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IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course [Disclosed]

If you are reading this article, it is evident that you are very much interested in Financial Modeling. You have already done extensive research on the topic but still haven’t been able to pick the course that suits you the most. In that case, this article will assist you with a detailed analysis of two of the finest institutes – You will learn in detail about the IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling course available to you. Through this article, you will be able to gauge the important aspects of these courses, the procedures followed, the reviews, and the success rate. Read on, to delve deep and determine which course works for you.

IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute - The Best Financial Modeling Course

Before going into the analysis, let us discuss briefly Financial Modeling.

What is Financial Modeling?

You’ve already established a basic financial model if you’ve ever created an Excel formula to assess how altering a variable might affect your revenue. Financial models are simply complex calculators, generally created in spreadsheets, that predict outcomes based on certain assumptions.

Financial models serve as the foundation for business evaluations ranging from credit risk to values.

The majority of financial models should have manual data entry and be created in Excel spreadsheets. Some models are far more sophisticated than others due to their wide variety of uses for them. Businesses frequently alter models to suit their needs.

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Why Financial Modeling is Important?

The simplest way to calculate performance and describe future results for your business is using financial models. Depending on the particular model, they can provide you with advice on the level of risk involved in carrying out particular options.

To create a financial statement that accurately portrays the company’s finances and operations, financial models can also be employed. This is crucial for making an investment case, obtaining financing, or determining insurance requirements.

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List the Applications of Financial Modeling

  • Valuations and Capital Raising – For instance, bankers would use financial models to calculate the company’s value if you want to go public. To obtain loans, venture capital investment, or other sorts of financing, you might also need to offer models.
  • Forecasting and Budgeting – Finance can better analyze the functioning of the organization by using forecasting and budgeting models. They can then combine these into a single overall financial model for the entire firm to be used to allocate resources and forecast financial results for the upcoming year as each program, department, and business unit develops its budget.
  • Evaluating potential effects of managerial decisions – If you were to, for instance, increase the price of your best-selling product next year, you could use a financial model to forecast changes in revenue.
  • Credit Evaluation – If investors decide to give you money, they will use financial models to assess the possibility that your company will be able to pay back its loans.

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IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course

Let us now get back to the detailed analysis of the IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course to determine which one is ideal for you.



To help you redefine your career and make the best decisions depending on your preferences, IIM SKILLS, the leading online educational technology university in India, offers the greatest professional courses.

These professional courses cover everything from the most basic to the most advanced areas through a blend of theory and practicals. IIM SKILLS enables you to reach your goals with highly skilled courses that boost your competence, improve your presentation skills, and excel in your working life.

These courses apply to both careers and industries. The course material is carefully planned to help students develop their abilities and receive the best training. Professional classes might assist you in identifying your passions.


You will strive to enhance your skill set to turn your passion into a lucrative and worthwhile profession. After completing the course, you can choose between applying for a job interview or starting a business. You can launch your own freelance business to support your goals for entrepreneurship.

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The list of professional courses offered by IIM SKILLS are –

Financial Modeling Course

This comprehensive financial modeling course is ideal for encouraging you to use your financial modeling skills to their fullest potential. It teaches you how to draft financial models from scratch and focuses on building your Excel abilities from the fundamental aspects to the more complex ones, accounting, financial statements, equity modeling, KPI analysis, and project finance.

You can become financially knowledgeable by combining technical financial abilities with soft skills in an ideal way and be prepared for employment upon completion of the course.

The knowledgeable faculty at IIM SKILLS uses advanced teaching techniques and a student-centric approach to transform you in terms of overall acquisition.

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Course Modules

The modules are –

  1. Basic Excel and Advanced Excel
  2. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Financial Modeling – Basics
  5. Financial Modeling – Types
  6. Business Valuation

Course Objectives

This course is designed, to pursue some specific objectives. They are –

  • Get an understanding of financial modeling and financial statements.
  • To arrange and analyze historical data, project future projections, and present assimilate financial statements, key ratios, and outputs, learn to develop effective, streamlined, reliable financial models.
  • Learn about a topic’s fundamental concepts and produce accurate financial models
  • Develop the skill of analyzing old company records to determine the likelihood of new business opportunities.
  • Understand alternative methods for calculating financial data and financial metrics.

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Course Features

  1. Dedicated Faculty

You will receive the most complete Financial Modeling training possible from the greatest educators in the area, who have years of experience. They don’t just impart knowledge; they also provide useful guidance on how to boost output and enhance your career. In addition to being subject-matter experts, the mentors are also very approachable and welcome your questions and concerns.

They bring actual business issues up for discussion under the direction of educators who have prior experience working for top organizations. They offer you extra tips and strategies for an advantage over others.

  1. Live recorded sessions

The best part about enrolling in the Financial Modeling course at IIM SKILLS is that they provide class recordings of each session. This means that even if you miss a class or are unable to attend the sessions for other unavoidable reasons, you still have access to all of the class recordings.

Online learning is becoming the preferred way to get a degree. The main benefit of online learning is that it lowers stress levels and makes it easier for professionals and students to upskill around their schedules. They can continue doing their work while also expanding their expertise.

You can choose from a wide range of possibilities when you learn online, including accelerated learning, time-specific learning, and self-paced learning.

  1. Flexibility

You can take advantage of the convenience, cost, and favorable learning environment offered by online courses. All you need to get started is a functioning knowledge of computers, a strong internet connection, and a fundamental comprehension of the internet.

A tablet or a smartphone can be used for learning as well. However, it is advised that you have a laptop so that you may put all you learn into practice for your practical assignments. Their financial modeling course is quite flexible, including weekday and weekend groups.


  1. Access to the learning management system for life (LMS)

The 24/7 archive for all course materials and session recordings is provided by the learning management system, which is exceptionally user-friendly. This LMS compiles all of the lecture recordings, case studies, and practical assignments in one place to aid with your understanding of the abilities required for the many professional courses. This learning management system is permanently free to use.

Additionally, the LMS is regularly updated, and its content is revised to match changes in the online environment. To ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date knowledge, the course content is updated to reflect the most recent developments.

  1. Internship Opportunity

Each student enrolled in the program will complete a 2-month unpaid internship. The internship will focus on financial modeling, valuation consulting, and investment banking.

Partner Firms for Investment Banking, Financial Modeling Specialists, and Valuation Advisory will provide the internship.

  1. Assignments for classes

It is essential to hone your skills with enough real-world project experience if you want to develop confidence and handle challenging commercial activities with ease. Because of this, the Financial Modeling course offered by IIM SKILLS includes a large number of practical exercises to help students fully grasp all the difficult subjects and chapters.

The time allocated for these practical activities is considerable. You acquire a thorough understanding of how to use everything you have learned in the course in real-world situations.

  1. Global Certification

The main advantage of doing this course is that you will receive credentials from prestigious educational institutions that are recognized throughout the world. Eminent educational institutions have approved the Financial Modeling course, and corporate organizations, well-known brands, and the job market as a whole trust the Certifications. You can work with clients anywhere around the globe after completing the course because IIM Skills’ certifications are widely recognized.

  1. Placement Support

IIM SKILLS will provide you with the necessary post-course assistance and placement guidance. They offer a specialized soft skill training program that increases your self-assurance during interviews. You become a polished professional with interviewing skills. They assist you in preparing for the interview as well as your resume so you can ace it and land your dream job.

They go above and beyond to help you find work leads for a sustainable professional start. Even after the course is over, they continue to guide you in the interview and resume preparation so you can ace the interview for the job of your dreams.


  1. Synergic Learning

The focus of IM SKILLS is on a synergic learning approach. This implies that peers, mentors, and students can interact online to brainstorm and work together.

The best qualities of the students are brought out by the immersive, interactive learning environment, which also strengthens their knowledge so they can become knowledgeable professionals. It also develops the practice of cooperating with others. You get the ability to have a balanced dialogue and to respect many points of view.

  1. Value for Money

At IIM SKILLS, the Financial Modeling course is very reasonably priced. For a very low price, you get all the best features and knowledge. The option of paying the course fee in installments is also available.

Furthermore, there is the satire of the 100% Money Back policy, which ensures complete peace of mind.

That’s all about the Financial Modeling course of IIM SKILLS.


Investment Banking (IB) Institute

A former consultant and investment banker with experience in the best consulting and investment banking businesses in the world developed the IB Institute. For all of Microsoft’s apps, the Investment Banking Institute (IB Institute) is an “Authorized Testing Center.”

Excel, Visual Basic of Application (VBA), Charts, Dashboards, Financial Modeling, Company Valuation, Project Appraisal, Merger, and Acquisition are just a few of the topics covered in the instructor-led (Life) training and e-learning (Online) courses offered by IB Institute.

These courses help students and working professionals build competitive profiles for interviews and the workplace. All courses are available through IB Institute’s weekend workshops, specialized corporate training, and self-study programs (E-learning).

They teach you real answers to problems in the real world by combining hands-on training, Excel-based exercises, PowerPoint presentations, and useful illustrations. They bridge the gap between academia and real-world applications by utilizing genuine case studies and real problems.


Investment Banking and Valuation Course

IB Institute’s financial modeling and valuation courses are available online and in live classroom settings for both students and working professionals. You will be able to create a financial projection for the company using assumptions and schedules with the aid of the financial modeling and valuation course.

The projection of the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement is included in the financial model. The most important ability in equity research, investment banking, project financing, credit research, hedge funds, or any other mainstream finance profile is financial modeling and valuation.

All types of finance profiles call for expertise in financial modeling and valuations. Investment banking, equity research, project appraisal, KPO, credit rating, private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, etc. are all fields where these skills are put to use.

Course Modules –

This detailed course consists of the following modules –

  • Basic and Advanced Excel (2013/2016)
  • Dashboards
  • Virtual Basic Application (VBA)
  • Introduction to Financial Statements and Analysis
  • Financial Modeling from Scratch
  • Project Finance
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuation
  • Trading Combs Valuation Technique
  • Merger & Acquisition Analysis
  • Pitchbook Benchmarking Price Rebasing Company Profiling
  • Placement & Interview Preparation
  • Business Valuation
  • IPO Valuation
  • Equity Research Model

Course Features

  • Handhold Position assistance up till placement
  • Downloadable Exercises, Case Studies, Assignments, PowerPoint Presentations, and PDF
  • A weekly live faculty question-and-answer session
  • Ideal resume-writing workshop for positions in investment banking and other key areas of finance
  • Sample CVs are included in the interview preparation KIT for investment banking roles.
  • Session on Do’s and Don’ts in your professional career as an analyst
  • Key factors that investment bankers can use to accelerate the core finance industry’s growth
  • Right from the first class, preparing for interviews starts. After every lesson, you’ll receive a set of interview-prep questions about that subject and those posed by the investment banking, equity research, and private equity industries.
  • In the past 14+ years, they have had a placement rate of 100 percent for this program.



You will receive multiple certifications after completing this single course –

  • NSE certification
  • International Certification Financial Modeling Expert using Excel & Macro from IB Institute
  • Certification from Microsoft USA
  • IB Institute certification

A Comparative Study of IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course

Founded in the year 2015, IIM SKILLS has trained more than 25000 students in more than 1000 batches in a variety of professional courses and provides placement support in addition to helping you make the finest possible resumes.

More than 35,000 candidates have been taught by IIM SKILLS, which also boasts a startling 87 percent growth rate. Their job-oriented Financial Modeling program for students, professionals, recent graduates, stay-at-home moms, and freelancers runs for 3 months.

What makes this course popular is the affordability of the course, the accessibility of the trainers, and the enviable success rate. The best part is that the LMS is always yours. There are no restrictions on the number of times you can use the LMS to improve your knowledge and practice in everyday life.

IB is one of the oldest institutes offering the Financial Modeling course. They have an unprecedented record of providing 100% Placement to their students in the last 11 years. The experienced faculty delivers interactive sessions comprising 400 + backup videos.

The USP of this course is that you get 4 certifications from one single course. They also have a customized mobile app to attend the sessions and get all relevant information.


FAQS on IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course

  1. In which industries, the Financial Modeling course is used?

This course is used in the following industries –

  • Project Appraisal
  • Investment Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Equity research
  • Hedge Funds
  • Corporate Finance
  • Rating Agencies
  • Asset Management
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  1. How can the Financial Modeling course assist a student with an MBA in Finance degree?

You must be familiar with corporate finance ideas as an MBA graduate if you want to work in any of the financial industries, including equity research, investment banking, project finance, corporate finance, or credit research. Financial modeling can undoubtedly enhance your professional profile. You ought to be familiar with Excel as an MBA graduate. not just the fundamentals but also advanced. Your career will get a boost from financial modeling.

  1. Which job profiles can I apply to after completing the Financial Modeling course?

Once you finish this course, you become eligible to apply for the following positions –

  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Credit Rating Analyst
  • Project Finance Analyst
  • Corporate Finance Manager
  • Merger & Acquisition Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Venture Capital Analyst

Concluding Thoughts on IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course

What made each institute special was discussed in the previous sections. It is totally up to you which of the two financial modeling institutes you enroll in. Each person has different priorities when it comes to courses and institutions. It would be a good idea to review the curriculum and speak with subject matter experts from the relevant institutions. Once you have additional information, you can make a decision. I hope that my comparison of the CFI and IIM Skills has helped you choose the course of study that will advance your career the most. I wish you luck!

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