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Top 10 Investment Banking Courses In Nagpur With Placements

Want to be successful in life? Are you endeavouring to become a specialist in investment banking? Are you someone trying to be stable in life and have a better future? For all of them, this article can be beneficial to get an overview of investment banking. This article attempts to provide an outline of the investment banking courses in Nagpur, that will guide you to choose from the top investment banking institutes in Nagpur to excel and be the best in this field.



Let us begin to explore the top investment banking courses in Nagpur.

Defining Investment Banking

It can be described as a part of a banking operation that is done by individuals or firms on behalf of individuals or companies to raise capital and provide profitable and beneficial decisions for them. They furnish them with monetary consultation.

Their job is either to buy or to sell the security shares. They act as an intermediary, connecting investors and issuers of securities and they make revenue from commissions for the services. They also administer certain investments, mergers and sometimes, the sale of the company. This job title is gaining popularity because it pays well.

To Achieve That, There Are Certain Skills Insisted on, Some Are:

  • aspirants are good at numbers (mainly mathematics)
  • have a stronghold in speaking and writing communication skills

In simple words, an aspirant capable of making suitable decisions at the right moment can grab the opportunity. After understanding the term, now try to understand the types of investment banking.


Types of Investment Banking

Investment banking can be categorised into mainly three types. They are:

Boutique Bank

These are further divided into three types:

  • Elite Boutique Banks: They take care of larger or massive businesses mainly mergers and acquisitions.
  • Regional Banks: They take care of comparatively smaller businesses and region-specific mergers and acquisitions.
  • Industry-specific Banks: They mainly focus on specified industries or areas that are smaller business mergers and acquisitions.

Bulge Bracket Bank

This type of investment bank focuses mainly on bigger and larger firms. They function worldwide and the services provided are formal and expert in the field.

Middle Market Bank

These markets are given importance to the smaller scale business firms and investments. Their dealings are more on a smaller scale.

Above mentioned are some of the types of investment banks. They are classified mainly based on the size of the business firms. The investment baking institutes in Nagpur cover all these important terminologies.

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Choosing Investment Banking as a Career

Investment banking includes financial consultations who are well-versed in finance, funds and securities. Understanding the Government rules and regulations is very crucial for this job title, students who are interested in joining the investment banking courses in Nagpur must understand the terminologies before enrolling.

Also knowing about the financial market is vital to make appropriate decisions profitable for the firm. The main job of investment bankers is to find probable threats and focus on gaining profits. Aspirants with a Bachelor’s degree from business school.

Others are good at analysing numbers and capable of learning market trends to make decisions aiming at higher profits. So, choosing investment banking as a career from the best investment banking institute in Nagpur can help you to choose from the best options for everyone aiming for a stable and bright future.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Investment Banking Career

Before enrolling in investment banking courses in Nagpur, one must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of an investment banking career. So it is worth mentioning in this article, that the attempt is to allow the aspirants to understand the benefits while opting a career from the best investment banking institutes in Nagpur.


  • Potential for earning higher income: This career can earn higher income that will help to grow stable and successful.
  • Demand: This job title is growing in high demand in the financial market. The work is hugely evaluated by the larger or smaller firms and other investors.
  • Different workspaces: The aspirants curious about finance and interested to learn about the financial market get an opportunity to work with a wide range of clients, allowing them to work globally.


  • Intense working hours: They will be entitled to work long hours, which might include weekends.
  • Work pressure: This job can demand pressure, and employees have to balance stress.

This job title promises a balanced life for the aspirants who are ready to work hard and manage stress wisely. The purpose of mentioning this was to give a clear idea about the career before deciding on a secure future. For a better future, the first step in deciding on a course, that is, learning about the course is the most important task. Getting an overview of the syllabus and the institution providing the course.


Top 10 Investment Banking Courses In Nagpur With Placements



IIM SKILLS offers a course on Certified Investment Banking Master Course for students searching for investment banking courses in Nagpur. They are equipped with industry-experienced trainers with practically suitable syllabus. The mode of training is online with practical assignments. They also provide doubt-solving sessions, so that the students get a chance to gain deeper knowledge about the topics.

Course Details:

Name: Investment Banking Course

Fees: INR 39900 + Taxes

Duration: 3 Months Training + 2 Months Internship

Certification: Yes 

Job Placements: Yes


Sl.No.Topics Covered
1.Fundamentals of Financial Systems and Market

  • Basics of Financial Systems
  • Different kinds of Financial Markets
  • Market Participants and Regulators
  • Stock Exchange and Financial Centres
  • Types of Shares
  • Meaning of Depository Receipts

and other topics…

2.Derivatives Market

  • Introduction to derivatives
  • Forwards, future and options
  • Understanding of Long and Short positions
  • Meaning of Hedging and Speculation
  • Overview of Credits Default Swaps

and other topics…

3.Technicals of investment banking

  • Overview of investment banking
  • Role of investment bankers
  • Types of investment bankings
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mergers
  • A Sell-Side Deal Lifecycle

and other topics…

4.Different Marketing Collaterals

  • Buyer’s List/ Investor’s List
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Pitchbook/ Pitch Deck
  • Teaser
  • Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
  • Financial Models
5.Technicals of Financial Modeling

  • Introduction to the structure for a financial market
  • Creating Scenarios using different ways including Index, Choose, Scenario Managers
  • Projecting/ forecasting the financial statements- IS, BS and CFS
  • Key Formatting Tips
  • Additions of Cover page, Index, Financial summary and other key tabs


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:
+919580740740, [email protected]

IIM SKILLS provides 2 months internship with capstone projects with J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Standard Bank and CitiBank making it an excellent choice for students scrutinizing the investment banking institutes in Nagpur.

They also make the students perform case studies so that the students are capable enough to be the best in this field to get chosen by the top in the industry.

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2. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning proposes a course on Certified Investment Banking Operations Professionals (CIBOP). This course comes from one of the best investment banking institutes in Nagpur, offers intensive learning experiences and the learners are expected to have 3 years of experience.

The mode of learning is online so that the professionals can manage it with their work. They provide industry-relevant theories and projects so that professionals can use them practically and efficiently.


1.Reference Data Management:

  • Introduction & Role
  • Static Data & Dynamic Data
  • Securities Identification
2.Corporate Actions:

  • Role & Purpose of Corporate Action
  • Types of Corporate Action
  • Corporate Action Life
3.Asset Management:

  • What is Asset Management?
  • Structure of Mutual Fund & Hedge Funds
  • Roles & Activities

  • Definition & Types
  • Role in the Trade Life Cycle
  • Process, Risk & Integrity Framework
5.Introduction to ISDA:

  • Role of ISDA
  • Architecture & Hierarchy
  • ISDA Master Agreement
6.Stock, Borrow & Lending:

  • Basics of Stocks, Borrow & Lending
  • Participants & Securities Traded
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
7.Collateral Management:

  • Fundamentals of Collateral
  • Participants, Process & Risk Management
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
8.Trade Life Cycle

  • Introduction to TLC
  • Exchange Product TLC
  • OTC Product TLC
9.Risk Management:

  • This module covers the regulatory framework of Financial Markets.
  • It gives a fundamental learning about risk management.
10.Risk Management & Regulatory Environment:

  • Introduction to Risk
  • Market Risk & Credit Risk
  • Liquidity Risk
11.Anti-Money Laundering & Know Your Customer (KYC):

  • Introduction to AML
  • Introduction to KYC Norms
  • Case Studies in Money
12.Job-Interview Readiness:

  • Interview Preparation – Domain
  • Interview Preparation – HR
  • Final Mock Interview
  • Final Certification Exam

Job Opportunities

Sl.No.Job Titles
1.Financial Analyst
2.Investment Banking Associate
3.Risk Management Consultant
4.Money Market Analyst
5.Global Finance Researcher
6.Money Laundering Specialist
7.Capital Market Operations Consultant
8.Executive Director in Cleaning Service
9.Corporate Banking Treasurer
10.Regulatory Reporting Analyst
11.Financial Market Advisor
12Investment Banking Operations Lead

Course Fee: Rs. 1,50,000/-

Duration: 2 Months (full-time)

3 Months (part-time on weekends)

Imarticus Learning provides market relevant syllabus with real-world experiences as assignments, making it an ideal choice for investment banking courses in Nagpur. The faculty members guide with the resume building and interview preparations so that the students can land in top firms.

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3. Global Banking Insurance Financial Services Academy (BIFS)

BIFS offers a postgraduate certificate in Retail banking for graduates and postgraduates desiring to become an accomplished banker through their intensive training with a very relatable and useful syllabus, which is very effective for those who are looking for investment banking courses in Nagpur.

They intend to make the students an expert in this field. This institute provides an exclusive learning process including case studies and problem-solving strategies. The classes are handled by approvingly and competent mentors.

They also prepare the students with the soft skills that are essential for interviews and also while preparing the resume. Aspiring students can opt for this institute as one of the good institutes offering investment banking courses in Nagpur.


Sl.No.Topics Covered
1.Basics of Banking

  • Introduction to Bank
  • Retail Banking
  • Types of Customers In Banks
  • Details of Retail Banking Product
  • NRI Accounts
  • Remittance Facilities in Banks
  • Bank Customer Relationship
  • Impact of Bank on the Economy
2.Third-Party Products

  • Introduction to Third-party products
  • Types of Third-Party Products
  • Introduction to Insurance
  • Introduction to Life Insurance
  • Choosing The Right Policy
  • Regulation & Scope of Life Insurance
  • Introduction to Mutual Funds
  • Demat Account
  • PPF, SSS & other Gov. Business
3.Regulations Compliance

  • Regulatory Framework
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • KYC Other Compliances
  • BR Act 1949
  • FEMA Regulations
  • SEBI Securities Regulations
  • IRDAI Insurance Regulations
  • PFRDA Pension Regulations
  • Important Acts
4.Sales And Relationship Management

  • Introduction to Sales in Banking
  • Sales Cycle in Banking
  • Relationship Management
  • CRM in Banking
5.Professional Skills

  • Soft Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Professional Skills


Course Fee: Rs. 80,000/-

Duration: 4 months


4. National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM)

NIFM offers an Advanced Diploma in Financial Market Management and provides a short-term course which includes deep learning about banking terms relevant to the market. This institute can be considered an option for those looking for investment banking courses in Nagpur.

The faculties are well-versed in their respective subjects. The students are given an appropriate opportunity to get good knowledge with the help of assignments and live case studies. The institute craves their students for their interview with mock sessions.

The students can also make use of doubt-clearing sessions and clarify all the enquiries they might face. From all this, one can say that this is one of the prime investment banking institutes in Nagpur.


Sl.No.Topics Covered
1.Capital Market (Theory & Practical)

  • Basic knowledge of the capital market
  • Major market participants
  • Major exchanges and indices
  • Legal Framework and Regulations
  • Trading
  • Clearing and settlement process
  • Practical training of market operations
2.Derivatives Market & its Operations

  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Understanding of future, forward, option and SWAP
  • Trading, Clearing and Settlement
  • Risk management
  • Practical Classes for live trading and methodology
3.Commodity Market

  • Understanding commodity market
  • Live Trading in Commodities – MCX and NCDEX
  • International commodity vs. domestic commodity
4.Currency Market

  • Currency, Derivative and its History
  • Forward, Future and Options of Currency Derivative
  • Trading, Clearing, Settlement and Risk Management
  • Different Strategies
  • Live Trading Practices
5.Technical Analysis and its Application

  • Basic understanding of Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Vs Technical Analysis
  • Candle Chart and Pattern Study
  • Different tools used for trading Strategy
  • Live Technical Analysis on Real-Time Software
6.Option Strategy

  • Introduction to Option and its Usage
  • What is call & put option ( Option Buying & Selling)
  • Terminologies in understanding options
  • 22 different strategies used for trading
7.Fundamental Analysis

  • An introduction to fundamental analysis
  • Understanding the concept of time value for money
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Valuation Models
8.Investment Advisor

  • Objectives of investment decisions
  • Different types of financial markets
  • Understanding the concept
  • Capital Market Efficiency
  • Modern Portfolio
9.Security Operation and Risk Management

  • Introduction to Risk Management
  • Understanding of Margin Mechanism
  • Understanding of VAR & SPAN Margin Mechanism
  • Live Surveillance Training
  • Internal & External Policy
  • Compliance Management
10.Research Analyst Certification

  • Basic of Indian Securities Markets
  • Top Down and Bottom Up Approach
  • Micro and Macro Economic Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects of Company Analysis
  • Report Writing

Course Fee: Rs. 1,00,000/-

Duration: 1 Year


5. MeTta Financial Investment & Trading Training Institute

MeTta Institute offers investment banking courses in Nagpur comprising financial investment and trading. The course is designed for both beginners and experts, who have a good hand in finance.

The institute has planned the syllabus according to industry relevance and trained faculty members control the class.

The students are taught various strategies and methodologies important for performing best in careers making it a reasonable choice for students searching investment banking institutes in Nagpur.


ModulesTopics Covered
1.Fundamental Analysis
2.Technical Analysis
3.Future and Option
4.Currency Market

Commodity Market

Joining MeTta Institute comes with the advantage that these courses are provided both offline and online. The infrastructure is well-equipped and supplies every sort of facility, dedicated to furnishing well-trained students into the industry.  The timings are very flexible, the students and professionals can opt for convenient times according to their availability.


6. Coursera

Coursera along with Illinois offers a course on Investment Banking: Financial Analysis and Valuation. So, you can learn online about investment banking courses in Nagpur. It is an intermediate level for 13 hours with a flexible schedule making it an adaptable option for working professionals and students.

The enrolled students become an expert in the subject matter and new concepts are taught by industry expert faculties. They can achieve foundational knowledge about the subject and tool. The idea of this course is to equip them with relevant job skills. This is helpful for those who work and study, so it can be considered a good investment banking institute in Nagpur.


ModulesTopics Covered
1.Financial Spreads & Adjustments
2.Introduction to Value Analysis and Comparable Public Companies Analysis
3.Comparable Precedent Transaction Analysis
4.Discounted Cash Flows
5.Course Conclusion

Duration: 13 Hours

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7. Coursera

Coursera along with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign is offering a course on Investment Banking: M & A and Initial Public Offerings, an intermediate level with flexible hours suitable for professionals and students convenient for them. Aspirants can prefer this, they could easily manage it with work and studies and the duration is for 15 hours.


ModulesTopics Covered
1.Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions
2.Leveraged Buyout Analysis
3.Overview of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
4.Merger Consequences Analysis
5.Course Conclusion

Duration: 15 Hours


8. Udemy

Udemy is offering a course on Introduction to Investment Baking for Beginners, learn various baking-related topics like finance, banking, valuation etc and be made known to some of the skills, roles and opportunities to crave a successful career in investment banking courses in Nagpur.

This course goes from the very beginning, to how to start a career and how to become a successful professional. They teach about the most relevant topics and terms, the only job for the students enrolled is to try and study harder. The mentors are well-versed in their field and with assignments, the topics can be learnt very deeply.


ModulesTopics Covered
1.Introduction to Investment Banking
2.Understanding Financial Market and Instrument
3.Investment Banking Functions
4.Investment Banking Process
5.Risk Management in Investment Banking
6.Valuation Techniques
7.Investment Banking In Practice
8.Career Paths In Investment Banking

Course Fee: Rs. 1,799/-

The main focus of this course is to train the enrolled students from the basics to the core terms and get a good hold on the subject. The students searching for good investment banking institutes in Nagpur can also consider this one. Being the training process online, a comfortable time slot can be opted by them.


9. edX – NYIF

edX is offering an online course on investment banking – Introduction to Investment Banking Professional Certificate Examination suitable for candidates looking for investment banking courses in Nagpur.

If you are ready to gain extensive understanding, for them it is a perfect option and this course is sponsored by the New York Institute for Finance, (NYIF). The syllabus is promising and time schedules are also flexible, making it easier for all.


ModulesTopics Covered
1.Essential Career Skills for Investment Banking and Finance
2.Fundamental of Financial Mathematics and Capital Budgeting
3.Risk Management and Credit Principles
4.M & A Concepts & Theories
5.M & A: Structuring the Deal

Course Fee: Rs. 8,257/-

For more details: www.edx.org

Introduction to Investment Banking Professional Certificate Examination by New York Institute for Finance (NYIF), on successful completion of this course earns a professional certificate.


10. EduBridge

EduBridge offers a certification program in investment banking operations and investment banking courses in Nagpur. It is sustained by an up-to-date curriculum and various tools to turn into professionals managing financial markets, trade life cycles, risk management and regulation.


ModulesTopics Covered
1.Financial Planning
2.Value Investing
3.Fixed Income Securities
4.Money Market
5.Trade Life Cycle
6.Financial Modeling


1.Post-Merger Integration in M & A Transactions – HDFC Bank
2.Investment Banking Strategies and Operations – Goldman Sachs
3.Global Expansion and Investment Banking Operations – Citigroup
4.Foreign Exchange Rate Forecasting Models – Deutsche Bank
5.Risk Management and Operations – Morgan Stanley

Course Fees: Rs. 65,000/-

Duration: 375 Hours

This course gives an extensive opportunity for the enrolled students to learn various tools and projects so that they get a deep knowledge about the topic and become industry experts. The timeline of the course can be completed at one’s own pace. The students searching for investment banking institutes in Nagpur can use this as an option to make their future brighter.



Q. What is investment banking? Is an investment banking course relevant?

Banking operations that are done by individuals or firms on behalf of individuals or companies to raise capital to provide profitable and beneficial decisions for them. and increase their revenue. Yes, certainly this course is relevant to those who are keenly interested in finance. From this, a lot of new opportunities are there.

Q. What are various types of investment banking?

Boutique Bank

Bulge Bracket Bank

Middle Market Bank

Q. Who is eligible for the investment banking course?

Students who have a Commerce background with a 50% mark and professionals who are well-versed in finance are eligible for this course.



The main focus of this essay was to go through various investment banking institutes in Nagpur offering investment banking courses from where the students can make their choices matching their abilities and skills.

Investment banking courses in Nagpur are all about setting the best strategies for companies to gain profits and add revenue through commissions. This course is the best option for the ones who have a good insight about finance.

So, expect to make wise choices while deciding for a better future, make the sky your limit dream endlessly and work hard to become successful.




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