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IIM SKILLS vs Goa Institute of Management Data Analytics Course Review

Data Analytics, you’ve probably heard this term quite frequently. If you’re a 21st-century resident, then you must be knowing this term very commonly given that it is largely very popular. If you want to start a career in data analytics then this is the perfect book to read. This blog, IIM SKILLS vs Goa Institute of Management Data Analytics Course,will help you understand data analytics from scratch and is your go-to source for all the information you need to understand. You rookies who adore playing with data have arrived at the learning curve for a successful career. We will evaluate both of these institutes’ data analytics programs side by side so you may determine which one is ideally suited for you.

IIM Skills vs Goa Institute of Management Data Analytics Course Review

Let’s first get a fundamental understanding of data analytics before delving deeply into the comparison study.

What are Data Analytics?

Data analytics turns raw data into useful insights. It comprises a variety of methods, technologies, and tools for leveraging data to identify patterns and find solutions to issues. Data analytics can affect how businesses operate, improve decision-making, and encourage corporate growth.

Data analytics are essential because they help firms perform more effectively. Businesses can save costs by finding more efficient ways to run their operations and by storing a lot of data and using it in their business plan. Businesses track customer preferences using data analytics to enhance selections, create better products, and improve services.

Whether people are conscious of it or not, they use data on a daily basis, therefore it is present everywhere. Weighing coffee beans for your morning brew, checking the weather to decide what to wear, or keeping track of your steps with a fitness tracker are all examples of commonplace actions that involve analyzing and interpreting data.

The primary objective of data analytics is to address particular challenges or problems that are applicable to a firm in order to enhance business outcomes.

Making data-informed strategic decisions is essential in today’s business and labor environments. Any organization, whether it wants to improve customer understanding, streamline processes, or open up new business opportunities, may greatly benefit from knowing how to use data successfully.

Main Conclusions:

  • Data analytics is the science of looking at raw data to make assumptions about it.
  • Using data analytics can boost a business’s ability to make strategic decisions, maximize profits, and boost productivity.
  • Spreadsheets, data visualization, reporting tools, data mining software, and open-source languages are just a few of the software tools that data analytics uses to manage data as efficiently as possible.
  • Data analytics can take many different forms, such as examining what occurred (descriptive analytics), why something occurred (diagnostic analytics), what will occur in the future (predictive analytics), or what should be done next (prescriptive analytics).

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Data Analytics -Career Advancement:

The data analytics industry provides a wide variety of career pathways, respectable pay, and various work opportunities. Various alternatives are presented by data analytics across various industries and organizational tiers.

As soon as you graduate from college, some of the greatest data analysis positions can pay up to almost $100,000.  However, experts can make significantly more money. There is much room for growth in the data analytics industry. Both the opportunity for financial gain and the need for its services are extremely great. Consider working in this sector for a variety of reasons, such as:

Technological application. To extract insights from data, analytics experts use cutting-edge tools and methodologies, which may be both thrilling and difficult.

  1. Work effectively. The specialists in this industry who help businesses make data-driven decisions can have a substantial impact on the operation of a company.
  2. Prospects for Professional Development: Many persons who enter this area at entry-level roles eventually move up to managerial positions, therefore there are many prospects for professional development in this industry.
  3. Security at work. As data becomes a more valuable asset for companies moving forward, there will likely be an increase in demand for analytics professionals, providing job security in the industry.
  4. Distinct roles. You can definitely find a profession in the field of analytics that matches your interests and professional background among the many different ones accessible, including data scientists, business analysts, and data engineers.

Working in analytics also has other advantages, such as the flexibility afforded by modern companies, the accessibility of continued education, and the opportunity to cooperate with like-minded professionals.

Data analysts are in high demand as businesses increasingly rely on data analytics for optimization, driving up the need for experts with advanced data analysis abilities. If you’re ready to take the next step towards kickstarting your Data Analyst career then you should opt a suitable course of Data Analytics. Let’s give a complete overview of the courses offered by different institutions.


IIM SKILLS’ customized data analytics course caters to various backgrounds, including freshers, graduates, IT professionals, and mid-level and senior-level professionals. It is a top provider of online courses focusing on professional skills, offering comprehensive training to excel in work or start a business. These courses cover various areas, blending theory and practicals, and are applicable to various careers and industries. The carefully planned material helps students develop their abilities and receive the best instruction. By identifying their passions and enhancing their skill set, they can turn their passions into lucrative and worthwhile jobs.

Reasons for IIM Skills to be the best option:

  • IIM Skills provides access to the continuously updated instructional resources for all time.
  • It provides constant assistance and career advice.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the training after your first session, you’ll get your whole payment refunded.
  • A 2-month guaranteed internship for professional experience and Master certification.
  • This is a skill-based, totally practical training.
  • The fact that every course is offered online allows for flexible study.
  • They have the most knowledgeable mentors who are top in their fields.
  • IIM Skills has a flexible schedule, so you can take classes on the weekends or during the week depending on your availability without having to compromise on your work or personal obligations.
  • 100% money back after your 1st session if you are not convinced with the training.
  • 10% of group discount if you register with your friends.
  • They also provide free demo sessions.

There is a wide range of courses that IIM SKILLS offers. They are:

  • Financial Modelling Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • CAT Preparation Coaching
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course
  • Content Writing Course
  • GST Certification Course
  • Business Accounting Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • CAT Preparation Coaching

An Overview of the Data Analytics Course of IIM Skills:

One of the best data analytics Courses provided by IIM Skills is the Data Analytics master Course.The course lasts for six months and includes a two-month internship that is guaranteed. Overall, there are more than 160 hours of instruction. Additionally, they provide 100+ hours of practical instruction. They guarantee interviews for placements and base all of their instruction entirely on tools.

IIM Skills makes sure that a person’s working knowledge of the crucial tools for the data analysis industry is sufficient for an accurate understanding. Mid-level and senior-level industry workers are best suited for the course. Whatever the applicants’ prior experiences, IIM SKILLS’ data analytics course is the best choice. This indicates that any student, including new graduates, undergraduates, postgraduates, IT professionals, bankers, salespeople, and network managers, is welcome to participate in the course.

The cost of the course is INR 49990 including tax.

The course fee includes the cost of the exam and certification.

Weekday/weekend live training sessions are conducted online.

Course modules:

Due to the increasing importance of data in market trends, IIM SKILLS offers an advanced data analytics course, focusing on real-world trends and market relevance, preparing students for employment in the field. This great curriculum emphasizes the complexity of Data Analytics.

Following are the course modules:

  • Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Advance Excel (9 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
  • R For Data Science (20 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)

Data analytics course goals and objectives

  • To make it easier for students to do business analytics tasks like gathering, cleaning, manipulating, and evaluating data
  • To familiarize students with the principles of data analysis, different types of data analysis, data mining, etc.
  • To gain comprehensive statistical Data Analysis understanding, which supports business decision-making processes.
  • To deepen your understanding of Data Analytics techniques utilizing applications like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau
  • To use Python as a replacement for spreadsheets to manipulate datasets

Eligibility criteria for this Leading Data Analytics Course:

IIM SKILLS has no pre-requisite requirements to enroll in the course. Anyone who has deep interest in learning data analytics can start from beginning to enter this cutting-edge sector.

  • A Graduate degree in any field.
  • Basic expertise in computers and technology.
  • It may be advantageous to have prior experience in statistics and mathematics, but it is not required.

Tools Knowledge: Prepare with a Course in Advanced Data Analytics:

IIM SKILLS puts a priority on helping you better comprehend the key instruments needed in the data analytics industry. Because of this, if you possess the required tool and software expertise, you will be able to stand out and actually contribute to proving your professionalism at work. It will provide you the opportunity to optimize both your unrealized potential and the value of your data drilling.

All companies and organizations favor candidates who have experience working with data tools and technologies.

  1. 1. Power BI: Power BI is a Microsoft cloud-based analysis service that offers thorough asset information insights and facilitates data extraction and visualization through specialized Data Analysis education programs.
  2. Tableau: Tableau is a highly regarded business intelligence application for analyzing and displaying data, assisting decision-making through dashboards, charts, graphs, maps, and stories.
  3. 3. Excel: Microsoft Excel is an essential data analytics tool for businesses, offering features like sharing workbooks, data addition, and real-time collaboration. It allows for easy analysis, understanding language queries, and tracking patterns, trends, and summaries to shape future campaigns.
  4. 4. Python: Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, Python is a versatile programming language for data processing. Its straightforward syntax and dynamic semantics enable rapid analysis and manipulation of complicated data structures.

Skills attained after enrolling in the IIM Skills course:

IIM SKILLS’ Data Analysis course outlines a travel path to develop industry-relevant skills, empowering students to find lucrative job prospects.

The following is a list of the abilities you will acquire after completing this course:

  • Use the concepts of variables, conditions, loops, functions, etc. to develop Python programs.
  • Learn how to interact with, load, and save data with Pandas while reading and writing files in Python.
  • become familiar with words like central tendency, correlation, dispersion, and regression in statistics- Be an expert in SQL principles like query universal tool and SQL command.

Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Now, let’s discuss about Goa Institute of Management’s Data Analytics Course:

Goa institute of management offers PGDM(BDA) which aspires to produce managers that are data-fluent and prepared for the future.

Big data analysis is the technique and area of expertise that focuses on looking at enormous and diverse sets to find patterns, pertinent insights, market trends, client preferences, and more. To produce managers of the future, GIM’s PGDM Big Data Analytics (BDA) program blends business acumen with analytical thinking.

Businesses are opening up new revenue opportunities, marketing trends, operational optimization strategies, and more as they increasingly adopt the power and insights provided by data. The BDA program is not just applicable to corporate organizations; it also has enormous significance for governmental organizations and for the formulation of public policy.

An overview of PGDM(BDA) course of Goa Institute of Management:

The BDA program at GIM prepares data-driven, insightful managers with hands-on experience and theoretical learning for sustainable business, equipping them with the right tools and techniques for today’s business scenario.

The curriculum has been created by the Goa Institute of Management to provide candidates with the chance to thoroughly prepare themselves with knowledge of many different management-related fields. Additionally, the course places a lot of emphasis on using BDA tools and approaches to address actual business issues.

Th applicants receive different opportunity to work on real industrial projects in addition to receiving practical training utilizing all key software tools. When the program is finished, applicants are fully capable of applying strategies to actual business conditions and deploying BDA tools and approaches to gain better insight that aids in the development of optimal solutions.

The program is set up so that business knowledge and BDA-related expertise are split 40:60. GIM is a cloud solution that offers a rich experience along with a cutting-edge data science lab.

Course Name: Postgraduate Diploma in Management (BIG DATA ANALYTICS)

Course Institution:Goa Institute of Management

Course Duration: 24 month(s)

Course Fee: INR 1092000

Course Mode: full time regular classroom

Eligibility Requirements:

In order to apply for the PGDM (Big Data Analytics) at the Goa Institute of Management, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • A three-year Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 50% (45% for candidates in the SC/ST category) and recognition by the Association of Indian Universities/AICTE.
  • A maximum of 120-student may enroll in a full-time PGDM (BDA) programme.

Important Points:

For the PGDM (BDA), shortlisting of the candidates must include face-to-face interviews based on their profiles, inclusive of their XAT, CAT, GMAT, or CMAT scores, as well as their qualifications, prior academic record, and employment history.


Degree of Completion:

Upon successful completion of the course PGDM(BDA), students will be rewarded with degree and certification.

Learning Intentions:

If you’re a seasoned professional looking to advance your skills, this course is for you. Big Data Analytics combines Data Management tools to analyze data for business benefits, comprehending market dynamics, and customer preferences, bridging digital and physical worlds thereby creating new opportunities. Because of these features, it could be considered as the technology of the future.

BDA professionals leverage the power of business and analytics in order to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds and to open up new business prospects and avenues for digital enterprises.

Summary of IIM Skills vs Goa Institute of Management Data Analytics Course:

The data analytics course offered by IIM Skills leads to certification, but the data analytics course offered by GIM leads to a degree. They demonstrate their superior teaching and mentoring skills in each of the courses. They significantly surpass superior in terms of methods and modules. It is advisable to first attend the demo sessions offered by both colleges before conducting a thorough investigation on their websites to determine which course will be ideal for you.

IIM Skills vs. Goa Institute of Management Data Analytics Course comparison was done primarily to make you aware of the technical aspects of the courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions related to IIM Skills vs Goa Institute of Management Data Analytics Course:

Q1.  How should I get ready for my data analytics course?

This is one route to getting started if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in this in-demand industry:

  • Obtain a basic education.
  • Develop your technical abilities.
  • Take on tasks with actual data.
  • Compile your work into a portfolio.
  • Practice outlining your conclusions.
  • Obtain credentials/ certifications.

Q2. Is data analysis particularly challenging?

Like acquiring any new ability, mastering data analytics has certain challenges and takes time and dedication. Big data can be challenging to learn, especially for individuals without a technical background, who haven’t worked with programming languages before, or who haven’t used data visualization software before.

Q3.How can I hone my data analysis abilities?

10 ways to strengthen your data analysis abilities

1) Begin with the fundamentals.

2) Learn from other people.

3) Choose The Right Tools.

4) Acquire data visualization skills.

5) Engage in Actual Projects.

6) Analyze various kinds of data.

7) Employ algorithms for machine learning.

8) Pay attention to data ethics.

Conclusion regarding IIM SKILLS vs Goa Institute of Management data analytics course:

Since data is now pervasive, learning all the necessary trade secrets and technology is essential to landing a well-paying job. Data is generated by everything you do offline and online, and it is a crucial commercial resource. In fact, data and analytics are identified as being crucial to growth by most of the businesses.

The demand for experts who can transform data into useful insights is rising as we move toward greater digitization. Individuals can learn how to uncover the hidden value of large data by taking data analytics courses, in contrast to the IIM Skills vs Goa Institute of Management debate. You should upskill your talents by learning how to use platforms and analytics software like Power BI, Tableau, Excel, and spreadsheets if you want to increase your chances of landing a solid job in this industry. Try to improve your skills and knowledge in the best computer languages for data science and analytics, such as Python, SQL, and R, which you may learn by enrolling in the courses mentioned above.

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