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A Guide to Investment Banking Internship in Delhi

Investment Banking is a specialized division of a Bank or Financial Institution offering differentiated services like Capital raising, Asset Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and other crucial Financial Advisory to Individuals and Organisations. The industry has been growing rapidly, promising lucrative careers packed with perks & privileges to those who are ready. However, the space is highly competitive and needs total commitment besides the mindset to handle stress and long working hours. Internship with the right Organisation is crucial, and cherry-picked opportunities such as those mentioned here are dream launch pads for Investment Banking Internship in Delhi and students in other Indian cities.

A guide to investment banking internships in Delhi

How Does an Investment Banking Internship Help?

Investment Bank is a niche spectrum and needs personal and professional skills that are cut above the rest. It requires not just a relentless inclination to Business and Finance but superlative communication, collaboration, relationship building, analytical skills, and the ability to push boundaries to name a few.

It is important for prospective employers to understand if you practically fit in their Organization just as it is crucial for you to know if you resonate with the culture and job demands of the future.

An internship offers you real-life exposure to the work environment, a potent opportunity to handle live projects, deliver on the responsibilities, and showcase your eligibility for a job in Investment Banking, even as you are studying at present.

Exposure to a real arena also allows you an opportunity to up your game in places you fall short and to reinforce your areas of strength while you learn from people who matter. It is possibly your dream entry into a prestigious Organisation if you stand apart from the crowd.

Imagine getting started on your career as soon as you complete your academic qualification. Irrespective of a job offer, an internship adds a golden feather to your candidature, making it more powerful, relevant, and appealing to future employers.

Besides, if not already, you may discover your further specialization in Investment Banking like Capital Markets, Advisory, Trading, Asset Management, or something newer and emerging. And that sets your direction. Remember no crown comes easy. The internship is your first crucial stepping stone to this journey.

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The Scenario of Investment Banking Internship in Delhi, India.

If you have researched this space, you would have seen that Investment Banking is an international niche. Most of the Organisations leading in this space are established Indian or MNC corporations spread out in multiple countries, regions, and cities. Investment Banking Internship in Delhi students shouldn’t, therefore, see this as a regional spectrum but as a part of the global, regional, or national pie.

The competition for jobs, as well as internships, is at the Asia Pacific or India level and so your inclination, application, and preparation need to make a mark amongst students with brains as livewire as yours and based out of other countries or Indian cities.

While most of the prestigious Organizations in this Industry are seeking the best talent there by way of internship programs, you are competing with millions of cross-country applications at any given point in time.

This certainly is not a cake walk but all hardships are worth it if they get you an entry to these alchemists. A few Organizations do offer exclusive Investment Banking internships through most offer a more generic program applicable to multiple Departments and work on your interest area only based on your performance and openings within the Organization.

As far as you have kicked off your journey, all is good and bright. Of course, there are promising start-ups in and around Delhi that may offer local internships. They get advertised from time to time on job sites and you may keep a watch on them. As for now, let’s explore some of these skyrocket launch options available for Investment Banking Internship in Delhi students.


  • Bank of America Summer Internship Program

Bank of America offers multiple programs under its Campus Hiring umbrella. These include apprenticeships, insight programs as well as summer internships to name a few. The programs are conducted at select locations across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, Latin America, and the US & Canada, and maybe other countries as well.

The Summer Internship program is the Bank’s primary channel for hiring new talent into their full-time programs. It spans over 10 weeks and offers structured training, performance evaluations, development, and social opportunities besides a rich platform to showcase areas of work interest for candidates who get selected for the internship.

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Students in their penultimate year of university studies are eligible to apply. In some locations, a summer internship is awarded even to first & second-year students pursuing graduation as well.

Besides academics, the candidates may need to comply with local requirements as applicable, depending upon the location of the application. Should the candidate get a job offer from the Bank, needful work permits would have to be obtained as well.

  • Bank of America off-cycle Internships

Off-cycle internships or industrial placements at Bank of America take place at different times throughout the year. The program varies in duration as per the needs of the business.

  • Bank of America Full-time Analyst and Associate Programs.

These programs are designed for students who are ready to start work on graduation. The structure of the program varies as per business requirements. However, the focus remains on training and development, structured performance evaluations, mentoring support, and networking opportunities to supplement job learning and experience.

So Investment Banking Internship in Delhi students studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree and seeking an internship can opt for the Analyst program. Should you have an MBA, Ph.D., or equivalent advanced degree, however, then it is the Associate Program that should get your attention.


  • Goldman Sachs Summer Analyst Program 2024

The Summer Analyst Program 2024 is about 8-10 weeks in duration. The program is designed to fully immerse participants in the day-to-day activities of the Organisation. They get to attend induction sessions on the culture of Goldman Sachs as well as the benefits, and responsibilities of being a member of the firm.

This is clubbed with focussed technical training and work on real responsibilities alongside people of the Organisation. The internship is open to students in their second penultimate year of study.

Goldman Sachs essentially looks for candidates who can thrive in a dynamic environment and are extremely strong in communication, interpersonal skills, analytical thinking, multi-tasking, and time management.  Applications for 2024 will open on 1st July 2023 for this program and students graduating from Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs Dec 2022-May 2023 are eligible to apply.

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  • Goldman Sachs New Analyst Program 2024

The New Analyst Program is a full-time program open to final-year undergraduate and graduate students from any field of study with low or no experience. Participants get oriented to the firm and learn how the Organisation does business gain the required skills and knowledge to support their business and work on building networks and relationships across regions and divisions. So remember to keep a watch on Investment Banking Internship in Delhi students.

  • JP Morgan Chase Investment Banking Analyst Program

JP Morgan Chase Investment Banking Analyst Program is an internship program designed for core Investment Banking aspirants. The program is nine weeks in duration and starts with virtual training followed by 5 days of classroom-led instructions on areas like the basics of accounting, financial modeling, valuation, and Excel.

It starts off with a week of induction followed by supplemental training throughout the course and on-the-job training. Candidates are paired with mentors for career advice and to navigate the firm. They also get opportunities to interact and network with people across businesses as well as their fellow interns.

To apply for, the Investment Banking Internship in Delhi candidates, need to possess extraordinary attributes like sharp entrepreneurial skills, innovative ideas, self-motivation, and excellent analytical skills and should thrive in tackling intellectual problems and new challenges.

Resourceful candidates with outstanding communication skills, ready to make a contribution from the beginning, and enjoy working in a fast-paced global environment is what separates interns from this Team.


Top-performing interns may stand a chance to receive a full-time analyst offer with the Organization at the end of the summer. Successful candidates may get a chance to work in the USA, Canada, Mainland China, India, Japan, Hong Kong SAR, China, the UK, Singapore, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, and Australia.

  • Barclay’s Bank Investment Banking Summer Analyst

This one is yet another internship program focussed on Investment Banking. Apart from training and direct insights on Investment Banking, the program gives participants exposure to real projects and responsibilities supported by Barclay’s Team.

The program starts with training, post which the candidate joins a team focused on a key industry, product, or region and works on live deals, and proposals, contributes to presentations, and even executes transactions. The Bank keeps its interns motivated with constant encouragement, feedback, and support.

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Investment Banking Internship in Delhi candidates with any educational background are good to apply as far as they have a keen interest in business and finance. The candidate needs to be motivated by pace and pressure, be extremely good at communication, and collaboration, be keen on searching for the best solution, and understand how his/her role would impact business outcomes.

  • Barclay’s Investment Banking Summer Associate

The program is a combination of Training followed by hands-on experience. The candidate joins a Team focused on a certain key product, industry, or region and gets to work on live deals, develop financial modeling & valuation skills, manage Client relationships, and even overlook and develop junior colleagues. This besides getting opportunities to volunteer and give back to society.

Outstanding performers stand a good chance to work with Barclays as full-time analysts once the internship and graduation are complete. This program is open to first-year MBA students and Investment Banking Internship in Delhi students with acute interest in business and finance can apply for the same.

Candidates need to be adept at collaborating, and communicating and should be able to work in a fast-paced and pressured environment. They should be keen on finding the best solution and understand the way their role impacts business outcomes.

  • Barclay’s Off cycle Investment Banking Internship

This program offers a unique opportunity to work with Barclay’s Investment Banking team for an extended period of time. The candidate as a part of the Investment Banking Team gets to work on live deals and proposals, business presentations, and execution of transactions.

Apart from understanding the responsibilities of a full-time analyst, they get involved in longer-term projects as well. Apart from mentoring and opportunities to give back to society, the outstanding candidates may win a full-time analyst job with Barclay’s Investment Banking team, post internship and graduation.

Selection criteria remain similar to those mentioned under the Investment Banking Summer Analyst program.


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  • Citibank Summer Analyst Program for Undergraduates and Masters Students

Citibank Summer Analyst spans over 10-12 weeks usually and is mostly offered in summers, though sometimes can be offered at other times of the year based on the country offering it and business requirements. The program is a mix of Training, professional experience, and social events. Successful participants are offered a full-time role at Citibank to join on completion of graduation or master’s.

Applications can be done by students in the penultimate year of either their graduation or the Master’s program.

  • Citibank Summer Associate Program

Citibank Summer Associate Program has a format similar to The Summer Analyst Program but is more customized to the roles applicable for these candidates and includes a mix of education, experience, and social events.

The duration may range from 10-12 weeks and is mostly offered in summer though some countries offer it during other times of the year as well. Successful participants may bag a full-time role at Citi which starts as soon as they complete their academic qualifications of those mentioned above. This program is offered to students in the penultimate year of Master’s, MBA, Ph.D., or JD programs.

  • Citibank Placement Analyst Program

Unlike the Summer Analyst program, the Placement series of Internship programs are of duration as long as 6-12 months. The scope and inclusions remain similar to the short-term internship programs and are mainly focused on education, experience, and social events.

Placement opportunities depend on the university course and accreditation requirements as per the position and may vary by country. Candidates awarded the opportunity to work with Citi can start to post their university program. The program is open for undergraduates and Masters.

  • Citibank Placement Associate Program

This is a long-duration internship program running for a duration of 6-12 months depending upon the country it is being hosted by and the academic position of the aspirant at the time of joining. The program focuses on education, professional experience, and social events for the candidate.

Placement opportunity for successful candidates depends on the university course and required accreditations and may depend on the job role or country. Students awarded jobs at Citi need to successfully complete the required qualifications as per the job requirements at Citi. The internship is offered to students pursuing a Master’s, MBA, JD, or, Ph.D.


  • Citibank Full-Time Analyst Program

This is a combination of in-depth training, mentorship, and interaction with Senior Management and even Clients, thus getting you ready for a career as an Analyst. The aspirants need to be highly motivated, and bright and possess outstanding communication skills and passion for business. The program is offered specifically to students in their last year of graduation or Master’s degree.

  • Citibank Full-time Associate Program

The program focuses on intensive training by some of the best minds at Citi in this business. The training is combined with real-world experience and senior executive exposure and is a promising launch pad for a career at Citibank.

This program is specially designed for students in the final year of Master/ MBA/Ph.D./JD. Opportunities may vary by location. Candidates with diverse backgrounds, interests, and exposure are sought for this internship.

  • Standard Chartered Summer Internship Program

This is a carefully created program for students across disciplines for internship and real-life exposure to a global Organisation. The program starts in June every year and is 10 weeks in duration. It combines technical and professional skills training with real-world business exposure.

It also offers access to inspiring leadership speaker events and country management teams and includes future skill workshops and focused online learning. There is feedback throughout and candidates are evaluated in the program so as to assess their strengths as well as opportunity areas.

Outstanding candidates stand a chance to win an offer from the Bank to either join their Graduate Program or then Straight to a Desk role. To qualify for this program, Investment Banking Internship in Delhi candidates must be in their penultimate or final year of a bachelor’s or postgraduate degree, irrespective of the discipline.

They should be hardworking, resilient, and serious about their career, sharp enough to notice and seize opportunities, excellent at communication, and adept at building new strong relationships. They should be comfortable with numbers, analyzing and interpreting data, curious, open-minded, and innovative knowing well that there is no one way of doing things and thus always an opportunity to experiment.

  • Fidelity Summer Internship Program

With a variety of roles coming up for upcoming graduates, Fidelity offers a Summer Internship program for students from diverse backgrounds. The program offers business experience, connections, and training. Successful & eligible candidates may transition to full-time members of the team at a later time.


This is a 10–12-week program that applies to multiple business groups and starts in May or June. The program offers structured induction, job training, and networking opportunities to aspiring students and sets them up for a successful career once they complete their studies.

Investment Banking Internship in Delhi students in their penultimate year of study who bring something different, challenge processes, and can examine problems from all angles are eligible for the program.


  • Macquarie Off-cycle Internship Program

Apart from the summer internship Program that starts in May or June, a number of business groups at Macquarie offer internships to students outside of the program as well under the umbrella of the off-cycle internship program. Students who bring something different, can push themselves, challenge processes and examine a problem from all angles are the candidates the Organisation seeks.

  • Ameriprise Summer Internship Program

Ameriprise internships are 11 weeks in duration. The program focuses on areas like personal and professional development, exposure to senior leaders, community involvement, meaningful work, networking opportunities within the Organisation, presentation to business leaders on summary of work experience, and more.

Successful and eligible candidates may walk out with a potential full-time offer. Candidates need to have an acute bent of mind towards the financial services industry, proven leadership skills, and relevant experience and qualities.

FAQs For Investment Banking Internship in Delhi Students

  • How can I apply to these internships?

One needs to keep following the websites of these Organisations regularly. Every website more or less has a defined section labeled as Student, Internship, or Early Jobs. Find the program of your liking and apply within the given window.

  • Are investment banking internship in Delhi paid?

This depends on the Organisation offering the program. While some of them do pay while training is on, others simply focus on the training and experiential takeaways.

  • Do an investment banking internship in Delhi assure a job at the respective Organisation?

Remember you are competing with students across the Asia Pacific on average unless the internship is specifically valid for India. The idea of an internship for an Organisation is to find the right and suitable talent and they most certainly rope in the ones who shine and showcase differentiated performance. However, not everyone who is selected is slated for a job at the Organisation.

  • What if I do not get a job at the Organisation despite the investment banking internship in Delhi?

These are prestigious internships. The number of applicants for these internships is in lacs and the rate of applications that get accepted is 1-1.5% on average. Bagging one of these internships straight away puts you on the radar of Headhunters and Top Organisations in the country.

  • Are there investment banking internship in delhi available locally in Delhi?

Many of the big Indian and MNC Corporations have Investment Banking vacancies in Delhi. However, the internship program for the same need not essentially be in Delhi. There are also internship vacancies at established Companies as well as SMEs and Startups that get promoted through job sites, time and again. Keep an open mind and pursue the ones that best suit your goals.

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