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Top 7 SEO Courses in France With 100% Practical Training

Do you desire to rank better on search engines? You are aware that you need SEO for that. You also know that keywords – the audience’s search intent drive the content. But what you don’t know is that to boost your ranking, you have to follow the search engine optimization guidelines and not exploit them. Now you must be questioning yourself what the procedures are? If you begin searching the guidelines on google, you will be bombarded with relevant and obsolete approaches. This is precisely why you need to glance through the SEO courses in France. You can select a curriculum that will introduce you to the basics and take you to the advanced levels of search engine optimization. 


SEO courses in France


When looking for SEO courses in France, remember that optimization is an enhancement. Enhancement of your service to attract traffic. Your content and strategies need to have just one focus: the audience. Once that relationship is restored, credibility and authority will naturally come. 


SEO has become a popular course today because it enhances the user experience for your audience. With the increase in traffic, the chances of getting more relevant leads and greater conversion rates increases. There are numberless strategies that can drive traffic with SEO. Search engine optimization is considered a fundamental way to get leads because it’s organic, as a result of which it looks more credible to the audience, and the trust that is achieved gives long-lasting results. Search Engine Optimisation is advantageous for plenty of reasons. It is cheaper in comparison to the pay-per-clicks.


It motivates the local buyers to visit the physical sources after a search is done. Furthermore, it helps in establishing a relationship between the branch and the audience, and the awareness remains intact. SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that drives all digital marketing activities. The exposure that SEO gives to any business helps the Business in serving its clients. Therefore it is not just the site benefiting technique; it also is also satiating the demands of the traffic. 


What are the meaning and the expanded form of SEO?


This can be a common question for many looking for SEO Courses in France. The expanded form of SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. It is an organic way of receiving traffic. Working on the off-page and on-page elements can enhance the website’s functioning. This optimization is based on the analysis of the audience. Therefore, everything from content to quality links is incorporated to look relevant to people’s search intent. This is a precise understanding of SEO.


What is French SEO?


This can be a new angle for many looking for SEO Courses in France. Adhering to the French language is critical in enhancing your website for French traffic. What if you write ‘Salut Les gars’ instead of ‘Heya Fellas’? Your audience will obviously connect with the former than the latter.


This is precisely what French SEO is about. Since the optimization is done for the traffic, your content should be such that people can connect with you. Therefore, using local keywords and trends. Furthermore, localizing the meta description can help in a great way to attract the French audience. 


The focus is on language because the French Business is reasonably protective of their language and way of life. Therefore, being accurate with the use of language is paramount. Therefore, the technical aspects of French SEO are comparatively simple, but what you need to ace is the language.


Can we learn SEO through Digital Marketing Courses?


Digital marketing and search engine optimization share a mutualistic relationship. Digital marketing requires an online presence. And who has any authority in doing that- SEO. We are not dissing PPCs (pay-per-clicks), but the foundation remains SEO because it is proven to give long-lasting results. That is precisely why many digital marketing courses will have a module dedicated to SEO.


SEO Courses in France, you find some relevant studies in digital marketing courses. If you do not want in-depth knowledge in SEO, you may go for a digital marketing course. But if you’re desire to journey from the basics to the advanced, an SEO course will be ideal.


Where can I study SEO Online?


Where can you not find SEO courses online? SEO courses are literally floating in the waters of the online education market. Therefore, let us also take a plunge into the dark trench zone of the learning sea to find some SEO courses in France. 


1. IIM Skills


Looking for SEO courses in France, what better than IIM Skills. IIM Skills has been working hard to produce quality experts from their womb. The institute has trained over 14,300 students from 30+ countries. It continues to render knowledge validated by Industry experts, with guaranteed guidance for global placement. Furthermore, being trusted by brands such as Google, American Express, Accenture, Philips, Flipkart, and Facebook. IIM Skills is known to give rewarding jobs to its students. 


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course

Course Fees: 177.70 Euro +18%GST

Course Duration: 2.5 months




The course structure is as follows-


  • Understanding the fundamentals of SEO
  • Learning about the various types of SEO
  • How to set up the right and profitable niche?
  • What is website credibility?
  • The different competitive and micro-niches available
  • The importance of Keyword research?
  • Keywords and their types
  • Competitive Analysis
  • What is a content structure?
  • The meaning of cornerstone pages
  • Learning about Error pages and their advantages?
  • 301 redirect
  • 404 error
  • Introduction to off-page SEO
  • Learning about backlinks and their types
  • Understanding the difference between duplicate and thin content
  • The basics of Technical SEO
  • Understanding the content delivery network and its implementation
  • Learning about structured data
  • What is a search console?
  • The advantages of using a search console
  • The know-how of Google Analytics
  • How to sync the Google Analytics and search console?
  • What is freelance SEO reporting?


The tools covered in this course are as follows-

  • Google search console
  • Ubersuggest
  •  KW Finder
  •  Answer the public
  •  Speed Test Tools
  •  SEMrush
  •  Small SEO tools


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Other Professional Courses Offered by IIM Skills are as follows-


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Technical Writing Course

GST Practioner Course




What are you looking for in the face of SEO courses in France? Well, if at all it is rigorous, then go for IIM Skills. They cover every detail that the industry works on. Therefore it becomes easier for the graduates of IIM Skills to catch the industry trends. 


Course Name: SEO course with certifications

Course Fees: 10 hours

Course Duration: 75.79 Euro + taxes


The course structure is as follows-


  • Understanding how Google SEO functions?
  • Learning to optimize a website
  • Counting on SEO tips for more website traffic
  • Importance of error pages
  • Learning about the fundamentals of off-page SEO
  • The components of off-page SEO
  • The work of the search console
  • What is the use of a search console in facts SEO?
  • An introduction to on-page SEO
  • The various types of SEO
  • What are Black hat techniques?
  • The impacts of black hand techniques on SEO 


The tools covered in the course has followed-


  •  Google Search Console
  •  Google Keyword Planner
  •  Google Page Speed
  •  Google Mobile-friendly test
  •  Moz
  •  Ubersuggest
  •  RankMath
  •  Yoast
  •  Keywords Everywhere

If you want to inquire more, connect with the IIDE counseling department at-

Tel: +91 9619958615

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3. Udemy


Are you relentlessly searching for SEO courses in France because you have not managed to find the right instructor for you? Then explore Udemy and see the plethora of lessons waiting to get added to the cart.

Course Name: SEO Training Masterclass 2022: Beginner SEO to Advanced SEO

Course Fees: 41.73 Euro

Course Duration: 16.5 hours on-demand


The course structure is as follows-

  •  What is search intent?
  •  Which are the more profitable keywords, short tail a long tail?
  •  The SEO keyword research theory
  •  Building and SEO keyword map
  •  Ways to get unique SEO keywords
  •  The tools for keywords
  •  The Google Trends for Keywords
  •  What is domain authority?
  •  The process of setting up a Google search console account?
  •  The process of submitting fresh URLs
  •  Understanding the Core web vitals for SEO
  •  What is Google Analytics?
  •  How to link the Google search console and Google Analytics?
  •  Is blogging advantageous for Search Engine Optimisation?
  •  Understanding the algorithm of the Google search engine
  •  How to add the Yoast plugin for SEO?
  •  Focusing on the on-page SEO elements 
  • Importance of writing meta descriptions?
  •  How to write eye-catching SEO copies?
  •  Learning about the SEMrush SEO tool
  •  Do .edu links impact SEO?
  •  How to identify and eliminate duplicate content?
  •  Understanding the backlink strategies
  •  How press releases can be used for link building?
  •  How to improve the site load speed?
  •  Procedures of building and SEO agency
  •  Freelancing with Fiverr

If you want to explore the course, then sign in to Udemy.


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4. Coursera (UC Davis- University of California)


Do you want to find a lesson for SEO courses in France from the pool of Coursera? Then just dive deep to find these advanced SEO courses that will be a great experience in the learning time.


Course Name: Google SEO Fundamentals

Course Fees: 44.65 Euro (for one month)

Course Duration: 4-weeks


The course structure is as follows-

  • An introduction to the on-page SEO elements
  • The critical areas of Search Engine Optimisation
  • The different approaches to Search Engine Optimisation
  •  The various techniques to enhance keywords in metadata
  • How to perform competitive analysis
  • The fundamentals of off-page SEO
  • How off-page SEO helps in maximizing page authority?
  • How do building links prove to be crucial for your site?
  • How social media contributes to increasing the recognition of a brand?
  • Learning to do link analysis
  • How to define technical SEO
  • Why is technical SEO required for creating a solid SEO strategy?
  • Learning about the structural components in technical SEO
  • What is the foundation of any content?
  • Learning to employee the most sought practices for technical SEO
  • What is the keyword theory?
  • How are our keywords crucial in directing a buyer to a website?
  • Identifying the expected behaviors of the internet searches
  • How to create a list of optimal keywords? 

If this course matches your search intent, check out Coursera.


5. Coursera


Course Name: Optimise a Website for Google Search

Course Fees: 44.65 Euro (for one month)

Course Duration: 4-weeks


The course structure is as follows-

  • Learning about the Effective use of keywords
  • The process of selecting appropriate keywords to direct the traffic to your website 
  • The Optimisation concepts such as ( website relevance, keyword intent, and the competitive level of the keywords) 
  • Mind mapping content
  • Building a Keyword map for clients
  • How to analyze the content
  • The process of organizing information to create content
  • What is meant by practical content analysis for competition?
  • What are content audits?
  • Understanding local SEO
  • What is mobile or app SEO?
  • How does analyzing metrics impact Search Engine Optimisation?
  • How is ROI used to check the profitability of any project?
  • The challenges in a career related to Search Engine Optimisation?
  • How to create an SEO campaign?
  • The ways and means to manage the client’s expectations?
  • The process of tracking progress?
  • What is the meaning of progress in the context of the client’s goal?
  • How to build a successful relationship with the client? 

 If you think your search is over, enroll in this curriculum at Coursera.


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6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin, awarded as the best corporate training platform, is a credible path that you can tread upon to find relevant search results for SEO courses in France. 


Course Name: Advanced SEO Course

Course Fees: 113.30 Euro

Course Duration: Self-paced

The course structure is as follows-


  • Impact of GST on businesses
  • Learning about the SEO concepts
  • Understanding the search engine landscape to get how SEO works
  • Learning about Keyword Research and its importance
  • Learning about on-page optimization
  • The various on-page elements
  • What are the content structure and content hierarchy?
  • How to manage the website to drive more traffic?
  • What is off-page SEO, and how does it impacts optimization?
  • Learning about linking and its types
  • How to plan a new website?
  • The process of marketing an optimized website
  • Understanding the concept of analytics to measure SEO

If you want to connect with Henry Harvin for more details, then-


Tel: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected]


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7. Simplilearn 


Course Name: Advanced SEO Program

Course Fees: 190.55 Euro

Course Duration: Self-paced


The course structure is as follows-


  • Importance and Evolution of Search Engine Optimisation
  • The know-how of the search ecosystem 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of Search Engine Optimisation
  • How to not use the outdated techniques Understanding how a search engine works
  • The mechanism of search engines
  • Various types of SEO
  • The best practices for Search Engine Optimisation
  • What are false links and false content?
  • What is keyword research, and how is it crucial for Search Engine Optimisation?
  • How to perform keyword research?
  • What is competitive analysis?
  • Learning about on-page optimization
  • Understanding off-page optimization
  • The common instances of duplicate content
  • The significance of design for search engines
  • In-depth knowledge of local SEO 
  • Algorithm of Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Learning about SEO tools
  • The career paths in SEO
  • Learning the advanced form of SEO
  • An understanding of Advanced content marketing
  • Digging into advanced web Analytics 

Some of the tools covered in the costs are as follows-

  • Majestic 
  • Moz 
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu

If you want to inquire more about the course, check out the course or download the Simplilearn app now!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the career options in SEO? 

Even the ones running a traditional business. Where they can be giving a service or selling products due to the current culture of everything being online, people consider online identity a credible resort. Because of this, the need for SEO is increasing with each passing year. SEO can open gates to numberless career opportunities, which are as follows-

  • SEO specialist
  • An analyst
  • Head of SEO
  • A content marketing manager
  • A pay per click PPC manager
  • A search engine marketing specialist

These can be some exciting career path that is both creative and competitive. Apart from the expertise to become a specialist, you need to prepare yourself to stay ahead of the competition. SEO is undoubtedly a promising career option if you are ready to do that.


2. What can be an average salary of an SEO expert?

The average salary of an SEO expert in France can range from €29k – to €34k. Just like any other profession, these salaries are subject to change and increase as per the experience and level of expertise. 


3. Can I learn SEO in 2 months?

You can surely learn Search Engine Optimisation in 2 months because the duration of the courses ranges between 4 hours to 1 year. Therefore you can learn the process of SEO and can also start working as a freelancer or an SEO expert after that.


4. Does SEO demand an understanding of Coding?

 Search Engine Optimisation does not demand expertise in Coding. However, it is undoubtedly considered a plus when your skill sets are concerned. Coding generally does not influence Search Engine Optimisation much because what matters is clear and concise content, fast performance of the website, and good accessibility. If the on-page, off-page, and Technical SEO are taken care of, that is what will eventually matter. Focusing on these aspects is more important than focusing on Coding.


5. What is an SEO-free Course?

A Search Engine Optimisation Free Course will provide you the insights into the core concepts of SEO but that will be free of cost yet credible. The Free SEO Course equips you with the fundamentals of SEO to make you familiar with the concepts of SEO. For expert learning, you can also jump onto the paid Advanced SEO Courses.



The SEO expert needs to feel driven to drive the traffic toward a website. If you select any of the courses from the given list on the SEO courses in France, you will understand what drives an SEO learner. When you spend time with the core concepts of SEO and understand all the factors that affect ranking. You will be able to decide if search engine optimization is the right career path for you?


Creating an online presence has become a tradition today. So every course listed has been designed in a way that the tiniest detail related to SEO is covered, and the digital market landscape is also explained. Search Engine Optimisation can be a thoroughly creative job for those who like to play with content and are interested in research. Therefore in 2022, Search Engine Optimisation can be a promising career option for many. Just take the plunge and see what the world of search engines looks like. 


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