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Top 9 Institutes With The Investment Banking Course Fees

Investment banking is essential to the global economy. It assists in providing financial support, offers advice about mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring and additionally, it could oversee corporate IPOs. For example, there are well-known investment banks around the world such as Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup. Are you interested in learning investment banking and wondering what are the investment banking course fees in India? This article is for you. 

investment banking course fee

Investment banking is a financial organization that helps in raising capital and gives financial support to the government, corporate sector, public sector, and those who wish to grow their business and earn profit.


  1. What is Investment Banking?
  2. Why Investment Banking?
  3. Role of Investment Banker.
  4. Career in Investment Banking.
  5. Time Required to become an investment banker.
  6. Qualification.
  7. List of College with investment banking course fees structure

    7.1 IIM SKILLS

    7.2 Imarticus learning

    7.3 Corporate Finance Institute

    7.4 Udemy

    7.5 BSE institute

    7.6 JBIMS Mumbai

    7.7 NSE

    7.8 The Wall Street School

    7.9 Symbiosis for Distant Learning

  1. Best Position After Investment Banking Course
  2. Investment Banker Skills
  3. How much does Investment Banker Reap
  4. Top Recruiter
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Why Investment Banking?

This can be a perplexing question for the one who is looking for these opportunities to build a career in banking and finance. With the growing demand in banking, the corporate sector, and the finance sector or you could say because of globalization, the need for investment bankers is highly in demand.

One gains exposure to raising capital, engaging with clients, learning risk management, working in a fast-paced environment, learning about equity, how transactions work, developing advanced communication skills, developing critical thinking, and how marketing and evaluation work, the fastest way of learning advanced Excel, valuation, and dealing with complex financial models.

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Investment bankers assist huge groups of projects, the government, the public who want to grow businesses, and private corporations, and also manage risk related to projects before initiatives move forward. These banks serve as a mediator between potential investors and companies looking for funding.

These banks buy securities from various parties and sell them to interested buyers, maintaining the market’s activity and effectiveness. The reputation of the banks, however, is quite important in luring more and more investors to a project.


A career in investment banking is a fantastic opportunity for those interested in the financial sector. These are generally related to obtaining funds for the corporate sector, government, municipalities, and individuals who seek to expand and profit from their businesses.

To work at an investment bank, one must have an extensive understanding of finance and be willing to commit to a long-term process.

  • Eligibility Criteria:

At least one should have a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, business, or accounting. After that one can pursue a master’s or post-graduation degree, but it is preferable to do MBA. One who is looking for post-graduation needs to clear college entrance exams If wish to do a full-time post-graduation or master’s course.

There is a list of a few examinations which you can give after your 10+2. These exams are state-level or national-level competitive exams such as

State Eligibility Test (SET), Common Entrance Test (CET), or Delhi University Joint Admission Test (DUJAT).

To gain admission to an MBA one has to clear exams like the Common Admission Test (CAT), Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) or Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP)

To Acquire a doctorate degree that is Ph.D. in banking or finance, one has to pass a postgraduation minimum with 50% marks and also they have to clear competitive exams such as UGC NET and the CSIR UGC NET. This may hold a total of 3-4 years of course. This course may include marketing assets, the microstructure of the market, business research, and finance research.

One can go for a diploma or certified course after that you can look for an internship. After all this process one applies for the job and cracks the interview in any finance and banking firm.

  • Time required to become an investment banker in India

Overall, becoming an investment banker may take 7-8 years. Following the completion of your 10+12th board exams, you must pursue a bachelor’s degree, which may take 3-4 years, after which you can pursue a post-graduate or master’s degree, which will take another 2 years. Furthermore, if somebody wishes to pursue a doctorate or an internship, this can take an additional two years.

Find here the top-ranked investment banking courses for career advancement:


  • What Qualifications are Required to Become an Investment Banker in India After the 12th?
  1. Clear 12th Board examination:

For the post of investment banker, a candidate must have finished upper secondary school (10+2) with a minimum overall grade point average of 50% or an equivalent CGPA from a recognized board. These candidates may come from any sector, including the arts, commerce, or sciences. Qualifying for their 12th board examination is a must to pursue further degrees and courses.

  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree in any field.

To work at an investment bank, one must have earned a bachelor’s degree from their chosen university. They must possess a bachelor’s degree in business administration (BBA), economics (B.A.), finance (B.A.), or commerce (B.com). Taking a finance course may improve your chances of getting a job in an investment bank.

  1. Master’s degree

A master’s degree in finance or business administration provides excellent preparation for a career as an investment banker.

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List of College with Investment Banking Course Fees Structure:


#Rank 1 Investment Banking course fees


If you are looking for online investment banking courses and investment banking course fees and duration, here is one of the top-ranking institutes for you that offers a 3-month exclusive investment banking master’s course. This Online course provides great privileges for you.

You will have access to all the basic requirements that an institute must offer. Lifetime access to tools, recordings, study material, and quality training.


The Investment Banking Course consists of eight modules.

Module1: Introduction and Training MS PowerPoint

Module 2: Know About MS Excel

Module 3: Basics of Financial System and Market

Module 4:  What is Derivatives Market

Module 5: Know about the Technical of Investment Banking

Module 6:  Different Marketing Collaterals

Module 7:  Technical of Financial Modeling

Module 8: What Is Business Evaluation


Course Fees: INR 39.000 + 18% GST

Course Duration: 3 Months

Mode of Learning: Online

Internship: 1 Month

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Placement: 100% placement assurance

Certification: Digital Certificate available after the completion of the course

Contact Information:

Phone No: +91 9580740740

Email Id: [email protected]


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#Rank 2 Investment Banking course fees

2. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is an online platform for those who wish to build a career in investment banking. This online institute was established in 2014. They believe in well-experienced mentors and expertise. This course is available online on weekdays and weekends with recorded sessions. Overall, this course is for 150 hours of live training.

More than 500 companies have ties with this institute. They offer you a 100% job guarantee and placement. Once you have completed this course, you will be able to perform well as an investment banking associate, capital market association consultant, financial consultant, executive director in clearing services, anti-money laundering specialist, and many more.

After completion of this course, you will earn a professional certificate that will help you advance your career in the right direction.

Course fees: 1,40,000

Fees can be paid in installments and via EMI

A few other courses you must be interested in:


#Rank 3 Investment Banking course fees

3. Corporate Finance Institute

Corporate Finance Institute is an Indian-based online institute formed in 2013 with over ten years of real training experience. Financial modeling and investment banking are among the courses available.

Candidates interested in investment banking might take a look at this website. This course is available in the form of classrooms or live online classes with recorded sessions.

Study materials are provided after the completion of each session. They emphasize practical experience and provide various projects for practice. Also, they help with CV building and take a separate session on how to crack the interview. This institute offers you a 100% job guarantee and placements.

Generally, they start their placement activities after the 8th week of completion of the course. After completion of this, you will be able to execute a variety of activities such as investment bank analysis, financial advisory, equity analysis and research, and financial modeling.

Hourly course duration for investment banking:

Session: 22 classes

Hours: 120 hours


Find here the highly-rated:


#Rank 4 Investment Banking course fees

4. Udemy

Udemy is an online e-learning platform. Students looking for investment banking courses can go through this website. Udemy facilitates numerous courses. There are multiple videos on this course available.

One has to log in and register on their website or through the application. In the search box, one can search for the course they are looking for. Once completed, you will get a list of courses with their duration and fees.


One can enroll or subscribe to the course. Every course duration and fee structure are different. The most rated and subscribed course is 13 hours long with 20 sections and 210 lectures. The course covers all the areas and topics from start to end. Introducing four main areas of investment the course will delve deeper covering all topics one is seeking for.

The best feature to notice is that the course will train so effectively that one can learn different valuation techniques used by reputed banks such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.

The course will provide a completion certificate. The course is highly interactive and hands-on experience with a number of articles and projects included. The best part of this course is that it is available in different languages. One can compute from any location in the country.

NOTE: No internship and placement guarantee.

Course includes:

  1. 13 hours length video7 Articles       3. Completion certificate
  2. Access on mobile and TV

FEE STRUCTURE: INR 1399 (During offer INR 599)


#Rank 5 Investment Banking course fees

5. Bombay Stock Exchange Institute

The Bombay Stock Exchange Institute provides this course. Students learn various comprehensive terms such as capital market, financial analysis, equity research, and fund management. Although they provide numerous courses, the investment banking course is the most popular course offered by them.

This is one of the best sites to go to for an investment banking course if you are looking for one.

FEES: INR 68,000

DURATION: 7-8 months session


PLACEMENT: Campus placement is provided by various financial institutes and banking firms to help students find jobs and connect with employers.

CERTIFICATE: Certificate is issued after completion

#Rank 6 Investment Banking course fees

6. JBIMS Mumbai

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies is one of the most prestigious and renowned institutes for finance and investment banking courses. This is the leading institute available for this course in Mumbai.

The course basically provides the master’s program, which is a full-time, 2-year program. The course is divided into four semesters and has a total intake of 125 students.

The campus placement provided by them is quite impressive, various firms and institutes collaborate with them to provide jobs to students in India as well as overseas. The average package offered by them is around 20-23 LPA.

FEES: Around 8 Lakh

DURATION: 2-year full-time course

PLACEMENT: 100% Placement guarantee.

CERTIFICATE: The master’s certificate is issued after the completion of the program from the University of Mumbai.


#Rank 7 Investment Banking course fees

7. NSE Academy

The NSE offers you a post-graduation certificate in management in investment banking. Aspiring candidates looking for this course should visit the platform. This is a full-time 12-month program with 3 months of corporate internship.

Highly trained subject matter experts will lead this program. The course is designed in a format where candidates will learn about financial marketing and investment banking.

This course is grouped into 4 terms. Each term is for 3 months. This 12-month course has covered all the topics and points after this you will know about financial evaluation and modeling, equity research, capital market operation, business in the global market, Taxation, and money laundering.

Course fee: 5,90,000 INR

Duration: 12 months (4 terms)

Internship: 3 months

Certificate: Digital certificate provided


#Rank 8 Investment Banking course fees

8. The Wall Street School

Wall street school is an online course provided to meet the expectations of candidates looking for investment banking. They believe in providing hands-on training to candidates. This program is designed in ten modules. This course is divided into a 6-week full-time training program or a 2.5-month course.

For 6 weeks course:

Hours:   180 HOURS

FEES: 45,000 INR+ GST


For 2.5 month course;

Hours: 120 HOURS

 FEES:   42,000 INR +GST


PLACEMENT: Generally, placement begins in the 8th week of the program. The candidate who cracks an interview is charged 75000 as placement selection fees once the candidate gets placed by them and accepts the offer letter.


#Rank 9 Investment Banking course fees

9. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

SCDL is an online institute that offers you post-graduation in finance and banking. This course provides you with in-depth coverage of finance and baking aspects. This course will help you have a scope in banking and financial firms.

The course covers all the fundamental topics that will prepare you for your career and job. Information Technology classes are also given. This is a two-year online program. Every session recording is provided.


DURATION: 2-year course


CERTIFICATE:  Digital certificate provided.


Best Position After Investment Banking Course:

Once you have completed this course, there are several opportunities for you to do this job. In the last few years, it has been seen that several youths are flocking to this course to build their careers professionally and personally because of globalization. Undoubtedly, the course required high skill and knowledge in finance and marketing, but once you have entered this field with experience, you may earn a lot of money.

One can work as an

  1. Analyst,
  2. Junior Managing Director,
  3. Senior Managing Director,
  4. Client Associate,
  5. Financial Advisor,
  6. Equity Associate and many more posts.


  • Investment Banker Skills:

The investment banker has to deal with several clients and work for a variety of reputed firms. Holding a degree and certificate is not enough to become an investment banker. The following is a list of skills investment bankers should possess:

Strong communication skills: To succeed in the market, one has to have strong communication skills to deal with investors and clients. Your ideas and thoughts should be able to be delivered to the client effectively and precisely.

 Problem-solving skill: The banker has to be creative and intelligent. They have to deal with many problems, but they should know how to handle and solve them at the lowest possible cost. It is a high-profile job that requires analytical, mathematical, and critical thinking skills that are needed and gained through years of experience and learning.

Time Management: There is a target for every task and project. Proper time management is good quality, as they have to deal with a project and manage it on a given schedule.

Good leadership qualities: Management and good leadership qualities are key factors for an investment banker. Binding the team and playing a positive role is important. Although you are a junior, you should know how to handle business segments in all areas.

Flexibility: Investment banking is a long, hectic job that one has to do. They have to be stout-hearted towards the work. Bouncing back from a difficult situation is not a positive indicator for a professional worker. One should have the mindset that one will have to work long hours and confront many challenges.


How much do Investment bankers Reap?

Earnings for Investment bankers vary depending on company to company, the experience they possess, and the Qualifications they have pursued. Here is the list of salaries earned by bankers:

Pay Structure in India:

Companies wise:

  1. Wipro  6-7 LPA
  2. Accenture 80T-89T/month
  3. JP Morgan 21 LPA
  4. IBM 7 LPA
  5. HSBC 11 LPA
  6. Barclays 13 LPA

Qualification Wise:

  1. Post Graduation Degree 88 LPA
  2. Undergraduate Degree 9 LPA
  3. Diploma 5-6 LPA
  4. Certificate Courses 4 LPA

Position Wise:

  1. Vice President 70 LPA
  2. Director 35 LPA
  3. Analyst 20 LPA
  4. Associate 9 LPA

Top recruiter:

There are various firms that hire investment bankers for them. they are top-rated companies that provide a wonderful experience, incentives, packages, a decent work environment, bonuses, and also overtime remuneration.

Some of the Top Recruiters Are Listed Below

  • Accenture
  • ICII
  • HDFC
  • HSBC
  • Barclays
  • Lehman brothers


Frequently Asked Question: Investment Banking Course Fees

Q-1 Can I do an investment banking course after my B.sc?

Answer: Yes, B.sc you can pursue MBA, diploma, or any certified course.

Q-2 What is the demand for this course?

Answer: It is a highly demanding course in all firms, every financial industry, and banking institute needs high-profile skilled investment bankers in their institute.

Q-3 What is the salary in India?

Answer: Salary and package vary from company to company and the experience you have. It is around 12- 10 LPA

Q-4 Which course is more feasible to do this course?

Answer: One can do a diploma, BA in finance, or MBA in Finance

Q-5 Who earns more CA or Investment banker?

Answer: As per the sources Investment banker earn more than CA per annum.

Q-6 How much are the investment banking course fees in India?

Answer: It depends on the mode and duration of the course you take. Average fees range from INR 5,000 – INR 3 Lakhs


Investing banking is a high-profile job, as you can see this job is not for everyone. Skill and trained professionals can only do this job. The role of bankers is to help investors and clients, manage financial records, and help the government and public or corporate to raise money. Dealing with long hectic jobs is not easy. But, the perk offered is quite decent to work under any firm. The experience and learning will change you as a person. The entire article will help you to choose if this career is right for you or not. Every topic will be informative and will almost certainly clear your doubts.

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