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Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Goa

If you aim to master the financial game and are looking for the best investment banking courses in Goa, here’s your chance to grab the opportunity and choose from the top 10 investment banking courses. Investment banking certification involves obtaining knowledge of a wide range of financial services for the functioning of global economies. It assists in raising capital and provides financial consultancy services to individuals and organizations. 


Investment bankers act as advisors in matters related to capital structure and overall financial strategy for their clients. Investment bankers take care of IPOs by helping in the decision of pricing, marketing to investors, managing the assets by guiding through the risk involved with derivatives and also contributing towards the trade and sales of various financial instruments. They also ensure that the Securities Exchange Commission regulations are adhered to by the Companies.

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Before we move ahead with the Investment banking Courses in Goa, let’s discuss the important aspects of considering Investment Banking Certification and taking it as a Career Choice:

Why is Investment Banking Certification a Good Choice?

Investment Banking Course provides Job Security and will be recession proof as a financial advisor you will have ample job opportunities, has high scope, and is a relevant field globally as it provides high salary, incentives, good exposure, professional development, etc.

Learn the benefits and advantages of choosing the best Investment banking courses in Goa and many more by following this article.

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Who is Eligible for Investment Banking Certification?

Any person holding a bachelor’s degree in relevant study with a minimum 55% aggregate from a recognized university. However, most Investment Banks prefer a degree in finance, accounting, administration, etc.

What is the Scope of Investment Banking Certification?

Investment Banking Certification provides a wide scope to gain knowledge and improve your skills and also a range of possibilities for career growth worldwide. A career in investment banking starts as an Analyst and progresses to enhanced levels.

The scope in this field remains strong because of the financial environment and global connectivity. The industry is becoming more digitized giving more opportunities for new professionals in this field.

Market Growth rate with regards to Investment Banking Sector expectancy is at a CAGR of 10.8% from $78.9 billion in 2022 to $213.6 billion in 2032.


What is the Highest Salary of an Investment Banker?

The average salary of an Investment Banker could be between 8.8 lakhs to 40 lakhs as per the expertise. However, for a fresher, it could range from 4 to 7 LPA.

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What are the Challenges involved in Investment Banking?

Competition in the Investment Banking Industry makes it challenging and long hours and dedication are required to excel in the field. A key challenge in the investment banking sector is credit risk meaning if a borrower fails to repay the loan, the lender can incur a loss by non-repayment of owed principal and interest.

Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and HSBC are among the top recruiters for Investment Bankers.

Fields or Jobs to Take Up After Completion of Investment Banking Courses in Goa:

*Private Equity- involves acquiring a controlling interest in a company, Investments, Conducting Industry Research, Monitoring Investment performances, and building relationships with fund managers. It includes financial modeling, providing insights to maximize returns.

*Venture Capitalist-As A venture Capitalist primarily aims at small startups and usually the investment is made in different companies. Their job includes conducting industry research, fundraising, guiding to maximize returns, sitting on the board of portfolio companies, and so on.

*Consulting-Job involves assisting about finance to clients with financial transactions. They are involved with mergers and acquisitions, and capital raising to help achieve their business targets and improve financial performance.

*Credit Manager The credit manager’s primary role is to manage the credit risk associated with the business of their clients. They assess the creditworthiness, set payment terms, and ensure compliance with the company’s credit policies.

*Corporate Finance- Corporate financiers manage companies to finance, capital, raise funds, expansion of the business, and increase its value.

*Hedge Funds-Hedge Fund in Investment Banking involves investing in a variety of assets and employing sophisticated strategies. They carry high rewards but also carry higher risks.

Asset Management Management includes managing and trading investments to increase profit for the clients which may include big companies, high-worth individuals, institutional investors, and so on.

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Benefits of Investment Banking Courses in Goa:

  • In-depth Knowledge
  • Career Opportunities
  • Communication Skills
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Global Exposure
  • Financial Expertise
  • Technological Expertise


Top 10 Investment Banking Courses in Goa With Placements:

  • Goa Institute of Management
  • Goa University
  • Indian Institute of Banking & Finance
  • GTA Academy Certificate in Financial Modelling and Valuation
  • Manipal Academy for Higher Education (MAHE): Banking and Finance
  • Coursera
  • National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)
  • Magme School of Banking
  • IMS Proschool

Here’s is a detailed explanation of the pros of choosing from the Top 10 institutes for Investment Banking Courses in Goa with the charges curriculum and much more:



IIM SKILLS is the most preferred course for Investment Banking Certification. IIM SKILLS is a leading tech company and is a reputed institute for guiding students and providing career-oriented courses.

You should opt for IIM SKILLS if looking for good Investment Banking Courses in Goa. It has a strong brand reputation and is also known for its placement opportunities.


Course Name: Investment Banking Course

Course Duration: 3 Months + 1 Month internship (non-paid) with 100% Guaranteed Placements.

Course Fee:39900/-(Inclusive of 18% GST and examination Charges)

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Module :

  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • Fundamentals of Financial System and Market
  • Derivatives Market
  • Technicals of Investment Banking
  • Different Marketing Collaterals
  • Technicals of Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


Course Highlights:

  • Master Certification
  • Live Classes
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Internship
  • Lifetime Support
  • LinkedIn Profile Building/Mock Interview Preparation
  • Integrative Projects
  • Money Back Guarantee


The module and course are built on understanding the market requirements and are considered as the best in growing competition and undoubtedly can help in building a career with Investment Banking Certification in their Master Course.

Another advantage of choosing IIM SKILLS is the lifetime access to LMS so the students can revise the content again in case they face any issues.


Being the top-ranked institute for Investment Banking Certification, the courses are 100% certified and government-approved and also taught by highly qualified professionals.

The course is professional and completely online making it accessible worldwide and can count as one of the best choices when looking for an Investment Banking Course in Goa.

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

Website: https://iimskills.com

Must know about these top recommended:


2) Goa Institute of Management (GIM): 

Goa Institute of Management provides a variety of courses in Management as the name suggests. It is one of the reputed and experienced institutes where we talk about Investment Banking Courses in Goa.

The Post Graduate Programme allows you to further your qualification and career with 100% placements as of last year.

Also, the approach is to make you shine in the big corporate world. Goa Institute of Management can be a great choice for Investment Banking Certification.

Course Duration-2 Years

Course Fee-18.31 LPA

Eligibility Criteria for All PGDM as per GIM:

*Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute.

Selection criteria are min 50% aggregate and for SC/ST with 45% aggregate.

Candidates Must Have Appeared for/cleared Any of the Following:

XAT 2024

CAT 2023

GMAT taken between 01 January 2022 to 15 January 2024

* PGDM (BDA) applicants are requested  to appear for the GIM Analytics Aptitude Test (GAAT)



Course Structure – Year 1


  • Reporting
  • Microeconomics
  • Financial Markets and Institutions
  • Marketing Management
  • Introductory Statistics
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Management Communication for BIFS I
  • Introduction to R
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets


  • Macro Economics
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Management Accounting
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Introductory Econometrics
  • Financial Modelling with Spreadsheets
  • Management Communication for BIFS II
  • Social Responsibility and Action


  • Corporate Banking
  • Python for Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Data Visualisation
  • FinTech.
  • Management Communication for BIFS III
  • Business Ethics


Summer Internship Project for 4-5 months

Scope: The curriculum is designed in a way to build your career. It includes practical and application-oriented training with a theoretical approach.

Case-based training is provided to make it easier to understand and application of theories in the corporate world. Capital Market Gaming Applications may help the theoretical knowledge of market operations.

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3) Goa University – Bachelor of Business Administration 

Goa University is a public state research university situated at Taleigao Plateau in North Goa, India. It was established in 1985 and provides undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and diploma courses in various fields.

The university has administrative buildings, a library, sports facilities, student hostels, a bank, a post office, staff quarters, etc. Bachelor of Business Administration [Financial Services] Course Code: MGF-101 provides the students with wide financial knowledge in the vibrant academic environment of Goa.

Bachelor of Business Administration [Financial Services]

Course Duration: 3 Years with 100% Guaranteed

Course Fee: Around 128695/-(Inclusive of 18% GST and examination Charges)

Accredited by NAAC

National Institutional Ranking Framework in its cycle of ranking Indian Higher Educational Institutions in the year 2023, ranked Goa University at Rank-band 101-150 (visit India Rankings 2023: University (Rank-band: 101-150)) among the Universities.


  • Unit 1: introduction to financial services
  • Unit 2: categories of financial services
  • Unit 3: banking services
  • Unit 4: Financial Markets Regulators

Highlights: The class is very interactive with combined lectures, group discussions, role plays, case studies, and presentations which will make learning fun.

Course Outcomes:

After the completion of the course, students can:

  • CO1:Interpret the concept of Financial Services
  • CO2: Describe and Distinguish between Various Financial Services.
  • CO3: Describe the structure of the banking system and functions of Banks.
  • CO4: Study Financial Markets regulators.

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4) Indian Institute of Banking & Finance

Indian Institute is a reputed institute offering education, training, and certification in banking, finance, and related fields. Indian Institute of Banking & Finance is located in Mumbai Maharashtra however it has centers in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Amritsar, Hyderabad, and Goa contributing to the professional development of students in the financial sector.

Course Duration- 187 Hours

Course Fees- 10,150 + GST

This program is intensive 187 hours of training including e-learning modules to gain basic knowledge of Banking & Finance, the Securities Market & Insurance Sector.


Semester I

Banking & Finance

  • Indian Economy, Economic Concepts, and Indian Financial Architecture
  • Banking Products & Functions (Deposits & Advances)

Ethics in Banking



  •  Introduction to Securities Markets
  •  Regulatory Ecosystem

Role of Intermediaries in Securities Markets

  • Primary Markets
  • Secondary Markets


  • Fundamentals of Insurance
  • Legal Framework of Insurance

Fire Insurance

Semester II

Banking & Finance

  • Bank Computerisation, Digital Banking & Cyber Security
  • Marketing of Banking Products & Services

Accounting Principles & Financial Management


  • Securities Operations & Risk Management
  • Risk & Returns in Securities Market Investment

Derivative Markets


  • Life Insurance
  • Marine Insurance

Motor Insurance


Semester III

Banking & Finance

  • Legal Aspects of Banking
  • International Banking, Risk & Treasury Management


  • Mutual Funds
  • Financial Planning

Investor Grievance Redressal Mechanism in Securities Market


  • Health & Miscellaneous Insurance
  • Claims & Reinsurance

Insurance Accounts

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance(IIBF) formerly known as Indian Institute of Bankers. It encompasses banks and financial institutions. It has a vision to be the premier institute for developing professionals in banking and finance fields and therefore best for Investment Banking Certification.

It is a recognized Institution & online platform to consider, provides hassle-free learning with a professional approach, and can be chosen among the Best Investment Banking Courses In Goa.


5) GTA Academy Certificate in Financial Modelling and Valuation

Grant Thornton L’& D Academy has launched a Financial Modeling and Valuation programme for working professionals and students to improve their knowledge in the field and is crafted in a way to meets all the requirements.

The course can provide practical exposure to Financial Modelling and Valuation, and help them understand and build business & valuation models. Investment Banking Certification with GTA Academy is considered one of the most reputed Investment Banking Courses in Goa.

Course Duration- 5 Day Training 40 hours of classroom session

Course Fees: INR 27,500 plus taxes


The Programme Will Focus on:

*5-day classroom training

*Study material

*Access to Grant Thornton LMS


*Certificate of completion

Course Offering:

  • Excel
  • Basic Business Model
  • Financial Statements
  • Valuation
  • Project Valuation – Introduction
  • Project Valuation – Creating a Model for NPV & IR
  • Modelling Delays
  • Project Valuation – Circular Logic and looping
  • Project Valuation – Creating EPC Schedule
  • Project Valuation – CAPEX Schedule
  • Project Valuation – P&L
  • Project Valuation – Asset Schedule
  • Project Valuation – Valuation
  • Project Valuation – GANTT Chart
  • Visualization – Interactive Excel Dashboard
  • M&A – Introduction
  • M&A – Evaluation
  • M&A – Valuation

GTA Academy Certificate in Financial Modelling and Valuation covers various aspects of Investment Banking Certification and can be an option to make for Investment Banking Courses in Goa.


6) Manipal Academy for Higher Education (MAHE)

M.COM in Banking Technology

Manipal Academy of Higher Education is a private university famous for its quality education, diverse academic programs and campus facilities. It offers a variety of online programs as well including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in fields relating to business administration, computer applications, and commerce.

Course Name-M.COM in Banking Technology

Course Duration- 2 Years

Course Fees- Around 98000/- according to Shiksha

Eligibility & Admissions 2024:

*50% Aggregate

*Bachelor from a recognized University

*Candidates with Foreign qualifications are required to submit an equivalency certificate from the Association of Indian Universities(AIU)


Course Subjects:

M.Com (Banking Technology) FIRST YEAR:

Semester: 1

  • Performance Management
  • Banking Products
  • Managerial Economics
  • Research Tools and Techniques
  • Banking Law and Practice
  • Open Electives-MOOC* (Any One) Certificate Course

Semester: 2

  • Financial Management
  • Risk Management in Banks
  • Retail Lending
  • Recovery Management

Seminar – I

  • Open Electives-MOOC* (Any One) Certificate Course
  • Basic Banking Technology Applications

M.Com (Banking Technology) SECOND YEAR:

Semester: 3

  • International Banking Operations
  • Capital Management
  • Project Finance
  • Trade Finance
  • Credit Management in Banks

Seminar – II

  • Advanced Banking Technology Applications
  • Open Electives-MOOC* (Any one) Certificate Course

Semester: 4

Option-1 Dissertation / Internship (16 weeks) OR Option-2 Study Abroad


Manipal University focuses on the overall development of its students making it a leader in Management and many other field-specific studies in banking Technology is a wonderful certification and could be considered when looking for the best Investment Banking Courses in Goa.

The Course includes Basic Banking Operations, Credit Management, Risk Management, International Banking, and legal aspects stated in the curriculum.


7) Coursera

Coursera is a famous self-managed online learning platform that offers various courses with a reasonable fee structure. Coursera’s vision is to have a flexible learning environment and aims for people to learn and develop their skills from all over the world.

Not specific to Investment Banking Courses in Goa but as you can access their content online with flexible timings, many prefer them. Coursera courses are beginner-friendly and also continuous for professionals to add to their knowledge.

Coursera has a wide range of courses from beginner to professional and is a good choice for Investment Banking Certification as well. As it is widely accessible if you are a resident in Goa and looking for an online sophisticated course then Coursera can prove as a good Investment Banking Certification.


Some Best Courses in Coursera Related to Investment Banking Includes:(Course Duration Between 1-6 Months)

*Financial Markets(Yale University)

*Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analysts(Wharton Online)

*Financial Management Specialization(ILLINOIS)


*Self Paced

*Pocket Friendly

*Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Access.


8) National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM)

The National Institute of Securities Markets is an educational institution in India established by SEBI in 2006. It is a national body for the regulation and licensing of financial markets and also offers a variety of academic certifications and programs relating to security markets, portfolio management, research analysis, and investment advisory.

Course Duration- 15 Months (Weekend Programme)

Course Fees- 2,75 Lakhs inclusive of GST

The program focuses on various areas including economics, financial economics, accounting and reporting, quantitative methods and computing, law and compliance, and more.

Investment banking certification covers broad segments related to equity markets, debt markets, banking treasury, currency and currency derivative markets, Commodity Derivative Markets, and Retail Banking.

Program Content

*First Year

Trimester I

  • Economics for Securities Market
  • Financial Reporting

Financial Institutions & Markets

  • Mathematics for Securities Market
  • Statistics for the Securities Market
  • Organization Behaviour & Management

Excel skills for Management


Trimester II

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance

Business Communication I

  • Corporate & Allied Laws
  • Smart Lab I
  • Mutual Funds

Marketing of Financial Products & Services


Trimester III

  • Securities Analysis & Equity Valuation
  • Securities Market Laws & Regulation

Banking & Financial Services

  • Fintech in Financial Markets
  • Derivatives & Risk Management I
  • Business Communication II

Research Methods & Data Analytics

Summer Internship

*Second Year

Trimester IV

  1. Fixed Income Securities
  2. Derivatives & Risk Management II

Portfolio Management

  1. Treasury Management
  2. Market Infrastructure Institutions

Trimester V

  1. Corporate Restructuring & Valuation
  2. Commodities Market

Financial Planning & Health Management

  • Smart Lab II
  • Financial Modelling
  • Investment Banking

Trimester VI

  • Ethics & ESG Investing
  • Forex Markets & International Finance

Alternate Investment Funds

  • Taxation for Securities Markets
  • Project Dissertation(Off Classroom)
  • Professional Certifications(Off Classroom)


9) Magme School of Banking

Magme School of Banking is a reputed Institute situated in Goa. It offers a variety of Courses related to Banking and finance. You can check their website to enroll in Investment Banking Certification. Nonetheless, it is also the best Investment Banking Course.

Courses from Magme School of Banking:

Investment Banking Program: Investment & Portfolio Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Security Valuation, and asset management for equities, debt, and derivatives are included with this program. The focus is primarily on the optimization of risk returns across asset classes.


Diploma in Investment Banking: Covering vast investment banking topics relating to financial modeling, valuation, and analysis. This course is best when choosing investment Banking.

Magme School of Banking offers other courses related to Banking & Finance, such as the Diploma in Banking & Finance, the Diploma in Financial Planning & Wealth Management.

10) IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool is also one of the leading Investment Banking Courses in Goa. It provides Investment Banking Certification. It develops fundamental knowledge and practical skills required in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Project Finance, Credit Research, Financial Planning & Analysis, etc.

Course Duration- 1 Year(100% Job assistance)

AICTE Approved

Investment Banking Course Overview:

Term 1

  • Excel & Financial Markets
  • Familiarise with Investment Banking Operations

Term 2

Covers Settlement, Risk & OTC products



1) Which is the best course for Investment Banking?

The two best courses offered in Investment Banking are as below:

  • M&A Science Academy. Offered by: M&A Science. …
  • Certified Financial Model and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) Offered by: CFI (Chartered Finance Institute).

2) What is the duration for certification in Investment Banking?

It depends upon which course you take. Time could vary depending upon whether your choice is pursuing a short-term diploma or full-time degree in Investment Banking. The Average time could be between 1-3 years.

3) What is the role of an MBA in Investment Banking?

MBA can help in acquiring financial knowledge, networking opportunities, and development of essential soft skills giving an edge to competitiveness in the market. However, an MBA is not a must for this Investment Banking Certification.

Investment Banking Certification provides an attractive compensation package, skill development, global exposure, diverse area progression, networking opportunities, and much more. However, choosing the best Investment Banking Certification to follow is the best start to achieving your dreams in this field. Measures to upgrade your skills and knowledge and assistance in pursuing a career with the best Investment Banking Certification are possible by following the article.


In the above blog, we have shortlisted the best top 10 investment banking courses in Goa. These institutes are highly recommended as they provide the best learning platform for investment banking courses in Goa. IIM SKILLS is leading them all, they also provide internships and job placements.

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