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IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course

This article will be dedicated to IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course – A detailed comparative analysis. Since you are already looking for a better financial modeling course, it is evident that you are already aware of the importance and implications of this course. Financial models are designed to help decision-makers simulate their options and, in the end, comprehend how those options will affect the financial health of the company.

IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep - The Best Financial Modeling Course

For startups to plan their business growth, the creation of a financial model is crucial. For large organizations, a financial model serves as the foundation for long-term planning, expansion, development, cost planning, etc. No wonder, being of utmost importance, Financial Modeling courses are very much in demand.

Several institutes are providing Financial Modeling courses to meet this growing demand. With the advent of online education, these courses are decentralized, affordable, and flexible. In this article, we are going to present a detailed comparative analysis of the Financial Modeling courses – offered by two premium institutes, IIM SKILLS, and Wall Street Prep.

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IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course – A detailed comparative analysis



In a world where having up-to-date skills, understanding of modern technology, and tool proficiency are expected, staying updated is no longer optional. This makes IIM Skills the perfect choice for you to learn, grow, and control the business world with practical knowledge and acquisitions.

The skilled faculty will increase your recruiting by using a student-centric manner. IIM SKILLS has been working hard since 2015 to prepare more than 35000 candidates with the knowledge and abilities necessary to be successful in the profession. Numerous elements contribute to both the students’ and professionals’ constant support for IIM SKILLS.


Financial Modeling Course

The thorough Financial Modeling Course is the best way to motivate you to develop your knowledge of financial modeling. It starts you off on the right foot in terms of learning how to build financial models and concentrates on growing your Excel skills from beginner to advanced.

Furthermore, it prepares you for employment in investment banking, equity research, credit research, etc. By integrating technical financial skills with soft skills in the perfect method, you can become financially literate and be prepared for the job after the course. With the insider knowledge of the market provided by this career-focused course, you will be at the top of your game in the real market.

Take this in-depth course to study the principles and practices of Financial Modeling.

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Course Modules

As this course is specifically designed to assist students in finding market-level roles while following the requirements of the finance industry, this program may be safely regarded as the best financial modeling course. The modules are well-researched, thorough, and relevant. They include –

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Accounting concepts and Financial concepts
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Types of Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation


Course Objectives

  • To teach candidates how to build organized, reliable, and dynamic financial models to prepare them for financial analysis that results in sound judgments.
  • to equip you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to succeed in the global standard financial markets, conduct business valuations effectively,
  • to produce valuation reports that will give you the self-assurance you need to complete the construction of a financial model from scratch.

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Course Features

  1. Simple Access

To sign up for online financial modeling classes, simply click. You can access and take part in our financial modeling course whenever you choose, from anywhere in the world. IIM Skills favors the use of cutting-edge, learner-oriented techniques over the use of antiquated, traditional ones to promote actual learning. Discussions are held in sessions. the best forums for resolving disputes.

  1. Flexible Timetable

The financial modeling course, which is offered to both weekday and weekend groups, is very suitable for both working professionals and students. Even after that, if you miss a class due to unforeseen reasons, backup lessons are offered at IIM SKILLS.

3.. Access to Learning Management System for Life

Through the user-friendly IIM SKILLS Learning Management System, you have access to all of the resource information. A 24/7 library for all course materials and session recordings, the learning management system is incredibly user-friendly. The fact that this LMS offers lifetime access is its best feature.

  1. Internship

An unpaid Internship for 2 months is available for all the candidates to help them experience real-life work practices.

  1. Placement Assistance

A dedicated placement cell is available to assist you in outlining your career in advance. It offers suggestions for jobs, career advice, and interviewing strategies.

  1. Streamlined certification process

There is a clear-cut process for students right from Registration to Professional career. It constitutes the following 8 steps

  • Registration
  • Selection of Batches
  • Attendance
  • Examination
  • Certification
  • Internship
  • Placement Assistance
  • Successful Professional


Course Fees: INR 39,900+GST

Do check out the rewards:



A leading provider of professional training in ed-tech is IM SKILLS. In some of the most important sectors, they provide in-depth training programs and courses that can help you redefine your profession and make the best decisions depending on your preferences.

These job-oriented training programs cover everything from the most fundamental aspects to the most complex ideas through a wise mix of theory and practicals. The learning structure gives the candidates the knowledge and understanding they require.

Their career-focused programs are geared toward recent graduates, stay-at-home mothers, professionals, and freelancers and they have offered placement assistance and have trained more than 25000 students in more than 1000 batches across a range of professional degrees. For professional training and wholesome career development, you can rely on the Financial Modeling course offered by IIM SKILLS.

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For IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep – a detailed comparative analysis, let us now shift our focus to Wall Street Prep


Wall Street Prep

Investment bankers founded Wall Street Prep (WSP) in 2004 to provide training for the financial services sector. Their instructor-led and online training programs, which are utilized by thousands of students and finance professionals, fill the gap between the classroom and the working world by imparting the practical skills required to excel in the workplace.

Top investment banks, private equity firms, investment funds, and business schools are among their prestigious clients. Wall Street Prep is the best option for students wishing to get into the finance industry because the online training and instructor-led boot camps are exact copies of corporate training.

The four distinctive features of their courses are –

Self-study Courses

The most efficient approach to learning how investment bankers and corporate finance experts construct financial models from scratch is through their step-by-step online training.

Boot Camps

While networking with professionals in the field and those seeking entry into investment banking learn useful skills that are immediately applicable to the workplace from their team of knowledgeable instructors and practitioners.

Corporate Learning

For investment banking analysts, associates, corporate finance, private equity, financial planning & analysis, and business development teams, Wall Street Prep offers specialized training programs.

Career Preparation

Our online Student Passport program and on-campus boot camps help students prepare for life at a desk by bridging the gap between academic instruction and workplace expectations.

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Wall Street Prep provides two kinds of Financial Modeling courses –

  • Basic Package
  • Premium Package

We will provide a detailed analysis of each of these packages.


Basic Package: Financial Modeling

For individuals considering a career in equities research, investment banking, or private equity, this is a terrific foundation course. Students will develop a comprehensive financial statement model while learning modeling best practices. This course, comprising 82 lessons, spans approximately 11 hours and is conducted online mode.

Course Modules

This detailed course includes the following modules –

  • Financial Statement Modeling Overview
  • Financial Modeling Best Practices
  • Preparing for Case Study
  • Historical Financial Data
  • Forecasting Income Statement
  • Forecasting Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet Schedules
  • Revolver – Cash and Circularity
  • Sensitivity Analysis – with Data and Tables
  • Modeling Earnings Per Share (EPS)
  • Balancing a Model
  • Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
  • Working Capital
  • Depreciation Waterfall
  • Updating an Existing Model

Must Check:


Course Objectives

  • Widely used Excel formulas and shortcuts for financial modeling
  • Best practices for financial modeling in Excel settings and formatting
  • Model plugs are made using the revolver and cash sweep.
  • Addressing the model’s circularities
  • Constructing a three-statement model that is completely integrated by utilizing accepted forecasting and scheduling norms
  • Model balancing and automatic check insertion
  • Analyze sensitivity and potential outcomes.
  • To effectively assess models for accuracy, integrity, and flaws

Course Price: $199


Premium Package: Financial & Valuation Modeling Certification Program

Top investment banks and financial institutions train their workers using exactly this program. By applying to this course, you learn DCF, M&A, LBO, Trading and Transaction Comps, and 3-Statement Modeling. Spanning 46 hours, with 7 courses this course is equally beneficial for both students and professionals.

Course Modules

Financial Statement Modeling

DCF Modeling

M&A Modeling

Trading Comps Modeling

Transaction Comps Modeling

LBO Modeling

In addition, you also get some bonus items with this package –

Building Buyers Lists

38 Mini-courses

Kick-off class – Meet the Instructor

Pitchbook platform – 1 month of access

Course Objectives

  • It lays the foundation for those pursuing a career in corporate finance, equities research, private equity, or investment banking.
  • Create financial models from scratch in Excel using real-world case studies and industry best practices.
  • Study DCF, Comps, M&A, and LBO modeling as well as financial statement modeling.
  • The same training course that top financial organizations use.


For 24 months following the date of registration, trainees are qualified to sit for the WSP Financial & Valuation Modeling Certification Exam. The certification will be awarded to those who pass the exam with a score of more than 70%. The exam is a rigorous, two-hour online test that covers the toughest topics in the Premium Package.

Course Features

Self-Paced, Intuitive, and Comprehensive

The Premium Package from Wall Street Prep is simple to use and self-paced. You should spend between 70 to 90 hours to finish it. This course teaches learners and experts how to develop, analyze, and interpret financial models in a step-by-step manner at their speed using a combination of videos, Excel model templates, and financial reports. Students develop detailed models just like they would on the job by following their tutorial guide, using Excel model templates, and being guided to the required external materials (SEC filings, research papers, etc.). The curriculum uses a case study style for this.

Practical Training for Investment Banking in the Real World

The Premium Package helps students develop the practical financial skills they will need on the job by bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world. You will gain the self-assurance you need through our curriculum to ace interviews and advance in your IB career.

Support Center

After enrolling, students have free, unlimited access to Wall Street Prep’s online support center, where a support team made up entirely of knowledgeable, former investment bankers provides them with informational updates, free downloads, and answers to problems.


Online private tutoring (Additional Fee Applies)

Want a bit more focus? The cost of live video-chat coaching with seasoned investment bankers is $800 per hour. Additionally, with an integrated web and phone platform, you and your instructor can share models, a virtual whiteboard, and any other files during your tutoring sessions, which improves the learning process.

Build Your Resume

In response to the difficulties facing job hopefuls, Wall Street Prep has introduced a free, opt-in service to all of its former students and new joiners. You will have the ability to upload your resume and cover letter to WSP once you sign up for the Premium Package.

Course Price: $499

Why WSP?

Wall Street Prep starts, exactly from where MBA programs finish. WSP emphasizes tactics and applications, whereas MBA schools are more concerned with theory and strategy. WSP and an MBA complement each other quite effectively.

The modules come with videos linked with step-by-step instructions that improve learning. The example templates greatly facilitate and emphasize the learning, and the pace is just right. Having successfully trained over one lakh students, this course is one of the finest available resources on Financial Modeling.

IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course Analysis

Both IIM SKILLS and Wall Street Prep are immensely successful training centers, altering the lives of professionals in significant ways. IIM SKILLS began primarily as a Content Writing training institute and gradually ventured into other professional training courses – like Digital Marketing, Technical Writing, Business Accounting, Taxation, etc. WSP has always concentrated on providing courses related to Marketing, Finance, and Real Estate.

The pricing of the IIM SKILLS’ course is affordable. WSP on the other hand provides course options for the candidate – in the form of Basic and Premium – depending upon the suitability of the candidate. IIM SKILLS has one consolidated course on Financial Modeling. The scale of WSP is extensive with great reachability, numerous partners, and plenty of success stories. IIM SKILLS’ staggering success in such a short period speaks volumes about their relentless student-assistance initiatives.


FAQs on IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course

  1. What are the requirements for applying to the Financial Modeling course?

The requirements for applying to the Financial Modeling course depend on the level you are applying for. Depending upon your proficiency, requirements differ –

No Background Knowledge

  • Study financial accounts, ratio analysis, and other subjects.
  • possess a highly developed capacity for analysis and problem-solving
  • Develop keen written and verbal communication skills.
  • Create your charts using MS Excel to learn how to accomplish them.

Basic level

  • Gain practical knowledge in accounting, curating financial statements, and financial forecasting while learning
  • How to create financial model templates.
  • Understand the financial markets and the assets they include, such as stocks and mutual funds, on a fundamental level.

 Intermediate level

  • Become proficient at producing financial statements in Excel.
  • Make financial models,
  • Create financial models, Analyze financial statements, understand credit assessments and ratings, and break the loops in Macro.
  • Understand what financial modeling is and how it differs from business models.

Advanced Level

  • Gain expertise in merger deal valuation calculations.
  • Understand how to create charts like Gantt charts, radar charts, waterfall charts, and charts for football fields, among others.
  • Understand how to construct the assumptions, such as synergies and takeover premiums.

2. Why are Financial Modeling courses so popular?

One of the most in-demand skill sets in the banking sector right now is financial modeling. It is a helpful tool for figuring out business concepts and risks that will lead to profitable operations. Nearly every other organization demands that employees in finance have a solid grasp of financial modeling. This skill set is therefore very useful for your line of work.

3. What purpose does it serve to contrast the two Institutes’ courses?

If you want to select the best option for you, you must carefully research the details of the Financial Marketing programs and courses provided by the two institutes. Although the curriculum at each institute is largely the same, each offers several unique components. Some provide lifetime access to learning e-portals, whereas others only do so for a predetermined time. Some organizations have more beneficial projects than others. As a result, before applying to any institute, a thorough study is required.

4. Who can apply for the Financial Modeling course?

Applications for the Financial Modeling course are accepted from the following individuals:

  • New/aspiring graduates
  • CA (Practicing/Professional)
  • MBA/FRM/CFA (pursuing or professional)
  • Financial department experts
  • engineers or tech:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Wannapreneurs
  • Professional in traditional marketing

Conclusion on IIM SKILLS vs WSP Financial Modeling course – a detailed comparative analysis

The greatest online course certification programs are now offered by a wide variety of national and international institutions, depending on the need. For those who have substantial hands-on experience in technical talents, these classes may be free or expensive, depending on the institute.

Before enrolling, one must take the demo classes that these colleges are offering to evaluate them. They can compare different factors more easily, making it easier to make the best decisions for their career progress. It depends on how closely the institutions follow your guidelines and fulfill all of your requirements.

To learn more about IIM SKILLS’ course directly from students, sign up for the Financial Modeling Demo Session. I hope that my thorough comparison of the NSE India Financial Modeling course vs. IIM Skills has helped you make the decision that will be optimal for your long-term development. Best of luck!

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