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IIM SKILLS vs SkillShare Data Analytics Course- A Full Review

Curious to know about data? If you want to learn data analytics completely and correctly, we encourage you to read this article. A key decision in determining your career in the constantly increasing subject of data analytics may be selecting the appropriate institute. The perfect institute provides thorough data analytics training as well as reliable placement opportunities to launch your career in the industry. In this article, IIM SKILLS vs. Skillshare Data Analytics Course, we compare two of the top providers of data analytics education. Both organizations are famous for their professionalism in the field and commitment to supporting placements.

IIM Skills vs Skill share Data Analytics Courses

Let’s dive into the features that set them apart from the competition.

There are several opportunities for both newcomers and experienced professionals to succeed in the expanding field of data analytics. Businesses are now able to produce and keep more data than ever before, and with unparalleled accuracy, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. Naturally, this has increased demand for data analysts. Therefore, earning a certificate in data analytics is an excellent method to kick start your career in this field. So, if you are looking for the best data analyst training and placement program, then let me tell you that it is offered by two most renowned institutes that is IIM Skills and Skill share with great features.

Data Analytic courses are provided by universities, colleges, and specialized training institutes along with several academic institutions. They are available at many levels, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional certificates, making them suitable for people with different educational backgrounds and professional aspirations.

Analytics of Data and Its Importance:

The introduction of data analytics has revolutionized and metamorphosed the way we look and use data due to which it is termed as a game-changer.

 It enables organizations and decision-makers to convert data into insightful knowledge by bringing to light the hidden opportunities within massive databases. Incorporating ethics and creativity as we move forward on this data-driven route will help us design a future in which data analytics continues to have an impact on and improve the world around us.

In today’s world, use of data analytics has had a significant impact on how choices are made and problems are solved across all industries. Businesses can obtain a competitive advantage by predicting consumer preferences, market trends, and upcoming threats by combining historical and present data. Data-driven insights could assist firms in increasing their total efficiency and profitability in addition to improving customer happiness, streamlining processes, and resource allocation.

Big data and analytics are utilized in the professional employment market to understand consumers and operations. This type of tendency is expanding on a daily basis in the job market for professionals. Online courses of all levels, from beginner to expert, are readily available and offer the potential to develop one’s knowledge and career. While some courses focus on a variety of subjects, others have a more narrow focus. The beginning levels of different courses vary. Choosing the best path for you is essential when beginning a career in data analytics.

We’ll compare IIM Skills vs Skillshare Data Analytics Course to examine how the two institutes compare and how each will help students launch a career in data analytics.

An Example of a Data Analytics Application in Real Life:

Let us take the example of Netflix. A very highly realistic example of data analytics is the personalized viewing recommendations provided by Netflix. What do you think? What impact does this feature have on Netflix’s potential for commercial success, and how does Netflix reach to such kind of suggestions?

As you might have anticipated, it all begins with data collection. Netflix collects a range of data from its 163 million global subscribers, including what viewers watch and when, what devices they use, whether they pause and resume a show, how they rate certain content, and precisely what users search for when looking for new content to watch.

Netflix by using data analytics connect all these various data sources and create a comprehensive viewing profile for each subscriber. Based on important indications and trends within each user’s viewing pattern, the system for recommendations offers personalized (and brilliantly accurate) choices for what the user might want to watch next.

This kind of tailored service has a significant impact on the user experience; according to Netflix, personalized recommendations account for over 75% of viewing engagement. You can determine that Netflix continuously controls the global streaming business by looking at their revenue and usage figures, which continue to rise year after year. This efficient use of data analytics is also significantly added to the growth of the organization.

Benefits of Taking a Data Analytics Course in Today’s Time: 

Studying data analytics can offer many advantages and lead to intriguing prospects in the data-driven world of today. There are several advantages to taking a data analytics course nowadays, some of which are stated below:

  • Gaining skills in data analytics allows you the opportunity to collaborate with a range of teams and businesses, look into international job opportunities, and get a global perspective.
  • Data analytics enhances problem-solving abilities that are beneficial in both the personal and professional spheres by evaluating complex data sets, discovering essential information, and coming up with logical solutions.
  • Since data analytics can facilitate data gathering, processing, and interpretation, it is pertinent for a variety of professions. It provides a flexible skill set suitable for all sectors.
  • Data analytics professionals usually earn high salaries as a result of their specialized knowledge and the imbalance between supply and demand in the sector.
  • The increased need for data analytics experts across industries fosters a thriving labor market and alluring employment prospects.
  • Data analytics helps evidence-based decision-making by making it easier to spot trends, patterns, and effective techniques. This increases the effectiveness of decision-making above intuition or guesswork. 
  • Enrolling in a data analytics course will allow you to keep up with the most recent advancements and trends in the rapidly expanding field of data analytics while also continuing your education and development. 

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IIM SKILLS vs SkillShare Data Analytics Course –  A Comparative Analysis:


IIM SKILLS is a well-known, eminent institution in the field of educational technology. Since 2015, the institute has offered professional upskilling courses with the aim of offering high-quality education at a fair price. IIM SKILLS, a New Delhi-based company, offers online instruction to the general public.

With IIM SKILLS, you can learn from any location in the world with ease. You can participate and attend the interactive live sessions from anywhere, doing away with the need to commute and conserving valuable time and energy. They provide a dynamic, interactive virtual classroom that encourages cooperation and idea-sharing. You can interact with your peers and mentors and gain insightful knowledge.

One of the very focused professional courses offered by IIM SKILLS is the Data Analytics Course. A thorough grasp of data and how it may support firms in thriving in this highly volatile marketplace is given to you through the course’s demanding curriculum.


Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers a variety of courses so people may pick up new skills or hone their current ones. To make learning interesting and engaging, it provides interactive video classes, projects, and community involvement.

With its headquarters in New York City, Skillshare was established in 2010. With millions of users and thousands of lessons, it has expanded through time to become one of the biggest online learning platforms. The online education firm Open Classrooms purchased Skillshare in 2019. Since then, Skillshare has continued to increase the number of services it offers and the size of its instructor and learner communities.

Skillshare provides training in a variety of fields, including design, business, technology, creative writing, photography, data analytics and many others. Web programming, photography, illustration, graphic design, and creative writing are a few of the courses that are very popular. The portal additionally provides courses designed especially for freelancers and business owners, as well as courses meant to boost people’s professions. Regardless of skill level or experience, there is something for everyone in the courses because they range in duration and level of difficulty.

The commitment of IIM Skills to a larger, more uniform collection of courses is the main distinction between it and Skillshare. Both platforms have different standards for instructors, with IIM Skills requiring subject-matter experts while Skillshare allows anyone to teach courses.

I’ll give an overview of each platform, its price, the kinds of courses it offers, its advantages and disadvantages, and more below.

IIM SKILLS vs SkillShare Data Analytics Course : A Brief Overview 

IIM Skills and Skillshare are both popular online education training websites.

The e-learning opportunities available on each site are, however, extremely diverse. This overview is meant to assist you, the student, in making the choice between which option is preferable for achieving your personal and professional objectives because it may be customized to your particular intended result or gain.


On Skillshare, there are more than 35,000 courses focusing on creative talents that may be uploaded and taught by anyone, regardless of background in education or the workforce.

They provide courses that range in length from ten minutes to many hours and are delivered in video format. It can be said that that Skillshare provides courses in bite-size or chunks. The fact that Skillshare is an ad-free platform is an added plus for uninterrupted study.

Users of Skillshare have the option to download lessons to their tablet or mobile device for offline learning.


About IIM Skills, it is a top Ed-tech institute, offering support to over 35000 students, including academic counseling, soft skills training, resume preparation, placement assurances, internships, and career enhancement services.

The IIM SKILLS course curriculum is rigorous, featuring modules, practical assignments, case studies, and learning resources to enhance retention and enjoyment of learning.

IIM Skills provides accessible education, offers payment options, refunds for unsatisfied students, and clear information about the institute, courses, and accreditation, assisting with course selection and accreditation clarity.

They offer live training courses ranging in length from a few hours to many months, along with practical assignments, case studies, real-world projects, and guaranteed placements.

IIM SKILLS Course Modules:

The Data Analytics Course has a 6-month complete training period and a 2-month, optional, unpaid internship.

IIM SKILLS offers a comprehensive course, focusing on real-world trends and market relevance, preparing students for employment in this complex field. The course covers all topics in-depth pertaining to data analytics. You gain proficiency in many different areas, such as clustering, DBScan, NumPy, and Python libraries.

Additionally, you gain experience using visualization tools and gain skill with interactive dashboards. Heat maps, Pareto diagrams, waterfall plots, and tree maps are all covered in the course. The data analytics programme at IIM SKILLS employs an immersive learning approach through live interactive sessions. Case studies, hands-on assignments, and periodic evaluations can all help you determine how well you’re grasping the numerous parts of the data analytics process.

These Are the Specific Course Materials for the Data Analytics Program: 

  • Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Advance Excel (9 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
  • R For Data Science (20 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)

Skills Acquired After Completing Data Analytics Course From IIM SKILLS:

  • Have a basic understanding of statistical principles such central tendency, correlation, dispersion, and regression – Excel at SQL concepts like SQL command, query universal tool.
  • Be familiar with the nuances of Python’s lists, sets, contributions, branching, dictionaries, objects, and classes.
  • Learn how to develop Python programs by being familiar with concepts such as variables, conditions, loops, and functions.
  • Practice dealing with, loading, and saving data with Pandas as well as reading and writing files in Python.
  • Use NumPy’s multi-dimensional arrays, Pandas’ Data Frame management features, and Scikit-Learn’s machine learning implementation to develop a basic understanding of data interpretation in Python.
  • Using Python libraries, comprehend the performance of data analytics.
  • Possess a solid understanding of classification techniques, linear and non-linear regression models, and both for the Data Analysis work process.
  • Gain skill in clustering methods including K-means, DBSCAN, and hierarchical clustering.
  • Master the use of Excel for business analytics.
  • Gain insight into the Tableau model and statistics, and discover how to create interactive dashboards.
  • Become familiar with Microsoft’s analytics and visualization tools (Power BI).
  • Become knowledgeable about visualization techniques, including a heat map, tree map, waterfall, Pareto, and market basket analysis.

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Course Modules of SkillShare:

Learning on Skillshare is restricted to only creative subjects, and the content is not standardized. Since anybody can become an instructor on Skillshare, course quality is frequently erratic and less dependable. You won’t always be able to access fixed-duration courses on the Skillshare platform. There is a wide range in the caliber of the lessons and information on Skillshare because it allows any user to become an instructor.

So, a Quick Navigation Over Skill Share Courses:

                      Pros                       Cons
lots of coursescosts can add up if you​ take lots of courses
lifetime access​not accredited
​mobile appsome courses are lower quality
short bite-sized lessons​some courses are very short
​one fee to access many coursesless ​course​s to choose from (especially non-creative topics)
​high quality ​course videos and site navigation

Skillshare However, Provides Innumerable Data Analytics Courses Ranging From a Few Minutes to Hours. Below is a List of Some of Them:

  • The Art of Data: Analytics in Everyday life (46 minutes)
  • Data Analytics Habits: Practical Best Practice Tips (57 minutes)
  • Advanced Google Analytics Course (3 hrs. 48 mins)
  • Data Visualisation: From Data to Insights (1 hr. 58 mins)
  • 30 days of Python: Coding for Beginners (5 hrs. 10 mins)
  • 7 Super Excel Formulas: Excel at Microsoft Excel (37 mins)
  • Alteryx Essentials (2 hrs.25 mins)
  • Machine learning: K-means clustering (1 hr. 22 mins)
  • Beautify Your Data: Intro to Data Visualisation using Tableau (1 hr.12 mins)
  • From Zero to R Hero 1: Introduction to R programming (3 hrs.2 mins)

Skills Acquired After Completing Skill share Data Analytics Course:

  • Enable participants to design, calculate, and create visually appealing dashboards, thereby enhancing decision-making efficiency.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to use data to your advantage on a daily basis so you may achieve your objectives.
  • Assist you in developing and implementing strong analytical work habits.
  • Focus on data-driven marketing and decision-making
  • Gain expertise in data visualization principles, best practices, and techniques to create engaging and high-quality visualizations that improve understanding and communication of data-driven insights.
  • The learner will acquire the necessary tools to create intelligent and automated workflows suitable for the workplace, supported by three artifacts. 
  • Provides guidance on seven exceptional Microsoft Excel Formulas that can enhance efficiency and productivity in the workplace making more competent.
  • Learn to construct the k-means clustering algorithm, a crucial tool for data mining and big data analysis, which automatically identifies patterns without labels.
  • Provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of R programming, enabling statistical analysis and visually appealing results.
  • Gain hands-on experience in transforming your data into visually appealing and insightful dashboards.

IIM SKILLS vs SkillShareData Analytics Course– Fee Structure:


Courses Fee – INR 49900 + taxes

Courses Duration – 6 Months

Skill Share:

Skill share is absolutely free for the first month.

However, it is totally possible to sign up for a free month with Skill share, gain access to top-notch online courses, and discontinue your membership before the trial period expires to avoid being charged.

You just have one option left after your one-month trial.

Annual membership costs $168 ($14 per month on average).

One significant distinction between the two institutions is that IIM Skills offers certification following the end of their course, whereas Skillshare does not.

IIM Skills offers lifetime access to the course contents.

Frequently Asked Questions on IIM SKILLS vs SkillShare Data Analytics Course

Q1. How soon should I implement an analytics strategy?

Analytics is a continual activity, not something you do just once or for a certain occasion. Businesses should keep analytics in mind and get ready to use it as a routine business function. Businesses start adopting a variety of strategic and general business decisions once they start to understand the potential of analytics to solve issues.

Q2. What needs to be given priority? SQL, Python, or Power BI?

Learning never stops, especially in data analytics. Due to the rapid changes in the data landscape, professionals will need to learn about modern data stacks as well as the numerous new ideas and fantastic tools that go along with them every day. Data specialists will soon be employing a variety of tools that they would have never heard of when they first started.

Q3. What types of data points are required for analysis, and how can businesses begin collecting them?

The most important resource for any analytics project is data, thus the company should ensure that it understands its consumer and business data in a systematic way. A long-term and short-term data strategy is necessary to collect the right data points in the right format. The objectives and methods for this strategy depend on the business (e.g., learn about customer or product selling strategies, or customer journey, etc ). Developing data collection methods and technological infrastructure that will enable us to store and present these data points in an understandable manner requires a certain level of expertise.

Conclusion on IIM SKILLS vs SkillShare Data Analytics Course

That concludes to IIM SKILLS vs SkillShare Data Analytics Course. You have, in my opinion, been given the best information that can lead you to making a wise decision to enroll in a data analytics school and excel in this profession.

Before enrolling in any organization, it would be a prudent choice to consider the pros and cons, as well as the feedback from alumni and the general public.

I hope the process is enjoyable for you and that this post helps you in your search.

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