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IIM SKILLS vs Dataquest Data Analytics Course – Detailed Review

Looking to work in data analytics? Ecstatic to step inside this enormous hub, where one can push their exploration to the extreme if they choose so. Careers in data analysis are booming in the Big Data era. Even though beginning your journey into data analysis may seem scary at first, with the right resources and guidance, you can develop the skills and knowledge needed. In order to get help with this, you are encouraged to read this post, IIM SKILLS vs Dataquest Data Analytics Courses. You may get in-depth professional guidance here while learning everything there is to know about data analytics. You’ll learn more about these two esteemed universities and their cutting-edge features as well.

IIM Skills vs Dataquest Data Analytics Courses

Since data analytics goes beyond merely “getting data,” it might be difficult to impart knowledge in an instructional environment. Other aspects of data analytics, however, are more easily understood and relate to knowledge that the majority of us already have in our daily lives. Simply said, data analytics is the use of statistics and measurements to a phenomenon that is unclear or ambiguous in order to get a deeper understanding.

The Uses of Data Analysis

The following are a few of the common uses for data analysis:

Better Healthcare Provider

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are able to foresee the early start of chronic diseases with the help of data analytics. They can foresee ailments that could develop in the future and assist patients in acting quickly to cut down on medical expenses.

Analytics for Fraud Detection and Risk

Data analytics is often used in banking to examine unusual transaction and client information. In order to reduce losses and stop fraud, banks also utilize data analytics to examine loan defaulters and credit scores for their clients.

Optimization of Transport Routes

To enhance routes and rates for their customers, businesses like Uber and Ola fully rely on data analytics. They use an analysis platform to find the ideal route and calculate percentage increases and decreases in taxi fares based on a variety of variables.

Improvement of Search Results

Companies like Google use data analytics to provide users with search results based on their interests and search history. In order to offer its customers the best accommodations, companies like Airbnb also use search analytics. Search analytics are being used by companies like Amazon to provide their customers with personalized recommendations.

Enhanced Logistics

For supply network analysis and to reduce logistics latency, several organizations employ big data analytics. Amazon examines customer needs using consumer analytics, then promptly sends the appropriate products to them.

Limiting the Amount of Energy Used

The amount of energy utilized by households and businesses is being monitored by public-sector energy corporations using data analytics. They are adjusting the energy supply to take into consideration usage trends in an effort to save money and reduce energy use.

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Beginner’s Advice for Getting Started With Data Analytics: 

  • Participate in online networks and forums dedicated to data analytics to gain expert advice and have discussions on related subjects.

Practice with real-world datasets and APIs to learn the ropes and improve your problem-solving abilities.

  • The fundamental concepts can only be understood by someone with a strong background in mathematics and statistics.
  • Acquire some programming skills in languages like Python or R that are commonly used in data analysis.
  • By using blogs, webinars, and trade publications, you may keep up with the latest technologies, techniques, and trends.


IIM SKILLS offers a 6-month Data Analytics course with a guaranteed interview and unpaid internship, covering 100+ hours of practical assignments and 160 hours of lectures. With seven or more active projects and ten or more case studies, they have a strong reputation in tool-based, hands-on learning. You will learn how to use 7+ tools in this course, including Excel, Python, Tableau, and SQL. A Master credential is given upon successful completion of the program. 

 Key Features of This Course Are:

The course covers seven real-world projects with well-known industries and more than ten case studies.

Students may enroll in the institute’s 2-month internship program when the course is completed. Students receive support with challenges and problem-solving as well as practical knowledge of all the ideas they have acquired in class. This guarantees that the pupils are well-equipped to handle the situation in the actual world.

The students get lifetime access to the Learning Management System (LMS), in which all the taught content, video recordings, and other material are archived.

Students have the chance to interact live with mentors and trainers who have a broad industrial background. 

The institute provides full placement assistance as well as help with resume preparation.

Anyone who is fresher, UG, graduate, post graduate or from any professional background is eligible to apply for the course.

IIM SKILLS give you the convenience of learning from any location in the world. You can chip in and attend the real-time interactive sessions from anywhere, doing away with the need to commute and conserving valuable time and energy. They provide a dynamic and engaging virtual classroom that encourages cooperation and idea-sharing. You can interact with your peers and mentors and gain important insights that will aid you in your career as an investment banker.

IIM SKILLS provides a free demo session so that potential students can get a feel for the course format, the mentor’s teaching approach, and the session velocity. When you feel comfortable with the demo session, you can enroll yourself in this excellent data analytics education program.

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Dataquest is a data science bootcamp that offers free introduction courses, skill routes courses, and career path courses, the latter of which may be finished in around 45 weeks. Instead, then using video lectures to teach, Dataquest uses hard exercises and real-world projects to help students develop the skills they need to advance their careers. Experts in the industry serve as the instructors, and Dataquest collaborates with leading institutions and educators worldwide to create their courses.

To teach students how to think and solve problems like a data scientist, Dataquest uses interactive, hands-on coding challenges and projects. 

From day one, students construct comprehensive projects using real data. A project portfolio that showcases the students’ data talents will be developed. Courses on skill routes, career paths, and free beginning courses are all included. In order to help students effectively gain the skills they need to grow their career; Dataquest teaches through tough activities and real-world projects rather than through video lectures. Experts in the industry serve as the instructors, and Dataquest partners with premier institutions and educators worldwide to create their courses. Dataquest gives students everything they require to launch a new career in the career path courses, including obtaining a route certification by finishing a capstone project. Students in the skill pathways courses can easily add in-demand talents to their resumes while gaining confidence by completing activities and projects that are applicable to the real world.

IIM Skills vs Dataquest Data Analytics Course

Dataquest is a different source of data-specific courses that offers a huge array of practical data science courses. Despite having a monthly subscription basis, Dataquest offers part of its information, including practice problems, for free.

Courses are helpfully organized by job and skill path (as well as by programming language), allowing you to focus your instruction. However, if you want a completion certificate or ad-free access, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee.

They list courses in topics including Python for data science, introduction to SQL, databases, and R data structures. There ought to be enough to get you going.


Dataquest is a self-paced data analytics program that runs on monthly/yearly subscriptions entirely in online platform. Contrarily IIM Skills also is self-paced data analytics program but it has a charge of INR 49900 excluding taxes.

Dataquest offers multiple career tracks which include portfolio projects and a focus on either R or Python. IIM Skills also offers multiple courses including Data analytics with R and Data analytics with Python and many more.

Their new career paths get you job-ready in 3-9 months and grants you a certificate. On the contrary, IIM Skills offers all of its courses a 100% guaranteed interview with placement assistance.

Comparison of Syllabus: IIM Skills vs Dataquest Data Analytics Course

            IIM SKILLS             Dataquest
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • Introduction to Data Handling & Visualization
  • Concept of Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Understanding Data Manipulation
  • Introduction to VBA
  • Components of Programming Language
  • Object & Memory Management
  • Procedures & functions in VBA
  • Understanding SQL
  • Introduction to RDBMS Concept
  • Data-Based Object Creation
  • SQL Server Reporting & Integration
  • Introduction to PowerBI
  • Understanding Data Preparation & Data Modeling
  • Concept of Data Analysis Expression
  • Introduction to Mathematical Foundation & Basic Statistics
  • Understanding Analytics & Data Science
  • Introduction to Python Essential
  • Concept of Cleansing Data with Python
  • Data Analysis & Visualization Using Python
  • Understanding Advance Visualisation Tools
  • Introduction to Data Analytics Using Tableau
  • Concept of Data Analysis with R
  • Data Science Using Alteryx
  • Intro to R syntax
  • Data structures
  • Loops, iterations, functions, and control flow
  • Data visualization
  • Data cleaning
  • SQL fundamentals
  • Intermediate SQL
  • Getting data from APIs and web scraping in R
  • Beginner to intermediate statistics using R
  • Probability fundamentals and conditional probability
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Linear regression
  • Machine learning fundamentals
  • Interactive web apps with R
  • Python Introduction
  • The Command line
  • Advanced Topics in Data Science
  • Deep Learning in Python
  • Data Cleaning in Python
  • Working with Data Sources Using SQL
  • Probability and Statistics 
  • Introduction to Algorithms
  • The Command Line and Git 
  • Data Pipelines
  • Introduction to Data Analysis with Excel
  • Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Comparison of Tools: IIM SKILLS vs Dataquest Data Analytics Course

            IIM Skills           Dataquest




           Power BI







           Power BI



 Comparison of Fee Structure: IIM Skills vs Dataquest Data analytics Course:

                IIM Skills              Dataquest
        INR 49900 + GST       Monthly/ yearly subscription (depends on the course) 

Comparison of the Course Modules of IIM Skills vs Dataquest Data Analytics Course:

                  IIM SKILLS                   Dataquest
IIM Skills has introduced a very advanced data analytics course to help students learn and start their career in this grooming world of data. It focusses on real world trends to prepare students for employment upon completion of the course.

Below are the selected courses modules of IIM Skills:

  • Data Analytics Using Advance Excel (9 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using SQL (39 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
  • R For Data Science (20 Hours)
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)
Dataquest introduces a complete set of data analytics courses to build concepts and grow your technical skills.

Below are the selected courses modules of Dataquest:

  • Introduction to Python Programming (3 Hours)
  • Introduction to Deep Learning in TensorFlow (12 hours)
  • Introduction to Pandas and NumPy for Data Analysis (13 hours)
  • Decision Tree and Random Forest Modeling in Python (6 hours)
  • Hypothesis Testing in R (1 hour)
  • Introduction to Git and Version Control (4 hours)
  • Optimizing Machine Learning Models in Python (4 hours)
  • Command Line for Data Science (4 hours)


Comparison of the Learning Goals: IIM Skills vs Dataquest Data Analytics Courses:

                  IIM SKILLS                    Dataquest
Aspirations for these course modules include the following:

  • To make it easier for students to perform business analytics tasks that includes collecting, cleaning, manipulating, and evaluating data.
  • To gain comprehensive statistical Data Analysis knowledge, that supports business decision-making.
  • To use the Python language
  • To familiarize students with the concepts, and applications of data mining and data analysis.
  • Deepen your understanding of Data Analytics techniques by utilizing tools like Excel, Tableau and Power BI
Aspirations for these course modules include the following:

  • To familiarize students to using the UNIX terminal, browsing filesystems, user permissions, developing Python scripts, and command line text processing utilities like awk and sed.
  • To assist learners in understanding the fundamentals of deep learning, such as model construction, training, and evaluation utilizing the TensorFlow framework.
  • Introduce fundamental data science topics including computation, coding, data manipulation, and operations while providing rapid feedback using browser-based scripting.
  • To boost productivity and save time, teach beginners the fundamentals of Python and optimize programming with NumPy and Pandas.
  • Learn how to set up Git on your computer, how to resolve conflicts by merging them, and how to keep an active GitHub account for your science and data analysis projects.
  • Become proficient in the development and use of Decision Tree, a well-known supervised model in Data Science, as well as the Random Forest algorithm, a reliable prediction approach.
  • Learn advanced statistical concepts, for example multi-category chi-square testing and significance testing in order to increase your R data processing abilities.
  • Know how to efficiently optimize machine learning models by using the finest strategies and methodologies.

IIM SKILLS offers an extensive yet thorough curriculum that is both current and pertinent. The curriculum is regularly updated to reflect the most recent developments in the subjects. The high-quality curriculum offered by IIM SKILLS includes all the necessary elements for career advancement. Paid internships that give you a sense of how things function in the real world serve as a way to put your knowledge to the test. You’re motivated by the internships to go above and above and be your best selves.

The rigorous IIM SKILLS course curriculum includes case studies, practical assignments, special modules, and a wealth of learning materials to facilitate learning. The offered slides, presentations, and notes make it easier to retain material and allow one to enjoy studying rather than memorizing everything mechanically.

With more than 35000 graduates, IIM SKILLS is a reputable Ed-tech educational institution that provides adequate student support, including problem-solving, academic counseling, soft skills training, resume preparation, placement assurances, internships, and other varied career progression services. Even though the course has long since concluded, IIM SKILLS is known for providing exceptional support to its students. The after-course support is one of the distinguishing features that makes IIM SKILLS stand out as one of the most reliable schools. 

A crucial component of the institute that is available to students for free and for the rest of their lives is the Learning Management System. Once you sign up for the course, you have access to their e-portal. The previous batches’ video recordings are available here, together with study materials, instructions, and schedules for the upcoming classes.

You can post questions and concerns to the support desk any time of day or night. All inquiries are answered 48 hours after they are posted. IIM SKILLS offers practical, technology-driven courses for students to become tech-savvy and confident in handling complex business decisions. It also provides soft skills training, resume preparation, and mock interview sessions, ensuring students build a strong foundation for their careers.

Dataquest is an online learning environment focused on projects that provides useful tasks. Students have access to more than 70 courses, 5 skill tracks, and 6 career options.

The career paths emphasize on real-world projects, such as data analysis with Python. Depending on your choice, a career path can be completed in eight months at five hours each week. It is a self-paced program with 17 projects and 27 courses that is suitable for beginners.

For instance, the career path for business analysts has 15 courses, one of which covers SQL data extraction. At a pace of five hours per week, it takes students four months to complete eight projects.

The career track for data scientists involves ten months of study time at a rate of five hours per week and consists of 38 courses. In addition to installing Git and integrating GitHub, students will complete 26 projects.

Learners can join to access free initial lessons. An annual subscription of $399 or a monthly cost of $49 is required to upgrade to Dataquest’s premium membership.

So, Dataquest is one of the most well-liked platforms for learning interactive data science. Their instructional approach and project-based learning style are quite effective even though they don’t have videos for every topic.

This concludes the comparison of the two leading providers of data analytics courses. I hope the preceding comparison of IIM Skills vs. Dataquest Data Analytics Courses will be sufficient for you to make an informed decision regarding the best institution to attend in order to develop your career through the study of data analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding IIM Skills Vs Dataquest Data Analytics Course:

Q1. When searching for a job in data analytics, which is more important: experience or course certification?

Impressing hiring supervisors with relevant experience is a terrific way to stand out, yet gaining experience typically happens after receiving a degree. You must first enhance your skills with analytics tools if you want to contribute to an open-source project or get an internship so that you can add experience to your resume. Courses are a wonderful method to do this.

Q2. Do I Need a Data Analytics Course to Get a Job?

A data analytics course is a terrific method to receive a formal education in data analytics and show off your abilities on your data analyst CV, but it’s not the only approach to launch your data analyst career. If you’ve developed the abilities required to secure an entry-level position, you can demonstrate them by building a portfolio and acquiring experience in the field.

Q3. How do I begin using data analytics?

In order to understand the quantity and quality of the data you hold, where it is housed, and what significant business questions you would like answered, we have found that a data discovery workshop works effectively as a starting point.

Collaborate with a data partner.

Among the outsourced analytics projects that Objective’s team of data scientists works on include consulting, proof-of-concept work, the creation of visualisations, and Power BI Dashboards. We can also supplement the technical staff you already have in-house with new skill sets.

Conclusion on IIM SKILLS vs Dataquest Data Analytics Course:

Ultimately, the decision between IIM SKILLS vs Dataquest comes down to what career you’re pursuing. Both offer the best of their facilities to an extent.

Compared to Dataquest, IIM Skills offers a lot more alternatives. As a result, Dataquest may offer you a career path that suits you better.

Both sites also provide simple payment options. IIM Skills, on the other hand, demands a one-time payment up front, whereas Dataquest provides monthly, annual, and lifetime alternatives. 

Adding data analysis to your skill set can only be a good thing, no matter what career route you’re on. Data analytics is quickly becoming an essential job talent as the labor market changes to meet the demands of the twenty-first century. Stay ahead of the game!

Wish you all the best for your future.

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