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IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Review

Digital proliferation has ensured that content writing today is one of the most lucrative careers that an individual can choose to pursue. It is one of the most stable means of earning among the different digital marketing modules. A Content Writer who is just starting as a fresher can earn anywhere up to 20k per month, which increases with experience and your acumen like any other profession. In this article today, we are going to draw a comparison between two leading content writing institutes – IIM Skills and Henry Harvin to help you decide which course can be more beneficial to you.

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Before we move to the comparative study, let’s delve a little into what content writing entails and how an immensely rewarding career in content writing can be.

Content is the mainstay for any brand, product, service, and organization. It is the element that binds companies and their customers globally. Content is interactive intrinsically, which means that it is the engaging factor for a business and its potential customers.

Now, the content has been around for a very long time but with the mushrooming of digital channels and expansion of the internet the utility of content has increased manifold.

It is the dissemination of information relevant to your consumers. It involves creating articles, blog posts, and informative videos about your product that helps them to make an educated decision regarding your product or service.

In simple words, content writing is the backbone of any successful organization that cares about its existing and potential customers. It is creating and distributing information that apprises customers about the unique qualities of your brand.

Content can be mainly classified into the following types

  • Blogging
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Long-form Content
  • Infographics
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Listicles
  • Interviews
  • Social Media Articles And Posts.

Today, audio-video and a combination of both are created to have the maximum impact on leads to be able to turn them into conversions. However, you need to be able to create content optimized for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to be able to reach the maximum number of people.

It requires you to carry out proper research to incorporate keywords into your article and keep it as succinct and relevant as possible.

Why should you take content writing? 

The content writing course opens up a plethora of opportunities for you to explore. It gives you a whole new perspective on career avenues and helps you to get the job of your choice.

As reiterated time and again, content is crucial, and sometimes the most vital aspect of any marketing endeavor. It is also a skill set that is here to stay.

Can you think of a product or service that does not require the content of any form to disseminate useful information about the same? You are right. You cannot.

Moreover, since the nature of content writing as a job is flexible, you can take up a role as freelancers, bloggers, and can work from the comfortable space and ambiance of your home. You are not bound to an office chair and desk and can work with complete freedom.

Content writing allows you to write on a variety of topics and keep your interest and intrigue going. It helps you to express yourself through written content, visual content, or a combination of both. It helps to channel your inner creativity. Hence, You can build a very prosperous career in content writing

Since content writing is one of the most popular professions today people want to take up content writing courses to propel their careers towards greater prospects. These content writing courses provide job oriented courses that enable even novices to get a foot in the door with a proper understanding of the content writing process.

Types of Content Writers

The different content writing institutes provide you with tips Strategies and techniques to become proficient content writers for different businesses in organizations. Let’s get a peek into the types of content writers available on the web.

There are SEO Writers who are concerned with writing content that ranks high on search engines. They write useful content with the help of Keyword research, and incorporation of those keywords into the content copy

Then you have the Lead generation Writers. This particular set of content writers is concerned with getting the attention of prospective consumers to create more sales. They create content in a way that inspires people to make purchasing decisions.

Technical writers write for the specific field of the genre like Information Technology, software, user manuals, specifications for appliances. They write technical content and also help simplify the jargon used in different technical copies for the common man to comprehend.

For example, technical and technological writers can help someone understand the mechanics of an appliance through their simplified content writing.

Then you have Social media writers who create social media content to reach the target consumers through the variety of channels available. They also write content suitable for Omni-channel marketing.

There are several different content writers for business, legal, corporate social responsibility, academic writers, White papers, E-books. All of these require proficiency and comprehension of the character of the content. Content Writing Institutes can help you achieve competency in writing them.

Let’s come to the two leading institutes that provide high-quality content writing courses. You can consider both and decide which is the best institute suited to you. 

IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin Content Writing Course Review

1. The Institutes

IIM Skills Fact #1

Since its Inception in 2014, IIM Skills has been committed to delivering the best online courses for people from various walks of life. They are an eminent global online education provider boasting of having trained more than 4300 professionals from 30+ countries. They have also conducted more than 1000 Training programs.

They provide the most comprehensive and updated Content Writing Course, Technical Writing Course, Digital Marketing Course, and CAT coaching for aspirants who want to carve a niche for themselves in their respective professional fields.

The faculty is comprised of industry experts who have had more than 10 years of experience working in the digital marketing sector, creating winning content for eminent brands and corporate giants. They are considered an authority in content creation and Marketing.

The Master Certification provided by IIM SKILLS is globally accredited and provides great value to the students who dream to have a great career in Content Writing. The reviews for the Course is extremely positive. It has managed to stay the most popular institute for content writing for the past few years.

Henry Harvin Fact #1

Henry Harvin Education, which started in 2013 has been a pioneer institute in content writing courses in South Asia. However, with time, they have branched out to other several courses like data visualization, business intelligence, machine learning, finance or marketing management, and Analytics.

Henry Harvin is known for its excellent trainers with more than a decade of experience. These seasoned experts are thought leaders in their respective fields.

Therefore, it can be deduced that both these institutes have a stellar record of creating efficient and highly competent content writers through their content writing courses.

Certification of Henry Harvin has affiliations from the content writing association of India, Government of India as well as American Association of EFL among others.

Both the institutes provide excellent globally recognized Certifications to get the desired job.


2. Course Curriculum

IIM Skills Review For Curriculum #Fact 2

IIM Skills the leading content writing course provider has the most thorough curriculum with over 12 modules with several subparts that help you to have any incisive understanding of content writing.

The course is called the Content Writing Master Course. (CWMC)

The modules include

  • Web Development
  • User Interface
  • Introduction To Content Writing
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Starting To Write
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Duplicate Content Detector
  • Content Dissemination in Email
  • Google Local Page Set Up
  • Content Marketing and Social Media
  • Exploring The Several Social Media Tools
  • Freelance Content Writing

Apart from the Master Certification in content writing, IIM Skills also provides training for Hubspot Content Marketing Certification. After the training program, you can appear for the Hubspot Certificate for Content Marketing. Upon successfully clearing the exam, you will get the certification from the Hubspot Academy.

You learn about the various types of content like writing blogs, writing product descriptions, capturing leads for subscribers, creating social media pages, monetizing your writing skills as a freelancer, using infographics, building your brand among other pertinent components.

The course encompasses all the essentials of content writing and marketing that can help you land a job as soon as you complete your course and examination.

The types of content you will learn are articles, blogs, ebooks, commercial pages, and copy, business listing, academic institution, product, press release, product description, social media post, etc.

The pedagogy is 100% practical oriented. It emphasizes job-driven projects that will help you to strengthen your content writing abilities from the very first session.

Henry Harvin Review For Curriculum #Fact 2

Henry Harvin provides content writing course that goes by the name of Content Writing And Creative Writing Course (CDCW)

Henry Harvin has a total of six modules with several subparts to give you in-depth knowledge of content writing.

The six modules are

  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Creative Business
  • Technical, Medical, Social Media, Essay, EBook, Blog Copy, And White Paper Writing
  • Academic And Research Writing
  • Designing Cover Pages
  • Setting Up Themes
  • WordPress Project Reports
  • Question Banks
  • Communication And Content Strategy
  •  Earning From Content Writing.

They have developed courses based on crucial language skills for professional content writing. Henry Harvin is also known for creating a content strategy to reach target consumers.

Though both the institutes have very crucial elements covered IIM Skills comes with an additional Hubspot Certification Preparation that can help you get the coveted certificate from Hubspot. Here, IIM SKILLS has a slight advantage over Henry Harvin.


3. Content description

IIM SKILLS Reviews For Course Content Fact #3

The content writing course comprises 16 hours of lectures, with 60+ hours of practical assignments. The main advantage of the classes is the accessibility of the sessions whenever you want through their e-portal

They provide access to content marketing tools worth Rs 35000 free. You get to learn about a variety of tools like

  • Several WordPress Plugins
  • Integration Of Web Hosting
  • WordPress
  • Buffer
  • Tweetdeck
  • Ubersuggest
  • Compress Now
  • Small Seo Tools
  • Google Keyword Planner
  •  Keyword Finder
  • Rankwatch Gmetrix
  • Answer The Public
  • Plagiarism Detector
  • Grammarly
  • Hemingway App And Others.

The course covers the most relevant topics related to content marketing like understanding the pattern and behaviour behind your web traffic, creating landing pages, content delivery network setup, exploring topics to write about, selecting a niche, developing your brand, monetizing your writing skills, understanding of social media listening tools, content engagement techniques, setting up contact form, Google local pages, avoiding plagiarism, setting up accelerated mobile pages to name a few.

Henry Harvin Reviews for Course Content Fact #3

Henry Harvin’s course is 32 hours of live online training and 24 hours of live online brushup sessions. They also have an offline mode of education but the curriculum is the same.

Henry Harvin teaches writing on 30 content types that include academic, personal, social, Search Engine Optimization, white paper, and others. The content formats, styles, tones, keyword research, social media leveraging, types of content, buyer persona, case studies, etc.

We can see that IIM SKILLS has a clear charted course structure that prioritizes understanding the nitty-gritty of the entire content marketing system. It covers more aspects of the content system than Henry Harvin. It is more exhaustive.


4. Course Delivery

IIM SKILLS Reviews for Course Delivery Fact #4

IIM SKILLS has 4 weeks of live online classroom training with interactive sessions. That is 4 weeks of intensive training on all the core concepts of Content Writing

Henry Harvin Review For Course Delivery Fact #4

In the same way, Henry Harvin has online as well as classroom training for their 32-hour training on Content Writing.

For Content Writing education, classroom programs are not a prerequisite to learning it efficiently. All the digital marketing activities of an organization are carried out in the online space. Therefore, a reputed online Institute can impart better education. with more focused content than a classroom-based on-campus program.

Therefore having a classroom program is immaterial for a student of a content writing course. IIM SKills and Henry Harvin both have exceptional online virtual classrooms.

5. E-portal Accessibility

IIM SKILLS Reviews For LMS #Fact 5

One of the main features of IIM Skills is they have lifetime access to the learning management system (LMS). This means, that students can access the course curriculum, lectures, presentations, reading materials, and everything discussed in the classes for free forever.

Henry Harvin Review For LMS Fact #5

The Henry Harvin brush-up sessions are accessible to students for 1 year after which you have to pay to access the sessions. Their e-learning management also includes recorded videos, games, and case studies.

This is a major area where IIM SKills scores better than Henry Harvin. Since you have lifetime access to content, students can rely on IIM Skills LMS for doubt resolution and confusion whenever they want.

6. Course Fee and Duration

IIM SKILLS Review For Fee #Fact6

IIM Skills has one of the most comprehensive in-depth curricula for content writing with a Course Fee of 12900 + 18% GST. This is the one-time fee that you pay for lifetime access to their content. Including GST Course fee is INR 15222.

It is to be noted that IIM SKILLS content is updated according to the latest trends and best practices of the content marketing system. It is a huge step towards the welfare of the students. You do not have to pay anything extra to access that updated learning management system.

The duration of the course is 4 weeks, 16 hours of live training, and 60+ hours of assignments. The breakup of the hands-on assignments is as follows

  • Web Development 5 Hours
  • Social Media Marketing 10 Hours
  • Search Engine Optimisation 15 Hours
  • Content Writing 30 Hours.

Henry Harvin Review For Fee #Fact6

The course fee is Rs 9500 as has been stated on their website. The course duration is 32 hours of live virtual online/ classroom training with 24 hours of online backup sessions and 50 hours of e-Learning access.

For any updated content after a year of free brush-up sessions and e-Learning, access is not cleared at the website.

7. Internship, Placement and Post Course Assistance

IIM SKILLS Reviews On Placement & Internships Fact #7

The students at IIM SKILLS can take up their non paid virtual internship program for 3 months. You have to qualify for the internship test and then will have to provide 8 approved articles to get the internship certificate from the institute.

Being a global leader in content writing, IIM skills has a network of several organizations that approach the institute to hire competent content writers. Anyone who has passed the certification exam will be provided interview assistance once they qualify for the job interview.

As post-placement assistance IIM skills also provide you with adequate information on freelancing and how to go about a freelancing career. Extensive training is given on how to grab good freelance writing projects. They also help to create client proposals.

Henry Harvin Reviews On Placement & Internships Fact #7

Henry Harvin also provides guaranteed internships with their Institute or partner firms. There are job opportunities and freelance projects. Henry Harvin claims to provide placement and employment support for their students.

8. Practical Exercise

IIM SKILLS Reviews of Practical Exercise Fact #8

institutes providing content writing courses for the digital and the web have to put a lot of emphasis on practical exercises and live projects so that a student gets a thorough understanding of the entire content writing and marketing process for a business with the product or service-based.

IIM Skills being a committed Content Writing Institute understands just how important practical training is. Therefore they have 60 + hours of practical training on several elements of content writing.

Some of the areas covered in the practical training and live projects are

  • Website Creation
  • Mastering Various Plugins
  • WordPress Theme
  • Web Hosting
  • Building Effective Social Media Pages
  • Auto-scheduling For Social Sharing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Earning Backlinks
  • Analyzing Low Medium And High Competition Keywords
  • Building Pro Skills In Your Niche
  • Do’s And Don’ts Of Content Marketing
  • Competition Analysis
  • Picking Up Right Short And Long-tail Keywords Among Others.

While working on practical exercises to gain knowledge of several digital tools at your disposal that helps your content writing more efficient, smoother, and better.

The website of IIM skills is completely transparent concerning the curriculum and you can get every detail about the tools covered, and practical exercises on their content course page

Henry Harvin Reviews of Practical Exercise Fact #8

Henry Harvin teachers’ 30 + content types and helps to gain research skills to write on any topic that is given to you. There are live projects and training too.

A rough idea has been given on their website page relating to the tools covered in the practical training of the Content Writing Course. You can request a detailed syllabus as has been mentioned on their website.

9.. Some other key aspects

IIM Skills Reviews Fact #9

Big corporate giants like Facebook, American express, Flipkart, Amazon, Barclays, MPS Interactive are some of the business organizations that have faith in IIM Skills. They look for potential employees from this Institute. This goes on to show Goodwill that IIM SKILLS has a reputed online provider of high-quality education.

They genuinely have a 24/7 online support system for queries and grievances. Their helpdesk is available anytime. They are also very prompt in addressing the queries and helping the students out no matter how challenging it might be. The industry experts attend to the query themselves and do not rely on automation tools where students are concerned.

Henry Harvin Reviews Fact #9

Henry Harvin also has companies like Airtel, BSNL, HCL, and other eminent organizations that hire from the institute.

Therefore both these content writing institutes offer great job opportunities for their participants.

Henry Harvin also has live support, chat online option that aims to provide answers promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Better For Content Writing Course?

  • Both the institutes are better however IIM SKILLS offers Global Certifications and it has more brand value in the market.

What is the Fee for Henry Harvin Course?

  • According to the Henry Harvin Website Classroom courses are INR 15000 and Online Courses are INR 8000.

What is the Fee for IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course?

  • IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course is priced at INR 11900 + Taxes.

Which institute do you recommend to Learn Content Writing?

  • If you do not want to compromise on quality we strongly recommend IIM SKILLS, for cheaper cost Henry Harvin.


Both these institutes are leaders in providing high-grade curriculum on content. Both have industry-validated certificates that help students immensely in the job sector.

The courses provide adequate knowledge to people from basic to advanced levels of content writing. They are also ideal for people from diverse fields like digital marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, retired individuals who want to start a career now, freelancers, students, job aspirants people who want to come back to work after taking a break.

However, there are 3 aspects where IIM SKILLS has an edge over Henry Harvin. IIM skills being focused solely on providing digital education ensures that students get the utmost help and assistance to build their careers in the content writing domain. They prioritize their students over every other consideration.

Henry Harvin has several other courses that they have to concentrate on. Therefore, the focus is divided among several courses. Also, to access the latest course content, a student has to pay fees after a year of accessing the LMS for free.

list of top 7 content writing institutes in India

The benefit of lifetime access to updated latest content and trends, priority to students’ needs, practical training give IIM Skills some major points over Henry Harvin because they provide the most relevant and latest information regarding the courses for free. Once you are a student with IIM Skills your association with the institute remains perpetually.  If asked, we recommend IIM SKILLS strongly to learn Content Writing.


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      Thanks for showing your interest in learning, it depends what are your requirements. IIM SKILLS is what we recommend you to learn from if you would like to get hands-on learning about all the subjects. This program will teach you basic to advance versions of Content Writing.

      You can also read Henry Harvin content writing course reviews if you are planning to take it from them.

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    There is no international certification called UK Cert I tried finding everything at google but nothing called as such available on the internet.

    You won’t find a single review of henry Harvin as authentic as they have smartly managed with the same, also they are defaming good institute like IIM SKILLS, poor fellows posted a comparison at their own site by reducing course fee at 8000 believing that smart human will join their course.

    • Maxwell Omane-Addo

      Reduction in fee price does not really mean anything. Quality speaks for itself. Will still go for IIM SKILLS.

  3. Love

    Say no to Henry Harvin. Once paid they won’t bother to give you course. Their certifications are all fake. ‘Google it Content Writing association’ you will find it is an internal website of Henry Harvin. You won’t see many negative reviews about them because they are taking care of their marketing very well.

    It’s a cheap course at a cheap price.

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    Can you please guide me about an honest henry harvin review. I just want to get good knowledge, I can not spend more than 6000 to learn the course. I know IIM SKILLS is a big brand in comparison to Henry Harvin but everyone can not buy Apple, some people need to manage with Huwai phones as well.

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      Dear Nidhi,

      If you are ready to compromise on the quality you can definitely opt for the cheaper options. Based on IIM SKILLS Reviews we strongly recommend them. Henry Harvin reviews are also fine but to be honest, if you ask my opinion who is better IIM SKILLS OR HENRY HARVIN, I am inclined towards IIM SKILLS based on my research of Henry Harvin reviews.

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    Henry Harvin once I paid for the course the customer service girl Neelam had no interest in me. There was no person to attend my questions. It was back to back 4 days 8 hours daily classes which was all going above entire batch head. When we raised a complaint, no one bothered to come back and address the issues.

    second issue, there course fee is INR 9500 however my batch mates have seen the same course was sold to people at INR 4000. In one batch we had around 15 online students and everyone was sold at different pricing.

    third issue: Henry Harvin courses are very outdated. When I compare knowledge of my friend or mine, she has got immense value from IIM SKILLS. In fact, the trainer is supporting her to launch her own start up and they are teaching free of cost taxation, payment gateway integration such types of skills.

    Just to save my 4000 I joined Henry Harvin and I will remain honest, there program is not worth a penny. You will not be able to find a negative review because they are managing it well. Today, when I was searching for IIM SKILLS content writing course brochure, I landed to this page and read it. I wanted to address my experience with everyone who is confused about who is better to learn content writing.

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    Especially the comparison made between HenryHarvins and IIMSkills led me to a dilemma. Thankfully, IIMSkills helped me a lot in this regard. After taking the demo class I became 500% sure that this is the institute one should opt for. This institute does not only give importance to writing skills but also to how we can create our own website, SEO rankings, marketing, and most importantly internships. If you have problems they will talk to you, and solve it with you. I am all I am today is thanks to this institute. I recommend every person interested in this field to join IIMSkills. I can guarantee that it will never disappoint you.

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    GOOD Information

  37. Maitree Paul

    I have read the previous comments, and I am also among those who had fallen victim to HenryHarvins. Last year I enrolled in this institute, whereas my brother enrolled at IIMSkills. We both enrolled at the same time. We were aware of the heated gossip about these two institutes and frankly the reviews didn’t help much. We decided to look into it ourselves. I picked the short straw I guess.

    At first it was very exciting and all. The classes were very easy to understand, but when we had problems and if someone asked any questions regarding a matter, they won’t always answer it. All the so-called certificates are of no use. Later I asked my brother to teach me more about content writing. But if you are looking to land a job in this field, then the certificate means a lot. And just not any certificate matters. If it’s not even recognized by your employer, then I guess it’s worth zero. So finally I had to retake this course at IIMSkills, for I was very serious to make it a career. I now work as a project manager and my brother is a professor. For us money didn’t matter much. But there are people who find it difficult to enroll at IIMSkills for their fees. I would say, if you are looking for quality, go for IIMSkills. If you are just curious about this course and want to learn then you may apply for any institute you like. Choice is yours finally.


    The quality of training at IIMSKILLS is far better. If you compare IIM SKILLS with Henry Harvin, I always recommend IIMSKILLS.

  39. Luna

    I completed the content writing course from IIMSkills and I am very very pleased with it. Sure there were times when I had doubts about which institute to choose. But thank god that I didn’t go for HenryHarvin’s. Otherwise, I also would have been among the people to express how awful of an experience I had. Well, I didn’t have any experience of that kind, so I sympathize with those who had.

    I know how it feels to get your hopes high for a training course only to see how it fails drastically. I was very much skeptical about joining an online program. I didn’t know whether it would be good or not. Days ago when I was reading their blogs I came across this article and read the above comments. My friends asked me which institute they should join for content writing courses and I recommended IIMSkills. I didn’t even read this article until now. I am glad that I didn’t misguide them in any way

  40. Aaratrica Sircar

    I don’t think anyone will ever enroll in any other institutes if they opted for IIMSkills or atleast took their demo class. I am partial to IIMSkills because I really liked their curriculum no matter the course. Their demo class is impressive too. The faculty and the lectures are so easy and understandable. They always think that their students are complete novices and so they start to teach from ABC. They pay equal attention to all the students and patiently wait for students who are having difficulty in catching up.
    I remember I almost wanted to quit the course as I thought it would be too difficult for me to handle, but Sir taught me to be patient and took things slowly. Now I work as a content writer at a top newspaper company. I don’t have any idea about HenryHarvin’s, but from the reviews and comments I have read at quora and also on this blog, I would say I don’t have a positive view. I would always recommend everyone to join IIMSkills. Maybe their fees are a bit much compared to HenryHarvin’s, but you have to decide whether you want quality or quantity.

  41. Anksurupa Rakshit

    Last time I read this article there weren’t this many comments on it. Though I can’t say for sure when the last time was. Anyways,

    Hi everyone. And hello to Sir. It’s been a long long time since I have commented on any of your posts. If you’re wondering who I am, then well my name is Anksurupa Rakshit from Bihar. I am also an ex-student from IIMSkills. When I started my journey as a writer I didn’t browse through a variety of websites or anything. IIMSkills was listed at the first google page and I immediately took a liking to this institute after I talked with Vaibhav Sir and also took their demo class. I will say it was more than anything I ever expected.

    As someone who had nearly zero knowledge at handling or creating websites and working with SEO and social media tools, believe me when I say now I am a pro at all of this. At IIMSkills it’s not just a content writing training program intended to drill information into your heads or anything, but it’s far more practical. Even though it’s not a one-on-one class, but the lecturers will pay attention to each one of you. The internships and job facilities are like cream on top of the cake. It’s a totally irresistible offer. And I believe you will also think the same. I won’t say a word about HenryHarvin’s, but if anyone is considering to enroll in this course you can join IIMSkills. I believe this institute is the best out there.

  42. Swamini

    When one is given a choice to choose between IIM SKILLS vs Henry Harvin, based on many parameter it is also IIM SKILLS as per my choice and personal opinion. I am someone who do not judge in the first attempt, I always pay close attention to everything before giving my view.

    In the recent days, I planned to learn content writing and of course the two names here are known about teaching it. When I have searched for the same so I came to know how beautifully Henry Harvin reviews are managed online, they are also defaming others by posting anonymously it was quite shocking.

    Then, after noticing the false website creation like training360India and contentassociation I got it that it is more of a marketing stunt rather then delivering good courses. My reviews for henry harvin courses are my personal research and opinion.

    To the people out there, you have choice to decide which institute is better for you Henry Harvin or IIM SKILLS.

    • Admin

      Thanks for your feedback about iim skills vs henry harvin

  43. Pratistha

    There are so many posts on this argument. These two are the top institutes but the shocking thing is when you read HenryHarvin’s article you will find they always say negative things about other institutes. And not just a particular one. I took their creative writing course, but they disappointed me a lot. I mean those of us who are applying for this course at least have the basic idea as to what it is. What we need to learn to look forward to is how we can apply these skills in real life, get a job, and start working. The hands on projects are pretty important in these matters. Later after a month, I enrolled at Internshala and I really loved their lessons. The classes were video tutorials and not an interactive one, but they would answer immediately if a question was asked. Even now when I have completed my course I still get their help if needed be. I don’t know much about IIMSkills. I have never considered courses in content creation. All I want to say is, those who enroll for online courses expect the institute to provide quality classes. It’s not like we are learning for free. the difference between HenryHarvin and other institutes regarding fee structure is not that big. Learning is a one time act, we enroll, learn, and put that knowledge and experience to use. It’s a one time opportunity. So one should carefully choose. A single bad experience can ruin your view about online courses (especially those who are new to this field). So don’t let this happen.

  44. Beatrix Hughes

    I will prefer a demo class at both institutes before finalizing.

  45. Lavanya

    Nice post. I was confused which institute to join when I came across your page. I really liked how you compared each institutes. I also read this article in HenryHarvin’s blog too. They also wrote a review between their and the other institute. I became curious to know which one will be the best. There are a number of best institutes out there but these two are famous for content writing courses. One can’t overwhelm the other. I finally decided which institute I would like to join thanks to this article. But it would seem bad if I say out the name loudly so let’s just say I am keeping it with me. content writing courses are so popular. I don’t know whether it was popular from a while ago or it has just become so. Most of all the students, specially students from arts background are choosing this. A number of my friends have applied at different places. For some time I thought I would also join where they have enrolled but their class timings and course fee didn’t match with me much. I backed down for a while, but once again I started to look for seat vacancies. It’s already mid July. I will apply in next batch. Anyways thanks guys for this article and also for the reviews of others. It really helped me a lot.

  46. Mouli Manna

    Nice article. I was interested in this course for some time. Though I didn’t know which institute to choose from. Like some people here, I have also landed on this page to know about both of these institutes. There’s a cut throat competition between these two. And anyone who is interested in this profession have no doubt heard of these two. I am hoping to join one of them. And this article was such a big help in guiding me to make this decision. Content writing is a very competitive field; you have to be on edge with your word to make your article stand out in the crowd. It’s also perfect for people who love the idea of working for home. As for me, I am an introvert person and prefer to work from home. This course is so so perfect for me in this case. And not only that I am a freelance editor. So this makes my day. what I am interested to know is, when can I apply for this course? can I just apply right now or do I need to wait for some sort of notice of new batch starting or something? I am preferably interested in the Henry Harvin institute and I would like to be a part of their online demo program.

  47. Ujwal

    As an alumni of henry harvin, if you ask me for henry harvin reviews I am not happy with the course. I did other course not this one but not happy.


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