want to enter the digital marketing industry. The course is packed with useful information you can use to upskill yourself and forward yourself in the marketing industry. The course is designed to keep the doubts and concerns of the student in mind and is a perfect choice if you want information at a steady, digestible pace.


Contact for details – 9130160158 or [email protected]


IIM SKILLS Nagpur Content Writing Course invite


9) Technosys Academy


If you’re looking for content writing courses in Nagpur, you can also consider Technosys Academy, located in Kolkata as it is accessible for you online and provides a content writing course that provides relevant information on content writing concerning websites, SEO, blogs, articles, etc. They understand that genuine, relevant, and unique content is important to compete in today’s search results pages and are willing to teach you how to write exactly that.


Their course is designed with the present demand and scenario in the content writing market. If you go for their course, you can leave behind all fears of missing out on new techniques and trends as the course makes sure you’re always up to date with the newest trends in the content writing industry. This course is a great choice if you want a detailed, informative look into the industry and keep yourself updated with the latest trends at the same time.


You can contact them at the IndiaMART website.


10) Henry Harvin Education


The Content Writing Course with Gold Membership by Henry Harvin is an excellent course designed with the deepest insights into the core aspects of content writing. It includes 36 hours of live interactive online classroom sessions and has several projects, and included an internship, and a placement cell for 1-year post successful course completion.


They also offer their own certification of ‘Certified Digital Content Writer’. And lastly, they include several boot camps over the course of 1 year to keep students active and up to date regarding the latest developments in the content writing industry. The course is primarily online and is perfect for aspiring content writers who want to begin their careers and establish themselves in the content writing industry.


Founded by: Kounal Gupta

Course Membership: 1 year

Fee: 13,500 – 15,000 INR


What skills can these courses teach me?


1) Time Management


A content writer usually always works under a time deadline within which they must complete researching, creating, proof-reading, and optimizing their content for their client. This is not at all an easy task especially when you have multiple clients at a time.

Leaving work for the last minute is simply not an option for a content writer as this can seriously affect the creative aspect of content writing resulting in bland, rushed, uninteresting, and even forced content.


2) Research Skills


Content writing is almost always research-based as it involves diving into the core aspects of the field you are currently assigned to work with. For example, if you are writing content for a travel agency, you will have to do your homework on the workings of the area of the tourism industry you will be writing about. This can often be a herculean task if you have no previous experience whatsoever in making content for the tourism industry.


3) Impeccable Writing Skills


It goes without saying that a content writer needs flawless writing skills. A content writer must be well-versed with the grammar of the language they intend to write in. If you’re an English content writer, excellent command of the English language is a prerequisite. Depending on whom you’re writing for, you might even have to switch between American English, British English, and so on.


You don’t need to fill your content with giant words, flowery language, and idioms and metaphors full of deep meaning. Quite the opposite – you need to use plain, quickly understandable, and easily readable content that can be understood by an eighth-grader. Because the ultimate goal of content is not to show the reader how well you can write but to inform them and convince them about what you are writing.


4) Writing Styles


Most services offered by a content writer require different types of content in different tones and styles. For example, you’re reading an article about content writing courses in Nagpur. How is this different from reading a blog?

An article is much more fact-based and educational than a blog. Blogs are usually more personal and opinionated.

Similarly, a content writer has to make different types of content in different tones and styles as opposed to a general writer. This is usually not as easy as it sounds because it requires you as a writer to leave your comfort zones far behind.


5) Technical Skills


You don’t need to be an industry expert in any of these skills. But a basic understanding of SEO, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Web Design, and other marketing skills will go a long way in ensuring your success as a content writer.


You can, of course, become a content writer without knowing the ABC of HTML, but knowing the basics can not only improve your career prospects but also make the job easier for you.


More important skills like SEO are a must. SEO is search engine optimization, or optimizing and adjusting your content so that search engines like Google can present your content to relevant search queries.


6) Social Media Skills


Even if you are not social, a content writer should have an active social media presence. If you can provide value to your followers while maintaining a friendly, approachable persona, while also getting to know various businesses and familiarizing yourself with their industries, finding clients will become marginally easier. You cannot rely solely on sites like Linkedin or Upwork to find your clients.


For example, when searching for content writing courses in Nagpur in various places, you might have seen several courses throughout social media in the form of posts and ads. Social media is an important part of marketing that a content marketer cannot skip.




Q1.What are some alternatives to content writing courses?

The main alternatives to content writing courses in Nagpur are digital marketing courses, copywriting courses, and creative writing courses as they revolve around the same core subject – writing to entertain and convince.


Q2. Where can I find digital marketing courses?

Some good options are IIM Skills, IIDM (Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing), Omega Training Institute as mentioned earlier in the article as well as Netpreneur.


Q3. Where can I find copywriting courses?

Great options for copywriting courses accessible in Nagpur come from IIM Skills, Udemy, and NestSoft among others.


Q4. Where can I find creative writing courses?

If you’re looking for content writing courses in Nagpur, it’s also a good idea to consider the creative writing courses by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Nagpur University, both of which have strong presence in Nagpur.




It is evident that the vast majority of content writing courses in Nagpur are best accessed through the online mode. There are a plethora of options available to you whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or talented content writer. There are always low-budget and free courses available on sites like Udemy, Skillshare, and Coursera.


However, if you want much more detailed learning options with placement guarantees, student support, interactive live sessions, and active job placements in addition to the best industry advice, paid options are almost always a better choice. After all, it’s an investment towards your future. It’s best to do your share of research in addition to the information provided in this article to find the perfect course that meets all your needs.