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IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course

Here we present to you a detailed analysis of the IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling course. Financial models compile and combine historical data and numbers to develop logical decision-making strategies. Business decisions can frequently prove to be risky. Therefore there is an increase in demand for finance experts as more businesses recognize the potential that finance modelers can bring to the table. Businesses employ highly qualified financial professionals to deal with crises even before they arise.

IIM SKILLS vs NSE India - Best Financial Modeling Course

Hence, Financial Modeling is now a highly sought-after skill for finance professionals all over the world. Since several reputed institutions are providing Financial Modeling courses, it becomes confusing to decide which course to pursue. Therefore, in this article, we are going to present a detailed review of the two Financial Modeling courses offered by two premium institutes – IIM SKILLS and NSE INDIA.

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Detailed Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course



IIM SKILLS is a leading educational technology institution in India that provides professional training. They provide in-depth training programs and courses that can help you redefine your profession and make the best decisions depending on your preferences.

They offer placement assistance and have trained more than 25000 students in more than 1000 batches across a range of professional degrees. Their career-focused program is geared toward recent graduates, stay-at-home mothers, professionals, and freelancers.

The time frame can be anywhere between four and twelve weeks. These professional courses cover everything from the most fundamental to the most complex ideas through a blend of theory and practicals. The learning structure gives the candidates the knowledge and understanding they require.


Courses offered by IIM SKILLS –


Financial Modeling Course

This comprehensive Financial Modeling Course is ideal for motivating you to use your financial modeling abilities to their fullest potential. It gets you ready for work in investment banking, equities research, credit research, etc.

The courseware, created and designed by industry experts, covers every aspect of the discipline of finance and valuation. Each module has several subjects that are evenly distributed across several module structures. The curriculum distinguishes out from the rest because it places equal emphasis on academic and practical acquisition.

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Course Modules 

  • Excel – Basics and Advanced 
  • Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  • KPI Analysis
  • Financial Modeling – Basics
  • Financial Modeling – Types
  • Business Valuation

After careful research and consideration, business experts with an in-depth understanding of the finance sector chose the vast, in-depth financial modeling course curriculum provided by IIM SKILLS. As it is specifically designed to assist students in locating market-level roles while following the requirements of the finance industry, this course may be safely regarded as the best financial modeling course.

It teaches you the nuances of financial modeling so you can avoid making any mistakes.  With our comprehensive financial modeling and valuation course, learn the art and science of financial modeling. It will give you useful insights into how a company or client operates internally, including their income, balance sheets, acquisitions, financial statements, etc. Consequently, it will be easier for you to understand the company’s foundation.

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Course Objectives

• Get a thorough understanding of financial modeling and financial statements.

• Arrange and analyze historical data, project future projections, and present and assimilate financial statements, key ratios, and outputs.

• Learn to create efficient, streamlined, robust financial models to structure and analyze historical data, forecast future projections, and present assimilated financial statements, key ratios, and outputs.

• Develop the skill of analyzing old company records to determine the likelihood of new business opportunities.


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Special Aspects of this Course –

Easy Accessibility

Online financial modeling training classes are at your fingertips. You can access and take part in the financial modeling course from anywhere in the world at any time. At IIM Skills, conventional techniques are discouraged and in modern, student-centered methods are used to promote genuine learning. Discussion sessions are conducted for healthy debates and clarifying issues.

Adjustable Routine

The financial modeling course offers both weekday and weekend batches so that both students and professionals can attend the classes. Even after that, backup classes are available at IIM SKILLS if you miss a lesson due to unavoidable circumstances.

Experienced Mentors

In addition to being subject-matter experts, the mentors are also very approachable and encourage your questions and concerns. They bring actual business issues up for discussion under the direction of trainers who have prior experience working for top organizations. They also help you with bonus tips and strategies for an advantage over others.

Lifetime Access to LMS

You have access to all the resource material through our user-friendly learning management system. Access a wide variety of resources, that can help you by boosting your learning curve. The learning management system is very user-friendly and serves as a 24/7 repository for all course materials and session recordings. The greatest feature of LMS is that once you complete the course, you get lifetime access to the LMS.

Globally Recognized Certification

IIM Skills certifications are recognized all around the world. When you complete the course and get a test score of at least 50%, you are awarded a shareable Master Certification. It should be mentioned on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social media pages to draw in prospective clients and companies. Your resume and CV act as a credible illustration of your significant learning experience.


Every participant in the program will do a two-month unpaid internship with one of their partner businesses. Here, you can use real-world projects and scenarios to practice your financial modeling skills.

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Job Assistance

Classes in reserves. At IIM Skills, missed sessions are no longer a source of learning gaps. As soon as a question arises, get in touch with your mentors for a swift answer.

Recommendations for jobs. They go above and beyond to get you job referrals so that your career gets off to a steady start. Your work chances are carefully considered by the cautious placement cell.

Résumé building and assisting with interviews. They continue to hold your hand even after the course is complete as you update your CV and interview techniques to land the job of your dreams.

Support After Training: Whether or not you finished the course, you can continue to contact the mentors for guidance and support throughout your life.

Free trial class

To experience a product before purchasing it, IIM SKILLS offers a FREE trial session. To decide for yourself whether the mentors and their training techniques are the right matches for you, sign up for the free demo. Register for the financial modeling and valuation course if the trial satisfies your needs.

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8 Steps To a Successful Career in Financial Modeling 

At IIM SKILLS the process to success is systematic and streamlined through 8 steps –

  • Registration
  • Selection of batch
  • Attendance
  • Examination
  • Certification
  • Internship
  • Placement Assistance
  • Successful Graduate

It is because of this well-structured design and extensive courseware that IIM SKILLS boasts of a phenomenal success rate of 87% with a staggering 4.9 rating out of 5.

Course Fees : INR 39,900 + 18% GST


NSE India

To promote financial literacy as a fundamental life skill and offer training and certifications in banking, insurance, and financial markets, NSE Academy Limited, a division of NSE Investments Limited (previously known as NSE Strategic Investment Corporation Limited), was established on March 12, 2016.

It encourages the growth of a human resource pool with the necessary qualifications and experience in each BFSI industry sector to deliver high-quality market intermediation to participants. NSE India provides 2 kinds of Financial Modeling courses – online and offline. We shall go by each program in great detail.

Certification in Online Financial Modeling

A course called “Certification in Online Financial Modeling” was created with the idea of giving people who support the idea of long-term investment and value development experience. Building models to represent financial statements and investments is a field of study.

This curriculum has been designed to assist participants in grasping the fundamentals of the topic and applying that understanding to “real-world” issues to build consistent and realistic financial models.

The Financial Modeling Training program is created to provide students with the in-depth information and training necessary to prevail in the quickly evolving international financial markets. The foundational theories and methods of value analysis, strategy analysis, prospective analysis, DCF modeling, trading comparables, and transaction comparables are covered in this course.

Excel modeling will provide the students with the confidence they need to design their financial models from the beginning. Be an expert at determining company valuation by learning financial modeling.

Course Modules 

  • Financial Modeling – Basics
  • Building Financial Model
  • Case study on building Financial Modeling
  • Analysis of Financial Statement
  • Methods of Valuation
  • Case Study – Financial Modeling


Course Offerings

Spanning over 10 hours, with 59 videos and more than 30 Supplementary Study Materials and full-length tests, this training is conducted in Online mode. It’s crisp, contact, and easy to attend.


The following candidates are eligible for this course –

• CFA, CA, MBA finance, and commerce students

• candidates interested in becoming equity research analysts

• working professionals to enhance their employment prospects in the field of equity research.

Course Fees – INR 9,000

Certification in Equity Valuation and Financial Modeling

The main goal of this course is to teach the students how to put the theoretical techniques for long-term investment and value development into practice. To illustrate financial statements and investment analysis, the course combines its accounting, finance, and Excel abilities. Whether you are a working professional or an avid investor, financial modeling is one of the most fundamental and in-demand abilities in the finance business.

The cost of capital and discounted cash flow approaches will be taught to the students in the equity valuation and financial modeling course, and these concepts will help them make more informed estimates, assessments, and decisions. To assist with the process of basic spreadsheet valuations, the student will complete assignments using financial modeling to value a firm and determine if it is cheap or overvalued. The participants in the course will learn modeling in Excel so they may build their financial models from scratch.

Course Modules

• Reading and comprehending financial statements

• Forecasting and analysis of financial statements

• Techniques for Valuation

• Case Study of Financial Modeling

Along with these basic modules, this course also contains the following additional content –

  • Support Team
  • Case studies
  • Internship
  • Infrastructure
  • Kredent Library


Course Offerings

Since the mode of teaching is offline, classes are held only on weekends so that both professionals and students can attend the classes. 8 sessions of 3 hours each run approximately for a month. 10 hours of content includes 59 videos and more than 30 supplementary study materials. 


When a student enrolls in the course, NSE Academy, through Kredent Academy, will provide them with a “Certificate of Completion.” The certification validity is for 5 years.

Course Eligibility Criteria 

Any of the following is eligible to apply to the course –

• Any Finance MBA


• A student of commerce who wants to become an equity research analyst Any working employee who wants to increase their job prospects in the equity research industry

Finally, it can be said that Certificates from NSE are helpful. They improve the worth of your resume, to start. Second, they assist you in learning both theoretical and practical information about how the stock market operates. They may assist you in finding work in the stock market sector at a reasonable cost.

Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course

Let us now have a closer look at the parallels offered by these two institutes, as far as the Financial Modeling course is concerned. 

NSE is primarily aimed at fostering investment possibilities, facilitating access, and empowering stakeholders, to fuel India’s growth story.

NSE has launched a series of programs under the subsidiary called – NSE Academy Limited, set up in 2016 to foster financial literacy. Programs are available through NSE Academy in partnership with Kredent Academy, Trading Campus, E-learn Markets, and others. These courses’ distribution methods and content organization are of great advantages. NSE Academy also disseminates higher education to undergraduate students.


IIM SKILLS on the other hand is an ed-tech start-up solely aiming at providing an array of professional courses to hone the new generation with smart, industry-oriented skills. They have a fully dedicated Placement Cell, a 24*7 assistance group – to support, promote, and benefit the candidates.

Their modules are extremely well-researched, imparted by industry-experienced mentors catering to students all over the world. The lifetime access to their LMS makes their course a very unique one. The Internship opportunity opens up practical experience for the candidates, exposing them to real-world scenarios. Overall, the experience at IIM SKILLS is an all-around growth from an aspiring professional to a successful career in Financial Modeling.


FAQS on Detailed Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course

1. What is the expected salary after completing the Financial Modeling course?

Over the past few years, the pay for financial modeling has increased. People with exceptional talents for financial analysis and derivations are needed in a wide variety of vocations. For many aspiring finance students and financial professionals working in various areas of the financial sector, financial modeling is becoming a more profitable career choice. The expected salary of a Financial Modeller in India varies between INR 3.3 lakh – INR 12 lakh, per year.

2. What are the crucial factors to consider when choosing a Financial Modeling course?

When choosing a Financial Modeling course, you should pay close attention to the following factors: the curriculum, certification preparations, practical assignments, access to the learning management system, post-course support, tool knowledge, internship opportunities, and placement assistance.

3. How much does the Financial Modeling course cost both online mode and offline mode?

In India, the cost of the Financial Modeling course ranges from INR 9,000 to INR 10,00,000, depending on the method of instruction, the length of the program, and the course content.

4. How can I determine if the financial modeling course is the right one for me?

You might be interested in learning financial modeling if you have a thorough understanding of the financial procedures used by businesses and a desire to discover how these businesses might run more effectively with accurate data and analysis. Using your expertise in accounting and analysis, as well as your knowledge of financial modeling, you might select the precise.

5. What makes the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling course a good choice?

The IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling course is the most well-liked among applicants due to a few distinctive features. These include

  • Revised syllabi
  • Resources, including are available on the LMS round-the-clock 
  •  flexible batches.
  • Career guidance and assistance
  • Backup classes for missed sessions
  • Course materials and the LMS are available forever.
  • Help with job placement and interview preparation
  • Mentorship

Concluding Thoughts on Detailed Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs NSE India Financial Modeling Course

Today, numerous local and international institutions offer the best online course certification programs for the current need. These programs may be free or paid, depending on the institute, for those with extensive hands-on expertise in technical abilities. One must attend the demo classes that these institutes are offering before enrolling so that they can be evaluated by the participants.

It helps them to compare the various aspects so that it is simpler to have the best and the proper decisions as per the demand of your professional advancement. It depends on how well the institutions adhere to your standards and check off your lists. I sincerely hope that my detailed comparison of the IIM Skills vs NSE India Financial Modeling course has aided you in making the best choice for your long-term development. Good Luck!

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