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IIM SKILLS vs GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course

One of the toughest jobs can be to find the course that can be the perfect match for you. If you are looking for an FMC but don’t know which institute to get yourself enrolled in, read this article. We have made a comparative analysis of the IIM SKILLS vs GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course that can help you find your perfect course match! On reading this article, the daunting task of finding the best course might seem a little less stressful. Let’s just dive in to get the required knowledge.

IIM SKILLS vs GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course

Understanding What a Financial Modeling Course Is All About

The financial and accounting sectors, among others, have benefited from the digital age. However, it is this same digitization that has raised competition, which has made students and young job seekers more stressed. Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to worry about the competition or develop your skill-based knowledge to win it.

 Let’s find out how you can develop your skills since we are aware that you fall into the second category. Financial modeling may sound terrifying, but it’s really not that scary. It has long been utilized by skilled specialists. It’s a method of keeping track of your daily transactions, to put it simply.

Consider yourself a worker for a soft drink firm, for instance. Profit is one of a business’s primary drivers. Therefore, the profit motive will also be what motivates this company’s owner. The corporation will employ professionals to manage the sales, marketing, manufacturing, and finance departments, among other divisions.

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Due to the fact that all significant decisions are always made in reference to the department of finance, it has become the most important department. Keep a detailed record of each type of transaction that has occurred over a predetermined period of time as a financial modeler.

Losses incurred, gains realized or anticipated, total revenue, supplemental expenses, investments to be made based on a prediction, electronic invoices, etc. A small mistake can have a significant impact on how the business runs.

As a result, you can estimate how important someone working in this industry is. Then, businesses want qualified and educated workers for their teams who are capable of handling such circumstances.

The work of a financial modeler, financial analyst, and forecaster typically occurs concurrently, where one collaborates and interacts with the other to provide an appropriate outcome. MS Excel is one of the most crucial programs used in financial modeling.

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Professional Fields You Can Enter After Doing an FMC

  • Investment Banker
  • Financial Analyst
  • Forecaster
  • Revenue Collector
  • Economic Advisor
  • Financial Modeler
  • Accountant
  • Tax Analyst
  • Cashier
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Risk Manager

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Relevance of Doing a Financial Modeling Course

The financial modeling course is a very beneficial course if you want to work in finance. Because it has a big impact on a market, it is referred to as an industry. While there will always be ups and downs in a corporation, organization, firm, or economy, each of these variations has a clear financial connection.

You can readily assume that a recruiter would be extremely critical of a person, especially a novice who has applied for a job, given the dynamism of this area, regardless of whether it refers to revenue, obligations, investments, expenses, etc.

Your chances of getting employed by big companies are minimal if you are a novice and have applied for a position in finance. You are suggested to take this course in order to land your ideal job with the company of your choosing.

An educational session that will help you learn about the most recent tools and techniques used in the market is a financial modeling course. Each theoretical idea will have a practical application to back it.

You will take part in interactive sessions with the instructors in addition to the training, which will help you clear up any questions you might have. The teachers will provide you with advice on the course material and the best career path for you to choose.

Do check out the rewards:


Although both you and your classmate attended a course in financial modeling, you might be more fit as a financial analyst while your friend may be better suited for the role of an auditor. With the aid of interactive sessions, consistent assignment submissions, and precise feedback, you may make your career decision.

You will receive a certificate of course completion along with the knowledge you acquire, which will serve as proof that you are a licensed financial modeler. In today’s intensely competitive market, it will be quite advantageous for you to be regarded as an authority in a particular field.

Many of the organizations that provide this course provide their student’s placement assistance. If there are only benefits to taking a course, why wouldn’t someone do it?

Best Institute Providing Financial Modeling Course

Knowing the institution where you will take the course is crucial when selecting a course that will help you in your professional life. A significant factor is the institute’s reputation as well as its ratings. There are many reputable institutions that provide financial modeling courses.

The educational institutions that provide courses in financial modeling are aware of the demands of the market today. Excel is used and taught in the courses because it is the most significant tool used in this subject. Additionally, you will receive in-depth instructions on how to use Excel sheets on a regular basis.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the financial modeling courses offered by GTA Academy and IIM SKILLS. These analyses will cover the entire curriculum as well as the advantages of the instruments you will learn. Making it easier for you to choose for yourself is one of the main goals of comparing articles.

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Comprehensive Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course



This institution is regarded as one of the leading providers of online courses with a focus on professional skills. Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar created it in 2015. Being a student-friendly institution, the primary goal of the establishment of this organization was to assist young, brilliant individuals in finding jobs with respectable organizations.

IIM SKILLS equips you with all the skills and methods you’ll need to succeed at work or launch the startup of your dreams. You will be equipped to manage any emergency or crisis if every one of you receives enough instruction and support.

The institute is present in the majority of Indian cities as well as certain international locations, with its headquarters located in Delhi, India. You won’t have to be concerned about your location because this is an online course. You can live anywhere in the world and yet be qualified to enroll in a course through this institute.


The training materials that are given to you are based on the most recent equipment and technology used in the field today. Because the institute would have given you everything, you won’t ever be caught short when you attend an interview.

You can email the institute with your questions. Your inquiries receive prompt responses. IIM SKILLS offers its students a wide range of crucial and sector-specific courses. Let’s investigate them!

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Importance Of This Course

Financial models are an integral aspect of any business organization today. There is a great demand for finance experts as more businesses recognize the significance of financial modeling and efficient financial modelers. As a result, financial modeling is now a highly sought-after skill for finance professionals both In India and on a global level. 

IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course- Complete Course Syllabus

  1. Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Introduction and understanding of the Ribbon
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Regular use functions- Vlookup, Index, etc
  • Rules of Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation
  • Table functions
  • Pivot tables, Pivot Charts, and Slicers
  • Different types of charts and graphs
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Delimit and Flash Fill
  • Return functions
  • What-If analysis
  1. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  • Key Accounting Fundamental Concepts
  • Concepts of keyline items
  • Concept of Comprehensive Income
  • Relevance of Notes 
  • Preparing common-size financial statements
  • Reading of Annual Report
  1. Ratio/KPI Analysis
  • Types of Ratios
  • Activity Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Solvency Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • DuPont formula
  • Valuation Ratios
  • Basic and diluted EPS
  • Financial Summary


  1. Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Structure for a financial model
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Building Revenue
  • Preparing different schedules
  • Projecting financial statements
  • Error tracking skills
  • Formatting tips
  • Addition of cover page
  1. Types of Financial Models
  • LBO Model
  • Three-Statement Projection Model
  • M&A Model
  • Private Equity Return Model
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Model
  1. Business Valuation
  • Relative Valuation
  • DCF Valuation
  • NAV Approach
  • Football field analysis
  • Valuation Output
  • Valuation Report
  • Pre-money and Post-money valuation


Steps To Gain IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Certificate

The Institute adheres to an 8-step process. To make the most of the offered course, you must adhere to these procedures with unwavering attention. Which are:

1. Registration: Registration is the first and most important step. You must visit the website to register for the course. You will be given a login ID and password after enrolling and providing the required information. You can access the various e-resources and videos on the LMS once you’ve registered.

2. Batch Selection: IIM SKILLS is aware of the obligations each of you has, thus it gives you the choice to select the batch you wish to join based on your schedule. Weekday and weekend batches are the two that they have. 

The morning hours of the weekend programs are on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 12. You are given the option to select the batch based on your schedule and obligations.


3. Compulsory Attendance: In order to administer the test, a minimum attendance of 70% is required. If you are absent from a class, you must watch the recorded video of that class in order for your attendance to be recorded.

4. Exam: You don’t have to worry about traveling because the exam is given in an online format. 50 percent is the cutoff for passing, but if you pay attention in class, you’ll likely get far higher marks. You will receive the course completion certificate through email within fifteen days after passing the exam.

5. Obtain Certification: If you pass the test, you will receive IIM SKILLS certification as a financial modeler. Only within fifteen days will you obtain a softcopy of the certificate.

6. Guaranteed Internship Opportunity: After completing the course, you are given the chance to complete an internship. All students receive this guaranteed internship to help them gain experience in the financial industry while also putting their practical abilities to use in a technical setting.

7. Placement Support: You have a separate placement cell. Experts will direct and assist each of you with the aid of helpful job referrals, interview advice, resume development, and career assistance.

8. Graduate: You are now prepared to make your debut in the field. With a certificate for an internship and certification as a financial modeler, your profile will make you a strong candidate for positions in the best MNCs and corporations. Isn’t it incredible!


Additional Advantages of Enrolling in the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course

You must have recognized by this point that enrolling in this course will have a lot of advantages for you. However, sharing a few tips about the advantages will make your job a little bit simpler, right? So, here it is:

  • Free Demo Class
  • Researched and Latest Learning resources
  • Master Certification
  • Comprehensive Course Curriculum
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Online Classes
  • Well-trained and Expert Faculty
  • Anytime and Anywhere Access
  • Complimentary Services
  • Installment Facility for Fee Payment
  • MS Excel- Basic and Advanced
  • Case Studies and Assignments


For further details, you may contact:

Ph. No: +91 9580 740 740

Email ID: [email protected]


GTA Academy

Grant Thornton’s upskilling service in India, Learning & Development Academy, offers result-driven training courses to both professionals and students. You can customize our powerful programs to obtain the most value possible from them.

We firmly believe in the benefits of a classroom setting in the modern digital age of machine learning, maximizing group learning while concentrating on resolving individual concerns. Our instructors are seasoned professionals who will share their knowledge of the industry’s best practices as well as their own experiences.

Learning & Development Academy will draw on the Firm’s substantial experience across a variety of industries and its knowledge base to give practical insights, assisting participants in comprehending and putting complicated concepts into practice.


GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course

  • Excel
  • Basic Business Model
  • Understanding Business Model
  • Financial Statements
  • Valuation
  • Financial Model – Data:
  • Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Project Valuation – Introduction
  • Modeling Delays
  • Project Valuation – Circular Logic and looping
  • Project Valuation – Creating EPC Schedule
  • Project Valuation – CAPEX Schedule
  • Project Valuation – P&L
  • Project Valuation – Asset Schedule
  • Project Valuation – Valuation
  • Project Valuation – GANTT Chart
  • Visualization – Interactive Excel Dashboard
  • M&A – Introduction
  • M&A – Evaluation
  • M&A – Valuation


About the Course

The “Certificate in Financial Modelling & Valuation Online Live” has been made available by Grant Thornton L& D Academy. The course is designed to give working professionals and students real experience in financial modeling and valuation, as well as to aid them in comprehending and creating business and valuation models. 

A flawless fusion of industry best practices and conceptual understanding has been incorporated into the program’s design. To assist our participants in connecting the scenarios to their employment tasks, our methodology focuses on concepts through case studies.

This training will assist you in developing financial models that are clear and simple to use so you can understand the opportunities and threats that organizations are now facing.


Learning Outcomes Of the GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course

– resolving MS Excel questions and updating Excel formulas

– making financial model designs

– building basic macros and designing revenue and expense models for a variety of industries, including consumer products, contemporary retail, real estate, and automotive components

– the development of dashboards that summarise models

– utilizing models to provide reports

– Valuation strategies


Additional advantages of Enrolling in the GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course

  • 70 Study Hours
  • 40 hours of sessions given by instructors through CISCO WEBEX
  • 30 recorded hours of VBA and supplementary case studies
  • final evaluation
  • One year of access to the Grant Thornton LMS
  • When the last test is passed successfully, you will receive a certificate.


Comparison Between IIM SKILLS vs GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course

Some of the most industry-focused courses are offered by GTA Academy. All of the courses offered by these institutions are up to date with what businesses and the market are currently looking for.

You will learn industry-specific skills that are relevant to your field. Excel is the most crucial tool because, as you can see, every industry has its own unique set of tools and processes. The financial sector likewise employs its own unique set of tools.

IIM SKILLS will give you access to vital resources and cutting-edge market methods. Similarly, we will GTA Academy offers a highly efficient course curriculum that not only covers the latest topics but also gives you a precise and good understanding of the industry in general. The Course is also extremely affordable. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will taking a course make it easier for me to find decent financial modeling jobs?

Yes. A course in financial modeling will provide a realistic understanding of how the market operates. Your theoretical knowledge won’t aid you in the professional world. Your ability to use your abilities and practical knowledge will save you. Such a course will provide you with a vast amount of practical knowledge supported by equally significant practical assignments.

You can upload the certificates you will obtain after finishing the course to your employment portal to show recruiters your qualifications. You will typically receive placement aid from institutions offering professional courses, which can help you find better employment opportunities. So taking a course will undoubtedly aid in your employment in the financial modeling field.

Q2: How long does a financial modeling course last?

An individual typically needs three to six months to finish this course. The time period may change depending on the curriculum and institute policies. But a course like this is essentially a brief one that lasts for only six months.

Q3. Is the financial modeling course offered by IIM SKILLS have a demo class?

Yes. Students have access to a unique demo class. You can enroll in this course to learn more about the subjects covered, the curriculum used, the trainers’ credentials, and all other prerequisites. You can use this sample class to determine whether the course and its curriculum are right for you. You won’t sign up for the course until you enjoy the demo session. Consequently, a student-friendly strategy is employed.

Conclusion on IIM SKILLS vs GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course

Our culture is changing. If you want to stay current in this society, you must also constantly change who you are. The conventional ways of living are not reliable. The requirements a corporation has for its employees have changed as well.

Any industry’s financial sector remains its most vital component, thus having knowledgeable and skilled workers is essential. It is highly unlikely that you, as a beginner, possess these skills. As a result, a course like financial modeling has been developed to offer a professional viewpoint.

It is highly recommended that you view the free sample courses before enrolling in the course so that you can comprehend the course material and the teaching style in full. If you are unsure which of these two institutes is ideal for you, it is advisable that you visit their websites and perform a thorough investigation.

The main objective of writing a comparison post on the IIM SKILLS vs GTA Academy Financial Modeling Course was to inform you of the technical aspects of the course so that you could make decisions based on facts.

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