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IIM SKILLS vs IIM Kozhikode Data Analytics Course Review

Having never handled data before? Do you want to begin your data analytics career? We have you covered. Data has evolved into a universal requirement for all of us. Jobs in the data industry are in high demand right now. Attending the right Data Analytics course should be a top priority in your life. Knowing that, in this highly competitive environment, choosing the right route will prove to be a very difficult assignment for you. You are welcome to read this article, IIM SKILLS vs IIM Kozhikode Data Analytics Course, to go deep into a new skill or just dip your toes in to see if it’s suitable for you.

IIM SKILLS vs IIM Kozhikode Data Analytics Course

You don’t need to worry if you have any concerns about taking this course because you can easily enroll even if you lack the necessary school credentials or professional experience in the sector. Data analysts are in high demand, and there is a shortage of skills, due to which industry experts are concerned. Here is a comprehensive examination and analysis of the IIM SKILLS vs IIM Kozhikode Data Analytics Course which might assist you in keeping an eye on things and making smart decisions.

Now that we’ve reached this point, let’s talk about where to begin. In reality, the first and most important item to consider and research is what data analysis is actually and why one should choose to follow this course of study.e., what is the need for data analysis.

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What Actually is Data Analysis?

Global businesses produce enormous amounts of data each year. Log files, web servers, transactional data, and various customer-related data are all examples of how this data may be presented. Additionally, data has been produced at a rapid rate through social media platforms and applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Businesses want to use this data to extract value from it and make business choices, which is where data analytics comes into play. Data analytics boost the efficiency and speed of international trade. Since it is the act of analyzing and examining undetected patterns, unearthing correlations, and gathering valuable knowledge that can be applied to produce business projections, data analysts examine and analyze enormous data sets.

A few years ago, a firm would have manually collected information, performed statistical and intricate analytics, and discovered information that might be used for decisions in the future. However, in the modern world, that organization can quickly recognize that business when a decision needs to be made.

The majority of businesses have access to big data, and most of them are aware of the need to use it carefully and to the fullest extent possible. These experts use several cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in their work as data analysts.

Whatever we have learned in data analytics, we are now in a position to explore its uses:

The uses of data analytics are numerous. In a variety of business endeavors, breaking down large amounts of information can increase productivity. Organizations can succeed in a relentlessly competitive world by improving execution.

Advantages: –

It becomes more crucial for your company to understand how to use data analytics as its importance in the corporate world grows. Several benefits of data analytics include:

  • Improved Decision Making
  • More Successful Marketing
  • Better Customer Service
  • More Effective Operations
  • Data Analytics increases maximum efficiency

Data analytics is also used to identify fraud, which improves efficiency and lessens threats to financial institutions.

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However, using data analytics extends beyond increasing profits and return on investment. Data analytics can help with health informatics, criminal justice, and environmental protection by supplying crucial information. Data analytics activities use these techniques to improve the world.

Data analytics have long been used extensively in the healthcare industry. Examples of how data analytics is transforming healthcare include the ability to predict patient problems, allocate resources effectively, and perfect individual methods. Machine literacy is reshaping the pharmaceutical industry as well. It is a difficult task with many factors to discover new medicines.

The Discovery of new medicines can be significantly improved by machine literacy. In order to comprehend patient needs and forecast their deals, pharmaceutical corporations also employ data analytics.

Thankfully Data Analytics have a significant advantage on the companies. Using Data Analytics is a skill that is becoming more and more valuable because the margin for error in decisions is getting less and thinner. Gaining insights, planning ahead, and interpreting the unprocessed transactional data that many businesses today keep on a digital platform is necessary.


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Several reasons why it’s crucial to take a data analytics course

To comprehend trends and patterns from the enormous amounts of data being gathered, data analytics are crucial. It aids in cost savings, cost forecasting, audience understanding, and company performance optimization. You must research trends if you want to be successful in the digital age that is fostering the development of a knowledge-based society. Every business, from start-ups to multinational corporations, relies on data to develop better business plans for the future.

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The internet has made it simple for everybody in this information age to obtain information whenever and wherever they need it. Now imagine that you are the individual who these businesses rely on before they make any significant business decisions. Here are several justifications for enrolling in a data analytics course:

Data analytics transforms businesses, influencing decision-making and marketing tactics, and impacting strategies and tactics for both large and small organizations.

  • Data analytics is a demanding career, seeking skilled candidates with relevant skills. A certified degree is essential for success. Whether new or technical, data analytics is crucial for career growth and future benefits.
  • The Science and Technology Committee predicts 58,000 job creations and £216bn economic contribution by 2021 due to rising demand for data specialists. With a social media presence, data analytics professionals are essential for businesses, making this a wise career move.
  • Data-dependent industries offer diverse career opportunities in business intelligence, marketing, sales, finance, data assurance, and higher education.
  • Data analytics offers freelancing opportunities and potential for well-paid consultant positions for major firms. IT-based job, with an internet connection, provides global income and work-life balance.


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IIM SKILLS vs IIM Kozhikode Data Analytics Course – A Detailed Analysis 

Now that it is relevant that one should pursue a data analytics course due to its advantages and effectiveness, we would undertake thorough research over the top courses and leave it up to you to determine which one course would be appropriate for you.


IIM SKILLS is a renowned organization that offers various skill development courses in India. They provide training programs in data analytics, digital marketing, content writing, search engine optimization(SEO), social media marketing, and other in-demand skills.


Key Features:

IIM Skills has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. They have extensive knowledge and practical experience that they bring to the training programs. IIM SKILLS entered the teaching profession after over five years of operating an educational blog that reached over 1 million internet users worldwide.

The courses offered by IIM SKILLS are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and skills required to excel in specific domains. The course content covers both theoretical concepts and practical applications.


The 6-month Data Analytics Course offered by IIM Skills includes a 2-month unpaid internship training. 160 hours of lecture time are included, along with 100+ hours of practical assignments and 7+ hours of live projects. You can master 7+ tools using its 10+ case studies. Additionally, it offers a guaranteed internship with learning that is based on actual experience.

Duration – 6 months of Training + 2 Months  Internship (Non-Paid)

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to data handling
  • Data Manipulation Using Functions
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Data Visualization in Excel
  • Overview of Dashboards
  • Create Excel dashboards utilizing Pivot Controls.

Acquire knowledge about the analytics tool Covered:

  • SQL
  • Alteryx
  • R
  • Excel
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • Tableau

Skills acquired upon completion of the course:

  • Acquire knowledge of the basics behind Python programming, including variables, conditions, loops, and functions.
  • Familiarize yourself with terminology from the statistical lexicon, such as central tendency, correlation, dispersion, and regression. – SQL concepts like SQL command, and query universal tool in Excel.
  • Develop business analytics skills with the help of Excel
  • Understand the concepts of Python including those related to lists, dictionaries, sets, contributions, branching, classes, and objects.


  • Practice reading and writing files, using Pandas to work with, load, and save data, and other data-related tasks in Python.
  • Gain a solid understanding of data interpretation in Python by working with multi-dimensional arrays in NumPy, managing Data Frames in Pandas, and implementing machine learning with Scikit-Learn.
  • Possess a command knowledge of linear and non-linear regression models and be well-versed in classification techniques for the job of data analysis
  • Develop proficiency with clustering techniques such as K-means, DBSCAN, and hierarchical clustering.
  • Become acquainted with Microsoft’s Power BI analytics and visualization tools;
  • Acquire knowledge of the Tableau model and statistics; and discover how to create interactive dashboards.

The Available Course Modules Are:

ModulesTopics covered
Data Analytics Using Advanced ExcelIntroduction to Data Handling

Data Visualization in Excel

Data Manipulation Using Functions

Data Analysis and Reporting

Overview of Dashboards

Create Dashboards in Excel- Using Pivot Controls

Data Analytics Using VBAIntroducing VBA

Key Components of Programming Language

How VBA Works With Excel

Programming Constructs in VBA

VBA Functions and Procedures: Modularizing Your Programs

Objects and Memory Management in VBA

Communicating With Your Users


Data Analytics Using SQLBasics RDBMS Concepts

Utilizing the Object Explorer

Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)

Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Integration Services


Data Analytics Using Power BIIntroduction

Data Preparation and Modelling

Keep and Remove Rows, Go to Columns, and Add, Remove

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Reports Developments (Visuals in Power BI)

Data Analytics Using Python-IIntroduction to Basic Statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

Introduction to Analytics and Data Science

Python Essentials (Core)

Operations With NumPy (Numerical Python)

Overview of Pandas

Cleansing Data with Python

Data Analytics Using Python-IIData Analysis Using Python

Basic Visualization Tools

Visualizing Geospatial Data

Data Visualization with Python

Advanced Visualization Tools

Statistical Methods and Hypothesis Testing

Data Analytics Using TableauGetting Started

Data Handling and Summaries – I

Data Handling and Summaries – II

Building Advanced Reports/ Maps

Table Calculations

Calculated Fields

R for Data ScienceData Importing/Exporting

Data Manipulation

Data Analysis

Data Visualization with R

Using R with Databases

Introduction to Statistics

Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems


Data Analytics using AlteryxData Analytics using Alteryx



For each module of the course, the tuition fee of INR 19,900 plus taxes, is the same. According to your needs, you can choose any of the modules. The Data Analytics Master Course is priced at Rs  49900 + taxes

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Solid Elements of IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Program are:

24/7 Accessibility:

These online data analysis courses provide convenient, anytime access to education, eliminating distance, traffic, and time-consuming commuting. With laptops and internet connections, students can learn data analysis with advanced interactive sessions and student-centric pedagogy.

Flexible Scheduling:

IIM SKILLS offers flexible scheduling for students, professionals, housewives, and others, offering weekday and weekend batches to accommodate diverse schedules and commitments.

Master Certification:

IIM SKILLS offers a Master’s certification in Data Analytics, enhancing employability by adding it to LinkedIn, resume, and CV, attracting potential employers.

The institute boasts exceptional faculty members with extensive experience, training professionals with subject-matter knowledge and strong pedagogical practices. They introduce fundamentals, complex ideas, tools, and helpful hints, preparing students for real-industry problems and industry secrets.


The digital economy relies on data, speed, simplicity, and expertise. Tools and software accelerate and simplify complex procedures, bringing about real change in less time. At IIM SKILLS, learn to use top-notch data analytics tools to produce error-free work and stay ahead of competition.


Free Demos: 

Before enrolling in their data analytics program, IIM SKILLS gives a free demo session to give students an overview of the course structure, methodology, and pace.

Exceptional faculty:

There are a lot of data analytics courses provided at IIM Kozhikode (Calicut). To name a few are Data Spark, Techolas Technologies Pvt Ltd, Luminar techno lab, Quickxpert, IIM Kozhikode,360digiTMG Data Analytics Course, and many more. We are going to discuss one of them in detail.

Complimentary services:

IIM SKILLS offers complimentary services like backup classes, resume preparation, interview support, and job referrals. These services are available at no extra cost, ensuring a lifelong commitment to learning. Students can access updated resource material through their LMS account and connect with mentors anytime to address career-related dilemmas.


Learning Resources:

The LMS (Learning Management System) of IIM Skills offers a vast collection of pre-session study materials, session recordings, and supplemental material. This system makes it simple to track progress, allowing monitoring and unrestricted access.


Courseware is an extensive collection of cutting-edge modules that address the fundamentals of data analysis with an emphasis on the what, why, when, and how. Starting with fundamental data analytics and moving on to more complex topics like Excel, Power Pivot, data structures, Power Bi, Tableau, and Python, it provides a well-balanced mix of theoretical and practical principles.


IIM Kozhikode Professional Certificate Program in Data Analytics for Business Strategy:

IIM Kozhikode’s Executive Data Analytics Program is a one-of-a-kind program that focuses on preparing professionals for leadership roles by building on their experience and innate skills through best-in-class, in-depth coursework, and real-world exposure. Professionals such as Senior Managers, Consultants, Early-Stage Professionals, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs are targeted for this program.

IIM Kozhikode’s Data Analytics for Business Strategy program offers essential tools for real-world problem-solving, refining decision-making, and acquiring a data-driven analytical framework for critical business challenges and career advancement.

Key Highlights:

  • Analyze Data Analytics techniques, resources, and applications to maximize your digital marketing efforts.
  • Gain practical knowledge by engaging in high-impact learning via industry case studies.
  • One-to-one executive coaching sessions and career services sessions by the institute
  • Certificate by IIM Kozhikode
  • Following successful program completion, IIM Kozhikode Executive Alumni Status.
  • Improve ROI and business growth by being adept at data-driven decision-making.
  • Interact with notable industry professionals and eminent IIM Kozhikode faculty.


The applicants should at least be graduates/Diploma Holders (only 10+2+3) from a recognized university in any discipline.

They should also have at least a year’s worth of experience

What will you learn:

To obtain a thorough understanding of the Data Analytics Expert’s position in the difficult business environment of today.

Learn about the use of predictive modeling in various fields

Find out how analytics may be applied to filter and evaluate options as well as generate new product ideas.

Discover data analytics techniques for forecasting, planning, and optimizing inventories.

Recognizing fundamental methods for data collection, R/IBM SPSS, data coding, statistics, data mining, predictive modeling, creation of product strategies, and marketing analytics.

Enhance advanced functional concepts like financial decisions, stock price forecasting, digital/social media, campaign optimization, operations, supply chain, inventory, HRM, and talent management.


Who should do this course?

Early-stage professionals seeking to build a career in the fields of sales, marketing, product development, and branding.

Leaders and senior Managers who wish to acquire a nuanced understanding of the applications of Data Analytics in order to fabricate superior business strategies.

CXOs, IT specialists, and consultants who aim to assist their clients in making connections between disparate data points by using the appropriate combination of strategy, insight, and data analytics.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who are committed to using data analytics tactics to drive customer-centric decision-making.

Course Modules for this Course are:

                Modules                     Topics Covered
Data and Sources of Data
  • Types of Data: Qualitative and quantitative/primary vs secondary
  • Employing different data collection methods across diverse business domains
  • Qualitative data collection techniques 
  • Quantitative data collection techniques(survey)
  • Quantitative data collection techniques(experiments)
Data Analytics Fundamentals
  • Introduction to R/IBM SPSS
  • Making use of different data analytics software
  • Generating insights through descriptive analysis
  • Data cleaning through generating insights through graphics/visualization
  • Data coding through preliminary analysis
Understanding Statistics for Business Applications
  • Introduction to statistics and its applications using software
  • Descriptive statistics and its applications
  • Inferential statistics and test of hypothesis
Data Mining and Predictive modelling Algorithms for Business Data
  • Decision tree 
  • Random Forest
  • Logistic Regression
  • Regression Analysis
  • Supervised/Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
  • Bagging and boosting
  • KNN
Data Analysis for Project Strategy Formulation
  • Estimating the potential volume and new product demand
  • Analyze profitability potential for new products
  • Formulating the data driven pricing strategy
  • Managing the products with sustainable competitive advantage
  • Developing product introduction strategy
Data analytics for marketing and customer analytics
  • Understanding customer lifetime value 
  • Managing customer loyalty
  • Expected profitability of newly acquired customers
  • Recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM) of customers
  • Predicting customer churn
  • Improving customer satisfaction through data-driven insights
  • Customer level purchase information for customer retention
Data Analysis for Financial Decisions
  • Financial Modelling and Prediction
  • Stock Price Forecasting
  • Data Analysis for Financial Strategy Formulation
  • Fundamentals of Finance and Financial Analytics
Data Analysis for Digital/social media
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Text mining for Business insights
  • Publisher Optimization
  • Deciding the media strategy
  • Publisher optimization
Data analytics for operations and Supply Chain (Emeritus faculty)
  • An introduction to supply chain and operations metrics
  • Analytics for Inventory Optimization
  • Demand analytics for Planning and Forecasting
  • Prescriptive Analytics for Network Design and Planning 
Data Analytics for HRM
  • Evolution of HR Analytics
  • Optimizing Hiring strategies using data driven insights
  • HR cost and attrition prediction
  • Analytics for Talent Management
  • Predicting performance appraisals using inferential statistics

Important Points:

While the IIM Skills Data Analytics course is available to everyone, the IIM IIM Kozhikode Data Analytics course is exclusively open to Indian residents.

While IIM Kozhikode does not promise or guarantee a job or advancement in your profession, IIM Skills Data Analytics Course guarantees 100% placement aid and job support.


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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding IIM SKILLS vs IIM Kozhikode Data Analytics Course:

Q1. Which businesses in the data analytics sector are available for employment?

The data analytics industry is very diverse, and you can work in related industries including,

  • Logistics and Transport
  • Education
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Retail

Q2. Why is it advantageous to be a data analyst?

Data analysts frequently have a mix of SKILLS, including technical proficiency, excellent communication, and leadership traits. Because of this, professions in data analysis provide workers with a wide range of employment options, a high potential for financial reward, and thrilling leadership positions with the ability to influence the future.

Q3. What are the most important qualifications for a data analyst?

  • Ability to analyze
  • Critical Thinking: Data analysts are frequently tasked by businesses with both data collection and data interpretation for a particular purpose.
  • Problem-solving. Technical problems are frequently encountered by data analysts while performing their tasks.
  • Statistics.
  • Detail-oriented work.
  • Domain expertise

Concluding Thoughts on IIM SKILLS vs IIM Kozhikode Data Analytics Course

The vital discipline of data analytics entails the analysis, interpretation, and visualization of data in order to derive insightful conclusions and make deft judgments. Learning data analytics has become extremely advantageous for people looking to stay competitive in the job market and spur corporate growth due to the rising demand for data-driven initiatives across a variety of industries.

Ultimately, the topic of data analytics is one that is tremendously intriguing. The way business is conducted around the world is changing as a result of this cross-disciplinary field, which relies on statistical analysis of massive volumes of data.

I hope the courses I’ve described above will be useful to you as you choose a data analytics course to pursue and develop your career.

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