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Top 8 Online SEO Training Courses With Certificates

There are various platforms that provide online SEO training courses to learners. This article will provide a comprehensive insight into some of the best online SEO training courses in India. SEO is crucial for a website’s success. Even quality content may not be found without SEO. Knowing its importance in the digital era, it makes sense why this field of digital marketing is widely learned.


List of best SEO training courses


SEO/ Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is the procedure of optimizing content to rank on the first page of various search engines including Google. It is important for a website to remain on the first page to generate leads. More visits to the site mean more opportunities to achieve the target interest. SEO helps businesses to have a visible online presence and credibility.


SEO writing entails discovering your page when someone searches using a keyword. Advertising is another means to bring traffic to websites. If not advertising, SEO writing is an option to accelerate organic traffic since people are more likely to visit your website as it persists at the top of the search engines.


Scope of SEO


SEO is one of the primary aspects of Google ranking. Many businesses around the world employ SEO specialists to create strategic content and eventually lead. Every Company has a website that they want to promote for its brand growth. They want SEO Experts who can help their website rank highly on the search engines.


Search engines compel numerous updates every year and it can be challenging for businesses to monitor how these changes affect their operations, so they hire SEO experts provided with good pay in the industry. You as an SEO expert have the responsibility to update the company’s website in accordance with the recently updated algorithm of the search engines. It should come as no surprise that SEO experts are high in demand for these reasons.




Keywords are the words or phrases that designate a service or a product to appear on a search engine page when someone searches on it. Keywords should be selected to determine when and where the content or ad can appear. In SEO, It is fundamental to understand how competitive a particular keyword is and the average count of people who searched for it.


The purpose of keyword optimization is to make certain that the keywords you have picked are efficient in bringing the targeted traffic to your website and positioning it high enough so that the visitor can easily find it.


  • Long Tail Keyword

Long-tail keywords are key phrases that are lengthier, more precise, and widely used keywords. These keywords enable you to target a specialist population because they are more specific than broad terms. Long-tail keywords are less competitive than generic ones. Long-tail searches resemble popular keyword variations.


  • Short-tail Keyword

Short-tail keywords are the exact opposite of long-tail keywords. Search terms with a short-tail keyword are subsequently more inclusive. These are more general terms that are first to come to mind when someone searches for a query. Balancing the mix of long-tail and short-tail can help you make progress towards more challenging SEO goals. Knowing how these two keyword types work together can be learned from the best online SEO training courses. Various keyword planning tools including Google AdWord keyword planner can help you get search volume and traffic for keywords you consider.


Writing Search Engine Optimized Article 


In order to give search engines a better cognizance of the topics, articles are optimized for search. This enhances the probability that it will be visible pertinent to a query and appears on the first page of the search engines and thus attracting traffic to the website. There are different methods to optimize your content using different tools and applications. However, there are certain things to keep in mind while writing content.


Keyword research can help you understand what popular contents are or what topics people care about. With the help of search engine marketing tools, it is understandable how popular a topic is among your audience. By researching keywords that are getting a high volume of searches during a period, you choose topics or contents accordingly. This also helps to strategies better marketing plans on digital platforms to appeal to the customers.


  • Envisage Customer Instinct

Thinking like your customer or service seeker while choosing a keyword is important. Knowing customer mindset or interests when they search for something helps to pick out the best possible keyword. You can use different variants of a keyword to reach out to customers.


  • Evaluate Competitor Ranking

It is equally important to understand how your competitors are ranking for a particular keyword. Google search for the keyword you intend to use and discover what content is already ranking there. Visit the competitor site to identify what keyword strategies and techniques they used. This will also assist you in understanding the type of article Google believes is the most appropriate for such a query.


  • Keyword Planning

You must focus on keyword phrases if you want to create content that will rank high on Google or any other search engine. There are a number of keyword planning tools available on the internet to generate keyword ideas and estimate the traffic count on a specific keyword. Traffic estimation helps to understand how many clicks and impressions your keyword might get and to plan the appropriate keyword.


Identifying which keywords people are using to arrive at your website can help to conjure better keywords. That is, finding which keywords are enabling your website visibility is a good technique to generate keyword ideas. Website analytics software like Google Analytics will help with that.


  • Making The Title Interesting

Your title should grab readers’ interest in SEO copywriting so they will click and continue reading. Use keywords that evoke strong emotions to pique the reader’s attention to your topic. Employing emotionally engaging keywords can increase the organic click-through rates.


  • Content Matching Search Interest

Make sure your content begins by addressing the user’s search purpose; this supports the notion that the content matches search interest. Content matching search interest could increase dwell time. The number of times visitors stay on your website before going back to the search engine measures dwell time.


Increased dwell time is a sign of high-quality- content. The more closely a text or page’s content matches a search query, the higher chance it will achieve a good ranking. Make sure your page is relevant to search interests and fulfills their expectation, benefiting both searchers of your website.


  • Incorporating Keywords Into The Text

To improve your visibility, find a cleverer way to incorporate the appropriate keyword into your writing. Taking into account the keyword, customers will most often use it to search for a service. A most crucial place to add a keyword is the title as it is the area that search engines focus most on. It is a mandate to contain your main keyword in the title.


The Meta description is another place to add keywords for SEO. This appears in the search results as the second entry. The Meta description aids users in determining whether to click through from a search result to access your website’s complete content. Another place where you can add keywords is at the subheading. The subheading makes it easy to read.


And finally content is the place to incorporate keywords for SEO. It is advisable to remain distinct instead of clutching on a less specific keyword. Be specific enough to bring the consumers to your site when they search for it.


  • Optimizing Keyword Density

The concept of keyword density in SEO measures how frequently a search term or keyword appears on a web page. Proper optimization of keyword density is important while writing an article. It is problematic to use a keyword more often in an article. High keyword density could overstuff your text with the target term and it affects the quality of your content.


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Online SEO Training Courses


An SEO profession demands expert skills in observation, analysis, and familiarization of various tools and operations including Google Analytics, Google search console, and so on. You may learn all methods and tools needed to rank content on a website by taking online SEO training courses. It could increase your marketability and open up more employment opportunities in business. It is helpful to take up a good SEO training course to master the skills.


If you are a newbie who wants to learn under the guidance of an SEO specialist in an organized manner, or a professional who wants to refresh their credentials or learn a new skill and best practice in the rapidly evolving market, taking the course and earning a certification is beneficial.


Under online SEO training courses, you will learn the basic functionality of search engines, website creation, and website SEO Audit to evaluate internet marketing metrics and search engine optimization. We have listed some of the best online SEO training courses for easy reference.


Best Online SEO training courses


There are a number of online SEO training courses. Best online SEO training courses help the learner to have a thorough understanding of SEO and every aspect related to it through digital platforms. It is credible and accessible to the learners.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is an online institute that offers various skill-based courses for professional upliftment. They offer one of the best online SEO training courses. The SEO Course provided by IIM Skills is all you need to launch a successful career as an SEO professional. The program curriculum is well designed to educate you on every facet of SEO marketing.


  • 4-week SEO training course helps to launch your career as an SEO Specialist
  • Comprehensive learning of SEO techniques
  • Practical assignments and weekly assessments from expert trainers.
  • Hands-on practice with advanced SEO-based tools.
  • Lifetime access to live and recorded lectures at free of course
  • paid internship with post-training mentorship
  • Guaranteed placement and interview support
  • IIM Skills Master certification after the successful completion of the course
  • MSME Government of India recognized



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2. Coursera


Coursera is a well-known name in digital learning; it offers a range of courses on SEO and digital marketing. Coursera has some of the best online SEO training courses available for its learners. Its courses are offered with different specializations from beginner to advanced level. After the completion of the course, you can earn a certificate from the course. Some of the highlights of the search engine optimization specialization course from the course are as follows:


  • Specialization of courses with a series to enhance your skill.
  • Hand on projects to complete the specialization and earn the certificate.
  • Opportunity to learn with local and international students through peer reviews.
  • Introduction to Principles of search engines and search engine algorithms.
  • Learning to conduct search-focused website audits and optimize web contents


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


 3. Udemy


Udemy is another global designation for online learning that offers an unlimited number of courses. The massive course provider Udemy offers a number of the best online SEO training courses.


  • A number of Options of SEO and digital marketing courses to choose from.
  • Hands-on exercises and video tutorials for better learning.
  • Offers specialized courses in SEO and digital marketing at an affordable price.
  • Detailed learning on SEO with full-time access to online lecture content.
  • Learning to use various analysis tools and strategic composition of contents.


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 4. Hubspot Academy


An SEO course from Hubspot academy is an excellent option for professionals seeking an SEO education that is both brief and comprehensive. Hubspot Academy offers an absolutely free SEO course that provides practical examples of how to rank high on Google. You can learn all aspects of SEO including keyword analysis, link making, and search engine optimization without investing much of your time. Hubspot Academy has some of the best online SEO training courses available online.


  • Completely free option to learn SEO from expert
  • Helpful to learn all the necessary aspects of SEO
  • Option to complete the course within a shorter span of time.
  • Certification is awarded after the completion of the program.


 5. Yoast Academy


The SEO course from the Yoast Academy is initiated by the maker of the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. Yoast SEO plugin is a widely used SEO plugin. Yoast academy is a good option to learn about SEO for blogs and other word press websites. They offer the best online SEO training courses both premium and no-premium. Access to premium content requires a subscription while most of the course materials are free with signing up. The free courses available through Yoast academy provide generic SEO guidance applicable to a variety of sectors.


  • From beginner to expert SEO concepts
  • Unlimited access to free SEO content and resources.
  • 2 hours of lecture condensed into mini-episodes.
  • Premium version to learn about advanced keywords methodology, SEO copywriting, and so on.
  • Tests to reinforce your knowledge.
  • Access to PDF files in order to recollect the lesions.
  • Glossary of SEO vocabulary.
  • Receive certificate after completing the training.


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6. SEMrush


SEMrush Academy is an adjunct of SEMrush, a digital marketing toolset for increasing internet presence and knowing market trends. Online courses are available from SEMrush academy in all major areas of digital marketing. You can develop your marketing profession with the help of SEMrush Academy’s SEO course. The SEO program of SEMrush academy is one of the best in India.


  • Completely Free SEO Courses
  • Taught fundamentals and updated SEO techniques by digital marketing experts.
  • Organic Traffic auditing
  • A number of different course options on SEO.
  • Courses have a shorter and longer duration.
  • Awarded SEMrush certification for SEO completion of the course.


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7. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya is an online platform that delivers the best SEO courses in India. They provide a variety of digital marketing courses for freelancers, professionals, and students. The SEO certification program from digital Vidya relies on Self-study.


  • SEO Master Certification training course.
  • Live-sessions.
  • Projects and assignments with discussion forums.
  • Full-time access to resources and trainer support.
  • Familiarization with advanced SEO tools.
  • The government recognized SEO Certification from Digital Vidya.


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8. SkillShare


SkillShare is a website for online learning that provides courses on different subjects. While some courses are free, some require a premium subscription. Skill Share offers the best SEO programs online. Highlights of the SEO course by SkillShare include:


  • Intermediate-level courses
  • Lessons on link-building strategies to boost the visibility
  • SEO practices
  • Guidelines for mobile SEO optimization.


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1. Can an SEO course help me to find a job?

Some institutes offering SEO training also give placements to learners. Enrolling in an SEO course with placement opportunities can facilitate your job search and help to set up a career in digital marketing. Furthermore, Skilled SEO professionals are good in dement and are being paid well around the world. In addition to uplifting primary skills and knowledge, an SEO certification can be a good way to find a job when attached to your resume as employers are likely to hire you.


2.  Who should take an SEO course?

SEO courses will be helpful for Entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, managers, bloggers, and content creators who wish to increase their website lead or traffic. SEO is a crucial skill for any web-related job. Anyone can take up an SEO course in order to increase their visibility in the digital world by learning the principles of digital marketing. SEO courses are also helpful for employees who want to shift their careers to digital marketing.


3. How long does it take to learn SEO online?

The duration of the SEO course lasts an average of 3 months or more. Some platforms offer SEO courses that can be learned within 1 month. It depends on the platform that offers SEO training. You should check the duration of the course in relation to the modules taught through different platforms. Furthermore, it varies according to the level of your learning. Advanced-level SEO courses might take longer duration than basic. However, you don’t have to spend a year learning SEO in any course.


4. Are SEO courses easy to learn?

SEO learning isn’t that easy, it takes a good deal of patience and effort to master the skills. But it isn’t impossible, you can now learn SEO easily in different courses. you will learn the methodology of search engines to optimize your content, research keywords, create black links, and so on. SEO learning involves the practical application of the different skills and tools that you will learn under SEO, it requires hands-on experience with the frequently updating search engines rather than academic learning.


5. IS the SEO job stressful?

It can be very stressful or it can not. You are expected to perform well in order to achieve the target; you have to research and analyze skillfully to rank high. The process can be stressful for some, but the result must be well rewarding in terms of visibility and income.




A certification in SEO training can be useful in a number of ways. For those who work in the sectors of SEO or web design, or who are attempting to develop a career in the same, the actual proof of certification obviously counts the most. Your SEO certification can help you grow your consumer ways and improve your business. Additionally, you can utilize the certification to enhance the impression of your resume. One thing to keep in mind is that having an SEO certificate will take you somewhere the world demands actual skill and ability so it is important to furnish yourself as a professional. These are some of the best SEO courses available online with certification. Make sure to always enroll in a course after adequate research. This article will serve as a reference, but it is up to the learners to select the best course in accordance with their learning objective.

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