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IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course Review

Data analytics has gained popularity over the past several years since data is at the foundation of technology. The need for data analysts with the necessary skill set and knowledge will continue to rise as billions of data are produced every day. Therefore, choosing a data analyst as a career will take you to gratifying future. To work in this industry you need that skillset and expertise that you can gain through data analytics training. Here in this article, we have provided a career in data analytics and the best institution that will help you to get into the industry. We have given a comparative detail of the IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad data analytics course in depth to make your choice easy.

IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course

What is Data Analytics?

Analyzing data collections to identify trends and make conclusions about the information they contain is known as Data Analytics. 

Data analytics is increasingly carried out with the use of specialist hardware and software.

In order to help businesses make better decisions, data analytics technologies, tools, and methodologies are used extensively in the commercial sector. 

Activities including data analytics may support a company’s attempts to boost customer service, optimize marketing campaigns and generate revenue.

Data analytics gives businesses the capacity to respond quickly to changing market trends and gain a benefit over rival businesses.

Depending upon the application, the data examined can either be made up of fresh data that has been processed for real-time analytics or it might be made up of old data that has been preserved.

Additionally, it can be originated from a combination of within the system and outside data sources.

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A Career in Data Analytics

Data analytics is a rapidly expanding profession and as more businesses realize they must have to incorporate data analytics into their everyday operations, more job opportunities in this sector are arising.

Their diversity also enables them to readily integrate into most sectors, including banking, education, the public sector, healthcare, IT, networking, etc.

Here are a few factors that may influence your decision to pursue a profession in data analytics.

Popular Demand

Data is useless until it is used properly. Companies always look for employees with the proper skills to make use of modern technologies and a strong command of the programming language to build software that can handle a high number of datasets in order to transform raw and unstructured data into relevant insights.

The data analyst is extremely trained and assists the business in growing, identifying data loss, and most importantly better understanding their customers.

These factors also contribute to the rising need for data analysis professionals.

Great Benefits and High Starting Pay

Data analysts are compensated extremely highly in the field even at entry-level due to the shortage of data analysts on the market. There is no doubt that one of the highest-paying careers is data analysis.

The average annual salary of a data analyst is 5 lakhs. The average annual salary ranges from 2 to 11 lakhs. One’s income bracket keeps growing as one advances in their career and concentrates on developing new skill sets, staying current with their knowledge, and getting more experience.

The degree of education, job experience, industry they work in, location, skills, and certification all affect the salary range of data analysts.

Lack of Professionals Data Analysts

There is a huge need for data analysts, but there are relatively few individuals that are qualified to fill this position. This creates a huge number of options for you to launch your career in this industry.

For data professionals, the demand-supply gap is now quite large. Organizations need data experts who can provide them with a competitive advantage over their rivals.  As a result, the professional earns high pay and has a great career. Because competent professionals are in great demand, organizations put a strong focus on attracting and maintaining them by offering those benefits and higher pay.

Variety of Roles

Based on their years of experience and talents, professional data analysts are frequently exposed to a variety of roles and responsibilities. There are many different roles in different industries to choose from. All you have to do is figure out your areas of strength, expertise, and specific career goals.

The industry can be better understood by enrolling in a data analytics course. Data analytics courses can help you gain the skillset and knowledge you require in the field.

Here is the List of Factors You Will Gain Through the Data Analytics Course:

Technical Skills

  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL
  • R or Python – Statistical Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization

Soft Skills

  • Critical Thinking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills

Industry-relevant Projects and Hands-on Experience 

Industry Network Building

Now, let’s go through the in-depth details of the data analytics course from the best institution that will provide you with everything that is mentioned above.


The best professional courses are offered by the top online educational technology institute in India, IIM SKILLS, which was established by Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar in 2015. 

IIM SKILLS provides courses in finance programs, writing programs, marketing programs, analytics programs, and competitive exam coaching. Since 2015, they have trained more than 35000 professionals in 35+ countries through their innovative courses.

For professionals, job seekers, freshers, and even entrepreneurs interested in learning about the latest career-oriented programs and wanting to fulfill their career goals, IIM SKILLS provides skill development courses that are in high demand.

Their goal is to upskill professionally by offering self-paced and live online learning programs that are of world-class education at affordable prices.

Overview of IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Master Course

IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course is a 6-month certification program that takes beginners through all the necessary steps to become proficient as a data analyst.

The program is comprehensive and can be completed within 6 months of 150+ hours of instructor-led live online lectures and 100+ hours of practical assignments.

In this part of the program, learn the fundamentals of data analytics through 9 modules that cover every aspect of data analytics, and you will master 7+ tools. As you work through each module and project, you gain more knowledge and tools that are needed in the professional industry. 

Pre-session study materials, session recordings, and other resource materials are all kept in their Learning Management System (LMS) which also shows the step-by-step progress of the student.

Additionally, you will create a portfolio of data analytics from 7+ live projects and 10+ case studies that demonstrate your ability to handle complex project details.

This program also comes with a 2-month internship and guarantees an interview with placement assistant services such as resume building, and interview preparation.

About UpGrad

With a global learner base distributed across 85+ countries, UpGrad is the largest higher Ed-tech organization in South Asia. Top universities from around the world collaborated to design and execute the programs that UpGrad offers.

UpGrad has a solid foothold in the Indian education system thanks to its 85% program completion rate, outcome-based learning, solid tech platform, strong mentorship, industry-relevant curriculum, and placement support. UpGrad is working towards realizing its vision of letting career success for every member of the global workforce their lifelong learning partners.

UpGrad offers an immersive online learning experience to influence students globally by combining the most recent technology, top-notch teachers, and business partners.

Overview of the UpGrad’s Certification Program in Data Science and Analytics

UpGrad’s Certification Program in Data Science and Analytics program is a 6-month online program. This course curriculum is created specifically for college students.

You’ll receive 300+ learning hours with 100+ hours of live sessions. The program features 6+ hands-on projects and 4+ case studies to help you understand the practical applications of theoretical concepts. The curriculum includes AI-integrated marketing and covers fundamentals and advanced concepts of data analytics with 8 modules and 15+ tools. The 1:1 mentorship session with industry experts will help you resolve doubts and learn complex concepts easily and efficiently.

IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Eligibility Criteria

Anyone may start from the beginning to enter this leading-edge field if they are interested in data analytics.

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Basic expertise in computer and technology
  • It may be advantageous to have prior knowledge in mathematics and statistics, but it is not required.


Passion for data and problem-solving.

The entire course has been designed for newbies and starts with the very fundamentals, including Python Programming.

Therefore, having no coding experience is not required but an understanding of programming languages such as Python, Java, or C/C++ is an added advantage.

  • Must be pursuing graduation and post-graduation coursework.
  • Must have a functional laptop.
  • Must be fluent in spoken English.

IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Duration of the Course

6 Months6 Months


IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Mode of Learning

Live Online ClassesLive Online Classes
Every Saturday and Sunday from

10 AM to 1 PM

Every Saturday and Sunday from

7 PM to 9 PM


IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Fees of the Course

Rs.49,900 + Taxes

Rs.19,900 + Taxes (For any single module)

IIM SKILLS give a 100% money-back guarantee if you do not like their course, after your first session.

They also provide a 10% group discount for three or more enrolling.

Rs.40,000 + GST

EMI Option Rs.5245/month


IIM SKILLS Course Curriculum

Course ModulesTopics Covered
Moduel:1Data Analytics Using Advance ExcelIntroduction to Data Handling 

Data Visualization in Excel

Data Manipulation Using Functions

Data Analysis and Reporting

Overview of Dashboards

Create Dashboards in Excel – Using Pivot Controls

Module:2Data Analytics Using VBAIntroducing VBA

Key Components of Programming Language

How VBA Works with Excel

Programming Constructs in VBA

Functions and Procedures in VBA – Modularizing Your Programs

Objects and Memory Management in VBA

Communicating With Your Users


Module:3Data Analytics Using SQLBasics RDBMS Concepts

Utilizing The Object Explorer

Data Based Object Creation (DDL Commands)

Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Integration Services


Module:4Data Analytics Using Power BIIntroduction

Data Preparation and Modelling

Remove and Keep Rows, Go to Columns and Remove, Add

Data Analysis Expression (DAX)

Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)

Module:5Data Analytics UGreat Benefits and High Starting Paysing Python-IIntroduction to Basic Statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

Introduction to Analytics and Data Science

Python Essentials (Core)

Operations With NumPy (Numerical Python)

Overview of Pandas

Cleansing Data With Python

Module:6Data Analytics Using Python- IIData Analysis Using Python

Basic Visualization Tools

Visualizing Geospatial Data

Data Visualization with Python

Advanced Visualization Tools

Statistical Methods and Hypothesis Testing

Module:7Data Analytics Using TableauGetting Started

Data Handling and Summaries – I

Data Handling and Summaries – II

Building Advanced Reports / Maps

Table Calculations

Calculated Fields

Module:8R for Data ScienceData Importing/Exporting

Data Manipulation

Data Analysis

Data Visualization with R

Using R With Database

Introduction to Statistics

Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems


Module:9Data Analytics Using AlteryxData Analytics Using Alteryx


UpGrad Course Curriculum

Course ModulesTopics Covered
Module:1Problem Solving SkillsIntroduction to Problem-Solving

Approach to Problem-Solving

Aids to Business Problem Solving

Module:2Intro to Python ProgrammingData Types and Variables in Python

Data Structure in Python

Control Structures and Functions in Python

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in Python

Problem-Solving in Python

Module:3Python for Data ScienceNumPy Arrays and Operations

Data Manipulation with Pandas

Data Cleaning in Python

Introduction to Kaggle

Various Plots in Matplotlib

Data Visualization with Seaborn

Module:4Introduction to SQL Data Warehouse and Database Design

Data Modelling

SQL Querying

Joins and Set Operations

Business Problem-Solving using Data Modelling

Module:5Data VisualizationIntroduction to Data Analysis

Creating and Formatting Charts

Creating a Pivot Table

Analyzing Data in a Pivot Table

Getting Started with Tableau

Charts, Plots, Hierarchies

Grouping and Tree-Maps

Dashboard Creation


Module:6Exploratory Data Analysis and StatisticsInferential Statistics

Hypothesis Testing

Data Sourcing

Data Cleaning

Univariate Analysis

Bivariate Analysis

Derived Metrics

Module:7Machine LearningMath’s Essentials for ML 

Linear Regression

Decision Trees


Module:8Business UnderstandingData Storytelling and Effective Communication

Business Problem Solving

Module:9Capstone ProjectsData Cleaning Project – Movies Dataset

SQL Project – RSVP Movies

Linear Regression Project – Car Rate Prediction

Lead Scoring Project


IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Tools and Techniques Covered



Power BI



R for Data Science









IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Learning Materials Access

Lifetime3 Years
Through the LMS you get lifetime access to all of the learning resources.

There is no restriction on the number of views and time limits to access the LMS.

Following the end of your courses, you will have three years to access the learning materials.


IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Best for

The greatest candidates for the Data Analytics course, are aspiring professionals with an analytical mindset.

But, IIM SKILLS thinks anyone with different educational background can also opt for this course such as,

  • Fresher
  • UG/PG Students
  • IT Professionals
  • Marketing Executives
  • Finance and Banking Experts
  • Sales Executives
  • Supply Chain Network Managers
Fresher or College students looking for jobs in the field of data science.


IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Certification

IIM SKILLS offers govern. recognized certification after completing the course and exams.

This master’s certification will serve as a marker of your skill development in the field of data analysis and also be globally recognized.

Duel certification from Golden Gate University California and UpGrad Campus.


IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Placement Assistance

IIM SKILLS specialist placement cell will help you in any way possible, to plan your career in the industrial sector.

They provide career guidance, interview tips, and job suggestions.

The fact that guaranteed placements are only given to deserving candidates and IIM SKILLS only guarantees 100% assured interview.

UpGrad Campus provides Internship Plus and Placement Plus, two uniquely crafted programs that will teach and mentor you to land a job at your ideal firm.

With the use of employability exams, group discussions, profile building, mock interviews, resume building, and other services, this program will assist you in becoming job ready.


IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Program Offerings

Program OfferingsIIM SKILLSUpGrad
Industry Accredited Course
Discount Coupon×
24×7 Support
100% Money-Back Guarantee×
EMI Option×
Doubt Clearing Session
Learning Materials
Live Projects
Case Studies
Govern. Recognized Certificate×

What You Will Learn in IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course?

  • Understand statistical concepts including correlation, central tendency, regression, and dispersion – Excel at SQL fundamentals like query universal tool and SQL command.
  • Learn the specifics of Python such as contributions, dictionaries, branching, sets, lists, and other objects
  • Use the ideas of conditions, functions, variables, loops, etc. to develop Python programs.
  • Learn how to interact with loading and saving data with Pandas while reading and writing in Python.
  • Using NumPy’s multi-dimensional arrays, Pandas data frame management, and Scikit-learn’s machine learning implementation, you may get a solid understanding of data interpretation in Python
  • Using Python libraries, analyze the performance of data analytics.
  • Exhibit a solid understanding of classification approaches, linear and nonlinear regression models, and both for data analytics work process
  • Learn how to effectively use hierarchical techniques and clustering techniques including DBSCAN and K-means
  • Proficiency in the use of Excel for business analytics
  • Discover visualization tools such as Power BI and Microsoft analytics
  • Gain knowledge of Tableau’s model and statistics and develop your ability to create interactive dashboards
  • Acquire knowledge of visualization techniques including waterfall, treemap, heat map, Market Basket, and Pareto analysis.
Contact Information
Phone Number:+91 9580 740 740
Email ID:[email protected]

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

What You Will Learn in UpGrad Data Analytics Course?

  • Learn how to make use of the most recent data analytics technology to improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Knowledge of latest analytics tools and software including NumPy, Pandas, Python, SQL, and Tableau
  • Demonstrate Intermediate competency in presenting information and patterns found in data through visualization
  • Learn tools of statistical and machine learning will be accessible at the initial level of expertise that will allow them to query and discover patterns
Contact Information
Phone Number:1800 210 2020
Email ID:[email protected]


IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which course is best for data analytics?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with an answer because it fully depends on your unique situation and future professional aspirations.

We have provided some in-depth details of both of the courses and institutions, but in the end, you’ll need to choose the one that is most suitable for you based on your unique requirements, circumstances, and goals.

Q. Why data analytics is becoming more popular right now?

Data helps organizations to more accurately and thoroughly understand their customers. The most accurate approach to data analytics is to extract insights from business data and put those insights to good use.

Additionally, data analytics helps a corporation in identifying future patterns along with assisting in the fixing of current business issues. This is the main reason for the arrival of data analytics into the market.

Q. Is data analytics a promising career for fresher?

This can depend on a variety of things, from your knowledge and expertise to the particular field you are interested in. Data analysis, however, can be a great field for new graduates because it provides so many chances for progress.

There is a constant need for qualified individuals in this industry because data analysts are vital for helping firms make meaning of their data and take better decisions. An exciting career in data analysis can be yours if you are driven and enthusiastic about dealing with data.

Q. What is the career path for a data analyst?

Senior data analyst, analytics manager, director, vice president, or even chief data officer are all possible career paths for data analysts. All of these career paths exhibit themselves when a person continually pushes themselves and strives to improve.

IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad Data Analytics Course: Conclusion

Online data analytics courses are widely available. You should decide on your requirements and career prospects before choosing a course. We hope this IIM SKILLS vs. UpGrad data analytics course article would greatly simplify your decision-making. Check out both of the courses if you are interested in learning data analytics to keep up with the rapid advancements in the industry.

We have also provided contact information, if you have any questions about these programs, you can also get in touch with the institute.


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