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IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course Review

The demand for expert data analytic professionals has been rising rapidly which opens a gateway of opportunities for numerous interested individuals in building or pursuing careers in the field of data analytics. Digitalisation plays a major part in wide-spreading the needs and requirements of data analytics professionals as we see advertisements of vaccines on a variety of job profiles associated with data analytics on various job portals, including LinkedIn, naukari.com, indeed and more. Here the question arises of how individuals pursue their careers in data analytics as we are also witnessing the demand in the roles of data analysts, data scientists, business analysts and other related professionals. This article portrays a thorough comparison between IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL data analytics course which guide course participants to decide on their choice of course accordingly. Join this expedition through which we explore significant topics of comparison such as course syllabus, fee structure, certification and more.

IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course

Table of Content 

  • Why Pursue a Data Analytics Course
  • IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course
  • NPTEL Data Analytics Course
  • IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Eligibility
  • IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Syllabus
  • IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Highlights
  • IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Duration & Mode of Study
  • IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Certification
  • IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Fees
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Why Pursue a Data Analytics Course

Data analytics course is considered one of the modern generations or trending as well as rapidly growing courses in today’s data-driven world. Why pursue a data analytics course? The answer to this question may vary according to different individuals. However, the analytics industry witnessed significant growth in career opportunities within the sector. Many companies and business organizations along with corporations and industries are dealing with large amounts of data volumes every day which increases the demand for expert data analytics professionals to efficiently manage or optimize these data associating activities. Let us now explore “why pursue a data analytics course” in the below-mentioned points. 

  • Individuals who completed their data analytics course are able to develop various types of analytical skills which help them in taking informed-data-driven decisions.
  • Course participants are also able to equip essential types of data analytical skills such as data visualization, data handling, data manipulation, statistical analysis, probability and more.  
  • The course also provides teaching on multiple types of significant topics which help participants to perform their learning practically such as finding hidden patterns among datasets, extracting information, identifying trends and analyzing correlations among each dataset.
  • One of the significant reasons to pursue a data analytic course is because of its high demand which also portrays the availability of diverse career options.
  • Expertise in Data analytics enhances the chances for employability within a diverse range of career opportunities.
  • The course also guides their learners to understand the competitive edge in the market by leveraging information which is extracted from data volumes. Numerous business concerns and companies along with industries are looking forward to hiring trained and skilled data analytics professionals.
  • Data analytics experts or related professionals play a crucial role in predicting customers, preferences and behavior together with market and industry trends.
  • The course also supports their learners in developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills which they can use while analyzing large data volumes.
  • The utilization of Data Analytics also empowers multiple or a variety of businesses to make important decisions regarding efficient allocation as well as management of resources. 

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IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course

IIM SKILLS is one of the prominent online educations providing platforms which was established in 2015 after the successful foundation of an educational blog. They offer courses in various trending subjects including finance, analytics, marketing and writing in which many individuals desire to build their professional as well as passionate career. Today more than 18,500+ participants are trained and also secured jobs with average salaries between 3 to 5 lakh per annum & working professionals are able to achieve at least a 15% hike in their salary after completing their data analytics master course by IIM SKILLS.

They are globally renowned for providing world-class as well as industry-based education and practical training to their course participants along with internship support to gain real-world exposure. Their data analytics master course empowers individuals including fresher graduates, working professionals and enthusiasts in building their professional careers in the domain of analytics.

IIM SKILLS data analytics master course is curated by industry experts under the supervision of professionals and also taught by expert faculty members. Individuals who pursue the data analytics course offered by IIM SKILLS are able to equip the necessary qualifications together with knowledge and essential analytical skills which help them to excel in real-world data analytics jobs.

NPTEL Data Analytics Course

The NPTEL stands for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning which is established and organized by seven prominent institutes of technology, including Kanpur, Delhi, Bombay, Madras, Roorkee, Guwahati and Kharagpur. The programme is also recognized as an initiative supported by the Ministry of Education India. The aim of NPTEL offers a variety of online courses in multiple disciplines such as engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, communication engineering and various other 235 courses related to technical subjects.

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) offers a comprehensive course on data analytics with Python to individuals assisting them in building or enhancing their careers in the analytics domain. Their course is designed or taught by experts from IIT Roorkee because the course is delivered in association with IIT Roorkee.

NPTEL data analytics course with Python is delivered in a recorded video lecture format and is also accompanied by slides, assignments, quizzes or discussions. The course is masterfully designed or crafted in order to be accessible to a wide range of learners, including students, working professionals, and enthusiasts.

IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Eligibility

The eligibility requirement to pursue any course is regarded as an important factor which is required to take into consideration by individuals before registering for any course. Course-providing platforms are advised to clearly elaborate on the course eligibility criteria in detail. Below mentioned is the comparison of eligibility criteria between the IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL data analytics course.

Candidates should have completed their basic education of 10+2.Individuals must have completed their school education.
Candidates who completed their bachelor’s degree in any subject domain are eligible to apply for the course.Graduates/Postgraduates in any field can apply for the course.
Woking professionals who are looking for switching career professions or desiring to upgrade their current position can also applyIndividuals from different backgrounds can also register themselves.
Basic knowledge of mathematics, computers and technology is considered an advantageNo prerequisites are required.

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IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Syllabus

Exploring the course syllabus before taking admission is an interesting task pursued by many interested individuals. It is important to learn and understand the course syllabus before registering. Let us now explore the comprehensive course syllabus structure of the IIM SKILLS & NPTEL data analytics course in a detailed way.

Syllabus: Data Analytics Master Course, IIM SKILLS

Here mentioned the module-wise curriculum structure of the data analytics master course offered by IIM SKILLS to all interested individuals.

Module 1: Data Analytics Using Advance Excel (9 hours)

  • Introduction to Data Handling
  • Understanding Data Visualization in Excel
  • Concept of Data Manipulation
  • Introduction to Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Dashboards Overview
  • Creating Dashboards in Excel

Module 2: Data Analytics Using VBA ( 15 hours)

  • Introduction to Visual Basic Analysis
  • Understanding the Components of Programing Language
  • Working on Visual Basic Analysis
  • Programming Construction in VBA
  • Understanding Procedures & function in Visual Basic Analysis
  • Concept of Object & Memory Management

Module 3: Data Analytics Using SQL ( 39 hours )

  • Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Concept of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
  • Understanding Data-Based Objects Creation
  • Introduction to Data Manipulation in SQL
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services

Module 4: Data Analytics Using Power BI ( 24 hours )

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Power BI & Functions
  • Concept of Data Preparation
  • Understanding Data Modeling
  • Learning Adding & Removing Columns or Rows
  • Introduction to Data Analysis Expression
  • Understanding the Report Development through Power BI

Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python-1 ( 10 hours )

  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Mathematical Foundations
  • Understanding Analytics & Data Science
  • Introduction to Python Essentials
  • Concept of Numerical Python
  • Understanding Pandas
  • Learning Cleansing Data with Python 

Module 6: Data Analytics Using Python-2 ( 10 hours )

  • Introduction to Data Analysis Using Python
  • Understanding Basic Visualisation Tools
  • Data Visualization With Python 
  • Introduction to Advanced Visualisation Tools
  • Concept of Statistical Methods
  • Learning Hypothesis Testing

Syllabus: Data Analytics with Python, NPTEL

Let us now comprehensively discuss or explore the syllabus structure of data analytics with the Python course offered by NPTEL. Their curriculum structure is categorized or divided into twelve units. Here mentioned unit wise syllabus structure of the course. 

Unit 1: Introduction to Data Analytics

  • Fundamentals of Python-1
  • Fundamentals of Python-2
  • Concept of Central Tendency & Dispersion-1
  • Concept of Central Tendency & Dispersion-2

Unit 2: Probability

  • Introduction to Probability-1
  • Introduction to Probability-2
  • Understanding Probability Distribution Part 1 
  • Understanding Probability Distribution Part 2 
  • Understanding Probability Distribution Part 3

Unit 3: Python Demonstration

  • Learning & Understanding Python Demo for Distribution 
  • Introduction to Sampling
  • Concept of Sampling Distribution
  • Understanding Distribution of Samples, Variance & Population
  • Introduction to Confidence Interval Estimation
  • Concept of Confidence Interval Estimation: Single Population Part 1
  • Concept of Confidence Interval Estimation: Single Population Part 2

Unit 4: Hypothesis Testing

  • Introduction to Hypothesis Testing 
  • Concept of Hypothesis Testing-1
  • Concept of Hypothesis Testing-2
  • Concept of Hypothesis Testing-3
  • Understanding Errors in Hypothesis Testing
  • Hypothesis Testing: Two-Sample Test-1 

Unit 5: Hypothesis Testing & ANOVA

  • Hypothesis Testing: Two-Sample Test-2
  • Hypothesis Testing: Two-Sample Test-3
  • Introduction to ANOVA
  • Concept of ANOVA Part-1
  • Concept of ANOVA Part-2

Unit 6: Regression

  • Introduction to Random Block Design (RDB)
  • Two Way ANOVA
  • Introduction to Linear Regression
  • Understanding Linear Regression-1
  • Understanding Linear Regression-2
  • Understanding Linear Regression-3

Unit 7: Regression Model

  • Introduction to Regression Model & Estimation
  • Regression Model Residual Analysis Part 1
  • Regression Model Residual Analysis Part 2
  • Understanding Multiple Regression Model Part 1
  • Understanding Multiple Regression Model Part 2
  • Concept of Categorical Variable Regression

Unit 8: Logistic Regression

  • Understanding Maximum Likelihood Estimation-1
  • Understanding Maximum Likelihood Estimation-2
  • Introduction Logistic Regression-1
  • Introduction Logistic Regression-2
  • Difference between Linear Regression Model & Logistic Regression Model

Module 9:  Performance & Analysis

  • Concept of Confusion Matrix Part 1
  • Concept of Confusion Matrix Part 2
  • Understanding the Performance of Logistic Model-1
  • Introduction to Regression Analysis
  • Introduction to Model Building
  • Understanding Interaction between Regression Analysis & Model Building

Unit 10: Chi-Square & Cluster Analysis

  • Introduction to Chi-square of Independence
  • Understanding the Chi-square of the Test 
  • Concept of Chi-square Goodness
  • Introduction to Cluster Analysis Part 1
  • Cluster Analysis – Introduction Part 2

Unit 11: Cluster Analysis

  • Cluster Analysis – Introduction Part 3
  • Understanding Advance Cluster Analysis
  • Concept of K-mean Clustering
  • Introduction to Hierarchical Method of Clustering -1 

Unit 12: Regression Trees

  • Introduction to Hierarchical Method of Clustering -2
  • Introduction to Regression Trees
  • Understanding Classification of Regression Trees
  • Understanding Measure of Attribute Selection

IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Highlights

IIM SKILLS & NPTEL data analytics courses are ranked under the top ten data analytics courses offered to every individual. Today many institutes or online course-providing platforms deliver extensively curated courses in various career-building subjects and understanding desired course syllabus is not the only criterion on which individuals decide to select the course because each course provider offers different as well as multiple types of benefits and perks. In the case of the data analytics course offered by IIM SKILLS and NPTEL, let us explore and contrast perks and benefits as their course highlights. Below mentioned the comparison table in a detailed way.

Course-based data-centric tools training provided to every course participantParticipants taught by online video lectures: Self-paced learning 
Lifetime access to course resources, including study materials, recorded lectures and moreLifetime access to recorder lectures, books and assignments
Technical Support: 24*7Email support available
Guaranteed two non-paid Internship for industry exposure  No internship
Free course demo classCandidates can watch course demos on youtube or the NPTEL website
Interview & Job support assistanceCourse in collaboration with IIT Roorkee
Work on 7+ live projects & 10+ case studiesParticipants can download assignments or e-books from the website
Equip mastery on 7+ data analytical toolsParticipants can able to work on available tools
100% money-back guarantee if not satisfiedNo refund available

IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Duration & Study Mode

After discussing the course syllabus & highlights of the data analytics course offered by IIM SKILLS & NPTEL now let us look into the duration of the course and study mode of both data analytics courses. Individuals should check whether they want to pursue the course online through online mode or offline mode along with the compatible course duration.

Course Duration & Study Mode, Data Analytics Master Course, IIM SKILLS

The duration of the data analytics master course offered by IIM SKILLS is six months comprehensive designed program with 160+ hours of lectures along with 100+ hours of practical assignments. The online live classes are their mode of study which is held on every Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Course Duration & Study Mode, Data Analytics Course with Python, NPTEL

The duration of the data analytics course with Python offered by NPTEL is twelve weeks of self-study paced comprehensive curated program that comes with high-quality pre-recorded lectures together with links through which course participants are able to download assignments and e-books. Course participants should have to complete the syllabus anywhere or anytime but before the date of the exam.

IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Certification

Obtaining a globally recognised certificate after pursuing a course shows that the individual has knowledge and skills in the associated subject and also makes course participants eligible to apply for their desired career profession according to their choice of interest. The certificate also contributes to building their resume as well as adding credentials respectively.

Course Certification, Data Analytics Master Course, IIM SKILLS 

IIM SKILLS provide their course participants course completion certificate which is authorised under MSME and approved by the government of India together with a letter of recommendation after completing the internship period. Their certificate holds immense significance in the industry helping many participants in securing jobs in the related field. 

Course Certification, Data Analytics Course with Python, NPTEL

In order to obtain the certificate in data analytics course with Python by NPTEL, course participants are required to fulfil some necessary criteria which are mentioned below.

  • Candidates should get a globally recognised certificate after appearing for an online remote proctored exam and securing a minimum 50% exam score out of 100.
  • Candidates also secured a 50% assignment score in 9 out of 12 assignments to receive the certificate.

After fulfilling the above-mentioned criteria, course participants have become eligible to receive an online globally acknowledge certificate in data analytics with Python by NPTEL in association with IIT Roorkee. 

IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL Data Analytics Course: Course Fees

Exploring the course fee structure offered by different institutes and online learning platforms before registering for any course is considered one of the important factors. In this section of the article, we are going to extensively discuss IIM SKILLS and NPTEL data analytics course fee structure which they offered to every interested individual. 

Fee Structure. Data Analytics Master Course, IIM SKILLS 

The course fee of the IIM SKILLS data analytics master course is INR 49,900 + Taxes. 

Fee Structure. Data Analytics Course with Python, NPTEL

The fee for the self-paced data analytics course with Python offered by the NPTEL is INR 3,000 + GST and course participants also have to pay exam fees of INR 1,500 + GST.

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Data analytics is one of the most demanding technology-driven and rapidly growing fields where many individuals desire to build a successful career profession. Individuals who are looking for or seeking an authentic path through which they can get themselves inside the data analytics world are advised to make themselves qualified by pursuing data analytics courses or any other course associated with data from reputed as well as globally recognized institutes or online education providing platforms. This article focuses on providing a thorough and detailed comparison between IIM SKILLS vs NPTEL data analytics course which helps numerous individuals from fresher graduates to working professionals to build their careers in the diverse field of data analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the top career opportunities individuals can get after pursuing a data analytics course?

Individuals after successfully completing a data analytics or related course from a prominent course-providing institute or online platform have become eligible to get multiple career opportunities across various sectors and industries including finance, hospitality, healthcare, technology and more. They can secure their job positions in many diversified profiles such as data analysts, business analysts, data scientists, research, operation analyst, equity research analysts and more.

Q. How much salary package I could receive after completing a data analytics course?

The salary package you could receive after completing a data analytics or related course depends upon numerous factors including the location of the job, industry or sector in which you secured a job, certification and industry experience along with the specific role you are able to get pursue. However, if you get a job in an enter-level position the average salary package starts from INR 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum and if you have work experience then the Salary package ranges from INR 10,00,00 per annum or above. 

Q. Can I be able to pursue a data analytics course along with my job?

Yes, there are many institutes and authentic online education platforms offering customized course programs, part-time course programs, self-paced course programs and weekend course programs in data analytics which support working professionals to pursue courses according to their flexibility and contribute to balancing between your job and studies.  

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